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  • News Oh, Right! There's a Project CARS 2 Still Coming to PS4

    Here's an update on its progress

    The original Project CARS was… Alright, we suppose. If memory serves, the Slightly Mad Studios developed simulation sold rather well on the PlayStation 4, and probably owed much of its success to the absence of Gran Turismo Sport on the console. It's, of course, worth mentioning that Polyphony Digital's new-gen...


  • News Project CARS' Conclusion to This Le Mans Race Is Unexpected

    On cloud nine

    To be clear: Project CARS is not broken like many of the PlayStation 4 titles from last year. It is, however, in need of patching, as it has a handful of minor issues that start to add up. This clip posted to YouTube may well be the worst of them, though, as the unlucky player on the receiving end encountered it when 30 minutes away...

  • 31


    Review Project CARS

    The last tinker

    Project CARS is not your average Sunday drive. Rather than attempt to tune the release to a common ideal, developer Slightly Mad Studios has instead served up a racing simulation that requires real effort if you intend to get the most out of it. Everything about the game – from the controls to the heads-up display – is malleable,...

  • News PS4 Owners Are Clearly Gagging for Gran Turismo

    Project CARS dominates on Sony's system

    With the utmost respect to Slightly Mad Studios, we reckon that Project CARS has proved a particularly big deal on the PlayStation 4 because there's no sign of Gran Turismo 7 arriving any time soon. Sony helped publisher Bandai Namco market the simulation racer here in the UK, and it was clearly a shrewd...

  • Round Up Project CARS PS4 Reviews Target a Podium Place

    Crossing the line

    This is it, then: simulation racing finally arrives on the PlayStation 4. With the Gran Turismo series not yet ready for the new-gen showroom, Project CARS is aiming to take its place – at least for the foreseeable future, anyway. Slightly Mad Studios' pretty release has had an interesting route to market, starting out as a...


  • News Phwoar! Project CARS Looks Stunning on PS4

    Round the bend

    With no sign of Gran Turismo on the horizon, Project CARS is a pretty important release for the PlayStation 4. While we're big fans of DriveClub here at Push Square Towers, there haven't really been many other meaningful racing games for Sony's next-gen format just yet – in fact, launch title Need for Speed: Rivals is the only other...

  • News Project CARS Starts Its PS4 Engine in Early May

    Rolling start

    After more delays than we care to count, Project CARS is finally ready to take to the track – for reals this time. Creative director Andy Tudor recently hinted that the PlayStation 4 title had gone gold, and now development director Andy Garton has explained that the simulation racer will deploy on 8th May in Europe and 12th May in...




  • News Project CARS Puts Its Foot Down in New PS4 Footage

    Podium position

    After a disappointing delay last year, British studio Slightly Mad Studios has rallied – and Project CARS is looking like a real contender for the PlayStation 4's racing crown. While the excellent DriveClub currently occupies that spot, the Bandai Namco published release will offer your first taste of simulation action on Sony's...






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