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  • News Sony: Our Exclusives Are Big on Character and Story

    But it's not all you'll find on PS4

    There’s talk of the traditional single player campaign dying out, and looking at E3 2017 there was certainly some evidence of that. Ubisoft’s press conference was filled wall-to-wall with service-based experiences – and not even the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2 could escape the model’s grasp...

  • Feature The Five Best PS4 Games at E3 2017

    Pick of the bunch

    E3 2017 was over a week ago, and we’ve all had time to calm down and reflect on the show. It was an ill-tempered few days without any shadow of a doubt, but there’s plenty to look forward to in PlayStation 4 land – and we thought we’d collate the five most exciting games from the show. These were actually voted for by you...

  • Talking Point What Free July 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    And when will the PS Plus update be announced?

    It’s almost time for the monthly Instant Game Collection update, with the next batch of PlayStation Plus goodies to be given away on 4th July. But what are you hoping gets added as part of July 2017’s roster, and is there anything in particular you’ve got your fingers crossed for? When will July...

  • News NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale Assaults Your Wallet Once More

    PS4, PS3, and Vita games all included

    Sony really gets this PlayStation Store sale thing these days – it feels like there’s never any end to the promotions and discounts. The platform holder’s just launched another Flash Sale in North America, which is scheduled to run until 8AM PT on Monday, 26th June. Some of the highlights on the...

  • News Bravo Team Is One Long, Seamless Journey Through a Single City

    Under siege

    Bravo Team, the new cover-based PlayStation VR shooter from Supermassive Games, has a really cool concept. Unlike other first-person games which whisk you away to a variety of locales, instead the co-op title is set within a single city. This means that throughout the campaign, you’ll work your way through different districts,...

  • News Oh Boy! Now Quantic Dream Said Something Silly

    It's time to stop

    Not going to lie, we’re getting tired of reporting on the silly things that people in the games industry have said of late. First it was PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan on backwards compatibility, then it was Xbox chief Phil Spencer on the PlayStation 4 Pro, then it was

  • News Classic Courses Return in Everybody's Golf on PS4

    Fore the players

    The new Everybody’s Golf game on the PlayStation 4 will plot the return of two commemorative courses. Celebrating the series’ 20th Anniversary, both Green Country Club from the original game and Balata from its sequel will make a return, re-imagined to take advantage of the latest title’s open map format. You’ll get the...

  • News Knack 2 Development Started Before Sony Had Approved It

    That's passion

    The team at Japan Studio are so passionate about Knack that they started working on the sequel before Sony had even given the project approval. “We were already evaluating prototypes before ,” one team member told IGN as part of a behind-the-scenes interview on the game. “It was fun work.” In the video, the staff talk about...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.71 Is Available to Download Now

    It's an optional one

    Hop onto your PlayStation 4 right now and you'll find that there's a new firmware update available to download. Don't get excited just yet, though - the update is entirely optional and simply promises "improvements to the quality of the system performance". Still, one step closer to version 5.0, eh? Do you always update your...

  • Poll What Kind of PlayStation Press Conferences Do You Want?

    Plan your perfect presser

    After the response to its E3 press conference last year, Sony went super-minimal with its E3 2017 show, cutting out all of the dialogue and focusing on nothing but games in a swift 60 minute presentation. But it’s been criticised for failing to show indie games and for focusing on titles more than a year away. Many also...

  • News The Lost Legacy Isn't the End for Uncharted, Says Naughty Dog


    Over the years, Uncharted has blossomed into one of PlayStation's most recognisable, most successful modern properties. Building on the more specific success of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, developer Naughty Dog is currently putting the finishing touches on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - a standalone PlayStation 4 story that spotlights fan...

  • News God of War Will Never Cut to a Different Camera on PS4

    Like one long take

    Here’s something that you may not know about the new God of War game for the PlayStation 4: it’s all shot from the perspective of a single camera, without any cuts or transitions. What does this mean? Well, it’s highly unusual for a third-person action game – it means that the release will never cut away from Kratos to...

  • News Huge Savings for PlayStation Plus Members on EU PS Store

    More double discounts

    Double Discounts are live not just in North America, but in Europe as well. PlayStation Plus members will secure the best bargains here, with deals like MLB The Show 17 for £19.99 and Batman: Return to Arkham for £10.49. Other highlights include Far Cry Primal for £13.79, Metro Redux for £7.49, and The Crew for £7.99. If...

  • News PlayStation Plus Members Unlock Double Discounts on NA PS Store

    Cheap as chips

    Has the E3 2017 hype whet your appetite for some new gaming goodness? Good news, there are a bunch of double discounts on the North American PlayStation Store right now – and PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting the best deals. For example, Battlefield 4 is just $7.99, while the entire first season of Hitman is $23.99. Other...

  • News Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Dazzles in Extended PS4 Gameplay Demo

    Tusk trouble

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is looking like peak Uncharted in this extended gameplay demo originally shown behind closed doors at E3 2017. Naughty Dog debuted the 10 minute playthrough on its Twitch channel earlier today, and while it will be instantly familiar to those who’ve played Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, it was in these kind...

  • Live Watch Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's E3 2017 Demo Here

    Indian summer

    Naughty Dog's showing off the E3 2017 demo of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy live on its Twitch channel. Join us for a better look at the game from 6PM BST. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 2017 Demo: <liveblog id="2006_unch_liv_2017" tags="#Sony #PS4 #Uncharted" video=" />

  • News Why Didn't Sony Show Any Indie Games at E3 2017?

    Just a change in focus

    Well, the Internet has its pitchforks ready, and it really wants to give PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan a big fat poke in the chest – but of all the dumb things the executive’s said recently, this isn’t one of them. Asked by Games about the lack of indie games during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, the...

  • News Farpoint's Cryo Pack DLC Pack Is Looking Pretty Cool

    Stay frosty

    PlayStation VR exclusive Farpoint has been selling pretty well, charting in both the UK and the US despite its relatively high price point. And a new expansion is on the way starting 27th June, which will add two chilly new maps to the co-op campaign. Not only this, but all existing multiplayer maps will be added to Challenge Mode, while...

  • News Spider-Man Homecoming Is Swinging to PlayStation VR This Month

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    PlayStation VR has already enabled you to don the cowl, so why not let you pop on Spider-Man's spandex, too? Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is bringing a unique Spider-Man: Homecoming VR experience to the futuristic facemask for free starting 30th June. The digital download will allow you to suit up as Spidey...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Will Usher a Robot Revolution in 2018

    Robot uprising

    There was no date at the end of Detroit: Become Human’s gameplay demo at E3 2017, but the title is slated for release next year. Speaking with GameSpot, auteur David Cage revealed: “It’ll be next year.” Sony’s being a bit weird with dates: it confirmed any titles with a 2018 target during its press conference are due in

  • News This PS4 Theme Is a New Low

    It's time to stop

    Look at this monstrosity. Just look at it. Virtual tat just doesn't get any worse than this, does it? Spotted on the North American PlayStation Store by the ever-aware Wario64, this disgusting dynamic PlayStation 4 theme is quite possibly the worst that's ever been made available. Quite the achievement when you look at some of...

  • News Spider-Man's Swinging Is Completely Skill-Based

    Why so slow, bruh?

    The new Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 has been incredibly well received, winning our Game of the Show gong by a country mile. But if there’s been any criticism levelled at the exclusive, it’s been the slow swinging speed. That’s prompted developer Insomniac Games to come out and clarify: it’s all skill-based, and...

  • News PlayStation Plus' Free PlayLink Game in July 2017 Will Be a Bonus

    Joined by usual slate of software

    Quietly confirmed during E3 2017, Sony announced that That’s You – one of the flagship titles in its new line of social PlayLink experiences – will be given away with PlayStation Plus starting 4th July. What we didn’t know is whether it will take up a slot in the Instant Game Collection – or be a bonus on...

  • News Death Stranding Is Already Playable on PS4

    And is as revolutionary as promised

    Death Stranding, the next game from Metal Gear maker Hideo Kojima, is already playable on the PlayStation 4, according to PlayStation America boss Shawn Layden. Touching upon the title’s absence from E3 2017, the amiable executive admitted that he has played the game, and that it’s everything the auteur has...

  • News Spider-Man Seemingly Launching in First Half of 2018

    God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, too

    We’ve told you time and time again that Sony’s moving away from the holidays for tentpole exclusive releases, but even after the dizzying first-party PlayStation 4 lineup in the first half of this year, still people doubt the tactic. Well, it looks like it’s going to be repeating it in 2018, because...

  • E3 2017 See More Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on 20th June

    Indian adventure

    Naughty Dog will be debuting Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s full-length E3 2017 demo on Twitch starting 10AM PT on 20th June. “Tune in to hear from creative director Shaun Escayg and game director Kurt Margenau as they share more details about the game and answer viewer questions,” the developer said. It added: “We’ll also...

  • News Industry Is Better When Nintendo Is Strong, Says Sony

    Platform holder doesn't think it'll be easy for Xbox One X

    Sony’s weighed in once again on the early success of the Nintendo Switch, stressing that it believes the increased presence in the space is a “good thing”. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan spoke earnestly about the positive reception the hybrid hardware has received, noting that...

  • E3 2017 Which Games Won the Battle for YouTube Views?

    A new metric enters the fray

    YouTube’s released some data regarding E3 2017, detailing which titles generated the most buzz on the website. This accounts for official uploads, gameplay, fan reactions, and more, so can be considered a reasonable gauge of which titles proved the most popular. However, it only tracks between 9th June and 14th June,...

  • News Days Gone's PS4 Release Date Hasn't Leaked At All

    Someone call the Freakers

    Games media, we understand it’s been a long week, but please engage your brains: the Days Gone release date hasn’t leaked, otherwise Sony would have said it on stage during its press conference this week. You know this, we know this, so quit trying to deceive your readers by capitalising on what’s clearly a mistake...

  • E3 2017 Dance to the Beat of Patapon PS4's Drum

    You know how it goes

    Pata-pata-pata-pon! Pata-pata-pata-pon! Pon-pon-pata-pon! Pata-pata-pata-pon! Awesome rhythm role-playing game Patapon is scheduled to make its comeback on the PlayStation 4 this summer, and Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida brought along the latest build to the PlayStation Live at E3 2017 stream to show it off. It’s...

  • News Sony: We Believe in Europe, And Won't Let Anyone Take PS4's Territory

    Jim Ryan on solidifying Sony's fortress

    It sometimes gets lost in the predominantly United States-based gaming media just how dominant Sony is in Europe. For example, when the Xbox 360 was at its peak, the Japanese giant was actually clipping at its heels with the PlayStation 3, and that was partly led by the performance of the platform across...

  • Feature E3 2017 Game of the Show - Spider-Man

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    He came, he saw, he conquered – and then swung through New York City clutching Push Square’s coveted E3 2017 Game of the Show award close to his chest. Spider-Man comfortably thwipped this year’s gong from the clutches of ex-Greek God Kratos, securing almost double the votes of its closest competitor in our poll...

  • E3 2017 Non-VR SUPERHOT Is Also Coming to PS4

    Double dose

    SUPERHOT VR was announced for PlayStation VR this week, which is all very exciting for owners of the virtual reality headset – but what of its television-based brethren? Well, the good news is that both versions of the title will arrive on Sony’s system in a “few short weeks”. The wording on the PlayStation B

  • E3 2017 LocoRoco 2 Remastered Rolls to PS4

    Tilt time

    This is one of those E3 2017 stories that slipped through the cracks. Sony’s announced that, following the successful launch of LocoRoco Remastered, its tilting the title’s sequel in the direction of the PlayStation 4. There’s no word on a release date at the time of writing. Nevertheless, we thought the platform holder did a...

  • News Sony's Ready to Sell You a PS4 Pro at Long Last

    Platform holder drops neat new ad

    Have you noticed how Sony’s actually started talking about the PlayStation 4 Pro like it’s not embarrassed about it anymore? Last year’s reveal event was weird, where the platform holder almost played down the very real advantages of the platform – and it hasn’t really said a whole lot about it in the...

  • Feature All the E3 2017 Press Conferences Rated and Reviewed

    Not exactly a bumper year

    E3 2017 has come to a conclusion, which means that it’s time for us to look back on all of the big media briefings and dish out our all-important report card. Which publisher passed its summer exam – and which will be sitting a re-test before term starts again? Here are our grades for the four big PlayStation press...

  • E3 2017 Sony Considering Gamescom 2017 Press Conference

    Platform holder pondering European show

    Sony’s always been a big presence on the Gamescom showfloor, but it opted not to hold a German press conference in 2015 due to scheduling issues and again in 2016 as it placed increased focus on E3 and PlayStation Experience. But now PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan has hinted that it may hold a European...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man Will Have Alternate Outfits on PS4


    This is probably the most obvious announcement of E3 2017, but Spider-Man will be able to unlock different outfits in the new PlayStation 4 game. Insomniac Games hasn’t detailed exactly how you’ll get these – it’s probably safe to suggest that at least one will be available as a pre-order bonus – or what design they’ll adopt. We...

  • E3 2017 Sony's Listening to Your Requests for PS4 Remakes

    Build the list

    Sony may not be a huge fan of backwards compatibility – or is that just Jim Ryan, mayhaps? – but it seems to be going all in on PlayStation 4 remakes and remasters. The past few months alone have plotted the release of PaRappa the Rapper and LocoRoco, and both Patapon and Shadow of the Colossus are still to come. And speaking on

  • Reaction Curtain Closes on Ill-Tempered E3 2017

    Forgettable show has been feisty

    Well, this one won’t live long in the memory, will it? E3 2017 has been fine, but it’s been far from vintage, and we’re struggling to think of any one announcement or theme that we’ll remember in the days to come – yet alone years. In fact, if there’s any one defining feature that’s really stood out,...

  • Live Watch PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Day Three)

    That's a wrap

    Sony’s broadcasting live from the E3 2017 show floor, where it’s showcasing tons of new gameplay demos and a hosting a bunch of interviews live. And you can watch everything right here on Push Square, complete with live chat. Highlights on Day Three include a Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds discussion...

  • E3 2017 We Have the Luxury of Polishing Our Games at PlayStation, Says Detroit Dev

    Positive comments from E3

    Don't you just love it when you're casually catching up on E3 videos and stumble across a gem of a quote from an industry figure? We sure do, and this one comes from Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere. When asked by Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida when Detroit: Become Human is coming out, the smartly...

  • E3 2017 Days Gone Is a Deadly, Dynamic Open World Game

    Play your way

    One thing you may not know about Days Gone is that it’s massively dynamic. This week’s E3 2017 demo may have looked scripted, but the game actually alters and adapts depending on the conditions in the open world. Sony Bend is showing off an “alternate” playthrough behind closed doors to demonstrate this, but it popped up on the...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man PS4's Open World Map Sounds Pretty Bloody Big

    Insomniac gives an estimate

    How big is Spider-Man PS4's map? Being an open world title, people are naturally interested in how large Spidey's playground will be, and developer Insomniac has provided a decent enough answer. gamesradar reports that community director James Stevenson reckons the map is "probably four to six times that of Sunset...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man PS4 Is Not an Origin Story, Peter Parker Is 23 in the Game

    He's been Spidey for eight years

    There's been some speculation over Insomniac's Spider-Man regarding the age of Peter Parker. Does it take place when Peter is only just learning about his powers, or does it focus on a more experienced Spidey? According to PlayStation Access, the latter is correct. Peter's 23 years old in the game, and he's been...

  • E3 2017 What the Hell Is Going on with Sucker Punch?

    Yoshida updates us on inFAMOUS dev

    We would have bet our life savings on Sucker Punch announcing its new game at E3 2017 – and we would have lost the lot. Despite being out of action for almost three years, the Seattle-based studio still has nothing to say about its new game, widely believed to be a brand new intellectual property for the...

  • News Sony: We Didn't Date Our PS4 Games on Purpose

    Platform holder doesn't want to disappoint

    You can’t delay a game that’s never been dated, right? Many were disappointed by the lack of hard release dates at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference this week, but the platform holder’s admitted that it took this approach on purpose, in order to avoid the disappointment that follows when titles are...

  • News Dragon Quest XI PS4 Gets a Funny Japanese Ad, as You'd Expect

    What are we even watching

    Sony sure likes its dumb Japanese adverts doesn't it? We've seen some corkers over the years - the Destiny one is still our favourite - but this new addition for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is no slouch either. Featuring singer and actor Takayuki Yamada, he loads up the game only to be blown away...

  • E3 2017 Shuhei Yoshida's Probably Going to Be in Everybody's Golf

    Hole in one

    Did you notice Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida in the new Everybody’s Golf trailer that was released this week? The affable executive was created by Clap Hanz in order to demonstrate the power of the PlayStation 4 title’s character editor, but now he’s admitted that he “could” end up in the full game as well. C’mon...

  • Talking Point Is PSX Now More Important to Sony Than E3?

    Priorities may be shifting

    Here’s a question worth pondering: is Sony’s own PlayStation Experience now more important to the platform holder than E3? Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said yesterday that the company held back PlayStation 4 exclusive announcements during its press conference this week, and that we’d learn more about...

  • E3 2017 Sony Actually Went and Made Knack Good

    Pinch yourself

    Knack is the butt of all PlayStation jokes, but its sequel looks surprisingly excellent. The game’s director – and PlayStation 4 architect – Mark Cerny has talked at length about how his team at Japan Studio took feedback from the original on board, and while we don’t expect Knack 2 to be winning any awards, it looks like a...

  • E3 2017 Shadow of the Colossus Is a PS4 Remake, Not a Remaster

    A classic reborn

    After some confusion, Sony has now confirmed that Shadow of the Colossus is being remade for the PlayStation 4 – and not remastered. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the tidbit in an interview with Famitsu magazine, as translated by Siliconera: “It is a remake,” he said. “The game content is the same as...

  • E3 2017 Insomniac's Programmed Spider-Man So You Can't Kill


    Spider-Man’s a good guy, and he traditionally doesn’t take lives. You may have noticed in this week’s E3 2017 trailer how the hero made extra effort to scoop up debris and avoided endangering the public. But what about when you’re released into the open world to do what you want? Or when you’re fighting bad guys on a rooftop and kick...

  • E3 2017 Sony's Commitment to Budget Releases Continues

    Knack for it

    Last year, Sony had massive success with the release of Ratchet & Clank. The game was, of course, excellent to begin with – but its huge success was aided by a lower than usual $39.99 price point. And it’s a strategy that the platform holder looks set to continue as it pushes the PlayStation 4 outside of its hardcore demographic...

  • News Sony's Teaming with Technicolor on a Sly Cooper Cartoon

    Could a new game be coming, too?

    Of the trio of PlayStation 2’s platforming icons, Sly Cooper is by far our favourite. And there’s good news for fans of the slapstick stealth series: Sony and Technicolor are working on a new television CG-animated cartoon inspired by the franchise. There are no additional details right now, but this appears to...

  • E3 2017 Peter Parker Will Play an Integral Role in Spider-Man PS4

    Great responsibility

    The new Spider-Man game is called Spider-Man because, well, it’s about Spider-Man – but what about the dude behind the spandex suit? Peter Parker, it appears, will play in an integral role in Insomniac Games’ new title, coming to the PlayStation 4. “It can’t just be Spider-Man 100 per cent of the time,” creative...

  • E3 2017 PS4 Exclusive WiLD Has Not Been Cancelled

    Michel Ancel confirms work is ongoing

    Michel Ancel revealed Beyond Good & Evil 2 this week, prompting some fans to worry about the future of his collaboration with Sony for the PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD. The good news is that the project hasn’t been cancelled, and according to the Rayman maker it’s “getting better and better every...

  • Live Watch PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Day Two)

    Live and kicking

    Sony’s broadcasting live from the E3 2017 show floor, where it’s showcasing tons of new gameplay demos and a hosting a bunch of interviews live. And you can watch everything right here on Push Square, complete with live chat. Highlights on Day Two include a Knack 2 demo from 12:15PM PT, as well as both Sonic...

  • E3 2017 Shadow of the Colossus Being Rebuilt for PS4

    Agro! AGRO!

    Is it a remaster or a remake? We’re still not entirely sure, but having watched the trailer about a dozen times now, we reckon Shadow of the Colossus probably falls into the latter camp. There’s been some confusion over these two terms of late, hasn’t there? Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is billed as a remaster, but in essence...

  • E3 2017 No Plans to Drop PS4 Pro's Price, Says Sony

    Platform holder's happy with performance

    Sony’s mid-gen console the PlayStation 4 Pro is already $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox One X, and the Japanese giant has admitted that it has no plans to change the price of the platform any time soon. “Do you think it’s too expensive?” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida...

  • Soapbox Publishers Can't Bloody Win When It Comes to E3

    Ramsey's sick of the hypocrites

    I write about video games for a living, so I'm used to seeing people overreact on the internet. I've grown accustomed to seeing people spew hilarious hyperbole on a regular basis - hell, I've done it myself - but there's something about E3 that rubs me the wrong way. Namely, the annual Los Angeles event brings out...

  • E3 2017 Horizon's Frozen Wilds Will Alter the Existing Open World

    There'll also be new machines and weapons

    Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hinted that we can expect Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first expansion – named The Frozen Wilds – to alter the state of the existing open world: “I understand there are some things happening in the original world as well,” he said. “ a new area that you...

  • News Sony: We Held PS4 Exclusives Back from E3 2017

    You'll learn about them later this year

    Many were disappointed by the lack of new announcements at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference this week, but obviously the platform holder still has lots of projects in development that we don’t know about. And speaking with website Jagat Review, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has reassured fans...

  • E3 2017 Check Out 11 Explosive Minutes of Matterfall Gameplay

    Looks like a blast

    Matterfall was given a very brief spotlight during Sony's pre-conference E3 show. The gameplay trailer shown off gave us a glimpse of what to expect from Housemarque's latest, but it perhaps didn't get across the structure of the game itself. In the video above, however, IGN speaks with associate producer Jari Hokkanen while...

  • Reaction PlayStation VR Is a Winner at E3 2017

    Virtual reality is alive and kicking

    Looking back over our hopes and fears for E3 2017, it’s clear that there was a recurring theme among virtually every Push Square staffer: what if Sony just kinda forgets about PlayStation VR? There’s obviously a precedent there: many feel that PlayStation Vita didn’t get the full-scale push that it...

  • E3 2017 No Heroes Allowed! VR Brings Back Badman

    Heroes must die

    There were approximately 10,000 No Heroes Allowed! games on the PlayStation Portable that we’re not sure anyone played, but now the series is making the jump to PlayStation VR. Originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show last year, No Heroes Allowed! VR is a kind of tabletop tower defence type game, where your objective is to...

  • E3 2017 Where the Hell Is Media Molecule's Dreams?

    Development nightmare?

    Hey, do you remember Dreams? The ambitious Media Molecule developed creation engine was everywhere, until it wasn’t. In fact, it’s been a while since we heard or saw anything about the game; the Guildford-based developer’s been posting updates to its website and social media accounts, but it’s not like the title’s...

  • E3 2017 Sony Welcomes the Arrival of Xbox One X

    Reckons it's good news for PS4 Pro

    PlayStation Europe bigwig Jim Ryan may have fluffed his lines on cross-console play, but he’s done a much better job addressing Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s comments on the PlayStation 4 Pro. In case you missed it, the Redmond man claimed yesterday that the PS4 Pro wasn’t in competition with the new Xbox One X...

  • E3 2017 The Lost Legacy Looks Like More Uncharted, Alright

    House of Frazer

    It would take a cold heart to turn down more Uncharted, and if you’ve been itching for another dose of grandiose adventure then The Lost Legacy should meet your needs when it releases on the PlayStation 4 later this year. Sony showed off several minutes of gameplay as part of its PlayStation Live stream earlier today, and there’s...

  • Deals Former E3 Favourites Discounted on NA PlayStation Store

    Some decent savings

    Sony’s plunged the price of some former E3 favourites on the North American PlayStation Store, with the spotlight being on the best convention attendees from yesteryear. PlayStation Plus members will get the best savings, with standout offers including Batman: Arkham Knight for $9.99 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for $9.99. The...

  • E3 2017 Bravo Team Pops Out of Cover on PlayStation VR

    Will support PlayStation VR Aim Controller

    Can someone check in on Guildford-based developer SuperMassive Games and make sure it’s okay? The studio announced three games at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference last night, and must be feeling the heat of an enormous workload right now. One of those games is Bravo Team, a new cover-based shooter for...

  • E3 2017 Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds Will Add a New Area and Story

    Oy, Aloy

    The first expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn – which is named Frozen Wilds – will add a “brand new area with its own compelling story”. That’s according to Guerrilla Games bigwig Hermen Hulst on the PlayStation Blog, who added that fans can anticipate new adventures and side-activities to boot. The add-on is available to pre-order...

  • E3 2017 Gran Turismo Sport Still Doesn't Have a Firm PS4 Release Date

    But it does have a snazzy trailer

    E3 2017 has arrived, but there’s still no firm date attached to Gran Turismo Sport. The simulation racer – which was originally scheduled to release last year – is currently slated for the Fall. Fortunately, while the release's firm launch date still remains somewhat underwraps, Sony has released a classy new...

  • E3 2017 PlayStation Experience 2017 Slated for December

    Clear your diary

    We love covering all of the conventions here at Push Square, but we definitely have a soft spot for PlayStation Experience. The annual fan event has become a part of the PlayStation fabric in recent years, so we’re excited to learn that it will return to the Anaheim Convention Center between 9th December and 10th December this...

  • E3 2017 Sony Weighs in on PS4 Cross-Console Play

    "A commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders"

    There’s an air of inevitability about Jim Ryan being the first to comment on cross-console play, and Sony’s decision not to support it. The head honcho at PlayStation Europe has been in the furnace a bit after he made some controversial comments about backwards compatibility, and...

  • E3 2017 A New SingStar Will Help You to Celebrate Good Times

    Hit the high notes

    Sony hasn’t forgotten about the SingStar series. A new entry named SingStar: Celebration has been announced for the PlayStation 4, and it promises to be the ideal accompaniment to big events, like birthdays, weddings, and even Saturday nights. “Hit the high notes with upbeat tracks, massive hits, and your favourite party...

  • Live Watch PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Day One)

    Live from the PlayStation booth

    Sony’s broadcasting live from the E3 2017 show floor, where it’s showcasing tons of new gameplay demos and a hosting a bunch of interviews live. And you can watch everything right here on Push Square, complete with live chat. Highlights on Day One include Detroit: Become Human from 12:20PM PT, as well as Days...

  • E3 2017 God of War's Glorious Gameplay Trailer was Captured on PS4, Not PS4 Pro

    Good God

    You know that amazing God of War trailer Sony showed off during its press conference last night? For our money, the exclusive title has the best graphics of any game that we've seen at this year's E3 - but guess what? It's only going to look even better on PS4 Pro. Yep, that's right: the footage used in the aforementioned trailer was...

  • E3 2017 God of War PS4 Isn't Open World, But There's an 'Emphasis on Exploration'

    Adventure time

    God of War director Corey Barlog has sat down with Geoff Keighly to talk about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and as a result, we've got some juicy new details. To start with, Barlog confirms that the game isn't open world, despite some speculation from fans.  However, he does say that there's a "heavier emphasis on...

  • Opinion Why Sony Won't Support Cross-Console Play

    At least not while it's got the largest install base

    Minecraft brings people together, and with a future update, it will bring consoles together. Mojang announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference last night that it’s unifying the block buster across a variety of platforms: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even phones. The update means...

  • E3 2017 Hidden Agenda Is a PS4 Crime Thriller from the Creators of Until Dawn

    Can you catch The Trapper?

    Another announcement that Sony bizarrely buried into its E3 2017 pre-show yesterday was Hidden Agenda, a crime thriller from the creators of Until Dawn. Much like free PlayStation Plus title That’s You, this game is built around the platform holder’s new PlayLink initiative – which enables multiple people to...

  • Gallery Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Screenshots Speed Out of E3 2017

    Gran Turismo Sport has a big presence at E3 2017 this year, and Sony has released some tasty looking screenshots of the Polyphony Digital developed exclusive. As you’d expect, it’s looking super shiny, and is still on course for a 2017 release. <screenshots game="games/ps4/gran_turismo_sport" today="true" limit="0"> Is your internal...

  • Gallery God of War PS4 Screenshots Show the Most Impressive Graphics at E3 2017

    For better or Norse

    One thing that’s awesome about PlayStation’s first-party teams is that they constantly push each other to the next level, and Sony Santa Monica appears to have accepted the gauntlet from Guerrilla Games: God of War is absolutely freakin’ stunning – both artistically and technically. Just feast your eyes on these PS4...

  • Gallery Days Gone PS4 Screenshots Show There's Beauty in the Apocalypse

    Drive of your life

    Days Gone was one of the big first-party games to benefit from a beastly showing during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference last night, and Sony’s released a batch of screenshots to celebrate that, showing that there’s beauty in the apocalypse after all. <screenshots game="games/ps4/days_gone" today="true" limit="0">...

  • E3 2017 The Last of Us: Part II Left Out So Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Could Shine

    Makes sense to us

    Many were expecting The Last of Us: Part II to put in an appearance during Sony's E3 2017 press conference last night, but it never showed up. The sequel was revealed at the PlayStation Experience last year, but Naughty Dog has always suggested that Joel and Ellie's next adventure is a while off yet. As such, the developer was...

  • Gallery Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds PS4 Screenshots Are Well Chill

    Stay frosty

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting its first proper expansion pack, The Frozen Wilds – and Sony’s released the first batch of screenshots for the forthcoming wintery affair. Feast your eyes on these: <screenshots game="games/ps4/horizon_zero_dawn_the_frozen_wilds" today="true" limit="0"> Will you be wrapping up warm with this...

  • E3 2017 July's First Free PlayStation Plus Game Announced

    That's you

    Sony’s announced the first free PlayStation Plus game that you’ll be getting in July, and it’s part of the PlayLink initiative that the platform holder announced during its E3 2017 press conference pre-show yesterday. For those of you who don’t know, these titles are built around connecting your smartphone or your tablet to your...

  • Reaction What Sony's E3 2017 Press Conference Got Wrong

    And how it can easily fix things next year

    After several barnstorming E3 and PlayStation Experience press conferences, last night’s E3 2017 showcase felt like a bit of a let-down. To be clear, it absolutely wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination: God of War and Spider-Man seem super exciting; there’s loads to loo

  • E3 2017 Microsoft's Saying Stupid Things About the PS4 Pro

    "It's a competitor to Xbox One S"

    If you hadn’t noticed, Microsoft’s marketing with Xbox One X revolves around techno babble that only a select few understand. In fact, even back when Project Scorpio was revealed last year, it’s been flaunting specifications, and it’s made damn sure you know that they’re stronger than the PlayStation 4...

  • E3 2017 Tee Off with Everybody's Golf Trailer for PS4

    Hyper links

    One of the many games stuffed into Sony’s E3 2017 press conference pre-show last night, Everybody’s Golf has gotten a new trailer featuring Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida and some of the key creative from the series. In it, they talk about the legacy of the long-running franchise, and also showcase some of the features...

  • Reaction Sony Fails to Score an E3 Hattrick, But Still Brings the Best Games

    A super solid showing

    And just like that, another slew of E3 press conferences have come and gone. Sony's own show ended just a couple of hours ago, but what did we think of it? As is tradition, we've got editors Sammy Barker and Robert Ramsey together in order to share their thoughts, both positive and negative, on the PlayStation maker's most...

  • Round Up Every Announcement and Trailer from Sony PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference

    In case you missed it

    Sony’s just closed the curtain on its E3 2017 press conference, where it showcased dozens of titles coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR over the coming months. It was another frenetic affair from the platform holder, with very little in the way of waffle and a wall-to-wall blanket of games. Here’s everything we...

  • E3 2017 Strange Brigade Charts a Course For PS4

    Simply swashbuckling

    If you have a nostalgic love for old timey films with overly enthusiastic narrators and infectiously charming music, then we have an adventure for you. Rebellion, the developer behind the Sniper Elite franchise, has unveiled a new IP going but a decade backwards with Strange Brigade on the PlayStation 4. Playing solo or up with...

  • E3 2017 Sidescrolling VR Title Star Child Revealed

    Shining bright

    Sony rather welcomingly dedicated a decent chunk of its E3 presser to its virtual reality headset, showing off a spate of new titles. Among those was an intriguing Space-themed side-scroller from developer Playful. Playful is no stranger to VR having worked on Oculus launch title Lucky's Tale as well. Hopefully, this prior experience...

  • News PS4 Continues to Sell Like a Runaway Freight Train

    System surpasses 60.4 million units

    Sony’s announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold 60.4 million units worldwide, as of 11th June. This number represents the proportion of units sold directly to consumers. Software sales have also reached 478.8 million units, per the aforementioned date.

  • E3 2017 The Inpatient Has an Appointment with PlayStation VR

    We're impatient to play The Inpatient

    You would think Supermassive Games would be done with spin-offs of Until Dawn with the PlayStation VR's Rush of Blood, but it's proving that it has more scares left in its universe to extract with The Inpatient, which is set 60 years before the events of the main game in the Blackwood Sanitorium. After getting...

  • E3 2017 Days Gone Saddles Up in PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Biker grove

    The dead don’t ride motorcycles, but luckily the plucky protagonist from Days Gone can. Sony Bend returned to the Shrine Auditorium to show off its open world survival horror at E3 2017, and it demonstrated a wealth of gameplay scenarios in the release, from crafting through to stealth and combat. Check it out above.

  • E3 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Its First Expansion Later This Year

    Entitled The Frozen Wilds

    Hungry for more Horizon: Zero Dawn? Well, you're in luck: Sony announced a new downloadable expansion named The Frozen Wilds, and it's out this year. The trailer doesn't exactly reveal much about the content, but it looks like it could feature new mysteries and unveil new answers. That mountain looks particularly ominous...

  • E3 2017 Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Web-Slings into Action

    I want gameplay, Parker!

    Having been absent throughout Sony's E3 2017 conference, this particular scribe was getting a little worried that Insomniac Games' take on the Marvel universe with the PlayStation 4's Spider-Man wasn't going to make an entrance, but the developer came swinging in with a hefty look at how we're going to be fighting...

  • E3 2017 God of War PS4 Still Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous in New Gameplay, Coming 2018


    God of War put in another appearance at Sony's E3 2017 press conference, coming out swinging with a great gameplay trailer. Once again, the game looks glorious - just look at the detail on Kratos' grizzled mug. The title's due in early 2018 on PlayStation 4. The gameplay itself shows off combat, some cutscenes with the boy, and one...

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