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  • News Wolfenstein III in Development, Confirms Bethesda's Pete Hines

    Sequel is in the works

    This is probably not very surprising news, but Pete Hines, senior vice president of marketing at Bethesda, plainly stated that a sequel to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is on the way. He said so during an interview with Metro, responding to the question of whether the last game's purportedly underwhelming sales meant a...










  • News Wolfenstein: The New Order Star Says There's More on the Way

    B.J.'s Back-owicz

    Bad news for Adolf Hitler: it sounds like a Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel is in the works. It's hardly a surprise, as Machine Games knocked it out of the park with its previous entry and expansion The Old Blood, but it's nice to get a bit of confirmation – even if it doesn't come courtesy of an official source. Instead,...


  • News Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Breaks a Leg on PS4

    We did Nazi this coming

    As with Project CARS last week, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sold best at UK retail on the PlayStation 4 by some margin. According to Chart-Track, 67 per cent of physical copies were sold on Sony's system, compared to just 27 per cent on the Xbox One. The game debuted in second on the UK sales charts, despite it deploying...

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    Review Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Night of the Living Führer

    MachineGames has made a much quicker than expected return to the Wolfenstein series that it helped to re-popularise. After a number of years outside of the limelight, Wolfenstein: The New Order marked an exciting and exceptionally well constructed return to form for the franchise. Gone was the overbearing emphasis on...

  • News Wolfenstein: The Old Blood's Gameplay Trailer Features the Deadliest Pipe of All Time 


    If you're already excited for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood's release this week, then you'll probably want to see a bit more of the Nazi slaughtering simulator in action. Fortunately, you violent lot can dive into Castle Wolfenstein right now with the title's newest gameplay trailer. Featuring developer commentary over various gameplay clips,...








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