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  • Guide All Confirmed Characters for Tekken 7

    Tekken it to the next level

    As its name suggests, Tekken 7 is the seventh main instalment in Namco's 3D fighting series. Originally made available as a Japanese arcade release back in early 2015, the title has come a long way since, gradually growing its playable character roster and tweaking its gameplay mechanics bit by bit. Given the property's...

  • News Eddy Gordo Confirmed For Tekken 7 in Thumping New Trailer

    And he's looking sharp

    Capoeira king Eddy Gordo has at last been confirmed for Tekken 7, following a leak last month. The kick-flipping fighter is a veteran of Namco's series, and he's looking every bit as deadly as you'd expect in his reveal trailer, which we've embedded above. Two new stages are also on show, but man, it's those sick beats that...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Fire First Next Month

    Debut expected at Star Wars Celebration

    There are conventions for everything these days, so what made you think that Star Wars would be any different? It's been confirmed that EA Games will be in attendance at Star Wars Celebration between 13th April and 16th April, where it will "showcase the latest" from its Star Wars projects. Seeing as Star Wars...

  • News By the Way, Mass Effect: Andromeda's Mutliplayer Beta Is Never Happening


    Just like some of you, we've been patiently waiting to hear about the long awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer beta, but our hopes and dreams have just been shot to pieces by a BioWare blog post. In said post, the Canadian developer casually writes "while we will have live multiplayer at PAX East, there will no longer be a multiplayer tech...

  • News Here's Your Shock First Look at Borderlands 3


    Gearbox clearly should have prioritised Borderlands 3 ahead of Battleborn, but what's done is done, and the good news is that the studio is finally forging ahead with the loot shooter sequel. Boss Randy Pitchford took to the stage during an Unreal Engine panel at GDC 2017 today to reveal a little more about the title – much to the...

  • News Get Money Back from the European PlayStation Store This Month

    Cash back

    It looks like PlayStation Europe's been paying attention to its pals over the Atlantic, announcing an initiative that will see you rewarded with PlayStation Network credit for… Spending PSN credit. Confused? Allow us to explain: if you pump €50 (or a local currency equivalent) into the European PlayStation Store between now and 31st...

  • News Ghost Recon: Wildlands Betas Brought in Over 6.8 Million Players

    That's a lot of downed tangos

    Ubisoft has revealed that the two Ghost Recon: Wildlands betas - that's the closed and open tests - managed to attract over 6.8 million players. That's a huge figure, eclipsing even For Honor's and The Division's pre-release efforts, making it the publisher's biggest ever beta phase. It'll be interesting to see how well...

  • News PlayStation Plus March Games Revealed

    Marching on

    Sony's revealed your PlayStation Plus games for March, and it looks like the leak was right. PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam; not a bad lineup, considering the former's quality and the latter's enjoyable recent beta. PS4 also gets Lumo, which is cross-buy with Vita. Elsewhere, Sony's handheld is...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has One Helluva Training Montage

    Rocky Bal-brilliant

    We can pinpoint the exact moment we fell in love with Horizon: Zero Dawn: the training montage. The game very quickly goes all The Hunger Games on your ass, and you're rewarded with this brilliant cut-scene as Aloy readies herself for The Proving – a kind of coming of age event that's celebrated annually in Nora lore. If you...

  • Talking Point Are You Enjoying Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4?

    Totally Oseram

    Even we're willing to admit that the build-up to Horizon: Zero Dawn has been intense. Sony sent us some branded biscuits today to celebrate the launch – that's a sign of how hard it's promoting the PlayStation 4 exclusive game. We're not going to lie, they were pretty tasty, too – but we digress. The release's now readily...

  • News Here's 27 Uninterrupted Minutes of NieR: Automata PS4 Gameplay

    Take the blindfold off

    Whoa, it's March already, which means that NieR: Automata is out on PlayStation 4 very soon indeed. The anticipated action role-playing game has gathered a lot of steam over the last year or so, and if you've been wanting to learn more about what the title entails, from its design and structure to its pacing, then you may find...

  • Japanese Sales Charts NieR: Automata Gets Off to a Surprisingly Strong Start on PS4

    Sliced and diced

    The latest Japanese sales charts are in, and NieR: Automata has jumped straight in at number one. The PlayStation 4 console exclusive sold well, shifting almost 200,000 copies. That's a lot more than most new releases manage in their first week. It was followed up by the new Super Robot Wars game in second and third, on PS4 and Vita...

  • Site News Follow Our Horizon: Zero Dawn Hub Page

    Everything in one place

    Hooked on Horizon: Zero Dawn? Want to get all of our updates on the game in one place? Well, we've just created a hub page for Guerrilla Games' role-playing franchise that will keep you abreast of all of the developments in the fledgling series. You can find the page through here; simply click 'Follow' and it will be added to...

  • News A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Now Available For Free on PS4

    King me

    Previously only available as a pre-order bonus, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV can now be downloaded on PlayStation 4 for free. As you can see in the trailer that we've embedded above, A King's Tale is a sidescrolling hack and slasher, apparently boasting a deep combat system that features magic, summons, and crazy combos. UK users can...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Bundles Drop Below £200 in the UK

    Cheap as chips

    Sony's landing some haymakers right now in the UK. In addition to some incredibly aggressive Horizon: Zero Dawn advertising – it's even on freakin' buses here – the platform holder has also worked with retailers to reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 Slim. Up until recently, you could get the console alongside Guerrilla Games'...

  • Guide Everything You Need to Know About Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Every question answered

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is comfortably the biggest PlayStation 4 launch of the year so far, and it's arguably the most important new intellectual property that the platform holder's created since The Last of Us. Naturally, we've put together tons of content to help ease you into the role-playing game – and we've included answers...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Cost a Reported €45 Million to Make

    That seems kinda cheap these days

    Development budgets have soared so much over the past decade or so that we're sitting here surprised at the price tag that's been placed on Horizon: Zero Dawn's head. A report in a Dutch national newspaper claims that the PlayStation 4 exclusive cost over €45 million (~$47 million) to make, and while the exact...


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