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  • News Super Cool Tekken 7 Art Celebrates Over 3 Million Copies Sold

    Party time

    Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has shared some really nice Tekken 7 artwork over on his Twitter account. The drawing features every character in the game -- minus guest characters Akuma, Geese, and Noctis, and DLC characters Lei and Anna -- as they celebrate the title's success. Tekken 7 actually crossed the three million mark earlier...




  • Rumour Second Tekken 7 DLC Season Pass Leaked

    Return of the king

    Over the last couple of months or so, during various Tekken 7 tournaments, series director Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray have been teasing the game's future. Naturally, these public appearances have sparked a lot of speculation, with many fans predicting that Tekken 7 is probably getting a second wave of...




  • Game of the Year 2017 #10 - Tekken 7

    King of the iron fist

    Tekken hasn't been this good in a long time. In terms of pure gameplay depth and spectacle, Tekken 7 is right up there with the best fighting games on the market. It's satisfying, rewarding, and incredibly well balanced. That last point stems from the fact that it was available in Japanese and Korean arcades for ages before it...

  • News Tekken 7 PS4 Patch Aims to Improve Input Lag Later This Week

    Tekken it to the next level

    First discussed by Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada at the Tekken World Tour finals last month, Tekken 7 will be receiving a potentially very important update on PlayStation 4 next week. On Sony's console, the fighter suffers from very slight input delay, meaning that button presses register a tiny bit slower. As you can...




  • News Tekken 7's Free Character Panel Pack Is Out Now on PS4

    A new look

    Head over to the PlayStation Store right now and you can nab some new Tekken 7 character portraits for free. The portraits themselves are from a variety of different artists from around the world. Some are pretty cool, some are pretty... Weird. Still, free content is free content, so we're not complaining. Are you still playing Tekken 7?...










  • News Kuma and Panda Claw Their Way Into Tekken 7

    Beary beary excellent

    Destructive duo Kuma and Panda are back in Tekken 7, ready to crush the opposition with deadly range, crazy moves that no one sees coming, and, of course, brute strength. The animals look better than ever thanks to the Unreal Engine 4, which allows for them to actually have full-blown fur for the first time. We're not sure...


  • News Tekken 7 Strikes Back with Another Punchy Trailer


    The Tekken community is pretty hyped for release of Tekken 7 on consoles early next year, and they've got a good right to be from what we can tell. The series' seventh instalment has been in the works for a long time now, but all those years spent in the oven appear to have cooked up something pretty special. The franchise has never...

  • News You Can Expect Plenty of Single Player Content from Tekken 7 on PS4

    Tekken back the crown

    Fighting games are quite strange beasts these days. The genre will always have its hardcore and professional fans - there's no doubt about that - but very few fighters manage to appeal directly to a more casual audience. The bottom line is that times have changed; we remember the days when Tekken, for example, was a massive...

  • Live Tune in for the Top 8 of Tekken 7's UK Qualifier Tournament

    Tekken it easy

    Another Tekken 7 tournament is upon us, and this time, it's bringing the thunder to London. Bandai Namco's UK Qualifier has been going on for most of the day, and now the top 8 is about to kick off, featuring characters both old and new. Hopefully we'll get to see some top quality matches. Are you cheering for any player or...

  • Live Watch Tekken 7's 2016 North American Championships Right Here

    Who will be crowned King?

    After months of hosting regional tournaments across North America, the 2016 Tekken Tour comes to an end today as Bandai Namco hosts The King of the Iron Fist Tournament - North American Championship 2016. Featuring all of the winners from the aforementioned regionals, the event promises to be a spectacular show of crazy...

  • Live Tekken 7's Biggest Tournament Kicks Off Today

    Who will be the King of the Iron Fist?

    If you're excited for Tekken 7, then you'll definitely want to tune in for Bandai Namco's coverage of The King of the Iron Fist Tournament, which is kicking off with last-minute qualifying tournaments today. Those who make it through said tournaments will be entered into the North American finals alongside...


  • News Miguel Is Back in Tekken 7 and He's Still Really Angry

    His rage knows no bounds

    Spanish brawler Miguel is back for another round in Tekken 7, a lovely new character trailer confirms. Originally joining the roster in Tekken 6, Miguel's a heavy hitter with some surprisingly deceptive attacks in his arsenal. Oh, and he no longer has horrifically large hands. Hurrah! As with just about every other...


  • Live Feast Your Eyes on Some Tekken 7 PS4 at EGX 2016

    Return of the King

    Up for some Iron Fist, are you? Well, you're in luck, because Twitch is at this year's EGX - along with our very own Sammy Barker - and it's taking a look at Bandai Namco's Tekken 7 booth. From what we understand, there are daily tournaments happening at the event, so we'll likely see some new gameplay and hear a bit more about...

  • TGS 2016 Tekken 7's New Gameplay Trailer Packs a Punch

    That's gotta hurt

    Tekken has always been a satisfying series to play, but Tekken 7 seems to be taking its specific brand of silky smooth brutality to the next level. The brawler's got a new trailer hot from the Tokyo Game Show, and it covers just about everything that you need to know, from the title's story - which involves Akuma of Street...



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