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    Review Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars

    Spaced out

    Far Cry 5, like a few of Ubisoft's high profile releases, has come with the promise of a weird and wonderful DLC schedule that takes the base game and places it in increasingly strange scenarios. Lost on Mars is the latest bizarre excursion for the open world shooter, and it's probably about what you're expecting. It doesn't take itself...

  • News Another Big Ghost Recon: Wildlands Patch Sneaks into View Next Week

    The mission continues

    One of those games that you don't hear too much about here on the 'net but has been a huge success story, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is receiving another large, feature-rich update next week. Ubisoft's been diligent in its support for the co-op-based stealth shooter, and this upcoming patch boasts yet more welcome additions. To...

  • News New South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC Is Called Bring the Crunch, Out This Month

    New campaign and class

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole is set to receive its second post-launch DLC at the very end of this month, Ubisoft has announced. Entitled Bring the Crunch, the add-on brings a brand new campaign and hero class to the game. Here's Ubi's description of the new campaign: "In Bring the Crunch, your newest buddy, Mint-Berry...

  • News Assassin's Creed Odyssey Will Continue the Modern Day Story of Origins


    We bloody love Assassin's Creed Origins here at Push Square, but those modern day segments were, in a word, awful -- and they're returning in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Okay, so the modern day story stuff made up about two per cent of the whole game, but they've always felt so unnecessary. One minute you're exploring this huge, lush world and...

  • News Far Cry 5's Barmy Sci-Fi Expansion Has Lost the Plot

    In the best possible way

    You’ve got to love how Ubisoft has started going bananas with add-on packs for its biggest hits. The French publisher appears to be having a whole lot of fun with expansions like Lost on Mars, a new DLC episode for Far Cry 5 due out on 17th July. It’s the second of three premium content drops, after the previous one...

  • News The Division 2 Campaign and Endgame Can Be Played Single-Player

    Lone wolf

    The Division 2 won't force you to group up with friends or randoms, Ubisoft has confirmed. Much like the first game, you'll be able to fly solo and enjoy just about everything that the title has to offer without forming a squad. Game director Mathias Karlson told Aus Gamers: "You can play through the entire story campaign into endgame and...

  • News Latest Far Cry 5 Update Brings Photo Mode to Hope County


    For those who are still enjoying Far Cry 5 and its modern Montana setting, Ubisoft has just put out an update that brings a robust Photo Mode. You can snap some pictures during any solo content, meaning the main game, the DLC, and any solo missions in Far Cry Arcade. Accessing Photo Mode is as simple as pausing the game, and it gives...

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    Review The Crew 2

    Déjà crew

    One of the elements that was universally praised about The Crew was its open world. While developer Ivory Tower’s abbreviated version of the USA was a wonderfully put together slice of Americana, the surrounding game, ultimately let things down with its Fast & Furious-inspired story, and disappointing opponent AI. With The Crew...


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