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  • News Super Mario 64's Physics Flawlessly Recreated in Dreams


    A complaint often levelled at user-generated content is that it rarely plays as well as a professionally made game. It’s a fair criticism: hobbyist creators working in suites such as LittleBigPlanet are often capable of incredible artistic achievements, but it’s rare for amateurs to get that all-important “feel” right. That’s what...

  • News Woah! Crash Bandicoot Made in Dreams Is the Real Deal

    Open world Spongebob Squarepants also in the works

    Here’s our bi-weekly update on Dreams, the game that’s practically going to keep us in clicks every time there’s a slow news day. Take this Crash Bandicoot-inspired level, which may be lacking the right kind of soundtrack but excels in every other area. The creator – a user called milbox –...



  • Rumour PSVR Support Could Be Coming to Dreams Early Access Today

    Update: Scratch that

    Update: Never mind. Original story: Well, this came out of nowhere. It's been common knowledge that Media Molecule's Dreams will be getting PlayStation VR support further down the line, supposedly when the final game launches. However, we're now seeing reports that it could turn up much sooner than that. The developer...

  • News Star Wars X-Wing Level in Dreams Rivals EA's Efforts

    Inform the Empire

    Welcome back to Push Square, the website where we try really hard not to just spotlight impressive Dreams creations all day. To be fair, this Star Wars X-Wing stage deserves the extra attention – it’s easily one of the most impressive efforts we’ve seen come out of the Early Access yet. Made by gauffreman and awarded the...

  • News Dreams Is Already Getting Top Marks in Early Access Reviews

    A dream come true

    We've made our stance on Media Molecule's Dreams pretty clear -- we think it's amazing. What the studio has achieved with its creative toolset is remarkable, and we're constantly impressed by the things being shared online. However, we're not the only ones with good things to say about the PlayStation 4 exclusive. A couple of...

  • News Hideo Kojima Gives Blessing to Metal Gear Solid Remake in Dreams

    A man who's good at what he does

    We weren’t joking when we said we could rebrand Push Square as a Dreams fansite, but there’s so much impressive stuff getting made that it deserves the digital column inches. Take this Metal Gear Solid remake, which is so impressive that it’s already gotten Hideo Kojima’s approval. The auteur certainly...

  • News This Spider-Ham Demo Made in Dreams Is Marvellous

    Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig

    Now it's out in early access, Dreams is proving itself to be a massively diverse, supremely ambitious creation toolkit on a daily basis, so you'll have to excuse us from sharing community made stuff every now and then. This latest example has caught a fair amount of attention online, and for good reason. As you can see in...

  • News What if Ghost of Tsushima Was Made in Dreams?

    It'd still look pretty good

    At this point we could probably rebrand Push Square as a place to promote incredible Dreams creations, but management is against that idea so we’re going to have to pick and choose. This gorgeous Ghost of Tsushima recreation actually isn’t one of the most impressive things made in Media Molecule’s creation suite,...

  • Feature We're Making a Game with Dreams on PS4 - Issue 3

    Unscheduled stop

    Just as the headline states, we're getting our creative juices flowing with Dreams, Media Molecule's outrageously ambitious PlayStation 4 exclusive that opens the floodgates for user made content. Inspired by a commuter with an impressive appetite, our ongoing project is Snacks on a Train, the goal being a simple minigame about...

  • Feature We're Making a Game with Dreams on PS4 - Issue 2

    Working on the railroad

    Just as the headline states, we're getting our creative juices flowing with Dreams, Media Molecule's outrageously ambitious PlayStation 4 exclusive that opens the floodgates for user made content. Inspired by a commuter with an impressive appetite, our ongoing project is Snacks on a Train, the goal being a simple minigame...


  • News Dreams Early Access Adds More Tutorials, Templates Next Month

    Studio planning alternative control options

    Dreams is in Early Access, which means that Media Molecule is committed to updating the client right through until launch. And speaking with Game Informer, the Guildford-based developer has pledged the first major update for May, promising more tutorials and templates. The studio will also be adding brand...

  • News Dreams Creators Are Already Making Short Comedy Sketches

    Have a laugh with giraffes

    The bar keeps getting raised in Dreams, and it’s only been available for a few weeks. While the focus thus far has mostly been on games, it’s worth remembering that the PlayStation 4 exclusive can also be used to create short movies and animations. This particularly impressive one centres on two giraffes. It’s a...

  • Feature We're Making a Game with Dreams on PS4 - Issue 1

    Snacks on a Train

    You'll probably know by now that we're big fans of Dreams here at Push Square Towers. The game offers an unprecedented level of freedom, allowing players to unleash their imaginations with a set of powerful tools and techniques. We're already seeing some impressive results from the community, from simple platformers to interactive...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on Dreams Early Access?

    Dream or nightmare?

    One thing is for certain: Media Molecule doesn't do things by halves. Dreams has been in the pipeline for most of the PlayStation 4's life, but this year, we've finally been graced with the chance to play the ambitious creation game for ourselves. Dreams launched in Early Access just over a week ago, much to the relief of many...

  • Hands On Dreams Is an Inspiring, Mesmerising Wonder

    The stuff dreams are made of

    No matter which way you slice it, Dreams is an incredible achievement. Media Molecule might be taking its sweet time developing this project, but the hard work is clearly paying off. The game is now available in Early Access, allowing everyone to finally tinker with the creative tools, and experience the weird and...

  • News PlayStation Shares Some of Dreams' First Early Access Creations

    Bringing it all to life

    Dreams launched in early access yesterday, and some of its initial creations are already popping up all over social media. Courtesy of the PlayStation Europe Twitter account, we've been able to get a quick look at what players are working on. Check out just some of the creations made in Dreams below. That'

  • News Dreams Early Access Is Rolling Out Right Now on PS4

    Snag your copy before it's too late

    It's finally here, everyone -- Dreams Early Access launches today on PlayStation 4, and it's beginning to show up on the PlayStation Store across Europe. If you need a link, click here to go to the game's page. It might not be live where you are just yet, but it should be available to purchase any minute now...

  • Guide Dreams Early Access - Dates, Times, and Everything You Need to Know

    How and when to get the early version of Dreams

    Media Molecule's Dreams has been a long time coming, and while it's technically still not done, we're now just hours away from the arrival of the Early Access release. Following on from the successful beta test, the studio is now ready to release its highly ambitious creative sandbox to a wider...

  • News Media Molecule Confirms What Time You Can Get Your Hands on Dreams Early Access on PS4

    On your mark

    Last month, the release date for Dreams Early Access was finally confirmed, and we're now just a few days away from being able to jump in. On 16th April, this version of the game will go live on PlayStation Store, allowing players to go hands on with the suite of tools and start building some weird and wonderful stuff. But when exactly...







  • News Dreams Continues to Sound Insane in New Video Interview

    The sky's the limit

    In case you weren't aware, Game Informer has been providing a ton of coverage for Media Molecule's outrageously ambitious new title, Dreams. The make-anything creation game is a bafflingly powerful thing that we can't wait to see in the hands of the community, and the recent new information continues to impress. The publication...

  • News Media Molecule Making Dreams on PS4 to Let People 'Break Into These Walled Off Industries'

    Wants to build on the success of LittleBigPlanet

    Media Molecule has a unique reputation as a studio focused on creative gaming, and with Dreams, the developer is looking to dial everything up to 11. In the above video, studio head Siobhan Reddy and the game's creative director Mark Healey are asked why the team wanted to make something like Dreams,...

  • News Media Molecule's Making Some Mental Things in Dreams

    Stop! Hammer time

    Dreams is really going to come to life when fans finally get their hands on it, but until then it’s hard not to be impressed with what Media Molecule’s doing with it. This new gameplay video from Game Informer showcases several creations that the Guildford-based studio’s working on in its own time, and some of them are...

  • News Of Course You Can Make First-Person Games in Dreams

    Call of duty

    Dreams is essentially LittleBigPlanet on steroids, so of course you can make first-person games. As part of a stream hosted by Media Molecule earlier this week, the studio showed off a couple of prototypes that it’s been working on: a Mirror’s Edge-esque platformer and a traditional shooter – both from the first-person...

  • News Why Is Dreams Taking So Long to Release?

    Media Molecule explains

    Venture into any Dreams discussion and you’re going to find someone complaining about the time that the title’s taken to release. Media Molecule teased the project all the way back when the PlayStation 4 was revealed, and then formally announced it a few years later. But it’s still not out, and despite its very obvious...

  • News Media Molecule Shows How a Campaign Level Is Created in Dreams

    And then fiddles with it

    Dreams has a short single player campaign which is designed to showcase what's possible, and in this new Game Informer gameplay video, co-founder Mark Healy shows a playthrough of the stage (which is great – we played it a couple of weeks ago) and then switches to edit mode to prove that it was all made in-game. The...

  • News Dreams Will Run at 60 Frames-Per-Second Unless You Break It

    Remember to show some restraint

    Dreams will run at 60 frames-per-second, but you will be able to make the engine chug if you fail to optimise your levels. Speaking as part of a Game Informer interview, Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans explained that players who really push the level editor may find that their creations run as low as 30...

  • News Dreams Will Support PSVR at Launch, Online Multiplayer Coming Later

    Virtual insanity

    Dreams will allow you to create and play virtual reality levels at launch, as Media Molecule has committed to day one PlayStation VR support. Originally, the British developer said that it would be adding support for Sony’s headset post-launch; reports then suggested that it had changed its stance, and the functionality would be...

  • News Media Molecule Doesn't Crunch, Reckons It's Too 90s

    Work hard, play hard

    We’ve been made to wait for Media Molecule’s Dreams, which the gaming community revels in pointing out at any given opportunity. To be fair to the Guildford-based developer, there’s no blueprint for what it’s doing here: its PlayStation 4 exclusive is truly unique, and while its roots can be traced back to...

  • News Dreams Beta Will Still Launch This Year, All Creations Will Carry Across

    Sleep tight

    Media Molecule’s been saying that Dreams’ beta will launch “this year” since, like, 2015 – but it seems certain we’ll all be creating before the end of 2018. Speaking as part of a rapid fire question session with Game Informer magazine, co-founder Alex Evans said that the beta’s due at some point this year, so we suppose...

  • News Dreams Magazine Cover Was, Er, Made in Dreams

    Of course it was

    Game Informer is running a new cover story on PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams, and many jokingly asked whether the magazine art had been made in the game itself. The answer, perhaps incredibly, is yes. Here’s the proof: For those of you who don’t know, the Media Molecule developed title is an evolution of LittleBigPlanet,...

  • News Dreams Is the Latest PS4 Exclusive to Get Game Informer Cover Story

    Dreaming big

    Game Informer has been producing huge previews on some of the biggest and best games on the horizon, and its latest headline feature focuses on Media Molecule's Dreams. This follows God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Days Gone as another PS4 exclusive to get the cover story treatment this year, and as with those games, we can expect a...



  • News Media Molecule Wants to Unlock Your Creativity with Dreams

    Dreams can come true

    Whenever we post something about Dreams, there’s always a comment from someone who says they haven’t got a creative bone in their body. Media Molecule doesn’t believe that: the reason it’s made this game is because it wants everyone to be able to make something. Whether you’re an artist, programmer, musician, or you...


  • News Media Molecule Builds Dreamon's Souls in an Hour

    Dreams continues to drop jaws

    Dreams never ceases to amaze, it really doesn’t. Media Molecule’s been promoting a ‘Gothic Novel Game Jam’ for a few days now, and it went live on Twitch earlier today to essentially construct a Demon’s Souls-inspired game stage in around about an hour. It created a lot of the assets prior to going live in the...

  • News Mega Penguin Is the Latest Insanity from Dreams on PS4

    Media Molecule's E3 2018 game jam delivers

    Dreams had a strange presence at E3 2018. Aside from small animations dotted throughout Sony's showcase and a smattering of interviews, Media Molecule's biggest showing for its ambitious creation game was a live 15-minute music concert. However,...



  • News Media Molecule's Dreams Is Absurdly Innovative


    The PlayStation Blog crew may be paid to promote Sony products, but you can hear in this Dreams-themed episode of PS Underground that they’re genuinely flabbergasted by what’s possible in Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. This new video featuring bigwig Mark Healey may not reveal anything particularly new, but it’s...

  • News Delicious Dreams Screens Showcase PS4 Exclusive's Creative Potential

    The war against reality

    Dreams allows you to make anything you can, well, dream of. Unlike similar creation engines, Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive allows you to create assets, animate objects, program gameplay mechanics, and even compose music. It’s a fully-fledged game engine powered by the DualShock 4, and here are just a...

  • News Dreams Will Now Support PlayStation VR at Launch

    Dream in three dimensions

    Media Molecule had announced that Dreams’ anticipated PlayStation VR support would not be available until after launch, but a round of previews released today has hinted that virtual reality functionality will be included from day one. PSU got the scoop, but the British developer retweeted the site’s story, so that...


  • Feature Dreams, the PS4 Exclusive Everyone's Sleeping On

    A Dream come true

    There’s real excitement among the PlayStation fanbase following God of War’s outstanding reviews. Much like with Horizon: Zero Dawn last year, Sony’s first-party has done it again – except this time Kratos has actually exceeded all expectations and landed the highest-rated PlayStation 4 exclusive to date. And it’s just...



  • News Dreams' Story Mode Looks (And Sounds) Like Vintage Media Molecule

    A work of Art

    Another exciting thing about Dreams is that it will play host to a brand new Media Molecule campaign, the kind of treat we only get a couple of times a generation. The plot for Dreams sounds a little darker than anything it's done before, centring upon a down-and-out individual named Art who’s been living rough in a cello case. The...

  • News Dreams Is Going to Be a Real Awards Magnet

    Take a look at creation in action

    One thing that PSX 2017 proved this weekend is that Media Molecule may want to invest in a new trophy cabinet. Dreams is clearly going to be showered in awards. Like for real, this game is going to break new grounds, so maybe get used to the idea now. The thing is it’s just kinda… Mental? Take these two new...

  • PSX 2017 Dreams Has a Full Digital Audio Workstation

    Just another Reason to be excited

    Everything you see and hear in Dreams is made in Dreams, including the music. As such, the game has a full digital audio workstation for you to faff around with, complete with sequencers, effects, and even processors, such as EQ plug-ins. This means that you can, essentially, create full songs within the software to...

  • PSX 2017 Dreams Single Player Screens Reveal Staggering Visuals

    We must be Dreaming

    Dreams has a three-pronged single player campaign which you can read about through here. The most impressive thing about it, though, is that it’s been built entirely within, well, Dreams. Confused? Okay, let’s try again: Dreams is essentially an imagination simulation where you’re given the freedom to design, animate,...

  • News Dreams' Three-Pronged Single Player Campaign Teased

    Media Molecule's latest reveals unrivalled ambition

    Dreams, for those worried, will have a single player campaign. Built within the engine that Media Molecule’s crafted, the three-pronged plot will tell a trio of whimsical tales, which some previews assume will collide at some point. The first of the stories involves a fox and a bear attempting to...

  • News Dreams Is Reborn with Surreal Re-Reveal Trailer

    Media Molecule madness in 2018

    Media Molecule's wildly ambitious imagination simulation Dreams put in a surprise appearance at The Game Awards 2017, featuring a narrator in a coffin and a bear armed with a hammer. The clip goes on to show the various things you'll be able to create in the game, ranging from first-person experiences through to clay...

  • News Media Molecule to Host Dreams Game Jam at PSX 2017

    What are you Dreaming of?

    Those attending PSX 2017 next week will have the opportunity to drop by the Dreams booth in order to participate in a Game Jam that Media Molecule’s planning. According to the PlayStation Blog, the creative competition will give attendees a crash course in “how quick and easy it is to make games, music, and more just...


  • News Media Molecule Will Light Up PSX 2017 with Dreams Re-Reveal

    Sleep easy

    It’s been a long time since we learned anything about Dreams, the madcap imagination simulation from Media Molecule. But as alluded overnight, the Guildford-based developer will return at PSX 2017 next month to tell us more about the game. While it sounds like Sony will have a very low-key presentation instead of a press conference...

  • News Media Molecule's Dreams Is Not Dead Despite Paris No-Show

    Don't stop believin'

    If there was one game we would have bet our selection of imported Oreos on appearing at Paris Games Week on Monday, it was Dreams. But once again, Media Molecule’s creation simulation was very much missing in action. So what the heck is going on with the developer’s barmy imagination engine? Well, the first thing to note is...


  • E3 2017 Where the Hell Is Media Molecule's Dreams?

    Development nightmare?

    Hey, do you remember Dreams? The ambitious Media Molecule developed creation engine was everywhere, until it wasn’t. In fact, it’s been a while since we heard or saw anything about the game; the Guildford-based developer’s been posting updates to its website and social media accounts, but it’s not like the title’s...


  • News PS4 Exclusive Dreams Remains an Incredibly Attractive Enigma

    Snail's pace

    We know there’s a bit of confusion over what Dreams actually is, but you’ve got to give both Sony and Media Molecule credit for being bold enough to create something so outside-the-box. The artsy outing – which will provide you with the canvas to create your own magical masterpieces – has been kept undercover for a little while...


  • News PS4 Exclusives Detroit, Dreams May Not Make 2017 After All

    Keep dreamin'

    Remember that fun little montage PlayStation Europe made to promote upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives? It got people in a right tiswas over the New Year break. In addition to a couple of incorrect 'Console Exclusive' tags – innocent mistakes, we're sure – many picked up on the fact that both Detroit: Become Human and


  • News Media Molecule's Dreams Beta Will Sleep Until 2017

    Fully rested

    In news that will surprise no one, Media Molecule's Dreams will not receive a beta before the end of the year. The game was set to get a sampler around this time, but the Guildford-based outfit has practically shut up shop over the past few months; it wasn't in attendance at E3 2016 or PSX 2016 earlier in the year. That's because,...


  • E3 2016 PS4 Exclusive Dreams Sleeping on This Year's Show


    Media Molecule's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive was absent at this year's Sony E3 2016 press conference, and that's because Media Molecule's still busy beavering away on the game back in the UK. The team posted a message on Twitter to explain its absence, stating that it's "working its socks off" and is looking forward to "sharing more...


  • News Dreams May Just Be the Most Mind Boggling PS4 Game Yet

    Play, create, stare

    Few understand what Dreams even is yet, but there's no denying that Media Molecule's pushing boundaries with the PlayStation 4 exclusive. In a Kinda Funny livestream, the British developer showed off a selection of scenes from the upcoming game, including everything from a still life brought to life all the way through to a...


  • News PS4 Exclusive Dreams Is Kinda Blowing Our Minds

    Dreamed a dream in time gone by

    Wow! We're still not entirely sure what to think of PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams, but watching a video of someone sculpt a character from scratch is mind blowing. In this clip taken from Media Molecule's big PlayStation Experience 2015 live stream, Q-Games gaffer Dylan Cuthbert joins Anton Mikhailov and Maja-Lisa...


  • News Dreams Is a Lot More Powerful Than You Think

    Beta to come in 2016

    Dreams captured the attention of many during its Paris Games Week demo (while also horrifying some) due to its huge amount of tools and available customization. Sure, we don't entirely understand what Dreams actually is yet, but what we do know is that it is, in part, one hell of a powerful creative tool, as a recent Wired...

  • Paris Games Week 2015 PS4's Dreams Looks More Like a Nightmare

    And we still don't know what it is

    What is Dreams? In truth, even after a meaty Paris Games Week 2015 demo, we can't tell you. Media Molecule's forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive is so out-there that the developer doesn't appear to know how to show it. The things we do know: you control a customisable imp which can possess sculptures created by...

  • News Watch One of the First Dreams Made on PS4

    Beary good

    The sooner that Media Molecule clears up exactly what Dreams is the better. During a stream earlier this week, the developer shared one of the first ever "dreams" created in the PlayStation 4 exclusive – and it's suitably bonkers. We see a polar bear and its baby walking towards the horizon, where the illuminati happen to be waiting...


  • News The First Fansite for PS4 Exclusive Dreams Is Live

    Day dreamer

    Media Molecule's always had a vibrant community surrounding its games, and it looks like that's set to continue with Dreams, the mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive that was announced at E3 2015 earlier in the year. We don't even know what the title is yet, but that's not stopped dreambubble.me from arriving on the scene...

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