While there seems to be a fair amount of positive chatter surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the lack of a single player campaign remains a point of contention for some. An action packed story has been part of the Call of Duty franchise for years, so to see the latest game ditch the mode entirely was irksome for many fans.

In Game Informer's latest video interview regarding the game, design director David Vonderhaar and co-studio head Dan Bunting are put on the spot to answer the question: where's the campaign? Bunting responds by making the point that a game in development can change a lot as it moves forward. "The game that we are making has evolved over time, and that's just a part of development," Bunting said. "I can't even remember a single game that we've made that hasn't had a dramatic change in the prototyping stage, because that's what prototyping is for."

He continues: "We started this game with a very big ambition. And that big ambition was that we were gonna make a game that was entirely built around social gameplay experiences, because that's what we feel we're most passionate about in the studio."

Give the video a watch and see what you make of their answers. Are you disappointed in the lack of a campaign, or do you think Treyarch made the right call? Don't forget to deploy your parachute in the comments below.

[via youtube.com]