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  • News Samurai Shodown Shows Off All 16 Playable Characters

    Including the 3 newbies

    Due out this summer, Samurai Shodown on PlayStation 4 will have 16 playable characters at launch, and you can see every one of them in the game's latest trailer. The three new challengers, Darli Dagger, Wu-Ruixiang, and Yashamaru Kurama, all look pretty cool. Are you hyped for the return of Samurai Shodown? Try not to spill...




  • News The New Samurai Shodown Game Is Set to Launch in Q2, 2019

    Sho time

    We'd almost forgot about the new Samurai Shodown game that SNK has in development. Announced as Samurai Spirits back in September, the game was quickly confirmed for a PlayStation 4 release in 2019 -- and now we have a more specific time frame courtesy of the publisher's latest investor meeting. SNK is aiming for the second quarter of next...


  • News A New Samurai Shodown Game Is Coming to PS4 in 2019

    Uses Unreal Engine 4

    SNK has announced a brand new Samurai Shodown game built using Unreal Engine 4. Its working title is Samurai Spirits, as that's the name of the series in Japan. It's due to slice open PlayStation 4 at some point next year. All we have to go on right now is the brief announcement trailer that we've embedded above, but...








  • 36


    Review The King of Fighters XIV

    Royal ruckus

    While Capcom is rightly credited as the company which kick-started interest in the one-on-one fighting genre, there's another firm which built up comparable reputation in the field and – some would passionately argue – actually managed to trump the creator of Street Fighter on more than one occasion. SNK would become a household...



  • News Here's Your Update on The King of Fighters XIV

    A long awaited post

    It's not that we've spent about six months ignoring The King of Fighters XIV, it's just… Well, we've spent about six months ignoring The King of Fighters XIV. It's not like we've got anything against the legendary SNK series – this author has certainly enjoyed previous entries – but we can't shake the feeling that this...








  • News King Of Fighters XII Honestly Looks Gorgeous

    Remember when no one cared about beat 'em up games

    Well they're back. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Street Fighter IV have secured that. But what after that? Well, this July we'll all be playing as Terry Bogard in old favourite King Of Fighters. XII. The homeward bound arcade port will feature a roster beyond the arcades 20, and a new anti-aliasing mode to make the graphics all nice and smooth..

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