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  • News Moss Squeaks onto PSVR Next Week

    New trailer released

    The release date for Polyarc's anticipated PlayStation VR title, Moss, has been announced. The lovely looking adventure game will release for Sony's headset on 27th February, in just over a week's time. Tam Armstrong, co-founder of Polyarc, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk about the game's development. "It’s been a...

  • News Whimsical PSVR Platformer Moss Dazzles in New Gameplay

    Moss mouse

    Moss is a forthcoming PlayStation VR puzzle platformer that has headset owners hyped, and judging by this new PlayStation 4 gameplay footage published by PlayStation Underground it’s easy to see why. The title sees you controlling a miniature mouse-like heroine named Quill in a diorama-like fantasy world, and it uses virtual reality to...



  • Hands On Is Moss PlayStation VR's Next Must Have?

    Vibrant adventure is shaping up

    As we approach PlayStation VR's first birthday in the coming weeks, the companion device to the PlayStation 4 has had a surprising initial year on the market. With a steady stream of games already released and many more on the horizon, the future is bright for VR titles on PlayStation. One of such titles, is the indie...


  • Hands On PlayStation VR Platformer Moss Is a Showstopper

    The secret of Quill

    This year’s E3 showcased quite a few action games, ones which allowed us to play through some of the most transcendent sequences that gaming has ever had to offer. We swung through the cityscapes of New York as Spider-Man, hunted magnificent creatures as a Monster Hunter, and pushed through the beaches of Normandy in Call of...

  • E3 2017 Moss for PlayStation VR Is E3's Most Adorable Game


    During the obligatory VR section of its E3 press conference, Sony unveiled the utterly adorable Moss. From what we can tell, you play as a guardian angel helping a small mouse traverse a dangerous fantasy world. The game looks unfathomably cute, and seems to feature some interesting uses for the Japanese giant's headset. Does Moss tickle...