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  • News Sony Creating Death Stranding Album Filled with Original Music

    All-new songs inspired by Kojima's latest

    Hideo Kojima’s been eager to spotlight underground artists like Low Roar and Apocalyptica with Death Stranding’s various trailers over the years, and it looks like he’s been given the opportunity to collaborate with both Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sonic Music Entertainment on a full-length...

  • News Sony Music Artists Will Bring Original Songs to First-Party Games

    Company also keen on PSVR crossover content

    Sony is still eager to unify its various divisions, with PlayStation Productions an example of this. The new media-focused unit is part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, but it will leverage experience from Sony Pictures to bring PlayStation properties to both the small and big screen. According to...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of April 2019

    Rollin' on

    Last month’s slate of PlayStation soundtracks was filled with some pretty notable titles, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Devil May Cry 5, but also some really good smaller soundtracks, like the curious Beat Cop. The offering of quality music from April isn’t quite as varied, but that’s not to say there was no good music. You...

  • Interview Freaking Out with Days Gone Composer Nathan Whitehead

    This music comes for you

    Love it or hate it, Sony’s biggest new exclusive Days Gone has had a downright terrific launch, coming hot out of the gates. We recently got the chance to chat with the title’s composer Nathan Whitehead about his work, and his first time as lead composer on a video game. Push Square: One of Day’s Gone’s most...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of March 2019

    March on, march on, march on

    Another month gone brings with it a number of new releases, including some fairly highly anticipated titles, including one from a certain Japanese dev. And as usual, many of these titles brought some really great music along for the ride, so let’s dive into what those standouts are. Beat Cop: Pixel Crow’s curious...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of February 2019

    The hot steak continues

    After a hot start to year for gaming, both from a music and release standpoint, is there any hope that February can continue the trend? The answer is more or less a “yes” as it just happens. While there may have been fewer soundtrack releases of note, the ones that did come out are particularly special. So let’s hop in!...


  • News You Can Stream Days Gone's Theme Song on Spotify

    Hell or high water

    Did you enjoy the song in the new Valentine’s Day themed Days Gone trailer at all? Well, it’s now available for streaming on Spotify – or your preferred music delivery service, of course. The country rock song is called Hell or High Water, and it’s been written and performed by singer songwriter Billy Raffoul. In case you...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of January 2019

    Musical resolutions

    It’s the top of the New Year, and you know what the means! That’s right, it’s time for the first musical recap of the year. And boy was January ever a strong month. The first month has been turning itself into quite the juggernaut these past few years, and 2019 is no exception. There were some pretty monumental releases,...

  • News Fortnite Hosted a Marshmello Concert and 10 Million People Turned Up

    Don't go look at me with that look in your eye

    Need a reminder of your mortality? Electronic musician Marshmello played a concert in Fortnite over the weekend, and over 10 million people rocked up to experience it. As you can imagine, there were plenty of floss emotes being triggered, as fans all over the globe danced the night away to the ten...





  • Feature Best PS4 Music of September 2018

    Music, muzak, music

    August was absolutely packed to the brim with good PlayStation music to treat your ears to, so it’s not terribly surprising that there are fewer highlights for September. Fewer highlights however doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about, as the stand-outs from this past month are some pretty special releases. Destiny...


  • News Naughty Dog Releases The Last of Us: Part II's First Music

    Gustavo Santaolalla's back

    The Last of Us’ celebratory Outbreak Day is over, and our faces are still very much intact. Naughty Dog has, however, released Gustavo Santaolalla’s performance of the series’ iconic theme song, which will be used in The Last of Us: Part II: To be brutally honest, we don’t like this recording as much as the...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of August 2018

    When it rains it pours

    While the music in July had us digging pretty deep to actually find more than one thing to talk about, August provided us with nothing short of an absolute flood. A huge amount of exceptional music accompanied some great - and not so great - games this past month, and we’re going to tell you about them. Dead Cells: First...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of July 2018

    Down and Dirge-y

    June was a rather crowded month when it came to noteworthy soundtracks, which sees July come off as comparatively sparse. A bit of a low-key month before all the big guns come out swinging with their amazing soundtracks. Despite this, we were able to scrounge a couple worthwhile scores anyways, so let’s hop in. Shining...



  • News Drake's New Record Has a Final Fantasy Jam on It

    Bahamut's plan

    A slow news day story to kickstart your Friday: Drake dropped his new album Scorpion overnight which includes a song named Final Fantasy and appears to sample the legendary video game franchise. Listen carefully to the first portion of the song and you’ll hear a harp, which seems to be lifted from Final Fantasy’s legendary prelude...

  • News Stream Classic Sony Soundtracks on PlayStation Music's YouTube Channel

    We're assuming it's official

    Is this an official channel? Right now, that’s the big question mark looming over this new PlayStation Music YouTube channel, because if it isn’t then it’s about to get stung by a series of copyright strikes and shut down. But if it is, then it has the potential to blossom into something very exciting indeed:...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of May 2018

    Play it again, Sam(my)

    April provided a rock solid month of music, so it's to be expectd that May would bring thigs back down to Earth a little bit. But instead game music in May was more just a continuation of the quality we've come to expect lately. The month actually had some incredible scores to pick from, including a pretty big Sony exclusive...



  • News God of War's Vinyl Soundtrack Is a Thing of Beauty

    Mad dog McCreary

    God of War’s drawing plaudits for practically every portion of its masterful presentation, and Bear McCreary’s dazzling soundtrack is part of that. The great thing about the music is that captures the power and angst of Kratos, but it also seamlessly segues into more emotional segments, too. It’s really quite exceptional...

  • Interview Squeaking About Moss' Soundtrack with Composer Jason Graves


    Recently we got the opportunity to chat with composer Jason Graves – likely best known for his work on the Dead Space series or The Order: 1886 – about his work on the recently released PlayStation VR title from Polyarc, Moss. We discussed how the game's score came to be, Graves' adulation for the player character...


  • Guide Best PS4 Music of March 2018

    Pluck the string

    The stars turn and a time presents itself. And with that comes more game music. March was a month bursting to the brim with titles from a variety of genres, from JRPGs to AAA first-person shooters to more unique titles like mandatory co-op experiences. There was a little for everyone in March. Among these titles were some really...

  • News Classic FM and PlayStation Join Forces for Live Orchestral Concert

    Music to our ears

    Classic FM, the UK's specialist classical music radio station, is teaming up with PlayStation to bring to life an orchestral concert in celebration of video game music. According to, the event, known as PlayStation in Concert, will feature music from across PlayStation's history, including PSone, PS2, PS3, and...

  • Guide Best PS4 Music of January & February 2018

    New year, new me, new music

    Now that the first two months of the year have passed, it’s time to start off the new round of music highlights. Officially, I waited until February had concluded so there’d be more notable game music to talk about. Unofficially, I completely forgot to do this last month. There were really only two soundtracks to talk...


  • Feature The 10 Best PlayStation Soundtracks of 2017

    Reelin’ in the year

    2017 was an absolute banner year for games: AAA games were firing on all cylinders, indies knocked it out of the park again and again, and there were more Game of the Year contenders than we care to count. Alongside many of these stellar games were absolutely phenomenal soundtracks, too. This year more than any other was the...


  • PSX 2017 Listen to Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker Perform The Wayfaring Stranger

    Going home

    Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker opened The Last of Us: Part II’s PSX 2017 panel with a live rendition of classic American folk song The Wayfaring Stranger today. Both of the stars appeared to be performing in-character, and later discussion suggests that the performance will have relevance in the game. Numerous artists have covered The...

  • Interview FIFA 18's Tom Holkenborg on Scoring Soccer

    A little more conversation

    Recently we got the chance to chat with composer Tom Holkenborg about his work on the soundtrack for the narrative portion of FIFA 18, as well as his extensive history working with EA, his love of soccer, and how to capture the appropriate sound for a given sequence. Tom has contributed to numerous EA titles, dating back a...

  • Guide Best PS4 Music of November 2017

    Calm before the storm

    The November issue of Push Play marks the last release before we close out the year by talking about the best scores of the year. It was also a bit of an underwhelming month. The most notable soundtracks were scores to games that have been around for a number of years and just saw re-releases like Skyrim VR, Star Ocean: The...



  • News PlayStation Raids the Royal Albert Hall for Orchestral Performance

    Music to our ears

    Well, this is unexpectedly awesome: PlayStation has lined up a concert at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall, where the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will play hits from various exclusive franchises, including Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, Uncharted, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, LittleBigPlanet, and

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops – Issue 6

    Rock 'n' roll

    Coming off such an extraordinary month for game music in August means September was a little underwhelming by comparison, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing worth paying attention to. Some big names released this past month, and brought some significant music with them. And some lesser known titles brought great music into the...


  • TGS 2017 Enjoy the Sounds of Japan Studio with PlayStation VR

    Orchestral app on the way

    Earlier this year, Sony hosted a concert at the Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall in Kawasaki, where the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra and the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus performed various pieces of music from the developer's diverse collection of games. This included compositions from Gravity Rush, The Last Guardian, and much more. And...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 5

    Swingin’ through the stars

    Another month of game releases brings with it another month’s worth of game soundtracks, and running through the releases of August provides a particularly strong lineup. So many intriguing indie titles released this month, including at least one title that could be in the conversation for one of the best game...



  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 4

    Surfin’ on a sound wave

    This year’s slate of releases has been a dream. But alongside many of these phenomenal games have been equally phenomenal soundtracks. And to be frank, we’re starting to get scared about that “soundtracks of the year” list come December. Between Persona 5 a few months back, Pyre this month, and Undertale next month,...

  • News Sonic Mania Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order This Saturday

    Plus, hear a brand new track

    Remember a few weeks back when the vinyl soundtrack for Sonic Mania was announced? Well, the company producing said soundtrack, Data Discs, has updated the product listing on its site, providing a few more details as to how you can get your mitts on one. You'll be able to pre-order the album from Saturday, 22nd...

  • News Sonic Forces Finds the Reason with Cheesy Theme Tune

    Fist bump

    It wouldn’t be a new Sonic game without a spot of c*ck rock, and SEGA’s turned to Doug Robb from Hoobastank to sing Sonic Forces’ theme tune. Well, he’s not a perfect person, after all. The song, irritatingly named ‘Fist Bump’, is pretty on-brand – but it’s no Crush 40, is it?

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 3

    Hitting the right notes

    Issue 3 of our frequent music feature comes alongside an abnormally strong June slate of releases. Between some massive games, and some long dormant familiar faces poking their heads out for us to fall in love with all over again, June had a lot to love. These games also brought with them some great soundtracks, and these are...


  • News Sonic Mania's Official Vinyl Will Have You Tapping Your Feet


    SEGA’s teamed with Data Discs to bring the electropop beats of Sonic Mania to a record player near to you. The British-based company – already behind a slew of top-notch vinyl collections – has been charged with creating a package befitting of Tee Lopes’ brilliant beats. And looking at the mock up images, it has hit a home run...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 2


    While the first episode of the new Push Play series focused on interesting soundtracks released in April, the follow-up issue is going to deal with releases from May. A wide range of styles of game was on offer this month, and with it came some incredibly varied soundtracks as well, including a surprising goldmine of VR music. GNOG:...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 1

    Dropping the beat

    Push Play is a new monthly series that will take a look at some of the interesting video game music releases recently. We hope to dig deep and find some interesting things you might not otherwise hear. It is by no means a comprehensive collation of every soundtrack, but rather a hand-picked group of what we think are the most...


  • News WipEout Omega Collection's Soundtrack Will Make Your Ears Bleed

    Not literally, of course

    Electronic music has been part of WipEout’s DNA since its inception; the game used to pop up in UK clubs during the PSone days. Apparently. We were too young to be licking WKD off a stripper’s abs back then, and now it seems we’re too old to recognise half of the songs on re-release WipEout Omega Collection’s...

  • News This RiME Music Video Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

    Forgotten city

    Spoilers: the soundtrack in RiME is absolutely extraordinary. Sure, we’re technically under embargo until tomorrow, but we doubt anyone will be too irritated we happened to share that tidbit. One of the tracks has been written by Lindsey Stirling, an American violinist – and this is the music video for the song. Weird CGI foxes...

  • News The Chainsmokers Bring Paris to PlayStation VR

    Get away from your parents

    You've got to give a lot of credit to DJ double-act The Chainsmokers: they've basically released the same song twice with changed lyrics and had a huge amount of success in the process. And now they're bringing Paris – which is totally different to Closer – to PlayStation VR as part of a new application. You can...



  • News Finally You Can Listen to Horizon: Zero Dawn's Main Theme

    Put it on loop

    Horizon: Zero Dawn's main theme – created by Killzone composer Joris de Man – is so good that we found ourselves re-watching the title's reveal trailer on loop just to listen to it. But now, with the game just hours away, one YouTuber's captured the tune in its entirety and uploaded it to the Internet for you to listen to. It's...


  • News SEGA Drops a Magical Sound Shower on Spotify

    Oldies but happies

    Phwoar, here's one for those of you who wished you lived in an alternate universe where SEGA still made consoles and your humble host had founded a Dreamcast 3 fansite named Chao Bella instead of Push Square: the publisher has dropped a slew of classic choons on Spotify. All you need to do is search for the artist 'SEGA' and...

  • News Download God of War's Live E3 2016 Overture for Free

    Music for the Gods

    With the news cycle currently dominated by the Nintendo Switch, there are not many PlayStation stories doing the rounds. You'll have to excuse us while we scrape the bottom of the barrel and point you in the direction of God of War's intense Overture orchestral, which is yours to download for free right now. This is the one that...


  • News Japan Studio Concert Will Celebrate the Sounds of Sony's Greatest Games

    Audio tribute

    Japan Studio's output may have been pants during the PlayStation 3 era, but under the leadership of ex-Santa Monica head Alan Becker, Sony's biggest developer has been restored to the bosom of its Worldwide Studios network. Over the past few years alone the organisation has had a hand in Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, and Knack –...

  • Feature The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

    Hitting the right notes

    Another year gone. Times flies, doesn't it? 2016 may have been, erm, less than stellar in a lot of respects, but the games industry was by no means one of the problems. Quality reigned supreme across so many titles it's hard to keep track. Not to be left behind, though, was the music from these games, which delivered some top...







  • Feature The Best PlayStation Soundtracks of 2015

    Like music to our ears

    With 2015 winding down, it's only natural that 'Best Of' lists are beginning to pop up everywhere you look. While games themselves get a lot of attention when it comes to these sorts of lists, the accompanying soundtracks get a little less love. We're here to change that and deliver our list of the ten best soundtracks to...




  • News Don't Expect any Goldfinger in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

    Do anticipate bands you've never heard of

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 continues to be the strangest of games. Activision's clearly coveting nostalgia with this long-awaited sequel, and that's evident in everything from the name to the actual arcade gameplay. But with the game's soundtrack, it seems like it's trying to introduce people to a bunch of...


  • News You'll Need The Last of Us' Vinyl for the Cover Alone

    Can't be for nothing

    Before y'all tell us to get in the sea, we were collecting vinyl before bearded hipsters encouraged us to stop. But we may have to put our plastic hiatus on hold just this once, as this The Last of Us soundtrack is begging to be bought. Manufactured by Mondo on 180-gram black vinyl, this four LP compilation has some of the...




  • News You Need This Journey Record in Your Life

    No, not that Journey

    You're not a true hipster until you have a sizeable vinyl collection – preferably spanning indie hits such as thatgamecompany's outstanding Journey. It's a good thing for your coffee shop street cred, then, that iam8bit has teamed up with Sony to create this stunning double LP set for Austin Wintory's soaring score. The...



  • News Final Fantasy XIII-2 Songstress Origa Passes Away

    Lost to the Historia Crux

    Renowned for unique and mystifying vocals, Russian born singer Origa passed away from cancer during the weekend at the age of 44. She spent most of her life working in Japan and contributed to the games industry by providing vocals to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Anyone who has played it will have undoubtedly heard her, as she not...

  • News Rock Band Reboots with Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys DLC This Week

    R U Sure?

    Dust off those putrid plastic instruments: Rock Band is back. We're not referring to a sequel, of course – not yet, anyway – but brand new DLC for the series, which brings an end to an incredible 21 month hiatus. Harmonix famously stopped supporting Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz almost two years ago, but, like a rockstar that's run...


  • Feature 2014's Most Memorable PlayStation Music

    Sounds good

    The music that we hear in games plays an integral part in our enjoyment of the experience. While this is by no means exclusive to the medium, the interactive nature of games means that the memories linked with certain musical cues can carry more potency than in other types of media. Last year was a hell of a year for game soundtracks,...



  • Guide How to Use the PS4's USB Music Player

    Background sound

    When the PlayStation 4 launched a little less than a year ago, it was missing some key multimedia functions. One such absentee was the ability to play custom audio during games. While background music was available via the platform holder's streaming service Music Unlimited, it's taken until the addition of





  • Weirdness PlayStation Eye Employed to Turn Trees into Orchestral Epics

    Barking mad

    You can count the number of truly great PlayStation Eye games on one hand, but German composer Bartholomäus Traubeck has achieved something that London Studio couldn’t, by actually making something memorable with the PlayStation 3’s ill-fated peripheral. Embedded below, you’ll find an excerpt from his record Years, which features...


  • News At Least Final Fantasy XV's Music Is Making Progress

    Audio extravagance

    We like to debate a lot of topics here at Push Square towers, but whether Final Fantasy XV will actually ever release is a particularly popular one. Still, while director Tetsuya Nomura has likened the PlayStation 4 title’s production to “climbing a mountain”, we can happily report that the soundtrack is at the very least...


  • Feature 2013's Most Powerful PlayStation Soundtracks

    Don't look back in anger

    More often than not, too much effort is spent pondering the visuals of a game. Or its gameplay. Or its set pieces. However, there’s one pivotal area that tends to get overlooked time and time again: the soundtrack. If you’re on the fence about a particular piece of software, an emotional piece of music can set you on the...

  • 6


    Review Just Dance 2014

    It takes Move to tango

    Ubisoft’s colossal Just Dance series has become a common name among party gamers and rhythm fans. The gameplay essentially boils down to you mirroring a brightly coloured avatar in order to pull shapes to popular songs across a variety of genres. Compatible with up to four players, the franchise scores you by tracking your...


  • News Now You Can Attend Music Concerts Directly from Your PS3

    Never get caught in a mosh pit again

    Live music is fantastic, but it comes with a few major caveats. For starters, you’re often forced to rub shoulders with smelly scene kids who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘deodorant’. And then there’s the whole physical endurance aspect, which sees you standing around for hours on end while...

  • 10


    Review Rocksmith 2014 Edition

    It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll)

    Let's cut to the chase: Rocksmith 2014 Edition will not miraculously teach you how to play guitar like Slash in 24 hours. Learning the guitar or bass takes years of dedicated practice, repetition, self-motivation, and real technique. That doesn't necessarily mean that Rocksmith is useless –...

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