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Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the PS4's Launch Lineup?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Yeah or meh

Nintendo of America’s outspoken (but still very likeable) president Reggie Fils-Aime expressed his distaste for the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup this week. In the wake of the Wii U’s price drop, the executive told IGN that he feels that the next generation console’s catalogue is “meh”. The suit was comparing the system’s software selection to the House of Mario’s holiday lineup, which admittedly includes key titles such as Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. But while we wouldn’t expect the top-dog at a competing corporation to outright commend Sony’s assortment of digital and retail releases, does the gaffer have a point?

System architect Mark Cerny believes that the ease of production on the upcoming console has facilitated the best launch lineup in PlayStation history. We disagree with the statement, even though we don’t necessarily feel that the Marble Madness creator is far off the mark. As discussed in previous articles, the platform holder is playing the long game. The decision to delay inFAMOUS: Second Son to February, for example, will give the machine a much needed boost once the excitement of the release has passed. The firm has also clearly made a conscious decision to give some of its teams – such as Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Media Molecule – more time.

For us, that puts this launch lineup behind the PlayStation Vita. However, we think that the Japanese giant learned some important lessons from the portable’s release last February. Despite deploying with a cavalcade of big first-party games – Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and WipEout 2048 – the system swiftly started to flag, and the fact that it took months for the manufacturer to flesh out the release schedule really affected the handheld’s reputation. That the company is spacing out its next generation offering speaks volumes about the long-term strategy that the organisation is adopting this time around.

That’s not to say that the lineup is bad, though. While there were certainly some criticisms pointed at the quality of the offering at E3 in June, we can’t help but feel that Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, and, to a lesser degree, Knack quashed any criticisms at GamesCom last week. All three titles were buoyed by significantly superior builds to the ones shown in Los Angeles, with Evolution Studios’ racer in particular leaving the visual criticisms that had plagued it earlier in the year in the dust. Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter impressed, too, with its multiplayer mode’s unexpected emphasis on custom playlists, and the same slick style of gameplay that has defined the futuristic franchise since its inception on the PlayStation 2.

Of course, these three games alone are not going to appeal to all gaming tastes, but there is plenty of variety coming from third-party publishers. The likes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and Need for Speed: Rivals should bring a different dynamic to the launch offering. And there are copious blockbusters coming in the form of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Watch Dogs. Even younger gamers are covered with Just Dance 2014 and Skylanders: Swap Force, while sports fans should get their fix with FIFA 14, NBA 2K14, and Madden NFL 25. It’s certainly not a weak offering.

The problem, perhaps, is that the majority of the titles available on day one will already be playable on other platforms. Many of the abovementioned games are promising a more sturdy performance on Sony’s next generation machine, but will be fully playable on the PS3 – some of them months in advance, too. The manufacturer has acknowledged this issue by offering an affordable upgrade path for those looking to switch between systems, but despite being an appreciated option, we’re not convinced that it will make the lineup any more enticing for those that have already experienced a majority of the titles on an existing console.

Fortunately, the digital offering looks a lot more imaginative. There are plenty of ports and upgrades here, too – Blacklight: Retribution, War Thunder, and Warframe, for example – but these will be accompanied by a smattering of original titles. Housemarque’s flashy side-scrolling shooter ResoGun is quickly establishing itself as one of the system’s must-own releases, and it will be joined by the equally exciting Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe, and Basement Crawl – the weird Twisted Metal-esque take on Bomberman by Polish outfit Bloober Team. Furthermore, there’s always a good chance that the launch lineup of digital content will expand, with the delivery mechanism meaning that schedules can be a little more fluid.

As is often the case with these types of discussions, though, taste will play a large factor; an enormous fan of Killzone is more likely to be taken with the lineup than someone that abhors the shooter series, after all. However, we do think that the breadth of software is impressive, even if a chunk of the catalogue will be playable elsewhere. And let’s not forget that the PS2 released alongside FantaVision and Tekken Tag Tournament, while the PS3’s headline titles were Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm. Food for thought before you air your feelings in the comments, perhaps.

What do you think of the PS4’s launch lineup? Are you looking forward to a particular title, or do you think that the offering’s weak? Is the continued strength of the PS3’s library putting you off the next generation machine? Let us know in the comments section below.

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ferrers405 said:

Very good because even i could buy all the games, i don't have time to play all...



Jaz007 said:

I rated it average because I don't feel compelled to buy any retail tiles at launch, but the download launch line-up is a pretty good one.



shingi_70 said:

Its decent. Not as good as the Xbone's but better than the Wii U's. I think killzone is about to be pushed to Uncharted levels.



rastamadeus said:

Voted for very poor as almost all the games will be on Xbox One and current gen consoles while the exclusive Killzone is a terrible series (my opinion) which just offers beautiful graphics and worse than average gameplay. Another reason I'm yet to be bitten by the next gen fever bug.



Batman said:

As someone who won't be buying any console other than the PS4, there's more than enough content to keep me happy come launch day.

Let us not forget the horror show that was the PS3's launch line up... shudders

It gets a good vote from me.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Wii U Wii U safefty fest on the wii U is tanking.

OT: killzone is super fun. Washington youre mouth mister. Also Knack is awesome!



Squiggle55 said:

knack and killzone look good, but neither of them are guaranteed day 1 purchases for me or anything like that. I voted for average because there are some good looking games and it's pretty much like any other launch except there's nothing that I absolutely must have. I'll get driveclub with ps+ and I think the most likely purchase would have to be Knack because I love cartoony platformers.



get2sammyb said:

Killzone's a weird one because I feel like that series always gets judged on its name alone. Shadow Fall could be the best first-person shooter ever made, and it would still get a lot of, "Meh, it's Killzone" reactions.

I don't think SF's going to set the world on fire, but I do think it looks really, really good. I really like what they've done with the more open environments, and the weapons are super fun. My hope is that if they nail the story, it will turn the perception around a bit - but I'm not holding my breath.

DriveClub is shaping up to be quite promising, too, in my opinion. I'm not really sure why that's flying under the radar either. With ResoGun, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, and various other titles all due out, I think it looks really promising personally.

The only thing that's holding it back is the cross-platform aspect; the fact that many games are on PS3, too. I voted for 'good'.



-CraZed- said:

I have only preordered 1 first party title (mostly due to my wife not letting me spend what I want to) and that is Knack. I got the Watch Dogs bundle and added AC4 for me and Knack for me and the kids....
But I think the launch line up of 1st party titles is Good. KZ:SF looks great but I prefer FPS games on my PC so I might pick that up later on if the reviews are good.
Resogun (I'm psyched for this game) and Drive Club are free for PS+ members so I'll be playing them and with all the F2P games coming who will even have time to play all these games anyways? Next gen IMHO is starting off very well.



Ryno said:

Nothing I want to rush out and buy a PS4 for. I think Xbox has a better one.



InsertNameHere said:

I voted for very good, because of all the effort that is being put into the first party titles. Killzone seems like it'll finally become one of THE shooters and Drive Club is improving each time we see it - Knack is Knack, that's all I can say.

Then their are all the digital titles like Planetside 2, Warframe, War Thunder, ResoGun and Hohokum. Not to mention all of the other indie games that'll be making their way onto the PS4. All in all, I'd say that the PS4 has the strongest lineup out of all the next gen systems, with the Wii U having the absolute worst - Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart and SSBU being the only half interesting exclusives.

Which sucks, because I really did want to buy a Wii U, but if all they have to offer - outside of the 3 titles I previously listed - is more Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, then no thanks.



OrbitScant said:

I voted for good, but I also commend Sony's strategy of not having too much out at launch. X1 seems to have blown it's stack too early. February will see the release of Infamous Second Son which could well be a system seller. People are judging PS4's line-up against Msoft's offerings mostly because of Titanfall, while forgetting that it isn't even a launch game.

The improvements Evolution Studios have made to Driveclub are huge and the overall design of the game is a bit more forward thinking than the same old Forza formula. Driveclub has much more going on in terms of graphics and game design.



Scollurio said:

F Nintendo really. They're in a load of trouble right now and the free to play only titles alone can carry the PS4 easily until march 2014. I wonder how that Reggie guy actually could DARE to comment on other console's launch when their own was abysmal...



JavierYHL said:

average for me...jrpgs are my favorite and i hope ff15 and kingdom hearts comes sooner...



Snorky said:

I think they'd be onto a winner if they had one or two more titles... Gravity Rush 2 or Monster Hunter PS4 Edition.

As a Vita lover though i'm glad they didn't announce them so I still have some hope for a release of either on psv.



TromboneGamer said:

That Wii U hate though. Well I think that PS4 has a plethora of titles throughout each venue such as retail, indie, and free to play. The only place it really lacks is genre variety. There are many action titles and of them there are mostly FPS. I'm trying to search my brain for games day 1 that don't pack that punch. The racing games seem to be in a decent position. If i recall I think Forza 5 is an Xbone launch title and that series has an audience unlike Drive Club so PS4 definitely has ground to gain in that area. On another note this is Killzone's chance to truly shine and I'm hopeful that Shadow Fall can hook me on the universe as KZ3, while decent mechanically, wasn't compelling in spirit.



Epic said:

Don't get me wrong, there are really good games coming out for the PS4 at launch but most of the are cross gen titles available on the PS3.
Also there are a lot of amazing games coming out for PS3 that confirm that the console isn't still dead with huge releases like GTA V, Dark Souls 2, Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus etc... people are even forgetting that Beyond Two Souls release is even close, the PS3 is still enough to cover my gaming needs and also I'm not ready to start paying for a internet subscription and additional controllers.
In the end at least I know the games I need like Infamous Second Son, The Division and Metal Gear Solid V is coming out with more amazing 1st party games coming out but for now I will keep playing with my PS3 until those amazing comes out.

PS: This launch is still better than the Nintendo Wii U launch INMHO.



ohhaime said:

It's a terrible Line-up for me,there's not even one retail game I would even want to buy.
I don't usually play shooters So Killzone Is meaningless to me.I did play Infamous 1&2 and was thoroughly disappointed by both so I don't care too much about Second Son.

Knack looks way too simple for me to want to spend any money on,DriveClub and Resogun look decent but none of them make me want to run out and buy a PS4 just to play it,and I would probably only play them free from PS+.

The only announced games I would actually pay for are the indie games.Galak-Z ,N++ being the only exclusives. I would consider buying some others (Contrast,Mercenary Kings,Octodad: Dadliest Catch,Transistor,Volume,The Witness) but I could happily buy them on PC. And I'll almost assuredly buy Starbound even though I own it on PC already but that's more because I'd would want to support ChuckleFish.

Lack of exclusive games I want aside, I would still buy a PS4 at launch if I could afford one.



rjejr said:

Didnt the PS2 also launch w/ The Bouncer? The 20 minute game that turned Square from a great rpg maker into a graphics at all cost whore?

Reggie lost his mind years ago, hes lucky to still barely have a job.

I dont know what to compare the PS4 launch line-up to to help me decided how good or bad it is, not the 2nd yr Wii U though, maybe PS3 or PS2 or X1? I voted average b/c it seems like every other launch line-up with a variety of games, not great or horrible.



Subie98 said:

I dont favor Sony's more than Nintendo's or Nintendo's more than Sony's, I like both equally. Its why ive always had PlayStations next to my nintendo consoles. Ive enjoyed lego city, ac3, black ops 2, splinter cell. However the games im really waiting for at the moment is smash bros, mario kart 8, bayonetta and x. Ill pick up other games being released but those are the ones im waiting for. Already have watch dogs and black flag pre ordered for wii u. I like what both console's offer me. I dont play favorites between them. However Microsoft can take a leap. .02



Tuturoopa said:

I'd say its good but most of the games are ones I can already get on PS3 which doesn't make it worth upgrading right away, if it had more exclusives I'm interested in I'd upgrade but for now I'm "meh", My least favorite game genres are first person shooters and puzzle games so I'm holding off on ps4 untill later, probably till Naughty Dogs next game is ready



Sanquine said:

I voted for good. In comparison to ps3 and ps2 the ps4 shines.

Ps i dont hate the wii U but i feel left out. Bought it at launch and just got my musthave game after a year... Pikmin 3.



Cloud7794 said:

I voted Very Good because I like a variety of games, and PS4 will have that variety of games. If Killzone: SF multiplayer is similar to mercenary but ramped up, then it's a must buy (the mercenary online is fantastic). Knack honestly looks very good, most people just push it off to the side because it looks cartoony (yet these same people praise the looks of games like Hohokum and Killer is Dead). I'm not much for racing games, but driveclub looked intriguing and I'll probably be doing some local MP with my friend who's just obsessed with forza. The others will be great as well (thinking of loading up $60 on PSN and using that to buy any indies that interest me for the price of one retail game). All in all, the launch titles will MORE than do their job, and that's to keep us occupied until the next big releases. Once Square releases FF15 though... I'll probably stay in my room playing it until I need a Phoenix Down.



Squiggle55 said:

I'm looking forward to Killzone, but I'm concerned. Killzone 3 was my absolute favorite FPS multiplayer I've ever played, and I really loved the different classes. So we'll see I guess.



DVS said:

Nothing at this time has topped the PS Vita launch line up, which was, frankly, just ridiculous. However, it is still very good. Loads of variety. A great indie selection. Loads to try and do from day one. The biggest benefit, and I think Sony may win on this, is that they've learned their lesson with the Vita and won't have such a massive gap between launch titles and the next wave of big great AAA games. inFamous: SS coming just 3 months after launch. Bring it.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Good not getting it at launch not sure if or when though but theres more than enough there to keep me occupied.
I like the lineup and whats coming Killzone Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous Second Son, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Dying Light, MGS 5 a few of those games however are on my watch list but there is plenty at launch to keep me occupied. It doesn't matter if its a port its still a game.



ShogunRok said:

Gets a good from me. I don't know what people want, honestly. Look at the launches of other consoles and tell me this isn't one of the better ones - by far.

Sure it could be better, but lineups can always be better. Always. Just because it doesn't have a title that you particularly want doesn't make it a bad lineup.



jgrangervikings1 said:

Umm, after throwing down $400 for the console, I can't imagine I'll have a lot left over for a bunch of games. So, I'm totally excited that there are even a couple of games out there that I really want.

There are several games that a lot of people have written off without ever trying the games, probably because the titles of the games are dumb, boring, and generic. One of 'em is Killzone. Another is inFamous. Another is Bulletstorm. If you haven't played Killzone 3, you've missed out on a beautiful, fantastic shooter set in a world all its own. If you haven't played inFamous 2, you've missed out on one of the best games of this gaming generation. If you think Bulletstorm is just another shooter with stupid, misogynistic humor, you've completely missed out on one hell of an action-packed, FUN game that's as rich in combo moves as any fighting game out there AND excels in its shooter gameplay.

For the dude in the comments who was sooo disappointed in the inFamous games (and many other games), I'm curious what he thinks is a good game.

The fact that most of y'all have already written off a good number of the launch titles before they've even been released is completely befuddling to me. What would/should Sony be releasing that would change your opinion on the launch line-up? Another Uncharted game?

For those folks out there who are saying they're not excited by the PS4 releases because they're already going to be on PS3, let's look at this from a slightly different perspective. When the PS2 was released, there were probably games that were being released on PS2 that had already been released on PS1, and I'm pretty sure there were people out there who didn't buy the PS2 version because they had just bought the PS1 game. Looking back on it now with 20/20 hindsight, would you rather play the PS1 version of a game over the PS2 version? Ummmmm, no, and it isn't even close. Give me the PS2 version every day of the week and twice on Sundays. So, am I excited about the lauch line-up? You bet I am. If you're not excited, I feel bad for you. Today's instant gratification "I want it now" atttude, mixed with a cynical "nothing is ever good enough" perspective on life = an unfulfilled life void of joy and contentment. Folks, enjoy the PS4, and give these games a fair shake. If they stink, ok, but at least you've given 'em a try.



Scollurio said:

I also don't get the people judging the games already, and don't forget, compared to the Wii U (and thats what this debate originated from) think of the free to play titles that will be available until the end of the year. Even if you don't especially like them, they are, as the name says, FREE. You have at least 8 games until the end of the year to TRY FOR FREE and if you like them, just continue playing. All of them have a sturdy and robust "payment" system that never ever changes things for the unfair if you decide NOT to spend a single dime but face an enemy that did spend 100 bucks in the game. It's still fair, he might just have the more flashy outfit or what have you.

What I want to say is, ALL of the free to play games are easily better than many games across all console launches of the past couple of years imho. Give it all a chance folks!



mibtar said:

I'm still waiting for TGS before I can really say yeah or meh. Fingers crossed.



Ginkgo said:

Overall the PS4 launch lineup is good and varied, however it is held up by many 3rd party titles, which are also available on XB. So the only area where it is a little lacking is in AAA first party exclusives (plenty of Indies), where XB has probably just piped it at launch.

Having said that I get the impression that XB has nothing else coming, and there are still many things planned fro 2014 for PS4 (e.g. infamous). Sony's comment was that with pre-sales as they are, they don't need to declare their full hand, which I guess is great, but does give MS a slight opening.



MadchesterManc said:

I voted good. No Wipeout at the launch of console again means Sony loses some Kudos and Id prefer a Motorstorm to Driveclub but other than that its decent. Aside from Killzone, Im really looking forward to the F2P titles seen as I probably wont have much money left for more games lol



Gemuarto said:

Very sane lineup. Nothing too bad, nothing too great. Two games aimed at multiplayer. Killzone and Drive Club. Smart move, if you ask me. Great lineup to warm up.



charlesnarles said:

Dude, we can buy PS3 discs and put them in our PS4s and play the 4 versions, provided we pay a fee? ...or possibly included free for Plus users?????
Ahem. The digital and disc content available is above and beyond. Variety, quality, and value-wise, I'm very satisfied this gen. Eff Microsoft.



GraveLordXD said:

I say meh, no games appeal to me that I can't get on PC or ps3 I will get a ps4 just not right now



divinelite said:

I chose very good even vita has Supreme Good for launch title.

That aside I would gladly be day one owner IF just I was born American, not Asian where I dunno when ps4 will hit

For comparison, psvita comes to my region on April with equivalent $350 officially or $300 by import from hongkong



Gamer83 said:

It's good. Not up to par with Xbox One (which has the best day one lineup since Dreamcast) but it's one of the better launches for a PlayStation system. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club both should be awesome and those two games alone make it a better launch than the PS2's lineup was and it's a million times better than the disaster that was PS3's day one. There's also several good multiplats, stuff like Watch_Dogs and AC IV may be cross-gen but they still help flesh out the PS4 lineup and at least they're not year-old ports like Wii U received.



ohhaime said:

@jgrangervikings What do I think Is a good game? It's really too various to say.Currently I'm very much enjoying playing Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F on my PS3 and Kerbal Space Program on PC.
Some of my favorite games include:Kirby Super Star,Yoshi's island, Half-Life 2 , Journey,Flower,To The Moon,the Mega-Man Zero,Super Smash Bros., Portal 1, Ratchet and Clank,Spyro,Sly Cooper,One Piece : Pirate Warriors, Monster Hunter, Patapon,Pokemon,Gravity Rush,LittleBigPlanet ,Professor Layton,Urban Rivals, Harvest Moon, Gotcha Force, Custom Robo , Chibi-Robo ,Henry Hatsworth , Hotel Dusk ,Batman:Arkham ,Bastion , Notrium ,Psychonauts , Plants Vs. Zombies , Rochard , The Sims , Sanctum, Stacking , Syberia , World of Goo , Ape Escape , Worms , Beyond Good & Evil , Dance Dance Revolution , Guitar Hero , Rockband , Sly Cooper , Aqua Kitty , 1943 , Robotron , Bump & Jump ,Son-Son , Unfinished Swan , Jetpack Joyride ,Donkey Kong Country , Gunstar Heroes , Paper Mario , Dragon Quest Monsters , River City Ransom , Balloon Fight .. I think I should stop now.

What would make Me change my mind on the Line-up?A new: Monster Hunter, Ratchet&Clank, Ape Escape, Patapon; Maybe a new Crash Bandicoot or Jet Moto. Probably whatever Media Molecule is working on. New information showing how Knack has hidden depth.

But big budget studio games are starting to fall out of relevance to me. With less time and money to spend on games then I used to have, I now tend to play more Indie games because they tend to be short but sweet experiences that can be bought on the cheap.



Visiblemode said:

@get2sammyb As launches go, it's awesome, imo.

Killzone is about to break out. Mark my words. Mercenary and shadow fall are going to push each other and the brand. Shadow fall is coming at the right time and on the right system. Shadow fall preorder numbers are looking huge so far.

This is Killzone's year. Btw the other games in the series are way underrated.



Gamer83 said:


I hope you're right, I've already tried Mercenary and agree it's awesome, Shadow Fall is a huge reason I decided to get a PS4 day one. I agree both should be fantastic experiences lets just hope they finally get the series the mainstream success it deserves.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine Have to admit I haven't got a clue what you're on about there, haha. Not sure where I mentioned the Wii U for a start :/ Killzone is just, as I said, pretty but boring. Played all three and wished each time I hadn't. And Knack has gone from being promising looking to distinctly poor looking: fixed camera, boring looking gameplay, completely less than average in every way. A massive disappointment in recent previews for me.
I stand by what I said though, it's a terribly average launch line up, just like Xbox Ones.



Snkfiend said:

It's good in standards enough for me to buy the system and mostly I play is Battlefield and DC Universe among others so It will be a great day one and beyond to wait for more titles. Then again I can't wait for Titanfall and the rest of the Xbone timed exclusives.



odd69 said:

Sonys line up is better than Nintendos line up that was the biggest joke eva, oh and its the next generation so..yea



Bliquid said:

I voted good, even if i'm sure i won't get it D1.
I prefer to send ppl forwards to take the grenades (reviews of hardware performances at least 3 months, to avoid YLODs or RRODs or whatever), and then comfortably wait for sturdier batches.
But beside that, i would buy it right away, because i know for certain that the titles will come (MGS, FF and many others)
Can't say the same for Nintendo, which i was a fanboy of until i bought the 3DS D1.
That experience taught me to wait, especially since it is 2 years Ninty has been saying that titles are coming, and i still don't have my Metroid.



rjejr said:

@rastamadeus - "And Knack has gone from being promising looking to distinctly poor looking: fixed camera, boring looking gameplay, completely less than average in every way. A massive disappointment in recent previews for me."

That's exactly how I feel. Its kind of like the original good Spyro games only without the fun and exploration. And Spyro had better voice acting - on the PS1.

@Sanquine - "Ps i dont hate the wii U but i feel left out. Bought it at launch and just got my musthave game after a year... Pikmin 3."

I just bought my Wii U 3 weeks ago for Pikmin 3, imagine how I feel (hint: not good) (Really good game though, both single player for me and co-op gold medals for my kids. Too bad no 3 player though)

"In the wake of the Wii U’s price drop," - See, I knew you could work that in here somewhere



moomoo said:

Average. If it were based on the exclusive games, I'd actually say poor, since I've never found Killzone to be a good franchise, Knack seems to not be very good if previews are considered, and Driveclub doesn't look as good as any of the racers showing up on the system or the Xbox One in the next year. Still, the third party stuff looks good, so that, along with Resogun, bumps it up.



artemisthemp said:

I would have put PS4 Launch line up as Very Good but, that only because of Third Party/Multi-platform games like Skylanders: Swap Force, Watch Dogs and AC4.
However I choose Good, due to not have many interesting exclusive ad launch.



Visiblemode said:

@Gamer83 yeah, getting kinda annoyed at people dismissing a game just for being "just another good looking hollow shooter." It's foolish.

The genre is defined partly by it's immersiveness. The looks are a part of that. But on to the shooting...that's the whole point. Excellent shooting action is taken for granted by a lot of gamers now. That's how a game like Max Payne 3 remains so underrated. That game had an incredible shooting dynamic. People fly right by that and put weight on other things like story or rpg elements (though I liked the storytelling in Max Payne 3 too). Don't get me wrong, story is one of Killzone's areas to work on as some of the protagonists are cliche and 2 dimensional, but holding a shooter's worth to it's story alone is like buying a FIFA game and finding the gameplay amazing but then giving it a bad rating on lack of story.

I think people forget where the genre has come from. The state of shooting in Killzone titles is really something of value. The graphics bring immersion. If the characterization is stepped up in Shadowfall the missing element of immersion will fall into place. (The story/universe is actually quite awesome. Just need less 90's action hero character behavior and more depth and soul).



Solatorobo said:

@rastamadeus Well at least I'm not alone on not joining the Killzone hype train...

Anyway, Like with the Wii U, I'm waiting until a game comes out that I MUST play (Kingdom Hearts III for PS4, Smash 4 for Wii U)



FullbringIchigo said:

wheres the "meh" option? ^_^

but seriously the PS4 lineup is fine but as all the games i want are also coming out on PS3 i don't need to get a PS4 yet so i'll wait until Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV are out until i get one



Mahe said:

"Meh" sums it up well. But the game selection should get better over time.



Faustek said:

As someone who actually spent a few years abroad, in the army, I think its *** with FPS games.

I voted very good, although all the "indie" games will be on PC as well I find it awesome since they will be on the Vita as well. And the amount of good indies will keep me afloat until I get my JRPG on.

And then again I kinda enjoy my WiiU, Zombie U is awesome, yeah that's kinda dumb as well, but rather Zombie Apocalypse than humans. And I do still believe that the first party Nintendo games are fun.

Now let's just hope Squeenix actually did something awesome.

Edit: stuff



JaxonH said:

I vote "meh", but it's to be expected somewhat. No, there's no games that jump out at me and scream "You gotta have this system!", but I'm still buying one. That's because I know down the line the library will fill out, and I've got the money to blow anyways. The PS4 won't disappoint, just like Wii U hasn't disappointed, despite the fact that both have or had mediocre launch lineups (granted, the Wii U launch day lineup was actually pretty decent, it was the "launch window" that was barren and dry)

I'm not one for console smack talk, and no, I don't approve of any corporate comments that take a swing at other console makers. With that being said, I really can't blame Reggie for what he said. For one, at least he waited to see the lineup before commenting on it, and for two, I remember reading comments Sony was making about Nintendo before the Wii U even launched, stating that Vita can do anything Wii U can do, and I even remember Jack Tretton telling the media that the Nintendo brand is "babysitting tools", great to keep kids quiet but any self-respecting twenty year old has outgrown them. I took great offense to that. I'm 29 years old and I play ALL consoles, and I thought that was a particularly low blow in the name of slander. So while I don't approve, I can definitely understand WHY he would make such a remark. I just wish Nintendo AND Sony would quit with the small talk and let gamers buy what they want to buy. Don't try to sell your brand by implying any gamer who has self-respect would never go with Nintendo, and that you're the console for "grown ups". And don't try to sell your brand by saying Sony's lineup is meh. If that's true, gamers can see it for themselves. They don't need anyone to tell them that.



JaxonH said:

You make a valid point. I don't think the shooter genre is any less legit than any other genre. Be it platformers, open-world adventure, RPGs, puzzlers, etc... All games have merit- I play a lot of everything, from Killzone and Call of Duty to 1st party Nintendo. And fun can be had from ALL genres- it's the GAME that matters. Dismissing shooters as all the same is just as foolish as dismissing platformers as all the same. Perhaps to the untrained eye, but to a gamer who plays the genre, the differences among various titles is enormous (granted, there will ALWAYS be the generic slew of copycat games out there, for every genre).

I think people who don't play certain games are the most likely to be susceptible to believing the false stereotyping of that genre of game. If Joe Blow doesn't play shooters (or platformers, RPGs, or whatever), he'll easily buy into the internet bs that floats around concerning those types of games. Ignorance is the number one cause of more ignorance, and the reason for 99% of the fanboy bs that goes on. It's why Xbox gamers say their games are the best, why Sony gamers say their games are the best, and why Nintendo gamers say their games are the best. It's because they haven't played anything else. If they had, they wouldn't be trashing entire consoles or genres of game.



Lopezdm said:

Sony's PS4 launch line up is just as strong as anyone else right now. The reason I bought a PS4 in the first place was because of what is to come. The games that are going to be released on November 15th are still very good but not all grab my attention like others do. So I have no problem waiting for the games that are to come. That is one thing that Nintendo had a issue with. They had no games to back up the launch line up so the WiiU suffered. Microsoft has some very good game for the hardcore market but I am a Sony owner through and through. Their business philosophy won me over.



Sutorcen said:

Compared to previous Sony releases and given the state of the global economy I believe the PS4's line up is as good as it can be. If you take into account the PS3 games that people will be still playing during the PS4's release then we can all be happy.



rockman29 said:

KZ SF is the strongest redeeming launch game I think, though the others may be very good too hopefully.

Indie titles and other small downloadable games should help keep things fresh early on too.

The earlier Infamous SS comes, the better though also



Visiblemode said:

@JaxonH yeah for sure. I appreciate that you get what I'm saying.

I've said it before, but Pushsquare has the best crowd. I love how discussions are about games and not personal arguments. Even when people don't agree, things stay civil. Glad I started coming here. I wish more vg sites were like this one.



JaxonH said:

Exactly. This place (and it's sister-site Nintendolife) is an oasis in the desert, the last safe haven for rational-minded gamers who don't care about picking sides and hating the rest. For the most part (and there are always exceptions to this), members here are grounded, logical, and open to any type of game on any system, even though we are all Sony fans. Here I can talk to people about actual matters of substance, instead of "look at dem grafikz" and "You're a fag if you play X or Y"



Visiblemode said:

@JaxonH yeah, that's me. Definite Sony fan, but open to anything that's good. I think the gaming world and the internet in general needs more openmindedness. Things are improving though, at least as far as acceptance of unusual
games is concerned, through indies.



banacheck said:

It's better than the two games i had for months on end, because the other launch games where delayed. In fact its not that long ago Pikmin3 came out, so i wouldn't throw stones from a glass house Nintendo. I think Sony launch window is actually alright, there is a lot of choice. Plus the PS3 is releasing some excellent games as well, thats why i think 2014 is the start of the PS4 from Sony view.

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