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Mon 26th January, 2009

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shingi_70 commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:


Sorry just everyone is so amped up these days. Hell I traded my ps4 in for a Xbox one and I'm still excited. It sucks that SFV may not come to Xbox one but I'll have another PS4 probably come march.

Still its a good and dumb move for Sony.its good as it gibes them a somewhat exclusive fighter, it's dumb since Sony is bleeding money and it may have been more cost effective to develop a fighter from the ground up like KI.



shingi_70 commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:


Was the console war baiting in the news article really necessary, I mean we know that Microsof money hatting the game was sh*tty, but it seems that Square did it so the game could be made on budget. Likewise Ono has already stated that Capcom is in a bad place and Street Fighter 5 wasn't on the table a while back due to the cost of investment, hence why Dead Rising was funded by Microsoft and that free to play game by sony. Logic would dictate that Sony is paying for the game simply because it wouldn't have been made as a multiplatform game.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:


Mass Impotence may be a little harsh, but sony had these problems last generation due to their OS team being so Japanese focused. You'd think with everything else about the system being western focused, the OS/UI would be as well.

I agree with the software development teams being bigger at Microsoft with the windows/windows phone/xbox OS all being one team since last year.

Also I'd disagree with the one big update thing, that a terrible route to go when Android/Ios have gotten users used to more frequent updates through the decoupling of items from the OS itself. (but that's certainly a topic for another time at the very least).

The major stuff that Sony has to address is

A major overhaul of the UI, the gamelist just doesn't work once you have a ton of games.
Getting PSN updates at a timely matter.
Fixing the share button.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

@Scollurio @thedevilsjester

And now Sony's OS is missing features that should have been there by now. A year or two is a terrible time table when most modern day operating systems are changing at a pace of every six months for Major overhauls. Plus I'd expect that the successor to the PS3 would have shipped with all the features the PS3 already had right?

I would consider MP3 and DLNA support missing features from a company who's freaking parent company has this supported in nearly all the rest of their products.

Oh and I would say Microsoft is doing much better than Sony in this regard. Them missing the launch windows for the Twitch streaming is terrible as well but since than they've had monthly updates adding new features. Now I will agree its sort unfair to compare them when you see how Mircosoft and SOny manage their OS teams, but I just wish shu/Sony was less BSy about certain things.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:


Main Problem is most of those features were on the PS3 or stuff like Suspend/Resume were big parts of last year's PlayStation meeting keynote. I understand these things take time but Microsoft and Nintendo gave us a vauge timeline on when to expect updates, and in the case of Microsoft being a software company aside they've had major OS updates every month since may. The xbox didn't launch with video recording but when it did it brought along a full twitch app and upload to youtube.

I sort of just expect much more out of sony I guess.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

This seems to be Mass incompetence of the worst kind. I find it a bit odd that the Playstation's Studios and hardware division are in the west yet, their OS team is still in japan.I mean Microsoft has been doing monthly OS updates and yet somehow Nintendo has been doing major updates in a timely manner.

I wonder what's the exact reason its taking them so long cause the updates and aspects of the OS really need to be addressed. However it could be that were going to see these once the Youtube app comes.

Off the top of my head I can think

MP3 support
DLNA Support
An Actual Library system
A good web browser
fixing the share button.



shingi_70 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

I'm a bit surprised they're getting rid of the yearly IGC games, most of them were first party and were a good incentive for new users to get plus and acclimated to sonys first party.

Trine 2 is my most wanted game but I was kinda of hoping binding of Issac would have been ready this month.



shingi_70 commented on Talking Point: Has Watch Dogs Hacked Your PS4'...:

I'm really enojoying it so far. The game really shines when played in stealth mode with just a silenced pistol, and your hacking stuff. That said man ubisoft needs to put a jump or crouch button in thier games. I had the same problem when playing freedom's cry.



shingi_70 commented on How Much Money Is Being Spent on PS4 Shooter D...:

This game is going to flop hard as hell. Titanfal sold decently and had massive hype, while we;ve known about this game much longer and there is barley any hype. It seems like Borderlands via way of Halo with just a dash of boring out int o it.



shingi_70 commented on PS2 Classic Amplitude Could Be Making a Comeba...:

Man I really hope this doesn't get funded. This is literally two big studios using kickstarter to make a game. Sony owns the Amplitude IP which opens up a can of worms on to kickstarter.

If its backed I made it but I worry about the trend it sets,



shingi_70 commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:


Well it's more than that. Microsoft has been iterating on a software level much faster than Sony and even has a ongoing beta program to test new features.

Plus Microsoft has gotten a ton of good will not only on a gaming level but this years bukd caused a ton of buzz. We got confirmation that Windows/Windows phone apps will be able to run on the Xbox one with Khan Academy and Plex being first. Plus Cortana got rave reviews and the roadmap is to get it on the One by next year.

Plus the TV stuff is sounding good with a variety of shows to rival Netflix.

-Video game documentary series starting with ET.
-A series based on Nas when he was younger and making illmatic.
-Halo series
-A soccer ewlaity series
-A sketch comedy show by Sarah Silverman
-An anointed series by Seth green.

I mean Netflix is probably the strong best at this right now and they're putting out TV better than dedicated content creators.



shingi_70 commented on Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret...:

I think its the best way to advertise games and when you go to live from playstation and seeing a ton of people stream a game you might want to buy it.

I tend to watch let's plays but only from a few people. I watch the GB quick looks because I really like the guys.



shingi_70 commented on Uncharted Franchise Director Amy Hennig Leaves...:


Games being good doesn't exactly mean anything if she got forced out. Office Politics usually are pretty complicated and since the three worked on different teams. Things are usually much cleaner on the outside looking in.

I agree with you on this not being good news for Sony's Studios but there are a few things to take into consideration.

-Naughty Dog is still probably two teams and were going to see Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley each head up their own team.

-These scale backs could be used to appropriate funds to aquire other studios like Quantic Dream. (Hopefully we see their next game at E3).

-We don't know how far or well into completion SSM's new IP was. It could be the new IP was killed to focus the studio on being more of a Xdev style studio. They're working on two big games while asstinng with smaller stuff like Rime,

It is a bit disconcerting that I find myself having more faith in Microsoft Studios than Sonys at this juntcure.