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shingi_70 commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:


Well it's more than that. Microsoft has been iterating on a software level much faster than Sony and even has a ongoing beta program to test new features.

Plus Microsoft has gotten a ton of good will not only on a gaming level but this years bukd caused a ton of buzz. We got confirmation that Windows/Windows phone apps will be able to run on the Xbox one with Khan Academy and Plex being first. Plus Cortana got rave reviews and the roadmap is to get it on the One by next year.

Plus the TV stuff is sounding good with a variety of shows to rival Netflix.

-Video game documentary series starting with ET.
-A series based on Nas when he was younger and making illmatic.
-Halo series
-A soccer ewlaity series
-A sketch comedy show by Sarah Silverman
-An anointed series by Seth green.

I mean Netflix is probably the strong best at this right now and they're putting out TV better than dedicated content creators.



shingi_70 commented on Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret...:

I think its the best way to advertise games and when you go to live from playstation and seeing a ton of people stream a game you might want to buy it.

I tend to watch let's plays but only from a few people. I watch the GB quick looks because I really like the guys.



shingi_70 commented on Uncharted Franchise Director Amy Hennig Leaves...:


Games being good doesn't exactly mean anything if she got forced out. Office Politics usually are pretty complicated and since the three worked on different teams. Things are usually much cleaner on the outside looking in.

I agree with you on this not being good news for Sony's Studios but there are a few things to take into consideration.

-Naughty Dog is still probably two teams and were going to see Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley each head up their own team.

-These scale backs could be used to appropriate funds to aquire other studios like Quantic Dream. (Hopefully we see their next game at E3).

-We don't know how far or well into completion SSM's new IP was. It could be the new IP was killed to focus the studio on being more of a Xdev style studio. They're working on two big games while asstinng with smaller stuff like Rime,

It is a bit disconcerting that I find myself having more faith in Microsoft Studios than Sonys at this juntcure.



shingi_70 commented on Atlus Dismantles Hopes of Demon's Souls 2 on PS4:

Why would Atlus knows what's going on about a sequel to a game Sony owns the IP to, developed by From Software and its sequel being published by Nacmo.

Going by Yoshidas commemtns and how big souls gotten, Atlus wouldn't even be in contention for publishing a Dark Souls II.



shingi_70 commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:

Interesting comment from the Dev on GAF

who is this guy and why should I take his word for it?

edit: it would seem he just posted above me, I still find that hard to believe given it flies in the face of recent history, Chris Charla has definitely been making strides at Microsoft but easier than PS4/Vita given everything we've seen already? doubtful
Well, no one forces you to believe me ;).

Microsoft really did their homework - their program is excellent and bringing games to Xbox One is probably cheaper then getting your games to any other console. But that's just my opinion.


Really surprised this parity thing is still a issues seems like Xbox could be the best consoles for indies without it.



shingi_70 commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:


Will be hard for developers not too. Despite having a crappy policy the ID@xbox program is really great, you get two free Dev kits and free access to Unity for Xbox One, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. The parity cause may suck but that's a lot of development costs down. I think the PS4 will still be the indie king but the program is decent.

To add to that Microsoft is going to allow every One unit to be a Dev kit. That could give Microsoft a big advangtge when it comes to starting indie developers whoa re usually PC first, and cultivating a developer community by targeting the student market.

Was under the impression that this clause was removed in early December, too bad it hasnt .



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Exclusive RIME Almost Ended Up on the Xbox...:


Like how Alan Wake or Max cursed brotherhood are? How about Dust or Charile Murder.

Hmm the original pitch sounds like below from capybara so I can see why. It didn't help that Deadlight received prior reviews and sales while being in summer of arcade.

Looks like they took the rejection and improved on it ten fold.



shingi_70 commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:


You say that if these deals weren't in place already. Titanfall was the last show piece of Microsoft's E3 conference last year, and the it was Gameinfomer's cover before that. The deal was in place way before Either system was announced. Now what's stupid in hindsight is full exclusivity. If EA were smart they would have coasted on microsft's money getting god word of mouth from PC/Xbone players's and six months later drope Titanfall prepare to drop edtion for PS4 players.



shingi_70 commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:


They were thinking that the xbox would have taken an early lead in the places were Call of Duty is king. That coupled with microsoft's massive exclusivity and marketing pockets its understandable why they went with it.

What no one counted on was how much Mattrick screwed the xbox group before being fired.



shingi_70 commented on First Impressions: Turtle Rock Is Transforming...:

Not really feeling it yet, No single Player seems like a bad fit for a L4D style game. Something like this works for say a titanfall where its an actual shooter or even destiny which is an MMO.

This is an interesting take on PVP but this honestly sounds like it should be a mode in a shooter and not the main attraction.

Hopefully they expanded upon it.more as we get closer to expovseason.



shingi_70 commented on PS Vita Slim Ventures Stateside in Borderlands...:

Kind of bummed that we aren't getting the dope Camo model, but I'm down for this. I'd say the trade offs for oled are worth it imo.

Sony should really ramp up marketing to piggyback off the PS4 hype and tackle the kids market by showing all the kid friendly games like Sly Cooper.



shingi_70 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the P...:

It's basic in its better than the Wii Us, but worse than the Xbox One which is what I was expecting in the first place.Only real complaint I have so far from what ive seen is the PSN is a goddman mess and the worse out of the three store fronts.


You'd think they design the whole think over for the touchpad or look similar to the what's new Tiles.

edit: I also would like to see the friends list become more like Twitter similar to what Miiverse and Live are doing this gen. I like that on the other systems I can follow a developer without impeding on my regular friends list.