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Mon 26th Jan 2009

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shingi_70 commented on Yep, Destiny Is Getting Microtransactions:

If it makes the two upcoming expansions free and allows for less content droughts than im cool. I know the next two $20 expansions were based on the Cabal and Vex but I'm hoping we can get some.nice events and a continuation of the Awolen plot line soon enough.

The weekly update for this week should be interesting.



shingi_70 commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

Probably I feel in many ways Sony and Microsoft has switched postions with the PS4 being the big third party system and the xbox one having more interesting first party games.

Out of the Sony stuff i'm hoping that Project Horizon from GG is anounced and shown off.



shingi_70 commented on DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios to Lose ...:


I wonder what were the development margins on the game and coupled with the bad PR I could see why it happened. Its a shame as Evolution is top tier developer and I was hoping to see them announce a Motorstorm PS4 and a downloadable Wipeout game.

Shame because this news makes it seems that once Evolution finishes the drive club DLC commitment the dev will either be shuttered or paired down for the bare minimum of people needed to make tracks and cars.



shingi_70 commented on DriveClub Developer Waylaid by Layoffs:


But a chief reason they're so to speak was because the game was launched broken and the PS+ version never launched. The fact that he game was delayed didn't help things either.

While i'm sure there were super diehard Sony guys who bought the game on launch day, the fact is when you have new IP called Driveclub and for about a month the Club part didn't work looks really bad for prospective buyers. Evo fixed the problem as fast as they could badly didn't the benefit of say 343 and Halo has gotten.



shingi_70 commented on DriveClub Developer Waylaid by Layoffs:

This sucks, it seems like Evolution was able to bounce back after the bungled initial launch of Drive Club. I was hoping that the studio would bring back Wipeout alongside a new Motorstorm.

It may be hyperbole on my part but I feel that SCEE has been ravaged these past few years and that SWWS has really gone down the PS4 generation thus far.



shingi_70 commented on Next PS4 Firmware Update Is Not Too Far Out, S...:

@get2sammyb @FullbringIchigo

But then majority of the main updates have been set and the Xbox is still getting them monthly. Saying that the Xbox needed them doesn't matter when the PS4 is missing features like suspend and resume and as a while isn't as feature rich as the one currently.

Everything expect three of your wish list linked above is already possible on the One and its getting Retail Dev Kits this summer.



shingi_70 commented on Review: Life Is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis...:

While what their cereal was some Jump toes mcgotes style BS. (To be fair the game acknowledges that its phrase that only MX uses). As for the other dialogue it doesn't seem out of place in a very hipster Portland high school environment.

My city has a burgeoning art community and I've met quite a few people similar to Victoria. And let's be honest the selfie line was pretty damn good wordplay.

I'd also disagree about the tone a lot of indie films typically take serious subject matter and strange adsurb humor. The heathers is one of my favorite films and has serious subject matters but it moves between that and jokes about dead gay sons.

The game itself is pretty pefrct because not only does it lampoons the genre of film that typically gets praised at sundace, but people themselves. Max the main character for all her hate of the vortex club is super obsessed with her own hipster waif BS so to speak. The fact that every five minutes she has to talk monolouge about how analog is so cool, when she's not even using an SLR and instead is using sort of artsy Polaroids.

I love the game but in many ways the game reminds me of girls without the self awareness.



shingi_70 commented on Dragon's Dogma Online Breathes Free-to-Play Fi...:

sigh, no Xbox announcement.

Well this isn't remotely what I wanted in a Dragons Dogma games. Is it so hard to ask for a $60 version of the game that happens to have Monster Hunter style co-op.

Anyone else worried about Capcom's future when they're beting the Farm on two free to play Quasi MMOs that will be expensive to build due to a new engine. MMOs have killed off better companies than current Capcom.



shingi_70 commented on This Is The Order: 1886 Trailer That You've Be...:

The graphics look good, but i'm a bit worried about how small the levels look. Even the parts that take place in a halfway and the scene outside seem pretty small for bigger areas.

That, pretty paint by numbers gameplay, and fearing the game will lack content has me abit cooled on the game.

The actual trailer as a whole looks pretty hype. This is the excat reason why Story trailers sell games much more than gameplay ones.



shingi_70 commented on Sony Bend: Our PS4 Game Is Going to Blow Peopl...:

It's unfortunate that they aren't working on a Vita game (now is the time for Sony to push the Vita hard as t do a repeat of what the PSP did to the DS). My guess is that the vita game has syphon filter and now we have an open world world horror game.



shingi_70 commented on December NPD: Sony Looking to Momentous 2015 a...:

What's surprising is the software sales where the Xbox One is beating the 360 in most instances. I wonder if its just the PS userbase mostly jumping onto to digital titles. Destiny is in particular the most surprising title the way Sony beat its drum as if was exclusive.

In general 2014 was a decent enough year for all three system and 2015 looks to be even better.



shingi_70 commented on Analysts: Xbox One Will Catch Up to PS4 in 2015:

Eh I don't see Microsoft overpassing Sony this year but I can see the gap closing if they play their cards right and if they can leverage windows 10 alongside a nice line up of games properly.

Honestly Sony's biggest problem is that Kaz has done nothing to turn the company around as a whole, and the leaks and just overall dumb decisions aren't really helping.



shingi_70 commented on Rumour: The Last of Us 2 Will Explore the Dept...:


My main problem is that fighting games don't typically do well enough even with a big series like street fighter to make it exclusive no matter if the PS4 has a large install base. The only fighter that do those numbers these days are smash and the Netherrealm fighting games. On the Sony side of things, with a limited budget and a parent company on the ropes I'd rather they invest in new IP or if they need game bring back way of the warrior. Plus I don't see Sony putting as much weight behind street fighter or the FGC the way Microsoft has for KI and Halo.



shingi_70 commented on Rumour: The Last of Us 2 Will Explore the Dept...:


Acti isn't as desperate as Capcom (for the record I think the street fighter deal is stupid for both Capcom and Sony), but if we did see crash come back it would either be apart of the Skylanders brand (the franchise needs a new must buy expansion especially with Star wars being next years flavor of Infinity), or more reasonable were going to see a smaller downloable crash game released under the seria imprint.



shingi_70 commented on Opinion: Why Sony Will Drop the PS4's Price if...:

Problem is that Sony and the playstation division isn't making the type of money where they can take a hit on the hardware. They pretty much need every unit they sale to be profitable, while Microsoft can afford to take losses on a major price drop and generous bundle deals for the Xbox platform.



shingi_70 commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:


Sorry just everyone is so amped up these days. Hell I traded my ps4 in for a Xbox one and I'm still excited. It sucks that SFV may not come to Xbox one but I'll have another PS4 probably come march.

Still its a good and dumb move for Sony.its good as it gibes them a somewhat exclusive fighter, it's dumb since Sony is bleeding money and it may have been more cost effective to develop a fighter from the ground up like KI.



shingi_70 commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:


Was the console war baiting in the news article really necessary, I mean we know that Microsof money hatting the game was sh*tty, but it seems that Square did it so the game could be made on budget. Likewise Ono has already stated that Capcom is in a bad place and Street Fighter 5 wasn't on the table a while back due to the cost of investment, hence why Dead Rising was funded by Microsoft and that free to play game by sony. Logic would dictate that Sony is paying for the game simply because it wouldn't have been made as a multiplatform game.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:


Mass Impotence may be a little harsh, but sony had these problems last generation due to their OS team being so Japanese focused. You'd think with everything else about the system being western focused, the OS/UI would be as well.

I agree with the software development teams being bigger at Microsoft with the windows/windows phone/xbox OS all being one team since last year.

Also I'd disagree with the one big update thing, that a terrible route to go when Android/Ios have gotten users used to more frequent updates through the decoupling of items from the OS itself. (but that's certainly a topic for another time at the very least).

The major stuff that Sony has to address is

A major overhaul of the UI, the gamelist just doesn't work once you have a ton of games.
Getting PSN updates at a timely matter.
Fixing the share button.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

@Scollurio @thedevilsjester

And now Sony's OS is missing features that should have been there by now. A year or two is a terrible time table when most modern day operating systems are changing at a pace of every six months for Major overhauls. Plus I'd expect that the successor to the PS3 would have shipped with all the features the PS3 already had right?

I would consider MP3 and DLNA support missing features from a company who's freaking parent company has this supported in nearly all the rest of their products.

Oh and I would say Microsoft is doing much better than Sony in this regard. Them missing the launch windows for the Twitch streaming is terrible as well but since than they've had monthly updates adding new features. Now I will agree its sort unfair to compare them when you see how Mircosoft and SOny manage their OS teams, but I just wish shu/Sony was less BSy about certain things.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:


Main Problem is most of those features were on the PS3 or stuff like Suspend/Resume were big parts of last year's PlayStation meeting keynote. I understand these things take time but Microsoft and Nintendo gave us a vauge timeline on when to expect updates, and in the case of Microsoft being a software company aside they've had major OS updates every month since may. The xbox didn't launch with video recording but when it did it brought along a full twitch app and upload to youtube.

I sort of just expect much more out of sony I guess.



shingi_70 commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

This seems to be Mass incompetence of the worst kind. I find it a bit odd that the Playstation's Studios and hardware division are in the west yet, their OS team is still in japan.I mean Microsoft has been doing monthly OS updates and yet somehow Nintendo has been doing major updates in a timely manner.

I wonder what's the exact reason its taking them so long cause the updates and aspects of the OS really need to be addressed. However it could be that were going to see these once the Youtube app comes.

Off the top of my head I can think

MP3 support
DLNA Support
An Actual Library system
A good web browser
fixing the share button.