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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Round Up: Dying Light's PS4 Reviews Try Not to...:

Hello all. Just to let you know: I did say that I'd have an article on this tonight, but it's not happening now. Basically, the game allows you to download the first 5GB and play, but after about 30 minutes, it demands you download the rest. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to pull down the remaining 12 or so GB quick enough this evening, so I haven't seen enough for impressions just yet. I'll likely do some tomorrow, though.

I've also added Destructoid's review to the round up. :)



get2sammyb commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

@General_Spiller I'm not sure. I'm going to assume that the only kind of fee related to this is hiring the software engineers required to keep it up to date, but I could be wrong.

I'm kinda with @KratosMD in that these were a great novelty at first, but I don't really use them anymore. Still, would it really have hurt to maintain them for a little longer?



get2sammyb commented on Here's a Quick Glimpse at PS4 Hack-'n'-Slash H...:

@Godsire- I'm all for encouraging debate on the site, but can you please do it in a friendly manner without the insults. You understood @adf86's post enough to respond, so there's no need to be rude and act like a grammar Nazi.

And if you didn't understand his point, perhaps you should have kindly asked him to re-word it — I'm sure he would have obliged.

Let's keep the discussion going in a polite and friendly manner, please. :)



get2sammyb commented on Er, So You Won't Be Playing Borderlands 3 on P...:

@rastamadeus It just seems like the natural progression to me. The first and second game already had these big open expanses, so why not populate them with other players? We're already seeing this happen in games like The Crew and The Division, so I can't see Gearbox not following suit.



get2sammyb commented on The Last of Us' Ellie Is Poised to Become One ...:

With regards to it being a spoiler: I think it's a big piece of character development, hence why I tip-toed around it in the article. I fully agree that it's not a big deal that she's gay and nor should it be, but I can guarantee you that the comments in this article would have a very different complexion if I'd just come out and dropped that bit of exposition in the headline/first paragraph.

Not everyone's played The Last of Us yet, and people would probably prefer to discover this storybeat for themselves, much like any of the other threads in the narrative.

@BLPs I think they included it in the DLC because that's where it made sense. Left Behind is essentially about the romance between Riley and Ellie, and it wouldn't have made sense to include it in the main game, where the story's very much centred on Joel and Ellie's relationship.



get2sammyb commented on Poll: What Will You Be Spending Your 10 Per Ce...:

I'm definitely going to get Resident Evil, but I'm also tempted by The Bureau (which is on sale) as well as Game of Thrones/Tales from the Borderlands. I can't believe Telltale put their entire seasons on sale before they're finished to be honest - it's kind of gross for those that buy them straight away.

Glad I learned that lesson, personally.



get2sammyb commented on How Does Toukiden: Kiwami on PS4 Look Compared...:

I'm not sure whether the PS4 version looks bad or the Vita version looks really good, but I'm with the other posters - the handheld edition looks better in some shots. I think the differences between the two are most apparent in the environments, but the character models hold up well on the portable platform.