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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (PlayStation 4):

I have just over 150 friends by the way, so the issue isn't limited to people with 2,000 like in the alluded IGN video - although, I didn't experience problems as bad as Greg Miller.



get2sammyb commented on Feature: Get Festive with the PS4's Best Multi...:

Great article, Robert. I'm going to be playing a bit more Destiny this Christmas, as I didn't really get very far when it came out. Similarly, I'm looking forward to giving Grand Theft Auto Online a proper spin, as I only really tried it when it first launch on PS3 - and it was broken back then.



get2sammyb commented on Minecraft: Story Mode Is the Latest Episodic A...:

@ferrers405 I'm already getting increasingly tired of the Telltale Games formula, so instead of disappearing for a little while and coming back with something mind blowing, they announce yet another series based on a property that has zero lore or characters to draw from, and promise a "narrative-driven" adventure that will "not explain the world of Minecraft in detail".

I suppose there could be a fun children's story hidden in here, but this is not what I want from Telltale... I wish they'd just stop and think about what they're doing for five minutes.



get2sammyb commented on Wait, the PS4's Not Dead in Japan After All?:

It's going to be interesting to see whether this is just a spike, or whether it can hold for a couple of weeks. Sony's got a reasonable Q1 lined up for the PS4 in Japan, so hopefully it can start to gain a bit of momentum over there.

It would be nice to see the system get a little more Japanese support, after all.



get2sammyb commented on Review: Rollers of the Realm (PlayStation 4):

@italodance Thanks for reading. This is actually something we're aware of, and one of the things I want to 'fix' in the New Year. With cross-buy games like this, we usually test on both platforms where possible. The reason we only attribute to PS4 is partly because of the way the site's built - but I'm eager to have these show for both platforms where possible in the future.

It's not quite as simple to solve as it may seem, so hopefully this won't put you off while you wait. In the meantime, pretty much all of Joey's criticisms in this review apply to the Vita version, I'm sure. :)



get2sammyb commented on Soapbox: Destiny's Progression System Is Destr...:

@Ps4all Yeah, I'm with you. I'm maybe not best positioned to comment on this as I certainly haven't put much more than 15 hours into the game, but even during that time, I just found it mind numbing. The core weapon handling is outstanding, but if the game amounts to nothing more than sinking thousands of bullets into samey enemies, then it's all for nothing.

Anyway, I'm getting a teensy bit off-topic, as this article is about the loot.