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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Review: Hohokum (PlayStation 4):

I'm cool with minimalistic games, but I think this game is obtuse to its detriment. I get that they want you to just fly around and have a good time, but don't think that's entertaining enough on its own — and when you start to think about it like a traditional game, the lack of guidance is just frustrating.

Like you says, looks and sounds amazing, though.



get2sammyb commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:

@fchinaski Totally agree with this. A long running time does not make a game great — in fact, in my experience, it tends to become padding for the sake of padding. Give me a tightly orchestrated experience that will tempt me to restart straight away, rather than a slog that I won't even finish in the first place.



get2sammyb commented on Shu Yoshida Hopes Rise of the Tomb Raider Rele...:

@eLarkos I dunno. You'd have to imagine the deal between SE and MS is NDA'd, precluding them from discussing it with their partners. If Yoshida didn't know what was going on at, say, Guerrilla Games, then I'd agree. But I can see how he wouldn't know about this — it's not part of his job really.

Either way, he comes across as a bit fed up in this interview. I get the impression he's a bit sick of being the conduit for the entire brand on Twitter, but that's just my own reading into things.



get2sammyb commented on There Are Still More PlayStation Press Confere...:

@Snorky I'm starting to think Gravity Rush 2 may become Gravity Rush 1.5 (a bit like Tearaway Unfolded) on the PS4. I want to say Toyama tweeted about making a "kind of" Gravity Rush sequel. I think they'll probably remake the original game, and extend on it.

Either way, surely this is the place for the announcement?!



get2sammyb commented on Xbox Chief's Uncharted Adoration Motivated Tom...:

@Gamer83 Didn't Microsoft publish those games, though? As far as I understand, Square Enix is publishing this one, which makes the scenario different.

I still wonder if they're going to lock this down in perpetuity anyway. Titanfall was supposed to be a timed exclusive, too.



get2sammyb commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite Game of Gamescom...:

@Gamer83 @Kohaku We didn't see much, true, but it's a Sony published game being fronted by the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil — and it's sounds wildly (chortle!) ambitious to boot. I certainly can see where the excitement's coming from, even if I personally didn't expect it to get this many votes.