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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Rumour: Mass Effect PS4 Sounds Massive, Ambiti...:

@RawWilson1 I'd say Destiny did deliver on the "ambitious" and "awesome" parts - they just skipped on the "massive" bit. The shooting and seamless connectivity aspects of Bungie's game is great, it's just they don't do much with them at all.

Like you say, I wouldn't expect the same oversights here.



get2sammyb commented on Rumour: ITV and Channel 4 Streaming to UK PS4s:

@kingandaval Could be fake, but a couple of people claimed to also see it in the Reddit thread - I'm not sure why they'd lie about something as menial as this. If it is real, it's clear that the logos are just placeholders, so that would explain the branding inconsistency.



get2sammyb commented on March 2015 NPD: The Good Blood Guides PS4 to T...:

PS4's been a bit rubbish for racing games so far. Don't get me wrong, I really like DriveClub, but there's only really been that and Need for Speed. I honestly think the bigger problem is that racing games don't sell like they used to, though.

Looking forward to Project CARS, as that should fill a gap.



get2sammyb commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Endures Another Hef...:

Really testing times for consoles in Japan. The past couple of months have proven that systems will sell with the right software, but it's unreasonable to expect a constant stream of blockbusters to be deploying on the box every week.

Home consoles really are in trouble in Japan.



get2sammyb commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

@Splat Yeah, they can, but it only happened to me twice in 40 hours.

@kyleforrester87 So, this is going to blow your mind: my understanding is that there's a bug in Dark Souls II on PS4/PC. Weapon degradation is attached to frames, and because the game's running at 60 frames-per-second, it means that they break twice as fast as on PS3. Mental!



get2sammyb commented on Mortal Kombat X Has the Most Nefarious of PS4 ...:

I don't mind them charging for extra characters to be honest, as it's not like — Goro aside — they've just ripped them off the disc; they're still being worked on.

And I guess the time saver pack and stuff is easy enough to ignore... I think it just looks bad.



get2sammyb commented on Talking Point: Is It Time to Introduce EA Acce...:

@Dodoo Fair enough. But what if - hypothetically - EA, Ubisoft, and Activision all introduce subs. And to play, say, Call of Duty online, you need PlayStation Plus and Activision Access...?

Can of worms and all that - but I do generally agree that Sony should give us the option.