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get2sammyb commented on Guide: UK Black Friday 2015 Deals - Every PS4,...:

@xxAcesHighxx I'm probably not the best person to ask this to be honest. I see no reason why 80-90mbps wouldn't be fast enough for you, though! Remember that little things like proximity from your router can affect Remote Play performance. It also works better if your PS4 is wired.



get2sammyb commented on Feature: Black Friday 2015 Deals - Every PS4, ...:

Please share any offers you happen upon in the comments section and I'll do my best to update the article. Remember not every promotion linked here goes into effect until tomorrow.

Don't forget to share what you're buying, too!



get2sammyb commented on Review: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4):

It strikes me that EA knew they had to get a game out for The Force Awakens - of course - and tasked DICE with creating the flashiest game it could possibly make. There's absolutely no denying that Battlefront makes for some amazing trailers - the presentation is spot on - but I'm not surprised to hear that it's lacking depth.

That said, it sounds like if you know what you're getting into, there's still lots of fun to be had here.



get2sammyb commented on Review: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4):

@Aslanmagic You can use them in the chalice dungeons, yes. As for whether they'll help you — well, it depends really. Bloodborne is incredibly well balanced, so no weapon (of the ones I've found) is really better than any others. However, it's certainly possible that you may find some new gear that "clicks" with your playstyle better than any of the vanilla items, so it may help you in that regard.



get2sammyb commented on Review: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4):

@Feena Yes, Bloodborne is a fine entry point for the Souls games. My only advice would be to read a few guides before you get playing so that you know what to expect and have a rough idea of the kind of character you want to build.

@adf86 Yes, plenty of lore, but it's understated in the same way as the main game.

@Johnnycide Enjoy.

@RaymanFan2 Don't really know to be honest. It's not any time soon as far as I understand.



get2sammyb commented on Review: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4):

@Ajdibbs I found it quite challenging and I was level 127, so you should be just right at level 70 - you may struggle tbh. I'd say go for it - plus, you'll have all of the new kit to play with in New Game Plus if you do it now.

@rjejr Absolutely not, I'm afraid.



get2sammyb commented on Review: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4):

I'm happy to take any questions about the DLC you may have, but please bear in mind that as pointed out in the review, there are some bits I haven't been able to find after hours of playtime myself!



get2sammyb commented on UK Sales Charts: Star Wars Battlefront Feels t...:

@Gamer83 I don't think anyone wanted it to fail, I just think people were unhappy with how Square Enix is treating the franchise - and I include myself in that.

At the end of the day, while the chart position is good, the actual numbers are still poor. I have no idea how true this is, but NeoGAF number crunchers put the LTD sales at less than 90k in its two weeks on sale. Its predecessor had done 230k by this point. That's a gigantic decline!