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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Big Blockbusters Sell Best on the PlayStation ...:

@Dodoo It's a difficult one. I do generally agree, but on the other hand, if their sales are already strong in the US (ten NPD victories in a row), why on Earth would they lower their price just because their competitor's panicking?

Clearly they're still going to do very well this Christmas, so I think it's smarter to wait and reassess in the New Year. I agree that there are smaller things they could have done, though - why not just throw in a PSN voucher with all consoles including a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun, for example? It's a tiny thing, but it would cost nothing and would increase the value of the box.



get2sammyb commented on UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Is Britain...:

@Gamer83 Dragon Age should keep selling well on account of word of mouth. According to Eurogamer it debuted with the same numbers as DA2, but while that had an awful reception, I suspect that this one is going to generate a lot of post-release buzz due to comments just like yours.

I'm sure it'll end up doing great! :D



get2sammyb commented on PS4 Shooter Evolve's DLC Maps Won't Cost You a...:

@KAPADO Boom! Yeah, I couldn't be less interested in this either. Good to hear they're doing free DLC - I think if you're not Call of Duty or Battlefield, though, you have to. Imagine if Killzone had charged for maps - the playerbase on that game is teensy as it is, there would be literally about 10 people playing the DLC.



get2sammyb commented on Meet the Man Who Makes PlayStation's Amazing P...:

I bought the God of War III Collector's Edition back in the day. Cost me like £100. And it was cool: you got like Pandora's Box and all sorts of bits and pieces inside. Thing is, I looked at it once - and it's been in the garage ever since. Never buy them anymore.



get2sammyb commented on Guide: How to Make Massive Amounts of Money in...:

@itshoggie In the other missions, you need to buy the stock before hand, as the mission mostly entails raising the value of a certain organisation. However, in Bus Assassination, you're lowering the value of Vapid's stocks, so don't buy until after, when they're cheap. They'll eventually rebound, earning you a tidy profit!



get2sammyb commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

This does sound brilliant. I don't know why, but I just haven't been particularly excited for this - but I knew it was going to be good. Glad to hear it turned out stellar. Great review, Alex.



get2sammyb commented on Review: LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 4):

@Jazzer94 It's still physics-based, but Sackboy has a little more air control. Oddsock and Toggle (when small) are both extremely 'tight', and much more like 'traditional' platforming characters.

It's worth noting that you can tweak the game's platforming physics completely when creating your own levels.



get2sammyb commented on Review: LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 4):

@zeldagaymer93 I played with all of the patches installed, and the only bug I encountered was on one occasion I died and couldn't respawn. I had to restart the level as a result, but the game kept a record of all of the prize bubbles I'd collected, so I maybe lost about five minutes of progress as a result.

I'm not sure what IGN's seen, but I haven't had any other issues that I can speak of.



get2sammyb commented on Review: LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 4):

@DualWielding There are a couple of levels where you need multiple people, but yes, you can play everything else entirely on your own if you prefer. :)

EDIT: Also, just a note to everyone, I'm happy to take questions if you have any. Will be online all day, so just copy me in if you're not sure about anything.