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Sun 18th May 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Blasts into Out...:

I think the engine looks fine - it's a handsome game. The problem is that there's nothing about it that makes me think, "Wow, this is so cool." I dunno, artistically it's exactly what I expected, which is never a good thing.



get2sammyb commented on Ratchet & Clank's PS4 Reboot Is the Franchise'...:

@Grawlog @VanillaLake Yeah, it's conjecture - headline should probably read "remake". I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I've sort of been assuming that a sequel would build upon the foundations of this story.

As for whether we'll get a sequel for this one, there's nothing confirmed. But considering it's selling so well, I don't see why we wouldn't...



get2sammyb commented on Sucker Punch Recruiting for Spectacular Sandbo...:

@Nickolaidas No it doesn't? The title says: "Sucker Punch Recruiting for Spectacular Sandbox PS4 Game". And they are!

The article then explains there are rumours connecting Sucker Punch to Spider-Man, but — and I quote — "there's still not enough [information] to link Sucker Punch to the Marvel superhero really".



get2sammyb commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

@clvr Thanks for commenting, I do listen to the feedback. However, I don't consider myself a journalist, so perhaps there's a disconnect in expectations here.

I'm writing about a game called Battleborn which has penguins in mech suits and typos in its trailer; I'm not reporting on a war in the Middle East.



get2sammyb commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

Sigh. What is going on in here?

Many of you are regular posters and you should be familiar with the site's style now. Trust me: you really, really don't want us to start doing vanilla reporting — you'll miss the old site if we did.

Ever since Push Square started it's been my goal to break away from the bland games coverage that permeates the rest of the web. At the end of the day, it's just video games. If you like Battleborn, then that's awesome - I'm glad you're looking forward to it.

The article's just a joke pointed at the fact that I've been dissing this game for months. Maybe it wasn't very funny - oh well, you can't knock a coconut down every time.

It made me laugh, though.



get2sammyb commented on PSN's Raking in More Cash Than the Entirety of...:

@Boerewors Did you check the financials? That's not true anymore, fortunately. PlayStation division did very well, but so did Music, Pictures, Financial Services, and Imaging Solutions. Only smartphones lost a significant sum of money, and even that division edged closer to profitability than last year.

Sony's not the juggernaut it was in the eighties anymore, it's been replaced by the Googles and Apples and Facebooks. But it's much more financially stable now than it was a few years ago.