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Sun 18th May, 2008

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get2sammyb commented on Poll: Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?:

@Heavyman99 I think so, too, but I'm not exactly sure I understand why. Like I wrote in the article, it seems like a bit of a confused product — but I, like the rest of you, still intend to purchase one, as it does have a use for me. I just can't see that connecting on a mainstream basis.

Not that it needs to, of course.



get2sammyb commented on Sony's Smallest Ever System Will Play 700 Game...:

@tonyp1987 Yeah, hopefully it encourages Sony to give the whole Vita interface and storefront a spring clean to be honest. I think there are some PSP games that do work with Vita, they just don't appear on the Store. You have to download them to the PS3 first, or something. It's stupid.



get2sammyb commented on Talking Point: Would You Play Destiny in Third...:

Interesting topic, @ShogunRok - something I'd never really considered. Like you say, I think it would break the game design a little bit, but otherwise I see no reason why the option couldn't at least be included for people that want it. It'd be especially useful for machinima and share videos, etc.



get2sammyb commented on You Won't Have to Wait Too Much Longer for Son...:

It seems like a super cool novelty, I just don't see how they can price it affordably. It's got that typical PlayStation problem of too many parts. You'll need a PS4, headset, PlayStation Move wand (probably two), and PlayStation Camera to use this. How on Earth do they package all of that — and make it seem attractive with limited software support?

It's the Move all over again — except this time it's worse!



get2sammyb commented on Sony Lining Up Internet TV, TV, TV Launch for ...:

@Jazzer94 I dunno, the people that are working on this are unlikely to have anything to do with the games side. I think, with things like this, more options are better than less. As long as one's not taking away from the other, I don't have a problem with it. After all, I use my PS3 for way more than games — and always have done.