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Gamer83 commented on SEGA Downsizing as It Turns Its Attention to D...:


Both are top 5 consoles all-time imo. Dreamcast was probably the most forward-thinking for its time, but like you mentioned, past blunders caught up to it and of course there was the PS2 hype train. Dreamcast was getting high quality game after high quality game, but all anybody had on their minds was the successor to the PSone.



Gamer83 commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

I'm definitely pissed about losing the youtube app. I've accepted the damn thing isn't going to get anymore than indie games at this point because it just didn't sell, but losing the apps is ridiculous. Anyway, hopefully this was Sony's last attempt with the handheld market. From now on focus on the home sector where the company mostly knows what it's doing. If not for Japan, PSP would've been a disaster as well.



Gamer83 commented on What Is Square Enix's Unannounced PS4 Exclusive?:


Can't speak for others but I know I sure as hell wasn't clamoring for a slightly better looking port of a mediocre PSP action RPG. REmake may be a known quantity but it is one of the best survival horror games ever made, period, and it's worth getting hyped about. Just like innovative doesn't mean better (tried and true gameplay is tried and true for a reason) I don't care if something is 'new' that doesn't automatically translate to good. I'll take the known, if it's great, any time over something 'new' that doesn't look so hot, and Type-0 is nothing special. The FF game that everybody wants is the one that SquareEnix idiotically refuses to make even if it would mean a huge payday.

There's also the fact that SE is just a terrible company now and nothing it does, short of the remake everybody wants, is worth getting hyped for. So on the topic of this article, unless Sony announces it's going to be funding this project the same way it's funding SF V, I'd expect nothing but garbage because that's all SE gives the PlayStation brand these days. I'd love to be wrong but SE's trackrecord since FF XIII speaks for itself.



Gamer83 commented on Project CARS Puts Its Foot Down in New PS4 Foo...:

I think it's going to struggle on both consoles, especially PS4 but not so much because of existing games in the genre, more so because there's a lot of anticipated games around the same time. It seems like it'll be a great racing though, maybe a worthy pick up along with the Borderlands Collection.



Gamer83 commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

Depends on the talent of the developer really. I think GTA V, Dead Rising 3, Far Cry 4 and inFamous: Second Son are all well done. The Elder Scrolls games I get pretty bored with but to be fair that may just be because I don't care much for the source material not so much that Bethesda did a poor job fleshing out the open world.



Gamer83 commented on Sony Tempting Fate with Friday 13th New York E...:


Looking at financials, Sony is closer to being on its way out than Nintendo.

But on topic, I agree the initial statement was a bit ridiculous. 3DS and MH 4 isn't going to steal any thunder from the hottest selling current-gen console though I don't think this PS event will garner, or be worth paying much attention to, either.



Gamer83 commented on What Is Square Enix's Unannounced PS4 Exclusive?:

Whatever it is I'm sure it will be embarrassing, just like everything surrounding SquareEnix these days. And I disagree with the sentiment that it's nice to see some Japanese developers putting some faith in the PS4. Who cares about that support if the result is garbage like a PC port of FF VII or slightly spruced up mediocre PSP game? Yeah, that's what this industry needs. Not my kind of games but I can get behind support like God Eater 2 or Persona 5 so if the statement is referring to stuff like that, absolutely it's nice to see. But if the majority of support is going to be like SE has given? Honestly, I'd rather not see anymore games from that company on PS4 because they're clearly not serious about it.



Gamer83 commented on You'll Be Able to Pay to Reanimate Yourself in...:


It's a huge loss. I cancelled my pre-order over this crap and I was actually really looking forward to this game. It's disgusting what Capcom and a lot of these other third parties have turned into. I was tempted to switch my pre-order over to DmC Definitive since that seems to have work put into it, but I'd still be giving Capcom money, f that. Played but never owned DMC 4, one of my favorite games last gen. Can't front, I'll buy the DMC 4 Special Edition but after that I wash my hands of this idiotic company. No Ultra SF IV PS4, no SF V, no RE 7 if the dumb as hell company is still around to make it. The best thing that could happen is Capcom gets bought out by Sony or starts selling major franchises so it can survive and then go fully into the mobile sector which is where Capcom belongs in its current form. Such a shame to see corporate imbeciles with no clue of the industry ruin a once excellent company.


You're right, when Capcom is out of business it'll no longer be able to screw up Resident Evil. I just don't get how it fell so far. Last gen actually started well. Dead Rising may not have been the game of all time, but it was good, Lost Planet was entertaining, DMC 4 was great and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was a nice downloable appetizer for Street Fighter IV which was definitely in the discussion for the best fighting game last gen (I still go with Mortal Kombat 9). Then RE 5 came along and it was all downhill. RE 5 actually did DLC decently though. Ironic that the game that put Capcom on the road to disaster is also the one that wasn't nearly as offensive with some of the other bs practices.



Gamer83 commented on Dragon's Dogma Online Breathes Free-to-Play Fi...:

There was reason to be concerned about Capcom's future before this. More worrying about this announcement is it's just another in a trend that seems to be going on throughout the industry. One that I don't think is good. I'd rather a $60 release that also has a good offline campaign but sadly developers and publishers seem intent on ending that.



Gamer83 commented on Would You Resist a New Resistance Game on PS4?:

I'd buy a new Resistance game only if it's made by Insomniac. Could happen in the future I'd think, obviously not right now but say in two years? I don't see why they couldn't make it unless MS decides it wants to fund a sequel to Sunset Overdrive.



Gamer83 commented on Preview: The PS4 Exclusives of 2015 - The Orde...:

Graphics looks great, story seems interesting but I'm not going to pre-order. If reviews are good, I'll get it on launch day though, I want the good exclusives to start rolling in, I just don't have much confidence in some of these studios.



Gamer83 commented on Capcom Hopes to Appeal to Younger Players with...:

It's not like it was when SF II came out for SNES where gamers were used to hard games whether they were young or old. Today's generation of gamers have grown up with games that hold your hand through the whole damn thing sometimes so unfortunately certain series have to adapt. I thought Street Fighter IV did a good job of striking that balance between easy to pick up, tough to master, so hopefully the same happens with V.



Gamer83 commented on Rumour: Sony Bend Was Working on an inFAMOUS T...:

The disappointing bit, if this stuff is true, is that it means Syphon Filther is done. But the good news is Bend is on home consoles hopefully to stay. Whatever it's up to, I'm looking forward to finding out, hopefully at this year's E3.



Gamer83 commented on Review: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (PlayStati...:

I liked Saints Row 4 but for some reason I'm not that excited to play this DLC. I just feel like they're straying too far from what made 2 the best game in the series and one of the best open-world crime games last gen.



Gamer83 commented on Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Write Off PS4 Racer...:


That's great that you think it's a good game. I've got a backlog of good games, ones that are better than DriveClub, that I still need to get through. By the time I do, those games I mentioned are going to start hitting. I'm content to wait for DriveClub PS Plus Edition, if it ever happens.



Gamer83 commented on Sony Bend: Our PS4 Game Is Going to Blow Peopl...:


Complete opposite for me. Thank all that is good that Bend is free of the handheld market and working with the PS4. After what that studio got out of the PSP and Vita, I can't wait.


The only 'unfortunate' part about this is that it might mean we don't get a new Syphon Filter, other than that, the Vita needs to just go away. I own one, it's a great piece of hardware but the mass market proved it doesn't give a crap. Time to move on and put the real games on the system people actually like and where the developers actually have a chance at some semblence of success.

People, especially those with a PS4, should be ecstatic about this news. PS4, despite the great sales fanboys love to point to, could use some more great games, and especially an AAA exclusive from an awesome developer. Bend may finally get some recognition now. The studio's talent is completely and utterly wasted working on Vita.



Gamer83 commented on Review: Resident Evil (PlayStation 4):


I'd love to see Zero show up on PlayStation but I thought Nintendo had some kind of real exclusive on that one? Maybe I'm wrong and if I am, then yeah, bring Zero as well, not many people played it the first time around, it'd almost be like it's a new release.



Gamer83 commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (Pl...:


They need to give it a rest but unfortunately with another AC slated for 2015 it's obvious we're past the point of it ever going back to being a series where Ubisoft gives the devs 3 years or so to craft an excellent experience. They do have enough franchises where they could fill in the waiting time but God forbid Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six ever get the spotlight again.

I actually did enjoy AC Unity once it was patched up and playable but it definitely isn't as good as 2 which still remains easily the best in the series.



Gamer83 commented on Review: Resident Evil (PlayStation 4):

Expected it would turn out well. My only gripe back in the day were the tank controls, I loved the series right up through Code Veronica so I dealt with the frustration but I'm happy they've updated the control scheme. I just hope it actually is as good as the reviews I've read have made it out to be.



Gamer83 commented on This Is What a Remake of the Worst Jak & Daxte...:

Jak 2 is atrocious? I must've not been playing the game right because I thought it was pretty damn good. Certainly better than 3 and I'd even say better than the orginal. The first was a great game but I liked the way they second was a bit more open.



Gamer83 commented on Dying Light's PS4 Retail Release Delayed Due t...:


Great to see 2015 kicked off the right way. The only company that hasn't been a complete joke with its big releases is Nintendo. I'd like to think what's happening here is just a minor hiccup but after the pathetic display that was 2014 nobody making or publishing games for PS4 and X1 gets the benefit of the doubt.



Gamer83 commented on Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell's Launch Trailer I...:


Spot on. 1 was a GTA clone, but 2 while still riffing from other open world games brought the series into it's own and was a great game. Then 3 came along and it started getting dumb, I enjoyed playing 4 but can admit it was beyond stupid and now it just seems to the point of being utterly freaking ridiculous. I want a Saints Row 5, but only if Volition is going to reboot the series and bring it back closer to what 2 was, otherwise, I may have to be done with the series, and I don't want that to be the case.



Gamer83 commented on Toukiden: Kiwami Brings an End to the Age of D...:


Starting to think the same will happen with Gravity Rush 2, a release on both PS4 and Vita. And if that happens, I'll buy both versions just to support the series.

But as far as this game, horrible planning on the release date, great that there's a PS4 version but it comes out around the same time as Bloodborne.



Gamer83 commented on You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with Pla...:


That's a perfect comparison. In many ways, sports fans mirror gamers because a lot of consumers do only pick one console so in a sense you're kind of rooting for a team because you want to see that console do the best. Now, as long as there are video games to play in some form, I honestly couldn't give a damn if I woke up tomorrow and Sony, MS and Nintendo all had moved on to some other venture because these companies don't care about the consumer, so why should we care about them? Most don't look at it that way though. And where as Evolution gets praise for getting DriveClub working, eventhough it had a whole extra year to work on the game, the same people praising this point at Master Chief Collection, though it's working fine now and has been for a while, and laugh. Of course that was four games as opposed to one, but none of that matters, a broken game is a broken game and regarldess of developer, publisher or console it's hypocritical, fanboyish stupidity to give a pass to one company but not another.



Gamer83 commented on You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with Pla...:


The worst part was Evolution was given an extra year to work on the game, it's not like this was one of those yearly releases. Not that that's an excuse either but in this case it was utterly ridiculous. I don't mind if people enjoy the game, I do mind the developer being praised for 'fixing' what never should've been broken to begin with.



Gamer83 commented on Poll: Is It Now Time for Sony to Consider a $3...:


Knack and Killzone have been going for $20 at at least one of the big retailers near where I live almost every week it seems like. Certainly an interesting idea would be to add at least one of those two to the bundle with TLoU Remastered. It probably won't happen but it would look good.



Gamer83 commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Explores Its Dar...:


I don't mind story-heavy games. Uncharted and The Last of Us are both story, cut scene-heavy games but they have the gameplay to back them up. I think that's what people are worried about. I've gone back and forth about the game. I'm excited because the story, characters and setting all seem cool and I don't think there's any doubt this is a graphical showcase for the current gen, could argue the graphics look better than Uncharted 4's. The gameplay is the mystery. What concerns me is I've heard there's a lot of QTEs, if they overdo it that can ruin the experience. If it's more in line with the original Gears of War, well that brings nothing new to the table, but you don't need to be innovative to be good. We'll see.