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Gamer83 commented on Capcom Reckons Resident Evil 7 Can Chew Throug...:

Ok. I didn't care for RE 6 myself and think a change was needed so I don't mind the direction they're going with 7. What I think is interesting is that, imo, the Revelations spinoffs are actually the better Resident Evil games at this point. They seem to marry elements of both classic and modern RE, and do so very well.



Gamer83 commented on PS4 Breaks Xbox One Streak with November NPD Win:

The Pro launched, which I'm sure some diehards picked up right away and then there were some great deals on the PS4 slim for the fence sitters who don't care about high-end and just want an in to this generation at as low a cost as possible. MS had shot it's big bullets for the holiday season in the months prior and PS4 had the marketing deals for Call of Duty and Watch Dogs 2. Reports were that Xbox One actually took Black Friday but Cyber Monday is quickly becoming just as important a shopping day and when it was reported that this Cyber Monday was bigger than Black Friday this year, and that Sony won it, I figured the NPDs would go to Sony as well. December will be interesting as both companies make that final push for Christmas sales. $250 for PS4, which has a fantastic looking lineup for the next few years, it doesn't get better than that.



Gamer83 commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Expects Nintendo Switch ...:

I liked the smaller games for the Vita but you didn't enjoy having Uncharted, Killzone, Need For Speed, Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed or Gravity Rush on the go? Granted, I didn't complain when it was announced Gravity Rush 2 was making the jump to PS4, but having console-like experiences on the go is cool too. I will be interested to see where I experience games on the Switch more when I eventually get one though. I like the idea that I'll be able to play the Super Mario game on the portable screen but I'm sure I'll be playing it on the tv a lot as well.



Gamer83 commented on PS4 Smashes 50 Million Sales Milestone Before ...:

Wii U was irrelevant, MS got stupid at the start of this gen and Sony showed it learned from somes mistakes made in the early PS3 days by providing a system that was as easy to develop for as the competition and released it for $100 less despite being a bit more capable in terms of performance. Not surprised to see Sony doing well. Now the question is, can it keep the momentum despite two new pieces of hardware coming from the competition? Looking at its future lineup, there's no question PS4 has the games, we'll see if that's enough to overcome what Nintendo and MS have planned.



Gamer83 commented on Rumour: Final Fantasy VII Remake, XIII Trilogy...:

It just makes me wonder if we are ever going to get Kingdom Hearts 3, I don't see how SE has the time with all the re-releases and there is still FF XV DLC on the way.

The western part of the company is much more organized and of course that's the one that SE goes out of its way to screw over.



Gamer83 commented on So, There's This Kinda Crazy The Last of Us 2 ...:

Whatever route the story does take, I hope Druckmann continues to be coy about it so we can experience the surprises when actually playing the game. Too many studios these days give away what they're doing in the 1 million interviews leading up to launch.



Gamer83 commented on Feature: The Last of Us: Part II Is Our PSX 20...:

It was a great showing for everyone, particularly Naughty Dog. I voted for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, because it's closer and had some actual gameplay. If they had shown a gameplay segment, The Last of Us Part II would've more than likely been the Game of the Show for me as well. Yakuza 6, Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil VII and Horizon are also up there. Definitely lots of variety, lots to look forward to.



Gamer83 commented on Round Up: The Last Guardian PS4 Reviews Embrac...:

I don't know if it's a cultural thing. I would say it seems like a lot of North American outlets score Japanese lower in general these days (except for Nintendo games) but they are reviewing this better than the Western-created Dead Rising 4 so, the mixed reaction is probably simply down to this is very much a love it or hate it style of game. I know a good number of people who like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, but I never really cared for them and know several others who don't see the big deal either.



Gamer83 commented on Hands On: Losing Our Minds with Crash Bandicoo...:

Wasn't the biggest fan of the Crash Bandicoot games but I do remember thinking the second was pretty decent. This collection won't top my list but I may look into buying it later on after some price drops. It's nice to see the developers going to great lengths to deliver for long time fans.



Gamer83 commented on Round Up: What Was Announced at PSX 2016?:

So after this conference this is my updated list of announced PS4 games I'm hyped for...
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Yakuza Zero
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza 6
The Last of Us Part II
Resident Evil VII
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Gravity Rush 2
MLB The Show 17

Not likely to buy but will keep an eye on the Crash Bandicoot Remasters, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered, Ace Combat 7, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy VII (didn't care for it back in the day but I did like Crisis Core and if the remake of VII has a combat system I like I may give it a try) and Days Gone. Just recently bought Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy XV and Lara Croft Go. Not everything is a hit but at this point anybody complaining about the PS4's lineup is simply just a hater. For me, it took a while but we're finally at a point where it's starting to feel like the glory days of PS1 and 2 all over again.



Gamer83 commented on PSX 2016: Sony Boasts That the Best Games Are ...:

I aint going to argue. I've always been more of a PlayStation fan but if something is better, like I thought Xbox 360 and for a while the Wii, were last-gen, then I'll admit it. Right now if I were to compile a list of my most-wanted games, it's filled with PS4 games. Now if somebody doesn't care for the exclusives Sony puts out I can completely understand them feeling differently because most of the good third party games can be bought on any platform. When you factor those with the exclusives though, PS4 is definitely the console I'll be using the most over the next year and maybe beyond unless the Xbox Scorpio is the game-changer MS seems to be promising.



Gamer83 commented on Hideo Kojima Completed Metal Gear Solid V in S...:

Simply ridiculous to defend Konami. Another once great Japanese company that has now turned to complete crap. Sell Metal Gear to Sony, Castlevania to Nintendo and then just go in the background and be irrelevant, that's exactly what Konami deserves at this point.



Gamer83 commented on Poll: Take the Push Square PlayStation Experie...:

It was a second string series, people really took notice of it with Redemption though. I don't think RDR 2 will be GTA V big but it will be a smash hit that would cost Sony or MS a ridiculous amount of money to land as an exclusive. If Sony has the marketing deal, that will be good enough to be proud of. One thing Sony has improved on massively this gen is how it advertises. A lot of people have been confused into thinking certain games are exclusive even when that's not the case.



Gamer83 commented on Final Fantasy XV Smashes All Sorts of Sales Re...:

Wow, missing Black Friday might not have hurt it as bad as I thought it would. The game actually isn't that bad. I've liked other Final Fantasy spinoffs like Crisis Core and this started as a spinoff so I gave it a try and don't regret it. Just 8 hours in but the combat seems really fun and that's definitely what helps drive RPGs.



Gamer83 commented on December PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Reve...:

Agreed, and they didn't even need to put a massively hyped game on there, just one like Gravity Rush Remastered, which would've served two purposes. First you get a great game which is good enough. The second part is that while it's great, the remaster did underperform at retail, being part of PS Plus' free game lineup would give more people a chance to play it and could be used as a marketing tool for the sequel which comes out in January. Definitely a blown opportunity.



Gamer83 commented on The Reaction to December's PlayStation Plus Ga...:


Hype and a big name definitely helps. Part of the problem is the indie game scene is actually no different than the 'AAA' market in that lately there doesn't seem to be a ton of variety and the bad games, again just like the blockbuster titles, out number the good games at least 8-1.



Gamer83 commented on The Reaction to December's PlayStation Plus Ga...:

I completely agree, fanboys on all sides, especially some on this website, need to stop using 'entitled' it's a pathetic go-to defense to try and brush off any criticism of wonderful and perfect Sony. I agree with the people who say some take their frustration too far but for most people that's simply all it is, frustration with a service that while it certainly has its good points also has a lot of bad points. It's not unreasonable at this point to say games like Killzone, Knack, Assassin's Creed IV, inFamous or LittleBigPlanet 4, all games that are cheap, should have been on PS Plus by now. Factor in that it's required to play online, on a network that has had far too many consistency issues and the 'entitlement' argument goes out the window. There is some valid criticism of PS Plus and to just brush it off like this community, including the writers, do and not discuss ways Sony could try to improve the service doesn't help anybody and just makes some people look like corporate shills.

Great idea.



Gamer83 commented on The Reaction to December's PlayStation Plus Ga...:

It's very much a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. They did give us Yakuza 5 recently and idiots still pissed and moaned. That said I have been a critic of the service myself because while I don't think we need an AAA every month, the PS4 has been out long enough now that we should be seeing more. Also, I think a massive opportunity has been missed here. Gravity Rush 2 comes out in January, what better way to get some advertising in for that than to make the Remaster part of this month's PS Plus lineup and make a deal about it?

It does need to be mentioned that PS Plus almost always offers great deals, so I don't completely hate the service, I've actually scored some pretty big savings thanks to it. At the end of the day a major part of the problem is if you want to play online you have to pay for Plus and that's ridiculous. I don't care what excuses anybody wants to make, one thing that benefitted Sony last-gen was online was free, that never should've changed and while I'm sure there would still be some anger, it would definitely be a lot less if online play was still free and Plus was just a side service.



Gamer83 commented on Poll: Take the Push Square PlayStation Experie...:

As always I'll keep my expectations low. I think the certainties are Uncharted 4 DLC, the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom 4 and some Final Fantasy XV news, I think they'll talk about some of the upcoming DLC. I could see it going either way with the Crash Bandicoot stuff. Wouldn't be surprised if it's there but also wouldn't be surprised if they're holding it for E3. Don't think we'll see VII again until E3.