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Mon 10th Dec 2012

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Snorky commented on Which December PlayStation Plus Games Do You D...:

I might be alone in this view but I really dislike it when the PS+ game offering is a sequel. At this stage I'm not going to buy Walking Dead 1, just so I can enjoy the ps+ offering without feeling like I missed something.

I understand it from a business perspective, but I can't say I like it as a gamer. Don't punish me for not trying your earlier games... Give me a reason to buy your latest games.



Snorky commented on PS4's Price Cut Down to Size in the UK:

I got the Uncharted bundle from Argos last week for £329 for 1TB (12XX) PS4, uncharted, evolve, plus £20 argos voucher. Seemed like a good time to finally jump into the next gen.



Snorky commented on Shenmue III Targets $10 Million as Funding Is ...:

I see no reason why Sony would throw any more money at the project. From a business perspective, the project is fairly risky.
How many people have actually played the first two games? Fans of the series are clearly very passionate about it, which is great. However, how are people who are new to the series supposed to approach it? Buy a dead console to play it on? Emulate the series?

Looking at the Kickstarter, yes they have raised $3.6 million which is a huge amount, however this amount has been raised by ~45k people. Assuming that the majority of those people will receive a copy of the game, how many more copies will be sold post production?

People are also asking for a physical ps4 version of the game, being an enthusiast of physical media myself I understand this to a certain degree, however from a business perspective, is it really worth the printing cost?

I'm a gamer, and a lover of niche, but taking a pragmatic look at the title I find it hard to understand why Sony would offer any more than they have. It's great that games get made, unfortunately it is also a business. I really hope the project succeeds, but it wouldn't surprise me if it flops.



Snorky commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

Not interested in VR whatsoever to be honest. I don't think it's the future of gaming (at least for another 10+ years), it seems like 3D, a gimmick that will reappear every so years as technology improves.



Snorky commented on E3 2015: Sony's Done Making Big Games for PS Vita:

I'm pretty happy with the stream of JRPGs and visual novels, with the occasional indie or cross play stuck in there. The Vita has been my go to console for quite some time now and I can't see that ending. I imagine that is one of the more positive things about limited number of releases, the ones that do get released are almost definitely going to sell.



Snorky commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Uni exams are all over so the guilt free gaming can now begin! This weekend I'm enjoying Steins;Gate (Vita), Valkyria Chronicles (PS3), and finally getting around to playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag (PS3). Let the good times roll!



Snorky commented on So, Final Fantasy XV Features Product Placement:

I think I would prefer it if they straight up said, "revenue generated from product placement aids us in game production".
That being said, I really don't think subtle product placement is a big deal.



Snorky commented on Store Update: 4th March 2015 (Europe):

@Melucine I'm pretty tempted to go for La Mulana too but it's just over the top end of what I'd like to pay for it. I think I'll just make do with the PS+ monthly games and wait for the inevitable sale price drop.



Snorky commented on There Are Still More PlayStation Press Confere...:

@get2sammyb Hmm yeah you're probably right. Remastered edition featuring all DLCs etc. I think Gravity Rush is too good an IP for Sony to let it just die out on Vita (as much as it pains me to admit it).

That said though, surely Sony must be feeling some pressure from the many Vita owners given the lack of attention at its recent conferences. I hope that they give the handheld at least some attention during the Tokyo show.



Snorky commented on There Are Still More PlayStation Press Confere...:

With the Tearaway ps4 announcement I really wouldn't be surprised if Gravity Rush 2 was announced as a ps4 exclusive. Would defo help sales in JP at least.

I can't say I'd be ecstatic if that was the case though.



Snorky commented on Dragon's Crown's Firey Fifth Patch Breaks Leve...:

So many great games to look forward to on vita in 2014... FFX HD, Toukiden, Ys Celceta, Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, Neptunia PP.. And i still haven't got around to buying/playing Tearaway, Dragons Crown, Muramasa. It really is a great time to be a Vita owner. Great to hear that they're keeping Dragons Crown updated... I really can't wait to try it

I feel like January's Student Loan is already spent



Snorky commented on Review: Eufloria HD (PlayStation Network - Vita):

As cool as it is that they're releasing these popular old games on vita etc, i can't help but feel that they have the price point all wrong for games that have been out for so long.

E.G. £~10 for terraria just doesn't really feel fair considering it's occasionally on sale for £~1.50 on steam.

I know that the price should eventually drop buuut.. it seems a little dirty imo.



Snorky commented on Win Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS3:

Sorry about the ninja edit!
No I'm not in that desperate of a situation haha but I've heard it said that "The price of greatness is responsibility." I guess what he really meant was that the price is not being able to enjoy games at release date Onto my never-ending backlog it goes!