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PMasterTy9 commented on Engineers Working to Enable Online Notificatio...:

Myself and some of my friends miss this feature. It was a great feature on the PS3. It's great to see a friend jump on and maybe switch games and join them. Apparently enough people must be requesting it since they are now announcing they are working on it not long after the surveys were sent out.



PMasterTy9 commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Beta Invitations Are Out:

@Tasuki It's always good to back up up your data no matter what you are doing. Especially with betas because you never know what can happen which is why it is a beta. So, you can test it out. They also have to tell you that for legal reasons as well.



PMasterTy9 commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:

This is an amazing service. I've tried it out multiple times. As long as you have a good internet connection it is pretty seamless. You might thingk$19.99 a month is a bit expensive but it is really a great deal. You get unlimited use of the games in the library which will expanded over time. Yes you can get Gamefly for $8.99 a month but you have to send and receive the games through the mail which takes time. If you have ever used Gamefaly they don't send and receive games in a timely manner. With PS Now you can swap and change games at will.

Also, for someone like me, my PS3 died a few months few PS4 launch so I don't have a way to play PS3 games that I have yet to play. This will give me a chance to play those games. Not to mention the older PS2 and PS1 games once they are added.

For those who think this is a scam and all of the PS3 porting issues are magically gone. They are still there. This service just streams the game through a virtual PS3 console over the internet.



PMasterTy9 commented on Soapbox: Destiny's Progression System Is Destr...:

You should never drop your light level when switching to better gear. Maybe add levels to the gear and each level has a base light level. The base level will always be higher than the max level of the gear below it. Either do that or go back to your typical leveling system. Another idea would be that they allow you to transfer your experience to the new gear to unlock or partially unlock the stats on the new gear.

Also, I don't mind grinding for gear but if I only get a chance of getting a drop but once a week from doing a raid is ridiculous. They can leave the drop rate the way it is but at least let me get a chance of something once a day. Usually MMOs have a cool down of several hours or a day. Heck, I would run the raid over and over again on the same day if I had a chance of getting gear. Either that or make it once a week and make it a 100% drop rate. At the current rate it could take me months to get gear if I was really unlucky.

It's like Bungie really wants Destiny to be a MMOFPS but they don't have the slightest clue of how MMOs typically work. They have the FPS part down just needs work on the MMO aspect.



PMasterTy9 commented on Don't Have Destiny's First Expansion? Then You...:

@ShogunRok I thought you only got reward engrams from the dailies and weekly strikes. Engrams from the regular strikes are random. If you can't do the weekly strikes in your early twenties then yes that is a huge problem. However, the weekly nightfalls have been lvl 28. Supposedly you can independently do the new strike at level 10. I have not played today so I haven't seen the new stuff yet.



PMasterTy9 commented on Don't Have Destiny's First Expansion? Then You...:

I can see how this would be a problem for those who didn't buy the expansion but the weekly strikes are a random strike and on rotation. I actually saw this weeks strike coming and it is their way promote the expansion. It's not like they removed something from the game like The Devil's Lair strike from the game. I see this happen a lot when comes to MMOs. I guess it would be too difficult to have two different weekly strikes for the ones who don't have the expansion and one for those who do. It's not like this is going to happen every week. The strikes are on rotation. If you love the game that much then why not buy the expansion. I guess I am going to have an unpopular opinion on this. Perhaps they can add other ways of obtaining shards, energy, and strange coins.



PMasterTy9 commented on These Are Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Title...:

People were praising Sony when they started handing out AAA titles for PS Plus members and now that we transition to the PS4 people are upset because they are handing out AAA titles because they already own them. You are paying for a service where part of the benefit is that you get free games each month and they select the games to give out. You are not paying for free games that you do not already have. That's the gamble of PS Plus. I say if you like a game buy it and if you are not sure either rent it or wait for PS Plus but there is no guarantee that it will be on PS Plus. Don't forget about the other benefits either. See, the next two months for me are going to be great because I haven't purchased any of those games. If I did own them no big deal there will be more months to come where I will get games that I do not own. If you are just getting PS Plus just to get free games then that is the problem.



PMasterTy9 commented on Destiny's Impossible Raid Can Be Beaten in Und...:

The biggest issue I have is the lack of social interaction. For example I can't do the weekly strike unless I have my own fireteam. We need matchmaking for everything. I can understand the raid not having it but everything else????



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

@SuperSilverback There is variety to the loot and not just colors. I've gone through a handful of helmets so far and they all have been different. Also, there is special gear that you can get by doing the crucible as well as different factions(or whatever they are called) in the Tower off gear too. Not to mention there are armor shaders that you can get.



PMasterTy9 commented on Here's a Quick Look At Destiny on Vita via PS4...:

I haven't had any issues with remote play. It seems to run flawless for me. If you are having issues I would double check your connections and settings. BTW, I have my PS4 connected through LAN and not Wi-Fi. With all that being said, I doubt I will use remote play for multiplayer.



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Entwined (PlayStation 4):

I took a chance and bought it. I am glad that I did. It's a fun little title and it looks easier than it actually is. I agree with everything the author said.



PMasterTy9 commented on E3 2014: Does The Last of Us Remastered Really...:

Is it just me or did the PS3 footage look like they added a slight blur filter to it? I don't remember it looking like that on my playthrough. I love this and it is one of my favorites. I hope they give you a discount if you already own the PS3 version. I plan on buying the PS4 version either way.