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Tue 30th July, 2013

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PMasterTy9 commented on Destiny's Impossible Raid Can Be Beaten in Und...:

The biggest issue I have is the lack of social interaction. For example I can't do the weekly strike unless I have my own fireteam. We need matchmaking for everything. I can understand the raid not having it but everything else????



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

@SuperSilverback There is variety to the loot and not just colors. I've gone through a handful of helmets so far and they all have been different. Also, there is special gear that you can get by doing the crucible as well as different factions(or whatever they are called) in the Tower off gear too. Not to mention there are armor shaders that you can get.



PMasterTy9 commented on Here's a Quick Look At Destiny on Vita via PS4...:

I haven't had any issues with remote play. It seems to run flawless for me. If you are having issues I would double check your connections and settings. BTW, I have my PS4 connected through LAN and not Wi-Fi. With all that being said, I doubt I will use remote play for multiplayer.



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Entwined (PlayStation 4):

I took a chance and bought it. I am glad that I did. It's a fun little title and it looks easier than it actually is. I agree with everything the author said.



PMasterTy9 commented on E3 2014: Does The Last of Us Remastered Really...:

Is it just me or did the PS3 footage look like they added a slight blur filter to it? I don't remember it looking like that on my playthrough. I love this and it is one of my favorites. I hope they give you a discount if you already own the PS3 version. I plan on buying the PS4 version either way.



PMasterTy9 commented on Talking Point: Will Sony Have Enough PS4 Mater...:

For me Microsoft had a good showing but they didn't wow me. There were no big bombs being dropped unless you are an Xbox fan already and love Halo. There were a few exclusives that look interesting. I think Sony has a good chance of stealing the show but we will have to wait and see what unfolds.



PMasterTy9 commented on PS4 or Not, Sony Will Foot the Bill for Indie ...:

This is proof that all Sony cares about is indie games and not real games like Call of Duty and

I think this is an awesome move regardless of who is footing the bill. So, good job Sony. If someone has a problem with this they are are probably a-holes and are probably jealous because Microsoft isn't doing it.



PMasterTy9 commented on April NPD: PS4 Outsells Xbox One for Fourth Co...:

June is going to be interesting since E3 will be taking place at the same time as Xbox One's price cut. Depending on how well Sony and Microsoft does at E3 could have a huge impact on Sony's lead and Microsoft's price cut. Sony needs to make sure they have stock in stores otherwise most people will just get what's in stock by default since they will be the same price.



PMasterTy9 commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

I still think there is a market for the Vita TV and I would use it to play some Vita games and they did mention that it would also do Remote Play so you can plug your Vita TV into another room and play your PS4 while the other TV is in use.



PMasterTy9 commented on Rumour: Is the PS4 About to Become the Primary...:

@get2sammyb @Big-Boss I get all of that but if I was a developer I would want everyone to know every system my game is going to be on. I know deal are made and all of that fun stuff that's just my two cents. On another note just like a lot of people are saying I feel CoD is losing it's momentum. Maybe if they didn't have a new one every year and do some real innovation. I wouldn't be surprised to see mechs show up in the CoD franchise.

@AhabSpampurse Thanks man!



PMasterTy9 commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

I am glad I got the original while it is still around. I just love the OLED and can't justify downgrading to the slim. Plus I like the thickness of the current Vita and I don't think it should be slimmer but that is just me.



PMasterTy9 commented on Sick of Your PS4 Controller Running Out of Bat...:

Since I have two DS4s I always switch when the battery runs out. However, this would be a great device for those who only have one or are always forgetting to charge their second DS4. I might end up picking one up just to test it out.