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Tue 30th July, 2013

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PMasterTy9 commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

I still think there is a market for the Vita TV and I would use it to play some Vita games and they did mention that it would also do Remote Play so you can plug your Vita TV into another room and play your PS4 while the other TV is in use.



PMasterTy9 commented on Rumour: Is the PS4 About to Become the Primary...:

@get2sammyb @Big-Boss I get all of that but if I was a developer I would want everyone to know every system my game is going to be on. I know deal are made and all of that fun stuff that's just my two cents. On another note just like a lot of people are saying I feel CoD is losing it's momentum. Maybe if they didn't have a new one every year and do some real innovation. I wouldn't be surprised to see mechs show up in the CoD franchise.

@AhabSpampurse Thanks man!



PMasterTy9 commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

I am glad I got the original while it is still around. I just love the OLED and can't justify downgrading to the slim. Plus I like the thickness of the current Vita and I don't think it should be slimmer but that is just me.



PMasterTy9 commented on Sick of Your PS4 Controller Running Out of Bat...:

Since I have two DS4s I always switch when the battery runs out. However, this would be a great device for those who only have one or are always forgetting to charge their second DS4. I might end up picking one up just to test it out.



PMasterTy9 commented on Naughty Dog: We'll See if the Future Uncovers ...:

Since I don't own TLOU yet I would love to have a PS4 port. A graphically intensive game like TLOU should be a top candidate for porting since it would be able to take advantage of the new hardware. I don't think they should port every game all though that would be nice. Gaikai will not make the games look any better and there could be bandwidth issues for some people who want to use Gaikai. We also don't know how long it's going to take to roll out Gaikai and iron out all of the potential bugs. In the meantime it would be great to have PS4 ports of some of the great games from the PS3 library.



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Need for Speed: Rivals (PlayStation 4):

If they could make host migration seamless and in the background that would be awesome but I guess that would require dedicated servers. I wish there was a way to pause the game without being in a garage. Other than that I am having fun with the game and the companion app.



PMasterTy9 commented on Review: Warframe (PlayStation 4):

I think the game can be fun. If they can clean up the interface and add tutorials then it would be a lot better. Hacking is one of my major complaints so far because for me it's cumbersome and I've played it on a PC and it's so much easier to do with a mouse.



PMasterTy9 commented on Talking Point: Why the PS4 Is Well Set for Suc...:

I am loving my PS4 and my recently purchased Vita as well. I think the PS4 is going to be very successful and the future is bright. I don't feel that the launch lineup has been weak so far. I am enjoying the games that are currently out and I have not been bored or disappointed with anything so far. Sure, some games could be better and some are not perfect but that is normal. With games like Infamous, Drive Club, and other indie games coming out in the coming months I think we will be satisfied until Destiny and Watch Dogs come out. By that time we should have more news and more announcements on upcoming games and features like Gaikai.



PMasterTy9 commented on Sony: PS Vita TV Has Strong Market Potential A...:

I think it will sell very well if marketed right. I wanted one partly for the remote play and it plays most Vita games since I didn't have a Vita at the time, But now that I recently purchased a Vita it still has other features that I can use and if I want to I can play my Vita games on TV.



PMasterTy9 commented on Feature: Five PS4 Features That Future Firmwar...:

@DannyB Yeah the two apps that should have been their # priority are the YouTube app and the Netflix app and we only got one of them. XB1 got a dedicated YouTube app and both consoles are X86 based platforms and as you mentioned the PS4/Google/Linux thing.

The PS4 should be able to do everything the PS3 can do and THEN some. We are talking about next gen, a new console. Every time Apple comes out with a new iPhone they don't remove features. Organization features for both friends and games, online friend notifications, and standby/suspend mode should have been there on day one. On a positive note I do love the background and automatic updating of games.



PMasterTy9 commented on Feature: Five PS4 Features That Future Firmwar...:

One MAJOR complaint that I would like to see fixed and is missing on the PS4 that was a feature of the PS3 are notifications when your friends log on. If you are not constantly checking your friends list or a friend doesn't let you know they are online you would never know that they were ever online. I would like to see this happen along side media streaming.