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Fri 11th Jan 2013

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InsertNameHere commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

@Scollurio At least someone gets it. Sony doesn't have much of a need to constantly update the PS4, instead they send out a fairly large update and then start working on the next. Microsoft tricks people by breaking up their updates to make it seem like they're putting in more work, when in reality, 2-3 of their updates is practically one of Sony's.



InsertNameHere commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

@shingi_70 I fail to see how them not constantly updating their system is "mass incompetence of the worst kind." And Microsoft has a much bigger software development team than Sony, not to mention that their updates don't add much of anything.

@Sneaky Except for the fact that Sony announced their system exactly 4 months before Microsoft and Microsoft had to cut the number of countries they would launch in due to manufacturing issues.



InsertNameHere commented on Rumour: Homefront Plots a Revolution on PlaySt...:

@rastamadeus One underperforming GoW isn't enough to make SSM put the franchise on hiatus. GoW is still as popular as it was before Ascension and a huge number of people want another one.

And why do you even care how good or bad GoW does? If I remember right, then you're not even a fan. So it seems strange that you'd care whether or not a new entry was released.



InsertNameHere commented on Only You Can Decide What Naruto Ninja Storm Re...:

@dgwdum Yeah, I felt like it died along with Pain. Since then, my attention has been completely on Bleach, which deserves a fighting game of it's own. Of course, while I'm no longer a fan of the Naruto manga or anime, I can't deny that the games are fun - they still don't compare to Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 in my eyes, though.



InsertNameHere commented on Sony Bosses Forfeit Bonuses Ahead of Billion D...:

@Shaolin No, just stop it. Sony has never liked Microsoft, Sony not wanting to team up with them is what them jump into the console race - they're trying to make Sony regret not letting them ride their coat-tails.

@seeafish That's exactly why I plan to get a Z1 Compact once I have the money. Samsung phones are more brand appeal, than quality these days.



InsertNameHere commented on Sorry PS4, You'll Have to Wait for Call of Dut...:

@mitcHELLspawn They aren't downsizing much, if at all, so "Japanese Giant" is still accurate.

As for their billion dollar loss, that won't be much of an issue since Sony Pictures and Sony Computer Entertainment are doing so well - even their smartphone/tablet division is making money, which just further invalidates your "not so great at anything else" claim.



InsertNameHere commented on Feature: Eight Promising PS4, PS3, and Vita RP...:

Freedom Wars got my vote, just when I think it can't get any better, a new trailer hits the net. Oreshika and Destiny are also on my radar, but FW takes priority.

I'm surprised that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment didn't make the list, it looks like it's going to be big here in the west, especially after how well received the anime was.