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Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Sanquine commented on Valkyria: Azure Revolution Indulges Its Anime ...:

I just love this art style<3. I only played the second version because i couldn't find the ps3 version, which is the reason i'm buying the remaster. I loved the second valkyria which is seen as the worst thus it can only become more awesome for me:D



Sanquine commented on Live: Come and See the Best Digimon Game in Ye...:

@JaxonH i'm beyond that period. I bought a lot of games in the ps2 and ps3 era. Still want to buy a lot of games but someone has to pay the rent... Furthermore, since i started college i have like zero hours gaming time which is a shame. Keep gaming ! I feel really bad since i can't do my favorite hobby.



Sanquine commented on Uncharted 4's Neil Druckmann Hints at Nathan D...:

Good! I love uncharted but with the last of us naughty dog proved that they can make new Ips of the same if not better quality than uncharted. One thing that always bothered me was that he kills in the hundreds but still smiles like he just ordered some icecream on a sunny day...