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Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Sanquine commented on PS4 Will Get Its World War II Shooter After All:


Good point. My granddads where on opposite sides. One fought for the dutch army and was send to a labor camp in Polland. The other granddad joined the SS because he thought he could earn a living and accepted that germany would take the hegemony over whole of Europe. Then he died on the russian front when the Germans where retreating. The difference between you and me is that the one who survived in the labor camp never like never talk about it. I think these games have a place because it does remind us of the horrors of war. Modern warfare games make it seem everyone is a super soldier and war is awesome. While WW2 games show the true face of a sort of religious fanaticism. The same we see today if we watch the news about salafism or the islamic state.



Sanquine commented on Review: World of Tanks (PS4):

@6... What a load of b*. I spend more in this game than on most Sony first party because this game is a lot of fun. The first tiers are somewhat of a tutorials. If you get lost there are enough places to ask your questions because the community is great.



Sanquine commented on January's PS4 PlayStation Plus Games Revealed:

Let the whining begin you can't expect AAA games.. You know those games cost millions to make. And the games with gold will dry up sooner or later. Just like Ps + did. You can't give halo or Gears away for free ( xbox one games)



Sanquine commented on Reaction: PSX 2015's Presser Brings the PS4 Go...:

@SkanetWas Same here:D

Taken Very good! And that's because Ni--oh and Ni no kuni 2.
Believe me i cried:D Ni no kuni the beginning scene for me was a tear jurker ( only clanned the anime beat it). Ni-Oh reminded me of the oldskool Ninja gaiden

Furthermore, Sony sold me on VR because a lot of games got announced. I think i got more games announced than when the vita got introduced.

Shame we haven't seen anything from bend, but i saw the bound game which i critised and it's not so bad afterall. I just got burned because of olli olli game which for some reason doesn't work ( button input equals nothing on screen).



Sanquine commented on Bound Is a Bonkers Balletic Platformer for PS4...:

@SkanetWasTaken wow thanks! Is it too much to expect a AAA game from santa monica? Furthermore, a lot of those games are third party games. And yes i am offended because i can't have any opinion without being attack. And why stop gaming? Because you say so? Because i have a different opinion i Just have to shut up? Bunch of hypocrites.

And for your information i love low budget japanese games. Dangonronpa is far from AAA but i screamed for air when that got announced ( doensnt cost as much but the quality is superb). I loved helldivers and don't starve which are both indies. But is it too much to ask for a first party game of Sony?