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Thu 16th August, 2012

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Sanquine commented on Uncharted 4's Neil Druckmann Hints at Nathan D...:

Good! I love uncharted but with the last of us naughty dog proved that they can make new Ips of the same if not better quality than uncharted. One thing that always bothered me was that he kills in the hundreds but still smiles like he just ordered some icecream on a sunny day...



Sanquine commented on Sony Admits PS4 First-Party Lineup Is Looking ...:

@Gamer83 Ridiculous that Naughty Dog hasn't had a game ready by now.

Well, i hope you always be on time before any deadline has passed. Always the critic but maybe those guys work 12 hours a day to have this game finished as fast as they can. Your bashing on every company grows old. Vote with your wallet because they dont care about what you think is pathetic.

Please watch the language -Tasuki-