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Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Sanquine commented on Review: Severed (PS Vita):

Daf*q .. i quote " Look, it's no secret judging by the comments on our YouTube channel that this author has a strong right wrist ". What the heck does this means ? I laughed out loud thanks to this because it seems you jerk a lot



Sanquine commented on Reaction: Sony's Marketing Department Faces a ...:

I will buy the Playstation 4K but i most confess i do feel burned a little bit. However, from a business perspective ( i know corperate slave blabla) this make sense. If you want to compete with the Nintendo NX and the growing gap with PC this has to be the new way to go for consoles.



Sanquine commented on Video: I've Never Played... Uncharted: Drake's...:

@TeslaChippie @JoeBlogs Gameplay wise? Yes but storywise the last of us or uncharted 2 just steamrolls the tombraider games. I also find it funny that TR came after uncharted 3 came in 2011 while TR came out in what? 2013! Sorry, but i felt TR just tried to be a female drake which is ironic because Uncharted started as a Indiana jones/lara craft inspired game.



Sanquine commented on Soapbox: Evolution Studios Had Miserable Luck ...:

Closing zipper was also a mistake. Now this.. And to be fair the first party output is horrible. Knack is my favorite game of the launch and the uncharted trilogy comes a close second. That says a lot about Sony. Now with VR booming more resources will go to those studio's and when it flops Sony will again take the role of the reaper. See zipper or many other studio's that got closed because vita failed

@Sanquin Please watch the language -Tasuki-



Sanquine commented on Dreams May Just Be the Most Mind Boggling PS4 ...:

@Ewflex Facepalm... In the stream they told that a singleplayer will be included. If you played any previous media molecule games you know creating and sharing is one of their objectives. It's your own choice what to do. I played most of the little big planet games which also could be seen as a tech demo but they had enjoyable stories see little big planet vita



Sanquine commented on Rumour: Sony's Building a Supercharged PS4 Con...:

@TomKnows I think it's more for Playstation VR and to stay competitive in the VR space. Naah, Nintendo hasn't had a hit since the wii before that the gamecube was a failure and now the Wii U although it has awesome games is also considered a failure. I do hope they come with a console which is stronger than both ps4 and xbox one though