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ohhaime commented on Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Games Include T...:

I've enjoyed Tropico games on the PC before but I don't have 5 so I'm happy to get that.
And I do like a good arcade style game so Switch Galaxy Ultra is a plus for me as well.
The Mobile version of Table Top Racing is pretty dull so I'm not holding out much hope that this one will be any better.



ohhaime commented on Those No Man's Sky Stealth PS4 Release Rumours...:

I don't think Sean would straight up lie but I'm still keeping my hope alive by thinking it could be released on the 29th ,the same day that Trails in the sky SC comes out. Because why would Trails not release with the normal store updates unless Sony is doing something special that day.



ohhaime commented on Poll: Which Uncharted Game Would You Crown as ...:

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune

But seriously these games just aren't appealing to me. Now I'll admit that my only experience is trying the demos and Platinuming Golden Abyss.
But I don't see how people can stand the boring,linear exploration and too easy shooting gallery style combat gameplay.

Climb this straight path,sit behind this cover and head shot enemies when they pop out.Wash,rinse,repeat. Plus the sluggish controls typical to a console shooter. It all just seems too dull for me.



ohhaime commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

Funny how NA is too ashamed to even post the full list in the blog post.

All in all not a bad month for me though.

I like Point and click style games so I've really been wanting to play Broken Age,The only reason I haven’t bought it yet is because I thought it be a Plus game at some point. As a game I would have actually paid money for this alone makes it worth the month for me.

Meat boy is a game I've owned for years on PC and I think N is a better game so Meh.

I own Unmechanical on PC so Meh.

Kick beat looks to be a decent rhythm game so a half point for that.

I feel the same way about Chariot that I do about Broken Age so two points for that.

Kung-Fu Rabbit just looks like trash though.Probably would have been better to have one less game then have this devalue the whole line up.

Still a pretty good value for just over $4 for the month.



ohhaime commented on E3 2015: Kerbal Space Program Engineers a Path...:

I've had this on PC for a few years and played hundreds of hours of it. I'm still going to buy it on PS4 because it's so good and I've played it so much that the developers deserve to be paid twice.

Also as a side note I have to say I was a little shocked when they talked about getting people interested in space/science last night with Destiny/Bungie instead of this game which actually teaches real scientific principals and is even being used in schools.



ohhaime commented on PSN Down as Sony's Servers Feel PS4 Firmware U...:

@SunnyShores You need to download them from the store.I saw two free on there earlier.Paper sculpture and Rectangular.
The Paper one is a bit too busy looking for my taste and has harsh sound effects.
The rectangle one has a great Resogun look to it.I don't much care for the sound effects of this one either, but I'll get used to it because I really like the look.



ohhaime commented on PSN Down as Sony's Servers Feel PS4 Firmware U...:

I hope the real reason for the problem is that everyone is trying to download Freedom Wars.

Thankfully I was able to buy it and start the download before the network started crashing.My download has stopped a few times but it's almost finished now.



ohhaime commented on Wild Season Is the PS4 and Vita Harvest Moon T...:

Looks cheap,I'll stick with Story of Seasons(Harvest Moon's new name in the west) and Stardew Valley.(An upcoming Indie PC game anyone who's interested in Harvest moon/story of seasons should keep an eye on.)

@Jazzer94 Harvest Moon( Called Farm Story in japan) is now known as Story of Seasons.
The Farm story team is now working with Xseed to translate/Publish the game and Natsume(the previous Publishers of harvest moon games) still owns the rights to the western name Harvest Moon.
So Natsume are now making their own Harvest moon games,but the games from the original Harvest Moon/Farm Story Developers will now be called Story of Seasons.

I haven't played all of the recent Harvest Moon games,But from what I've read about them they have been mediocre.Story of seasons is looking promising though.
But if you haven't played the PS1/GBA/PSP game called Harvest Moon: Back To Nature/Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town/Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (they're all basically the same game) then I'd really suggest you try it's probably the last really good game in the series.



ohhaime commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebis @Dodoo It's not the download severs that are the problem. It's the game playing severs that are at fault because the game wants to be connected all the time all the time.

I figured this was the problem yesterday after I saw it was having connection issue for people who bought the game.
I understand you need to take care of the "paying" customers,But just saying "Who cares about what we promised Plus Members.Those free loaders weren’t going to pay anyway." Makes me feel very disappointed in them.

I was planning on buying the game eventually if I liked how the physics felt. But now after seeing how they've handled things I'm not so sure I want to buy it all.
Maybe they'll expand the PS+ Edition with some more content to make up for it. But I doubt they will and honestly I was so excited for this and now they've soured my opinion of it so much that I'm not sure that would even restore my good will toward the game.



ohhaime commented on Review: Futuridium EP Deluxe (PlayStation 4):

I think it's a bit unfair to call it an iOS port.Because the original was released on PC before iOS and so much content has been added for the Vita release.

The reason it concerns me is that Mobile games still carry the stigma of "not being real games" for a lot a people, so I hate to think they might read this review and immediately dismiss the game because they see the phase "iOS port".



ohhaime commented on PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in Sept...:

Month of Meh.
Velocity 2X is the only thing I'll give any real time to.

What are they thinking make every game for the month an arcadey score based game,I mean I like those kind of games but nothing here gets me excited.

I own All-stars(and it sucks), I own Joe Danger 2 already so I don't really care to play the lesser version.I have no friends to play Sports friends with.I've played the Hoard demo before and didn't really think it was anything special.
I've heard good things about TxK but I've played plenty of Tempest so while I'm happy to get it,the whole month just leaves me bored.
Now what will I play to tide me over until Smash Bros. and Freedom Wars are out in October?



ohhaime commented on You'll Need Friends to Tackle PS4 Shooter Dest...:

Because it really takes a team of six people working together to duck behind cover and shoot at enemies who at best randomly jump around while you shoot them till you run out of ammo. ◔_◔

There goes any little interest I had left for the game. To anyone else who's disappointed by this game I'd recommend trying out Warframe if you haven't already,It has a similar feel but does a lot of things better in my opinion.



ohhaime commented on PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path i...:

@get2sammyb Sammy you should to update the article I just saw this on the Playstation blog.

"+ Wario64 on July 30th, 2014 at 8:13 am said:
Dragon’s Crown isn’t cross-buy

  • Kristine Steimer on July 30th, 2014 at 9:08 am said:
    You’re correct, it isn’t cross-buy, but I’ve been told Plus members will receive both versions. ^_^ "

Now it's even better for me. Time to do a Happy dance. WoooHoo!



ohhaime commented on PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path i...:

The PS3 games are junk but over all a great month for me.

Road not Taken:I was planning to buy this at some point so I'm Super happy to get it for free and on day 1.This alone makes it it a good month to me

FEZ: I own it on steam but I haven't played it yet so I'd rather play the PSN version for the trophies.

Cysis 3:I don't care much for Shooters.

Proteus:Complete Crap. I own it on Steam.It's worthless.It my be a "unique experience" but there is nothing interesting about the experience it gives,nothing interesting to see.Even the music which it's often praised for is junk.It doesn't sound good or even interesting.I have literally been more entertained by pressing random keys on a piano.

Metrico: Looks interesting but also kind of boring,Perfect game to try out through Plus.

Dragons Crown: Oh sweet merciful Shuhei ! I have been in waiting for this to come to Plus. I knew it would come someday so I put off buying it.Through all those sales and now at least my patience is rewarded.Delayed gratification at it's finest.



ohhaime commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

I was going to write a comment about how I agreed with Sammy,and then list a few other things I thought were wrong with the beta.But then thinking it about I realized I don't even care enough about the game anymore to write a detailed comment.

It just doesn't feel good enough for being so close to release.The auto-Aim,dumb AI,weak story and the RPG elements making Multiplayer feel unbalanced.I don't think any of that will be fixed by release or ever.So now I just don't care.

It tries to be everything but in the end it just feels like a watered down RPG or a Water Downed FPS.
They can't decided which side of the river to swim to, so they're going over the waterfall.

The reason the Auto-aim is there (and can't be turned off BTW) is to mimic RPGs with stat based auto attacks. It's there to purposely take away the skill advantage of a player,Presumably to appeal to RPG players who may be intimidated by FPS games.



ohhaime commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

I won't be seeing this because I have no interest in Heavenly Sword. But it doesn't really look that bad. Sure the textures aren't as good as they could be but the animation looks fairly smooth and it still looks better then most straight to DVD animated movies.



ohhaime commented on Singing in the Rain! Here's How Inclement Weat...:

This is the first thing I've seen of this game that has really impressed me.
Sure what they had shown before this looked good,but I'm not admiring the stitches in the seats or the leaves on the trees while I'm racing.
But this.. This is a step above all that because this actually changes the thing I do watch,the road.



ohhaime commented on Now a Second Sony Exec Says That the Firm's No...:

I understand not wanting to make their Big budget,graphics whore games for Vita when they can be done much better on PS4.And to quit wasting resources trying to make inferior Vita ports of console games.

But Sony( and all the large game studios really) need to learn how to make "small" games as well.Right now they are all mostly leaving this space to Indie Devs but I see no reason why Sony can't have their own smaller,lower budget teams pumping out quality Indie style games.

I mean if they could put the resources they normally put into making a big budget game into three smaller games that don't require the best hardware,are still fun, are (probably)cheaper and faster to make and would fit well on Vita then everybody wins.



ohhaime commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

@get2sammyb @AeroZeppelin
I actually watched some of that coverage but completely forgot about it.

But still the live coverage felt rushed too.From I saw of it, It was mostly just developer interviews which had the Devs listing off the bullet point features of their games.Informative sure but not to entertaining.

Nintendo showed large chunks of gameplay while the Treehouse team talked about what they liked about the games.It was much more entertaining to watch them play because they were actually having fun.



ohhaime commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

I thought Sony just felt rushed this year.They kind of just dropped a bunch of names and a few trailers without really saying much about the things they announced.

What I liked best about Nintendo this year was all the coverage that came after. We really got a good look at everything they announced.



ohhaime commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

I bought a Vita mostly because I wanted to play Monster Hunter:Freedom Unite.
My most anticipated game coming to Vita is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter.
The game I dream of seeing released for Vita is Patapon 4.

Sony doesn't understand me.



ohhaime commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

So I was able to get in a few hours of Multiplayer before the alpha ended today and I think I can say this one's a winner.

I'll start by saying that the controls are too slow for me.They are fine for single player but I as soon as I jumped in Mutiplayer I was wishing for more speed.It's not terrible but just something I prefer faster.
I also wish I could put my trigger and zoom on the R1/L1 buttons for increased speed and put my grenade on the analog for variable distance.( I thought they are using the digital switch at the top of the trigger and I think the 1 buttons are a bit faster at bouncing back,But after thinking about it,It may have been using any negative input on the analog. Did anyone notice weather the trigger need to move back to the top before firing?)
Something I hope was a bug though was that even with the "auto look" option turned off the reticule still seemed attracted to enemies(Both AI and human) in some kind of aim assist.Something I don't much care for.

There was only the control mode of competitive Multiplayer to try but there looked to be five other modes planned judging by the menu.

What really makes the multiplayer shine is the map design. Very well done,Good mix of tight corners and open spaces to make both run & gun and sniping viable tactics.
Also of note was that both maps available were asymmetric but felt really balanced. They are pretty much the perfect size so you can get a lot of back and forth.There are lots of paths around the maps so you really need to keep an eye on whats going on behind you.

What makes these many ways around the maps possible is the mobility of the characters. I didn't really notice against the AI but when facing other players I really noticed how basically being able to fly( in what is probably the most balanced way ever put into an FPS) around the map really changes the way you play.Needing to keep an eye out for enemies that could be coming though a door or over a wall really make things tense.
It took about three rounds for me to start to get used to this more vertical gameplay, But once I adjusted to keeping my eyes up I was shooting fools down like clay pidgins.

Adding to the tension is the radar. Another thing that could really break a game but is handled in such a balanced way that it feels great. It pinpoints an enemy's direction but It's not visible while zoomed and has a generous but not overly big range.Knowing when and roughly where an enemy is coming from but not exactly which path they will take is great. Plus they also know you are there(if they're playing smart). So it can turn moments that in other games would result in most people running around corners randomly spraying bullets,Into a who makes the first move stand-off.
I regret that I have to say this,but it reminds me a bit of Blacklight:Retribution's HRV only not horrible. I hope my mention of that steaming pile of bad level design in connection with this wonderful game doesn't soil you're view of Destiny, It's all handle much better.

A note on Vehicles.Like Damiien666 said. They kind of ruin things. They were only on one of the maps. They felt unbalanced and unneeded given the size of the map. Maybe on a larger map where you could have tanks fighting tanks it might work but they didn't belong in this map at all.
One good thing was that almost every time I played the tanks just kind of seemed to go away halfway through the match.I don't know if they have a long respawn or if they would just get lost, But I didn't seem to notice them anymore.

The Mobility and Radar are what is really going to set this game apart and make it feel fresh. Back those up with fantastic level design and what looks to be a massive amount of content including a decent story mode and you got a real hit on your hands.

So I enjoyed it immensely, But will I buy it?Still no, I can't afford the price of time this game would cost.But if you're looking for a fresh exciting new Time-Sink to pour your life into this could be it.



ohhaime commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

In the alpha there is some sort of competitive battle arena Location,But as I said I didn't check it out yet. There was also what was called a "Strike Mission" that I didn't try but it sounds like what would be a Raid in an MMO. (that is you get matched into a party to tackle a difficult dungeon.)

There is also a story mission,and an exploration mission.(where you can wander around the map and find missions to complete)Other players can be in these missions,either randomly( a few where there while I was playing but I only saw their names in the menu and never ran into them while playing.) I'd assume you can also join instances(to use another MMO term) with other players on you're friends list. But I didn't try that.( I'm not a very social person if you couldn't tell.Plus I like the added difficulty of soloing games meant to be played with teams.)



ohhaime commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

I somehow got invited to the Alpha but I don't remember signing up.I don't usually play Shooters. I Especially don't usually play Single player and console shooters as I find them rather slow and easy.I've played a good bit of Online FPS on PC and I'd say I'm a bit above average in terms of skill at them.

I've only played a few hours of the alpha Friday night and I didn't touch the Multiplayer because of having a busy weekend and not being all that interested.So take my comments with a grain of salt.

I found the controls are surprisingly smooth and responsive for an FPS played on a gamepad,of course it helps that the DS4 is pretty much the best gamepad ever designed.With the sensitivity turned all the way up(what I do in all console shooters when I first start them) the speed was exactly what I call an acceptable level.(I keep the mouse on my PC set to a level unusable to most people) I'd like higher sensitivity levels to go to as a I adjust to the speed but not too bad for a console shooter.

I did like the large open world, It's expansive and well designed.Very fun to traverse.Very impressive that this is just a small part.
Good exploration one of my favorite things a game can have and Destiny provides it in spades. One fault I noticed though was dark hallway set pieces that are open but blocked by invisible walls that instantly killed my sense of immersion.

Another thing that I found marred the experience a bit was the enemies.They seem kind of dumb,it didn't feel like the reacted to me very much.Like they would switch between hiding behind cover to running around randomly.( This is especially noticeable when using Sniper rifles) I didn't feel like they tried to act with any sort of strategy. Maybe enemies later in the game will be smarter.

They did make combat more frenetic then is typical for a single player shooter. And it's much more engaging then the glorified shooting galleries that are "cover based" shooters like Uncharted.

The enemies super fast respawn is probably the worst thing in the game to me because it also destroys any sense of immersion.It's pretty much you clear a room and as soon as you walk though the door it's full again.It also ruins the sections where enemies are fighting each other,You just can't help but to feel the scripting when every time you go though an area of the map you see the same battle playing out.
It's also annoying when you're trying to explore(which you want to do because the world is so well made) and you need to fight the same enemies every time you turn around.

The loot system is adequate.I like it better then say Boarderlands because I hated how Boarderlands floods you with useless weapons so that drops quickly lose any sense of value.In my Limited play-time drops seemed like they are paced out nicely in Destiny,Enough to keep you playing but rare enough to make them interesting. Plus the ability to instantly turn unwanted stuff into cash makes every drop rewarding.
I was going to say at this point that the reason I say only it's adequate is that for good and bad it lacks the addictive,grindy crafting of games like Warframe or Monster Hunter but then I realized I didn't actually see how Crafting works. I'm not sure it's even in the alpha but I did find some material drops so it must be part of the game at least.

I'm surprised the the article here calls the RPG mechanics "Robust" as I thought they seemed rather limited,mostly in terms of customization.Again, better them a typical FPS but not quite the level I would like.The three Classes may play differently like the article mentions,But it looked to me like my Hunter's skills will end up being more or less the same as anyone else's.

This could be because the game I keep comparing it to in my head is Warframe because it feels the same in a lot of ways. And the things I don't like about Destiny are all things that I think Warframe does better.More varied characters and customization, enemy AI in Warframe is still kind of dumb but the random generation makes the combat feel much more emergent.

To sum up I'd say I could see myself playing this if I got it free through PS+ or something. But I don't think I'd spend cash.



ohhaime commented on E3 2014: New Ratchet & Clank Movie Trailer Exp...:

Having recently replayed R&C HD I totally agree with the re-mastering of the first game,it's pretty rough in some areas and I think it'll be great to bring it up to the quality of the new games.

As a R&C fan I'm super exited for the movie. Maybe it's just me, but I think they have made Ratchet look a touch younger,cuter and more mouse-like.