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Sat 24th December, 2011

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ohhaime commented on Batman: Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Lead t...:

They really knocked it out of the park this month. I think this is the first time I want every game in the line up. It so good in fact that I already have half the games :-/ .
But even with owning Batman and the original versions of Velocity and Monsters it's still a great month to me.

Owning a copy of Mercenary Kings is enough to convince me to buy a PS4 instead of replacing my old laptop.

@Jaz007 The developers have already said that the PS4 version will not be cross-buy because it comes with the DLC built in.



ohhaime commented on Feature: Five Possible PS4 Virtual Reality Exp...:

I'd bet Futuridium EP Deluxe will use it too. The camera perspective would be perfect and the developer tweeted..
"We received a late and awesome Christmas present today! #ps4 #indiedev ;)"
"The new 'toy' is so awesome... :)"

So it sounds like some PS4 stuff is afoot at MixedBagGames.



ohhaime commented on Review: Warframe (PlayStation 4):

I haven't played the PS4 version but I'd give the PC version a 7.8/10.

Excellent controls and a throughly addictive Loot system where you can obtain anything other then cosmetics without real money make this game a winner for me.Sure the actual content could be more interesting and compelling but the game is updated frequently with new content.

I suppose if you're not the type that enjoys Grindy Loot based RPGs you would probably want to pass on this but for those of us that do enjoy that kind of thing this can be a dangerously endless time sink.



ohhaime commented on Review: Contrast (PlayStation 4):

Too bad about the bugs.I was looking forward to this even before it was announced for PS4. But for free I'd definitely play it anyway. Hopefully they'll have patched it by the time I get a PS4.

@rastamadeus Here in America you can "purchase" the Free PS+ games from the web store even if you don't have PS4, I'd think it'd be the same in Europe.



ohhaime commented on PlayStation App Squeezes onto Your Smartphone ...:

I hope the Vita app will be able to handle all the Second Screen stuff that the Android App can. My phone is pretty crap and I'm not sure it will be able to handle it.

@Sanquine You can already browse the PSN store with a Web browser on you're Mobile devices and queue up downloads. They updated it last week without much fanfare .



ohhaime commented on Soapbox: Stop Sobbing Over Retail Releases and...:

I'm Absolutely more looking forward to playing the "smaller" games. I don't think there has been a single retail title I would pay money for, there are a few I'll play when/if they are free from PS+, but except for MM's unannounced game there's nothing I'm really excited to play.

To me the problem with most of the indie games coming to PS4 is that most of them are also coming to PC. It's hard to convince me to buy a new console when I can already play most of the games I want for it on my PC.(And play most of them better in my Elitist PC gamer opinion.)( Actually PC gamers aren't elitist,We're just better then everybody else :P )
But PS+ actually is becoming a deciding factor in how much I want a PS4. I probably would have bought Contrast on PC. But now that I'll be getting it free and I have something I'll want to play at launch, It makes me want to pick up A PS4 sooner.

I agree with what @Rogue76 said,Smaller games fit much better into my life now that I'm older and have less time for games. When I was young I was fine spending dozens of hours on a single game. But now a short rich game that takes about ten hours, Maybe thirty for something like an RPG with a good story,is what I prefer. Most longer games are just packed with repetitive filler anyway.

@Ginkgo Have you played Thomas Was Alone?It does have a story and I personally feel It's a masterpiece of storytelling.



ohhaime commented on You Should Probably Expect to Die a Lot in Kna...:

I really want to like Knack, But every time I see video of it the gameplay just looks simple,straightforward and boring. And I actually love simple platformers like Crash, Spyro and Kirby.
Whenever I see an article saying how challenging the game will be I can't help but think it will only be made difficult by giving enemies too much health and cheap attacks.

It seems like I should like it; It has good graphics, a somewhat interesting world/story and bills itself as the next Crash Bandicoot.
I think the reason I don't is that it feels to me like it's trying too hard to be everything to everybody instead of just being a great game everyone can enjoy.It's like it lacks the kind of heart and soul that makes a game like Puppeteer so endearing.



ohhaime commented on DriveClub Parks Up in Early 2014, Contrast Joi...:

When I saw the rumor that it would be delayed I was hoping it would get replaced by Contrast or Knack in the IGC. This actually makes me want to pick up a PS4 at launch more now.
If only I could afford one. And they weren't all sold out. :-(



ohhaime commented on First Impressions: Sliding and Slicing in Warf...:

I both love and hate this game.
The FTP model really is great,Actually not requiring any money so long as you don't mind grinding a bit. The almost Monster hunter like loot system is seriously addicting.
Your character controls great too, after just a bit of practice you'll be wall running,shooting,slicing and using special abilities like a cyber ninja.

What I don't like that the Enemy AI is dumb as a box of stumps and provide little challenge.( At least from what I've experienced Soloing through the first two planets)
Also it's way too easy to sink a ton of time into the game.That may ordinarily be a good thing but I have a large backlog of game to play.



ohhaime commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the P...:

@jgrangervikings What do I think Is a good game? It's really too various to say.Currently I'm very much enjoying playing Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F on my PS3 and Kerbal Space Program on PC.
Some of my favorite games include:Kirby Super Star,Yoshi's island, Half-Life 2 , Journey,Flower,To The Moon,the Mega-Man Zero,Super Smash Bros., Portal 1, Ratchet and Clank,Spyro,Sly Cooper,One Piece : Pirate Warriors, Monster Hunter, Patapon,Pokemon,Gravity Rush,LittleBigPlanet ,Professor Layton,Urban Rivals, Harvest Moon, Gotcha Force, Custom Robo , Chibi-Robo ,Henry Hatsworth , Hotel Dusk ,Batman:Arkham ,Bastion , Notrium ,Psychonauts , Plants Vs. Zombies , Rochard , The Sims , Sanctum, Stacking , Syberia , World of Goo , Ape Escape , Worms , Beyond Good & Evil , Dance Dance Revolution , Guitar Hero , Rockband , Sly Cooper , Aqua Kitty , 1943 , Robotron , Bump & Jump ,Son-Son , Unfinished Swan , Jetpack Joyride ,Donkey Kong Country , Gunstar Heroes , Paper Mario , Dragon Quest Monsters , River City Ransom , Balloon Fight .. I think I should stop now.

What would make Me change my mind on the Line-up?A new: Monster Hunter, Ratchet&Clank, Ape Escape, Patapon; Maybe a new Crash Bandicoot or Jet Moto. Probably whatever Media Molecule is working on. New information showing how Knack has hidden depth.

But big budget studio games are starting to fall out of relevance to me. With less time and money to spend on games then I used to have, I now tend to play more Indie games because they tend to be short but sweet experiences that can be bought on the cheap.



ohhaime commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the P...:

It's a terrible Line-up for me,there's not even one retail game I would even want to buy.
I don't usually play shooters So Killzone Is meaningless to me.I did play Infamous 1&2 and was thoroughly disappointed by both so I don't care too much about Second Son.

Knack looks way too simple for me to want to spend any money on,DriveClub and Resogun look decent but none of them make me want to run out and buy a PS4 just to play it,and I would probably only play them free from PS+.

The only announced games I would actually pay for are the indie games.Galak-Z ,N++ being the only exclusives. I would consider buying some others (Contrast,Mercenary Kings,Octodad: Dadliest Catch,Transistor,Volume,The Witness) but I could happily buy them on PC. And I'll almost assuredly buy Starbound even though I own it on PC already but that's more because I'd would want to support ChuckleFish.

Lack of exclusive games I want aside, I would still buy a PS4 at launch if I could afford one.



ohhaime commented on GamesCom 2013: Starbound Crash Lands on PlaySt...:

The reason it looks like Terraria is that the lead ChuckleFish developer Tiy was lead artist for Terraria.

If anyone would like more information you can check out the Daily Dev-blog at . You can also support development of the game by Pre-ordering the PC version.

And it seems Sammy missed the fact(easy to do with all the news right now) that a Vita version is also planned for development once the PC version Releases.



ohhaime commented on PlayStation Store PLAY 2013 Saves You Money Th...:

I probably would have bought them all but my wallet has already died and gone to Steam Summer Sale heaven so none for me.

Edit: Just saw the sale goes through August 20th. So I might end up picking the all up If I can clear out some of my Backlogged games by then.



ohhaime commented on Capcom Finds Lost Planet 3's Box Art and Relea...:

This new trailer makes the story look a bit like Dances With Wolves In Space.

I'm really surprised that I'm actually looking forward to the release of a shooter(other then Half-Life 3). I just hope it doesn't flop.



ohhaime commented on Feature: Five Forgotten First-Party Franchises...:

Ape Escape
Jet Moto
War of the Monsters

Rocket: Robot on Wheels( Actually an N64 game but it was made by Sucker Punch which is now owned my Sony.Ubisoft was the publisher and they probably own any rights to it but if SP was somehow able to retain the rights I'd love to see it happen.)



ohhaime commented on PS4 Makes Communication a Breeze with Bundled ...:

I don't really use Voice chat but I can really see how handy it would be to be able to plug a headset into you controller,so I appreciate that feature.
Bundling a headset should keep people from using the camera Mic and forcing people to listen their whole house.Unfortunately it still won't stop me from having to listen to/mute their own stupid selves.

I always just use my Wii in standby mode(the yellow light) to charge my controllers.



ohhaime commented on Sony Officially Reveals the PlayStation 4, Lau...:

I don't really care about the PS4 at this point.The meeting went pretty much exactly how I expected things to go.
I like the new Controller and camera set up. The only Social feature I like is the easy streaming/viewing of gameplay video.
The only games I'm interested in are Knack, whatever that thing that MM showed off was and The Witness (but I will probably be able to get that on PC) and none of those are system sellers for me.



ohhaime commented on Talking Point: What PS4 Games Will Be Announce...:

I'm trying to think of a game that would make me want to run and buy a PS4 and other then a new Monster Hunter game(which doesn't look too likely) I don't think there is one.
I'd like to see a new Ratchet & Clank,Crash Bandicoot,Ape Escape or Jet Moto games and it wouldn't be a Playstation if it didn't a have new Gran Turismo.
A new Tomba would blow my mind but that's not gonna happen. A new Patapon game would be great too but that's more likely on Vita.



ohhaime commented on First Velocity Ultra Footage Looks Unsurprisin...:

I think I prefer the retro graphics of the original. But since I got the Mini version free from PS+ and have always wanted to pay for it because it's so good I will probably buy this for the trophies and leader-boards.



ohhaime commented on Patapon 3 Marches to the PS Vita's Beat Next Week:

Praise be the grand and merciful Sony lords that finally made this happen! I've recently been seriously considering buy a PSP mostly just to play this game(and a few imports)

I know it's not full Vita support but you can play it on the Vita if you sideload it from a PS3 (and maybe a PC, I not 100% sure but I would think you can)



ohhaime commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Is Clawing Its Way on...:

@goldgin MH4 Hasn't been announced for the West yet but the Japanese version is going to have online.

And yeah no online play for MH3U on 3DS does hurt it, but that's what the Wii U version is for.(I'll be buying both since they can share the same save )



ohhaime commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Is Clawing Its Way on...:

@goldgin Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS is going to have Online Multiplayer just so you know.
Also MH3U has 4 more weapon types and about 3 times as many monsters as Tri so don't write it off just because you have Tri, it's pretty much a whole new game rather then just an expansion.



ohhaime commented on Rumour: Sony Ditching the DualShock for PlaySt...:

While I do love the Dualshock design and would hope they do like Nintendo and keep it as a Classic/Pro controller option, I don't think I would be too upset if the new controller was a cross between a DS3 and a Vita as long as it doesn't use the terrible "Super Oval" of the Vita because it hurts my wrists.



ohhaime commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Is Clawing Its Way on...:

I'm not sure if this would really help Vita sales that much, Most people who would buy a system because of monster hunter probably already have a 3DS because of Tri G. If they already have a 3DS they might just get it for that rather then buy a new System.
Assuming they would be even in terms of features and graphics I would probably buy the 3DS version if given a choice. Because ..
While the Vita would have proper dual stick controls I will already be used to playing Tri G on 3DS anyway.
Also this is the kind of game I would like to have a downloaded copy of so it's always there.And with the Vita's expensive storage I would rather download it for 3DS.
What the Vita really needs is an Exclusive Monster Hunter game,Bring on Portable 4th !



ohhaime commented on Sony Bets the Bank on 4K Technology at CES:

I don't care about 4K (although I haven't see it myself yet), I still don't have a 1080P TV and I don't really feel like it would be a worthwhile upgrade. My 720P TV still gets the job done fine, I can't imagine 4K would make much of a difference if you're just casually watching.
I agree with nathanuc1988, OLED is the next screen technology I'm looking forward to.I love my Vita's screen and the vivid colors and great response time are something I would like in my next TV or PC Monitor.