Pride and joy

According to the man that designed it, the PlayStation 4 is the world’s most powerful games console. Lead system architect Mark Cerny stepped onto Sony’s stage at GamesCom 2013 to talk up the next generation platform – and also model his designer spectacles. While the development legend didn’t have much new information to share, he did spend a moment talking about the hardware, indie development, and the launch lineup.

“We set our target at ten times the performance of any previous console, and the result is a hardware that makes possible the stunning graphics and rich interactive worlds of the games that you’re seeing today,” he beamed, adding that the supercharged PC architecture facilitates simple development, too. “It’s quicker to bring titles to the PS4, and easier to develop them on the platform.”

You can check out Cerny’s short speech below. We must admit, we’re disappointed that he didn’t sport one of his trademark snazzy shirts, but it's always nice to see the Knack creator strut his stuff on stage.