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Thu 30th Sep 2010

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Epic commented on Capcom Knocks a Super Platinum Rank Street Fig...:

I would show mercy to someone that disconnects in middle of a match due to internet issues or something of that nature but if its in middle of an Ultra Move or a bit after a stun its bit obvious that its just a coward and it actualy deserves the punishment.



Epic commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge Belly Dances to PS4 N...:

I'm playing through it right now, saw it on the Steam Sumer Sale for 2.50$ so I had to give it a try, its a really great game, love the whole metroidvania plataforming aspect of it and the dialogue its hilarious at times.



Epic commented on Beware: Witcher 3 Spoilers Are Spreading Like ...:

At least doesn't seem as bad as The Last of Us chapter title leaks that hackers got from the demo, spoilers were coming when the game WASN'T EVEN OUT.
Still pretty sad that someone put this much thought into spoiling the game for others.



Epic commented on Sony: PS4 Remasters Help Us Open the Door to F...:

This would make complete sense if they were remastering God of War 1 or even Ascencion.
If you want to introduce newcomers to the series you're supposed to start from the beginning, but that's totaly not the case. -_-



Epic commented on Not One PS4 or Vita Title Could Break Japan's ...:

I just feel bad that Yokai Watch appeared on this list 3 times, at this point with this rereleases with just a bit of extra content they are milking that franchise, at this point they are just milking the franchise for obvious reasons.



Epic commented on Retailers Reduce PlayStation TV as US Consumer...:

I think this is not because of Vita TV lack of features(Netflix) its just that Sony hasn't bothered to market the product, they barely show it off besides mentioning it on their websites when a game supports it,



Epic commented on Analysts: Xbox One Will Catch Up to PS4 in 2015:

I think he would be completly right if the Xbox One 350$ price tag wasn't just for a limited time, now's back to 400$
At some point I thought they were really going to catch up with the exclusives and stuff but well, its going to be interesting to see how's everything is going to end up now that the playing field is even again.



Epic commented on Reaction: The Good Intentioned Game Awards Nee...:

I will give it a meh, it had some interesting unveilings but sadly enough, I won't ever get hyped again if I ever hear the words "World Premier" again and it was more tease than anything at all.



Epic commented on Blood Sport Is Probably the Worst Kickstarter ...:

So let me get this straight, you want to take blood from a donor without any kind of regulation, that will be determined by how well you perform in a game?

Well, glad this is cancelled because at some point if someone does really bad in a game, it could take too much blood and well, stuff start to happen.



Epic commented on Ever Wanted to Know Why You Can't Change Your ...:

Come on Sony you can do better than this, this is like a claiming that my dog ate my homework.
It would only be matter of setting an ID number of just limit the number of changes to 1 every 3 months or something like that, they just don't have the system setted up for this and don't want to invest in the resources to do so. -_-
I don't have anything to complain regarding my PSN Username but still pretty sad for those that do want to change it.



Epic commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

Time for a scary story, on a weekend I was finaly free from college, with nothing to do all day and no one home, I decided to turn on my PS3, and instead of turning on, it started BEEPING A YELLOW LIGHT. O_O
True Story
Epilogue: I sent my PS3 to a random repair center and they charged me 80$ TO REPAIR IT, which was even more scary IMHO O_O



Epic commented on The Mighty No. 9 Now Wants You to Crowdfund So...:

This just feels wrong, completly wrong.
Not sure what they are exactly thinking at this point, any company at this point would be willing to throw some money at them if they ever needed some funds, they already proved that this is going to be a succesful game and its not like they still don't have some spare cash from the first campaign.
The Greed is real on this one.



Epic commented on Blimey, The Last of Us is Getting a Game of th...:

Well, I do want to play the DLC and don't have an actual copy of the game or a PS4, a friend lent me his copy and stuff, so get thisat certain point, for the bargain bin price of course.
Mighy actualy make me game again on my PS3 after all this time xD



Epic commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

I have only bought 1 Season Pass in my life and it was for BL 2, and end up regretting it because didn't even came out with the 2 extra classes and 1 lvl expansion and the GOTY edition cameout 3 months after that, being even cheaper than getting the game and all the DLC overall.

I rarely pay for DLC but its because at this point the so called "Extras" like most of us know feel just like content cutted off the main game, but well, that's topic for another day I guess.



Epic commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

Its the cycle of life, but is not about complaining of that cheap ass car, is all about the places that it can take you while on its prime in the product life what matters in the end.

If we throwed away everything that's out of date we would be changing almost every electronic in our household but for now that's only a trend for Smartphones thankfuly,



Epic commented on E3 2014: Sony Says It Won't Ever Force Microtr...:

I always thought about it this way, if a game makes it that to the point hard at some where gamers ever require this microtransactions, the games pace is horribly balanced.
I can accept this from a Free to Play, after all their business center around thisbut would never accept it for a retail games or pay to play games.
It just doesn't make any sense IMCHO.



Epic commented on E3 2014: The Last of Us Remastered Will Break ...:

Meh had enough with of TLOU with one playthrough, I thought they shoudn't have even bothered showing a trailer.
After all this game is already 1 year old and almost everyone knows all the stuff related to the game.



Epic commented on Sony Finally Reveals Its Plans to Bring the Pl...:

With the current chinese goverment conditions, its going to be bit hard for corporations to bring their games to china, quoting another article:

"For starters, anything including alcohol abuse, drug use, violence and obscenity is ruled out from the start. This pretty much applies to anything that even remotely resembles the Action genre (or RPGs for that matter), not just obvious titles such as GTA 5. Furthermore, anything hinting at cults or superstitions is ruled out, as well as anything that even remotely challenges China’s political, national or religious integrity. Games with horror elements and monsters are likely to be ruled out too."

So technicaly no M rated and even some T+ games over there.