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Thu 30th September, 2010

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Epic commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

I'm in a meh state, the problem with the Vita TV is that it still has most of the PS Vita Limitations and has even more due to the fact some of the games still require touchpad/touchscreen input but still are getting a solid gaming expirience.
BUT There's also the fact is a really cheap maching considering its almost even at the same foot as Amazon TV, for the same price you get a PS Vita TV Bundle with the controller and Memory card you can what FireTV is offering with the controller and still have some few bucks to spare for the fact the it doesnt come with an HDMI Cable.

I think it has an appeal for those that want to mainly game on it but also wants a cheap media hub but for those taking the media side as a priority it would be a mroe wiser decision to go with the FireTV.



Epic commented on Visit the Grand Coliseum in One Piece: Unlimit...:

Interesting indeed, I really like this whole arena thing on the Anime but I kinda hate they are taking their time on this Arc just like in Punk Hazard.T_T

PS: Totaly called the winner of the latest episode xD



Epic commented on Minecraft Builds Itself a Gigantic Update on PS3:

I played today just because I had alot of time without playing and noticed all these new stuff :D
Kinda regret now killing all the people that were living on the village to take their house as a secondary base xD



Epic commented on Talking Point: PlayStation's Big Employment Pe...:

Departures are fine, after all this big names want just to move foward, what concerns me is the layoffs and how hte departure of this huge names might affect games that are still on development by their lead.



Epic commented on Here's What Borderlands 2 Will Look Like on Yo...:

Its screen tearing in such a mild soft action scene on Souther Shelf Bay(almost at the end of the video), I don't want to see how this thing EXPLODES when they start fighting contructors and Hyperion Robots start falling from the sky. O-O

If they don't fix this by launch this is going to be looking pretty sad for Vita. T_T



Epic commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Project Morpheus...:

My problem with this is device is that sounds expensive and it won't be supported by a lot of devs. It has the potential to be a good peripheral but not that good as a standalone device. Maybe they can create a bundle or something when it gets released.