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Sat 19th Jan 2013

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banacheck commented on Hands On: Sonic Mania on PS4 Runs Rings Around...:

Isn't the Wii U considered dirty? Anyway Nintendo are far from what they used to be, they are still stuck in the 80's half the half the time.

Looking forwards to it, its differently a 10times better then mosst modern Sonic.



banacheck commented on Poll: What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?:

I love it the new areas are really good i can definitely see why it wasn't released on the PS3 now, there is just no way it could look the same i mean with things like think fog hanging in the air and all the other effects. Have not played Destiny for over a year and wasn't going to come back, friends got it so i did as well i am glad i did know. There is a lot secrets in the game also which the dev's have been taking about before release, and if you at that book thing there is a lot to do.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I am playing some Destiny, Bioshock, Zombies new DLC and Don't Starve:Together and will probably play some Street Fighter V to check-out the new update, still got to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It's a lot to fit over the weekend but god will i try, if not i'll carry on over this week.



banacheck commented on First Impressions: PS4 Pro Represents a Sizeab...:

Already got my on pre order cannot wait, it just goes to show how uninformed people really are towards tech. Obviously its going to make a difference with the PS4 Pro being over twice the power of the standard PS4, the PS4 Pro has 4.2 Teraflops over a standard PS4's 1.84 Teraflops that is a higher spec like it or not. It'll look a lot better wether your on a 1080p TV or amazing on a 4K HDR TV with better frame-rates, and your standard customer wouldn't be able to tell the difference from Sony's upscalling technique and native 4K fact.



banacheck commented on Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Pl...:

Gamers in truth don't know what they want, when Microsoft first announced the XboxOne people went nuts mainly over it being a TV box & the 24 hour login stuff. One of the main reasons why the XboxOne s probably has a UHD Blue-Ray drive is to boost sales, Sony doesn't need to do that. Did it make a difference the Xbox360 having a DVD drive over Sony's Blue-Ray drive? No. And at that time there was a format war over DVD & Blue-Ray, one of the main reasons why the PS3 launched a year late with a Blue-Ray drive. There is no format war there is no reason Sony needs to push UHD Blue-Ray's, and in the process up the console's price. Not only that but the PS4 is being pushed as a "games console", over Microsoft "multimedia box" so its more important for Microsoft to have one then Sony also Microsoft needs the sales. At the end of the day the PS4 PRO not having a UHD Blue-Ray drive will not affect sales at all, also Amazon's proof of that. People you keep on downloading DLC, games, films and streaming on Netflix you only have yourself's to blame in cases like this, if you think companies like Sony & Microsoft don't know how you use your consoles you must be very naive.



banacheck commented on Download All of Battlefield 4's Expansions Fre...:

Thats what i love about the new update if you hover on the game a load of info comes up, trophies, trending etc anyway if you go down to the bottom it will tell you all DLC is free and other cool info if the game features it like challenges etc.



banacheck commented on Review: RIVE (PS4):

I don't why you Couldn't find it as its in the new released games right a the top, it was also by Bioshock for pre-order for a few good months.



banacheck commented on PS4 Firmware Update 4.00 Is Available to Downl...:

I put all App's together, all FPS together, all Adventure Games together, all Indies together, all RPG's together, like that it's a lot better. The update is really good it now looks a lot smarter, love the update myself.



banacheck commented on Will PS4 Pro Improve Games on Traditional 1080...:

I thought it was obvious myself with the console having over twice the power, most dev's will probably follow what Crystal Dynamics are doing with ROTTR. Three modes to choose from from the options menu, Which are "4K/30FPS" "Unlocked frame-rates 60FPS/1080p" or "Enhanced Graphics at 1080p/30FPS". It does just goes to show a lot of gamers don't actually know what thay are buying.



banacheck commented on Feature: Everything You Need to Know About PS4...:

People are stupid just go and read the Internet about PS4 PRO "but Scorpio will kill the PS4 PRO". Of course it will its a whole generation leap forwards and if you think the XboxOne/XboxOne s will not be left behind, carry on rotting your brain with drugs. In a matter of weeks (not a years time) you can buy a more powerful PS4 at no extra cost as the original PS4, or buy a slim for £100 cheaper. And why are people dumb because thay are talking about the PS4 PRO like it the next generation or something, its not its just a PS4 hence the name PS4 PRO. If you already own a 4K or HDR, hell you don't even need a PS4 PRO for HDR your going to see the benefits. Better frame-rates or what ever the dev's choose, and by the way if you thought going from SD to HD was noticeable wait until HDR/4K TVs are standard.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

Its not just Sony its the whole gaming industry which bypasses the sales of good act because of the nature of game development, thats why thay can show you bs scripted demo's like No Man Sky and not get done when the game is nothing like that.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2016: Drop a Titan on Your PS4 This W...:

Titanfall was a really good FPS i believe Titanfall 2 single player is really good from people thats played it (PS3trophies.Org), i believe MP will have a lot unlocks something the first one suffered from. So looking forwards to trying out 2, i think 2 could do very well.



banacheck commented on Rockstar Could Be at PlayStation Meeting, But ...:

Apparently Sony has two different models of the PSNeo the one which the spec's has already been leaked, the other which will also have a stronger CPU. Rumours you got to love them but we will see at Sony's Press Conference.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: No Man's Sky on PS4 Is the Biggest Di...:

I read a lot of opinions about No Mans Sky that all echo sammies opinion in one way or another, No Mans Sky survival game go and play Don't Starve and you'll found out what a true survival game is. What i find very funny and ironic is people say, well No Mans Sky is very different to all the games out Action games & Shooters (i guess its only me that plays adventure/RPG's games then) the mining tool acts like a gun and can be upgraded into a gun. Yeh very different and original, go and play Don't Starve and you'll find out what different and original is all while not costing £49 RRP-£55 on the PSN store.



banacheck commented on Sticker on PS4 Copies of No Man's Sky Removes ...:

I don't unstand why thay are being so vague over online features, and why thay would say it had multiplayer in the first place. Its just like anything people want to know what thay are buying & thay are entitled know, it would have been a none issue. I find it all very strange like thay are scared of losing sales or something, if you did this sort of thing in any other industry you would be in hot water.



banacheck commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Servers Too Busy for Multipla...:

But all the comments still doesn't change the fact they said there was a possibility you could come across another player but unlikely because of the size of the game, hence why people thought NMS had MP you would think the maker of the game would know if thay've added MP or not.