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banacheck commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

Obviously the First Look Alpha & Beta was a small part of the game, well I'm hoping so anyway. But what I did play was good but like others have said the missions are all very the same, I'm hoping the full version will have a lot more variation.



banacheck commented on Bumping The Last of Us Remastered's Framerate ...:

Believe it or not shadow quality has a significant affect on a game's performance, but isn't as important as other draining graphic settings like anti-aliasing. So it's no surprise seeing the shadow quality taking a hit at 60fps, whether it's on console or PC (depending on the PC).



banacheck commented on Don't Diss PS4 Racer DriveClub's Framerate Unt...:

I think DriveClub will handle very well being "locked" at 30FPS, when people think of 30FPS (0n console) they don't take into account last gen game's where not 30FPS, in most cases they where 17-25-20FPS etc. 30FPS on the PS4 means 30FPS and DriveClub frame rate is "locked" too, what I don't get is why is DriveClub taking all the heat when a FPS Destiny is 30FPS? Shooters benefit from higher frame rates.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Watch Dogs Takes the World Cu...:

Glad to see Watch Dogs still at the top it's definitely one of the best open-world game's out, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a good FPS too.

But the thing is Watch Dogs is definitely the better game out of the two (InfamousSS Vs Watch Dogs), InfamousSS is a good game but very lacking towards Watch Dogs considering thay are both open-world game's.



banacheck commented on E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V to Score Special S...:

I'm still waiting for Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to drop in price to the point I'm happy paying as I've already got the game on the PS3, I buy all my games new to support the dev's and keep them for good. The only game I don't mind buying again is Diablo3 as it adds a lot of new content, not sure about GTAV. I love GTAV so I'll wait and see what this added incentive is, hopefully it makes paying full price again for a game you've already got worth it.



banacheck commented on E3 2014: PS4 Racer DriveClub Revs Its Engine i...:

Don't underestimate the power of weather effects, no really. Before rivals came out I thought do I need another NFS game, got it anyway and it was the weather effects that set rivals apart from other NFS games for me. I love the day/night cycles and weather effects it adds to the overall game, looking forwards to DriveClub.



banacheck commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

I think it was a good E3 showing from Sony, very happy with the games that are coming. Next Gamescom and the likes where Sony will announce more games, a few months/week's back Sony trademarked two games, bloodborne was one of them where is the other?



banacheck commented on E3 2014: New Ratchet & Clank Movie Trailer Exp...:

A remastered, reimagined version of the PS2 game is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Announced on stage during Sony’s E3 press conference, the new version of the game features new gameplay sequences as well as new visuals. Sony reckons it will be able to match the very best games on the platform.

So it's not just a remake.



banacheck commented on What New PS4 Features Do You Want? Share Your ...:


i think so far i like most the things but i feel 2014 is when we will see the best of ps4

We are in 2014.

(PS4 PSN) With DLC it should be clear which file you should download if there is more the one DLC file, like EU 5678GB UK 5657GB etc.

Your PS4 should know if you have certain DLC already installed, your PS4 shouldn't be trying and download it again when you are downloading newer DLC for the same game.

The option to pause downloads like the PS3, as others have said.

(the new play as you download) have the option to download the whole game, and when your using the play as you download always have a progression bar in the Notifications until it's fully downloaded. Sony needs to tell the dev's to include these options, especially as Wolfenstein you only download 10GB and your left wondering where the rest of the game is as nothing tells you.



banacheck commented on Old School and New School Merge in This Surpri...:

I think if you've been playing game's from the Atair/C16 days you'll definitely enjoy the game, where game's where game's the difficulty mattered and no one told you how to play it.

We had to put with graphics like this:



banacheck commented on Out This Week: Transistor, Wolfenstein: The Ne...:

You are being invaded.

(off topic) I hate people who solely rest on a review of a game

I know mostly about the game's i interested in way before a review comes out, which most of the time i've already my mind up on the game. But "reviews" & not a review can help towards a decision about buying a game.



banacheck commented on Out This Week: Transistor, Wolfenstein: The Ne...:

Wolfenstein & Transistor and Watch Dogs next week, One of the biggest French magazines, Jeux Vidéo, has scored the worldwide exclusive on the first review of Watch Dogs, thay give the game almost perfect score with a slight disappointment on the story.



banacheck commented on The PS4 Won't Be Looting Any Exclusive Content...:

However, it looks as though the studio will be teaming up with a manufacturer in order to market the release

If you mean just stand on stage with X manufacturer at E3, but if you mean TV ads much like Watch Dogs no manufacturer would be stupid enough to do that without some sort of deal.



banacheck commented on Review: Transistor (PlayStation 4):

It's not a turn-based game it's a real time ARPG with a planning mode that gives you a slight edge over your opponents, you can fight in real time or with the planning mode that freezes the enemies then you can plan out your moves to take out the enemies obviously at a cost, being vulnerable for a few seconds.



banacheck commented on Round Up: Wolfenstein: The New Order Reviews R...:

Usually these game's normally release on friday here in the EU so i wasn't excepting to see Wolfenstein until friday, to my surprise it's on the PSN Store to download now, so i'm downloading it now obviously on the PS4.



banacheck commented on At Least Insomniac Wants a New Amplitude to Ge...:

Insomniac " Hi PlayStation fans we are making a brand new IP exclusive to XboxOne, but need your help to fund a Amplitude HD for the PS3/PS4 for Harmonix"

I think i already know the outcome too this. but sadly it'll be for the wrong reason.



banacheck commented on Chug, Chug, Chug! Watch Dogs Brings College Dr...:

I'm betting Watch Dogs will get good reviews around 8's, going off the press that are playing it. The last gen version PS3 graphics wise look better than what i thought thay would do, i'm actually surprised by them. The online modes especially Invasion look good, Invasion is like Dark Souls invasions but you don't know thay are in your game until thay start hacking you. I also should warn you, if you've been playing online while playing the campaign and want to trun the online option off , any skills you've unlocked online will be reset back to zero. Hopefully this is patched with the day one patch, if not play the campaign offline first than play online. Other than that not long to release now.



banacheck commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

I wouldn't touch a 360 again after going through 3 of them in under 2years which is ridiculous, and what did Microsoft do? nothing when thay did it was only an extra 12 months warranty, no wonder the XboxOne looks like a VHS.

Microsoft hasn't sold 5 million consoles thay've shipped to shops 5 million consoles, Sonys sold 7 million consoles.



banacheck commented on Feature: Five Ways PS4 Can Keep the Lead in th...:

Microsoft are off there heads and it clearly shows, also with all the bs Microsoft was saying about the XboxOne & Kinect and goes on to sell a Kinect-less XboxOne. I would bet some are not very happy with Microsoft around about now, just like E3 that lead the Xboxers to by a PS4.



banacheck commented on Reaction: Xbox One's PS4 Impersonation Improve...:

So Microsoft saying thay wouldn't sell the XboxOne without the Kinect was a lie and every other thing thay said about the XboxOne & Kinect, i can imagine some people who have shelled out the full £500 believing there wouldn't be an XboxOne without a Kinect are not too happy right now.