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banacheck commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Wraps Up Warm in Cold, ...:

I'll be buying this tomorrow despite what people say Origins is not a bad game, it's a straight copy of Rocksteadys Batman gameplay wise, it just does nothing original. Also come October-ish the last Batman game will be releasing Arkham Knight, it'll be interesting to see what Rocksteady does next.



banacheck commented on Pachter: Sony Would Probably Like to Get Call ...:

What's the point in paying for something your already getting for free?

Also this year's COD Sledgehammer’s Is apparently going to be one of the biggest jumps graphics wise the game has seen in a while, if this is true it dam well needs it not only that fresh gameplay too.



banacheck commented on You May Get a Discount on The Last of Us PS4 i...:

While we don’t necessarily agree with that line of thought

There should be a discount for people that brought on the PS3, when The Last Of Us released on the PS3, thay went straight to work on the PS4 version. People did ask at the time will there be a PS4 version, yet thay didn't say anything knowing full well there was. Instead of saying there will be a PS4 version at some point in the near future, for people that want to wait. It's the same as Diablo3 people knew there was a PS4 version, so some people didn't buy it on the PS3 as thay are waiting for the PS4 version.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered En...:

I already own The Last Of Us on the PS3, but there are new announcements coming from this year's E3. Sony's has pointed that out in the past, also Microsoft was doing an interview, and also pointed out that them and Sony will be bring an army of software to E3.



banacheck commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:

Microsoft lost it at E3 when thay announced there next-gen "game's console" with TV, then the famous question. What happens if someone doesn't have broadband? thay can buy an Xbox360, if anything Microsoft proved how out of touch thay where.



banacheck commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@ rjejr

so I thought this was more a new coat of paint DLC thing, like Diablo 3 on PS3 compared to PC which seemed improved but not drastically so

Diablo3 on the PS3 is a better version than the PC version, meny things where improved.The menu system which you'll spend a lot of time in sorting out your loot etc had a complete overhaul, built especially for the console version PS3/360. The PS4 version will have exclusive features, that's not on the PC or PS3 version. Blizzard did an excellent job of Diablo3 on the PS3, and the same will be said about the PS4.



banacheck commented on Fresh Content Infiltrates PS4 Exclusive Killzo...:

I got the Season Pass when it was first available, I was playing multiplayer last night the Insurgent Pack it good. I also managed to find 4 collectables, if anyone is wondering the collectables are yellow crate's you shoot. I looking forwards to the co-op wave base mode, hopefully thay'll release it soon.



banacheck commented on DLC Review: Underwater Espionage in BioShock I...:

This is with out doubt the best Bioshock DLC to date, good size DLC too. It's a sad far well, but thay have gone out with a bang.

What's also very sad about this is you'll never see another game like Bioshock again, infinite was very good but didn't reach the height's of the original Bioshock. The reason for that was infinite settings didn't come close to Bioshock, it was Rapture, Big Daddies, Little Sisters and the Splicers with that dark wonderland that is Rapture. And if you remember rightly your character didn't speak, you learned the story through the diaries and NPC. And do you remember that first scene looking at your hands as you injected the Plasmid, why did thay take away the horror aspect? Anyway Bioshock & infinite will be missed.



banacheck commented on Choose a Sony Faction with This Dynasty Warrio...:

It's a PS3 game on the PS4 but you can definitely see the difference, a lot more detail, lighting, draw distance, more enemies on screen at once etc. You can actually see the detail in the armour, the shadows on the characters. Nothing on the PS3 come's close to the open world infamous, and this gen hasn't even started yet.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

Sony gets carp for giving away games with there online subscription, but know one ever says anything about XboxOne subscription. You'll lose features that your paying for depending where you fall on there new reputation system, apps are behind a pay wall that you pay to use and there no game's every month. It seems people only moan when your doing something right.



banacheck commented on This Is Why You Should Play Watch Dogs on PS4:

I seen this before when i was on the PS4 under Whats New, i'm always looking on there now to see all the different trailers thay put up. I'm still interested in Watch Dogs, towards the end of next month thay'll hopefully start showing it again.



banacheck commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

I've just come off Infamous now only about an hour into it so far, the game looks fantastic it really does. The somke effects that come's off the characters look amazing, everything looks amazing i love it so far.



banacheck commented on Rumour: Is the PS4 About to Become the Primary...:

The PS4 being lead platform obviously makes sense, but this doesn't mean COD will take centre stage on the PS4. The only reason the Xbox360 became lead platform, was obviously it was a lot easier to code for much like the PS4 now. Also COD is not seen as it was once but, if Activision gives the dev's more freedom to change things up add new game modes etc and make it feel fresh that could help. Also COD has a big advantage over Titanfall it has a lot more content wise, seeing how people reacted over Ground Zeroes. These same people will not be happy content wise with Titanfall especially with it being a full price game, the only thing that saves Titanfall is that its a online game.



banacheck commented on How Do You Complete Metal Gear Solid V: Ground...:


Also, if this game has anything like Qforce's Skillpoints, then that adds another couple of hours to the game.

It has challenges, for £20 i think it's worth it for me i've always replayed every MGS game thats apart of there appeal. Ground Zeroes also has leaderboards for speedruns, & quite a lot of other things to do. Playing through the main mission once just see's you at around 9% completion out of 100%, and to get every collectable you need to go out of your way. So to get 100% completion it's not a 2 hour job or as easy as some might think, you'll definitely going to be playing Ground Zeroes longer than some full rentail game's that lack replay value.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Dark Souls II Blocked from th...:

Oh thanks for letting me know that they said Titanfall wouldn't be an annual thing. By the way do you know who said that? Was it EA or the developers?

It's ok, Respawn the dev's said that as thay don't want to split-up the players by doing annual release's, thats why thay are doing the DLC plus free DLC.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Dark Souls II Blocked from th...:


Titanfall is a very good game but and here is the but, it's £54.99 & then you got to buy the DLC apart from that it's a vey good game. And like you said it's fun and different from COD & BF4, but it's pricey thats all.

I'm into both RPG'S & FPS otherwise i wouldn't be playing Titanfall, but value for money Dark Souls II is king i can tell you that now. Now Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is sort of the same like Titanfall being online mostly & FPS but for £34.99 it has far more value for money. You got the competitive multiplayer, 4-person co-op and the survival mode in slit screen, now if you sick of BF & COD Garden Warfare is definitely the game too get seeing as this might be coming too the PS4. Thay said Titanfall wouldn't be an annual thing, thay'll be adding DLC plus free DLC.



banacheck commented on Aussie Gamers Will Have to Wait an Extra Week ...:

You do know it's not a 2 hour game right? it's only the main mission thats 2 hours long, then there is the side ops plus the extra ops.

With infamous out this week as well as Ground Zeroes, i'll probably play infamous first then Ground Zeroes. Yep Australia is sure funny like but thay are probably still in the mind set games are for kids or something, there is no other reason for it.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Dark Souls II Blocked from th...:

Dark Souls II should have been number 1 for a few reasons, Titanfall is a very good game if your into FPS. But for £54.99 it's not really worth that price this just EA effing gamers over, the campaign is really just a mix of game mode's. You've not got a clue what's the campaign is about, there is only 3 Titan's all together which you unlock by finishing the campaign. There is nothing game mode wise new stuff like Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunter etc, are game mode's you've played before if you've played COD. But Titanfall is very different to COD i'll say that, it's a lot more fast paced you also get burn cards which last for one life that'll speed you up even more so it's fast as well as different burn cards.Especially if you wallrun as well that also gives you a speed boost, you can wallrun across anything then you've got the Titan's themselves. So it's a very different game towards COD i'll give Respawn that, thay've done a very good job of it. But Dark Souls II should have been number one in my eyes, for £37.99 it has a load of gameplay plus replay value.



banacheck commented on How Long Will Watch Dogs Stay Connected to You...:

Sony & Ready At Dawn has confirmed an autumn release, unless gets delayed which i doubt.

I'm looking forwards to Watch Dogs & definitely Destiny, i knew new content had be add to Watch Dogs because of the rating in Australia. It was already rated in Australia, so the cut content or what ever it was made no sense.



banacheck commented on You'll Be Going Underground in PS4 Exclusive T...:

I was wondering what the info coming today was, about The Order 1886.

I thought i would post this for you guys here at Push Square, i remember you did an article on it. Sounds promising for some time in the PS4 life cycle.

Team ICO's The Last Guardian is still very much on Sony's radar it seems, as Sony Studios' Scott Rohde has declared that it's "absolutely in the mix" at the platform-holder's Worldwide Studios.

"When we see that the public is so interested in a specific game, of course that drives us to want to complete that game," said Rohde. "But it also drives us to want to make it great. We would not want to ship that game if we don’t think it’s great."

Quizzed as to which PlayStation platform The Last Guardian will appear on, having been announced for PS3 way back in 2009, Rohde offered the following, stating that he's "not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved. But that is still a title that’s absolutely in the mix at Worldwide Studios. That’s the most you’re gonna get."



banacheck commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:

I was reading about this early on how some 3rd parties already have thing VR headset apparently, & one of Sony's 1st party dev's has a demo using it. And how it's apparently better than the Oculus Rift, and saying like you with the right software & price Sony has a better chance off getting VR off the ground so to speak.



banacheck commented on CD Projekt Taking Extra Time to Tame PS4 Seque...:

COD & Battlefield could really push out anything as long as it kept it's core shooting mechanic, & people would buy it. Titanfall is a good example of this, even some of the press that have played it have dubbed it Call Of Duty Fall. Rip away it's jet-packs & robots & it really is another COD well MW that is. Shooters (FPS) wise if this is what's too come it's going to be a long seven years FPS wise. But i'm sure EA will be happy if Titanfall becomes popular because it means multiplayer only game's at £54.99 a pop, with a healthy regular dose of DLC at £14.99 no doubt.

If the game's not finished it's a wise choice to delay the game, the trend of patching a game after release "just because we can" needs too stop.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret...:

For me Live from PlayStation is a brilliant app i've never really watched Let's Play on YouTube, like you said i've never seen much point in it. But before the PS4 come out i remember reading about it's features, "taking control of others game's". Obviously & being able to "watch others play game's", and i remember thinking this kills any demo. The being able to take over other people game's it not available just yet, but i've still be able to watch people play Knack to judge wether i like it or not. & as more game's are released just with a review & being able to watch someone play the game, which is not confined to 10 minutes or something unlike a demo. I can easily judge wether i would like the game or not, so that mainly why i'll be using it.



banacheck commented on Review: Dark Souls II (PlayStation 3):

Yes i read about that too, i'm hopeful that rumour is true base on what i've read. About Yoshida who said thay dropped the ball on publishing Demon's Souls, Yoshida has also expressed a love for Demon's Souls and added that he would really like to see potential sequel on PlayStation platforms. And how Yoshida has also said how Demon's Souls inspired some of the PlayStation 4's design.

"Lots of things these games - Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls – did, like leaving the message to other people asynchronously so you feel connected but not really connected at the same time, all of these things inspired us when we were designing the system features for PS4.

I just cannot see them leaving the Demon's Souls IP to do nothing based off these comments.

Nice review it's finally here well almost in the UK, this month is also excellent for game's. Open world game's, Dark Souls, infamous & Ground Zeroes.