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Sat 19th January, 2013

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banacheck commented on Wii U Exclusive Zombi Officially Reanimated on...:

Looking into your bag with the Gamepad is really no different than looking into the bag in the Last Of Us with the DS4, the only difference is your not looking away from the TV. In Tearaway PS4 version you'll be using the light bar on the DS4 to point & light the way, as well as for a lot of other things. Not really especial you say? well it is when you think about the fact you don't need a PS4 camera in order to do these in-game things. So there could be some DS4 usage in this, but there probably won't be.



banacheck commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's Blast Mode Is Not as ...:

According to some every game is going to be a disappointment.

I think it'll do well especially with DICE's name attached to it, it's good to have & see different multiplayer games besides COD. Even though Black Ops 3 looks good, especially Zombies mode.



banacheck commented on PS4 Prints Money as System Shipments Surpass 2...:

It makes me laugh when people come out with, Sony's resting on its laurels because it's selling so well. When the fact is Sony "always" done well apart from the beginning of the PS3, the PS was the first console ever to sell over 100 million. The PS2 was the fastest selling console sell over 150 million, Sony's got where they are today by hard work not through sitting on there laurels.



banacheck commented on The Witcher 3's Getting New Game Plus as Free DLC:

I am definitely going to do a few play throughs when I've finished my first play through, hopefully it includes a patch that fixes a glitch that effects a trophy after V1.07 patch. It's great that they are adding NG+ but i feel it should have already been in the game, it's also great games can get new features via patches.



banacheck commented on Here's the Difference Between God of War III o...:

I can now see why they used the Hades fight to show off God Of War 3 before it got released, simply put it's stunning. I am amazed at the graphic level of God of War 3 seeing as it's five years old game, the level of detail was always there on the PS3 version but now stands right out on the PS4.The 60fps is rock solid even with a screen full of enemies, and thats with you going nuts on them. & being a massive God Of War fan, it feels just as epic to play as it did when it first released.



banacheck commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying Rise of the Tomb Raid...:

By the time this hits the PS4 there will have been new games announced/releasing, also Uncharted 4 will have released by then. I think the big question is how much are you willing to pay for a year old game? I think for me TR will be long forgotten by then.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Should More AAA Titles Adopt a ...:

Evolution have definitely got it right with Driveclub, but CD Projekt Red's free DLC feels like it was taken from the main game. But I am sure there main story DLC will be ten times better, because at the end of the day we are paying for it.



banacheck commented on Review: God of War III Remastered (PS4):


I think a review shouldn't be scored because of its asking price, but should be made clear it's a bit to much if that's your opinion. It should have been a downloadable game for £19.99 a bit like DMC4, but GOW if definitely a 9/10 for me.



banacheck commented on Review: God of War III Remastered (PS4):

People that say don't get GOW3 because it's the third game you'll not pick-up on the story, it's really very easy to pick up on the GOW story as there is not much to it really. GOW is more about it's gameplay then story, so people should not be put off because it is the third game. Basically Kratos got tricked by the God of War & he ended up killing his family, now obviously Kratos wants revenge on the gods, that's about it now go & play GOW3.



banacheck commented on Mortal Kombat X's Tremor Is Rock Hard:

The only fighter I am into is Street Fighter really, but have played MK mainly the original when it was in the arcades years ago. But I might pick this up & give it a try before Street Fighter V releases, still have to get Ultra Street Fighter IV now it's patched.



banacheck commented on Street Fighter V's New Challenger Is a Bit of ...:

Definitely getting Street Fighter V next year cannot wait to play it, if done right the free DLC will be a lot better than different versions of the same game. Looking forwards to seeing more of Street Fighter V stages, & gameplay modes.



banacheck commented on Destiny's Most Popular Weapons Are Getting Wha...:

I've almost finished getting the Platinum, I am trying to get the Vex for Packing Heat Trophy. They should just leave the game how it is, I can understand if your new to the game getting owned by Thorn in PvP. Otherwise Thorn players are nothing to worry about, I just want Bungie to make Exotics a bit more easier to get. Because at the moment it's just to much luck based, otherwise tie the Exotics to skill. Like finishing a raid flawless should guarantee a Exotic weapon, not just shards if your unlucky (like me).



banacheck commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to Scor...:

I have fond memories of Uncharted more then anything, I got it when it first released & was amazed by the graphics at the time.& it was the first time cutscenes & gameplay was seemless, which believe it or not made quite the difference. Uncharted 2 is the best Uncharted game, but l am looking forward to playing Uncharted again.



banacheck commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for Backwards Compatibi...:

(They showed a very short list of titles that work, and doing software emulation means you have to work title by title. So I'm curious to see what kind of games will be included in those 100 games that they say will be compatible by the end of the year," he continued, sounding somewhat sceptical.)

I would be sceptical too because I highly doubt you'll be seeing GOW, & Halo on that list anytime soon, seeing as you can buy the remasters now & coming soon.

(Remaking games on PS4 makes the games even better – with The Last Of Us, you can play at 60 frames per second, and the same goes for Dark Souls 2. Actually, I just finished Dark Souls 2 again on PS4," Yoshida concluded,)

This quote is very true one of the reasons I got Dark Souls 2 again on the PS4, the game is now 10times better with 60fps. It also ups the multiplayer count, & adds all it's DLC.



banacheck commented on PlayStation Pays Its Respects to Nintendo's Sa...:

Wether your into the PS4, XboxOne or the Wii U this is a great loss for gaming overall, it is a massive shame that he was only 55. Iwata legend will always live on through Nintendo's Hardware & Software, & will massively be missed, R.I.P. Mr Iwata.



banacheck commented on PS4 Doubles the Competition When it Comes to U...:

This is the reason why Sony got COD, as it's selling more Hardware & Software. 27% double what last Gen & XboxOne sold, & this is another reason you'll never see another Titanfall exclusive. & why Tomb Rider is a Timed exclusive, even this has shot them in the foot.



banacheck commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Zombie Mode Goes...:

Would the really Zombie mode please stand up, we are not going to have a problem here.

Looks brilliant & it also looks like they have taken it back to how the originals were in Black Ops 1, which were the best one's. If you look at AW Zombies to this, these guys do the best original Zombies mode which no one else comes close too.