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banacheck commented on Star Wars Battlefront Beta Soars to PS4 Next M...:

Hopefully they will tell us how to sign-up for the Beta soon, but will definitely sign-up as soon as I know how. It's a very good idea to run Beta's for two reasons, A) to make sure the game doesn't buckle at launch, which is a obvious one. & B) it gives a chance for people to play your game, which could lead to more sales. Looking forwards to it.



banacheck commented on Round Up: Mad Max PS4 Reviews Hit the Highway:

This: Mad Max's combat system is too dumbed down to enjoy, and repetitive activities such as searching for scrap and invading small enemy camps gets old fast.

You could tell it was going to be repetitive as hell from the gameplay they released, Mad Max well be mad.



banacheck commented on Feature: Meet the Man with 40,000 PlayStation ...:

Our next question is obvious: how does a married man with a full-time job find time to earn 40,000 Trophies in just over six years?

By using Guides,Youtube & the USB exploit on games like Bloodborne, I will never use any of these to platinum a game. Especially after paying £45-£55 RRP, I like to do everything a game has to offer.



banacheck commented on Round Up: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain...:

"It's lack of story focus is sure to be divisive for the Metal Gear faithful, but the resulting emphasis on my story"

Gamespot has contradicted themselves by saying this go & read the full review, but they also say you'll need to play the game on higher difficulty settings for the full story. Which I like because it adds to replay value, not that it needs it as you'll be spending hundreds of hours to do everything. Cannot wait for MGSV it sounds like it could be the best MGS game to date, going by voice actors comments & game websites reviews.



banacheck commented on Reaction: Destiny Has a Clear Plan, and It's t...:

You lot do know in Year 2 a mission is never going to play the same like Year 1, some parts of it will be different each time you play it. At first I was put off by the price especially as we pay more here in the UK, but now I know what's coming it's going to be well worth it.



banacheck commented on Reaction: Destiny Has a Clear Plan, and It's t...:

Year 2 is going to be a lot better I am really looking forwards to it, some of the new exotics look smart but sadly Ice Breaker with some others are not making it. But new exotic weapons will take Ice Breaker & Gjallarhorn place no doubt, Suros Regime, The Last Word 2.0 are going to be bad arss.



banacheck commented on The Taken King Is Looking More and More Like W...:

The Taken King has more guns/armour then the base game itself, it has a lot of content in it. The Kings Fall (New Raid) has it's own bounties & other things, to say it's big is a understatement. I'm looking forwards to it, all I'll be playing for the next few months is this & MGSV.



banacheck commented on Review: Zombi (PS4):


The devs have already said why they never added the Vita & Microsoft thing what ever its called, one of the reasons was in-put lag with Microsoft thing, the other was the most obvious one. Not everyone owns a Vita or Microsoft thing, they wanted the game so everyone could play it.



banacheck commented on Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Impro...:

I honestly think some people don't own a PS4 especially when that call it slow (this is a Red Flag), the PS4 is anything but slow. I don't mind how it is now, you can easily find your game & have it on within seconds. I like the info under each game, trophy info, DLC info etc. it's far easier to scroll down the info & see every piece DLC for that game, then what it is to search the PSN Store for it.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Playing a bit of Destiny & Arkham knight, now I know legendary (Year 1) weapons you'll still be able to use in certain areas in The Taken King, I'll leveling up my Fatebringer. Also for people that don't know, your light level will still be very relevant in The Taken King. Watch IGN interview with Deej a lot of info, on The Taken King.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2015: We Want to Be More Respectful o...:

Your light level in The Taken King is still very relevant which i think is excellent news, go & watch IGN interview with DEEJ. Your Legendary weapons there will be places you can still use them, loads of new info in that interview.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2015: Final Fantasy XV Team in Talks ...:

If you read the article he says if it doesn't hit the deadline it will release as DLC, there is no way in hell Square is going to let it keep getting delayed this time around, there will have been a lot of money spent on development.



banacheck commented on Rumour: PlayStation Plus Prices to Increase in...:

I don't see the point in buying the 1-3 months sub's, as I always buy the annual subscription's. As someone has pointed out here in the EU/UK we are always paying more, The Taken King for example $39.99 here in the EU/UK £39.99.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2015: Competitive Call of Duty Will B...:

That Bans and Protects is an excellent new feature, it keeps the playing field level. I think Black Ops 3 is going to be the best Black ops to date from what I have seen, Sony's done the right move going for competitive gaming with Black Ops 3 & Street Fighter V. Just with these two game Sony's got free advertisement for the PS4, plus console sales.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2015: We Have Unfinished Business wit...:

"It's one of the best games to demonstrate the true functionality of the DualShock 4"

This statement is 100% true & what is more amazing is you don't need the PS4 camera, because when you see some of the gameplay you'll think how the hell is this working without a PS4 camera. Picking this up day one, next month is going to be a killer money wise with this MGSV & Taken King.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2015: We Want to Be More Respectful o...:


You really need to get people to play with as your missing out on some of the best weapons & that includes exotics & armour, which cannot be got playing solo, & also some of the best content in the game raids & POE level 32-35.

Thank god our exotic weapons & armour carry over into the Taken King, as I only need Ice Breaker, Hardlight & Hawkmoon now. Then its time to do it all again with the Taken King, collect every exotic weapons/armour in the DLC.



banacheck commented on Some Massive Gameplay Changes Are Coming to De...:

I am not sure if this is the biggest news or the fact all your Legendary gear will be useless once TK drops, so say good bye to the likes of Black Hammer, Fatebringer etc. As Bungie will not let us upgrade year 1 weapons/armour, as they want us to have new weapons/armour.



banacheck commented on Wii U Exclusive Zombi Officially Reanimated on...:

Looking into your bag with the Gamepad is really no different than looking into the bag in the Last Of Us with the DS4, the only difference is your not looking away from the TV. In Tearaway PS4 version you'll be using the light bar on the DS4 to point & light the way, as well as for a lot of other things. Not really especial you say? well it is when you think about the fact you don't need a PS4 camera in order to do these in-game things. So there could be some DS4 usage in this, but there probably won't be.



banacheck commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's Blast Mode Is Not as ...:

According to some every game is going to be a disappointment.

I think it'll do well especially with DICE's name attached to it, it's good to have & see different multiplayer games besides COD. Even though Black Ops 3 looks good, especially Zombies mode.



banacheck commented on PS4 Prints Money as System Shipments Surpass 2...:

It makes me laugh when people come out with, Sony's resting on its laurels because it's selling so well. When the fact is Sony "always" done well apart from the beginning of the PS3, the PS was the first console ever to sell over 100 million. The PS2 was the fastest selling console sell over 150 million, Sony's got where they are today by hard work not through sitting on there laurels.