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Sat 19th Jan 2013

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banacheck commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Awakenin...:

If your a fan of Zombies you'll probably love Der Eisendrache & the Easter eggs is no cake walk, especially the end boss. It's definitely one of the best Zombies maps out, for the price I know for a fact I'll get my money worth already have spent hours on it.



banacheck commented on Opinion: Firewatch's Paltry Five Trophies Prov...:

The reason why some games get a platinum or not depends on how big the game is & replay value, I can link you to an article where someone at Sony explains it. I collect trophies as they add replay value to my games, I love being able to replay my games & trophies add another reason. But I don't put trophies before games as unbelievably some do, I like the way the trophy system is.



banacheck commented on PSN Down as Reports Come Flying In:

It's been fine for me all day also online right now playing DMC4, usually when there is network problem's some of the PS4 features don't run right but it's all fine for me.



banacheck commented on First Impressions: The Division Shows Promise ...:

@BAMozzy [quote]
Its all very well and good having cosmetic customisation and even if the differences are minimal, I still have very little real interest in them. Having a lvl 20 knee pads (for example) that look very similar to a lvl 2 set - or even radically different is meaningless.[quote]
Destiny is a wannabe RPG where The Division is an RPG, there is a big difference between the two. Want to look unique you can because it has a lot of customisation to do that, more importantly that are not tied to your stats or perks, want too customisation your guns you can also do that. Also you can play how you want if you choose a medic say your not tied to just that role, The Division isn't a shooter with RPG elements The Division is an RPG.

The gameplay vid I posted above shows & tells you everything you need to know.



banacheck commented on Apple's Assembling a Secret Virtual Reality Di...:

VR is a totally different experience to anything that's has been on the market, & has the possibility to change the way we play games. When Sony release's there VR headset this year it'll be aimed at the hardcore gamers, depending how much it is. Sony isn't expecting there VR headset to go mainstream in the first few years, they know full well it has to be affordable before that happens. And by the time it's affordable everyone will know what it is and what it does etc, companies like Sony plan for the future if they didn't we wouldn't be seeing things like 4K,8K, Blu-Ray etc.



banacheck commented on Sony's Dropped a Clanger with This Let's Play ...:

Silly move but it's not hard to see why Sony tried this, seeing how you can make & watch recorded gameplay on the PS4 itself. But it's still not as bad as what Microsoft did, #Dealwithit, haven't got access to the internet we've got the console for you Xbox360, it'll be hard to top.



banacheck commented on Feature: This Man's PS4 Collection Is Bigger T...:

I have drawers full of game's PS3 mainly. Boxes full old game's, consoles & computers in the loft, what's out is my PS4/PS3 & game's but only game's i am playing on the PS3. I do not re-sell my game's & I always buy new, & i always go back to old game's to replay them. Went back to playing Dark Sector over the weekend an underrated game if you asked me, it was made by the guys who made Warframe but still playing Fallout 4 on the PS4.



banacheck commented on Nintendo's NX Probably Won't Be Compatible wit...:

Kimishima reveals that Nintendo's new NX platform will be a radical departure for the company - an entirely new concept which will differ greatly from current game hardware.

For all we know this thing could be cloud based console.



banacheck commented on December 2015 NPD: Sony Thanks Fans for Puttin...:

PC's where not built solely to be playing games on, where as console's where built specifically for games.

I don't think there is anything wrong that Sony recognises they've got where they are because of there customers & loyal customers, I would rather a company thank us instead of telling us to #DealWithIt.



banacheck commented on PS5 Could Launch as Early as 2019, Reckons Ana...:

2019 is about right it wouldn't surprise me to see the PS5 released Nov 2019, especially seeing the PS4 using off the shelf parts. 5-6 years is a long time for hardware to stay frozen in time, as everything else advances.



banacheck commented on PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste:

I find it crazy people buy consoles to play music/films & TV on, for me a games console is for playing games on I wouldn't dream of watching films on it. I also find it ironic people ripped into Microsoft over its TV stuff on the XboxOne, when people where watching Netflix on the 360 more then they where playing games.



banacheck commented on Watch a Hacked PS4 Playing Pokémon: PlayStati...:

I don't see the point in this myself as you cannot use the PS4 online, & it also uses one of the first firmware so you haven't got the benefit of added features. & the biggest con of them all is, the latest games will not run on outdated firmware it will tell you to update to the latest version.



banacheck commented on Sony Pledges Free PlayStation Plus Extensions ...:


DRM? I can play all my games online or offline, but obviously not online games only. Oh forgot to add & it doesn't matter if the game is digital or disc, most of my games are on disc.

I played as normal yesterday it must of went down when I came off, people act if it's only Sony's network that goes down which is far from the truth.



banacheck commented on PSN Down Just Days into 2016:

Didn't know there was a problem it's working fine here all day (NW UK), just thought it was Maintenance as I cannot get onto the PSN Store as it's says it's Undergoing Maintenance.



banacheck commented on Sony: PS4 Will Receive an Unprecedented Rush o...:

2016 is going to be an amazing year with the likes of The Last Guardian, Horizon, R&C, Dreams, Street Fighter V, Alienation, Persona V, Dark Souls 3, Uncharted 4 & Gravity Rush 1&2 etc. I have quite a big backlog of PS4 games as it is, I just got Tearaway Unfolded, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare & Shovel Knight I would have been crazy not to for under the price of a full game.



banacheck commented on Game of the Year: #3 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hun...:

I can see why Bloodborne will be Number One it nails everything, combat, atmosphere, world design, enemy design, music & lore. There is definitely no other game out there like it, after going back to Bloodborne with The Old Hunters I can safely say Bloodborne is one of the best games this generation. The Witcher3 is an excellent game but does have flaws like combat etc, but you do get used to the combat further into the game. For me it's a hard one as I love both games, but for me Bloodborne just about comes out on top as like I said before thay nail everything with Bloodborne, but both are outstanding game's.



banacheck commented on Feature: Why The Witcher 3's CD Projekt Red Is...:

I love CD Projekt Red because of how they're going against all of the greed that's consuming the industry

If I am not mistaken CD Projekt DLC costs money just like another DLC, the small free DLC other companies have also given away small bits of free DLC but without the PR spin.