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Sat 19th Jan 2013

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banacheck commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

Its not just Sony its the whole gaming industry which bypasses the sales of good act because of the nature of game development, thats why thay can show you bs scripted demo's like No Man Sky and not get done when the game is nothing like that.



banacheck commented on Gamescom 2016: Drop a Titan on Your PS4 This W...:

Titanfall was a really good FPS i believe Titanfall 2 single player is really good from people thats played it (PS3trophies.Org), i believe MP will have a lot unlocks something the first one suffered from. So looking forwards to trying out 2, i think 2 could do very well.



banacheck commented on Rockstar Could Be at PlayStation Meeting, But ...:

Apparently Sony has two different models of the PSNeo the one which the spec's has already been leaked, the other which will also have a stronger CPU. Rumours you got to love them but we will see at Sony's Press Conference.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: No Man's Sky on PS4 Is the Biggest Di...:

I read a lot of opinions about No Mans Sky that all echo sammies opinion in one way or another, No Mans Sky survival game go and play Don't Starve and you'll found out what a true survival game is. What i find very funny and ironic is people say, well No Mans Sky is very different to all the games out Action games & Shooters (i guess its only me that plays adventure/RPG's games then) the mining tool acts like a gun and can be upgraded into a gun. Yeh very different and original, go and play Don't Starve and you'll find out what different and original is all while not costing £49 RRP-£55 on the PSN store.



banacheck commented on Sticker on PS4 Copies of No Man's Sky Removes ...:

I don't unstand why thay are being so vague over online features, and why thay would say it had multiplayer in the first place. Its just like anything people want to know what thay are buying & thay are entitled know, it would have been a none issue. I find it all very strange like thay are scared of losing sales or something, if you did this sort of thing in any other industry you would be in hot water.



banacheck commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Servers Too Busy for Multipla...:

But all the comments still doesn't change the fact they said there was a possibility you could come across another player but unlikely because of the size of the game, hence why people thought NMS had MP you would think the maker of the game would know if thay've added MP or not.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Will No Man's Sky Live Up to th...:

Some people don't even know this is a survival game just like Don't Starve, meaning you have to mine for things too help you survive on the different worlds. There is quite a lot of people that don't even like these sorts of games, so yes there is going to be disappointment.



banacheck commented on Evolve Will Be Playable for Free on PS4 Soon:

Personally they should be giving more then Founders Status to the people they brought it, but I think once it goes F2P it'll do the game good as I think quite a lot will play it as it's not a bad game at all.



banacheck commented on Dragon's Crown Pulled From European PlayStatio...:

Excellent game sad news for people that wanted it, just buy the disc version it's cheaper then the PSN anyway, highly recommended game. Have you seen the price of Odin Sphere on the PSN? Hopefully Dragons Crown will come to the PS4 also.



banacheck commented on For the Love of Gaming Just Announce the BioSh...:

Hopefully it'll be 60fps with an update to graphics, Bioshock is an amazing game the second one is good but doesn't touch the nights of the first one. & the third one is excellent as well, I'll definitely get these when they release.



banacheck commented on Bungie Abandons Destiny Content on PS3:

It Shouldn't have been released on the PS3 if they where not going to support it until Destiny 2, why not stop support when Destiny 2 launches? Its alright people saying don't except new content on the PS3, but they're already had every bit of new content up until now. Destiny is a last new gen game as it is, is not going to look any better with this new DLC.



banacheck commented on Brexit Could Mean a More Expensive PS4K for UK...:

By reading some of the comments there is a bigger picture of the benefits the UK has by leaving the EU, it's not just all about immigration you know that's just mostly how it played out on TV.

The price of Hardware will probably stick around the same price, I really cannot see a massive change in price's.



banacheck commented on You Won't Have to Kill Anyone to Reach the End...:

I am glad they're included this it also seems as if stealth has been improved also, I love the option to play how I want in games. I am looking forwards to Watch Dogs 2 it looks a lot better then the 1st one, especially especially what gameplay I have seen.



banacheck commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

The reason for some of the delays was probably the lawsuit with Sky, they didn't want them using the Sky part of No Mans Sky. Luckly they won after a 3year lawsuit so its definitely not going to be delayed again, i'am still looking forwards to it.



banacheck commented on The Maligned Mighty No. 9 Is 'Better Than Noth...:

(clearly pledged it for far too many platforms.)

Obviously greed. I think this was a cash grab from the start, knowing full well people wanted a Mega-Man type of game. Take a look at Yooka Laylee for example, you can tell it's a game they wanted to make out of passion.