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Sat 19th January, 2013

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banacheck commented on Rumour: Dark Souls III to Slaughter E3 2015:

This could quite easily be true seeing as Bloodborne has been done & dusted for months, it's also not uncommon for dev teams to be working on more than one project at once. It's likely in early stages of development & hopefully using there new engine, late 2016 or early 2017. Hopefully its true & we will get an announcement at E3.



banacheck commented on So, Looks Like Sony's Already Working on the PS5:

People need to understand publishers/devs (not all devs) push graphics over frame-rate, as good graphics is a selling point. Once that's out of the way maybe we can see more 60fps games, like the PlayStation 2 managed. Its not that the PS4 cannot not do 60fps because it can (depending on the game), its down to dev's/publishers.



banacheck commented on All the Best Games Are on PS4, According to Sony:

Picked-up The Witcher 3 just now so will be playing it over the weekend, this was one of the games I couldn't wait for. The others are Batman: Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, God Of War 3,Uncharted 4: A Thief's End & Street Fighter V.



banacheck commented on CD Projekt Red Hoping to Find The Witcher 3 PS...:

According to Digital Foundry: the PS4 version does appear to run with a capped 30fps, giving a more consistent update than its Xbox One counterpart.

But patch 1.01 has a downside, again according to Digital Foundry: But the downsides pack a punch too. It's apparent after switching between the game's default and patched states that these improvements come at a cost. Chief among these is the aggressive stuttering during pre-rendered cut-scenes.

I'm picking my copy up in the morning but I don't think it'll be that bad at all, cannot wait.



banacheck commented on Feature: How Does The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Loo...:

Frame-rate effects gameplay if it didn't we would not be seeing the likes of DMC, Dark Souls 2, Borderlands 2, The Last Of Us etc being 60fps, they would all be 30fps still. Its funny when you think a lot of PlayStation's 2 games where 60fps, Publishers/Devs are putting graphics over gameplay these days.

Do not get me wrong if a game runs at a locked 30fps I mind but I would much rather 60fps,.



banacheck commented on CD Projekt Red Reckons It's Already Fixed The ...:


Come back next year or the year after when game's are looking even better, then say the same thing. When did Sony say the PS4 will have a 10 year life cycle?, Sony said that with the PS3 which they said was too long towards the end.

Seeing as The Witcher 3 is the biggest Open-World game to-date, which I've seen the size of the map its unbelievable big, it real is the size of it is amazing. There was always going to be problems in development, but they've already fixed the frame rate issues. I hate frame-rate issues and thank god it was nothing like Skyrim which was a lot smaller.



banacheck commented on Round Up: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 Reviews...:

Gamesradar+ who are OPM PlayStation Official Magazine.

Tragically, all of these areas suffer from chronic framerate issues on the PS4 review build provided. CD Projekt RED included a letter promising that optimisation continues and a 'day zero' patch will fix things, but it's possible some of these problems will remain immediately after launch. The jerkiness seriously affects the fluidity of combat, and sporadic slowdown appears in cutscenes, and particularly in dense areas like the Velen bogs during graphically intense weather conditions like rain storms.



banacheck commented on Round Up: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 Reviews...:

I've just read two full reviews on The Witcher 3 the PS4 version, both reviews are good but you can tell some reviewers are liking The Witcher 3 more than others. As a result I come away with mixed views, like is The Witcher 3 a true open-world game? one is saying The Witcher 3 isn't an open-world game like something like Skyrim, and the other is saying yes but doesn't go into detail. But if you cannot go to any place you want in real-time & have to use fast travel as a result, its not a true open-world game. There are other little things like the combat also, but I'll see for myself come next week which I cannot wait for. And then there are the frame-rate issues & glitches but as they point out there is a day one patch, also they have review code which sometimes different to the final game. But I hoping its not as bad as some point out, hopefully CD Projekt
has been telling the truth regarding these issues.



banacheck commented on CD Projekt Red Has Been Making Late Tweaks to ...:

CD Projekt will have already polished The Witcher 3 this was part of the reason for one of the delays, but its good to hear CD Projekt further increasing performance before it's official out. Cannot wait for The Witcher 3 & will definitely be getting all DLC for The Witcher 3 also.



banacheck commented on Feature: Five Ways Assassin's Creed Victory Ca...:

Ubisoft needs to stop the annual releases that is what is killing off AC, and its obvious Ubisoft is using AC as just a cash cow, hence the microtransactions, releasing an unfinished game, the game using the same formula as other AC games etc. Ubisoft did try to break some of that formula from what I have read about Unity, but with the game releasing every year the game is bound to feel the same, the game needs breaks with gameplay/mission differences that evolve the game itself.



banacheck commented on Rumour: Dishonored: Definitive Edition Sneaks ...:

What people don't get is all these games coming too the PS4 shows you how healthy the platform is, if the PS4 wasn't selling so good just like the Wii U it would come to a full stop. Also just like others have pointed out, remasters are usually sourced out to another dev team to do.



banacheck commented on Ex-EA Boss: Sony F***in' Nailed It with PS4:

Microsoft focused a lot on entertainment beyond gaming.

This is so true, not to include "Game's" when you announce a new game's console is just nuts. And then go on to say things like, if you've not got an internet connection we've got a console for you, the 360. Microsoft was totally out of touch with there user base, and it showed.



banacheck commented on Feature: 7 Things You Need to Know About Call ...:

(Treyarch's admitted that it's only working on the PS4 and other new-gen formats right now.)

It's about time and hopefully the game is being created for the new gen consoles only, otherwise the game will suffer like some other games that have already been released. It's the reason Far Cry 4 was Far Cry 3.5 the dev's ( Ubisoft Montreal) admitted this themselves, (Far Cry 4 was weighed down by PS3 and Xbox 360 presence). Game's like The Witcher 3 would be impossible or be a totally different game if it had a PS3/360 version, but seeing as its COD it'll more then likely have a PS3/360 version, its all about the $$$.



banacheck commented on Not Everyone Thinks Sony's Resting on Its Laur...:

If you look at Sony's exclusives towards Microsoft's you'll soon see who's been resting on there laurels, also Sony gets excellent exclusives. I cannot see Sony getting the biggest fighting game on console, being exclusive not timed exclusive by resting on Its laurels, Street Fighter V.



banacheck commented on Bloodborne's PS4 Loading Times Just Got Quicke...:

That's because the game is streaming. You've not noticed there are no loading times going from one area to another?

I agree with Davros79 they should have fixed the frame-rate drops before fixing the loading times which they are more then likely doing now, Just like the loading times its not that bad but can be a pain.



banacheck commented on Game of the Month: March 2015:

March was a excellent month with Bloodborne, Hotline Miami 2 & Axiom Verge, the next two months will also be excellent with The Witcher 3 & Arkham knight.