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banacheck commented on Evidence for Supercharged PS4.5 Console Mounts:

The trouble is with consoles people want the best graphics etc but are not willing to pay for it, the PS3 is a good example of this. So Sony are forced to release what they have with the PS4 which is already outdated, & use off the shelf PC parts. Five years frozen in time is a long time for a console, while everything else advances. I don't see a problem with Sony releasing a more up to date console which can handle 1080p 60fps & 4K for movies etc, the original PS4 will still get the same games just at a lower frame rate 30fps & graphical effect's. If some people are happy with there current PS4, they have no reason to upgrade it's not like they are being forced too.



banacheck commented on Guide: How to Deal with Dark Souls III's Japan...:

I'm waiting while playing The Division, there is also a day one patch which is being release just before the game itself apparently. Cannot wait for the game but I want it fully updated before being it, it's not long now anyway.



banacheck commented on These Uncharted 4 Trailers Just Get Better and...:

that may not necessarily result in 'Nates' death but reason to consider retirement from the lifestyle.

After the events of Uncharted 3 Drake retired to settle down with his wife Elena, it's only until Drakes older brother Sam reappears to asks him to help find the treasures of Libertalia. It's definitely the end for someone, I am sure Uncharted 4 is set seven years after the events of Uncharted 3.



banacheck commented on Live: This Is What's Coming to Destiny in the ...:

I played Destiny since launch it was a great game, but it needs to be doing a lot more than what it's doing now to get me back playing it. They could definitely learn a thing or two from The Division, maybe Destiny 2 will be what Destiny should have been.



banacheck commented on Sony Really Is Making a 4K Compatible Superpow...:

It'll be the same as the PS3 was pushing Blu-Ray, the PS4 will be doing 4K films etc & not games in 4K. It's a good idea for Sony having a option to have a more powerful PS4 with 4K, & the original PS4. Also the games will be 60fps 1080p & what there are now on the original PS4 30fps 1080p, it'll also not split up the user base.



banacheck commented on Hardware Review: Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai - ...:

It's a very good stick but for the price of it on amazon you might as well get a Mad Catz for an extra £20 I think it is, the face plant you cannot take off to place your own design on it but it is an excellent stick.



banacheck commented on Hands On: The Division's a Clinical But Compel...:


Sorry to hear that there is no really good armour type gear to trawl for, as this was one of the attractions of Destiny for me, and I would like to have seen it here.

There is cosmetic armour with no stats at all, so you can make your character look unique something that Destiny suffers from. And then there is armour that effect your stats & also have perks. But the armour is different to what you get in destiny.

Also the enemies in the Division are not really bullet sponges, both yellow bars & bosses have shields. Borderlands have the same sort of enemies and no one complains about them, human enemies that is.



banacheck commented on The Division Is Ubisoft's Fastest Selling Game...:


It meant I beat the hardest content (at the time). With trading all this could mean is that you know someone who has beaten the hardest content.

You can only trade with the three other people in your squad just after you've completed a mission, you cannot trade with someone days later as far as I know.



banacheck commented on Alienation Annihilates Evil Alien Aggressors t...:

That's what separates Housemarque twin stick shooter's from other games of it's type, normal twin stick shooters is just that with a couple of bombs. But Housemarque adds other gameplay mechanics to there games that adds a bit more depth to the gameplay, especially compared to other games of its type.



banacheck commented on Ubisoft Told a Porky, You Can't Improve The Di...:

What the developer was talking about in the Youtube video was totally right, because they are talking about the PC version of The Division.

The Division walkthrough and impressions of the beta while we play the Division at 1080p 60Fps max settings of the Division PC

But in the Youtube heading they should made it clear it's the PC version they are playing & talking about, because The Division is also on XboxOne & PS4.



banacheck commented on Naughty Dog Started Uncharted 4's Story Again:

I don't believe a Thief's End refers to Drake, seeing as both Drake & his brother went treasure hunting in there young years which i believe leads into this story Uncharted 4. I believe it'll be his brother the title is referring to a Thief's End, they get a final ending but still leave it open if they ever want to come back to Uncharted.



banacheck commented on Street Fighter V Rage Quitters Are in for a Wo...:

Its about time rage quitters get punished, if your rage quitting because you are losing Isn't that a sign you need more practice. Especially if you don't want to lose your Win Streak or LP, and more importantly you are missing up the Leaderboards.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Do You Fast Travel in Open Worl...:

I don't use fast travel I want to see everything, when going to a main mission I'll see something or something will happen. A hour later I am no where near where I was going, & done some random stuff & found stuff & had a great time. I believe if I used fast travel I would have never of seen or done half the stuff I've done, for me this half the fun of an open world game.



banacheck commented on It Hasn't Taken Long for Naughty Dog to Releas...:

Go & copy some concept art out of a well know video game & put it into a small budget game, I dare you. I can guarantee you'll not get some remark about it on a social media site, you'll have a law suit around your neck from the publisher the company that owns the IP. This seems more like a publicity stunt, they just so happen to have another trailer convenient.



banacheck commented on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Is the Most Stunnin...:

Watched that twice it is stunning, & just think people say there isn't a big step up this gen graphics wise. Uncharted 4 says otherwise...

Definitely don't need to see anymore Uncharted 4 footage until I've got the game.



banacheck commented on It Sounds Like Street Fighter V Is Grabbing an...:

You'll probably see who is the end boss in story mode will be while playing Extra Battle next month.

Extra Battle
Fight against special CPU bosses in the ultimate challenge. Earn in-game rewards upon completion

With daily Targets, Online, Survival Mode & leveling up characters it will not be as hard to earn FM as some people think.

Complete daily renewing goals to earn fight money, in-game titles, and other cool content



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Street Fighter V Cowers to th...:

I think Street Fighter V will sell well over it's life time, considering it's definitely the best Street Fighter gameplay wise. It just a shame it released in such a bare bone state, but give it a few months & it won't have that problem. Hopefully Capcom will release that arcade mode sooner rather then later, seeing as they are considering it.



banacheck commented on Sony Wants You to Test the Next PS4 Firmware U...:

I get quite a lot of notifications as it is, who's joining chat etc. So I really hope Sony doesn't add friend notifications that popping up with other notifications would be a nightmare, it doesn't take 2 seconds to see who's online anyway. But I'm looking forwards to what Sony does add, as long as it's not friend notifications.

Edit: Totally agree external HDD support is a must, I hope Sony adds it.



banacheck commented on PS4 Multiplayer Will Be Free This Weekend:

this may be a good opportunity for you to sink some scrubs in Street Fighter V.

I would imagine anyone who plays games like Street Fighter would already have PlayStation Plus, but otherwise it's a good chance to check out multiplayer for those that haven't got a subscription.



banacheck commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):

Most people buying this game already know what that are getting, & what's being added in March, June & over the coming months. Capcom released the game early for other people to play & there Cup Tour, don't like don't buy it it's simple.



banacheck commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):


and that includes 90% of you who are buying fightsticks, especially if it's madcatz

What you saying Madcatz TE2 FightStick with premium Sanwa Denshi parts is a rubbish stick? you do realize some of the top Street Fighter pros are sponsored by Madcatz & use these very arcade sticks.



banacheck commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):

What people have to remember is Street Fighter V release's 12am tonight for the pro's & hardcore players, but for the casual player it release's in March/June.

I cannot wait to play SFV tonight 12am, hopefully my new Madcaz fightstick arrives tomorrow.



banacheck commented on Reaction: Why Sony Won't Deploy PS4 Exclusives...:

A bad move by Microsoft there sales will definitely drop, why play on the XboxOne when you can buy the game cheaper & play it on the PC. One of the reasons people buy one console over the other is there exclusive games, Microsoft has taken that out the way if you own a half decent PC.