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banacheck commented on Feature: 7 Things You Need to Know About Call ...:

(Treyarch's admitted that it's only working on the PS4 and other new-gen formats right now.)

It's about time and hopefully the game is being created for the new gen consoles only, otherwise the game will suffer like some other games that have already been released. It's the reason Far Cry 4 was Far Cry 3.5 the dev's ( Ubisoft Montreal) admitted this themselves, (Far Cry 4 was weighed down by PS3 and Xbox 360 presence). Game's like The Witcher 3 would be impossible or be a totally different game if it had a PS3/360 version, but seeing as its COD it'll more then likely have a PS3/360 version, its all about the $$$.



banacheck commented on Not Everyone Thinks Sony's Resting on Its Laur...:

If you look at Sony's exclusives towards Microsoft's you'll soon see who's been resting on there laurels, also Sony gets excellent exclusives. I cannot see Sony getting the biggest fighting game on console, being exclusive not timed exclusive by resting on Its laurels, Street Fighter V.



banacheck commented on Bloodborne's PS4 Loading Times Just Got Quicke...:

That's because the game is streaming. You've not noticed there are no loading times going from one area to another?

I agree with Davros79 they should have fixed the frame-rate drops before fixing the loading times which they are more then likely doing now, Just like the loading times its not that bad but can be a pain.



banacheck commented on Game of the Month: March 2015:

March was a excellent month with Bloodborne, Hotline Miami 2 & Axiom Verge, the next two months will also be excellent with The Witcher 3 & Arkham knight.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: We Need More New Game Plus:

@Longaway + But games are meant to be challenging aren't thay? That's the way I've always seen it & why I love games like Bloodborne/Souls games, games that are too easy i get disappointed with especially if its a good game.

New Game Plus adds to replay value depending on how they've done the NG+, like in the Souls games certain weapons/magic spells can only be gotten in NG+. The difficulty level increase's, new enemies or harder enemies show up earlier for example. This is how NG+ should be done adding replay value that makes you want to play the game again.



banacheck commented on Explore the First 15 Minutes of The Witcher 3:...:

Cannot wait for The Witcher 3, I hope the devs are right when they say it will take 200 hours to do everything. Also the new hard mode sound excellent with a trophy for completing it, looking forwards to it & Arkham Knight.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Bloodborne Keeps Dark Souls I...:

Most die-hard Souls fans already own DSII & will have already downloaded the patch, only some die-hards will be buying it again. But Bloodborne being know as a Souls game (even tho its not a Souls game) might help with Scholar of the First sales, as people new to Bloodborne might what to try out the other three games, I've already reads a few comments about people wanting to try DSII after finishing Bloodborne.



banacheck commented on Sony Picks Up 140 Patents from Cloud Rival OnL...:


Companies like Sony, EA have already given there opinions about consoles being digital only. They even think a digital only console is a long time off, for a lot a different reasons. People when nuts with the XboxOne being an always online console, until Microsoft changed a lot of there policies, which should tell us companies like these listen to there customers a lot more then we think, within reason that is.



banacheck commented on Feature: How Is PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Treat...:

( I'd have to read and do research into purely to progress.)

Sorry I have to disagree with this, if you got the time you should go into it knowing nothing about it story wise & gameplay wise. Learn everything for yourself that's one of the many joys of the game, discovery, which most gamers have lost in today world with Guides,Youtube etc.

(Faruko said: Its an amazing game, but it has 3 problems IMO

1. The lack of weapons does hurts.
2. The loading times are stupidly long.)

I've got no problems with the game. There are different weapon types also your weapons transform giving you two different playing styles, this is not Demons Souls/Dark Souls this is Bloodborne. You don't need to be finding the same or new weapon (with hardly any better stats) every time an enemy is killed, you still find plenty of stuff.

I've not dying a lot so the loading times are not really bothering me, but I'm glad to know there are fixing this with a future patch.



banacheck commented on Guide: Mastering Bloodborne's Brutal Basics on...:

Once again my prediction was bang-on about Bloodborne getting top reviews 9/10-10/10, as I knew a lot about the game before it released. Cannot wait to get my copy first thing in the morning tomorrow, its the only game I will be playing for months to came.



banacheck commented on Sony: PS4 Remasters Help Us Open the Door to F...:

God Of War III is an excellent game it should also be 1080p 60fps, the reason Sony Santa Monica said is far one. Does remasters take away from new games? most people should know they don't, it all also helps them fund new games. Put it this way The Crew was ported over to the PS4 by 3 devs in 6 months, so you can see why remasters are popular, if this was the PS3 on the other hand it would be a different story.



banacheck commented on DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios to Lose ...:

Why do people take this as bad news? after development of a big game a down size happens a lot, the fact is you don't need 100 dev's supporting Driveclub DLC. Watch Evolution hire again once they really start development on a new game, you really think Gearbox is going to keep all the dev's they hire after they've finished Borderlands 3?



banacheck commented on Batman: Arkham Knight Evens the Odds with 7 Mi...:

Wow Arkham Knight is looking amazing running straight off a PlayStation 4, them graphics are looking amazing. The use of gadgets from mid-air flight excellent also combat looks better then ever too, the Batmobile looks brill also cannot for Arkham Knight.



banacheck commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub's Replay Mode Is Rathe...:

I really don't get why Evolution/Sony should give Driveclub away for free at all, as it is there is already a ton of free content which Devs/publishers hardly ever do. Driveclub is brilliant well worth every penny love the game, I have no problems supporting Evolution Studios.



banacheck commented on Titanfall 2 Mechs Its Way to PlayStation 4:

Hopefully the sequel with have a real campaign, and something like a zombies or COD AW survival mode but obviously something original. And more importantly being able to play both online & off, it'll be interesting to see if it's more of the same seeing as it wasn't on the PS4. And here is me thinking Titanfall was only possible on the XboxOne.



banacheck commented on DriveClub's Visuals Are About to Push Your PS4...:

I love Driveclub one of the best racers about the weather effects & graphics are just amazing as well as the gameplay, looking forwards for this patch for the atmospheric visual effects, gameplay tweaks (punishing people for playing bumper cars) etc. Also Evolution are doing an amazing job of supporting Driveclub which almost all of it's DLC is free, Evolution has my full support.



banacheck commented on PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Will Batter You for O...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi They had 40 hours with the game which they did not finish, Bloodborne time wise will likely follow Demons Souls around 100 hours. You also got to remember they would have been rushing through the game, to see as much as possible for there hands-on preview. I spent over 500 hours with Dark Souls around the same time (if not longer) with both Demons Souls & Dark Souls II, especially with NG+, NG++ etc cannot see Bloodborne being no different.



banacheck commented on Bloodborne's New Game Plus Will Test Your Skil...:

Excellent news, now I know there is New Game Plus I'll be doing a couple of playthroughs. With the Chalice Dungeons, New Game Plus & Multiplayer it looks like Bloodborne will take over my life, Praise the sun.

-If you thought From Software was going soft, Hidetaka Miyazaki is about to put you brutally back in your place. (This is what we want to hear)
-There is a new mechanic they are not allowed to discuss.