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banacheck commented on Hideo Kojima Completed Metal Gear Solid V in S...:

Treatment like this is not unusual in business in Japan, it's ashame it happen to Kojima.

[and they had to control him or he would sabatoge his own project by not focussing on delivery.]

What a load of balls, how long has Kojima been making games now and always delivered.



banacheck commented on You Can Try Titanfall 2 For Free on PS4 Later ...:

@daveofduncan I wouldn't say thay owned COD seeing as Titanfall 2 flopped hard, Battlefield One while sold well still didn't outsell COD.

Going by the first Titanfall game it's Multiplayer didn't last long, Titanfall 2 is off to a bad start I just cannot see it's Multiplayer lasting that long sadly.



banacheck commented on Soapbox: How The Last of Us Proves That Resolu...:

Without the graphics games like The Last of Us wouldn't hold up very well at all, little do you know it when looking at a character on screen your seeing these without you even thinking about. Emotion on a characters face through motion capture, every little detail your picking up on thanks to graphics.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: Why Are Fall's Biggest Blockbus...:

People don't take into account for a good 3 years of the PS4 life its been cross gen games selling on both the PS4 and PS3, its obvious game sales will be down among other things. Like Titanfall 2 Beta didn't go very well at all with people on YouTube saying Titanfall was better than Titanfall 2 & for the fact Titanfall wasn't on the PS4, Watch Dogs was a let down for most on release and people are surprise sales are down.



banacheck commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastere...:

I really cannot see MW being sold separately any time soon especially as you need IW disc to even play it, if it does it'll be sold separately when the next COD is out. IW is definitely not as bad as people make out, it's butthurt fan more than anything else as you cannot claim to like BO3 & then say IW is rubbish. Also when claims of IW was a pay 2 win game i was expecting to find overpowered weapons that can only be got by supply drops, and getting supply drops would take weeks on end to get all hall marks of a P2W game . Its just not the case in fact some of them guns are better suited to Zombies then Multiplayer because of there perks, and you will not have a problem getting Keys for supply drops either.



banacheck commented on UK Sales Charts: Dishonored 2 Launch Sales Fal...:

I think people forget when Dishonored launched on the PS3 when there where a lot more PS3's then what there are PS4's now, so sales cannot compare to late generation. The real question is how well do games sell on the PS3 when there was a 40 million install base? that should give you a rough idea on how well games are selling this generation.



banacheck commented on Skyrim Special Edition Runs in Native 4K on PS...:

@Midzark Bearly twice as powerful? Its over twice as powerful.

For one its only dropping 1-3 frames at the most, which a lot of people will not even notice. And two this is Bethesda the same in house development team the made the original Skyrim, you know the one that was a unplayable on the PS3. Also the same in house development team that couldn't get there own DLC working on the PS3, until Sony stepped in that is.



banacheck commented on PS4 Slumps to Yet Another NPD Defeat in October:

With the PS4 Pro coming out so soon after the Slims release its no wonder why the Slim isn't selling, because for around a £100 more your getting a whole lot more. If people think Sony behind go and look at the sales figures & you'll see who is behind, the reason why XboxOnes has a UHD Blu-Ray player & BC in the first place. Also the Scorpio isn't a threat to the PS4 Pro for a simple reason, price point. Price point in the console market is very important even if its a powerful console, last gen proved that and the reason why both Microsoft & Sony dropped exotic hardware among other reasons. I think Sony has a better understanding of the console market over Microsoft, the reason why the PS4 Pro is still a PS4 at the end of the day with the price point matching its original release with both systems sharing the same games. Which Microsoft will probably do with the Scorpio & the XboxOne s, as it would be very unwise to split its user base but it'll be its price point that will probably damage its sales until a price drop because it isn't releasing for £349.99 thats for sure.



banacheck commented on Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4):

@Anchorsam_9 Yes for the campaign & Zombies mode but don't expect it in multiplay, they may change a few thing like movement but thats about it. Thay've already said multiplayer cannot see massive changes just before Black Ops 3 got released, due to it being an esports game. So i don't understand why people think multiplayer will be any different to the last one multiplayer wise, after them coming out and saying that.



banacheck commented on Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4):

If you liked Black Ops 3 you'll like IW, how can people call Black Ops 3 good then turn around and say IW is rubbish thay are almost the same game? Only on the Internet. And also them microtransactions was in Black Ops 3 for melee weapons, yet on one complained about that. If fact going off the videos on YouTube a lot of people brought them supply drops, so don't start crying now thay've added other weapons it was bound to happen with people buying supply drops in the first place.

Also why do people expect COD Multiplayer to change? Its not going to happen thay've already told people that due to it being a esports game.



banacheck commented on Good God! Titanfall 2 Looks Glorious in 1080p ...:

Casual gamers haven't got a clue at what there are looking at, things like super sampling will be lost on them. Its only when its running in 4K HDR thay'll see the benefits because its quite a big jump, case in point go and ask anyone on a console how Battlefield One looks. They will properly say it looks great but on both PS4 & XboxOne the res is under 1080p, in fact it hits 720p quite a lot on the XboxOne last gen standards.



banacheck commented on Hands On: Quit Bitchin'! PS4 Pro Is a Big, Bea...:

@BLP_Software Sony goes off the data & so did Microsoft, the reason why the original XboxOne was released as the data showed more people on Xbox360 watched Netflix then playing actual games. Sony not telling people whats best for them, if you want to blame someone blame the PS4 user base . And the only reason the XboxOne s has a UHD Blu-Ray drive is to help it sell, if Microsoft wasn't so far behind in sales do you think Microsoft would of added one then? Don't kid yourself.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: What Do You Want to Know About ...:

@wittypixel There is two modes PS4 & PS4 Pro mode if a old game has been patched it'll use the PS4 Pro mode, if your on a 1080p TV you'll be getting things like Super Sampling and improved frame rates. The new Tomb Raider has three different modes you can choose from in the options menu, 30fps 4K, 30fps improved graphics 1080p & unlocked frame rate 1080p.



banacheck commented on Another Friday, Another Case of PSN Being Down:

These DDoSers need a really good kicking, the government should come down hard as hell on these idiots. Make an example out of them, i would bet any money thay would think twice before doing a DDoS attack again.



banacheck commented on Destiny PS4 Patch Increases Loot Light Levels,...:

Finished the Hard Mode Raid last night got some new amour & weapons, its surprisedly not that hard. There is a few tricky bits buts thats about it, i am not going to point out the changes going in blind is a lot more fun. One part take me by surprise, and i am sure it did others.



banacheck commented on Review: DriveClub VR (PS4):

I think its a bit unfair to the development team to say Driveclub didn't work on launch, when in fact everything worked apart for the online multiplayer. And lets not forget other games in the past have also been dodge online.



banacheck commented on Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Goes Heroic Later T...:

I am glad Heroic Mode is coming soon as i have all raid weapons, just need a few more armour pieces left to get. I'm doing the raid again tomorrow to get the Outbreak Prime on my other two characters, so i can infuse the spare two Outbreak Primes into my go too legendary weapons to make them 390 light level.



banacheck commented on Hands On: Dragon Quest Builders Is One of the ...:

I love Dragon Quest games so i was going to get DQB but wasn't 100% sure how it would work out, but having read your hands-on time i will definitely being it up. I am glad your liking DQB cannot wait to play for myself.



banacheck commented on Bethesda Gives 'Big Thanks' to Sony for Allowi...:

But Bethesda mods on the PS4 still has Sony's restrictions in place, i don't why Bethesda didn't do this months ago. Like i've said before Bethesda are full of it, i remember the poop they where coming out with when Skyrim was a mess on the PS3. The good thing about the Internet is everything is archived.

@banacheck Watch the language please.



banacheck commented on Skyrim, Fallout 4 Will Get Mod Support on PS4 ...:

But PlayStation already had Mods coming from another game, which frankly made Bethesda look a bit silly seeing as that company is a hell of a lot small than the publisher. But then again Bethesda is known for there "Truth" telling to there customers, aren't thay?

Nothing changed on Sony's side hence the restrictions to Mods on the PS4.



banacheck commented on Yes, You'll Need the Call of Duty: Infinite Wa...:

MW was the best COD's at the time and still is one of the best COD games.

Really looking forwards to playing MW again, both its campaign and multiplayer. Its not a surprise you'll need the IW disc to play MW, otherwise you would be getting overpriced MW codes on ebay.



banacheck commented on Review: Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4):

Even the raid is small you can fly through that within a hour if you know what your doing, i'm doing the raid again tonight to get the Exotic Outbreak Prime. Just waiting for heroic mode now really as i've already have all the raid weapons and some of the amour, its to easy to get to past raid gear.



banacheck commented on Former Sony Exec Jack Tretton Details What Wen...:

Sony was successful before the PS2 with the first console ever to sell over a million consoles the PlayStation, the rest is history. I remember getting the PS3 with Motorstorm also at launch, it was a amazing looking game back then.



banacheck commented on No Man's Sky Being Investigated By Advertising...:

Just going off these comments some people are actually clueless as to what hello games did, there is also a lot of evidence as well with Sean Murray himself doing interviews like it was going out of fashion. Its about time developers that do these sort of thing are held accounted and its shouldn't be accepted, but sadly it is.



banacheck commented on Hands On: Sonic Mania on PS4 Runs Rings Around...:

Isn't the Wii U considered dirty? Anyway Nintendo are far from what they used to be, they are still stuck in the 80's half the half the time.

Looking forwards to it, its differently a 10times better then mosst modern Sonic.



banacheck commented on Poll: What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?:

I love it the new areas are really good i can definitely see why it wasn't released on the PS3 now, there is just no way it could look the same i mean with things like think fog hanging in the air and all the other effects. Have not played Destiny for over a year and wasn't going to come back, friends got it so i did as well i am glad i did know. There is a lot secrets in the game also which the dev's have been taking about before release, and if you at that book thing there is a lot to do.



banacheck commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I am playing some Destiny, Bioshock, Zombies new DLC and Don't Starve:Together and will probably play some Street Fighter V to check-out the new update, still got to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It's a lot to fit over the weekend but god will i try, if not i'll carry on over this week.



banacheck commented on First Impressions: PS4 Pro Represents a Sizeab...:

Already got my on pre order cannot wait, it just goes to show how uninformed people really are towards tech. Obviously its going to make a difference with the PS4 Pro being over twice the power of the standard PS4, the PS4 Pro has 4.2 Teraflops over a standard PS4's 1.84 Teraflops that is a higher spec like it or not. It'll look a lot better wether your on a 1080p TV or amazing on a 4K HDR TV with better frame-rates, and your standard customer wouldn't be able to tell the difference from Sony's upscalling technique and native 4K fact.