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rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Will Release on 28th ...:

Will there actually be themes to have is all I care about. Vita's update gave us the option to have themes but no themes to use.

Also, is the library part of anyone's PS4 playing up? Whenever I click on a game in there that I haven't got installed it takes you to it on the store to re-download. Yet when I do it and it goes to the store it just crashes back to the home menu.

@ScreamAimFire99 By you knew it you mean everyone on the planet knew it. They even said it would be out before the biggest games. Doesn't take Einstein to work out they're talking about COD (rightly or wrongly).



rastamadeus commented on You'll Be Able to Play Dead or Alive 5 for Fre...:

@thedevilsjester Only problem I have with online fighting trophies is that if you don't get the game pronto at release you have such a poor chance of completing them as no bugger is on. I got Tekken Tag Tournament 2 last year and found about six people online. The first DOA5 was the worst though: play in (maybe even win actually) 1000 online games.



rastamadeus commented on Oh Sony, Did You Really Have to Use Sunset Ove...:

@Dodoo And people get too annoyed by simple things sometimes...

@tulaib_100 I'm not much of an online shooter fan but I really, really enjoyed PvZ: Garden Warfare. It's different enough to make it what is most important in a game in such a crowded genre: lots of fun. $20 is about right too, especially as all DLC is free.



rastamadeus commented on You'll Be Able to Play Dead or Alive 5 for Fre...:

@thedevilsjester DOA5U's Trophies weren't too bad. There was beat a certain amount online which sadly is impossible now but that's about it. The only ones I can't do are all moves for a single character. There's just some combos where no matter how many times I press the buttons correctly they don't work so I rage quit.



rastamadeus commented on DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release Date to Be ...:

@Tasuki A lot of people got PS+ though just for DriveClub and still haven't got it (plus not every single person will view Dust as a worthy compromise). A months refund is the least they can do. Or tell the truth and admit they're just waiting for it to reach its sales target before the free edition comes. Refund it is then.

DriveClub isn't a game that really does much for me but I was intrigued to at least try the PS+ version. Now? Genuinely doubt I'll even download it.



rastamadeus commented on Review: The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Ser...:

@Dodoo At no point did I find the Vita version unbearable or anywhere near that. A tiny bit annoying at the most. And there was not one single occasion where my inputs weren't detected or a bug with episode-to-episode saves. I've not heard one person have those problems. You either had a dodgy copy or dodgy Vita.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

The fifteen recent titles will do til folders arrive. God knows why they aren't included. Still waiting for a friend online alert option too, said it before and say it again, it's pathetic that it isn't featured from day one. Intrigued to see what themes we get or if they'll do what they've done with Vita, say here they are and not give us any.



rastamadeus commented on When Will DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release o...:

Latest I've heard from people I know in Runcorn - used to live there and got family/friends still there - Evolution are facing massive lay offs. Dunno if it's because of this (not likely) but seems Sony have lost faith in them. Could be hearsay but heard it from five different people and two of which don't know any of the others.



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: Why Are We Arguing Over Holiday Exclu...:

@Reverandjames Can't see the part in my post where I said they are the two greatest games ever. They're not. But they're better than the ten games listed here, easily. And those three games you listed, to me, are nowhere near the quality of GoldenEye or Ocarina Of Time separately or combined. They're all good game, but those two are exceptional and still highlights of each genre. The only title on there close to the two N64 games is Devil May Cry and even that isn't anywhere near the quality of them two. The majority of those ten are all brilliant and it's a hell of a line up but if you offere me those ten or GoldenEye or Ocarina I wouldn't be picking the PS2 games. No way, Pedro.



rastamadeus commented on Round Up: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PS3 Revi...:

Love Borderlands (the sequel is in my top three PS3 games) and want this game like mad but will wait for the inevitable GOtY edition, whether it be on PS3 or 4. Also, there needs to be another name for those editions, how many games each year label themselves Game Of the Year?



rastamadeus commented on UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Brushes Aside Alien: ...:

@jaydb1982 The reason it isn't getting the same bashing is because the majority of people aren't having problems with FIFA while the majority ARE on DriveClub. Massive difference. I've had FIFA since day one without any online problems (few trophy glitches though) while I still can't get my glorified DriveClub demo. I've also not heard a single person complain about Ultimate Team or challenges. Online play (no problems for me personally), yes but not the others.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: Why Do Next-Gen Games Keep Disappoint...:

@Demi_God The fanboy war thing isn't a reason as it happens everywhere. The BBC did a poll this afternoon to find out what the greatest FA Cup goal was of all time. Man United fans mass voted for a Liverpool own goal - it is a classic - when Djimi Traore did a stupid piroet on the goal line with the ball and knocked it in like a plank. That was voted THE greatest FA Cup goal ever. My point is fanboys/supporters mess things up like that all the time so to blame them is nonsense. But also again comes back to what I said, review scores should be abolished.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: Why Do Next-Gen Games Keep Disappoint...:

Short answer: hype.

Long answer: publishers, magazines, websites and gamers hype up any and every game to ridiculous levels and the game can never be what they want. Since the start of the Wii/PS3/360 generation I can think of only two games that lived up to the hype: Super Mario Galaxy and GTA5 (5, not Online). People need to just calm down when looking forward to a game.

I learnt that years ago as Ocarina Of Time took six years to dig into my head. I read every tiny bit of detail imaginable and bought any and every magazine for a single new screenshot. The game came out and I couldn't get into it. Went back years later and realised how perfect it is. Since then I've never once let myself get carried away with hype. Well, once, Galaxy 2 - but that is THE best game ever made.

Also, review scores need to be got rid of. Universally. The majority of people just look at the number at the end and that's it. A 7/10 is a great game yet people act like its a 4. Publishers are equally at fault there, treating a game that gets less than 8 as an abortion.

As for the vote, I said about what I expected. If you'll remember I warned that the first year of PS4 would be like this and was shot down by all and sundry.

Rant over. Plus Germany v Poland is starting.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Sleeping Dogs PS4 mainly. Although I'm still determined to finish the Trophies off on Reaogun (complete it on veteran and then Experienced without a game over).

@ObviouslyAdachi What a fine game Zero Mission is. Everything and more I wanted from a Super Metroid sequel. Then when I finished it I moved on to Prime and what a game that is! Still in my top five.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Pla...:

@Wesker As @get2sammyb said they're not comparable really but for me it's better than all the inFAMOUS games combined by miles. Great fun and likeable characters are Sleeping Dogs' main selling points, things the inFAMOUS games lack (as much as I enjoyed Second Son). Plus Sleeping Dogs has Emma Stone in it. You can argue your preference over mine, entitled to like it of course, but you can't beat the Emma Stone inclusion.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Pla...:

My copy has just come through the letter box and my tv has died. Ffs...

@JaxonH It is no way mediocre. It's like someone made GTA an arcade game really. It's not the longest but it draws you in quite quickly and is incredibly enjoyable. It actually, to me, feels like a Dremcast game.



rastamadeus commented on MineCraft Builds a Brick House on PlayStation ...:

Next week? Oh for f**ks sake... do Sony really have this little a clue at how to try and make Vita sell? Or (like we've all assumed) do they just not give a s**t? There should have been mass adverts about this game building up to a release, making kids know that a proper Minecraft is available in your pocket. If any game could give the Vita a small flicker of a chance it's this. But nope, let's just drop it out next week and watch the console die. Every little thing Sony have done since their wonderful E3 show in 2013 is basically say "You lot who buy our stuff? Couldn't give a toss about you."



rastamadeus commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

On a more serious and wider note, gaming really has gone to s**t hasn't it?

Games constantly being released unfinished and broken, people that claim to be gamers spend more time arguing about 1080p than actually playing anything while decrying anything not on their console as crap and everything on it (good or bad) brilliant, servers going down seemingly every few weeks randomly, cut content DLC and updates that break something before fixing it.

Seems like the simplicity of the days before last generation with their stick the game on and play are long gone.



rastamadeus commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

Cynic in me says they know the majority aren't going to pay so delay the free edition. Good to see that extra year of development was used wisely.

Can't wait to check the PlayStation Europe blog :') Sure people will take the delay in their stride...



rastamadeus commented on First Impressions: Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have H...:

I've started watching WWE Experience on a Sunday this year which has lead to me actually watching some event shows. It's just pure silliness and I love it. May have to get this just to have the chance to play as Dean Ambrose as he cracks me up, utter plank.



rastamadeus commented on Round Up: DriveClub PS4 Reviews Target Pole Po...:

Review scores are what everyone expected surely? Game's been in trouble hence the delay. The fact the retail version is apparently lacking in depth makes the PS+ edition even more worrying. Canny judge until I try it tomorrow, of course, but so far it's not looking good for Sony's one big hitter this Christmas.



rastamadeus commented on Review: FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4):

I think it's a vast improvement on recent editions and feels better. They just need to get rid of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith now, who seem to have less lines than ever as every game I hear Smith say "I've missed a few of them in my time."

Oh and for f**k's sake EA, sort the problems out. Won promotion to division nine (not easy when I'm garbage at this game and everyone online seems to be Messi) but no trophy, had loads of toe poked goals but no trophy, hit the woodwork loads of times no trophy but it then popped as I did a goal line sliding clearance instead of the trophy for that! I know trophies aren't important in the grand scheme of things but don't have them if you're game is glitched to hell.



rastamadeus commented on Reaction: EGX London Hammers Another Nail in P...:

@get2sammyb "Gamers in the UK tend to be unimaginative, as was evidenced by the lengthy lines for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15" - really Sammy? We all know those people aren't gamers but casuals. Gaming is 'cool' at the moment and I imagine a good ninty percent of people who attended EGX are casuals who only buy three games a year (FIFA, COD and Assassin's Creed) plus a GTA if out.

As for the Vita, been saying it since day one: Sony don't get handhelds, as evident by the abject failure the machine has become. Those who love it - such as myself - really love it but there's about fifteen of us in the UK. I'm still yet to see anyone on a Vita or buying one or game. The amount of abuse and unfounded "Nintendo fanboy" comments I got for saying that two years ago was worth it to be proved right.

@N711 It means the Vita is dead. It doesn't matter how many good games come for it 99% of them are of no interest to casual gamers. Akiba's Trip is out next week and that game is incredible. I think it'll be me and a handful of others who are interested in it. Which sums the Vita up sadly. Blame EA (why not?) - if they had given a proper FIFA each year rather than the same game with just different player names each season it could have helped sell units but alas.

@Heavyman99 I think the games will come when someone invents a time machine, goes back to around 2010 and stops Nintendo developing a successor to the DS. As preposterous as that sounds, it's more likely than Vita TV doing anything I'm afraid.



rastamadeus commented on Sigh! Even Sony Can't Resist Ruffling Fanboy F...:

As a kid it was funny having Sega say things like they "Do What Nintendon't" as it was playground stuff. As an adult it's just incredibly sad, unfunny and beyond childish. That the vast majority of people will get this game free says something about the confidence Sony have in it.



rastamadeus commented on DriveClub, Dust, and Spelunky Free for PS4 in ...:

@Shellybird27 Then we're cool G, we're cool. No idea what that's from but been in my head all day.

@get2sammyb Hmmm... If they included something like Project Diva or Akiba's Trip I'd jump for joy. There's little chance of them ever happening - especially as one isn't out yet, but you get the point. Personally I want to see some genuine variety or not include PS4 altogether, something I feel they shouldn't have done until around now. Problem is on PS3/Vita all the genuinely good stuff has been and gone.



rastamadeus commented on DriveClub, Dust, and Spelunky Free for PS4 in ...:

@get2sammyb There's nothing wrong per se with the games and, as I've said before, my issues with PS+ aren't the titles but the lies we've been told by Sony that every seems to be happy to overlook. I just think this month it's incredibly cheap, Arkham and Sperlunky have been on sale very cheap over the last year (PS3/Vita for the latter) so to include them just feels like "it'll do." It's also come to that time on PS3/Vita where nine times out of ten I've had the game so it's really not worth it for me, currently, as the PS4 offerings have been woeful (to me). I don't like online multiplayer - prefer to do it with someone here with me - so losing online play wouldn't bother me either. Will see how November's update shapes up before deciding for certain but if it's like this months then I won't miss much myself.

@Shellybird27 Your new self realises people are allowed to have an opinion different to you? Good. Keep it up.



rastamadeus commented on DriveClub, Dust, and Spelunky Free for PS4 in ...:

First time in four months I'll be downloading something off of PS+, Rainbow Moon and Dust. The rest? Exceptionally poor. Remember the days when a game like Arkham Asylum (a great game but has been on sale on PSN for under a fiver in every sale the last two years) was the B game? At least after November 30th my PS+ is done.