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rastamadeus commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

Personally, after only just watching it, I found it awful and voted very poor. Persona 5 apart there was literally nothing that excited me. It was better presented and paced than recent Sony shows but there was no wow moment.



rastamadeus commented on Dragon Quest Meets Dynasty Warriors in PS4's D...:

Not a fan of Dynasty Warriors or Dragon Quest (especially the art style) but Hyrule Warriors looks amazing. The hype and desire to play that so much will likely lead to me buying this.

@Artie Yeah as the Zelda games never had fighting in them, did they? There's no stretch whatsoever with Zelda or DQ.



rastamadeus commented on Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is Smashing Its Wa...:

@ShogunRok If all DLC is included I'll buy the game for a third time as I love Dead Or Alive. I know it's not the most complex of beat 'em up games but I've enjoyed them since the Saturn. Sadly I can't see them doing it as it would mean them missing sales of the DLC. Just please no sodding training Trophies this time, every character has two or three moves I just can't do, stopping me Platting both DOA5 and DOA5U.



rastamadeus commented on Peggle 2's Popping onto PS4 This October:

@viciousarcanum No, the entire world pretends it's brilliant just to confuse you. We're all in on the act.

Can't wait for this. Love me some Peggle and means one of the two Xbox One games I want is now gonna be available to me. Sunset Overdrive is the other but I highly doubt we'll get that one sadly.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in Sept...:

This month is so bad it's bordering on ridiculousness (for me). January's update - the one with DMC - was the last time I personally didn't find the service meh or worse. Seriously disappointed and fed up now with PS+ and for the first time I'm actually considering stopping when my subscription runs out. And as I can't be doing with online gaming I'm basically paying for games I own already or I'm not interested in and then haven't liked or enjoyed when tried (I try them all, can't judge unless you do). It's been ten months since I enjoyed a game off there. Sadly my fears for the service have come true, now you have to pay to play online there is no point in Sony trying to entice people onto PS+ and the quality - and quality, let's not forget - is declining massively. So, to quote the Dragon's, "I'm out."



rastamadeus commented on Review: inFAMOUS: First Light (PlayStation 4):

Have to say I found inFAMOUS 1 and 2 utter garbage. Two of the worst games I've ever played which weren't helped by a dreadful script, awful and boring gameplay, repetitive combat and the player character being so unlikeable it was untrue.

I gave Second Son a try as it was under a tenner. I'm glad I did. Absolutely everything is better and - thank The Lord! - for the first time in a first party Sony game I actually liked the player character. Easily the best exclusive on PS4 so far. Looking forward to trying this add on when back from The Lakes.



rastamadeus commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

Jesus Christ you'd think someone had shot Obama, Hitler has come back to life or Man United are wasting £60m on a player they don't need (they are?). PSN is down. Accept it and move on with your lives. If your life is this badly affected by not being able to use a PlayStation you need to seriously reevaluate your life. Go outside, read a book, watch a classic film, maybe even try and get laid.



rastamadeus commented on September PlayStation Plus Update Information ...:

Lego Marvel Superheroes on PS4 would be nice. It's not an indie so people wouldn't complain, it's a decent game and Warner/TT have given three Lego games away already (albeit on Vita) so there's clearly willingness there. That and Velocity 2X would be a good mix.

@Sadodi AAA-game and Killzone in same sentence? Irony. There's no genuine AAA-game on either PS4 or Xbox One yet so don't expect anything massive for at least another year.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: 21 of the Most Awful PlayStation Netw...:

@Johnnycide Yeah it is amusing that congaing. It's just the goths I saw really getting into 'Gangam Style' where ones who I'd overheard talking all scene-like, laughing at my friend who came down the stairs while singing a La Roux song (to be fair, it's infectiously catchy). Was literally like "I'd never dance to something pop.... ['Gangam' comes on] TUNE!!!!"



rastamadeus commented on Feature: 21 of the Most Awful PlayStation Netw...:

@SimonAdebisi Woah, woah, woah. "Meh"? GTFO. "Instant Crush" is easily one of the top five songs this decade and their recent album is sublime, especially if listened to in one go at night when it's raining. Beautiful album from a stupidly talented band... if only they weren't French. Give it a go in that condition and if you don't realise it's amazing I'll buy you a pasty. We're all northern, it's what we all eat (apparently).



rastamadeus commented on Puyo Puyo Tetris to Clear Screens on PS4 in Japan:

Dear Sega,
You know how there's thousands of fans wanting the latest Yakuza games translated and released outside of Japan? And how you're still denying us the Vita version of F2P Phantasy Star Online 2? How about you get off your arses and give us Puyo Puyo Tetris? Unlike the other said games it won't involve God knows how much money translating it so it will be cheap. I'll even buy a copy on all three systems as I NEED me some more Puyo Puyo.
Paul Thomas



rastamadeus commented on Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate...:

Loved Diablo III but there's no way it's worth even the £40 which I paid last September. Adding in an expansion and some new bits and bobs does not make it now more expensive. Probably grab this this time next year when it's not so overpriced.

@Boerewors The game is close to a 10 when you're just nine hours in and it's a God knows how many hours to 100% finish game? Course. You can not possibly judge a game until it's finished.

@KALofKRYPTON It's a penny under £60 on PSN, which is presumably where @SimonAdebisi is talking about and, frankly, is a pisstake by Blizzard and Sony EU. And whether @Diddy_kong has the PS3 version or not, it's still overpriced. Loved the game (as I said above) but it's not worth that price by any means.



rastamadeus commented on Gamescom 2014: The Last Guardian Still Exists,...:

@RawShark Ocarina Of Time was delayed by six months because of the failure of the 64DD (and having to change it to a cartridge) and then another six months because Miyamoto wanted to add more into it as the cartridge had much more space than they realised when the game was finished. The Last Guardian has been delayed for years because it is a mess and doesn't work properly while having all sorts of behind the scenes problems. Couldn't be more different.



rastamadeus commented on Reaction: PS4's Variety Shines at Gamescom 201...:

@viciousarcanum Whereas people are getting sick of people like you who whine about it. If someone doesn't like indies and wants 'proper big budget retail games' it doesn't make them an idiot, they just prefer them to indies. Too many PS4 owners are becoming sort of gaming snobs, looking down on people who don't like indies. It makes you no less of a gamer to not like an indie, it just makes the 'snobs' look like tits.

@MoleZandor Vita has been dead for well over a year. People need to stop clinging to this ridiculous belief that it's still okay, it's not. The handheld is dead. Just enjoy what game it has coming left.



rastamadeus commented on Gamescom 2014: A Re-Imagining of Tearaway Will...:

While I loved the Vita original I can't see the point of this. A game that didn't set the world on fire despite heavy advertising on Vita thanks to it being a niche game is hardly going to do amazing on PS4. Personally I shall get it but as @Jazzer94 said it should be budget price at the very least. Hopefully they've added reasons to go back to the game too as once it's finished there's nothing to do in it or any incentive to play it again.



rastamadeus commented on Gamescom 2014: Wait, Rise of the Tomb Raider I...:

@Aviator Yet if Sony were announcing ROtTR as an exclusive then people here would be saying what a great move by Sony... Just because Microsoft have taken it doesn't mean it's somehow a low blow.

@Gamer83 Only man who seems to see sense. Maybe as you're also not a fanboy you can see the mess Sony are digging themselves into...



rastamadeus commented on Feature: 10 PS4, PS3, and Vita Reveals That We...:

The two problems with indie games are the way Sony shove them down our throats as if they're doing us a favour and the snobbery people have if someone doesn't like an indie game. You'd think someone had murdered a kid, not said they don't like Road Not Taken. As @Gamer83 said there's nothing wrong with people not liking indies and wanting more for the money they've given Sony for the PS4.

As for what will be revealed I expect Sony to announce yet more remasters which the drones will lap up at full price and then do again when PS Now is properly available. If we are to have more remasters they should be budget prices, £25 max. Hopefully we'll see more of No Man's Sky too.



rastamadeus commented on Sony Sued $5 Million Over PS4 Shooter Killzone...:

Gotta love him just for his pure cheek.

Interestingly, if it says on the retail box it runs at 1080 and it doesn't, its braking British trading standards rules - and I'm presuming outher contries trading rules too. It's false advertisement and your entitled under British law to return it for a full refund, even if you've opened the packaging. In a weird way this may do some good for games as it could convince developers not to constantly make false claims about their games.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Road Not Taken (PlayStation 4):

@Shellybird27 Like you're b*tching about people saying Plus has gone downhill? ;) People are allowed to think Plus has gone downhill if they think it has, like they are allowed to think it's gotten better or "wayyy better" - all a matter of opinion.

Language - get2sammyb



rastamadeus commented on BioShock's Swimming to a Smartphone Near You, ...:

Always find it amazing people are still surprised that games such as this aren't coming to Vita. Not enough people own it to make it worthwhile developing games for it. That simple. Phones do hence they get them. Doesn't matter that they're mainly garbage and have worse control than a Dirk Kuyt first touch because people will buy them regardless. For some reason mobile phone gamers are more prepared to take chances on games than 'real' gamers. Look at the Final Fantasy games, there's no way they're worth over a tenner but they sell. Would they on PSN/Xbox Live? No.



rastamadeus commented on Plenty of PS4 Discounts Coming to Europe Next ...:

Hopefully by sale they actually mean at decent prices, not prices that are still double in shops. Lego Movie should be no more than a tenner, for example. It's a sale, not a 'couple of quid off event.'

@Dohv Amusing. SCEE are so bad it's laughable. They don't give a damn about customers, repeatedly lie and ignore complaints. God knows what SCEA must be like.



rastamadeus commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

@Davros79 So obvious you stated EA favour Microsoft and give examples of it without mentioning the pennies though. The amount of money it took Respawn to make it Xbox/PC isn't important as if Sony offered more it would've been on PS4/3. Just like how Ubisoft games always have that extra 'sixty minutes' of content on Sony machines. Regardless Respawn wouldn't have recouped the lost money on Sony consoles as the game is ****.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What Are August 2014's Free PlayStati...:

@wunsen Sadly as you have to have PS+ on PS4 there is literally no reason for Sony to entice users onto it like there was on PS3 and Vita. People can bang on about it being too early for Killzone or Knack to appear but neither game hardly set the world on fire and neither are AAA names (sorry Killzone fans) so could easily be on the service to keep moaners happy. Despite both being a lot worse than some of the great indie games we've been offered in the past.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path i...:

First month in two years where literally everything for me is just meh. There's always been at least a single saving grace but not this time. Crysis 3 I own (never played properly but what I did was average), Lego HP I bought just the other day (and is the weakest Lego game I've played) and the rest just don't interest me. Alas. Roll on the September update.



rastamadeus commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

"PlayStation Plus memberships are up more than 200 per cent since the launch of the PlayStation 4"? Nothing to do with you having to have it, of course. Can prove anything you want with statements like that.

As for the actual EA subscription, if it works out doing this is cheaper than buying a new FIFA each year then it will bite EA on their ass. Their yearly sports updates are just that, updates. Why pay £40-50 for a new FIFA when you can pay the £30 yearly fee and get the new Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, PvZ?

@Davros79 More like Microsoft offered more money than Sony were for all those deals. Not a matter of favouritism in business but money.



rastamadeus commented on Out This Week: The Last of Us Remastered, Rogu...:

May come as a shock to people on here but I will be buying TLOU:R. Why? First of all a botched order by Amazon resulted in them giving me a voucher for a free PS4 game, it will be something to actually play on the damn PS4 and thirdly to give the game a second chance. I don't hold much hope for it changing my mind - unless the game play has been altered drastically - but at least the story/atmosphere/etc will be better on a more powerful machine. And I won't have a heavily pregnant woman screaming at clickers down my ear.