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Sat 17th Mar 2012

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rastamadeus commented on Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4):

@Gamer83 "I'm more interested what people like yourself, who aren't super fans, will think" - the missus has this pre-ordered while I have just been bored by almost every single second of the series. Always willing to try something though (canny judge til you try and all that) so if the game manages to keep my interest then I think that will be an indication that it's done alright.



rastamadeus commented on This Ain't How You Eat Ice Cream, Hitomi:

@Riririn Except in Japan there's a bucking trend that the women are more in charge than men. Women act like the examples you use as it gives them an upper hand. Sex sells, always has and will. In Japan the majority like girls like that and the women use it and get stupidly rich off of it. It's the men in Japan that are the problem, not the women.



rastamadeus commented on Heavy Rain's PS4 Price Won't Dampen Your Mood ...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Opposite for me. I enjoyed Heavy Rain much more than I thought I would. Yes, it's an average game, the plot is full of holes, the love scene is horrendous and every other criticism but as a whole package it was enjoyable. Like a bad movie you see on Channel 5 in the afternoons. You know it's meh but if you switch your brain off you'll enjoy it.

Beyond was all of that again, except not enjoyable. Found it such a slog and so boring. Every new level just seemed to take forever and add nothing. Plus every single limitation of David Cage's poor writing skills and direction were shown constantly.

Wouldn't go as far as what @DominicanGlory says about not finding Cage anymore, I'd just say he needs control taken away from him. He's isnt a writer, he isn't a director and he never will be. That's fine. Sony need to put in someone who knows what they're doing and flesh out his ideas - then he may create the masterpiece he's capable of.



rastamadeus commented on Kojima: I Got Offers from Others, But I Gel We...:

Not a massive fan of his work, but you can't deny he's incredibly talented. Got to say I'm very intrigued at what he can do that isn't yet another Metal Gear. He's been far too comfortable for a decade now so hopefully this is the moment he becomes someone legendary in this industry rather than being a cult hero.

Still find it funny though that when someone signs a deal for Sony it's brilliant, but if it's Microsoft they're demonic.



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: Why the PS4's Share Button Is the Gre...:

Never used the button once when I had my first PS4 and since I got another last week (new phone contract, free console) I've not touched it either.

Horses for courses though, if you're into all that sort of stuff I'm sure it is brilliant, but if not it's pointless. The greatest innovation is something near vital to everybody, not some. So no, as well as you argue it @get2sammyb, it's not the greatest innovation of this generation.



rastamadeus commented on PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Sweet EU PS...:

@GamingPenguin As someone who who is letting their subscrption run out and has no interest whatsoever in renewing it, I couldn't disagree with you more. Bar the odd intriguing title here and there, PS+ has been dreadful for two years. Whether it be poor choices in games (retail and indie), games that I already own, games that have been included in sales at a very cheap price a couple of weeks before given away or sales like this which is just a normal sale but the deals are just halved for people without PS+ to make it seem better.

Now you have to have the service on PS4 Sony have stopped trying to get people on it as it's compulsory. The service has gone downhill in the eyes of many and they're entitled to "moan" just as much as the people who moan about the moaners - and there are much more of them! - especially if they don't feel the service is value for money. I've spent £80 on the last two years of PS+ - know how many games I've enjoyed off it? One. Yakuza 4, a title I already owned and was halfway through but the disc was broke. £80 for one five year old game.

It may be value for money for some but it isn't for everyone. Sadly the people who do have issues with it, such as myself, are drowned out by the idiots who want AAA games every month - despite there being only a handful of AA games ever given away with PS+, let alone AAA. The only AAA game in it's history given away was Red Dead.



rastamadeus commented on Star Wars Battlefront Has a Really Steep PS4 S...:

@get2sammyb While I'm not a fan of Bloodborne (found it tedious half way through, never had the urge to go back, game and console now sold) at least the DLC for that is coming way, way after the game and has been made since release. What really pi$$es me off is all this Battlefront DLC will either be finished now or already being worked on. That is wrong. I'm happy to pay £40 for DLC if it is for a game I love to bits and want more of (Borderlands 2, for example) but not when all of it is thrown out within a couple of months and 90% of it could - should! - have been on the disc. That's what is wrong with DLC in my opinion.



rastamadeus commented on This Is the Flashiest PS Plus Voucher You'll E...:

No intention whatsoever in renewing PS+ (PS3 only now, what is the point of having it? Answer: none) but if I did I'd be getting that. Is nice.

Crash shouldn't return. Ever. Let him rot in video game hell. There's a difference between good and bad nostalgia, he's firmly on the bad side. Below Bubsy the bobcat.



rastamadeus commented on Uncharted's PS4 Compilation Has the Power to B...:

"Marketing the absolute crap" is slightly over the top. I've seen one bus stop poster, and the two different adverts three, maybe four times each in the last week or so. Considering I've been ill and done not much other than watch TV the last five days that's about average. Seen the adverts for Walking Dead, the Suffragettes film, Vodafone and Nivea a lot, lot more. Saw the Splatoon ads more than that! Wouldn't it have been nice though if Sony had put in any sort of effort whatsoever with Tearaway?



rastamadeus commented on Poll: Do You Actually Use the PS4's Social Fea...:

When I had a PS4 I never used them. Yet more annoyances on the dashboard (or whatever it's called) on both the PS4 and PS3 that you should be able to remove off the system completely. Honestly could not have cared less if RANDOMPERSON749 has just got a trophy on the latest FIFA or liked a game, just like I don't want Singstar on my XMB.



rastamadeus commented on UK Sales Charts: Tearaway Unfolded Flops Like ...:

@viciousarcanum Nonsense. People will buy whatever they're told to buy. Hasn't been one advert for the game on TV, magazine or online. If it wasn't for an article on here the other week about the special edition I'd have forgotten it was being re-released as it hasn't been mentioned otherwise on here or any other site until the reviews came in.

I had the original on Vita and I loved every second of it. For the three hours it lasted. That is another problem, even with the added on bits you're not going to be on it more than an afternoon. Even though it's a good game it is so short that full price for it is a waste of money. People were stung once with The Order and they weren't going to fall for it again. A shame as, unlike that CGI bore, Tearaway was lovely. If Sony had any brains they'd have released this for a tenner and also nowhere near the release date of Mario Maker. The amount of coverage that game has received (rightfully so, by the way) has just obliterated Tearaway. When you're being embarrassed by Nintendo for advertising space you really need to take a long hard look at what your advertising company is doing.

@unionjack3rd As I've just said above it's all because of presence. Justin Beiber is a twerp who I would dearly love to find out has had his vocal cords removed with a rusty spanner but the world and his wife knew he had a new single out. Who knew Tearaway Unfolded was being released last week? A few Sony fanboys with crusty photos of Shuhei Yoshida stuck to their walls (and not with blu-tack) and that's about it. Presence in the media and online. It really is that simple.



rastamadeus commented on Play UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football Ex...:

@ZeD Yeah, a whole ninety seconds of drama. You want real drama in a football match? Goals, decimations, comeback, impossibility becoming possible, mistakes, a penalty, great finishes, last-line defending, extra time and then the thing every football fan dreads yet loves - penalties.... AC Milan 3 Liverpool 3. That is drama. Greatest final of any football competition and one that will almost certainly never be bettered.



rastamadeus commented on A New Yakuza Game Is Going to Be Announced at ...:

For those who would like a bit more info, the Famitsu article - which made Gematsu look into this, @ShogunRok - doesn't say there's a new game coming per se. It's about the tenth anniversary of the series. A remake is suggested more than a new game. Toshihiro Nagoshi is very coy with his words (being able to speak/read Japanese without Google Translate helps) but he suggests it's something looking back yet forward, not something only forward. That to me screams remake. Could be wrong, of course. But it's what he says. The date, by the way, is also the same day Sega host one of their several TGS presentations.

Really excited about going there. My wallet isn't, so much Sega merchandise is going to be spent. That's if we get in though, there's a lot of places to go in Tokyo in just one week.

@Dodoo Sega are allergic to money. See there stupidity in not re-releasing Shenmue (Dreamcast's are selling again as people want the two games) or around thirty other games and franchises that have just been left to rot. I've spent nearly £250 on getting Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn when it should be on PSN/Xbox Live/eShop/Steam for everyone to enjoy, especially as not many people have seen it, let alone played it.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Will Boost PlayStatio...:

If I still had a PS4 there's a couple of those additions that would be getting a smile from me. Online storage and more Sharing isn't though, never used either.

It's not exactly surprising though to see the one update almost every single PS4 owner past or present wants isn't there: folders. Disappointing isn't the word, expected is. Whoever Sony have as there man who 'listens to what the customers want' should be fired as he clearly isn't doing what's he's paid for.



rastamadeus commented on Poll: Which PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie Will ...:

All three just look and sound naff so none of them is my vote.

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya said it before and I'll say it again, the people complaining about the complainers is just ludicrous. Before anyone has said 'eurgh, indies' (which no-one has at all) we have people complaining about them saying it. As you said, you're allowed to not like a game. It's like saying you enjoy music and then someone branding you a liar if you don't like the exact same songs and bands they do.



rastamadeus commented on Sony Wants You to Pick Your Next PS4 PlayStati...:

Don't get how this is good news. It's not like people really wanting one of the games over the others won't rig it and constantly vote, or find some way of disrupting it. Effectively we now have the idiots of the masses deciding what we play rather than Sony. Huge news.

It won't last anyway, be gone in a couple of months just like when Sony asked people to mark the Plus choices and they quickly took them away when they didn't like what they were told.

@Tasuki and what will the people who complain about the complainers have to do with their lives? They far outnumber the complainers, here in particular. Criticise Plus and you're effectively telling them you've slept with their mum and filmed it the way people overreact. Some people like things others don't and are allowed to say so without it meaning they are somehow anti-Sony scum. Why is that so hard for a lot of people (not having a go at you here by the way) to understand that?



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What Are August 2015's Free PlayStati...:

@get2sammyb It's not a question of better, it's the names. People moan about there being no AAA games on Plus (there never has been, it's been very very rare AA at best) and people moan about the moaners. GWG does seem to be getting much more bigger names than Plus though. Has been happening for a while now. Doesn't mean they're better games but a large amount of Plus users are gamers who want the big names, not indies. They're not right nor wrong to want that and, at the moment, GWG has gone ahead in that aspect. As I said in my first comment, a good game is a good game. But is Casual Joe going to want Rocket League (no matter how good it may be) or an Assassin's Creed? Sound Shapes or MGS: Ground Zero?

With both companies now offering 'free' games with a subscription Sony need to be much more aggressive and have at least one 'shit the bed that's good' title, something they haven't done on Plus since early last year with DMC and Borderlands 2 in January 2014 and Bioshock Infinite with Metro in March 2014 (I think). They're not doing it because there's not the games on PS4 - Sleeping Dogs, Last Of Us, inFAMOUS, Killzone could all be on Plus - but because they now have you anyway. Plus is a necessity if you want to game online and Sony don't have to court you into getting it with B-AA games, they'll just throw the odd B or A at you as a scrap. It's no coincidence that since PS4 arrived the quality has dropped. But with Microsoft now doing their version and consumers on the fence seeing both 'give away' games Sony need to be doing much better. Not resting on their laurels, something they seem to have been doing since the moment PS4 got this huge lead over a year and a half ago.

People, certain people, will say I'm moaning but as someone who has become utterly disillusioned with gaming I'm seeing it from an outsiders view looking in. Also I've wanted out of Plus for a long while as it's just not worth the £40 for me as I've said before. I'm only still on it as Sony kindly ignored me not letting them renew the subscription charge and doing it again anyway.

As for Vita, it should have been stopped a year ago. There's only, what, five 'big' games to have not come on it. LBP, Killzone and Freedom Wars won't ever appear as Sony don't seem to want to give their games away while Tearaway is another, especially with the PS4 version around the corner. That leaves Persona 4 Golden - the one defining must own game on Vita. That will never be given away. So why keep the service? Just sack it off.

On PS3 it will last til Christmas, stopping either shortly before or afterwards.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What Are August 2015's Free PlayStati...:

Pretty sure Sound Shapes has already been given away free with Plus. It's the best game on Vita and top three on PS4 (easily). Made up it will get more exposure and hopefully a sequel one day.

The rest? No thanks. Again, I'm sure Limbo has been given away free on one of the other two consoles.

Am I the only person who think Sony are having trouble convincing companies to give away 'bigger' games? Maybe they find the Microsoft equivilant more appeasing (financially) than Plus? Can't be a coincidence that in the last year they've had the much better 'bigger' named games. Personally I couldn't give a toss if it's big, retail, indie or a classic oldie - a good game is a good game. Sound Shapes apart though, I honestly can't remember the last good Plus game. Maybe inFAMOUS First Light in January.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What August PlayStation Plus Fr...:

PvZ: Garden Warfare is on sale this week so wouldn't rule out that being included on PS4 and/or PS3. My copy of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is broke so I'll be greedy and ask for that. Would allow Sony to give some Persona away while not making it the main game. They'll never release that on PS+ as it's the only must have on Vita. Although I imagine if P4A does come it will be in a few months as Dancing All Night gets nearer release. Would be a canny move by Atlus. Unfortunately they're owned by Sega who seem allergic to good ideas.

@Johnnycide Only 60%? I'd say more like 75%.



rastamadeus commented on Sony Brings Out PS4's Big Guns for Summer Comm...:

By sceptics you mean realists, yes? Simple matter of fact is for the second Christmas in a row PS4 is going in with nothing to say 'I'm your console'. It's instead going in say 'LOOK AT THESE GAMES that are also on Xbox and half on your PS3 too'. I'm not a fan of Sony's own studios but they have titles that sell, they have titles in progress and they need them to actually step up and deliver something for Christmas. It is the biggest sales period of the year after all. Sony can't rely on the incompetence of Microsoft and Nintendo to carry on, giving them a free ride. It's not a statement of intent in any way, it's a statement of 'that'll do, we've already won' and sooner or later it's going to come back and haunt them.



rastamadeus commented on This Is What FIFA 16 Brings to the Beautiful Game:

@arnoldlayne83 Online FIFA is just stupid. I went on a few times to see if the trophies would be possible to get... nope. Every single person just wants to get the ball and run at the opposition to score. Then they lose it and a player on the other side does the same.

The one time I managed to find a few people who wanted to actually play football we passed the opposition to death, contained them and won easily. Heavily too. Felt like a proper football game then. Never found out who they were and every game since has been the usual pile of crap.



rastamadeus commented on This Is What FIFA 16 Brings to the Beautiful Game:

@themcnoisy Have they completely remade PES from scratch since PES 2014? That one was given away with PS+ and it was, without doubt, the worst football game I've ever played. Slow, boring, terrible graphics (I don't care about visuals but it looked like an early PS2 game), no atmosphere. Dreadful commentary repeating the same three phrases, absurdly easy difficulty... I honestly thought they'd given away the wrong game. Did they just start again on PS4?

I'd love a title to take on FIFA as it still just doesn't feel right to me. I think that it's the way, at the end of the day, you really aren't in control of anything that happens in the game, no matter what you're told, everything is controlled by the computer. It's always felt more like a game to me FIFA, while ISS and then the first few Pro Evo's felt like football.



rastamadeus commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation's Road to N...:

Something needs to change in Japan. It's amazing when you compare what is happening here in Europe and America with this gen. Going forward though I can honestly see this (including NX if it's a home console) being the last generation the country has. The PS4 itself launched in Japan after America/Europe and that's going to happen with PS5/next Xbox/next Nintendo after NX. They don't care anymore. Microsoft won't bother there much longer, Nintendo will survive thanks to their handhelds - the 3DS is still well behind the DS thanks to phones/tablets yet still sells like hotcakes - and Sony? I can see them being a small presence, but treating the region, their home region, as an afterthought. If they could crack the handheld market they could really compete with Nintendo in that section of gaming but they've tried twice now and both times they haven't actually understood the market (despite the small but dedicated love the consoles have outside Japan) and won't go a third time.

@Kayoss Difference is the PS4 is just over/under eighteen months old there and the numbers are relatively consistent week after week. They may go up when a big game comes out but then they drop again. The 3DS has been out over four years, each version of the machine is counted separately, and going from how many have sold up until New Year's Day 2015 there have been 160.71m - the Japan population is around 126,999,808 (as of July 2014). That is basically like saying every person in Japan has one, nearly a third has two. And it's still selling. PS4 being second behind 3DS is good for Sony when you take in how the country is falling out of love with console gaming. But it's good in a similar way to finding 50p on the floor when you've lost £100. Microsoft though is like being robbed, beaten up, stripped and then being thrown a penny.



rastamadeus commented on PlayStation Pays Its Respects to Nintendo's Sa...:

@kensredemption All but a tiny minority seem to have put aside console loyalty and just paid tribute to someone very important. Makes you think the gaming community really isn't as bad as it makes itself out to be at times. The few people who have tried to make a snarky comment have collectively been ignored and got bored - seeing as they haven't had the attention they craved - and the ones you'd expect to say something have thankfully stayed away (on all sites). A death can really bring people together, as it's shown today.

@Gamer83 The pay cut is just everything you need to know about him, isn't it? Throughly classy and just a very nice man.



rastamadeus commented on PlayStation Pays Its Respects to Nintendo's Sa...:

Lovely little Eurogamer-made video that shows off some of the wonderful and quirky things he did in interviews, Directs and at E3. What other CEO of any company would do his Smash Bros fight? The bit towards the end with Miyamoto genuinely had me in tears, they just looked like a couple of gamers who can't believe their luck in what they're doing. The world needs more people like him, not less.



rastamadeus commented on Liverpool's Jordan Henderson Is Officially FIF...:

@tjames84 If you honest to God think he's rubbish then you need to take off your club loyalty hat. He's by no means rubbish. I don't like Ashley Cole, think he's a massive waste of space and a disgrace as a person, never mind a footballer. But he's a great player when he performs. Difference between having on the club loyalty hat and not.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4):

@BAMozzy I can see there are many technical marvels around this gen. But, for me, as games first and foremost they've all disappointed. There's three games on PS4 that I have genuinely enjoyed since day one: PvZ Garden Warfare, Resogun, Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls. Two of them are on last gen systems, the other is on the Vita too. For us (my partner and I) that just is not enough. I'd never say I speak for everyone and I know many are immensely enjoying the games on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. I wish I was one of them.

I'll try and keep this Liverpool bit short so it's not off topic, but I'd be happy with Benteke. The money is stupid, but so is what we want for Sterling. Benteke isn't just a target man, he can play and would link up nicely with us plus give us (potentially) an incredible plan b if needed. I'm not over the moon with him but I think he'd do a cracking job here. Just need to do some cross practice in training, to go along with practising scoring, defending, containing...



rastamadeus commented on Live: Watch the Full, Uncut Version of Unchart...:

@eLarkos They don't appeal to me in the slightest bit. I've said before I really don't think Naughty Dog are anywhere near the studio they're made out to be. Making something prettier doesn't make me change my mind. I will, of course, try the game when it's out and if it's good I'll say it. Even if it makes me look a prat I'll say "this is good!" Despite many on here I actually try games before giving out my opinion on them. That's how I know I don't like Uncharted games. Same with Last Of Us. It's just a shame too many people on here - and other sites - are too much of a fanboy to say "this isn't good" when it isn't.

The one thing I have always praised Naughty Dog for though is moving on. Each gen they try something else. Again, I've not liked them, but that's a brave thing for a studio to do, not rely on one thing. This just feels like doing it for the sake of it, rather than wanting to. I think they have something wonderful in them - Last Of Us should have been it but they forgot the game play - and it just annoys me that they don't seem to want to do it, just play it safe.

You know what @Davros79? I wrote a massive comment on what I think about people like you who can't handle people disagreeing with their own opinion. But you're not worth it. Chill out, grow up. accept your opinion isn't gospel. Have a good weekend. Try not to punch someone who's wearing a top you don't think is nice.

I will though repeat one part I wrote, next time you want to have a (very childish attempt of a) pop at me, have the balls to @ me in it.



rastamadeus commented on Liverpool's Jordan Henderson Is Officially FIF...:

We've had to have Rooney (massively overrated, he's a good player not the messiah he's made out to be), Wilshire (a fashion accessory, not a footballer) and others on the cover yet they're forgotten as it's a Liverpool player so Blues, Mancs and Chelsea fans have to moan. Next year when a different player is on the cover people will moan again. You'd swear EA had told people they've killed their pet the way Twitter has reacted. It was him or Harry Kane, and nobody wants to see his gurning excuse of a smile on the cover of their box. Don't like who's on the cover? Do what you've always done, not give a damn or turn the cover.

@FantasyMeister Faye Williams should've been on the cover. She was sublime for England in the World Cup. To be honest, it's a joke that it's taken this long to put the women's game in FIFA. Don't expect a woman on an English cover for around a decade. Especially when far too many people still ridicule it.

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Half of Manchester? Why? Is there suddenly only a handful of people in Manchester? The three United-supporting people are hardly half of the 505,000 in the city.



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: I Decided to Show My Family Uncharted...:

@HeyDrumstickGuy There's no telling if that is an allowed path or its all a free choice though. Why this video does absolutely nothing for me as you know you won't be doing much of what's going on bar a few presses of cross or tap of square.

As for gaming families, my Nan used to love watching me play on my Mega Drive when I was little. She was fascinated by it all and would sit there for as long as I played. When I moved to the N64 my Mum watched Mario 64 all the time as she though Mario looked cute running around. Nowadays people in my family don't particularly care ("if I want to watch an interactive movie I'll give you the special signal, which is me being sectioned under the Mental Health Act" as my Mum said, ripping off one of TV's greatest characters). That's not including my seven year old nephew though, who sits mouth-wide open at the games I play, not realising there's more to gaming than the games he shouldn't be playing but my sister stupidly lets him.