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rastamadeus commented on M. Bison's Back and More Badass Than Ever in N...:

@DominicanGlory Can you say "overreaction"?

Fighting games aren't system sellers. Haven't been since the original version of Street Fighter II over twenty years ago. Only one that could be considered a system seller in that time is Smash Bros. Fighting games are a niche market - but a very passionate one.



rastamadeus commented on Sony to Put PlayStation's Full Weight Behind N...:

This, Splatoon, Persona 5 and Arkham Knight are the only games I'm interested in this year. Been such a slow, dull year video-gaming wise.

@Sanquine Over-hyped games are only over hyped if you're stupid enough to let them be. If you sit looking for every bit of info on something as you wait for its release and build it up in your head then it will obviously disappoint. Nine times out of ten a hyped game sucks because of the person playing it, not the game itself being bad. I did it myself with Ocarina Of Time. I'd never wanted anything as much as that game but when it came out it didn't live up to what I imagined over three years previous. Was only about six years later when I went back to it and fell in love with what is still the best world created yet in a video game for me.



rastamadeus commented on Ubisoft's Got a Secret Triple-A Title Up Its S...:

@darkhairwarrior Rayman games have never been AAA. Ever. AAA is something like GTA or Mario Galaxy, titles at the the top of their game both critically and commercially. Rayman games have always been well-very well reviewed by critics and hardly ever set the tills alight sales-wise. A at very best. Just because you enjoy them doesn't make them AAA. In that case Catherine is a AAA game.



rastamadeus commented on MediEvil Fan Puts a Nail in the Coffin of PS4 ...:

@kamifox1 Massive, massive difference between around a thousand (being generous) internet voices wanting a new title and the hundreds of thousands of sales they'd need to begin to comes close in justifying making it. Look at F-Zero, a game where the fanbase is much bigger than what you think MediEvil's is, yet nothing. The series is all but dead. And that's a much loved, successful series, not a slightly above average platformy hack and slasher (to be brutally honest). MediEvil is gone. Any slim hope people had of it coming back was diminished completely by PS All-Stars Battle Royale.

Also look at the moaning people did about the three Wii RPGs with Operation Rainfall. Thousands and thousands of people swore blind they'd buy the games and screamed how unfair it was they weren't coming to America. Nintendo caved. The majority of people didn't buy them. They bombed. People on the internet saying "I'll buy it!" can be trusted about as much as the people who said "I'll vote Labour" then voted Tory at the last moment.



rastamadeus commented on Koei Tecmo Continues the Vita Love with JRPG A...:

OMG THIS IS PROOF VITA IS SAVED! An actual game. Yay! Now won't you all stop saying Vita is dead :(:(:( This is physical - digital - proof everything is rosy with your head in the sand. YAY SONY <3

Serious head back on. The game is alright actually. The missus has it on PS3 and it's decent little game. Nothing special but nothing bad.



rastamadeus commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

@3Above Things like skins will be ready at launch so could be in the game. Same with a lot of the challenge maps, Batmobiles and race courses. Nothing other than greed is stopping them being in game. So it shouldn't cost near $60 or even $30.

The missions are a different kettle of fish. Although would anybody be genuinely surprised to know they're already at least 70% done? I doubt it. Post launch DLC is fine. But don't start it til the game is done otherwise you look like a bunch of greedy ****s. Look at Mario Kart 8, for example, taking six months-a year for the two DLC packs. Supporting a game after launch, not fleecing their customers instantly before they move on. Have some faith in your game Rocksteady/WB.



rastamadeus commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

Batgirl mission? Yes please.
Extra Batman missions? Yes please.
Challenge maps? No thanks.
Skins? Definitely not.
Race courses? Considering the Batmobile sections look utter gash and are making me worried about this game, that's a no from me.

Call it a tenner. £15 if the Batman missions are numerous.



rastamadeus commented on PlayStation Plus Subscribers Suddenly Losing A...:

Part of the PS Now Beta myself (not used it once since a quick check at the dreadful choice of titles). I've turned the PS4 on twice today and each time it's told me I couldn't connect to the internet. A quick check in the Network part of Settings and testing the connection sorted the problem. Just had another go as I wrote this and same thing. My PS+ logo was gone until the internet came back on and the logo returned. If anyone is having problems maybe just try that as it's helped me.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Platformer Yooka-Laylee Makes Over $1 Mill...:

Been watching it from the first tease, backed it and cannot wait to play it. Late '90s/early '00s Rare were untouchable so to have a group of them reform and make this sort of game - my favourite type of game - is incredibly pleasing.

@BLPs Because Naughty Dog are the be all and end all, aren't they? These sort of games have to be done right (the Mario games, the first Sly, Banjo-Kazooie, the original Crash), something ND only ever did once with their attempts at 3D platformers. They even branched further and further away from it as they got to the PS2 with Jak. Look at the demand already for this game, people want it - the problem is developers don't want to create anything that isn't a sequel, a bland shooter or sandbox game for fear of it not selling millions. It's pathetic. Naughty Dog going back to Uncharted means they are part of the problem. Have some balls and do something new. As much as I hated TLOU I applauded them for doing something different. They've always been a company to move on each generation, a shame they've changed. But money talks. I bet hardly anyone at ND wants to make U4 but the people who run them are greedy bastards and demand it.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What Are May 2015's Free PlayStation ...:

Hohokum I've been meaning to try when it went cheap so that's okay. The rest? For God knows how many months in a row now, not for me. Guacamelee STCE is a great game but the original has already been on PS+ and this version adds rather little so feels cheap. Murasaki Baby bored me, as did Unfinished Swan after the first five minutes. The other two I've never heard of and will try but don't really look like much.

@BAMozzy Yeah, that option should really be on each months poll. People - rightly or wrongly - are constantly not satisfied with the games month after month so surely they should be allowed to say so.



rastamadeus commented on Guillermo del Toro Says Silent Hills on PS4 Wo...:

@Kage_88 And? The man is massively vain and egotistical. He's so far up himself he could wear his kidney as a hat. That isn't a criticism though. I think he's wonderfully talented and look forward to what he does next but, let's be brutally honest, he will be too proud and full of himself to not go it alone. By doing so he will rely on Kickstarter and when he starts pissing away that money on more and more cutscenes it will quickly run out and he'll be forced to get publisher backing.

@Comrade44 Massively off topic that. But yeah, being racist constantly, bringing embarrassment to his work place and then punching someone because lunch wasn't ready... easy to see why you'd be annoyed Clarkson lost his job. Besides, if you can't see he deliberately got himself fired to move to another company ("Hello, Mr. Murdoch!") for more money then you really need to step outside into the real world a bit more.



rastamadeus commented on Guillermo del Toro Says Silent Hills on PS4 Wo...:

It's no great shame to be honest. The full game was never going to live up to PT.

@Jaz007 he's got more ego than Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins combined. He'll go solo, the game will never get made (lack of money) and he'll go to a publisher with his tail between his legs for much less money than originally offered.



rastamadeus commented on Telltale Games Is Teaming Up with Marvel in 2017:

@FATHASUN True, but they're toning down the X-Men comics and making sure the more interesting newer characters are Inhumans rather than mutants aren't they, so an X-Men game makes no sense as they really aren't a priority for Marvel any more (rightly or wrongly). Involved in it by all means, but not the main characters.

@ToddlerNaruto Now I feel bad, aha. Wasn't having a pop though, you just see so many people say things like that just for the sake of it is all.



rastamadeus commented on Telltale Games Is Teaming Up with Marvel in 2017:

@Splat No chance of it being X-Men. They may feature in it but they won't be the main characters. Marvel don't make X-Men films so they won't give Fox free publicity when the majority of people who play this game who aren't Marvel fans will be people who just know the characters from films. Best bet is Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to those that don't know) as the Netflix mini-series is due in 2017 or the two series that have films out that year, Spider-Man and Guardians Of the Galaxy.

@ToddlerNaruto The headline is "Telltale Games Is Teaming Up with Marvel in 2017" so, in other words, you were never excited at all as the first thing you read was Telltale.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: People Are Saying That Sony Will Promo...:

If this is true (would also, you assume, mean DLC first on PS4/3) it's going to be amusing watching all the hypocritical fanboys praising Sony after calling Microsoft scum for teaming with Activision over the last few years.

@Gamer83 I really don't think an Uncharted-shaped hole is that big, especially if it can be filled by a God Of War title. People go on about Uncharted like its the pinnacle of gaming excellence when it really isn't. It's a solidly performing title that really hasn't set the world alight. Admittedly I'm not from America like yourself and it may be huge there but until I got my PS3 four years ago I had never heard of Uncharted. It's not that big of a miss. Shame for the fans, yes. For the sales? Not so much. A COD-exclusivity deal will sell at least three/four times as much here, would that not be the case of in your end of the world too?



rastamadeus commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's First PS4 Trailer Is ...:

Meh. Looks pretty but showed absolutely nothing of the game itself. Left me feeling like I was on Hoth.

@Jazzer94 Is there a video of that anywhere? That's what I wanna see, not the staged crap which people somehow seem to think creates hype when it's just a way of saying 'we don't think you'll like the game, here's some flashy flashy to make you empty your wallets before realising you've been conned, again, suckers!'



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

Is the amount of articles and whatnot about this game really necessary? I know we've been starved of genuinely good games on PS4 (I jest) but every time I come on here now there's seventeen new articles about Bloodborne. I've had it since day one and haven't tried it yet, don't think I will for quite a while as - without even trying it yet - I'm utterly fed up of it. May be on my own here, and if people are enjoying them then fair enough, but it is overkill.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: Is It Time to Introduce EA Acce...:

It's a dangerous precedent and one I'm glad we don't have on PS4. Yet. It is inevitable, sadly. I also see someone (can't be bothered arguing and @-ing him) is taking his usual 'it sucks as Sony don't have it and the sun shines out of their backside' side to this. He'd be polar opposite if Sony had it and Microsoft didn't. Fanboys. And this does have a point - before it's modded out - fanboys, good or bad, will buy these sort of subscriptions no matter what, even if they insist the day before they are the work of the devil. Which is why I think they'll become more common going forward.

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Personally found Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare to be the most fun you can have, multiplayer-wise, on any console over the last couple of years. I'm not an online shooter kind of gamer but I absolutely love it, while my cousin who plays COD/Battlefield like if he didn't he'd die, is glued to it at the moment.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (...:

Not played Pre-Sequel yet but I've already re-Platinumed Borderlands 2. My joint favourite PS3 game (along with Red Dead) and now my favourite PS4 game. Absolutely love it.

@Carl-G Just TimeSplitters 2 would do. Sadly there's more chance of Katie Hopkins keeping her trap shut for a minute than there is TimeSplitters returning :(



rastamadeus commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Reveals What the N...:

Ah, COD. This time every year the same people bang on about it being a cash cow and how "I'm done with the series!" yet the same time next year they're repeating themselves. And the year after that. And after that. Maybe if the amount of people who say they aren't buying COD actually didn't then maybe it wouldn't be yearly anymore.

Not a massive fan of it myself (bar Co-Op in MW2 and Survival in MW3) but I'm not a massive hater. It exists for people who like it. If you don't - or pretend you don't - why bother letting it get your knickers in a twist? There's worse things in life than COD. Like Katie Hopkins or Cheryl Cole.



rastamadeus commented on Did Dying Light Scare Dead Island 2 Away?:

@staticdash22 "65-75 is a mediocre game imo. 60 and below is flop. 76-85 is a good game, and 86 and above is can't miss" absolutely everything wrong with ratings and why they shouldn't be around any longer. The fact people actually value metacritic scores before buying a game is even more annoying than fanboys, day one patches, day one dlc and everything else that is wrong with video games nowadays.. Whatever happened to having your own opinion? Out-dated concept.

Oh, and "mediocre" means average, in a scoring context average is 50. Basic maths that my five year old nephew can tell you.



rastamadeus commented on Live: Watch as Square Enix Reveals a Brand New...:

@Johnnycide It's someone laying on the floor, a few seconds of video of him being beaten up then goes back to nothing for what seems like six hours. Then he's asked to chose a music style (classical or folk) but he answers nothing, it does it all again, he answers one, repeat, answers the other, repeat, the viewers vote and he's beaten up. Then back nothing. Tedious attempt at trying to do something different. Stare at the floor at work, it'll be more revealing about what this game is than this garbage.



rastamadeus commented on April's PlayStation Plus Freebies Include Towe...:

Been a run of three-four months now where it's been getting back to decent. Seems that's ended. Never Alone apart it's weak for me. Dishonoured (learn to spell yanks) I've got but not played and Killzone I deleted off my Vita in the first hour as it was just boring. Like watching Chelsea.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Axiom Verge (PlayStation 4):

Never heard of this but gonna have to check it out as I adore old type Metroid. No other series in that genre has come close to how good the Metroid games are as most seem to focus more on the Castlevania side. This looks properly good though.

@Quorthon You make out like all Nintendo are doing is rehashing Super Metroid (one of the greats) yet there's been two 2D Metroid titles (one a remake of the original) in twenty-one years. Oh and none in eleven years. So what you wrote is absolute poppycock.

@Johnnycide I was really disappointed with Apotheon. I'd never heard of it til it was announced for PS+ but got really excited about it in the week long wait. After two hours I deleted it as it was as boring as Gary Barlow's voice. Find it odd you see Bloodborne/Order vids on YouTube too, I've never seen one. All I see is Mumford and Sons or one where people jog up a mountain.



rastamadeus commented on Remember to Make Room for Borderlands: The Han...:

Don't like it? Don't buy it. That simple. Only way these morons who run companies will stop massive day one patches, pathetic launch states, stupid loading times, day one DLC, on-disc DLC, etc is to not buy the games. Everyone is outraged by all this but not one sod will keep their hand in their wallet/purse. Until that happens we are just as equal to blame as the d**kheads making these games and running these companies. That simple.



rastamadeus commented on Round Up: Bloodborne PS4 Reviews Reveal Sony's...:

I really don't know about this. It looks great, everyone is saying it's great but there's just something in the back of my head saying the hype is too much. Gonna get it i Friday with Borderlands Handsome Collection though.

@arnoldlayne83 Over half of those sites I've never heard of and never will again. Reviews mean naff all end of the day. Your own opinion is all that matters.

@Sanquine Nice that they deal with the problem after people have made a fuss. If they'd done it in the first place - like they and all game companies should - there would have been no bad press about the game over the weekend.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: Holy Remaster, Batman! Arkham Duo Set ...:

Why not. Every other sodding PS3 game is being remastered. All these companies may as well do this quickly so they can make money before Sony start PS Now properly and they can charge us to play the games again, un-remastered.



rastamadeus commented on Here's Your First Look at Predator in Mortal K...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi I've no interest whatsoever in MKX as the last game and Injustice have put me right off. But if they announce Johnny 5 I will be all over it like a rash. His big, sad robotic eyes looking up at you as he wins, asking where Benjamin has gone... if someone from NetherRealm reads this, stop messing about with morons like Jason and Predator and give us Johnny 5!



rastamadeus commented on Fetch Some Supercharged inFAMOUS: Second Son P...:

Help us celebrate making a load of money by giving us more. Nice.

Enjoyed Second Son - and First Light - a lot more than I thought I would. They're by no means brilliant but they were good fun for the few hours they lasted and got rid of the original two games main stumbling point for me, the God awful Cole. Kinda hoping we get some more DLC of those arena stages from First Light as they were great. Highly unlikely though sadly.

@get2sammyb I like that one. Wish there was more going on though, or the sky when you go up to the menu being dark when it's night time. Considering you paid for it there's not too much going on. I do like it though, best theme so far.



rastamadeus commented on Uh Oh, Watch PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Take Ove...:

@AyeHaley That just sounds incredibly rude, haha.

@Dohv "With every PS4 exclusive there's always something that people got to overreact too" - a game where you die a lot and there are such long loading times isn't an overreaction though. You are chose to make it an overreaction. It's a problem regardless of console. Say you get stuck on a certain spot and it takes you ten-twenty times to overcome it, that's over ten minutes of sat twiddling your thumbs. I'm sure you'll be happy though, that's ten minutes extra for you to make out everyone in the world is against Sony and no other company is ever given negative press. Everyone raves about Nintendo's constant clangers and we all loved Microsoft's DRM restriction ideas didn't we? I still remember all the glorious pro-Microsoft press that got...



rastamadeus commented on Konami's Recruiting a New Team to Build a Fres...:

As I said in the other thread there's no way he'd go to another company without trying his hand at it all himself. Man has a big ego (nowt wrong with that) and he'll want to do it all himself rather than be bossed around by suits.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: Gravity Rush Remaster Purrs to PS4:

I enjoyed the story mode but afterwards, despite the challenges, there just felt like no reason to touch it again. And I haven't. A sequel would be better than another remaster, unless they do the sensible thing and make it a budget release and a stop-gap before the second title.



rastamadeus commented on DriveClub Developer Waylaid by Layoffs:

@Sanquine You can't attack people for attacking someone, using 'freedom of speech' as the excuse as you're arguing they have the right to argue. End of the day @Tasuki is perfectly entitled to think want he wants but the people who said his comment are out of order are allowed to as well. If Evolution had bothered to make sure their game worked before release and not kept people in the dark for so long afterwards then no-one at the company would be losing their job. Blame is Evolution's and Sony, the latter as they clearly saw the game wasn't in working condition but authorised it's release. It's sad, pathetic and laughable that in this day and age a video game - costing hundreds of millions in some cases - are allowed to release in incomplete condition. In no other line of work would that be acceptable and people would be fired. As is always the case though the people who make the final call get away scot free and it's the 'littlemen' who lose their job for other's failings.

Personally the only bit of @Tasuki's comments I found odd was "At this point the only reason for them to release a free version is to shut all the whiners up" as it completely misrepresents why people are 'whining'. They want what they were promised and contractually obligated to get when purchasing a PS4 and PS+. Nobody wants people losing their job (except Cheryl Cole on X-Factor USA, that was funny) because of broken promises made by heads of companies but acting like they are happy about it was completely out of order, especially for someone working for the site.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: Konami Power Struggle Leads to Hideo K...:

After all the problems caused by a big company do people really think he'll go to another one? He plainly wants away from MGS so buying the license for him won't encourage his signature. Besides the man has a near Zlatan-sized ego so will go it alone with a new start up funded by Kickstarter. It will either be a success or a massive clanger when, pride dented, he'll sign for another company but one where he has freedom to do what he wants - something none of the big three would give him after his first title.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: Konami Power Struggle Leads to Hideo K...:

  • Kojima will be gone by Christmas and set up a new indie making stealth games that will never see light of day due to not having enough Kickstarter funding for week-long cutscenes
  • Silent Hills will never be made and PT will haunt us for years for nothing
  • Konami will release anual Metal Gear Solid games that will be hated by press and public
  • Konami will die, all the best developers moving to Treasure meaning we get more than one game every now and then from them - including the HD ports of their games that Xbox Live got and we didn't (booo)
  • Hudson Soft will emerge from the flames like a phoenix
  • I will finally get a new sodding Bomberman
  • Someone buys the Rocket Knight license (preferably Treasure) and I also finally get another game in that series
  • All is well


rastamadeus commented on PlayStation Now Streams to UK Shores This Spring:

Mentioned this in The Order forum page - The Order should have been put only on this service when it launches properly. Charge a tenner for it for a week and it would have sold like hot cakes. All the people put off by the length, lack of game play, repetitiveness that they've read about would be much more willing to try it and Trophy whores would've jumped on it like Alizée (thank you @Scollurio). People would have been able to play the game for themselves after all the bitching about it and make their own minds up. More importantly for Sony, it would have made them God knows how much more money than it will at retail after all the bad press, got PS Now a lot of attention and would have been an exclusive to launch it. Seems like a missed opportunity for good press and easy money.

On topic, still not convinced this thing will work out in the long haul but registering now to hopefully have a goosey.



rastamadeus commented on This Final Fantasy XV PS4 Video Absolutely Ble...:

The guy looks like Christopher Lee.

I spent close to an hour just watching someone playing the demo on Live From PlayStation yesterday. I'd kinda gone off the idea of FFXV - as it looked like it was becoming a One Direction car journey type game - but it's really got my excitement back. Looks nothing like the Final Fantasy I loved growing up mind, but those games are long gone sadly.