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rastamadeus commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

@Davros79 So obvious you stated EA favour Microsoft and give examples of it without mentioning the pennies though. The amount of money it took Respawn to make it Xbox/PC isn't important as if Sony offered more it would've been on PS4/3. Just like how Ubisoft games always have that extra 'sixty minutes' of content on Sony machines. Regardless Respawn wouldn't have recouped the lost money on Sony consoles as the game is ****.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: What Are August 2014's Free PlayStati...:

@wunsen Sadly as you have to have PS+ on PS4 there is literally no reason for Sony to entice users onto it like there was on PS3 and Vita. People can bang on about it being too early for Killzone or Knack to appear but neither game hardly set the world on fire and neither are AAA names (sorry Killzone fans) so could easily be on the service to keep moaners happy. Despite both being a lot worse than some of the great indie games we've been offered in the past.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path i...:

First month in two years where literally everything for me is just meh. There's always been at least a single saving grace but not this time. Crysis 3 I own (never played properly but what I did was average), Lego HP I bought just the other day (and is the weakest Lego game I've played) and the rest just don't interest me. Alas. Roll on the September update.



rastamadeus commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

"PlayStation Plus memberships are up more than 200 per cent since the launch of the PlayStation 4"? Nothing to do with you having to have it, of course. Can prove anything you want with statements like that.

As for the actual EA subscription, if it works out doing this is cheaper than buying a new FIFA each year then it will bite EA on their ass. Their yearly sports updates are just that, updates. Why pay £40-50 for a new FIFA when you can pay the £30 yearly fee and get the new Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, PvZ?

@Davros79 More like Microsoft offered more money than Sony were for all those deals. Not a matter of favouritism in business but money.



rastamadeus commented on Out This Week: The Last of Us Remastered, Rogu...:

May come as a shock to people on here but I will be buying TLOU:R. Why? First of all a botched order by Amazon resulted in them giving me a voucher for a free PS4 game, it will be something to actually play on the damn PS4 and thirdly to give the game a second chance. I don't hold much hope for it changing my mind - unless the game play has been altered drastically - but at least the story/atmosphere/etc will be better on a more powerful machine. And I won't have a heavily pregnant woman screaming at clickers down my ear.



rastamadeus commented on Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 4 ...:

The main complaint I keep seeing about season two is that it's more on the rails than the first but I really think that is the point. In the first season you're a grown man while now you're a child so of course it's easier as there's no way Clementine could have done any of what Lee did back on the trains tracks involving the train and upturned lorry. If something happens to Clem - God forbid, it's amazing how much you root for her - and we start playing as, say, Luke, it will get more puzzly again. That's my take on it anyway.

Personally I'm loving season two and making Clem more of a bad ass/wee Michonne. Although (spoilers) I do think Sarah was a complete flop as I've long wanted to be rid of that prat while if you make Kenny furious at you at the start of this episode he doesn't half forgive you quickly (spoilers end).



rastamadeus commented on Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed...:

@MadchesterManc You should see the PSN messages I've had today because I dared to criticise Best Game Ever Of All Eternity™ The Last Of Us on here. If the people were actually able to string a sentence together it would be offensive. My favourite is from xSanosuke who thought that by using his Japanese account he would be anonymous. Intelligence isn't a strong point for some.

That will do we don't need to go down that path please. -Tasuik-



rastamadeus commented on Naughty Dog Wants All of Its PS4 Titles to Run...:

@Gamer83 Oh I know, just like I don't expect anyone to agree with me. I'm just constantly surprised that if, say, we (gamers at large) criticise company x for doing something then company y has to be as well. Naughty Dog seem to get off scott free though.

Also, thanks to PSN user xSanosukeJP for the lovely message/attempt at abuse. So nice to see fanboys can't handle someone not liking a game they do.



rastamadeus commented on Hurrah, Vita JRPG Freedom Wars Will Be Getting...:

Lets hope the people who said they'd buy it actually do. Sadly the few times companies change their minds (like the three Wii games a few years ago) the companies are eventually proved right as nowhere near the amount of people who cried "I WANT IT!" actually buy it.

@voodoo341 Don't be daft. As if Sony Europe would ever want to look like they know what they're doing or actually give a damn.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update Details Right Around the C...:

@RawWilson1 And we need a icon on the screen coming on when a friend is online. It's so mind-numbingly stupid that that feature isn't on the PS4. Being able to put games in folders so they're not just there in a long line would be nice too.

@3Above People complained about the PS3 updates as they were frequent and added nothing. People complain about the PS4 updates as features which are common sense are missing and Sony is showing no signs of adding them while Microsoft is showing a willingness to quickly fix mistakes it has made and add new stuff in a regular fashion. Simple.



rastamadeus commented on Naughty Dog Wants All of Its PS4 Titles to Run...:

@Gamer83 I'd disagree entirely. They create experiences which lack gameplay. I seriously can't fathom the love Sony fanboys give them. I heard nothing but how amazing ND were when I was a Nintendo/old Sega console gamer and then when I came to PS3 and tried Uncharted I was left completely unmoved. It's just slow, boring and predictable. TLOU too is probably the worst game - from just the gameplay point of view before the abuse comes in - I've played in years. For me since PS3 they've become charlatans covering average gameplay mechanics with beautiful looks, sounds and stories then getting praised while other developers who do exactly the same get slagged off.



rastamadeus commented on Hooah! Call of Duty Reloads with Explosive PS4...:

Terrible sale. Still loads more than you can buy them physically. Only in the mental word of Sony and Activision is Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 still worth a penny under sixty quid. Ludicrous. That's five pounds more than PS4 games cost. God help us when games go 100% digital...



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Christmas Offering Is...:

Personally I think it's worse than poor. The majority of gamers have now made up their mind and have a PS4/Xbox One/Wii U so it's the dreaded casual gamers left. If they're looking to upgrade to a new console this Christmas then PS4 would be the last on their list for what it has around that time. The only exclusive is LBP3, a game casual gamers know nothing about and don't want. The article says Halo and COD offer experiences already familiar but that is why they will sell a trillion times better than LBP3 - they're games casual gamers (somehow) enjoy and want. Next year will be amazing but this year is painfully average and looking like it's going to end up dreadful.

If Sony want to attract the Wii owners they're going to have a massive struggle. The majority who haven't updated yet are people who don't game much and find the Wiimote easier than buttons on pads. Going from the Wiimote to a DualShock would be terrifying - even more so when they look at the cost of one!



rastamadeus commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

They might not be worried but I am. Multi-platform releases (majority on last gen too), a full price remake for a game just over a year old with zero replayability, a game that 99.9% of people will get for free and another LBP? Be still my beating heart. There is literally almost no reason to get a PS4 over Xbox One this Christmas if you're a new adopter - or 360/PS3. SingStar? Good God. The lack of anything substantial for Sony or Microsoft this year is ridiculous especially when Nintendo has a new Super Smash Brothers. Both of them are just opening the door and letting Nintendo back in this Christmas which although good for gamers is a massive own goal business-wise. 2015 can't come soon enough.



rastamadeus commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:

If this was Nintendo getting Minecraft for the 3DS (if the 3DS was in the situation Vita is in) I would be 100% sure it would be a success. It's not though, it's Sony who haven't got a clue - or desire - to promote or sell the Vita. Sales might go up a wee bit but nothing special. Kids love Minecraft but you're not going to buy your son or daughter a brand new console to play it on when they have it on their home machines and tablets/phones. It's two years too late.



rastamadeus commented on Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail ...:

Can't say I'm surprised. It's Sony's last big Vita game and they know people want it so they can give it to shops where it will be undercharged like a lot of new Vita games are or it can charge full whack (maybe even more) on PSN like the greedy **** they are.



rastamadeus commented on Out This Week: Guacamelee! PS4, Ratchet & Clan...:

@get2sammyb Do we know how much Guacamelee! STCE is? £7.50 or under I don't mind going through it again, especially with new stuff. Any more and I'll wait for the inevitable PS+ inclusion. Do we also know if owning the original gets you anything yet? Saw on the US PS blog that someone from Drinkbox said they were trying to get them discounts as a reward for buying it again.



rastamadeus commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

@Gemuarto Yeah, how dare they not buy the crap that's released over here and more more ports? Can't wait to play The Last Of Us again while going through more games available on PS3 and paying double the going price for those PS3 games <3<3<3

The Japanese clearly aren't as thick as Sony likes to think all gamers are.

@Demi_God You do realise Sony has ruled the roost in Japan with home consoles for the past two generations so you're incorrect. Handheld wise they are obsessed with Nintendo devices but at home? No way Pedro.



rastamadeus commented on July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and...:

Quite happy with that bar Vita as I've already gone through Lego Batman 2. Amusing that they've already broken their own rules (two games per system) as the Vita technically gets worse offering having two while the others have three.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.7.2 Available For Downlo...:

@Reverend_Skeeve Yeah I have it connected with the app. What you said (the notification of the download) is what I get. I'll be intrigued to see if the PS+ update goes well this time. Got in touch with Sony about how it wasn't working a few weeks ago and they told me to let them know if it works this time or not.

@FATHASUN Works fine on the Vita. I Googled the problem and a lot of people have the same issue. Seems it works fine on some PS4's and not on others. Read someone saying that his brothers didn't work but his did, his broke and the replacement didn't. Madness.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.7.2 Available For Downlo...:

@SteveButler2210 I've made both mistakes in the past with the first two PS+ updates but now it's literally always on stand by and I double check the download now bit. Just doesn't seem to work. When I get in I'll see if it's worked today but sadly I suspect not. Fingers crossed though.

EDIT: Home. Hasn't worked. Shock horror. Only takes a minute or two to download and install but isn't the point, it's another feature that just doesn't work.



rastamadeus commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.7.2 Available For Downlo...:

Will be interesting to see if this actually downloads and installs itself likes it's meant to. Hasn't happened once for me, same as with games I've bought on a laptop/phone which are meant to be at home waiting for me hours later.



rastamadeus commented on Pro Evo Soccer 2015 Will Stride Onto The Next-...:

If it's anything at all like the last one (the one given away with PS+) then count me out. Worst game of football I've ever played. Had literally no redeeming features other than the satisfaction of knowing it was off of my hard drive.



rastamadeus commented on Internet Singing Sensation Performs an Encore ...:

Couldn't be doing with waiting for this to get localised - I need more Miku-chan! So ordered the Japanese copy. Should be here soon (hopefully) and only cost £30 including shipping so not like it's a massive hike on what it'll be here.



rastamadeus commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

Fewer than one a year is none.

@Jazzer94 And because Nintendo are never stupid enough to go with near console like visuals on a handheld as it costs more to make and sell. Their handhelds have all had worse visuals (which matters not one bit, to be honest!) than competitions and trounced them. Sony looked at the past, ignored it and got trounced again.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

For me the only two genuinely wow moments of Sony's shows were when we saw things different than just another prettier version of a past game, CGI trailer after CGI trailer or more gritty, realistic looking games. Entwined and No Man's Sky stole Sony's shows as they look - and in Entwined's case, are - pure unadulterated fun. That's why, for me, Nintendo easily 'won' E3 as all their games - more than twelve, despite whatever whatever-his-name above said - looked like that. As someone else above me said, it was like being a kid again.

@Punished_Boss I don't think the internet could cope with a proper console Pokémon. I - among thousands others - would probably die from excitement.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

Was always going to happen. Nintendo's online presence was gigantic. But, at the end of the day, it means absolutely nothing if all those people talking about Nintendo don't but a Wii U. Hope they do as - said it before and I'll say it again - Nintendo being involved properly again is only good news for every gamer. Who cares what machine it's on if it's a great game?



rastamadeus commented on E3 2014: Sony Says It Won't Ever Force Microtr...:

The only problem with microtransactions is when they are necessary to advance in a game. The amount of mobile phone games that cheat so you can't progress is incredible. Was watching my Mum play one yesterday morning, Farm Heroes, and it's a make three puzzle game. Thing was there were "grumpy" ones who if connected as a group would turn the whole group grumpy and didn't count towards your tally. You had to get I think 20 green, blue, orange and yellow but life after life was wasted as the game continuously put out new crops that were only grumpy. It was impossible to finish. After about fifteen attempts a sign came up saying "why not buy (whatever it was called) which makes all crops happy for one turn?" Disgusting really. These games are made to cheat you into spending money. If console games start doing that then I think it will be the end of my gaming days. Sorry for the essay.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@JMC If I was in Brazil I wouldn't be able to play any game, I'd be out on the streets experiencing the sights, sounds and colours of all the nations visiting your country. Even if I didn't like football I think I would. Once in a lifetime experience.