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rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: I Decided to Show My Family Uncharted...:

@HeyDrumstickGuy There's no telling if that is an allowed path or its all a free choice though. Why this video does absolutely nothing for me as you know you won't be doing much of what's going on bar a few presses of cross or tap of square.

As for gaming families, my Nan used to love watching me play on my Mega Drive when I was little. She was fascinated by it all and would sit there for as long as I played. When I moved to the N64 my Mum watched Mario 64 all the time as she though Mario looked cute running around. Nowadays people in my family don't particularly care ("if I want to watch an interactive movie I'll give you the special signal, which is me being sectioned under the Mental Health Act" as my Mum said, ripping off one of TV's greatest characters). That's not including my seven year old nephew though, who sits mouth-wide open at the games I play, not realising there's more to gaming than the games he shouldn't be playing but my sister stupidly lets him.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4):

@Shellybird27 Video games are third love-wise behind my child and Liverpool FC (don't tell her indoors). Hate is a word I would never use to describe my feelings towards gaming. Complete boredom and indifference this gen is though. That's because for me this gen is just becoming depressing. Look at E3 this year, people getting overly excited for prettier versions of the same game they've played before or remakes, rehashes and clones. Nothing has truly excited me in the past two years. This was my one of my two big hopes for this year (alongside No Man's Sky) and while it's by no means a bad game it's just... meh. There's no other word. It's not great, it's not bad, it's not memorable, it's not anything.

Outside in the 'real world' I'm on the most optimistic people you'll meet. Have to be being a Liverpool fan. Still convinced I'll one day get Scarlett Johansson. But gaming has become such a boring, depressing, miserable and soulless experience. I can't think of a single game on PS4, Xbox One or Wii U that I have genuinely had more than a few hours of fun with. Everybody is different, you may like Black Ops while I think it's dross. Nowt wrong with that, and I'm by no means saying my loss of love with gaming is happening to everyone.

The missus and I made the choice this week to sell my PS4 and her Wii U and Xbox One. We now have only a PS3 and don't regret anything. When there's literally nothing for us on all three consoles it's just a collection of expensive paperweights. With most games on PS4/XBO being on last gen machines too it's hardly like we'll miss anything either. I'm just afraid a prettier slog through another bland Uncharted, a remake of the most returned game ever, replaying StarFox 64 again with dated visuals, yet another boring trip through Master Chief's tedious worlds, etc etc aren't things I can get excited about. If others can then great, and if they genuinely crave those sort of things then more power to them. Wish I could. But I can't, and I won't pretend I am. I'd rather be honest and say "this is crap" than con myself into thinking it's great when it isn't as a lot of people do on here as there's Sony fanboys galore - look at The Order for example. Or, for impartiality, Nintendo ones defending their boring games and Microsoft theirs. I'll call a spade a spade, how I've always been.

Hopefully a year or two away from the dross that this gen has been - again, for me - while going through a ridiculous amount of PS3 games left in my backlog I will rekindle my love of gaming and start to get excited again. And when that day comes I'll tag you in the comment and show you there's games that do make me smile (Persona 4 Dancing, Project Diva F, Yooka-Laylee, No Man's Sky and PvZ 2 have all had me saying positive things about them on here by the way).



rastamadeus commented on Live: Watch the Full, Uncut Version of Unchart...:

Mind blowing? Hardly. I wasn't impressed the first time round on a dodgy stream (typical Naughty Dog tactic - more of the same, prettier, no way near the hype) and after watching it again? Still not impressed. Only a matter of time until the frauds in Naughty Dog are found out. Can't just keep making the same game only prettier and prettier and keep getting away with it. Nintendo are slagged for it, EA and Activision are slagged for it, Naughty Dog's slagging is coming. Ten years ago this would have looked like the dawn of a new age of gaming, today it's just as predictable as you'd expect.



rastamadeus commented on July's Free PlayStation Plus Games Include Roc...:

@Mrskinner That for me is the worst part of the PS+ articles on here. Too many people seem to think that if you don't like the games you're scum and then criticise the amount of people who complain. Problem with that is the people complaining about the complainers actually dwarf those who are unhappy by three or four times.

@adf86 Entwined is a glorified indie game. Was made by a group of students who just happened to get lucky and earn some backing from Sony. It's a decent little game but once the 'ooo, pretty/trippy' effect wears off a few hours in it's lack of replayability (despite challenges and score attack) really shows.

As for the games, it's the usual meh from me. Seems to be a collection of games that will thrill you for a few hours and then never be touched again. Like most of the games have been over the last year/year and a half. There's nothing wrong with the games offered but when Sony promise you quality and you're not given actual quality it's not hard to see why people complain. If you're told for a yearly fee you'll get a loaf of fresh bread and then after a few months you start getting loaves that are out of date already then you wouldn't be happy. Terrible analogy but it's f**king boiling, I'm far too hot and worried I'm dangerously close to Dave's Syndrome.



rastamadeus commented on The PS4 Is Absolutely Destroying The Competiti...:

They'll be one more PS4 on sale later this week as I trade mine in. Keeping the PS3 as it has games I actually play (not for a while, admittedly) but from day one the PS4 for me has been a colossal waste of time and this will be only the second console I've ever traded in, after the Wii.



rastamadeus commented on Poll: Which Batman: Arkham Game Is the Best?:

Asylum. While City is the better game in every single way, it just didn't have the feel that Asylum did so has always been a little behind it for me. Origins was just a disaster, Origins Blackgate is surprisingly decent and probably third best. Knight? Incredible technical marvel but as a game it's absurdly dull and annoying (hello Batmobile).



rastamadeus commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4):

I'm around five-six hours in and it's so disappointing thus far. I don't want to play a driving game, I want to play an Arkham game. This has been the one game I've kept my PS4 for, the one game I've wanted this year and the one game I was hoping would restart my love for gaming but I'm bored senseless of it and forcing myself to keep playing. Hopefully it's going to grab me soon but I've never been this bored playing a game before - even started playing on my mobile during (yet another) talky bit.

@AyeHaley I said something during the E3 stream about how games are reviewed now. It's been so long since we had a genuinely outstanding title (across all formats) that games which are 'just' very good are receiving marks of 9 or 10 when five years ago they'd have got 7 or 8. Bloodborne is the latest, it's a cracking game, easily the best this gen so far, but 10? No way near. Five-ten years ago it would've got 8, 9 at a push if being biased, today it's heralded as the second coming.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'd like to be playing Arkham Knight but twenty-four hours in the ****ing thing hasn't bothered installing game data from the main menu. Why can't you just put a disc in a console and play a ****ing game anymore? Pathetic.

Typically, as soon as I'd wrote that the install finished. Now finally playing and... I hate the Batmobile. Somebody who's far in, please tell me you don't have to use it as much as you do at the start?



rastamadeus commented on July's PlayStation Plus Lineup to Be Announced...:

Affable? Part of Sony Europe who aren't prepared to actually answer peoples queries or address their worries unless they crawling up the company's backside? Fair enough, he's only acting on orders from higher up but affable is nowhere near close to describing him.

As for the games, I think we're closer to getting something of a 'big' (notice the '') name like Knack. Gonna go out on a limb here and say Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Ubisoft have given away an AC game before and with a new one coming, plus the fuss made over the last one, it would make sense to include it. Maybe not next month but very soon.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

@Gamer83 "Kicking ass and taking names" and "my body is ready" are the only good things Reggie has ever done. And that was primarily because they were amusing until memes became a way of showing how funny and original you are by not being funny and original.

He's as moronic as certain people at Sony, Microsoft, every company ever. Just a shame people forget the idiots in their favoured company when one of the others opens their mouth. Can't quite believe he's even allowed out in public (before or after this years E3) but when he answers a question honestly and (for once) speaks completely sensible truths it's not really worthy or a story as it's just trying to start a row. Insert generic meme of someone say eating popcorn with the words 'this gonna be good' here to show just how funny and original I am.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

Nothing he said was a pop at PlayStation or anything wrong either. As the article itself states he's answering a question, that's all. Just seems like giving people the belief that Reggie is slagging off PlayStation - which he simple isn't - gets more people talking on so bash out another story. Expect that on plenty of sites but on here? Got to be honest, I expected better.

@Tkyti Irony isn't for you, is it?



rastamadeus commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

@rjejr Did he? I haven't seen the direct. I meant when talking to an interviewer he actually labelled it a console before looking a bit sheepish. Then again he always looks sheepish nowadays. Especially for a man who's all "about kicking ass, about taking names" (still the greatest E3 sentence ever).

@THEundying27 You reading that into Reggie answering a question honestly makes you sound the sour one.



rastamadeus commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

@rjejr Reggie himself accidentally said they're making a new home console at E3. I just don't think it is the NX, I'd still put my money on it being the OS and we'll have a new handheld and console announced by Ninty. Maybe even a phone and tablet too.

@BlueProxy All four companies (including Sega) have praised their competitors machines and games over the past thirty years. But Miyamoto saying "I enjoyed Shenmue" isn't a story. Him saying "Shenmue is crap" is. People don't want to hear that sort of stuff, they'd rather have something more clickbait-based which will start a fanboy flame war.

@ironcrow86 Well you, seeing as you've taken the time to comment on what Nintendo think. Never quite understood why people say what you did as it shows you do care.



rastamadeus commented on Guide: How to View Photos, Play Music, and Wat...:

Is this something you are forced to have on the PS4 or can it be taken away? I know it's an optional download but I mean on the fifteen last used list we have. There's already far too many things Sony force us to have on there such as TV&Video, Music, Live on PlayStation, PS Store - why they moved that I'll never understand - and the web browser (does using that for even a second make anyone else's PS4 slow to a crawl like mine does?). It's about time we can have what we want on our own damn machines. Or, radical alternative, folders.



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: Was E3 2015 Just a Dream?:

For me, was nowhere near a dream. The whole E3 has been a massive disappointment. I'm really falling out of love with games and nothing, not one single game shown, has changed that. Sony easily had the best show but for me personally it was nothing special in any way shape or form. Shenmue got my interest - and a donation similarly sized as yours Sammy - but even then it's just pure nostalgia. I can see why people are getting excited though (bar Uncharted and that dream game which just looks utter gibberish), sadly I just can't.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What Freebies Would You Like in...:

@DVS Massively delayed response I've not played The Witcher III. Got it on day one, watched the missus playing it and not touched it myself. It's literally like I'm falling out of love with gaming. Saw The Last Guardian E3 trailer - a game I've wanted for nearly a third of my life! - and all I could think was "meh." Gaming just doesn't excite me in any way at the moment. Forced myself to go through Far Cry 4 (as I loved the third) and despite Platinuming it I couldn't tell you a single thing about it, just left no impression on me. Even my excitement for Arkham Knight has completely gone now. Sure a lot of people see my comments on here and think I'm just slagging Sony but it's a Sony site. If I comment on a Nintendo or Microsoft one I'm just the same as, for me, games are at an all time low. Least it's sunny today though, ha.



rastamadeus commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

To be fair, he's bang on. Man is a bit of a muppet anyway (never seen the fuss with him) but VR is a fad that comes around every now and then before dying. Again. This is no different. The abuse he's getting though just shows you how fanboys work. Man is asked question, man answers question, fanboys act like he's randomly come out with it.

Have to laugh about the fuss over Nintendo's E3 though. For years people have slagged them off for not going mobile. They go mobile and the games shown are clearly mobile games on steroids, like an experiment into what works but on a much grander style. They get slaughtered. It was a very poor show but you'd think Reggie and Iwata had dug up the bodies of our dead loved ones and humped them live on TV the way the internet has reacted.

@get2sammyb NX is going to be an operating system. It makes the most sense and allows them to be on consoles, handheld consoles, phones, tablets...

@goonow Massive difference between AR mini games and proper VR.



rastamadeus commented on Poll: Which PS4 Exclusives Has E3 2015 Convinc...:

Not a single a want or must have. Impressive list. Personally speaking all this E3 has done is make me question my gaming hobby even more. When people are getting overly excited about remakes of the most returned game of all time, games that are just prettier clones of other titles, more of the same games and nothing at all new or fresh then you see how bad this thing I once truly loved is becoming. Besides No Man's Sky - purely as it intrigues me to see how open it is - there is absolutely no PS4, Xbox One or Wii U game I am even half intrigued about until Shenmue 3 eventually drops. Very expensive paperweights.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: Did Bethesda's E3 2015 Press Co...:

As a show, presentation and example of how to do it it was good (if only the morons in the crowd could keep their mouths shut - "WOAH!" when someone reloads a shotgun, for example). For the games it was meh. Fallout is still leaving me very cold, looks off and there's no "wow!" factor; Doom I've never liked, halfway through the bits on it I started playing on my phone as besides the visuals it's just meh; and I was yawning though Dishonoured 2 while I just rolled my eyes at the remaster. Makes you wonder how many of these companies are going to actually support PS Now when they can just port a game over and get all the money themselves.



rastamadeus commented on E3 2015: Ready at Dawn Ditching PS4 for Oculus...:

No loss. Whatsoever. Ready At Dawn should just sack games off and move into effects for films and TV shows, something that would show off their undoubted talents. Games ain't one of them.

@viciousarcanum Bad games that have a following get a sequel. Bad games that nearly universally got panned don't. The Order is the latter. If you're being polite. More chance of Mario Galaxy 3 coming out on PS4 than there is there being a sequel to The Order. A CGI film, perhaps. A 'game'? No.



rastamadeus commented on Rumour: A Vanquish Sequel Will Be Sliding into...:

Whatever it is it ain't going to be what people are hoping seeing as other tweets from Platinum or their main developer have been saying their new E3 surprise is on Wii U. Can't see them doing a sub par (visually) port to Wii U so it either means Wii U is the main version or it's a Nintendo-only game.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: How Can Sony Sell You on Projec...:

As someone who thinks this is going to a colossal mistake, an expensive flop and an absurd waste of time, effort and money, I suppose I'm the sort of person who should be giving examples of what Sony would have to do to make me even consider trying this garbage.
1. Show lots of the best development teams - not studios, the actual teams - are actively interested in it.
2. Support the sodding thing for longer than a second and don't abandon it when it looks like being the failure it undoubtedly will be.
3. Show you're actually doing this for gaming reasons and not just because you want money and are jumping on the latest VR bandwagon.
4. Want me to buy it? Under £50. Only way I would even think of trying it.
Hens teeth will be found before any of that happens.



rastamadeus commented on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Unleashes the Angst...:

@kyleforrester87 The series needed a long break to come up with something other than more of the same but prettier. I'm a huge Indy fan (childhood obsession) and when I first got a PS3 I was lead to believe this was the closest a game had come to that and although there was nothing wrong with the game - or its sequels - there's nothing that makes it stand out. Naughty Dog should've left the series (like they have history of after each console) or in a few years let someone else have a crack at it. As it is, for all the hype they and the Uncharted fans are trying to build around it, it's not really being spoke about like anything special is happening (like U3 and TLOU mistakenly (imo) were). Feel this game was commissioned by executives, not the developers.

@BigDaddyT0101 One of the guys behind the series Tweeted something like 'that broke earlier than expected, see you in the morning' so it is real and likely revealed in the afternoon (gmt). Sony better have much, much more for Christmas than a(nother) collection of games looking slightly prettier but also available on PS Now and on PS3 collectively for under £20. And I wonder why I'm falling out of love with gaming and haven't touched my ps4 for over five weeks...



rastamadeus commented on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Unleashes the Angst...:

@kyleforrester87 Join the club. Generic action adventure game with beautiful graphics. Does nothing better than other games in the genre, jack of all trades and master of none. They're never bad, not at all, they're just never anything special. But all fanboys cream over any first party games and make out they're the dogs doodahs (you'd think Killzone and Halo were GoldenEye 007 x Half Life x Quake if you listen to some).



rastamadeus commented on Fallout 4's Gameplay Reveal Goes Nuclear on PS4:

Looks okay. Nothing more, nothing less. Trailer has left me wanting the game much less than I did before I saw it. Just felt cold, typical and (dare I say it) bland.

@Crimson_Ridley Nothing wrong with the graphics, it's the animation. Every time anything moves it looks so wooden. The dog especially. It's like someone has just put flashier graphics on an early PS2 games animation at times. Hope that gets sorted.

@ElkinFencer10 Not at all a massive overreaction. But hey, internet is made for that.



rastamadeus commented on Sigh! This Silent Hills Revival Rumour Is a Lo...:

As I said in the forum, if it wasn't for the mention of billions it could be almost believable. There's only a couple of franchises in video games worth "billions" and they belong to Nintendo. Silent Hills? Haha. No chance.

Would love to see this happen though, just because it would be hilarious to watching certain people on here actually explode in rage - the same people who would cream their pants if Sony announced they'd bought the game.



rastamadeus commented on Sony Agrees to Review Investigation Process af...:

Good old Sony. Ever since E3 a couple of years ago where they hit it out the park they've done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot and make themselves look like the morons who ran Sony Europe for years.

@Riririn They could, but that would take effort. As someone who has dealt twice with the arseholes who work for Sony wanting money back off them (anyone from Sony reading, I still want that money back thanks) I can tell you first hand they don't want to make any effort whatsoever to help you. Answering the phone is a chore for them.



rastamadeus commented on All the Best Games Are on PS4, According to Sony:

@Gamer83 I loved Mario Kart 8, exceptional fun. I despised the Wii edition and this just felt like they thought 'You know what? Games are meant to be fun'. More developers could do with remembering that and also learning from decently priced and very fair DLC. In the two DLC packs so far we've gotten around half a game extra, for £11. Arkham Knight's on the other hand... To be fair, we've not seen it yet and it could surprise us all and be tens of hours long but I doubt it will come anywhere close to justifying the price.



rastamadeus commented on Ubisoft's Got a Secret Triple-A Title Up Its S...:

@Gamer83 It's exceptionally sad and shows how poor gaming is becoming when more money spent on something means it's AAA, a term which has always shown the class of the product. For something as average as Rayman 2 and 3 (decent, nothing special - no offence @darkhairwarrior) to actually be thought of as AAA genuinely makes me ashamed of what was once a loved hobby. It's what annoys me most about PS+, people crying out for AAA titles then acting like something such as Injustice or Infamous: First Light are that when they're not, they're just big names. PS4 has one AAA title so far, Bloodborne. There's nothing wrong with that and it's just fanboys desperate to make something good great, a 7/10 a 9/10, etc. Sorry if I seem like I'm ranting, just becoming more and more disillusioned with something I've been in love with for very nearly 25 years.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: What Freebies Would You Like in...:

@RawShark Completely agree. Even if Knack were truly free I'd still want change. Dreadful game.

As for PS+ I dunno to be honest. Last month besides playing Diablo I've not played a single game. And since I finished that three weeks ago I've not even touched the PS4, 3 or Vita. There's absolutely nothing coming - bar Arkham - that excites me and nothing I have that interests me enough to play it. For example, rare night to myself and did I play Bloodborne? Nope, I watched Eurovision. Nothing is anything better than meh at the moment and gaming is becoming exceptionally boring because of the way this industry is being run. What was once a fun hobby is now a chore. Something exciting would be nice, especially as I think PS+ will be delayed until after E3.



rastamadeus commented on M. Bison's Back and More Badass Than Ever in N...:

@DominicanGlory Can you say "overreaction"?

Fighting games aren't system sellers. Haven't been since the original version of Street Fighter II over twenty years ago. Only one that could be considered a system seller in that time is Smash Bros. Fighting games are a niche market - but a very passionate one.



rastamadeus commented on Sony to Put PlayStation's Full Weight Behind N...:

This, Splatoon, Persona 5 and Arkham Knight are the only games I'm interested in this year. Been such a slow, dull year video-gaming wise.

@Sanquine Over-hyped games are only over hyped if you're stupid enough to let them be. If you sit looking for every bit of info on something as you wait for its release and build it up in your head then it will obviously disappoint. Nine times out of ten a hyped game sucks because of the person playing it, not the game itself being bad. I did it myself with Ocarina Of Time. I'd never wanted anything as much as that game but when it came out it didn't live up to what I imagined over three years previous. Was only about six years later when I went back to it and fell in love with what is still the best world created yet in a video game for me.



rastamadeus commented on Ubisoft's Got a Secret Triple-A Title Up Its S...:

@darkhairwarrior Rayman games have never been AAA. Ever. AAA is something like GTA or Mario Galaxy, titles at the the top of their game both critically and commercially. Rayman games have always been well-very well reviewed by critics and hardly ever set the tills alight sales-wise. A at very best. Just because you enjoy them doesn't make them AAA. In that case Catherine is a AAA game.



rastamadeus commented on MediEvil Fan Puts a Nail in the Coffin of PS4 ...:

@kamifox1 Massive, massive difference between around a thousand (being generous) internet voices wanting a new title and the hundreds of thousands of sales they'd need to begin to comes close in justifying making it. Look at F-Zero, a game where the fanbase is much bigger than what you think MediEvil's is, yet nothing. The series is all but dead. And that's a much loved, successful series, not a slightly above average platformy hack and slasher (to be brutally honest). MediEvil is gone. Any slim hope people had of it coming back was diminished completely by PS All-Stars Battle Royale.

Also look at the moaning people did about the three Wii RPGs with Operation Rainfall. Thousands and thousands of people swore blind they'd buy the games and screamed how unfair it was they weren't coming to America. Nintendo caved. The majority of people didn't buy them. They bombed. People on the internet saying "I'll buy it!" can be trusted about as much as the people who said "I'll vote Labour" then voted Tory at the last moment.



rastamadeus commented on Koei Tecmo Continues the Vita Love with JRPG A...:

OMG THIS IS PROOF VITA IS SAVED! An actual game. Yay! Now won't you all stop saying Vita is dead :(:(:( This is physical - digital - proof everything is rosy with your head in the sand. YAY SONY <3

Serious head back on. The game is alright actually. The missus has it on PS3 and it's decent little game. Nothing special but nothing bad.



rastamadeus commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

@3Above Things like skins will be ready at launch so could be in the game. Same with a lot of the challenge maps, Batmobiles and race courses. Nothing other than greed is stopping them being in game. So it shouldn't cost near $60 or even $30.

The missions are a different kettle of fish. Although would anybody be genuinely surprised to know they're already at least 70% done? I doubt it. Post launch DLC is fine. But don't start it til the game is done otherwise you look like a bunch of greedy ****s. Look at Mario Kart 8, for example, taking six months-a year for the two DLC packs. Supporting a game after launch, not fleecing their customers instantly before they move on. Have some faith in your game Rocksteady/WB.



rastamadeus commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

Batgirl mission? Yes please.
Extra Batman missions? Yes please.
Challenge maps? No thanks.
Skins? Definitely not.
Race courses? Considering the Batmobile sections look utter gash and are making me worried about this game, that's a no from me.

Call it a tenner. £15 if the Batman missions are numerous.