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rjejr commented on Can You Relate to Any of These PlayStation Mem...:

My PS controller hand memory which I still do but it never seems to work is R1, R2, L1, L2 Start and Select when I feel like quitting out of a game or rebooting a frozen one. Squeenix should add it into FFXV for old times sake.

I think I got FF7 Christmas '98 from a really good friend of mine, but I got a PS1 for Parasite Eve awesome graphic cut scenes. The game that made me get back into gaming after a 10 year or so hiatus.



rjejr commented on Capcom Hopes to Appeal to Younger Players with...:

@get2sammyb "PS4, PC Exclusive" "forthcoming PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive"

Does it bother your brain to write that like it bothers mine to read it?

Know I should't complain, the whole team has been very good the past few months about including PS3 and Vita in stories and titles about PS4 games that are also coming out on those consoles, but reading about "exclusives" on multiple platforms is noticeably jarring. (LBP3 is a "Playstation exclusive" even though it's on multiple platforms, Sony just happens to own them both.) In that regard many well known games that came out last year - Destiny, GTAV, AC Unity - were "exclusives" b/c they didn't come out on Wii U. Wii U did get Skylanders:TT and Disney Infinity 2.0 (Wii didn't get DI 2.0) so it does get some of the well known games. And Lego Hobbit and Batman 3. That might be it though, the others were Sony and Microsoft exclusives. :-(



rjejr commented on Dragon Ball Xenoverse's DLC Plan Detailed, Plu...:

@ShogunRok - Vegeta killing Capt Ginyu and taking over the Ginyu Force makes sense in an alternate universe timeline - or maybe it's the Vegeta Force from Day 1 - BUT Vegeta taking part in the silly posing, not any Vegeta I know, in any timeline, in any universe, ever. Any of them even pose behind Vegeta he would probably just kill them on the spot.



rjejr commented on Media Streaming App Plex Now Broadcasts onto A...:

@thedevilsjester - Admittedly it was more my paranoia at running thru a web browser page than the functionality. I have DVDs copied to my HDD that theoretically may have gotten there by breaking some encryption and hence some US laws. When I saw the covers pop-up in the web page little alarms went off in my head.



rjejr commented on Media Streaming App Plex Now Broadcasts onto A...:

@thedevilsjester - I DL'd the the web server and I honestly didn't like how it ran in a web browser, just seemed odd. I looked for a desktop program alternative and didn't find one.

As I said earlier I only have a few movies and tv shows on my PC so I'll probably just keep using Universal Media Server as its very simple and it works.



rjejr commented on Media Streaming App Plex Now Broadcasts onto A...:

Oh, might want to edit the article where it is reads:

"will now be able to use the service to stream movies, music, and photos across your home network."

b/c the US PS blog says - "At launch, the app will only allow you to stream your videos, but the ability to stream your music and photos will be coming shortly."

Subtle difference, but it says only movies will stream now, music and photos later.

And I seemed to have missed the point, apparently PS4 doesn't do media as well as PS3 did, so this is really for PS4 owners, not for PS3 owners as much. My mistake there.



rjejr commented on Everyone's Entitled to 10 Per Cent Off the Pla...:

Going to agree w/ all the negativity (shocking, I know) and say this seems more like a weekend "Flash sale" than anything else. And in NY I pay 8.675% or 8.765% I forget which) tax, which pretty much eats up 10% anyway. I'll just look away, nothing to see here.

OK, 1 good thing, it does cover most anything in the store, so if there is 1 DL only game (thats for you @rastamadeus) that you've been waiting to go on sale but hasn't yet, now's your chance. And if there are 4 or 5 this sale may even become worth it. So in that regard its a little different, and better, than a normal or Flash sale.

So it is better than nothing. Probably better for Sony than us as it generates a lot of sales for them ;-)



rjejr commented on Apologetic PlayStation Plus Extensions Being R...:

Nice to see this come thru. My PS+ sub expired BF after the 2013 BF deal but I'm happy Sony came thru for the others.

Bought a new PS3 for Christmas which I thought would come with a PS+ trial but I have no idea why I thought that, just wishful thinking I guess.

OK, time to go read about the 10%.



rjejr commented on The Combos You Can Pull Off in Dragon Ball Xen...:

@belmont - "Might check it out, didn't know about it. "

Don't check it out on my account, it kinda sucks. Gamecube graphics and wonky flight controls. It may have ended after Frieza, can' trecall, my kdi splayed it mostly. And it wasn't that type of RPG, it was similar to Skylanders or Knack, move across a 3D world fighting minions until you get to the boss at the end of the level. You have to buy all your moves and combos and capsules, which made it more RPG lite than a traditional fighting game to me. you could kind of customize your fighter depending on what skills you unlock. It is fun if you have a kid to play with I suppose.



rjejr commented on This Is What a Remake of the Worst Jak & Daxte...:

Is Renegade an EU subtitle b/c I cant for the life of me ever recall it being called that. And Ive followed the series a lot, Jak and Daxter is my favorite game, Jak 2 does indeed suck compared to the first but as its own game its ok, 3 I just refer to as 2.5 b/c its just more of the same. Jak X, just why? Last Frontier is an abomination and Daxter, well its called Daxter, not Jak, so its its own thing.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb - I think there is a serious issue with importing the profiles from LBP1 and 2 on the PS3, probably something they couldnt adequatelty test for with all the variables - I had all my LBP2 purchaes saved but I didnt back up my profile for LBP2 in the game data folder before my HDD got wiped. I also had both the disc version and DL PS+ version of LBP2, so that might have caused the issue? Lots of variables.

You wouldn't have LBP1 and 2 profile data on your PS4 though. Maybe in the cloud which wax probably easier to test.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm TRYING to play LBP3 on PS3 but I cant create anything or do the pause-rewind in pop-it.

I'm aware this is a known problem, nothing new, but the back-up restore profile fix didnt work for me so Im still stuck. Good thing I have 1 more day of football to keep me occupied.



rjejr commented on Destiny and Minecraft Topped 2014's PSN Sales ...:

OK, maybe its not news anymore, but the clean sweep of biggest selling game on all Sony consoles in the EU being owned by Microsoft is still too funny not to comment on.

Maybe theyll get their billions back after all.

My kid got Minecraft PC on Wed, we had PS3 last summer, dont own a Vits or PS4, and my kid has to much sense to spend $7 on the gimped app. I got him Disney Infinty 2.0 for Christmas hopeing the toy box would grab his attention, and LBP3 on Wed for create mode, but he still just kerps playing Minecraft. Must be subliminal messaging.



rjejr commented on DriveClub's Lake Shoji Trailer Proves It's Sti...:

"While its launch was nothing short of a total fiasco,"

"PlayStation 4 racer DriveClub has actually managed to find a fairly sizable following."
"Indeed, the title managed to be the most popular platform exclusive released last year."

That's a very strange way to define "total fiasco".

Try this:




rjejr commented on December NPD: Sony Looking to Momentous 2015 a...:

@Sir_JBizzle - "Just Dance still sells in greater numbers on the Wii"

I bet half those people buying Just Dance on the Wii don't even know Wii U exists and have no intention of buying any other console. They have the Wii sitting there collecting dust so every year they buy Just Dance. And maybe the new Skylanders game. (DI dropped Wii last year).



rjejr commented on Poll: Is It Now Time for Sony to Consider a $3...:

i think there are more reason listed in the article NOT to drop the price than drop it - upcoming exclusives, TLoU bundled in, MS has no games, it already sells extremely well, Sony is bleeding money everywhere else.

The only reason to drop it is b/c MS did so out of necessity b/c NA is the only market is has.

Maybe Sony has a plan, release the new media Molecule game that will REQUIRE the camera and bundle the camera in for $400, then drop the non-camera bundle to $350.

It will be $349 by next holiday, $299 Black Friday, and it will sell all they can make. No rush, Aug or Sept is plenty of time.



rjejr commented on DriveClub Was the UK's Best Selling Exclusive ...:

@eLarkos -"But whats stopping Lenovo putting out a cheap PS clone box that runs Steam?"

Steam has been around for over 10 years, cheap $300 PCs have been around for many years as well. If cheap Steamboxes are such a great idea why weren't they done years ago? PS1 has been going strong for 20 years, there's been plenty of time for PC to make an inroads into the living room, but it hasn't, so there must be a reason. I suggested a few before - slouching on the couch vs attentive at a desk, keyboard and mouse vs game controller, the consumer wanting a video"game" machine in their living room vs a "work" PC. Probably more as well.

I'm sure something will come along and kill Sony gaming someday, everything dies, Rome, Greece, IBM mainframes, Blackberries, pagers, Sega home consoles. And if I'm Sony I would always have an eye out for the competition - Microsoft and Ntinedno right now, Amazon, Ouya, and Steamboxes in the future, but I wouldn't really fear Steamboxes as an imminent or short term threat before the 1st 1 even launches.



rjejr commented on DriveClub Was the UK's Best Selling Exclusive ...:

I'm crazy - I've considered ouya and Amazon Fire in the competitive gaming landscape - but even I don't see Steambox being that big of an issue. Price is the biggest concern, I've read about them being $600 - $700, but the perception of it being a PC connected to a tv is another. People that are serious PC gamers want to play with a mouse and keyboard, not a funky gaming controller. At a desk, not slouched on the couch, and the really serous ones want to build their own PC, not buy somebody elses.

Valve has made Steam into a big enough household name to be a factor, but I see more of a migration from PC desktop usage to Steambox tv usage than gaming concoles to PC boxes. There will be some, but it won't kill consoles. Well it won't kill Sony's console, might kill Microsofts. Nintnedo just slowly kills it's own home console to promote it's handhelds. It will be a player, but so is Ouya.



rjejr commented on You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with Pla...:

@seeafish - Well Sammy's the expert, but thats the way it look.

1 big string you may have missed - the $19.99 price is for PS+ members only, so if you aren't currently subscribed to PS+ I don't think you can buy it for that price.

Heres the link, Sammy probably had i tin there somewhere but I ddn't see it w/ a quick glance:!/en-gb/games/driveclub-playstationplus-edition-full-game-upgrade/cid=EP9000-CUSA00003_00-XXXXDRIVECLUBPSU



rjejr commented on You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with Pla...:

The boss man and I covered this yesterday, but I still dont understand the wording in the PSN store that this is an upgrade to the full version from the PS+ version, but there isnt any PS+ version out yet.

This game was promised free at launch, and people are paying $20 for it 15 months later? I dont get it.



rjejr commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation TV - Turn Off:

"leaving us scratching our heads as to why."

"Why even bother" is pretty much my synopsis as well.

You know, reading your specs I still want it, nice little piece of hardware for a nice price, but they just gimped the software so much. Not as emasculated as a $99 Wii Mini w/o any internet access, but too gimped compared to a $40 Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Stick or Chromecast.

Why indeed?



rjejr commented on Rumour: You Won't Need PlayStation Plus to Pla...:

@Punished_Boss_84 - "Greatness awaits :D"

Not a well planned slogan. Not nearly as good as the NY Mets 2007 slogan "Your season has come" though. If you aren't familiar, here's how Wiki said that season went:

"With a seven-game division lead on September 12, the Mets suffered a historic collapse by losing 12 of their last 17 games and missing the postseason. It is regarded as one of the worst collapses in MLB history."



rjejr commented on PSN Is Down for Some, Sony Says It's Due to He...:

@get2sammyb - Hope you won't have to post another one this week you mean ;-)

Tried to log in this afternoon on my old PS3, no go. System did DL a small update for Bioshock Infinite though (OR it used the old DL from my digital PS+ version, not sure if thats feasible).

Then a mandatory 12GB install for Bioshock 1 whick took over an hour. I tried stopping it several times but just couldn't, so I called my mom and spoke to her for an hour while I waited. :-) Glad I didnt want to play it on my new 12GB.



rjejr commented on You Can Probably Guess Which Games Topped the ...:

@Midzark @Savino - You forgot about the $6.99 tablet version. ;-)

My son got Skylanders Trap Team and Disney INfinity 2 Marvel for Christmas, but all he keeps talking about is getting Minecraft for his birthday tomorrow. My wife and I refuse to buy it for him, he already has the PS3 version and spends a lot of time DLing and playing the mods on the PC as it is, but all his friends are online. We're letting my father-in-law buy it for him b/c he couldn't find the new dark element Trap Team Mansion. Oh well.



rjejr commented on Rumour: You Won't Need PlayStation Plus to Pla...:

@Punished_Boss_84 - Nice pic, Knack makes it special, Gamer should have that as his avatar.

And yeah, TLG is funny at this point, but DC was kind of promised as a PS4 PS+ launch freebie in June 2013, about 18 months ago. That free incentive may have been enough for people to pre-order the system.

Did people who actually bought DriveCLub get their promised 3 months of PS+ that they said in Aug 2013 or did they forget about that as well?

"In addition to that, we have another announcement! Purchase Driveclub at retail or digitally via PlayStation Store, and you’ll get a free 3-Month PlayStation Plus Trial. This ensures you’ll get the most out of Driveclub and your PS4 from the get-go."

Kind of makes it even funnier now, no?



rjejr commented on Your Very Own Shower Dream Is Nearing in Frida...:

I dont get it. I just dont see how that movie franchise translates into a good videogame, asymetrical or otherwise. I could see a fighter round-up - Jsson, Freddy, Myers, Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, Chucky, Leatherface, Candyman and some of the lessor known ones. Not that that game would be good either, but at least you could have some fun fan service.



rjejr commented on Gaze Upon Destiny's Most Popular Weapons:

How long have those social media "charms" been on the left side of the page? I don't recall seeing them days ago while I was complaining about the all white background. I don't even know what Tumblr is - something Instagram like I'd guess. I may officially be too old to visit this website.



rjejr commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

So nobody is going to comment on Vita's 2014 GOTY being a game that even the Wii U had at launch? I played it, I liked it, but w/ all the hardware at it's disposable I thought Vita would have had something more like Gravity Rush or Tearaway as GOTY.