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rjejr commented on Rumour: The Unfinished Swan Feeling Its Way on...:

I'ld completely forgotten about Unfinished Swan. Really enjoyed the demo and it went onto my "I'll get it w/ PS+ or when it's on sale" list. Journey has been everywhere, Flower has been everywhere, No Man's Sky IS everywhere these days, but US seemed to just come and go. Does PSN have a "Wishlist" like Steam and eShop? My backlog is just way too big to pick this up for $15. I bought Ni No Kuni on sale for $11 and it's since been on sale for $10 and even $5 and I haven't even started it yet.



rjejr commented on Sony Wants to Win Nintendo Wii Owners with the...:

I like this article here better than Damo's take this morning. At least I no longer have to wonder why he doesnt like me.

I really dont see LBP3 as a "casual" game, not by any means. Casuals arent building 8 level long JRPG games. Singstar yeah, but not LBP. Of course LBP3 seems like it will also be on PS3 so a PS4 isnt necessary.

I think PS4 will naturally get some Wii owners. Most boys who's parent bought them a Wii when they were 8 or 9 will now want a PS4 since they're teenagers. The casuals are NOT upgrading from Wii to PS4, the only thing the casuals are hooking up to yheir tvd this gen is s Roku to binge eatch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Nobody has time for real games, just Facebook apps.



rjejr commented on Popular PlayStation Network Classics Cost Just...:

@get2sammyb - "as I know the credit's going to get used,"

I still have 200 points on my Wii account. It did transfer over to my Wii U last year when I made the jump, but it doesn't transfer over to the Wii U eShop, it's still tied to the Wiiware system, so I am never ever going to use those 200 points and Chick, Chick Boom actually cost me $10 on Wiiware, not the $8 that I paid for it. Though I suspect you spend a WHOLE lot more money than I do. I know $5 isn't a lot, but it seems like a high threshold in the reality of a huge 99c sale like this. I wonder what the Steam minimum is? I know I buy stuff from the $1.00 Humble Bundles but they aren't on Steam anymore, they have their own website. But I did pay $2 last time I bought something, I can only be so cheap.



rjejr commented on Popular PlayStation Network Classics Cost Just...:

@thedevilsjester - If there were a $1 or 50c transaction fee on every 99c game purchase on smartphone and tablets then nobody would ever make a single penny. Even Apple's 30% cut wouldn't exist b/c all the money would be going towards the fees. And all those Facebook games that let you buy things for $1. Do you really think every penny goes straight to fees? Nobody would ever make any money if that were the case. And Sony has it's own string of credit cars - I have a SonyCard and there's also a Playstation card - so they should at least let you use those.

Last gen I get it, companies were still working w/ points and cards in stores, but 99c apps have been really big for years now, Sony really has no excuse at this point. If they need a minimum I'm ok w 99c, let people buy 2 50c avatars if they really need them.



rjejr commented on Popular PlayStation Network Classics Cost Just...:

Think I'll pick up Papa & Yo for the aesthetic and Legend of Dragoon just b/c I'm always complaining it needs a remake. An dI Want my kid sot play it, just for the battle cut scenes when the characters yell, which I believe is the direct basis for the battles in Rainbow Moon which we really liked. I really wish I still owned the PS1 discs.

I do think this is a good time to mention that Sony is still behind the times of every smart device, the 3DS and Wii U in that you will not be able to purchase any of these games with a credit card unless you spend $5. Which is inexcusable at this point. Forturnaley for them I have $4.01 left from a free $5 credit from my Sony credit card or I wouldn't be buying a single one off these.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Are Publishers Taking Pre-Order...:

@N711 - "I think the article was about 2 different things"

Yeah it went from pre-order bonuses to store exclusives to console limited timed exclusives pretty quickly, and they aren't all the same thing.

I would like to point out this isn't a video game exclusive business. Just got back from Target and there was a HUGE Coldplay ad (have no idea if it was new or old) saying their album had 3 extra tracks on it at Target. I'm pretty sure I've seen this before at Target and I think Walmart does something similar w/ some albums sold there. And DVDs as well. Best Buy tends to have a lot of DVD exclusive content. (I wait all week to read the Sunday newspaper flyers so I follow this stuff.)

Found Coldplay at Target, apparently a couple of months ago:



rjejr commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

Um, that looks fine, good even for a straight to video release. Looks a whole lot better than Angeline Jolies Beowolf and that was a theater release big budget production. Ill find more recent releases later, linking on a tablet is a pain. But this looks like they wanted it to look like videogame graphics, which is fine for a DVD release.

OK, I know Beowulf is old, but here's a straight to DVD release from this past Feb. As a father of 2 boys I know what straight-to-DVD looks like, and this is more often than not what it looks like (Disney and Dreamworks are the exceptions, not the rule):



rjejr commented on Sony's Current Crop of Consoles Have Sold Over...:

The actual numbers dont matter, we all know PS3 is over 80% of that number, a million here or there dont matter for PS4 which is just beginning and Vita which isnt going anywhere.

Im ok with the 100m number though, PS3 still has a couple of years of life left. As long as it keeps getting Madden, FIFA, Skylanders and Disney it can keep going. I wonder if Sony has a $100 super duper slim waiting in the wings like the Wii Mini? Im pretty sure PS1 and PS2 both hit $99 before going away, and 12GB cant cost that much. And its not like theres anything wrong with it, playing Tomb Raider now and it looks amazing.



rjejr commented on Uncharted Collection a 'Good Candidate' for PS...:

The flood of remakes is inevetable if PS2 to PS3 is anything to go buy. Though at least most of those were collections- Jak, Sly, Ratchet, GoW, ZoE, KH - so it was nice to have them all in one place. GTAV and Last of Us and TR I wouldnt rebuy as stand alone games. UC I might just for 2 but I wouldnt replay the 1st. Im playing TR on PS3 now and it kind of feels like an UC reboot so Im good.



rjejr commented on Sony: PS4's Christmas Lineup Compares 'Very, V...:

I dont think Sony has a great holiday line-up, they got the "awaits" part right, but I don't see X1 as having that much better stuff either. I see it as LBP3, Driveclub and LoU vs Sunset Overdrive, Forza 2 and Halo collection. A new game, a rqcing game, and a remaster. Thats a draw.

Wii U has Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and SSB all this gen exclusive.

Wii U wins this holiday for exclusives. 3rd party not so much. Its still $100 cheaper though.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Should More Games Try to Teach ...:

One of the best games I ever played where I thought my kids were learing math was Mushroom Wars. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 was just a genius use of buttons, and the game is super fast on hard, Brain Age be damn. Really needs a sequel.

And any stragey game is a learning device, my kid learned to multiply by 25 playing PvZ.

And we read a book in B&N yesterday, who knew Benki and Genji wete actual warriors and friends in real life? .



rjejr commented on This Swiss Store Thinks That Beyond: Two Souls...:

At this rate, The Last Guardian will be the only PS3 game to never release on the PS4. And yes it was a PS3 game when it was announced at E3 several thousand years ago. Duke Nukem hadn't even run out of gum yet.



rjejr commented on Feature: The Strange and Sometimes Sordid Worl...:

Saw the title, new Sammy must be back at work. :-)

I think I have about a 90% accuracy rate knowing if Sammy wrote a piece or not based on the title. ;-) Sordid, Hammer Down, Doomed, Testicle Remover.

OK, that last one was a gimme.

Not the least bit interested, but my sons would probably be all over this if we got them a PS4 and Eye. Not the sordid part, but they are really into Let's Play right now. Well I don't know if it's technically "Let's Play" or something else, but they watch a lot of Youtube playthrus of Chugaconroy and his maniac buddies.They even have their own name so their ready. They're keeping me rather amused w/ their non-stop blather while watching me play Wndwaker.



rjejr commented on Review: One Piece: Unlimited World Red (PlaySt...:

I'm really intrigued by this one. Don't know much about One Piece but it's an action RPG with bright pretty colors that has co-op. My backlog is pretty jammed at the moment so I think this one will wait.

I know you guys don't celebrate the 4th in the UK but isn't 1AM on a Sunday night still an odd time to post a review?



rjejr commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

@sinalefa - "for the third year in a row I would choose Wii U as my holiday console."

Good thing you have one then. :-) I was thinking about your X1 desire when I read you played W101 for 100 hours. That would explain it. At least we get Bayonetta 2. And 1. W/ Nintendo outfits. I'm replaying 1 just for the outfits.

Xbox has never had my interest. I've never been interested in FPS games. Well I was back when Doom and Wolfenstien 3D were out. Redneck Rampage was my last one. And I don't really like real racing games, just kart games. Has any Xbox ever had a kart game? I wanted Blue Dragon on 360 but thats about it.



rjejr commented on Blimey, Only Four in Ten PlayStation Games Act...:

He didn't mention a platform, and I can't tell if he's talking only about the games Sony makes or all games released on Sony consoles. Still, 30%-40% success rate isn't good no matter how you slice it.

I bet not a single Wonderbook game made money, even though Diggs and Dinosaurs looked good they were stealthily released. At least they didn't waste a lot of money on marketing.



rjejr commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

@sinalefa - "So most of those (yearly) games I can get on PS3. Why should I get a PS4?"

Yeah, from my point of veiw theres a huge difference between enough games coming out to keep PS4 owners busy and happy - which there are plenty of good games; and enough of the games that will get fence sitters to buy a PS4. Ps4 may still be the best selling console this season, but Im not sure it will run away with the holiday. Im hopeingWii U can at least put up a good showing. I just cant care about X1.



rjejr commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:

Well I can certainly imagine more than a few copies of Vita Minecraft being sold, but the system itself? Like everybody else here that I dont see. Though to be fair a Minecraft bundle would probably sell better than the Vita by itself, but any game bundled is going to help the Vita sell. But Vita Minecraft on a shelf next to a SSB 3DS bundle? I think I know which portable system is going to sell better this holiday.

PS4 vs Wii U? That might be more intersting, though my money is on PS4, even if SSB and amiibo miraculously make it on shelves by Christmas.



rjejr commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

Yeah, his arguement just seems like a weak cover up to me. I play all types of game depending on my mood and time of day and circumstances, from casual FB to free apps on my tablet (don't own a smartphone) to AAA games on my Wii U and PS3. But I bought my tablet and PC for other reasons, the games are a freebie bonus. $400 PS4 and $200 Vita purchasers require AAA games b/c thats why people spend the big bucks, for big games. Sure some people hate indies, I hate FPS, but most people are complaining about indies b/c thats what the PS4 and Vita are predominantly getting. If those systems had more AAA games - the main reason people bought those systems - nobody would be talking about indies. And the Vita as $200 indie machine might even be ok if it was oroginally promoted that way, and included a 64GB card to hold the DL only games. People buy a PS4 for $400 for DriveClub and The Order, they dont want to hear about all the indie titles, even if they enjoy playing them.



rjejr commented on It Seems Lindsay Lohan Is Still a Little Mad a...:

Oh, and remember the dancing zombie character in PvZ? Lawyer made go bye bye, and that was a homage to a character in an 80s music video, not even really making fun of the real MJ. I wonder if EAs money could have helped them win that case, disc zomvie sucks.



rjejr commented on It Seems Lindsay Lohan Is Still a Little Mad a...:

I just had to comment b/c of that photo.

I havent played the game, but it certainly sounds like its based on her, and this is why celebrities have lawyers, to sue people who make fun of them. Not saying its right or wrong or whether its a winnable offense or not, but defamation lawsuits are sometimes successful. What does she have to lose, she probably hs her lawyer file a dozen off these a day, shes such an incredible mess and an easy target.



rjejr commented on Sony Apologises for Powers E3 2014 Press Confe...:

Admitting a mistake isnt the same as apologizing. Maybe he apologized in the article but not in any of the quotes I read here.

Powers was only 5 minutes? Seemed a whole lot longer. Maybe its just stuck in my head with some other stuffb/c there was about 20 minutes were I could barely stay awake. Only a couple of guys commenting on here kept me going.

Wonderbook wasnt too long, the problem was its very existence. I know the UK had a bit of a push w/ Diggs and Dinosuars and a Harry Potter follow-up but I dont we ever got anything other than the original here in the states.



rjejr commented on Review: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (PlayS...:

It's the 30 year anniversary of G Gundam - the only one I care about - so it's too bad it didn't get some love this time around. Watched it when it was originally released and my kids are at the right age to watch it but $90 for the 2 sets and 49 episodes is a bit steep for me.

We rented 3 for a weekend and they were kind of burned out at that point, I'm guessing the same will happen w/ this one.



rjejr commented on Watch 12 Minutes of Freedom Wars Gameplay and ...:

@JaxonH - "That's not kosher."

I know my seemingly constant negativity tends to get under your skin, but your last post seems directed at Sonys new thinking that the Vita is basically a $199 remote PS4 controller. FW going digital/subtitled was just your last straw.



rjejr commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

Honestly, I just don't see why anybody in Japan would buy a PS4. It's big, it's expensive, and the games are limited. If you remove games that are also on the PS3 - MGS, Destiny - what reasons are there to spend $400 on a PS4?

PS4 isn't even getting the new Godzilla game, it's a PS3 exclusive (BTW that's sarcasm, not racism, nobody wants the new G game more than I do).

So why buy a PS4 now - wait until it comes bundled w/ a Vita or gets the "slim" or 1TB HDD or a price drop or something. Japan just had a big retail tax hike also, so consumers are probably waiting for a reason to buy.



rjejr commented on Watch 12 Minutes of Freedom Wars Gameplay and ...:

@JaxonH - "no physical release... it sucks."

I thought this was a big Vita release, no English, they expect people to read subttles on the Vita? I always play w/ the japanese voices when given the option but my tv screen is a lot larger than the Vita.

No retail release is really odd also, what w/ the cost of those memory cards being a thorn in everyone's side. For PS3/4 I usually don't consider it a big deal.

No english and no cartridge for one of the few remaining big Vita releases, not good.



rjejr commented on Video: Footage Of Namco Bandai's New PS3 Godzi...:

Argh, what kind of trailer is that for a game coming out in winter?!?!?!?!

It's been 7 or 8 years since Unleashed, which was horrible due to that stupid waggle requirement for knock-out blows - took my kids literally a year before they could really play it right and enjoy it - and all we get is a few seconds of Godzilla?

Been waiting years for this, an HD Godzilla game, w/ the power of the PS3 to do a proper Spiga. Who doesn't want to play as a giant web shooting spider, kickin' butt on giant praying mantises? (Seriously I've been thinking about that for like 12 years since Save the Earth on PS2.)

But all I see in that trailer is Godzilla in Eat Them!, a cheap cash in $15 throwaway. Please don't let that be the case, not even War of the Monsters got a PS3 sequel. I NEED AN HD MONSTER FIGHTING GAME!!!

And tell Namco Bandia Gamera and Gyaos need to be in a $10 DLC bundle. ;-)