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rjejr commented on Opinion: Why Sony Will Drop the PS4's Price if...:

"if Necessary"

But who decides if it's necessary? When was the last time Vita had a price drop and that thing is getting slaughtered by 3DS (though it has bounced back in Japan lately). Wii U hardly sells and it really hasn't had a price cut in 2 years - debuted at $299, still $299 though w/ a lot more in the box at that price, but it's still $299.

PS4 will get a price cut, just a matter of time, necessary or not.

Anybdy looking for a deal on a PS3 - not 4, 3 only - 30% off Saturday at Target w/ the Cartwheel app. Guess that would make a $250 500GB about $170, or $140 for the 12GB. I'm pretty sure it's US and in store only, sorry.



rjejr commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:

@JohnKarnes - Couple all of that w/ the unknown of what MS will do about the X1 price in Jan and I think sitting and waiting is the best thing Sony can do right now. Let The Order come out in Feb and see if that helps sales.

It is possible that all the people who wanted a PS4 by this holiday simply have 1 already, 15m in 1 year is a lot of people. Let U4, FFXV get dated and see if that helps sales. Holiday 2015 could be the time to buy.

And if Sony really wanted to push PS4 stop w/ all the PS3 bundles. Some come w/ the same games - Last of Us, GTAV - for $150 less.

Somebody must be buying them still. (I'm sure you all know by now I bought mine yesterday)



rjejr commented on Sony May Not Have Enough PS4 Stock in Europe T...:

Well it's not exaclty like yelling fire in a building (ok maybe not even close) but it IS a great way to tell people to hurry up and rush out and buy something, tell them supply is limited. Its the cheapest marketing you can get. The fact that they arne't giving any numbers, and there aren't widespread reports of not being able to find the console, makes me think that is all this is, free marketing.



rjejr commented on Could the PS4 Version of Beyond: Two Souls Be ...:

@Godsire- "I prefer calling the PS4, the "PS3+"."

Gotta be honest w/ you, I've been calling it that since before launch. I still don't see THAT big of a difference between it and PS3 for games. Oh sure GTAV pics are nice, and infamous and Killzone, but the jump from 720p to 1080p really hasn't been all that impressive to me. Is AC:U and W_D and Destiny $400 worth of better? And DS3 to DS4 just added the touchpad. It's why I bought myself a 2nd PS3 for Christmas for my bedroom. Though I suppose if I could have gotten a PS4 for $170 (or even $270) w/ DI 2 I would have bought that instead. Point is, not $200 better. Though I'll still probably get 1 next year - hopefully $300 on BF w/ either Uncharted 4 or FFXV.

One of the best things Wii U had going for it - IMO - is MK and SSB in HD. They should have just called it Wii HD and offered some type of upscaling for Wii games. Though never seeing an SD game again suits me just fine.



rjejr commented on Minecraft: Story Mode Is the Latest Episodic A...:

Isnt Youtube full of Minecraft already? My kids watch Diamond Minecart Dan guy and his Dr. Tryorous and Grimm stories keep me entertained in the background while I cook.

Really, I still dont believe this is real? Why on earth would anybody pay for this?

OTOH Skyrim pack w/ that music changed the whole game for me. Someday I really neec to play Sktrim. Among 30,000 other games.



rjejr commented on Could the PS4 Version of Beyond: Two Souls Be ...:

Is it too late to start referring to the PS4 as the PSPort? (Though I suppose Xbox fans have been all year, like Sony fans who say Xbone (which I assume is pronounced "X- bone"). I've always liked and used X1. Short, sweet, to the point, much unlike myself.



rjejr commented on Weirdness: Sony Yanks The Interview Amid Inten...:

@get2sammyb - Thought this might be the thing that forced your hand. ;-)

(If that comment doesn't make any sense then you probably didn't get my earlier self destructing comment before it self destructed.)

Sony pulling the movie was the only logical choice. 5 theater chains yanked it just hours before Sony's announcement. Even if Sony hadn't yanked it it wasn't going to be shown anywhere anyway, it's better Sony yank it than they don't and only 3 theaters in America show it and Sony has to keep answering the question on why they didn't yank it.

And my guess is nobody involved w/ the theaters feared an attack, they just feared people not showing up to any of the other 15 screens in the multiplex for fear of something bad happening. Better to leave the 1 screen blank or put up another showing of The Hobbit than risk 16 near empty theaters.

Downside, it does look like the terrorists won. Hard to get around that fact. I'm usually pretty good at taking up both sides of any argument but this just looks bad.

Video game related - I can't help but think these groups will still have something planned for Christmas that effects the Sony networks. Maybe something as simple as a day long DDOS attack, maybe something a little stronger and longer lasting. But I'd suggest either sign in the night before and that way maybe you get to remain logged in - or just plan on skipping a day online. If you are getting a PS3/4/Vita/TV present it might be a good idea to get it online beforehand. I'm planning on keeping my new PS3 boxed until Friday. (I got a PS3 mostly for bedroom streaming b/c I got sick of waiting for PS TV to get Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime. Bigger and costs more than Amazon or Roku devices, but it's also a blu ray player w/ optical out. And I needed a 4th Dualshock for my main PS3 for LBP3. And Disney Infinity 2.0 looked like a decent throw in at $170.)



rjejr commented on Wait, the PS4's Not Dead in Japan After All?:

@rastamadeus - But 3 in 4 people dont have the "new" 3DS yet, which is contribuing a bit to the current drubbing. The new LL doesnt offer a whole lot over the old model, which is still selling surprisingly well, but it is an upgrade.

Nice 1- 2 punch w/ that DQH console and GTAV last week. I didnt realize the console came w/ a copy of the game, that probably contributed to more sales, though it is a sweet console, and DQ is pretty big over there. If PS3 gets the game in the west its day 1. If not Ill get it whenever I get a PS4. I wonder if Godzilla on PS4 will be much better than PS3?



rjejr commented on Chill Out with LittleBigPlanet 3's Frozen Cost...:

@JamieF1 - But the Winter Creator Kit DLC is free ;-)

I know you were just making a joke off of my joke but as much as I'm not into buying costumes I have to say I'm really interested in the winter DLC. I'm really surprised they didn't make this a level pack like they did w/ Marvel and MGS for $9.99 to highlight the look of the ice and snow. But hey, I'll gladly take it for free :-)

Oh, and it does need the music. I started playing Minecraft again just b/c of the Skyrim pack music. I hate most Minecraft music.



rjejr commented on Feature: 10 PlayStation Gifts That Need to Be ...:

Im so intrigued by that coaster set I think I may try to make my own via Shutterfly or somebody. FFVII, Xenogears, Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross. Though to be authentic to what I still own FFVII, Grandia, Lunar and Chrono Cross. Traded Xeno and Legends in like an idiot.



rjejr commented on You Won't Be Playing Final Fantasy XV for Its ...:

@JaxonH - And all hail the Wakka, ya?

Ya! I know he got a lot of crud for being the Jar Jar of video games, and there may have been some backlash for his supposedly Jamaican accent, but seriously I always liked the dude. His fun attitude and Auron's gruff helped elevate the other weaker characters.



rjejr commented on You Won't Be Playing Final Fantasy XV for Its ...:

I didn't think it was that bad, sounded like FFX to me, just lacking the greatness that is Wakka. You want bad dubbing try Arc Rise Fantasia on Wii. I've played JRGs for 15 years - and watched a lot of dubbed anime - but that is far and away the worst.

@ShogunRok - Is that the British dub? I don't remember Tidus sounding like that.



rjejr commented on The Smirks Seem Sharper in This DmC: Definitiv...:

They should have called it -

DmC: The Reboot Remastered

Wait, I already used that joke w/ the definitve edition of the reboot of Tomb Raider remastered on PS4, didn't I?

Guess I ran out of jokes before Sony ran of out of PS3 reboots to remaster.



rjejr commented on Sony Switches on PlayStation Vue Beta in New York:

@Shellybird27 @rastamadeus - Question - PS3 already has HBO Go, at no extra charge if you already pay for HBO (or maybe know somebody who does) is paying more for Vue to get the actual HBO channel itself really so much better that it's a deal breaker?

My wife talked me out of a PS3 for the bedroom yesterday. We have a dumb tv w/o a box so we only get about 10 unscrambled channels. If we could use the PS3 as a pseudo cable box that might persuade her. Too bad my PS+ lapsed BF so probably no beta invitation for me. Maybe I can find a youtuebe vid somewhere to show her? And me, I'm curios.

Oh wait, just remembered I don't live in NYC anymore. That 15 mile move out to the suburbs always does me in.



rjejr commented on Sony's Not Too Happy About All the 20th Annive...:

Well duh, duh and more duh.

You sell a $400 system for $20 (or whatever the regional currency is) of course its going on eBay. Maybe not every one but closer to 80% than 0%. If they wanted to thank the fans give them t-shirts that say PS 20 on them. And like Blp said, why sell them for $20 anyway if its going to charity. They would habe sold for $400 w/ the cool looking gray eye camrra. And still go on eBay for $500. But not ss many ad at $20. The only ones not sold on eBay probsbly sold on Craigs list or to friends.

Note to Sony - anything limited goes on eBay.



rjejr commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

@get2sammyb - A lot obviously went into this, so thanks for all the work, but somehow you managed to leave out the most important caveat - what systems do you own and what systems the games came out on?

Id say PS3 owners got almost all of that $1000 value, PS4 and Vita owners very little. Not that PS4 owners really had any choice, and Vita owners get what they get, but it seems to be an important part of the equation that you complely ignored.

As a PS3 owner only - and I may even buy a 2nd today for my bedroom - the year started off so great w/ Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, DmC reboot, Batman, then slowly went downhill and crashed and burned at the end. I let my PS+ lapse and see no reason to renew. Mirrors Edge for free will keep me busy until Christmas, and Wii U actually has a solid line-up to me for 2015.

Too bad PS TV never got Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon or I would have bought that and renewed Prime.



rjejr commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

@Ginkgo - "and guard market share religiously."

But money still comes first, otherwise it's a race to the bottom and you wind up out of business like so many PC manufacturing companies and retailers that sold them. Apple never tried to undersell any PC manufacturer and try to push Mac OS over Windows by selling it cheaper.

Unless Sony HQ is under a very big rock they had to know X1 would outsell PS4 w/ that $50 price cut in Nov. They could have matched it or gone lower and taken a greater loss to sell more, or they could have decided to take the money now and wait to see what MS does in Jan when the price is supposed to go back up.

At this point in time, w/ PS4 leading X1 and Wii U in worldwide sales by about 5 million, I think Sony decided $ > market share. And as Sammy said, if Sony were already selling every PS4 they could make, why lower the price?

Not having enough stock on hand I'm guessing is due in part to PS4 outselling X1 by 5 mil over the previous 12 months. I just can't imagine that after the PS3 and Xbox360 each sold 6 mil their first year that Sony thought they would need more than 15 mil consoles by holiday 2014. I'm impressed they've been able to make this many w/o numerous quality control issues.

I just don't think Sony is able or willing to do all that much about a 1 month blip. If The Order is any good it should be business as usual after Feb 1. It will be hard for MS to promote it's Fantasy Football machine once the Superbowl is over.



rjejr commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

@get2sammyb @Ginkgo - That was a nice little exchange you two had. (I wish Gingko was on NL explaining how adapters and amiibo can't just materialize out of thin air).

While Sony is probably annoyed to come in 2nd for a month I'd like to think their top brass don't care what MS does as long as they hit their #'s, If PS4 sold more in Nov than Oct, and sold what they expected, w/o their having to do a price cut, why should they care what MS or Nintendo did? It's not a popularity contest, it's a financial enterprise. As Sammy said, if they sell every PS4 they can make at the current price, what difference does X1 or Wii U sales make?

Everything sells over the holidays, Jan, Feb, March are the momentum months that matter.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Will Borderlands: Remastered Edition L...:

I can see them doing it if its a complete collection, but not any 1 game. PS3 had a lot of PS2 collections but very single games. None that I can think of actually, DmC and Tomb Raider were new games, reboots, not remasters or ports.



rjejr commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

This video is private.

I think the game looks interesting, but they set it up as the close out for a 2 1/2 hour long show that opened with Uncharted 4. Unless Jaffe was showing off a really good looking version of The Last Gaurdian or a true FF7 remake in a moderngraphics engine anything he did was going to fall short. And presenting a game that has the art style of a free web browser game - or whereever Stickman originated - well it's not exactly showing off the impressive power of the PS4. The Wii had Madworld years ago and that looked almost as good.

I think if they let Jaffe open the show w/ this it wouldn't be so hatred inducing. Maybe not loved, but not so hated either. Timing is everything.

So, anybody got a functioning link to that vid?



rjejr commented on Preview: Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Re...:

Maybe Im not following closely enough but I still dont feel like I know enough about this game to make any kind of judgement. Its a good looking 3rd person shooter, but thats about it.

Brings to mind the pre PS2 days when Sony was promoting Squares "The Bouncer" as the best looking game ever, a brawler w/ multiple story lines arcs. And when I got it I played the game as 3 characters, and each storyline overlapped the others, 20 minutes each, and the entire game was done in an hour.

Im withholding judgement on this one until I see and hear a lot more.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Should Do Another Run of 20t...:

@sinalefa - Thanks. Besides the price that article also said 12,300 was in honour of the date Dec 3rd. Which is weird b/c I thought Japan used the european dating progression so it should have been 3,12,00. I guess making 12,394 would have been too odd, even for Sony. And who the heck cares what date it came out? I thought maybe PS1 sold 123 mil consoles or something relevant like that. They should have made 10,249 b/c according to Wiki it sold 102.49m. Though 102,490 would have made a lot more people happy. :-)



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Should Do Another Run of 20t...:

@get2sammyb - Well I'd like to agree w/ your own self mocking (no bonus points for being 1st on a post you wrote) and tell ya to go cry a river, but that would be more than a little hypocritical after I wrote this last week:


They should have added 2 more zeroes to that #, I think they could have easily sold 1 million of these yet still refer to it as "limited", even if ti's going to be more expensive b/c of the camera in the box. That camera is my favorite part, it would just look so odd on top of my 52" piano black glossy flat screen. Odd but perfect.


@sinalefa - At the time I wrote this I didn't know it would be $399 w/ the camera, assumed it would be $429 or something. Maybe if they do a 2nd run they can jack up the price so it isn't so "special".

Oh, anybody know what is so commemorative about the number 12,300? I'm guessing that's not an actual important number but a play on 123?



rjejr commented on Review: Game of Thrones: Episode 1 - Iron from...:

@Godsire- Well it does start after episode 9 of season 3 (there are only 10 episodes per season so basically the end of 3) so I would think having watched all of season 3 would be a prerequisite.

FYI a demo is now up in the US PSN. Im going to go check it out now.



rjejr commented on Don't Have Destiny's First Expansion? Then You...:

I don't have the game but this sounds like an oversite. Or something they will have to fix. Can't imagine this will stand bad as it sounds. This would make sense if this was one of those free patches were games don't work unless you update 1st, those seem to happen all the time these days, but not for $20.

On a related note, got Rayman Legends in the mail on Saturday (my PS+ expired BF, time to catch up on some other games I missed) and I was most surprised to see that both weekly and Daily challenges were still running. Not only is it a year old game but I got the Wii U version so I expected it to be cut anyway. And 3 player w/ the Gamepad the game is fun as heck, finally asynchronous gameplay done right.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster to Play Blitzb...:

@FullbringIchigo - "they should just redo the graphics and cutscenes"

Well that's pretty much what I meant by remaster, sure as hell don't want a reboot like DmC got. Though TR reboot turned out really well.

I think it would need the music and sound effects redone as well, I'm assuming the original score, even though it was epic and orchestral, was in stereo and it should be in 5.1 now.

But no, I don't want the fighting engine remade, it would still need to have the same turn based mechanic. Ir's been a long while since even my 2nd playthru so that there might be some other things they could iron out (I think I always get screwed in that spaceship code sequence) Every game has bugs.

If they ever remake FF8 that Draw system can get cut, I'd be more than fine w/o that.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster to Play Blitzb...:

@Gamer83 - You know, it actually bothers me how far removed they are from when they were my favorite company Squaresoft and I wanted to play everything they put out. I'm not even sure what happened, greed, corporate incompetence, inmates running the asylum, desertion of the top talent? All of the above? Oh how the mighty have fallen.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster to Play Blitzb...:

@Gamer83 - The only thing that will ever make up for that FFVII troll is an FFVII remake w/ the FFXV engine. Maybe not even then.

If anything in that 2 1/2 show could have been done via tweet or youtube trailer it was that news. Waiting for over 2 hours into the show made it even worse. Maybe if they had flipflopped that and UC4 we wouldnt have all gotten our hopes up.



rjejr commented on Feature: Four Reasons Why Uncharted 4: A Thief...:

Too much grass for me, dont like jungles, but Drake playing Spiderman was epic. I could just imagine the snippets of dialogue they could sprinkle throughout the game as Drake swings from ledge to ledge.

It'll be epic, and thats all that matters. Oh, and apparently its good I havent played LoU yet as there are a lot of comments about the similarities. I'll play that after this. Or just go see the movie.



rjejr commented on What Could EA's Special The Game Awards Announ...:

@Gamer83 @sinalefa - So I'm guessing the 3 free games was the special announcement, unless there was some new game announcement I missed?

Got my copy of Mirrors Edge, don't own the other 2 systems and forgot to DL them online. That's happens to me alot. They still have the special offers page online but the offers aren't special anymore, they probably should remove it:!/en-us/ps-experience-special-offers/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSEXPOFFERS_S_G?emcid=ps-se-915&utm_medium=Paid_Search_{ps}&utm_campaign=SEN&utm_source=Google&utm_term=ps-se-915&utm_content=Brand



rjejr commented on Rumour: Did Hideo Kojima Just Announce the Rel...:

@get2sammyb If thats the official "mind blown" gif then yeah I agree. As crazy as it is though I think Merry Christmas makes more sense in light of MobyDick Studioes. I think I might even start wearing "the 22nd of 6th" t-shirt.

PS - Dont work on Chirstmas.