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rjejr commented on Review: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes -...:

@sinalefa - And the stage builder looks way better than the Brawl version too. I doubt I'll make more than a level or 2 or 3 but my kids will make at least 50 each, they love that stuff, its all they were talking about at dinner last night. .



rjejr commented on Review: Minecraft: PS Vita Edition (PlayStatio...:

Not to be a broken recod, but I think bundling this with PS TV would have been a better idea than the Lego movie. No concerns about small text or battery life. And while evrybody already has the Xbox, PC, PS3 or Vita version maybe Nintendo fans would pony up $100 for it?

And dont say MS wouldnt let them PS3 or PS4 is fetting a Minecraft bumdle this holiday.



rjejr commented on Yes, There Will Be Exciting Game Announcements...:

@get2sammyb - Hey Sammy - not quite related, but as follower of new tech thought you'ld be interested in this 3D statue printing for the masses.

If Sony has 1 of these at the show I bet plenty of people would buy a 7" figure and that cosplay girl standing next to Kratos ;-) (Can't believe 40 comments and nobody mentioned her, poor neglected girl)



rjejr commented on Blimey, The Last of Us Is Getting a Game of th...:

I suppose I'm the target audience, still haven't played it on PS3 - it's always out of stock at the local Redbox - and I don't have a PS4 yet. That said, at this point I've already decided on waiting to play the PS4 version.

So, the only people this is for are Xbox360 owners who bought an X1 but regret it but now can't afford a PS4 so they are buying a PS3 for $199 this Black Friday to play KH 2.5 HD Remix and this.



rjejr commented on Travel Somewhere Over the Rainbow Skies Next Year:

"when it launched on the PlayStation Vita a few years back"

Didn't this game "launch" on PS3 and was ported to Vita a year or so later? ('cause. like, ya know, you don't have enough issues w/ the developer not knowing when their own game is coming out)

This game was most definitely slated for 2014 when it was announced way back in spring or summer of 2013. Might have even been "fall 2014". I've been waiting and following it since. Though I still haven't finished the first game either, it's really long. I'm pretty sure I'm over 60 hours in maybe just started the final boss dungeon.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

Never bought a Season Pass - or really any DLC that I can recall - until about a month ago for Hyrule Warriors, b/c I really wanted to use Links horse Epona as a weapon, and they gave a timeline and prices for what you get over the next few months for a savings of about $4. The auto download was a nice touch.

Of course due to the technical difficulties of myexternal HDD dieing w/ my saves on it I've barley played the game since the DLC, so it was probably a waste on my part. But I did have $10 credit from Nintneod's DDP program and I bought a $10 eShop card for $5 w/ a $5 GC I got from buying SSB for 3DS so I only actually paid $5 for it out of pocket, would never have paid $20.

I still haven't purchased the MK8 "season pass" yet b/c it doens't come out until Nov - no date yet b/c it's Nintnedo - and next May. Though I probably will once we get a firm date. 16 tracks for $12 is worth it for my family of 4.

So like probably many people, I hate it, but I keep buying it, so the industry will keep selling it. Since Nintnedo is doing it now pretty soon any game w/o DLC be a rarity. I'm sure SSB for U DLC will be announced in about 6 hours.



rjejr commented on Review: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes -...:

@sinalefa - "Vanellope" was a great character (I'm also a big Sarah Silverman fan), but I didn't really like that movie much. My entire family watched it together a few months ago and we spent 30 minutes afterwards discussing how it should have been called "Vanellope's Adventure" and Ralph's roll should have been as narrator, all that other stuff at the beginning could have been left out. So b/c of that I'm not too excited about her toy character. I grew up watching Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights so Tinkerbell is burned into my nostalgia cells.

Ha. I just realized the irony, I don't like Peter Pan either. Tinberbell transcends though. She's like the original Barbie doll fairy.



rjejr commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:

@get2sammyb - Appreciate the self-deprecating first sentence, nice touch ;-)

Im glad the PS3 version isn't gimped - I was honestly conerned it might still be 3 layers to the PS4s 16 - but OTOH PS4 should have something more. Maybe theyll patch in more later like when they added Move support to LBP2.



rjejr commented on Sony Deploys Deadly Hallowe'en Discounts for P...:

@Sanquine - Dante's Inferno was ok, but nothing special. It also had the misfortune of coming out within months of God of War 3, Bayonetta, and Darksiders, (winter 2010) all of which I played first and liked better. I was really burnt out on 3rd person action games after that stretch. It's worth playing though. Castlevania Lord of Shadow was similar and better as well, but that came out later.



rjejr commented on Review: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes -...:

Thanks for a bad review, helps me keep my video game costs down. :-)

Also, while Disney seems quite obtuse about it, there does seem to be a DI 2.0 Toy Box sans Marvel due out in a few weeks to download for only $20 or $30. May wait and see how that works.

And as @adf86 pointed about, my kids got Lego Marvel last Christmas and I still haven't played that yet. I do want Tinkerbell though. And Fantasia Mickey. But that's about it.



rjejr commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will Hold a Hef...:

@special_donkey - "the wii u has external support?"

Well when the Basic model releases w/ only 8GB (only about 3 available after OS usage) and the Deluxe only has 32GB but you offer games like 14GB Bayonetta 1 and 17B 2 external is a must. Works pretty well until your HDD dies :-(



rjejr commented on Oh Sony, Did You Really Have to Use Sunset Ove...:

Well it kind of makes sense they are advertising Sunset Overdrive with this sale since they were celebrating Bayonetta 2s upcoming Wii U release on Friday by having Bayonetta on sale this past weekend. :-)



rjejr commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will Hold a Hef...:

@BigDaddyT0101 - I suppose that's an option, I replaced my PS3 80GB w/ a 500, but i can't help but think after the PS3 had 40, 60, 80, 160, 250, 500 and then 12 (for all the people who were complaining 500 was too much) that a larger internal HDD isn't in the PS4's future. I can wait. I bought the last of the FAT models right before the slim came out, I won't do that again.

@LDXD - Playing games as they install is a huge plus, and re-installing from disc doesn't seem too bad, but I wouldn't want to be doing it all the time w/ large digital games.



rjejr commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will Hold a Hef...:

Can never have too many Spacey puns.

Do all disc versions of these big games need to be fully installed as well? And the PS4 doesnt have external support like Wii U? Guess I'll add "bigger internal storage" to my list of reasons to wait to buy a PS4. Im sure the slim model will have 1 or 2 TB when it releases in a year or 2 for $299.



rjejr commented on DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release Date to Be ...:

“concrete information” = "reach sales goal"

Hopefully Sony learns from this not to promise PS+ games that aren't finished yet, but what they will probably learn is that they can sell 10 mil consoles w/ few games available by promising things like DriveClub, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4 and The Order.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a launch title and free game for PS+ subscribers when PS5 launches ;-)



rjejr commented on TV Tie-In The Legend of Korra Crashes Down on ...:

Well that explains it. Someone at Platinum must have dropped their "upcoming games" folders on the floor and mistakenly switched Legend of Korra on Wii U with the PS3's Bayonetta 2.

Not sure if it's due to my advanced age or the nature of our patriarchal society but "her monitor" did jump off the screen at me and figured it had to be Nicola writing this, (though I suppose there are other women working here but she's the one who popped into my head.)



rjejr commented on Guide: How to Extend the Cable Length of Your ...:

I really hate proprietary plugs and wires. And memory cards. I was so happy to find out my new Tab 4 is standard mini USB. (Maybe its not mini, maybe nano or micro, whatever it is the 3 phones in my house now use.) I suppose their reasoning was the Xbox Kinect has a proprietary port, might as well make one also, but USB should be adequate, at least the 3.0 version should be fast enough and it supplies power. But no, everything has to be proprietary these days.



rjejr commented on LittleBigPlanet 3's Plush Edition Packaging Is...:

@KAPADO - Yeah, I was annoyed at first that there wasn't a PS3 bundle until I looked at what the PS4 package contained and realized I have most of it already w/ the LBP2 Special. And I'm even using the bookends to hold up all my Wii U games on the table next to our 50 Skylanders :-)

So yes, it is a benefit for upgrading to PS4, but people who would buy this edition on PS3 probably already have most of it, so I'm ok with Sony's decision now. I'm sure we'll get the extra costumes at some point, I'm pretty sure ALL the costumes - and there were a ton of them in that LBP2 package - are now available for everyone. I can save some money and wait.



rjejr commented on PlayStation's Leading Ladies Get a Little More...:

@JaxonH - Before you buy MC on Vita I'ld suggest looking into all the purchasing permutations first. Might be better to buy it on PS3 or PS4 and get Vita for free, I'm not exactly sure how it all works out myself but there's probably a deal to be had somewhere.

I played MC for a few hours on PS3 but now I'm just really looking forward to LBP3 b/c that looks insane. And maybe someday we'll get a Stage Builder info for SSBU. Who knows, it could be good?



rjejr commented on Review: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (P...:

No offense to Mr. Anderson but isn't Nicola PS's resident JRPG reviewer?

Review begins -
"However, if you aren’t prepared to embrace its more passé peculiarities, you’re unlikely to enjoy your time."
Review ends -
"and if you aren’t prepared to accept its charmingly archaic quirks, you probably won’t relish your time with it."

Makes me think maybe Kell wasn't really prepared to give this game a good review. JRPG are an odd niche, and nobody wants to play an old school JRPG unless they really want to play an old school JRPG. :-)



rjejr commented on This Upcoming PS4 Bundle Sure Has a Grasp on M...:

I know its old games but that bundle makes sense to me. Though Ill admit my first reaction was - somebody in the UK doesnt own FIFA yet? - but then I realized they probably own the PS3 version if they dont own a PS4 yet. And thry are probably just adfing in Minevraft as a slap in the face to Microsoft since they own the game ;-)



rjejr commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

For the person complaining about censorship on the internet awhile back.

Like any town, city or country the internet is full of all kinds of places of ill repute, brothels, saloons, casinos that are open to all types of certain morally ambiguous and sometimes frowned upon activities, yet even those towns will have schools and houses of worship where the same men will take off their hats when they go inside. This website is more of the latter and less of the former. :-) Sherrif Sammy, preacher Sammy, teacher Sammy, it doesnt always have to be high noon in Deadwood.



rjejr commented on When Will DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release o...:

Ild just like to point out that DriveClub was not meant to be a PS4 1 year anniversary PS+ sweetener, it wss meant to be a LAUNCH TITLE that helped make up for the fact that you had to pay to play online on PS4 like it was some kind of Microsoft console. The fact that a game that was meant to be a "free" online launch title that is now neither free nor online is just too ironic to not be the central point of any article discussing it.

Free Online Greatness Waits, and waits, and waits.



rjejr commented on Yes, Sony's Readying an Official Grand Theft A...:

@WARDIE -Enjoyed the long post, but LBP3 is not a PS4 exclusive, its on PS3 same day. Its all Sammys fault.

@Punished_Boss_84 - You know me, always the optimist :-)

Whats up w/ the 84, you get a copycat or just celebrating your 30th birthday?

Just saw the Sunset Overdrive white X1 bundle on tv during the Jet game. Game looked like a cell-shaded inFamous. I always thought it was a FPS. Now Im watching an ED commercial. I know theres a joke in there somewhere, but itd probsbly on the Wii U.



rjejr commented on Sorry Ubisoft, But This Is the Worst Unboxing ...:

That map has me jonesing even more for GoT.

So did they actually make special editions for all 5 versions of this game? It's hard to tell from that vid, I'm not even sure what hardware it was running on though I'ld guess either PC or PS4.



rjejr commented on Yes, Sony's Readying an Official Grand Theft A...:

@get2sammyb - Yeah, DriveClub occurred to me after I posted, but it didn't seem worthy of me going back and editing it in. Maybe if it had turned out better. Well that and it was due at launch 12 months ago for free. Not the game you want bundled w/ your device a year later.

Maybe by Christmas 2015 we can have The Last Guardian bundle. Or Uncharted 4. Or FFXV. I know that wont be exclusive but my brain has never accepted FF games on Xbox consoles so I'ld be ok w/ it. Or BG&E2. Or KH3. Or that mM marionette maker Move game, that could be a cool family bundle.

Future looks bright, but I'm not feeling it this Christmas. I guess in retrospect LBP3 should have been exclusive - PS3 has enough family games w/ S:TT and DI 2.0 - but the guys making the games have to eat too.



rjejr commented on Yes, Sony's Readying an Official Grand Theft A...:

I know they updated GTAV graphically, and that white PS4 is really nice, but I can't help but think that in it's 2nd Christmas the PS4 should be bundled with, oh I don't know, maybe a new game? The big blue Di 2.0 Marvel edition box did look nice on the shelf at Target. (Everybody always complains about Wii Us lack of games, and deservedly so, but at least it had SM3DW it's 2nd Christmas)

Is the PS4 really not getting ANY new "exclusive" exclusive games this Christmas? LBP4 is still on PS3 though PS4 should still get a bundle w/ the stuffed Sackboy and all that other DLC from LBP2 Special Ed.

Guess that would explain the "PS2 had a great 1st year" article. ;-)



rjejr commented on What Kind of Levels Are Being Made in the Litt...:

@get2sammyb - Sorry, no more Nintendo game references on PS. Good thing you started your own Sony site and stopped working at the Nintendo one.

After 15 years of Sony gaming I really can't think of a proper comparison, all the Sony games I can think of that are similar - J&D, R&C,Sly - have camera control, and A4O was pulled back pretty far. And no PS4, so no Knack.



rjejr commented on What Kind of Levels Are Being Made in the Litt...:

@Kohaku - Very simple? You were looking in the wrong places. Not sure what you're into but there was a 7 chapter JRPG that reminded me of the FF PS1 days.

@get2sammyb - Hey Sammy, remember this little exchange we had a couple of weeks ago about the 16 layers -

ME: "Holy #@$$ 16 levels deep? That's not LBP anymore, that's practically open world. Minecraft may finally have competition.
OK, maybe not open world, but you could remake all of SM3DW in here."

YOU: "Who said anything about it being open world? It's still the same level-based format as before, you just have more layers to play with now."

Well after watching that video I'ld say it "can be" closer to SM3DW than the way the 2D platformer on 3 levels in LBP was before. And I did correct myself by saying not open world but open platformer. My kids are gonna love this. I wonder if we can remake the Hyrule Warriors maps?

I really really really hope they figure out a grind mechanic for that rail. Hanging from your hat is cool and all but gotta grind on rails.

That pinball game was ridiculous. I've played a lot of pinball levels in LBP and some were all serviceable for LBP physics engines but nothing looked or played like this.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 14th October 2014 (North America):

So..... Minecraft playable on PS TV?

Sorry but I had to ask.

Also - So is Peggle 2 pushing the PS4 hardware to its limits? And day 1 DLC for Peggle 2, really? Was the download too big so they had to cut it out?



rjejr commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About PlayS...:

"with applications such as YouTube supported, as well as MP3 playback and web browser functionality"

Here's my question - why is the rest of the "such as" so hard to find out? I can't believe Netflix doesn't work on it. What does work on it? Hulu Plus, Crackle, HBO GO? Seems like Sony is going out of it's way to hide what this thing doesn't do. It can't compete w/ Roku, Chromecast or Fire TV w/o Netflix and a bunch of other "channel" apps.

I'm still debating between this, Fire TV and Chromecast (but mirroring doesn't work w/ my brand new Samgsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" or I would have purchased 1 by now).

Question - can you pay games off of that 1GB internal, obviously smaller file size PS1 games or mini, not a huge Vita game? I was under the impression it was for saves only and couldn't be used to play games from. Corollary, how much of that 1GB is really free to use, most tablets w/ 8GB have 4 available, same for Wii U 8GB.

1 thing the website did say that was positive, though I doubt it's sincerity - PS TV supports multiple accounts. I don't see how that's possible if Vita only supports 1 but that's what the website says.



rjejr commented on No Fair! Japan's Getting The Unfinished Swan o...:

@k_andersen - Thanks, I'l try not to be a nuisance.

On the one hand Sony named it PS TV, not Vita TV, so there is no explicit reason for them to state if any given Vita game is PS TV compatible or not, but OTOH, it has 2 built in slots for Vita memory sticks and game cartridges, so it kind of is implicitly designed to play Vita games.

Guess I'l be back to spending time on the US PS blog, you guys have been doing such a good job I very rarely have to go over there.