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rjejr commented on This Input Code Adds Credence to the PS4 Port ...:

@Gamer83 - "before this piece of sh*t is more than a doorstop."

I'm assuming thats in reference to the non-indie, non-port game line-up, not the hardware itself, which is easily arguably the best home console hardware available at the moment, which I believe contributes more to console sales than the games. Unless you're arguing Wii U and X1 are better hardware, then you've lost me, though I do like the Gamepad.

And I'ld argue (of course) the PS4 is off to a better game start than Wii U. Yes PS4 is port heavy, but Wii U really only had 1 port, Windwaker HD, and that took a year to release. And Wii U was denied Rayman Legends for 6 months, similar to Drive Club and W_D. And Pikimn 3 was a "launch window" title that took 10 months to release. Wii U is getting a bunch of indies now, but that's 1 1/2 years after launch, only 6 months for PS4. So overall they have similar looking game libraries now, but that's a 1 year head start for Wii U. This E3 needs to have big game surprises for both consoles, cause at the moment they both look sad for the 2nd half of 2014, but at least PS4 has Assassins Creed and Batman and Destiny and The Order and all the sports games I mentioned yesterday. Wii U has a probable 2015 SSB game. I'ld say they're even now, but Wii U owners have suffered longer, and PS4 has much more upside. On the bright side, since you own both, you should always have something to play :-) Just not Uncharted 4, God of War or anything by Insomniac since they've gone over to the dark side.

@get2sammyb - "And I actually think that the PS4 has had an excellent first few months, but, there you go..."

Yeah but you would have said that just for Resogun. :-)



rjejr commented on This Input Code Adds Credence to the PS4 Port ...:

@Gamer83 - Bonus points for Heavenly Sword. Lair came out pretty early too I think. I know it got panned for bad controls but I got it after the patch and it was something different to play.

I think Sony is partly the victim of circumstances. Drive Club was supposed to be ready at release, as was Watch Dogs. If those 2 release on schedule PS4 at least has some games. They had new IP knack but that got panned and was probably a mistake to begin with. With inFamous released the rest of the year does look a bit empty, and that is on Sony.

At this point Sony doesnt seem that interested in making games, only making money. And ports are quick and easy. MLB The Show will probably make them a few bucks, and its an exclusive, so there is that. mM should have something at E3, they've been too quite too long. And Madden. And FIFA. So its not completely empty, it's just devoid of good 1st party games, which does seem a shame. If youre gonna breed a stud you should race it, not walk it around the infield for photo ops.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@JaxonH - "Btw, what beta code?"

The PS NOW beta code. I signed up for it a couple of weeks ago after Sony sent me an email to join the beta.

I think I watched a couple of those BKO videos way back when I played the game - man what's that like 7 or 8 years ago? - but I never found a way thru. I never get my full money's worth out of games, thats why I pay for PS+, just play until I get stuck ;-) thanks anyway



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@JaxonH - "Gamecube: Baten Kaitos Origins"

When you make it thru the electrified floor hallway on the boss ship near the end can you give me some pointers. Never could find a way. Fast, slow, pattern, no pattern. I made it halfway a few times but never go passed it.

Gonna go see what's on PS Now, just got my beta code. :-)



rjejr commented on Crikey, PS4 Sales Have Now Surpassed 7 Million...:

@Gamer83 - "I'm interested to see what happens once the real must-owns start coming out."

I'm interested in seeing some real must owns coming out ;-)

Feels like an off year for videogames as a whole to me. Admittedly I'm not too interested in X1 so there could be a ton coming out on that I'm not aware of, but Sammy would let us know the big stuff like Titanfall, which is already out, so that's off the calendar.

Last year had so much big stuff, Last of Us, B2Souls, GoW:A, GT6 all on the passe` PS3. And some game called Grand Theft Auto. And Disney Infinity had it's big unveil to rival Skylanders. And I was personally psyched for Super Mario.

This year has the delayed W_D, which seems to lose momentum by the day. Another AC and Batman. Mario Kart 8. (Wii U won't see SSB in 2014). The Order. Destiny. Just feels like that first year lull for the new systems, and a severe lack of 3rd party support for Wii U.

Hopefully E3 will change all that, but ATM I just feel like I'm slowly sinking in a sea of indies. (Indies are fun to play, but they don't get me excited pre-release.)



rjejr commented on Crikey, PS4 Sales Have Now Surpassed 7 Million...:

@Unca_Lz - "too late"

SSB may be too late to save the Wii U. By save I mean get the Wii U headed in an upward selling trajectory, on it's way to 50 mil. 50mil being my arbitrary round # point for which it isn't a flop, seeing as its the follow-up to the 100mil Wii.

And seeing as how "Winter 2014" is such an odd release date, I dont see it coming out until 2015. by which point 50mil 3DS owners will already have a copy. And PS4 should have some games. Considering how well it' sselling w/o any games I can only imagine how well it will sell with games. And X1 will have a price drop. And Google may have a gaming box, and fireTV may be selling. MK8 alone wont save Wii U. The 6mil peopel who own a Wii U will buy, and maybe another mil or so will buy a Wii U for MK8, but it would have sold much better if SSB was out on Wii U "Summer 2014" and the 3DS version was "Winter 2014".



rjejr commented on You'll Never Earn The Last of Us' Latest Singl...:

I interpret the end of Season Pass meaning the GH all in one bundle is due (to correspond w/ the release on PS4) so they don't want to PO people who buy the Season Pass just before the all-in-one package launches and people are clamoring for a refund.



rjejr commented on Crikey, PS4 Sales Have Now Surpassed 7 Million...:

@kensredemption - "I'd rather you make a statement like that about the XBO."

I don't have much use for nor do I really follow X1, but it came out at the same time and is $100 more expensive (in the US, I know world markets vary) so the PS4 having a lead of whatever size at the mment isn' to great interest to me.

The Wii U has been out for a full year longer and costs $100 less w/ 1 1/2 games in the box (Mario and Luigi DLC) so I think it's notable that PS4 has already surpassed it in sales. And the Wii U may get grief for a weak software line-up but it's better than PS4. Hasn't helped sales much though. Nor did a price drop.

So I think outselling a console w/ a cheaper price and 1 year head start is more notable than outselling a system that launched at the same time w/ a $100 more expensive price.



rjejr commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Alduin vs. Bahamut:

The first time seeing Bahamuts arrival in FF7 is one of my fondest videogame memories. Hes up there w/ Smaug (the 70s cartoon not last years CG bungling embarrassment) and Ghidorahs materialization from the meteor in The 3 Headed Monster.

I dont know who Anduin is, and nobody else would either after these 2 met.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Sony Stupidly Sets PSN Maintenance for...:

Sounds like the decision was made by the guy who runs our school district. Our kids were scheduled off for next Monday and yesterday for Spring break but lost both days to make up snow days. The day off after Easter has always been kind of a recovery day so not a big deal, but opening the schools for 1 day - Monday - and having the rest of the week off is just plain stupid.

Worse yet, yesterday was about 60` and sunny and today is a torrential all day long cold and windy downpour. Stupid school district.



rjejr commented on Review: Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PlayStat...:

Sammy, you ever plsy Spore Heroes, or worse yet Spectrobes, on the Wii? This sounds like Spectrobes, but at least that let you change sidekicks for some fun. Spore Heroes was mostly disapointing for being more disappointing than Spore.

Well despite the 4 score I still want to play it just for the Brian Blessed cut scenes, but only for $10.



rjejr commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:

@sinalefa - "You just can't forget that garden demo, haha."

As soon as they come out w/ a game that utilizes it I'll let it go :-) It just seems odd that they made something like that if they had no intent to use it. They received so much negativity when Zelda Windwaker was unveiled as cell shaded after that Zelda vs. Ganan Gamecube demo. People probably would have been upset about the cell shading anyway, but that earlier demo really set people up for being upset. I feel like that garden demo is doing the same thing. They also showed a cool looking Zelda demo w/ Link fighting that huge spider and I'm afraid the next Zelda game will be cell shaded like WW HD and people will get upset all over again.

I was surprised to see you mention Madworld. I really enjoyed it, very artistic, but it's about as violent as anyone can make a video game. Well I suppose it was artistic violence, unlike GTA or LoU.

@JaxonH I only mentioned Knack b/c they launched PS4 w/ it, I know what the reviews say, and it probably did do more harm than good. I still have fond memories of Sony platforming though going back to the original Spyro series on PS. And Klonoa. I'm much more a Sony fan than Nintendo but I don't play FPS at all. Or Batman or AC or GTA. All I play are platformers and JRPGS (not even western RPGs like Fable or Elder Scrolls) so it's weird to me that people see Sony fans one way and Nintendo fans another b/c I'm just the opposite. One of the only FPS I like is Elebits, a Wii game. And I bought a Gamecube for Luig's Mansion and Starfox Adventures - both open world games in their own right. The only platformers I've really ever liked on Nintendo consoles are the 2 SMG games. "Nintendo hard" isn't my thing. (Been giving this some thought after DKCTF.)



rjejr commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:

@sinalefa - "I would say THIS is the GOTY edition."

Well, its the GOT ed. on PS4, which is kind of weird b/c its the first time on the system and is releasing as a GOTY ed. I wonder if they would release the PS3 version as GOTY w/ all the same content but for $50 rather than $60 at the same time? If Sony is still selling PS3 this holiday for $199 there might be some takers on a LoU GOTY.

Oh, and what Jaxon said. But if I did get a PS4 for Christmas (b/c I wanted Drive Club) to go w/ my Wii U birthday present I would be complaining twice as much. Well if that's possible. :-)

@JaxonH - "Nintendo needs to make a gritty, realistic shooter!""

Gritty, realistic and shooter doesn't need to be all one word. Nintendo showed off a very realistic - not gritty and presumably not a shooter - bird in a japanese garden demo to show off the power of the Wii U, but its never made a game that looks like that. MK8 shows that Wii U has the power, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess shows they can do great open world games (Skyward Sword was a bit compartmentalized for me). I'ld love for them to do a Starfox Adventure sequel w/ Crystal back on Dinosaur Planet w/ that engine. Or an Okami story type game. Saying "they built the hardware, they should use it" isn't the same as wanting blood and guts. I really hope the new Zelda is more realistic and less cell shaded. More like X. But it doesn't need blood.

Sony made Knack. ;-) And they have LBP. I think Sony's PS3 has variety covered way more than Nintendo. Though Wii U has Zombie U and Resident Evil and Injustice, so I really don't know what most people are complaining about.



rjejr commented on PS4 Will Help Dial The Last of Us Remastered's...:

@Midzark - Yeah, since it includes the DLC - I cant remeber what it costs, $10 or $15 - then Im ok w/ $60 if its out this summer. It will be $30 Black Friday.

Thats the thing, they fharge $60 day 1 for people willing to buy it at that price, but the price will drop. Only Nintendo holds prices for years and years.

I might even wait now, this will be $19.99 by the time I have a PS4. Maybe it will be in a bundle Christmas 2016. Somebody has to buy those things.



rjejr commented on Here's Your Very First Look at Minecraft on th...:

Having spent way too many hours on the PS3 version my kids would much rather get a PC version than either PS4 or Vita. The PS3 version almost seems like a demo of the PC version. The last update helped a bit, but my kid is pestering me for the game on the PC.



rjejr commented on PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars' Post-Apocalypt...:

Too short.

This game brings to mind Kid Icarus Uprising. When that game was revealed I thought it was a new Wii game pushing that old SD console to its limits. 2 years on and I still dont own a 3DS. Ill almost certainly never own a Vita, but this would be a great one last hurrah PS3 game for me. Maybe itll get an HD port someday. KIU will never get a port as Nintendo seems to limit voice acting on their home consoles to weehee.

Maybe somebody will make it into a movie. It plays up to the current guture dystopia fad in Hunger Games and Divergent and it looks like Godzilla Final Wars and Attack on Titan. It would have to be better than Battleship.



rjejr commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:

@JaxonH @Gamer83 - I think I need to buy a PS4 now so Gamer83 and I can continue to be on opposite ends of the spectrum for our respective game system droughts :-)

Congrats on the Wii U purchase BTW, saw you mention it the other day on NL but I was too busy complaining about Winter 2014 to comment. Despite my constant complaining about Nintendo's handling of it's games distribution its sill a fun little system. Well fun as long as I'm not trying to play DKCTF. Advance Wars has been awesome. Though I suppose that's faint praise as its a 13 year old handheld game, but it holds up surprisingly well. MK8 or bust.



rjejr commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:

So does a PS4 version increase or decrease the liklihood of a PS3 GH version and/or an inclusion on PS+?

Still havent played it yet. Came close few times but the Redbox in my supermarket never seems to have it stocked when I get the free rental txt.



rjejr commented on Weirdness: How Would You Like to Play PS4 on t...:

Despite being a big fan of Roger Staubach growing up, and a lesser fan of the Troy Aikman era, and enjoying the recent failures of Jerry Jones ego run wild, I had no idea the new Dallas-Ft Worth Cowboys stadium was called AT&T Stadium.

Big screen is big, and that was pretty funny.

And as hard as I try, I just can't imagine that segment being funny if Conan was holding a Gamepad.



rjejr commented on You May Be Seeing New Info on The Last Guardia...:

Is that Japanese PS3 cover an official release?

How much longer before this game gets into DNF territory?

Might as well be re-revealed at E3, back where it all began. They could even show the original reveal first to show what the game now looks like on the PS4 or Vita. I can't imagine its still a PS3 game at this point.

I think I've moved on to following BG&E2 vaporware instead.



rjejr commented on Can You Believe That Sony Still Makes PlayStat...:

Gamestop has a half page ad for DS Lite this week. Not the DSi, the Lite. Its craxy how these older handhelds stick around, the 3DS has been out over 3 years already, and its BC w/ DS games. And mow w/ the cheaper 2DS Im not sure why DSi even exist.

At least the PSP makes sense as no BC on the Vita. And Duo Pro sticks arent obscenely expensive if you can gind them.



rjejr commented on Watch Dogs' Futuristic Tech Won't Extend to a ...:

Jump buttons mean a lot to me but I can see how they would not need it in a game like this. Has any GTA game ever had a jump button?

Xenoblade Chronicles has a jump button, and my character can swim, so all I did for the first few hours was swim all over and jump over everything. A jump button in a JRPG is a rarity. Probably won't be noticed be the majority of players of W_D though.

And after Heroes on the Move - the collaboration of 3 of Sonys greatest platformers not named Crash - Jak, Sly and Ratchet - somehow didn't have a jump button, well jump buttons kind of jumped the shark w/ that game.



rjejr commented on This Is What Bruce Lee Looks Like in EA Sports...:

Lee looked ok in the video, but that still looks like a 2D photoshopped face onto a 3D model head. And that elephant trunk in his pants, did they ask Bruce Lee Enterprises if he was circumcised? (OK, I know it's based on some Ken doll model of physics, bu I also know what it looks like.)

I'ld rather have a "Game of Death" game. Though I did just finish the Muscle Tower episodes of Dragonball. Does this even have nunchucks in it?



rjejr commented on Feature: 12 PS3 Hits We'd Like to See Remaster...:

I'm not sure if any PS3 games really need an "update" from PS3 HD to PS4 HD, - wouldn't Unfinished Swan and Ni No Kuni basically look the same anyway? - but I am curious how the Uncharted trilogy, not even Uncharted 2, made the list?

If there is any 1 trilogy Xbox360 owners need to play when they cross over it's Uncharted. Not Killzone, not inFamous, it's uncontested Uncharted. Even if the first 1 is meh, and 3 isn't as good as 2, it's worth it to play all 3 just for 2.



rjejr commented on Guide: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition PS3 Tr...:

Thanks everyody. Now onto the next bigger problem, which may not be solvable -

anybody ever come up w/ a way around the $5 minimum store purchase? My kid finally decided on plastic textures but we're not paying $5 for it. I can't believe that is still in place. Even Nintendo lets me just pay the price on eShop. When your online store doesn't function as well as Nintendo you have problems. I can't believe w/ all the $1.99 minis and dynamic themes and avatars for 50c they still have that stupid $5 minimum requirement. A sale is a sale, don't they like money? I'll let the kid buy the $26 PC version before I cough up $5 for a 99c skin.



rjejr commented on Guide: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition PS3 Tr...:

Do you need to always be online for this to work? My kids can go online if they ask me but they aren't set up to auto. They almost never ask, but they have played the game probably 50 hours or so. Any way I can find out how long they've been paying, well besides being a good parent and actually keeping track myself? They were getting burned until the last update, apparently it was a big deal. Not quite big enough though, my kid is buggin me for the PC version now. Nt that I blame him, the difference seems monumental.

Oh, and Minecraft actually looks like a real game w/ either plastic or city textures - he tried them both out now he's debating which one to buy - ah a boy and his allowance. The game really should come like that, the standard pallet is, to quote Zira, so damned ugly.



rjejr commented on This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That Play...:

@rastamadeus - " I'd put good money on it being one if the new year-long games given away for PS3 in June."

Yeah, that makes so much sense, make it an evergreen IGC title rather than a 1 shot. I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't think of that. I guess in my head whenever it went on, it was never coming off, ever, as they would find a way to moneitze it w/ new characters and levels, basically turning it into a fee-to-play like LBP. Which reminds me I still need to buy the last level pack.



rjejr commented on Video: What Are the Four Best Things About PS4...:

What Are the Four Best Things About PS4 RPG Child of Light?

1. It's on Wii U.
2. It's not delayed on Wii U.
3. I have a $5 DDP credit to spend (from buying Advance Wars yesterday)
4. It should be small enough to fit on my 32GB Deluxe

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Bonus 2 -
5. $5 digital game credit for pre-ordering the $14.99 PC version from Amazon US.

6. Can be pre-ordered from Gamestop and DL beginning April 29 so you have it ready to be played on the 30th.



rjejr commented on PS4's Killer App Rocket League Needs Your Help...:

I don't play it anymore, but I keep it near the top of my game list b/c I like when the music blasts when on go on the icon.

Also, DD:DA has some really cool haunting icon music. It was one of my first tests when I bought a new sound system. Audio receivers have improved alot over the past 10 years, making 5 year old speakers sound new again. I think it's the switch from optical to HDMI.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

@get2sammyb - "whether it'll have the appeal to unsettle the 'proper' consoles"

Here's my thoughts on that from last night (sorry if you already read it):

"Everybody who games on a platform w/ superior "specs" always says the lower spec system isn't competition. Of course the FireTV isn't a Wi U competitor. Until it proves it is." ..."If and when Amazon decides to promote this as a "home gaming console" competitor, rather than a streaming box w/ game controller sold separately, then I think they have the muscle, money and clout to make it be one."..."Remember when Xbox joined the fray? It didn't do too well. Xbox360 did better. Ask Sony."

OK, done plagiarizing myself now.

Glad to see you covered FireTV, newly promoted TW skipped it - is he your boss now? - which is why I started that thread.

Last point - FireTV may not be proper competition, as of yet, but it IS a real thing, unlike Facebook Rift and Morpheous which are still just vapor and will continue to be for some time. I think you did your due diligence covering it. No knock on TW, he's still the man.



rjejr commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@thedevilsjester - Sounds like they should have renamed it FF15 then and avoided the bad history. Or FF14-X or FF14-2. Simply FF14: A Realm Reborn sounds like DLC to me. Though since I'm the only one who seems to think so I'm guessing in this instance it really is just me.

@banacheck - Diablo 3 on PS3 wouldn't' happen to have couch multiplayer would it? We're big fans of couch multiplayer. Dungeon Hunter Alliance and the Gauntlet games are always a big hit. I miss Gauntlets cheesiness.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

On topic - nice article.

One thing Vita TV has going for it, it's a dongle, not a box. Sony can just stick the dongle in the PS4 box at little or no additional cost and market it as a streaming "2nd tv for PS4" device that also has the benefit of letting you play Vita games.

Or similar to what @Zombie_Barioth said, bundle it w/ the Vita itself as a controller, not a DS3/4, and market it as an all-in-one Vita handheld and tv device, that can, you know, actually play ALL the Vita games on the TV as well as stream movies and tv. Really, what it SHOULD have been in the first place, a dongle in the Vita box. (wow that came out sexual, completely not intended, I swear.)



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

Thought about FireTV a lot yesterday in regards to it actually being Wii U competition rather than Vita TV.

Hey, dont laugh, it stacks up pretty well against Wii U.

1. FireTV will have more advertitisng as it's the new Amazon start up screen:
2. Fire TV cool TV ad:
(if "Find Gary Busey" doesnt make you laugh ...)
3. Fire Tv $99 vs. Wii U $299
4. Fire TV has Minecraft - don't laugh b/c it's the $6.99 Pocket ed., people will still buy it for that
5. Fire TV will have Pandora
6. Fire TV controller costs $39.99:
7. Fire TV games have Leaderboards - see above
8. Wired Ethernet and optical audio out. (Lack of these 2 almost made me not buy a Wii U so I noticed.)
9. is a porn site. Maybe Wii U needs a porn channel?



rjejr commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@thedevilsjester - "Read reviews of the new game"

Well I'll give them credit if they improved it that much, I'll admit all my views of this are based on the original, which seemed to be universally derided, so I thought this was more a new coat of paint DLC thing, like Diablo 3 on PS3 compared to PC which seemed improved but not drastically so.



rjejr commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@NathanUC - Well guess I stand corrected then. MMOs have never been my thing, and I didn't think the japanese liked games w/ subscription costs, though DQ sem sot be doing fairly well over there. Guess we'll know in a few weeks, those media create people are very on top of things over there.



rjejr commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

Looks nice, but were talking about a technically 4 year old game w/ bad reviews - or 7 months old for the rehash - so is it really going to be a system selling game? I'm sure the 1,400 consoles will sell just because.