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Mon 23rd June, 2008

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rjejr commented on The Lovely Aqua Blue PS Vita Is Surfing to Nor...:

@JaxonH My 3DS list looks more like this - sort of in order - Kid Icarus, Luigi Mansion 2, FE:A, M&L:DT, Fairy Default. And a couple of oldies Solartorobo, Monster Tale and DQV. Now what I really need is a job in the city with an hour train commute each way like my wife has to justify it. B/c otherwise I still need to play long games I own like Skyrim, Nick No Kuni, Bios hock 1, Metro I'd Other M and a couple of others I forget.



rjejr commented on The Lovely Aqua Blue PS Vita Is Surfing to Nor...:

Really like the blue, looks like a wireless speaker upside down, but the black screen clashes too much, like a safety bumper on a Toys R Us tablet.

I'm guessing this is the newer model with the inferior screen? Shouldn't this thing be $149 by now? That Zelda XL just started looking so much better @JaxonH



rjejr commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Discovers a Confirme...:

@JaxonH Back to normal, I'll be skipping these, as much as I want the game. Want I really want is a PS4 bundle w/ the game so I probably wouldn't be buying these anyway.

Day after St Patty's Day, won't forget that. Thank you Naughty Dog.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Release Date Confirmed ...:

@JaxonH Zelda better be a main point of E3 2016, even if it is on the NX. That 2014 segment was so exciting, I want to be excited by something again. OK, I'm excited about XCX but I still can't accept the fact that it's Nitnedo and not Monolith, who I go way back w/ to the glorious PS2 days and Xenosaga trilogy. And even earlier when they worked for Square making Xenogears. I'm going to be so disappointed if after naming the Wii successor Wii U they don't come out w/ a game called Super Mario Universe that expands on SMG 1 and 2 and we can call SMU. As long as it isn't a board game.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Release Date Confirmed ...:

@sinalefa For me the bigger difference is Sony made the PS4, they can't control when Squenix puts this out. Nitneod made the Wii U which they released 3 years ago, so they know the hardware, and they are making the game to help sell their system, so they should try to sell the Wii U by promtoing this game every chance they get. Leaving it out of E3 entirely was just a really odd decision. They mentioned NX but not Zelda U? How does that help sell Wii U? Squenix can release this on PS4 or PS5 or X1 or X2 or NX, makes no difference to them.

FFXV may not get a lot of new footage, but they have been talking about it seemingly every chance they get recently. The demo even got an update. Will Zelda U even get a demo?

You are right about this being 10 years in the making though compared to Zelda Us probably only 2 or 3 years, I'll give you that, but Ntinedo needs to step it up. They showed it at E3 2014 but not 2015, that makes no sense.

Want to guess what it says at the end of that June 2014 vid? 2015.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Release Date Confirmed ...:

@JaxonH I think I'm starting to rub off on you. If this game doesn't get at least 1 delay after the release date is given I'll be shocked. At least I feel like it will come out on PS4 now, so thats something, more than than I can say for Zelda U at this point, at least FFXV is being shown and talked about. Zelda U was there big holiday 2015 title, I understand they told us about the delay before E3, which was nice of them, but they should at least let it out to breathe occasionally.



rjejr commented on First Impressions: Is Metal Gear Solid 5: The ...:

So how different is the PS3 from the PS4 version considering I don't care about sharing on YouTube or whereever? Should I wait until I get a PS4 someday or give this a whirl now? I'm not all that concerned about the graphical improvements, PS3 looks just fine to me.



rjejr commented on NetherRealm KOs PS3 Version of Mortal Kombat X:

Pretty stupid. Though I don't yet own a PS4 I'm all for developers moving on. But if you announce a game, and then you delay a game, ultimately you should deliver that game. Canceling a game is one thing, it hapoens, but why announce not 1 but 2 delays? Just makes them look like no nothing idiots.




rjejr commented on Geoff Keighley's Game Awards Will Return in De...:

Oh good, maybe we can see another 18 seconds of Zelda U, and watch guys discuss which game is com ing out first - Star fox or Zelda U - b/c probably neither wI'll be out yet.

If I'm Co fusing this with some other show, then nevermind.



rjejr commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Compares Kojima and Konami...:

@JaxonH - You ever dive into Awakening or no...

No, never got the 3DS for my birthday, I was afraid it would be a repeat of my Wii U purchase when Ntinedo - after spending about 8 months saying they would not lower the price before Christmas, lowered the price $50 a week after I bought it. And announced that cool WW HD bundle. I so would have bought that. So I'm waiting for a new 3DS XL for $150. System has a been $200 since it launched about 3 years ago. And "new" or not, the bulk of the tech is 4 years old from when 3DS launched. Anyway at this point I think I'm saving my birthday money for a PS4. There isn't much right now on it I want to play - though Witcher 3 is becoming - but the future is looking pretty good.

So, that was pretty long for a yes no question, huh?



rjejr commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Compares Kojima and Konami...:

@JaxonH Jax man, my kids are home from school for summer and they are always on the 1 PC I use for email. I think I owe you many replies, sorry. I saw you on th eWii U last night playing Fire MEblem but couldn't figure out how to message. They really need an IM app. I even considered Vid chat, but not seriously.



rjejr commented on Kingdom Hearts III to Boast Big Hero 6 Storyline:

Day 1. Well unless it's a PS5 launch title then it has to wait 2 years until I buy 1.
Should look great in 4k though. I hope they give us a 6 months heads up so I can play the last 2 boxsets. Are they on PS4 yet in 1 really expensive bundle?



rjejr commented on This Rousing Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Colle...:

So what's the difference between this and a "remaster"?

I'd play 2 again for free, but that's about it, it hasn't been that long ago. And I do think there's a chance I'll get it for free w/ a PS4 U4 bundle, maybe as a download code, or maybe Best Buy will throw it in as an extra. There's a chance.



rjejr commented on Major PS4 Announcements to Air at PlayStation ...:

@Boerewors I'm having issues w/ the date myself. It's too late for the holidays really. It could tempt late shoppers to pick up a PS4 who missed out on BF sales, but it would be too late to announce a price drop. I think mid-November would be better. Still looking forward to it, just questioning the timing.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to Explore ...:

Sounds reasonable. So the question becomes, when would we get an official confirmation for a March 8 date, surely they wouldn't wait until PSX in December.

March 8 might make me get a PS4 for Christmas. Not at $400 though. Probably just wait for a bundle. I think we're all in agreement there will be a bundle, yes? Could a new slim be out by then?



rjejr commented on Rainbow Skies and Rainbow Moon are Both Bringi...:

2016? Are you freaking kidding me. They said in 2013 it was supposed to be out in 2014, it's doing worse than DriveClub. I might just pass at this point, feel like I've been waiting forever. I ask them every few months on Facebook when it's coming out and they never know, just keep repeating PS3. Blah.

Edit: Ok, it's still coming out on PS3, the PS4 in the title made me think after all this time they moved it, so I'll still probably get it. Maybe.



rjejr commented on Sony Promises Unparalleled PlayStation Plus Ex...:

@Ryno - My PS+ issues were twofold.

1. Bought it $30 BF, so that was my bar. Kept waiting for another BF sale but it never happened.
2. One year there were just some great PS3 games - Tomb Raider, DmC, Bioshock Infinity, Batman - possibly both Asylum and City - and several others of that quality. It was almost 1 AAA title per month for about a 6 month stretch. Since then it's been mostly indies.

I'd pay $30 for indies or $50 for new monthly AAA, but I'm not paying $50 for indies. Hopefully by the time I get a PS4 they'll start w/ Knack, Killzone, Infamous. I can wait.



rjejr commented on Community: Final Fantasy VII Voted Push Square...:

@JaxonH - I hate the new emoticons, too Facebook-y, so I've sworn off using them. I let Piper's big smile and outspread hands, half Fonzie "hey", half, "that's all I got" be my perpetual winky emoticon.

And yes, U2 was that good. It was video game perfection. Which you can only truly realize by playing 3, which was ok, but it makes 2 look that much better. I walked thru a wall in 3, and got stuck somewhere, then I thought, wow, all of U2 is glitch free. Every single bit and pixel was in it's proper place the entire game. Every word of dialogue meant something. And the difficulty was spot on. Played on normal. Played 1 on easy and it was still too hard. I still quantify was an interactive movie, but that's more a testament to how good the story and voice acting as than the lack of Gmaeplay, it sin't MGS: Sons of the Patriots w/ it's 20 minute cut scenes and 3 minutes of gameplay. I can understand why some people might not like it though, it isn't a bullet hell, or twitchy, or difficult.



rjejr commented on Community: Final Fantasy VII Voted Push Square...:

Is that Sonic 06?

I don't think I knew about this, but probably would have voted along similar lines. It is weird seeing those games together. FF7 is my favorite JRPG, and Uncharted 2 my favorite interactive movie, but Jak and Daxter is still my favorite platformer, and Starfox Adventures my favorite adventure game. But I never put them all in one place, they just look weird together.

I don't think Wow ever shows up high on these lists b/c all those gamers spend all their time playing, not taking polls, they need to justify their monthly subscription price payment by playing as much as posdible.

And if when we die we go to gamer heaven and our lifetime stats are calculated, it will probably look like Candy Crush Saga was my favorite game ever, I'm at level 1051 and have been playing on and off over 2 years. Not sure how many hours I've put into it but probably more than any other game. That's what happens when they cancel my soaps.



rjejr commented on This Portable PS4 Projector Will Let You Play ...:

Can somebody explain the weird resolution to me? (I know what it means, but why they would pick 1 number from 1080p and the other from 720p) Wouldn't that be a very long thin sliver of a rectangle? 4x3, 16x9, 20x7.

Doesn't make a lot of sense for PS4, but I can imagine a lot of dumped teen boyfriends using this to project their home made smartphone sex tape on to the side of their ex-girlfriends parents house. And that's just off the top of my head.



rjejr commented on Sony Promises Unparalleled PlayStation Plus Ex...:

@FullbringIchigo - Since you posted...

I haven't signed up in over a year b/c I only own a PS3. Always assumed I would when I purchased a PS4 at some point, or had the PS TV been useful, but as a PS3 only owner there really isn't much point, it is a bit much for what you get on PS3.

I'd bet way over half of people using PS+ get the annual, so I don't see it as a big deal. Yes raising prices suck, and I'm always the first to complain, but in this case people should consider themselves lucky to get the option, Amazon Prime is annual only, Sony could have gone that route too.

Wonder if Sony would have done this if PS4 sales were closer to 12m than 22m? No stopping the 4.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2015: Fallout 4 Has No Level Cap and ...:

Have they said about how long the main story would be on a normal play thru? I'm assuming that 400 hour quote included side quests.

And playing after finishing is one of my favorite attributes about story driven games.The ending of Pikmin 3 killed me. At least Xenoblade Chronicles gave me a big warning and now I'm playing before the ending, but after beating it.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 4th August 2015 (North America):

@get2sammyb - I know it wasn't your doing, maybe AntDickens?, but I really hate the new emoticons. I don't even know what your face is doing, laughing, crying? Smiley faces are my thing, bu tI've stopped using them, even the smileys and winkies are too weird. I'm just letting Piper speak for me from now on.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2015: 90 Seconds of Final Fantasy XV ...:

No, not marlboros! I feel the rage already.

I wasn't really expecting a date - does anybody give dates anymore that they keep? - but did they at least give a year? Confirm PS4? See PS3 Last Guardian if you don't think a system announcement is pertinent.

If it weren't for Uncharted 4 I'm not sure Id be anywhere close to picking up a PS4 right now. I'd like to have Ratchet and Clank day 1, but I can't justify $400 for a remake.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter ...:

Too short. But besides the elephant noises all I could think about was how bad Star Fox Zero look compared to this. Now I'm aware Wii U isn't up to PS4 specs, but Wii was seriously behind PS3 but the Super Mario Galaxy games could hold their own.

I'm not watching another EA conference but I wouldn't mind watching a longer version of that, so I'll stop by later on Wednesday for a link.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Is Final Fantasy XII Coming to the PS4...:

@SteveButler2210 - "the mountain and that wedding cutscene are also both from X"

Seriously? Maybe I didn't play 12 after all? No, I distinctly remember hunting monsters for hours on end. I remember constantly joking w/ my wife they shoudln't have called it FF12, they should have called it FF:Monster Hunter, dropped the entire main story lien and just made it a spin-off, only so much better than FF10-2, the 2nd worst FF I ever played. FF:CC:TCB on Wii is the worst. It really shouldn' teven count as an FF game, it wasn't even really a JRPG, too western.



rjejr commented on Nikkei Report Paints a Dark Picture of Konami:

I'm guessing these work conditions sound a lot worse to Europeans than Americans. All those people committing suicide at Foxconn would probably have welcomed a job simply cleaning up the gym at Konami. And those people waiting in line to be screened on their way out of the Amazon distribution sites don't sound like they have it easy either.

My wife just left a job as a mid level manager where they had similar "archaic" practices - time cards for lunch, limited sick and vacation pay, very limited raises, a very male chauvinistic attitude - the company was owned and run by it's 93 year old male founder. She stayed a year and a half but she was miserable. Now she's working for a french owned company and she is very very happy.

Morale of the story - many people hate their jobs and many companies have less than employee happiness as goals.