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rjejr commented on Dragon Quest Meets Dynasty Warriors in PS4's D...:

Wow, that looks ridicoulously awesome. Momentarily considered buying a PS 4 for this until I saw the PS3 at the end. This just needs to come west. And the PS3 Godzilla game.

And Ive only played 1 DQ game in my life, Cursed Mirror on PS2, and Im still in love w/ the series.

Props for mentioning HW, you guys cover X1 on a daily basis but Wii U doesnt exist, so nice touch. X1 releases today in Japan? Wii U will beat that too ;-)



rjejr commented on Peggle 2's Popping onto PS4 This October:

Is this PS4 only? Seems like a perfect fit for Vita. And I cant for the life of me imagine it couldnt run on the PS3 either. Its a great game, but its a 2D nothing graphically.

Ild hope for a Wii U version but since EA ate Popcap that sure aint gonna happen. Bastards all.



rjejr commented on Feature: Watch and Yearn - Are YouTube and Twi...:

@MoleZandor - Ever hear of Flappy Bird? ;-)

Dont take the not fun to play literally, think of it more as making a game look good, hence creating more marketing buzz, over gameplay.

Ever see a great trailer for a movie but the movie itself sucked? Its like that, only with games.



rjejr commented on Feature: Watch and Yearn - Are YouTube and Twi...:

Seeing this from a dad's POV - my kids watch a lot of walkthrus and glitches - apparently there's some Youtube guy whos big on glitches - but my kids only watch vids of games they know, mostly The Diamond Minecart and Chugaconroy who seems to have very good taste in games. My biggest concern is the lazy factor - they would rather watch than play. I consider it the MST3K effect. But going forward it actually concerns me, phones and tablets may be lousy devices for gaming, but they are great for Youtube. I dont mind my kids playing games, but watching them seems wrong. :-(

Oh, and before I get any unsolicited parenting advice - my wife prefers the vids over them playing b/c they are usually just 15 minutes long and never lead to anger and frustration so she has more control. And I dont like sleeping on the couch or in the doghouse, even if only metaphorically. Someday they'll be teenagers and do what they like, I just hope they like playing more than watching. Stupid Youtube.



rjejr commented on LEGO Batman 3 Travels Beyond Gotham from 11th ...:

@XFsWorld - Well considering my kids kept going back to it despite the daily crashes and rven after finishing the main storyline, and with everything else they have to play, I cant imagine it was bad. My youngest does seem to get off on having his own Gameoad screen though, I think it gives him a sense of empowerment in co-op with his older brother. Im not playing it until after Nov 28 when my PS+ expires, too much else to do :-)

Oh, BTW, very cool HW pic.



rjejr commented on Feature: What Are September 2014's Free PlaySt...:

Of course PSASBR is on PS+ this month Ive been waiting for it for about 2 years and finally bought it about 2 months ago when it was on sale on $5. Well at least I get to keep it after my PS+ expires. And my kids and their friends have been playing it alot. But I always knew it was coming.

My guess is PS+ sucks Aug, Sept and Oct then gets good in Nov when the membership is up for everybody who bought the sale BF. There were a LOT of us, I think wr crashed the servers (EU PS4 sales not withstanding)



rjejr commented on LEGO Batman 3 Travels Beyond Gotham from 11th ...:

@XFsWorld @danny2kd - Lego Marvel crashed every other time my kids played it on Wii U. From what I read other versions had big issues also. TT really needs to learn how to patch.

Im not a big Batman fan, didnt play either of the first 2, but Im buying if the Legion of Doom swamped based helmet shaped HQ is in it. And the Wonder Twins Jan and Jace. 150 is a lot of characters so I figure theres a chance.



rjejr commented on Amazon Coughs Up $970 Million for Streaming Si...:

I'm guessing it doesn't take long before Twitch starts looking less like Twitch and more like Youtube. Which may not be a bad thing as that spartan square look is just plain ugly.

And big Amazon video and Prime buttons. And links to buy every game shown on Amazon. Probably the whole start-up page will actually be an Amazon storefront for video games and hardware, minus Nintendo consoles of course.



rjejr commented on Don't Own a PS Vita? You Must Buy This Brillia...:

I think Sony did themselves a great disservice when they announced they eerent making AAA games for Vita anymore. I think the aura of Dreamcast hangs over it now, fairly or not.

Im waiting for PS TV, even though it seems like 80% of Vita games wont work on it, b/c my new bedroom tv isnt smart and needs something plugged into it, and I picked PS TV over FireTV or Roku or Chromecast. And with that decision made no way Im buying both PS TV and Vita w/ no hope for great games in the future.

Sony should announce TLG is now a Vita game ;-)



rjejr commented on Minecraft on PS4 Fails Quality Testing, Gets B...:

Since nobody else mentioned it, how the heck can they mess up Minecraft? Its been out for 4 years on PC, a year or 2 on 360, nealy a year on PS3. Its Minecraft, break blocks, build blocks, 8 months late and they couldn't get that right? Are they having lip syncing issues with Steve?



rjejr commented on This Is What Shenmue Would Look Like on the PS4:

If Shemue 3 released on PS4 wouldnt it just look like Yakuza or GTA, an HD version of itself? The game looked great for its time on Dreamcast (though I only played the first) but I dont recall it having any artistic style of its own that would stand out in HD.

FF7 on PS4, now that would look like an entitely different game. :-)



rjejr commented on Don't Worry, PS4's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ...:

The important thing is the music, they need to top Shambala from 2.

Sundown. Brandy. Something melancholy and 70's that will be memorable. I don't remember much from 3 except them getting picked up at the airport about halfway thru the game when the prolgue ends and the game actually begins.



rjejr commented on Don't Worry, PS4's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ...:

Probably the game that will make me get a PS4 as I'm sure it will release before TLG, FFXV and BGE2, even if I don't necessarily believe wholeheartedly in the 2015 date. I'm sure their shooting for it, but I foresee Mar 2016. Which means a PS4 for my birthday in July 2016. The sleek PS4 slim w/ 1TB HDD.

Though if they turn this into a FPS for Morpheous they can forget it.



rjejr commented on Seize Your Moment with the PlayStation Now Ope...:

My main gripe - which upon further review is probably unwarranted - was the lack of "Save" transfer. Trying out a game for 4 hours is nice - I guess that's why we rarely see demos anymore - but if I then want to buy it the "save" can't be transferred to a full game. Now obviously playing PS3 games on a PS4 this isn't an issue, but it bugged me playing on a PS3 so I stopped, even when the games were free. Disagea specifically, but Sacred Citadel as well.



rjejr commented on Will the PS4 Get a Price Cut Any Time Soon?:

I could see it getting a price cut - but only in japan. 4 or 5 weeks now behind Wii U, they must be embarrassed. And Im not sure what japan is even getting that will move the system this year, Wii U actually has a couple of games lined up.

The West wont see a cut for quite awhile, we'll see a 1TB HDD before that. If the PS4 PS+ ever starts getting retail games it will need the space.



rjejr commented on LittleBigPlanet 3 Embellishes Your PS4 with Bu...:

Guess Ill be doing a lot of research on this one to see where to buy the PS3 version. PS4 might be 2 years off at this rate if the hits keep coming on PS3 (and Nintendo gets Zelda and X out next holiday.)

My kid got the LBP2 collectors ed for his birthday when it got delayed from before to after Christmas - Amazon gave me free shipoing to make up for the delay. The last 2 years he's gotten Skylanders, probably next Jan as well. Christmas we have Capt Toad and SSB so this might have to fill in for whichever one of those gets delayed ;-)
And Lego Batman 3 looks really good as well.

Decisions, decisions.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

@get2sammyb - Damn, you aren't even in your late 20's yet and you've done all this? Guess we can't go blaming it on burnout then, you'ld better just learn to like the game :-)

Glad I edited all that stuff out since I was so way off base. Glad to know you're still good to go. You should have seen the original post when I blamed it all on Damo ;-)



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

I haven't played the beta - keep getting the "Ethernet cable is not connected" message, even though I know damn well it is, has been for 5 years and everything else works fine, but this just sounds like more of the same to me. And it's Halo, w/ a Sphere, so I'm not sure what anybody expected? (Disclaimer, I never ever played any Halo either, but the single player experience seems stronger than this.)



rjejr commented on Evil Dead's Sam Raimi to Produce Movie Adaptat...:

Game of Thrones star to play Ellie? I just can't see Peter Dinklage in that role.

Arya is my wifes favorite character but no way sheld watch a movie like this, doesnt matter whos in it. She will pay good money to see Fillion as Drake though.



rjejr commented on You're Probably Not Going to Get in PS4's Litt...:

@get2sammyb - You and your tennis. Maybe that kid in Last Gaurdian will get a tennis minigame ;-)

So, does PS3 get a beta? Ive accepted the fact that there will indeed be a PS3 version but Im still a little fuzzy on release date details.

Just remebered I got the PS3 Destiny beta off the SEN site, guess I should turn on my PS3 and DL it. I really have no interest but wanted to check out its PS3 graphics.

edit - PS+ auto DL Destiny last night, but I cant play it b/c no matter what I do it keeps saying Ethernet cable is not connected. Which is really ridiculous b/c the 1st thing the game did when I booted it was DL a 24MB update. And my PS Now beta runs just fine. Oh well, I guess thats why the call them beta tests.Good thing I dont care about the game.



rjejr commented on LittleBigPlanet 3 Likely to Look the Part at 6...:

Why do both the PS3 and PS4 need to run at either 30 or 60, arent they on completely different hardware for a reason? Unless there will be cross platform online multiplayer, has that been mentioned?

I am glad to see the PS3 version confirmed, LBP makes a nice Christmas gift.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 22nd July 2014 (North America):

Was excited to see Might n Magic b/c it brought back memories of Heroes of Might n Magic and I thought it was a sequel. Too bad its just a card game. There wouldn't happen to be a hot demon chick card would there?