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Mon 23rd Jun 2008

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rjejr commented on Feature: 5 PS4 Exclusives That Are Flying Unde...:

Last Guardian is less under the radar and more used up all its hype at E3 many years ago when it was a PS3 exclusive.

Nice shout out for Dreams, got my vote.

Good timing on this list, my wife and I were discussing this afternoon what to play now that I'm holding off on FFXV, maybe on PS5. So disgusted with them.



rjejr commented on Battlezone Demonstrates Yet Again Why It's a P...:

@sinalefa I think the LCU story will pleasantly surprise me, I grew up on 70's cop tv shows and movies, but my family is only interested in fantasy and sci-fi, that's why they wouldn't be interested in watching me play it but they are interested in fantasy based JRPG.



rjejr commented on One UK Retailer Will Happily Sell You a PS4 Sl...:

@get2sammyb Zelda yes, but they kind of need NX. Though it would make sense, March is a horrible time to launch. But it's Ntineod, and in case nobody told you they are completely insane, and they can't read a calendar to save their lives. But I think they've been telling their shareholders and investors March for too long to back out now, even if it makes sense. But if it happens, I will come back to congratulate you. Well maybe on Twitter so I don't derail another thread.



rjejr commented on Only the First Half of Final Fantasy XV Is Ope...:

I don't think either one is much of a problem, but whenever a game changes abruptly in the middle you have to wonder if 1 half of that game is going to play poorly compared to the other half, that maybe the game engine or story writers are only capable in one of those formats, not both, and not in the same game.

I'm at least waiting for reviews on this one now. I'm a huge FF fan from way back when 7 released, but X-2 is one of the worst games I ever played, FF:CC:TCB might just be the worst game I ever played, and 13 was just meh.

I still hold out hope that this game will be good, but my hope is dwindling. Season pass, non-season pass DLC, delays, I just don't know anymore.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV Will Have Even More DLC Outsi...:

@Drawfull I just noticed that as well, first half is open world, 2nd half is linear. That could be good - maybe 2ND half is ona spaceship? -or it could be bad with invisible walls popping up everywhere for no reason.

Pre-ordered this January, I think I need to cancel it now, it's just getting to be all too much.Maybe PS5 will have the definitive version, I'm just fed up. How does he not know so much for a game they've already finished and they are just waiting on the patch too release it? They should just go ahead and make it free-to-start at this point, sell the whole thing piecemeal.

Oh my god, what are they going to do to the episodic FF7 remake? I can't even begin to imagine what they'll do to that one.



rjejr commented on One UK Retailer Will Happily Sell You a PS4 Sl...:

Sony should hire some Nintendo ninjas to clean up this mess. NX launches in 7 months and we don't even know if it's a home console, handheld or hybrid of both. I think it's being designed and built on the far side of the moon by the Inhumans.

But seriously, don't overpay for this, buy the old one or wait 3 weeks. Unless you work for Push square, then by all means do pick one of these up, crack it open, and show us what's inside. I'm curious if they shrunk the CPU die size.



rjejr commented on Ride in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood's Rollercoas...:

This looks fun, though I'd probably be more afraid than Dave and have to shut my eyes.

As others have pointed out though, I'd be more inclined to spend $5 to do this at an amusement park than spend $400 to have it at home. I bought Move and the camera and a couple of really lame games to try that out, but all of it really cheap on clearance. I'm waiting to get PS4 for $250, PSVR would probably have to be $150 before I even considered it. I'd rather spend $700 on a 65" ultra TV the entire family could enjoy at once hours every day, gaming, tv, sports and movies.



rjejr commented on Battlezone Demonstrates Yet Again Why It's a P...:

@sinalefa Amazon shipped it so yes tomorrow. And yes, it is the preconceived notion of Lego games being co-op, but also not expecting much story in LCU. I paid $80 for XCX b/c I knew it would have a story to go along with the great graphics. And I'll probably pay $60 for FFXV. And maybe $60 for Paper Mario b/c that should have some type of fun story and colorful graphics as well. But all Lego games look like Legos, and I can't get too excited about a cop story.

If I ever get around to playing it I'll let u know.



rjejr commented on Battlezone Demonstrates Yet Again Why It's a P...:

@sinalefa I have several flaws w/ VR but yeah, that's a big one. But if it's really that good it can be overcome by word of mouth, and stores will set up displays.

Of course that's another flaw, PSVR needs PS4, PC will have options. Of course most home PCs won't work w/ VR, but it's still an issue Sony has to face.

I hope Nintneod doesn't bother with it, I like couch co-op w/ my family. Even when we aren't playing my family likes to watch Yes, we're weird, I admit, but my wife and kids watched me play XCX, and now they are watching me play Ni NO Kuni on PS3. And my kids are playing Lego Dimensions. There is almost nobody EVER playing videogames by themselves in my house. Its why we still don't own LCU. Not just the price, I would have bought it w/ couch co-op for $50, but not single player. It's supposed to be here tomorrow, but Amazon hasn't shipped it yet.



rjejr commented on Sony Schedules Japanese PlayStation Presser fo...:

@BAMozzy But my DS4 LiveStream won't "play" PS4 games, just stream them from a home owned PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Neo (that's a lot of PS4 to stream from) so I don't think it needs as much power as NX, just really good 5GH WiFi. Unless I'm entirely wrong about that. Gamepad played Wii U games just fine and that was basically an empty shell. OK, a $100 empty shell. But that's what I'm thinking about, a PS4 Gamepad controller, over WiFi, w/ TV out. Maybe $150?



rjejr commented on Sony Schedules Japanese PlayStation Presser fo...:

@BAMozzy "spreading themselves a little thin"

Way thin, PS4 slim, PSVR and Neo.

OK, how about a repackaged PSTV bundled w/ a DS4 for remote play on TVs?

So, um, finally decided to do some actual research on my own, and Sony is already spreading themselves thin on the "remote play" front - PC, TV, on the go.

And what I've decided is that this is one of the worst gaming device designs I've ever seen.


So I'm going back to my original idea. Make a DS4 w/ 3 things:

1. a screen built in for gaming on the go over WiFi,
2. HDMI dongle for streaming to a TV over WiFi
3. Touchscreen so it can be used as a 2nd normal DS4 controller

And that is why they call it "Trinity", remote, portable, 2nd controller. Maybe I'll call it DS4 LiveStream instead of PS4 LiveStream?

Going back to your point about spreading themselves to thin, maybe save this for next E3.



rjejr commented on Sony Schedules Japanese PlayStation Presser fo...:

@ShogunRok You know, there's an edit button at the bottom of your post.

I reread your post 5x, and it really looks like you expect them to make a new handheld, especially w/ the ! after handheld for emphasis.

Maybe another handheld would be stupid, but a dedicated "remote play" controller that lets you play anywhere, like the DS4 dongle on PC, seems to make sense. Or at least package a DS4 w/ an Xperia tablet for PS Now. Of course, if you are going to make that bundle, then why not just make 1 device?

The problem w/ Vita was it played games similar to PS3, but not PS3 games. Make a portable PS4 that actually plays PS4 games, even via the cloud, no separate game line, now your talking. Of course your talking about NX, but you're still talking.



rjejr commented on No Man's Sky PS4 Crashes Will Almost Be Eradic...:

With all the time they took to get this game out, I can't praise any company for fixing things that should have been fixed before release. Have a beta test or release a demo if need be. Doesn't Sony refuse to have an "early access" program to keep just this type of thing from happening?

It's not good that they fixed it, it's bad that they sold it - not tested it or demoed it or betad it, sold it - broken.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

Not going to happen. You can't even return physical game discs to get your money back, and you are returning get the disc. Never going to happen with digital.

People are willing to pay $25 up front for FF15 season pass. Now that NEEDS to change. Any pre-order purchase made, if a delay happens, a refund option must be offered. If people are willing to pay the full amount for a digital game months in advance, where is the incentive for Sony to refund anything?

Not a matter of wrong or right, just reality. Caveat emptor, buyer beware.



rjejr commented on Sony's Releasing a DualShock 4 USB Wireless Ad...:

@get2sammyb Sony must be serious about September 7th if they are announcing a dongle and PS Now ahead of time.

Now all they need announce is Vita 2 with the 5gh WiFi chip and they're all set. Just don't call it Vita 2, PS4 LiveStream. Maybe they can package it with the dongle to work on PCs and TVs. PS(Vita)TV was such an abysmal failure, Vita less so, time to correct both mistakes in 1 shot.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What September PlayStation Plus...:

I don't think Knack would go over well as a condolence for a rate increase. Infamous 2nd Son maybe, I think I've seen that on sale for $15 or $20 new, so it wouldn't be a huge $60 title, but it would look better than Knack.

Sony didn't try to do anything nuts like increase the rate on current members did they? B/c really nobody on here will be paying $60 until Sept 2017 as we'll all just buy $50 cards Sept 21. And maybe somebody like Newegg will jump in with a Labor Day sale before then. We love our sales in the US, Labor Day weekend usually sees some heavily promoted ones, it's practically the start of the holiday shopping season.



rjejr commented on Opinion: Why the Heck Is Sony Making a PS4 Slim?:

@SegaBlueSky I think they made the slim ugly to make the Neo look better. And I'm not even being sarcastic as usual.

I've been waiting for the Neo, but if it comes down to $199 Black Friday for the slim or $399 after for Neo I'll buy the slim this year and Neo when I get around to buying a 4k TV in another year or two, when Neo is $199 on BF.



rjejr commented on Opinion: Why the Heck Is Sony Making a PS4 Slim?:

@JaxonH I wanted to say Neo in 2017, probably whenever NX releases as that gives them even more news coverage, but something made me say Nov, that something being the NFL.

Sony also sells TVs, and sports guys are the guys who would want a 4k tv, even if the NFL doens't broadcast in 4k th eSuperbowl has bene leaning in that direction. And since Neo does 4k, at least for streaming presumably, launching it during th eNFL season makes sense. Launcing it after the Superbowl makes no sense.

And, I think there are more peolpel like me who would rather have a 4k PS4 and a 4k TV than a PSVR headset. VR and 4k are actually mutually exclusive. Why get a 4k PS4 and TV if you are going to be gaming in a headset with a fixed resolution below 4k? The PS4k are for ealry adopters fo 4k streaming, not gaming, and Sony sells 4k tvs, that's whyit needs to be out during the NFL season.

Sony does not expect people to buy both PSVR and Neo, they expect a select subset of gamers to buy PSVR - they probably only made a million or 2 headsets anyway - and they expect sports and media enthusiasts to buy the Neo. 2 different markets.



rjejr commented on The PS4 Slim Looks Much, Much Nicer Than You T...:

@ShogunRok @get2sammyb As an owner - and still using on a regular basis - of both an original 80GB phat and a 12GB super slim I can whole heartedly say even the original phat is 100x better than that top loading ugly toy box. And the buttons on it are super cheesy too. There's just no comparison between a front loading slot and a top loading sliding really cheap piece of plastic that feels like it's going to break every time I put a disc in or out.

And this one is just always going to be ugly b/c sharp corners are cooler than rounded. And no split top, so no engraved panels. And light. And it's all 1 black color. It looks like a turd. Or at best a sandwich maker. I wonder if it can make a Kratos grilled cheese? .




rjejr commented on Opinion: Why the Heck Is Sony Making a PS4 Slim?:

Been waiting for the slim for about 18 months, since last March, but really since this March, so all I can really say is, what took so long? PS1 had a slim, PS2 had a slim, PS3 had 2 slims. They had to release a slim, b/c there was probably a segment of the market that was holding out for 1, knowin it was coming.

But VR is certainly a wrench, I think even more than Neo. Can't sell slim, Neo and PSVR all at once.

September - Slim on 22nd to coincide with PS+ price increase
October - we know is PSVR
November for Neo, when people are in a black Friday feeding frenzy and will spend the money, so mid-November, or whatever day FFXV releases, I forget

That will also help keep Sony squarely in the news cycle for 3 whole months while NX gets announced eventually. But slim is not a reaction to NX, it was always going to happen, cheaper parts, cheaper cost, cheaper price.



rjejr commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

On the bright side, maybe they are planning on selling the new PS4 Slim and Neo on Sept 22nd as they expect people to buy it w/ their new consoles?

OK, there was no bright side there.

On the bright side, maybe the PS4 Slim will be much cheaper and they are doing this to recoup some of the cost?

At any rate, the new consoles won't be out before Sept 22.

Edit - OK, actual bright side - they could have raised it NOW, instead they gave us 4 weeks before the new price kicked in, that was nice.



rjejr commented on Leaked PS4 Slim Console Confirmed to Be Legit:

It looks real enough, but why didn't DF just give the guy some money and rip it open to look inside. The insides are what's important. Why make a PS4 Slim - w/ the same HDD size - just to make it ugly and remove the optical out port? Something must have changed inside, maybe a smaller die CPU? Seems like too much trouble just to go over a guys house and watch it turn on.



rjejr commented on Sony to Announce Two New PS4 Consoles at PlayS...:

@get2sammyb Well I'm glad the Slim is real b/c I've been waiting for it for about 1 1/2 years, meanwhile reading all the comments about how there won't be a "slim" b/c the current model was slim enough, like Sony was going to end "slim" models after 3 generations b/c they don't like making money and rowing their install base. Even if the "slim" is basically the same model it will sell b/c it's "new" and therefore will ave more marketing and advertising behind it.

And now I can move on to waiting on important things, like the FF7 Remake and KH3. After FFXV got delayed after all that hullabaloo I won't believe those 2 will release until the day after they are on shelves.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2016: Platinum Games' NieR: Automata ...:

@sinalefa "Like you skipping the Neo over the old model."

Hey I can do dumb, Dec 2014 I bought a PS3 instead of a PS4. It was $170 and came w/ Disney Infinty $70 starter set which I gave to my kids, so only $100 for my system which I use as a TV streaming box mostly, gaming occasionally.

I haven't made up my mind on the Neo yet, need to see the prices, game bundles, HDD sizes, etc, before I make up my mind. And w/ FFXV delayed 2 months I have plenty of time.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2016: Platinum Games' NieR: Automata ...:

@JaxonH "I'm paying $80 just for the new controller."

I was in the MS store the other day w/ my kids, some of those design choices are really nice. I hated the feel of the controller though, too smooth and plasticity. I like a rubber textured grip.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2016: Yooka-Laylee Is a Nintendo 64 G...:

@MadAussieBloke All the R&C games, as well as all the Jak sequels, had an emphasis on gunplay. So far, I haven't seen any guns in this, and therefore I agree with Sammy that it looks most like the original Jak. This is the Jak 2 I've always wanted but never got. Maybe when they're done with this they can make "Krystal on Dinosaur Planet", b/c I never got a Starfox Adventure sequel either.



rjejr commented on Gamescom 2016: Platinum Games' NieR: Automata ...:

@JaxonH When I read the title my first thought was NX. My second thought was I wonder if @sinalefa ever bought an X1 for Scalebound. My third thought was, whatever happened to Scalebound? I guess it must have gotten delayed like every game these days. And of course it's an exclusive that's also playable on Windows PC, though I suppose that's the case for all X1 games these days.



rjejr commented on Video: Crash Bandicoot's First PS4 Appearance ...:

@get2sammyb Are you narrating the vid? I saw Andy Robertson doing the same scene this morning so I was a little thrown off - cheap mono tablet not helping.

My kids still haven't played Superchargers that they got for Christmas, they just started Lego Dimensions, and like that game I think we'll wait for next summer when everything - main game and Crash pack - are half off.

These games are good, always fun, but 4 years in a row was maybe a bit much, might be time for alternate years for us.