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rjejr commented on PS4 Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes' Release Dat...:

Day after the Columbus Day holiday. Just an FYI.

Had the PS3 version made it's way west I'd be much more interested.

Has the sequel already been announced for this w/ multiplayer and this is only single player, or was that just Godzilla?



rjejr commented on Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Brings Dis...:

@get2sammyb - Man, if you're going to have that good of a 1st post you really aren't leaving much for the rest of us.

Though I do 2nd all the "why make 2 and not a bundle w/ 1?" posts. I guess for the same reason GoW3 got remastered but not 1, 2, or the latest game 4. Or the 2 PSP games w/ were already remastered into HD.



rjejr commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is a Legacy Platform:

@get2sammyb - Considering that "What's a Vita?" reply you gave me a few weeks back regarding "Sony's PS4 E3 event" I'm beginning to think you're the one who's written off the poor little legacy handheld. ;-)

Feel free to reply w/ a TS animated gif, haven't seen one in awhile. :-)



rjejr commented on Yes, You Probably Will Still See Rise of the T...:

"Take bets on when you think that the release will show up on PlayStation 4"

Would help if we knew when the game was releasing on X1. Last I saw it still didn't have a date, only 2015. Since we're now near the end of May I guess we can narrow it down to "last half" of 2015.

I still think 2016 - for Microsoft's consoles, not Sony's. How many videos of actual gameplay have they shown of this game since last E3? Maybe 1? Feb/March works for me.



rjejr commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse's Third and Final DLC Pa...:

My kid went to the store on Friday and wanted to buy this but I told him to wait as the $50 price and $25 season pass was a bit more than he wanted to spend - he's used to buying 3DS games for $30 and a $3 allowance only goes so far. And since he doesn't play online there doesn't seem to be any rush.

We will go see the movie Day 1 if we can ever find it in a theater this summer. Even w/ the silly name change.




rjejr commented on Watch People Look Like Idiots While Playing Pr...:

@kenswif - The reason you can sit back w/ your feet up and be immersed in your videogame is b/c your brain is conditioned to do so, it's the way you've always played. The same way avid readers can become engrossed in a god book or film goers in a great movie. The reason people can become so engrossed in race car games is b/c people know that when you drive a race car you are sitting down behind a wheel. Some expensive wheel controllers even come w/ pedals to better simulate that environment. How many great Tour de France bike racing games are there? Everybody has heard of the Tour De France right? Was Lance Armstrong the face of his videogame? (before the truth cam eout naturally) Do they sell alot of bicycle pedal peripherals? Do you play a lot of Olympics games where you mash buttons to run a race? I bet you don't b/c they suck.

Some people can not play FPS b/c it gives them nausea. The reason it gives them nausea is b/c their brain can't accept the fact that their eyes tell them they are moving ahead but their body isn't moving. VR headsets are supposed to make you feel like you are there. And the better they are at doing that the more awkward it will feel when your character is running really fast but your legs aren't moving. More people will get sick from VR than from FPS.

Hopefully you aren't one of them and you can continue enjoying VR games. The Tour De France and Track and Field aren't going to sell well though to the majority of people unless they are on exercise bikes. But they won't be "gaming", they'll be "exercising".

Should be great for simulator games like flying a plane, spaceship or car though, whenever our brains expect us to be sitting still yet seeing the world go by quickly. I've never really liked any of those. not b/c I get nausea, I just don't like FP view. Maybe my brain is telling me something?



rjejr commented on All the Best Games Are on PS4, According to Sony:

@WebHead - Well I'm glad somebody cares. I'm still debating DLing PS3 version w/o vs for $40 or waiting for a PS4, which is waiting for games w/o release dates - I'm very finicky what games I buy consoles for. Once I buy a console my variety opens up. And at this point I may wait for a slim w/ 1TB HDD. I bought a PS3 phat w/ 80Gb before the slim and was annoyed. Maybe Uncharted 4. If any game deserves a bundle it's that one.

Then I'll get Godzilla PS4 version whether I have the PS3 version or not just for the vs.



rjejr commented on All the Best Games Are on PS4, According to Sony:

@BLPs - I think it's closer to half. I'm a big PS3 supporter, but what's fair is fair.

PS4 - No Man's Sky, Batman, Uncharted 4, Bloodbourne, Witcher 3
PS3 - GoW, Destiny, MGSV, Last of US
Tearawy was on Vita, if Tearawy has been on PS3 then it's mostly PS3 games. I don't know anything about Until Dawn.

That video makes me realize the world needs more Godzilla fans. The PS4 version is even the good one w/ vs mode and it's at retail.

And we need Punishedboss84 to post something "Greatness Waits" related.



rjejr commented on Yep, PS4's Getting a Bullfighting Sim in Spain:

@get2sammyb Some photo captions just write themselves, huh? ;-)

I have to say, after my long diatribe this afternoon against Morpheus I actually think this could work as a game on that. It could be the ewuivalent of that god awful game about sitting in sn office chair riding down the street.

Seriously, photorealism, Morpeous, 1 Move for the red flag 1 for the sword. I think this could work.

For the revord, Im opposed to real life bull slaughtering for enjoyment, but this is virtual, so Im ok w/ it.



rjejr commented on Watch People Look Like Idiots While Playing Pr...:

OK kidding aside, I do like this for certain things. I 'm a big tourist for VR type stuff - the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, Back to the Future Ride, Spiderman ride, I've been chased by a T-rex around a volcanic island, heck even the old school 20,000 Leagues ride at Disney way back when. But the 1 thing they all have in common is you ar eon some type of vehicle - jeep, flying car, spaceship - and basically watching an on-rails movie. So for flying about in the Millenium Falcon this is obviously cool. But for any type of 1st person experience, which is what they tend to show off on these things, I just see the disconnect between the head motion but lack of leg motion being too great to fully get immersed. Riding good, walking bad.

They could make a good X-men game where you play as Charles Xavier in a wheelchair, but not as Beast bouncing around the room. Spiderman could work for web swinging thru the skyrises w/ a Move in each hand, but wall crawling would still seem weird. Being a conductor would probably be better than Wii Music, or a QB in NFL Blitz, but probably nto a running back o rlinebacker. Stationary is the way to go. And I'm not sure how much fun stationary can be for long term videogame playing.



rjejr commented on The Gods Will Look Favourably Upon This God of...:

I still don't get it. There are about 5 different versions of GoW bundles and they remaster 1 game? And it's not even the last game, it's the one BEFORE the last game.

Why did they even bother making Ascension?



rjejr commented on Rock Band 4 Aims to Make Plastic Instruments o...:

Im buying it b/c it doesnt have "2 Princes". One of the songs I got dumped to in grad school, driving my girlfriend to my birthday party while she tells me she cheated on me the night before. Some songs stick w/ you for all the wrong reasons.



rjejr commented on Sony: Bloodborne's Stellar PS4 Sales Took Us b...:

I have to give the guy credit for this comment -

""I think that Bloodborne might have just landed just at the right time; it was a relatively quiet time,"

Sell 20m of a new $400 console, have no games for it, except a slow moving relatively short "The Order" then release a game at a time when no other games are releasing. Profit!

Of course it does help if the game is good. ;-)



rjejr commented on Free DriveClub PS4 Update Will Increase Level ...:

@ztpayne7 - At this point, Sony really needs to throw that "PS+ Edition" moniker out the window and just give PS+ members the full game in it's entirety, it's been delayed 1 1/2 years, it was supposed to be a launch title. They owe it to their fans, and the people who have to pay $50 for + every year to play online.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

@Chrno-x - I don't see anything on that list that will sell more game copies and more consoles than Mario Kart 8. Most of them are niche titles, not major console sellers.

Wii U has sold under 10 million consoles (9.4 mi is the # Nintendo just gave). Iwata once said if Wii sold less than the Gamecube it would be a failure. Gamecube sold 22 million, so after 2 1/2 years - half of a typical console 5 year lifespan - Wii U is less than half of that. So by Nintnedo's own words Wii U will be a failure. And people don't want to buy a failure for $300.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

@Fandabidozi - Splatoon will attract a lot of attention from non- Wii U owners. They'll watch the commercials w/ their kids, then decide $300 is too much to spend on a Wii U in June fr 1 game.

Star Fox fans already own a Wii U. And those who don't won't want to pay $300 now for 1 either. And it doesn't have a date yet. Zelda got pushed back to 2016, Star Fox may as well.



rjejr commented on April 2015 NPD: PS4 Slumps to Shock Defeat:

So X1 beag out PS4 in April, but we dont know by how much, b/c we dont ha e any actual numbers, and we therefore also dont know whats feally important for either console, momentum, ie did X1 beat PS4 b/c X1 sales are starting to rally to a higher level, or ate PS4 ssles falli g off a clifg.

How each console is selling relative to itself is much more importsnt thst how its selling relative to each other. The latter msy still be important if things get too lopsided, but the first is much more important - the trending direction.



rjejr commented on Sony to Put PlayStation's Full Weight Behind N...:

""The game has been treated as if it was from one of our internal studios,""

Endless delays guaranteed. No wonder it hasn't come out yet. Does it even have a date yet? How long have we been waiting on this? I know it's not in FFXV or TLG territory yet, but it feels like a long time.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

@Sanquine - "donkey kong tropical freeze"

I played the first world of DKTF and loved it. Then I played the 2nd level in the 2nd world - riding Rambi over the falling bridge - and couldn't get past it. I'm a laughing stock over at NL. ;-)

I like my Wii U but Nintendo really needs to lower the price. They have no big games coming out this year - maybe XCX but JRPGs are still a niche unless they have FF in their name - and Zelda sometime in 2016. It's been a poor selling system for 2 1/2 years, just who do they think is waiting to buy it for $299? I think Sony must have lowered the price of Vita in Japan, thing has been selling well over there, where they make games for it.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

@Sanquine - OK, thanks. I'm still considering a new 3DS XL for my birthday in July. There doesn't seem to be a lot forthcoming but there are 4 years worth of good games I still want to play. And there really isn't a #2 on my birthday list, usually limit myself to $200 which rules out a PS4, I'll leave that to Santa.



rjejr commented on PS4 Should Be Reaching Younger Audiences This ...:

@sinalefa - "not necessarily to kids"

I guess he never said "kids", he only said "younger", which I interpreted as kids. Still, saying younger and choosing an M rated game like Batman seems like an odd pairing.

Agreed, no Knack 2. Maybe Sonic Boom 2 ;-)



rjejr commented on Free DriveClub PS4 Update Will Increase Level ...:

Sony will probably make a big deal of the PS+ announcment at E3. Something like this:

"We've all heard the rumblings of how PS+ on PS4 is filled w/ indie titles. We'll we've listened, and now we are super excited to present to you, your first AAA title on PS+ on PS4, DriveClub!"

Something like that.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Wi...:

The important thing is to have GAMES.

Looking back at last year, after spending the first hour or so focusing on games they spent about 20 minutes talking up a new online TV show, I think it was Powers. And some guy spent another 10 minutes droning on about something but I don't remember what at all.

I thik we were all in agreement afterward the entire show was backwards, They opened w/ Uncharted 4, slowly drifted downhill w/ some other games, fell off a cliff w/ that talking head and Powers, and ended w/ something equally boring.

First or third party doesn't matter, just make it all about games, and save the best for last. They need to sit down, watch last years event, and do the exact opposite.



rjejr commented on PS4 Should Be Reaching Younger Audiences This ...:

Isn't Batman rated M? Or at the very least teen? Not exactly family friendly.

I don't think they even want the younger audience really. Not that they would mind more PS4 sales, but I don't see them going after the Nintnedo kiddie image, which hasn't worked a lick for Wii U anyway.

I do think Sony does have families in mind though, I bought a PS3 this past Christmas b/c/ it had Disney Infinity 2.0 in the box. They've also had the Lego Hobbit bundle. My guess is a Lego Dimensions bundle this holiday. LD starter pack is going for $100 though, so I'm not sure how they could work it out price wise. A $400 PS4 w/ $100 LD in the box would be a very tempting offer. I feel like that game is going to do gangbusters.

Tearaway Unfolded? Uh, no. And younger kids probably see those toy musical instrument games as well as we see hula hoops and yo-yos.

Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders 5, Lego Dimensions. Nobody has any money left after those anyway.