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Mon 23rd Jun 2008

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rjejr commented on PSX 2016: Sony Boasts That the Best Games Are ...:

@get2sammyb "could go from PaRappa the Rapper to WipEout: Omega Collection to Horizon: Zero Dawn to Knack 2 to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to Gran Turismo Sport to…"

You should have added Ni No Kuni 2 to that list, or Persona 5 or RE or Yakuza, something very Japanese. Well maybe RE isn't that Japanese.

Is that list you made all exclusive on purpose? I know that leaves out FFXV and maybe FF7 remake, how about KH3? I don't know, I weigh JRPG heavily in my console purchasing decisions. XCX saved Wii U for me last Christmas and had me put off PS4 until this Christmas. Almost perfect timing for FFXV.



rjejr commented on PSX 2016: You'll Play As Ellie in The Last of ...:

The hardest part for them is going to keep it from feeling like the TR remakes. I know the first game didn't, but if this game is being promoted as a young woman running around in the wilderness trying to survive while she kills people, well that storyline sounds a little more similar. Trick will be to keep the same scary pace of the first and not let it turn into an action adventure game. Story first.

But, can't wait.



rjejr commented on PSX 2016: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Plots Chl...:

Chloé was such a great character, I wanted this as son as I was done with U2.

So, that city was a blown up disaster. Is this going to a be future story or a past experience or a current worn torn middle-eastern mess?



rjejr commented on PSX 2016: The Last of Us: Part II Is Real on PS4:

@Xaessya Is "finially" misspelled on purpose to make it funny? I hate Flashpoint, I want Sarah Diggle back.

Always wanted this. Was expecting it to be many more years later w/ her in charge and Joel long dead, w/ a young kid about her age in the first game and we're never told if it's Joels or not. But I'll take it. Just hope there isn't another restaurant boss fight scene, god I hated that and I'll never replay the first game b/c of it.

Thanks for the reminder that was a Firefly symbol, I thought it was from the evil group in the first game that crazed restaurant boss was the leader of. Joels brother's encampment seemed to always be under attack.

Well, now I have a reason to live. Only wish they would have shown this 3 weeks ago, I might have bought a Pro instead of a Slim.

PS4 swan song game right here folks.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's PS...:

@get2sammyb Why is the highest choice only "very good" and not "Excellent" or "OMFG"? Did you make those choices before you watched it?

Pacing got a little slow near the end, and 2/3 of the VR games are RIGS clones, but still, Naughty Dog. Twice. Vita lives. Knack 2 for the kiddies. Crash and Wipeout for the elderly. Indies so they have something to give away with PS+. Free games and free GR2 DLC. TLG. No KH3 or FFVII but NNK2 fills that role. And Level 5 > Sque nix anyway.

Yeah, I'm good. More than good.



rjejr commented on Koei Tecmo Crossover Musou Stars Gets a Crazy ...:

@SoulsBourne128 Godzilla DAM and STE, and War of the Monsters

Those were all great fun games. Godzilla Unleashed on Wii added this stupid flick mechanic for the killer blow, ruined the game for my kids and I until they were a little older and could do it properly. I'd take DAM or STE in HD ports. $200 on 3 more controllers would kill me though.



rjejr commented on Guide: What Time Does Sony's PSX 2016 Press Co...:

I don't really have any expectations for this one. I plan to be watching it with my family and commenting on here, but I'll take whatever they show. Even more of No Man's Sky. I just hope there aren't a lot of musical interludes, that's all I ask.

Gonna go check now to see if it's on the PS3 live event thing. I've already checked into the website b/c the blog mentioned free demos, but I'm not downloading the app.



rjejr commented on Koei Tecmo Crossover Musou Stars Gets a Crazy ...:

As long as companies keep making licensed titles of these games like Hyrule Warriors, DQ Heroes and Gundam I don't think I'll ever need another one of the original games again.

What I do need is a proper 4 player Godzilla fighting game, last one was so bad. Not sure they could slap Godzilla into a 2 player couch co-op musou style game but I'd buy it if they did. Maybe when Godzilla vs Kong releases in 2020. Man can dream.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV Smashes All Sorts of Sales Re...:

@get2sammyb Thanks. So no 20 minute MGS cigarette screens? I know it's been awhile, but I'll never forget that, I think it was my first mandatory install.

I opened up the Slim box but I couldn't get the console out easily and I didn't want to mess it up before Christmas. And I'm not taking the shrink wrap off of FFXV, my kids will think I got it used from Gamestop. Nothing like shrink wrap on Christmas morning.

Oh well, guess we'll muddle through. After the holidays are over I'll let ya know how it all went, and how impressed I was. You've been telling me for 3 years now how much better PS4 functions than PS3, can't wait to find out for myself.



rjejr commented on The Reaction to December's PlayStation Plus Ga...:

@Gamer83 8-1 might be a good ratio for retail, I would think w/ indies it's more like 30 - 1. Probably about 30,000 - 1 on mobile. But I have liked a lot of indie games. Guacamelee was really good. Shantae. Shovel Knight is a stand out. Awesomenauts. Sword & Soldiers 1 (2 was an awful mess). Back when Popcap was independent Peggle and PvZ were great, and as I predicted EA ruined them for me. But mostly when I think Indie I think 8-bit retro stuff, not new and original. But there are good indie games out there, Sony just relies on them a bit too heavily this gen, last gen was much more balanced, seemed like every month w/ we got 3 games, AAA, indie or PS1, Mini. Variety is good.



rjejr commented on Feature: What Will Be Revealed for PS4 at PSX ...:

Don't you think you could have waited until tomorrow with this with TGA starting in 7 hours and it's possible we'll see some new stuff there? Reggie will be there showing off new Zelda in the pre-show, and I can't see Sony wanting to be out done, they'll have a new trailer for something in there somewhere. Then tomorrow we can start talking PSX.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Dragon Quest Heroes II Confirmed for W...:

Well I guess that answers my question from the DQB article earlier. Now we'll have a legitimate reason to get a 2nd controller. I was beginning to think Sony was telling all the devs - "Hey guys, we're charging $60 per year for online play, don't go putting any of that couch co-op stuff in there, we can't monetize that."

Maybe DQB2 will have co-op as well, a single player Minecraft game just doesn't seem right. I just finished Lego City Undercover on Wii U and that felt weird single player, which is why I waited 3 years to play it.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: December PlayStation Plus May Be Disa...:

@ShogunRok Nice write up. I read the conclusion to your review yesterday and wasn't too thrilled about it or the 6 score, but this makes me feel better about playing it. Though dieing and restarting isn't my thing, I refuse to play Majoras Mask.

Has Sony moved entirely away from the IGC?
My kid will be happy to replay some of our old PS+ games we had the first 3 years it came out on PS3 but that means we've missed the 2 or 3 years since. And since we haven't opened our PS4 yet we'll have nothing when we sign up.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy XV Smashes All Sorts of Sales Re...:

So 5 million is good for a world famous FF game, but a few years ago they were looking for 10 million with Tomb Raider?

So anybody want to help out the noob? About how long after inserting my disc will it be before I can play it? Do I need to install the entire game and download and install that 7.8GB day 1 patch, b/c that all would take about 5 hours on my PS3.

Does PS4 have auto shut-off? We're spending the day at my parents so if it will take that long I'll put it in before we leave, but we'll be gone about 12 hours so I don't want it on that long with nobody home. Same for the day after, it's my niece 11th birthday, I think we're taking her to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.

This whole install to HDD thing kind of sucks. But for everybody waiting for external HDD support, be careful what you wish for, keeping track of everything on Wii U is a nightmare with Nintendo archaic system. Hopefully if Sony does get around to it they do a much better job with data management.



rjejr commented on Dragon Quest Builders Shifts Over 1 Million Co...:

I just bought the first DQH game, is the 2nd even out in the west yet?, so I'm a little behind in my DQ spinoffs, but as soon as we can pick this up for $10 it's ours.

And yeah, it's niche, but niche mix of Mine craft which is huge in the west and DQ which is huge in the east, it probably should have sold better. Is this a PS4 exclusive? That would limit it's sales, most families and kids are still on last gen, and this always looked like a kids game to me. I could see this being big on Vita in Japan. Guess I'll go look it up.

Edit - guess I should have known, yet another game Japan got on the PS3 on disc. Japan also got it on cart on Vita. US/EU got Vita digitally. I think this would have sold well digitally in the west on PS3, their loss I guess.



rjejr commented on It's Buy One PS4 Game, Get One Free on the EU ...:

I think those B1G1 lists do a fairly good job of showing the difference between current PS+ on PS4 and old PS+ on PS3. Yes, there are a few good games on the PS4 list, Witcher 3 being a standout, but PS3 is better well rounded. Has PS4 been getting the Lego games? Even Wii U has Lego games constantly on sale for $12 or $13. I was going to pick up a couple but I have to make room.



rjejr commented on It's Buy One PS4 Game, Get One Free on the EU ...:

So, where is Sony/Playstation HQ in the US? I always need to wait until noon when Reggie wakes up to hear any US Nintendo news. This is the 2nd EU sales article in a row.

I wonder if it's possible to fill up my PS4 Slim HDD before I even open the box between the website and my 5 disc games?



rjejr commented on The Reaction to December's PlayStation Plus Ga...:

@Gamer83 Pretty much that.

Christmas isn't for another 25 days, give 1 game people have heard of - personally I think it's less about indies, more about little hyped games, people would be fine with Yooka-Laylee I'm sure and that's an indie, No Man's Sky is technically an indie - and then give out games no one has heard of in January and February when we're all busy playing our gift games.

It's all about managing expecatations, and people always have oversized expectations this time of year. January, February and March don't matter, December does.

Sony should just come out and announce no new big budget games, rename PS+ to "PS Indies Online" and be done with it.



rjejr commented on December PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Reve...:

@get2sammyb Any chance they're holding on to the good PS+ games until either TGA or PSX? There's wishful thinking of a Zelda demo for TGA and Sony doesn't like to be outdone. Didn't they have something for PSX or TGA last year they announced "Right now!" during one of those?

I don't know about any of these, only the VVVVV title looks familiar. Maybe I'll hold on to my 1 year PS+ card until January.

Has Stories been patched? Shogun gave it a 6, basically said it could be a good game if they patched it.



rjejr commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4, PS4 Pro Hold Stead...:

Glad they split out the Pro, which dropped 4,000 this week from last, while Slim increased 8,250 this week from last - 8,250 also being the amount Pro sold - so I think big brother Pro is going to be little brother in Japan regarding sales. I can't imagine that much concern w/ 4k TVs in Japan when everybody spends 32 hours a day on smartphones.

Surprised the hardware list is at 11, they should just drop anything under 100.



rjejr commented on Watch Shu Yoshida Unbox The Last Guardian's Co...:

@get2sammyb I can't believe they put out this video on FFXV release day.

So you going to retire next month? I almost feel like I should stop coming here as my entire PS time has been based around this game coming out, and now I can graduate w/ my degree from Sammy U. Well maybe I'll stick around until Dreams releases, if it still exists. I hope it didn't become a PSVR exclusive. Though I might buy 1 for that. And a whole lot of a recently legalized substance.



rjejr commented on PS4 Leads the Way as Cyber Monday Explodes in ...:

I spent about $120 online Thanksgiving morning Thursday but that was it until food shopping on Monday.

I did buy my PS4 Slim about 2 weeks ago but if I hadn't I would have picked up a Slim sometime over the weekend.

So, are we ever going to see Slim and Pro sales separated out like we do w/ 3DS and New 3DS and 3DS XL and New 3DS XL? PSVR sales would be interesting as well, didn't see too many sales advertised for those this weekend either.

Had Nintendo made more than about 1 million NES Mini I think it could have been near the top of the pack, but they didn't.



rjejr commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy XV PS4 Reviews Hit the...:

@Sanquine Well yes and no. Yes, I bought 1 a couple of weeks ago at Target, almost gave Sammy a heart-attack, but no b/c it's a family Christmas gift so nobody gets to see it until Christmas morning. Waiting sucks, though this game being delayed makes the wait easier or I might have had to buy the PS4 myself for my birthday, this way I get most of the Christmas shopping done for the whole family. My 1 son is getting R&C and the other DQH, those were $10 each at Gamestop (new, I'm not so cheap that I buy my kids used gifts for Christmas, just cheap enough to buy them on sale.) R&C kid is also getting a NES Mini that he really wants (got 1 in store at MSRP) and the other kid is getting the Crash & Dr. Cortex Skylanders game on PS4, normally $99 but got it for $39 at Target. So yeah, in another 28 days we'll be part of the family, 5 games and the console - counting the bundled U4. Then I can finally spend more time gaming and less time shopping.

And yes, I did gt the cheaper Slim, not the Pro, I got the Slim U4 bundle for $218 at Target but I was having difficulty finding any good bundles and sales for the Pro, and I don't have a 4k TV anyway. When PS5 releases in a few years maybe I'll get a 4k TV then.



rjejr commented on Poll: Are You Buying Final Fantasy XV?:

I'm double posting this just in case anybody missed it an hour ago and can save a few $.

For anybody in the US still on the fence it's currently $50.99 on Amazon. that's the regular price, it's $47.99 w/ Prime.

Plus you can get some cool items by playing the weirdest minigames ever on their RoadTrip website.



rjejr commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy XV PS4 Reviews Hit the...:

@kyleforrester87 "Maybe it would take you 72 hours to fight a boss"

The Conan vid from a couple of weeks back touched upon it, apparently it's one of those "Extra" bosses that always pop up in FF games that are freaking impossible to kill but give the final forms of weapons. I can't imagine it taking 72 real world hours, I would guess 72 in game hours is more like it, but it could just be in there for the Japanese gamers, they like their endless grinding Monster Hunter games.



rjejr commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy XV PS4 Reviews Hit the...:

For anybody in the US still on the fence it's currently $50.99 on Amazon. that's the regular price, it's $47.99 w/ Prime.

Plus you can get some cool items by playing the weirdest minigames ever on their RoadTrip website.

So as mad as I am about the delay, the season pass, and the additional DLC, Amazon gave me enough incentive to get it despite all that. Also, it's the main reason I bought a PS4 Slim, so waiting on the game now seems a bit odd. And there's the movie and webisodes to watch, and I already ordered the hardcover guide book as a gift to me from my mom, same as I did last year w/ the XCX hardcover guide.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@Gamer83 I wasn't calling you out, you're extra cranky this morning, you should get some sleep. And if you don't believe me try rereading this sentence - "I believe I even mentioned in this thread PS3 was a failure." I'm sure that was auto-correct from PSP to PS3, PS3 was not a failure, even if PS2 did twice as much, but normally you would have caught that, you never have typos.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@Gamer83 "That's a pretty damn big failure."

I don't think I said it wasn't, did I? And if you are trying to say it's too much of a faiulure to compare it to the Vita, well PSP sold 82 million, Vita sold 13 million, and Vita was only $200, Wii U was $300, going up from the Wii's $250, so I'd say the Wii U - Vita comparison is very apropos.

Did you really post that at 3AM? Were you coming home from a Thanksgiving Eve night of revelry? I remember being young and single in NYC, that was always the best night to go out. I went to bed at 9:30 last night, I'm cooking a turkey for 15 people today, but I'm buying some games on Gamestop first, Ratchet & Clank and Dragon Quest Heroes Title That Just Won't End for $9.99 each.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@DLB3 "My original point isn't that the comment was justified, but it also in no way implies that LCU is ONLY coming to PS4.

I guess the arguement would be - if you are mention what other systems the game is coming from, then you should also mention what other systems the game is coming too. B/c if you have to mention it's a port FROM Wii U, then you should also mention that it is not a PS4 exclusive and will also be available on "other" systems.

But more importantly, you can't say "coming from Wii U" and then say - "we don't mention other systems on this site." You just did mention another system. That's the contradiction Maybe not your contradiction, maybe just PS's.



rjejr commented on Uncharted 4: Survival Brings Co-Op to Naughty ...:

@sinalefa Who are you playing couch co-op w/, I don't recall you ever bringing it up before? And since you've abandoned NL - wise choice BTW - thanks for pushing LCU, great game. Still glad I didn't pay $50 or $60 for it, not that great, but for $19.99 it's great.

@ztpayne7 Well I did get a PS "Vita" TV for $24.98 but I need another controller just to play on that.

@get2sammyb "get a second controller cheap"

You should know by now your idea and my idea of "Cheap" are not the same idea. Considering how little we'll use it I'm thinking $25 tops. $29.99 if my kids beg me enough and want to go in half each. All I've seen for BF are $40 or $45. Considering how many games I'm getting for $10 or $15 each. that's too much for an additional controller.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@Fight_Teza_Fight "There's nothing wrong with having a little fun and he's not wrong as its seems like some fanboys were indeed triggered."

Of course the fanboys were triggered, he called them out. But they weren't triggered b/c of the game being ported, they were triggered b/c he called them fanboys.

Let's try this, 2 different ways I could reply to your comment saying the same thing:

"Hey you F@#king @$$hole, what's wrong w/ you, how can anybody be so stupid, why don't you just shut the 4k up!!"


"Thanks for the reply, I see what your saying, but I think you have it wrong."

Both of those comments say basically the same thing, that same thing being "I don't agree w/ you." but you would probably react differently to each reply.

So yes, sammy saying "this game is a Wii U port" makes sens.e But then saying "We aren't allowed to talk about other systems on this site, only PS4" is hypocritical b/c he just mentioned the Wii U, didn't he? And there was no need for him to write "Catastrohpic failure", he can save those comments for the Vita is he feels the needs to write those words. And the Nintneo fanboys have nothing to do w/ the game being ported or not, nobody asked them.

Thing is, this isn't the first time. People working here are always pushing the envelop of the type of language allowed - they curse, or sort of curse, "4k" all the time - but any time anybody else uses similar language they get sanctioned. People get scolded ALL THE TIME for going off topic but Sammy wrote an article on the Switch. Oh sure, he tried to word it like it was relevant, but if Sony fans only care about Sony products, then why write about Switch at all?

People don't like being told what they can't say or write about by people who are writing and saying whatever they want. Hypocrisy is a big no-no w/ most people. And it's been an issue for the past year or so. I've been on here since The Last Guardian was a PS3 game and everything has always been honky-dory up until recently. I wouldn't be surprised if ownership stepped in and/or the shutting down of PureXbox wasn't a factor.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@Splatburst Thanks. And I can believe every name that's thrown my away, not a single one hasn't.

@DiscoGentleman Thanks. Not to be feeding you a line, but I can't recall ever seeing you here before. Did you swing by b/c somebody mentioned PS in the NL article? Seeing your Toad on the PS site is kind of weird. But good weird.

Oh, for the record, I'm a huge fan of sammy's, been coming here for 6 or 7 years and I'll probably stop coming here when he leaves, but I like my kids too, and when they mess up I tell them so. Nobody's perfect.



rjejr commented on PSN's US Black Friday Sale Goes Live on PlaySt...:

@Oscarjpc Just so you don't have to be that guy alone, I haven't even opened my PS4 yet and there still isn't much for me on that list. Witcher 3 is tempting but I saw it on disc BF for $25. Besides all those games you mentioned, which may be too soon for a sale, I'm still in need of Knack and infamous 2nd Son.



rjejr commented on Ubisoft Hopes Watch Dogs 2 Has a Long Sales Tail:

@Kidfried Here's the thing, the game still sold, so I know there were people who did want it. But if you spend enough time with gamers the one unifying factor is backlog. Everybody buys more games than they have time to play. So let's just pull some numbers out of the air, 1 million people buy Watch Dogs when it releases or goes on a sale, but only 750k actually get to play it, the rest sit unopened. When WD2 releases so soon, those 250k people who bought the original but haven't played it yet probably aren't going to buy the sequel day 1. Online games get bought annually and gamers play then Day 1 b/c they have too before the next installment releases, but for a single player focused game like WD, it sits on the pile. 2 or 3 years later when a sequel releases people have played the first and look forward to the sequel. I think some gamers need 2 to 3 years between single player story driven games. Not everybody, but enough that sequel sales slump.



rjejr commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

@DLB3 Your contradicting yourself in that statement. If he doesn't have to mention every console it's coming to, then by that logic he doesn't have to mention every console it's co ing from, he can just say "Lego City Undercover is coming to PS4 Spring 2017". Once he mentioned Wii U well then he was mentioning other consoles and therefore opening himself up for critique. And that's not even enjoy mentioning the "fanboy" comment. And if it's a Sony site why should anybody care if the Wii U was catastrophic? Just write "LCU, previously on Wii U" then nobody would say anything.

So, basically, he started it. Either he talks about other consoles or he doesn't, he comments on fans of other consoles or he doesn't. Can't say "We are only a Sony site, we only comment on Sony matters." while at the same time bad mouthing both another consoles sales and it's fans. That's called hypocrisy, and nobody likes a hypocrit.