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rjejr commented on TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Is a Real Game, and...:

Man that behemoth is awesome, very Harryhausen. Now I want a 7th Voayage of Sinbad game.

Count me in as loving the old FF games but not having much use for the newer ones. Even 12, which I liked, was only good after the story was over and I spent 100 hours playing monster hunter. I blame it all on the Bouncer, changed Square for the worse.



rjejr commented on Gulp! There's Actually No Date for Final Fanta...:

@JaxonH - The FFXV demo will be out within 12 days of Type-O. ;-)

@Punished_Boss -"Who else but Square Enix? Could play with our hearts?"

Ooh ooh ooh I know, I know, call on me Mr. Kotter, call on me.

“The release date of the Final Fantasy XV demo has not been confirmed"

I think they are taking a page out of Nintendos handbook. They know the date, and they know they told us the date, and now they're just denying it all for a big announcement later. :-)



rjejr commented on Store Preview: FIFA 15, CastleStorm, Defense G...:

Not a very exciting week, but Im guessing this is just the lull before the holiday games start coming out in Oct. Or maybe Im just used to monthly releases lists which always have something for everyone.



rjejr commented on Drive Away with a Deal in North American PSN F...:

@get2sammyb - Thanks Sammy, was just coming to tell you you should change it in your list up top. I know you got it from Sony but why list something you know is wrong?

Here's the SEN store link to the sale if anybody in NA wants to go shopping:!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-9_FLASHSALE2014?emcid=so-ga-922&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=September_Flash_Sale&utm_source=PS_Blog&utm_term=so-ga-922&utm_content=PS_Blog_Post

I was going to buy Cel Damage HD but I have $2.02 in my account and I'm still riding my high horse about having to add $5.00 to my Wallet when I only need 47 cents more to buy a a game.



rjejr commented on Drive Away with a Deal in North American PSN F...:

Cel Damage is a real game? I thought it was a drug induced hallucination back in the 90s?

A lot of good games at good prices in this sale, might have to pick some up just b/c. I really liked the level editor in MNR despite the difficulty and never ending loading times. And I don't even know what Road Trip is. I would get Sonic but Nintendo has new DLC tracks coming for MK8, as hard as that is to believe.

I would like to warn everyone to stay very far away from How to Train Your Dragon 2. All it is in one of those mini games from the original Spyro games where you fly around a mountain collecting stuff. That's the entire game. I got it w/ a free Redbox rental and I wish I hadn't, but we just saw the movie and really liked it when I got the Redbox txt.



rjejr commented on Fiddle Sticks! You'll Have to Wait Until Next ...:

Im looking forward to your review of this, but not the game. That trailer had some nice happy whistling but I didnt notice any actual farming, I think this is for one of those gold digging reality shows. Maybe amish gold diggers?



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Is Japan Finally Back in the Game?:

I think you can hold up Level 5 as some sort of parallel for Sony. Makers of some of my favorite games on PS2, then Ni No Kuni took forever to hit the west, and now they spend all their time making games for the 3DS and portables (still waiting on Wonderflick).

And WKC wasn't woeful, more like uninspired. Fairly representative of the JRPG scene on PS3 overall compared to the PS2 and PS games I think.



rjejr commented on TGS 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Looks Better...:

So, Sony has run out of PS3 games to port to the PS4 and now they've resorted to PSP games? How about make something new ;-)

If I didn't know better I'ld think I was watching a trailer for Freedom Wars, but I'm guessing they've acknowledged this as their inspiration.



rjejr commented on TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Gets a Brand New Ga...:

OK, finally got around to watching the trailer - didn't' see the point on my 7" tablet, my 19" monitor hardly did it justice - and yes it was very impressive. No way no how is that car drive-able though, it's rock solid straight as an arrow never swerving looks out of place on the background, like those old Sat morning cartoons of static images but you could always tell which piece was going to move b/c the color was a little off. I'm all for it though, it's just the equivalent of a "tent" area for a cut scene, no biggie, a place where you sit back and listen to the dialog w/o having to worry about playing.

And listening to the dialog I'm expecting everybody wakes up from a dream at the end of this game like one of those bad live action Disney movies from the 1970's.

So when do we get an FFVII remake using this engine, the blonde guy is obviously Cloud?



rjejr commented on Video: Should You Buy Disney Infinity 2.0 for ...:

I'm a big Marvel fan but I still haven't played Lego Marvel yet that we got for Christmas last year, have to finish up all my PS+ games before BF expiration.

That, and we own 49 Skylanders figures, with more on the way. Though I am buying a Tinkerbell toy, and I'll buy Disney Infinity when they have a Vault version w/ Dumbo, Bambi and Pinocchio settings. I want to play in a circus and inside a whale. Disney Originals 2.0 is a bit too modern for me.

And it's kind of weird about no backwards compatibility w/ some parts of the first game, but that might explain why we got to DL the 1 game for free on Wii U, so maybe it will be a free DL on PS4 as well?



rjejr commented on SingStar: Ultimate Party Builds a LEGO House a...:

I'm so out of the loop that it wasn't until Carly Rae Jepsen that I knew which was the band's name and which was the song title. Compared to this Just Dance 2015 is my greatest hits collection, and I hate most of those.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 16th September 2014 (North America):

Do the kids today even know what a Concorde is, the things been retired over 10 years already.

I miss PS+ stuff getting released over the course of a month.

Some day all games will require NFC characters and their own special portals so demos will be impossible.



rjejr commented on Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4's Newest Gameplay Tr...:

While it's technically impressive - all those characters on screen at once do look detailed - I much prefer the more colorful worlds of Zelda and Dragon Quest.

The vid actually reminds me of why so many peeple dislike these games, there really doesn't seem to be all that much going on. Playing them is always fun though.



rjejr commented on Interview: Traipsing Through the Desert Ashes ...:

I think this guy is doing more for PS TV than Sony ATM. I really enjoyed Mecho Wars, helped by the fact that I played Advance War after :-) I've been leaning towards getting PS TV anyway but Desert Ashes would certainly help. I have no idea what's going on w/ Reaper, guessing it's a card game so not for me. Baiten Kaitos was really good though so if it's like that I'm in.

Nice job Sammy.

Oh, and I'm fine w/ free-to-play, prefer it over Season Passes and Day 1 paid DLC. Free Day 1 updates and patches are part of the biz these days it seems. .



rjejr commented on Out This Week: Murasaki Baby, Disney Infinity ...:

@danny2kd - Sorry if I upset you, I don't have any knowledge of it not coming to Vita, I was just messing around. Sorry. See the little winky face ;-)

Oh wait, are you talking abut Disney Infinity 2.0 or Mncraft? I know absolutely nothing about that Disney. Wiki says 2015 though: "Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will also be released for PlayStation Vita on an unspecified date in 2015."

And I hate linking to IGN on Sammy's site, but you seem distraught:



rjejr commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

@get2sammyb - "Don't know what to think."

Well if I'm MS I run w/ this and beat it to death for all it's worth. The game is only a commercial for the big money:



For comparison, the Lego movie made $500m, Lego is bigger than Mattel:

I'ld make Steve the face of Xbox and redo Windows in Minecraft colors.

And for the game I'ld go the non-stop DLC route that LBP has been doing for years and maybe even make NFC toys for Minecraft 2.

Milk, milk, milk it to death.

BTW - I don't play Minecraft, but I have 2 sons in elementary and middle schools and Minecraft is bigger than Pokemon. There is no 3rd, just those 2.
If MS is smart they'll have a pink unicorn infested fairy land Minecraft game come out before Christmas. "Minecraft Fantasy World". Sure Minecraft has mods, but parents don't like unsanctioned mods. The untapped potential for Minecraft has no ceiling. I haven't even seen a breakfast cereal yet.



rjejr commented on Unsurprisingly, Destiny Sold Best on PS4 in th...:

@Gamer83 - "still doesn't negate the current gen versions selling better"

No, I'm surprised current gen sold better considering the install bases are so different. The UK is weird though, fairly small sample size, but I'm interested if these numbers hold across the US and EU. X1 install base in the US has to be much smaller than the 360, maybe only 10%? (about 4m to 40m, just guessing?)

Mostly though my entire comment was just giving Sammy a hard time about that cupboard crack, I play on my PS3 almost every day. I even told my kid just yesterday that if it died I might replace it w/ a new PS3 rather than a PS4 if I could find a good $199 holiday package deal, not the 12GB model though. If PS4 played PS3 discs obviously I would get a PS4.



rjejr commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

@get2sammyb - You've been waiting a week to right this article and all you have to comment on yourself (still narcissistically creepy BTW) is "hmm"? Oh well, guess you're saving the good stuff for an article later about what this means to Sony's consoles.

Vita version will probably release Dec 26 for $99. Not holding my breath for a bundle. ;-)



rjejr commented on Push Rewind: Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V PS4, ...:

@eaglebob345 - If I were MS I would pull the Vita version since it hasn't released yet and the first platform I would want my new companie sgmae releasing on would not be a competitiors platform. (Sorry that sentence is a grammatical nightmare, hope you catch my drift.) Also, there aren't that many Vita in the world (2 million total maybe?) so they wouldn't lose a large chunk of money. And it's not like the Vita version would ever see an update.

Oh Sam-meeeeee - it' sOh-fish-ul.


As to why no weekly round-up on NL, you'ld have to ask TW, but I'ld say just too much to cover.



rjejr commented on Unsurprisingly, Destiny Sold Best on PS4 in th...:

@get2sammyb - "How many of those 15 million last-gen consoles are being used for Netflix or sitting in a cupboard?"

I bet they get some use when KH 2.5 releases :-) Probably LBP 3 as well unless they delay the PS3 version until after Christmas (that's what I would do if I were them.) PS3 users have a lot more real PS+ games to play than PS4 owners have, we don't need to buy new games (currently playing TR, SC:TiT, B:I, DD:DA, and haven't started DmC Reboot yet, or Remember Me)

I mean, if you purchased a PS4 then yes you bought Destiny, or else your PS4 would be sitting in a cupboard. ;-)



rjejr commented on Push Rewind: Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V PS4, ...:

@get2sammyb - Silence. Yeah, I mentioned last week that Notch had been Tweeting every day and then he just stopped when this news broke. All he needed was to post one of his usual "#Microsoftsucks" comments and this all woukd have gone away. So tomorrow then?



rjejr commented on One Day, You May Be Able to Play Every PlaySta...:

@sinalefa - I dont think Sony likes it when you mention the "Go" word. ;-)

I read the title as PS TV, but Im beginning to think Sony is going to show that less love than the Vita. I think its out in the US in a month. Though I was in Target yesterday and the Vita kiosk seemed to be gone so who knows whats going on, Target may be one big Disney Infinity and Skylanders display in a couple of days.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Started Sly Cooper 4 finally. Got back to playing TR, boy did that suck.

I was having so much fun when I stopped TR mid-game a few months back. So i jump back in, get killed almost immediately a few times by 3 guys outside a hut. Then get stabbed in the throat about 7 times by some pipe in a raging river. THEN die about 5 times getting impaled on a tree branch. So I died over a dozen times in about 5 minutes. And all I wanted to do was back track and collect some treasure to ease myself back in but coudl't find a campsite :-( god it felt so good setting all those bastards on fire after. bwaa ha ha



rjejr commented on Feature: No Games November - PS4's Lineup Is S...:

Was just in Gamestop playing the Hyrule Warriors demo and since the Wii U isn't advertised well in Gamestop there was a giant cardboard ad next to the Wii U for KH 2.5 remix, which I couldn't help but notice said PS3 exclusive. Seems like a big PS4 omission.

On the bright side next year KH 1.5 and 2.5 PS4 box set :-)



rjejr commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:

@Dohv - "PlayStation TV"

Due in a month (Oct 14th in the US) and it's barely out there. And I think changing the name from Vita TV to PS TV means they aren't going to make much of an effort to "port" Vita games to it, though I'm sure they'll patch in DS4 support.

I think Sony will keep selling Vita - people will continue to buy it for PS4 remote play - but they won't be promoting it much. Apple still sells Apple TV (the set top box, not an actual Apple TV that they've been working on for 5 years) but how much news coverage does that get compared to iPhone, iPad, iPods and Macs?



rjejr commented on Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Hijacks the Next-Gen on...:

But is the world 36x bigger?

Yet another game - along w/ TLoU - that I can put on my list for a future PS4 purchase.

Is it just me or is that trailer a bit misleading about the gmaeplay? Looks like all happy happy joy joy, but isn't this the game that almost got Damo to stop gaming?



rjejr commented on August NPD: PS4 Outshines Xbox One for Eighth ...:

Woo hoo Wii U has 3 of the top 10 games!

Um, sorry bout that.

Just saw the Destiny commercial again during Thursday Night Football, its a sponsor. The ad certainly makes it seem like a Sony exclusive.

Saw an ad somewhere recently for Sunset Overdrive, so I guess thats coming, and the Halo package, but I cant see X1 going on a big run. It will sell this holiday, but so will PS4, even if I cant think of an exclusive game its getting.

And hopefully Wii U will sell, to finish back where I started. Ild feel a lot better about Wii U if SSB would get dated.