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rjejr commented on Wait, There's a New PlayStation 3 Firmware Upd...:

Had to do this last night - almost exactly 12 hours ago actually - and it went real quick, though it may have already been DLd as there was a notice when I turned it on.

I am going to miss all that behind the scenes stuff when my PS+ expires on Friday, but owning only the PS3 means it isn't worth it for me. Though I'ld pick it up for $30 I suppose just to finisih all the stuff I haven't played yet.



rjejr commented on Here's Your First Look at Game of Thrones on P...:

With all thats happened in that show over the past 4 years they have to pick a 1 second clip of that poor poor man. It still hurts.

I dont know much about the Telltale games, these are less games and really more like interactive books, correct? Think Ill wait for the inevitable Shadow of Mordor type game - Brothers of Fire and Ice - when you can relive the lives of the Mountain and the Hound.



rjejr commented on PlayStation Experience Attendees to Spend a Ni...:

With the big PS4 titles released this past week - GTAV, FC4, LBP3, DA:I - is there anything else game wise coming out on PS4 in 2014 as interesting as the PSX in Vegas?

I guess it makes sense to have all the games come out before BF, but it also explains why Sony is having this in early Dec b/c there aren't any games left to talk about. I'm probably missing 1 or 2 but nothing comes to mind.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 18th November 2014 (North America):

Wow, there's actually a handful of demos this week, I thought they were a thing of the past.

I never could get the Destiny beta to run - kept saying I wasn't connected to the internet right after I just DL'd the thing - so I'll go take a peek.

Far Cry4, is that is a demo, or do you need a friend to give you a key? Guess I'll go find out after lunch and report back.



rjejr commented on Review: LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 4):

Sounds even better than expected. The part about building the car and then racing it sounds very Lego, and I've always been a fan of those games.

I need to buy a 4th PS3 controller so we can all play this together. Maybe I'll get the PS TV bundle after all.



rjejr commented on Out This Week: Grand Theft Auto V PS4, LittleB...:

@get2sammyb - "Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4"

"on the PS4" isn't officially part of the title though is it? "SSB for Wii U" really is so I guess it's possible. Just checked the boxes on Amazon US and UK and the boxes all just say "GTAV" so I guess its just GTAV then. Maybe they're saving the subtitles for the PS5 "4K" version?

Dos anybody else think Gamespots website looks like it was designed for Compuserve or Prodigy in 1994?



rjejr commented on Out This Week: Grand Theft Auto V PS4, LittleB...:

52 Tuesdays in a year, and they all picked this one.

And not a single 1 of those 5 multiplats (LBP3 is both last gen and this gen) is on Wii U, which gets Watch Dogs on Tuesday instead. (SSBU isn't out until Friday.)

Question - does GTAV on PS4 and X1 have a subtitle like "Enhanced" or "Collectors' Ed. or "1080p and 30FPS" or something to distinguish it from the the PS3 and Xbox360 versions? I've seen the photos and it's certainly improved, and FPS view means it can almost be played as a different game, but I haven't yet seen an official subtitle.

We'll be getting LBP3 on PS3 for the holidays, just haven't decided which holiday yet.



rjejr commented on Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Secures System's Th...:

Vita doesnt exist at this point.

This is the time of year as a father of 2 boys I spend a lot of time scouring the game ads, and I cant recall ever seeing a Vita or a Vita game unless it was in a bundle w/ a PS TV.

Example - TRU had a B1G1 40% off all PS3 and PS4 games.



rjejr commented on Sanzaru Games Crushes Sly Cooper PS4 Sequel Dr...:

To follow up on my earlier comment about not being that into Sly 4 but not really jnowing why, just finshed plsying the Lego Batman 3 demo and it had a simlar unlock minigame to Bentleys and even though it was much simpler it seemed much better. And running around outside the ship Mario galaxy style was cool, and the vertical shooting section was fun. I think I had more fun in 30 minutes of demo than several hours of Sly.



rjejr commented on Round Up: Far Cry 4 PS4 Reviews Scale the High...:

@Punished_Boss_84 - Well I'm halfway thru Tomb Raider now so whenever I see a bow and arrow being used, and the animals being butchered and skinned, I think of that, and Uncharted Among Thieves was all about the Yeti in Shambala, and this game has both an area called Shambala and DLC w/ the Yeti.

ipso facto TR:AT



rjejr commented on Sanzaru Games Crushes Sly Cooper PS4 Sequel Dr...:

@Jaz007 - I agree w/ what you said except I didnt really like it. Too cookie cutter or something. Not nearly enough Sly. I stopped playing after the western section, the pattern already seemed set. It wasnt broken, it was even a little fun, but it just wasnt grabbing me enough to want to keep playing. I wouldnt play another Sly game unless it was a reboot and about 80% Sly.



rjejr commented on Round Up: Far Cry 4 PS4 Reviews Scale the High...:

Tomb Raider: Among Thieves

Wow. So much wow. Too bad I dont play FPS. May have to start.

King Julien doing the narration was great, I kept looking for penguins to pop up.

Naughty Dog better take notes. If Ubi can do this w/ a multiplat title we'll all be expecting to be blown away w/ a PS4 exclusive. If anybody can deliver its them. Not sure how you can top riding on elephants though. I guess an emtoionally charged super witty storyline will do.

I know nothing ever lives up to the trailer, games, movies or shows, but this does look really fun. And it has the bonus of being a follow up afyer AC:U. Probably really good for AC this didnt releas first.



rjejr commented on October NPD: PS4 Starts to Get Comfortable at ...:

With Sunset Overdrive coming out last month and Halo MCC early this month Im kind of surprised PS4 out sold X1 last month. That $50 across the board X1 price cut should certainly help this month but if I were Sony I wouldnt concede Nov sales just yet. LBP3 is coming, and who really knows what will sell BF?



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

Can't be too disappointing from Sony's perspective, they sold over 13m $400 consoles in 12 months. Not sure what they where expecting but they have to be happy averaging over 1m a month for a console that seems to have had more bad news this year than good.



rjejr commented on Black Friday PS4 Bundles Leaked at Walmart, Be...:

@get2sammyb - Yeah, I'm really bad at getting my point across in a non-sacastic manner, but some people don't believe the "leaks" until they are made official, and these are all official sales at this point. I think the retailers gave up trying to squash stuff, they don't have the money that the movie and music studios do for lawyers, they might as well drive traffic to their own websites rather than all the "leak" sites. Makes sense.



rjejr commented on Black Friday PS4 Bundles Leaked at Walmart, Be...:

Is "leaked" the correct word to use in the title when these stores are sending out emails w/ the links to their own websites w/ the ads on them? "Published" might be better. It is nice of you to put them all in 1 place though.

Walmart's ad:

Just remember it's not all fun and games:



rjejr commented on Take a Tour of The Order: 1886's Collector's E...:

I dont understand collectors ed for unknown entities. What if the game plays like Fast and Furios Showdown?

Do you need to own a collectors ed for that? Or DriveClub? I get it for AC Unity or CoD or even Destiny since thats just Halo w/ a shpere anyway. But what do we really know abiut this? It looks pretty? So did that recent Alien game but the final product was dreck.



rjejr commented on Roundabout Will Drive Your PS4, Vita Round the...:

My first reaction was nausea from watching the limo spin. Actually its not the spinning, its the random spinning all-over motion.

Getting accustomed to that I thought this is what When Vikings Attack (or W101) would look like if all the characters were invisble. Seems more like katamari than Crazy Taxi.

Katamari Taxi? Sounds like fun.



rjejr commented on The Naughty Dog Sequel That You'll Never Get t...:

Looks like Enslaved.

Id love a reboot if it were back on the island and everything were happy and honky dory. Even in a story w/ a couple of bad guys trying to conquer the world it was still a tranquil village. My favorite game, dont think I would have liked this. Well ok maybe I would have really enjoyed it, but it wouldnt have been a Jak and Daxter game, then again neither of the 3 sequels were either.



rjejr commented on Store Update: 11th November 2014 (North America):

Are those 2 demos on the Vita or PS3 or both?

Edit - checked the blog but they dont say, guess Ill get off my lazy behind and go see for myself.

Edit 2 - Toybox Turbo demo is on the PS3, Lego Batman may be on PS4 b/c I cant find it, even tried searching, found the games but no demos.



rjejr commented on Here's How LittleBigPlanet 3 Is Being Marketed...:

@get2sammyb - Here's why I'm worried. I just finished the western section in Sly Cooper 4 and I'm not playing it any more, it's just not fun. The original Sly trilogy was great gaming but this just feels all wrong. Its not broken like Sonic 06 or anything, it's just so cookie cutter, theres no point - Murray smashes, Bently minigames and Sly -well I don't think Sly made it to the old west. MAybe as a 1st Sly gam eI'ld like it, but not as 4.

So I've already played 2 LBP games, can they make me want to play 3? The level editor is a given time eater.



rjejr commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Ain't Sounding Especial...:

@sinalefa - Funny you mentioned Sonic Boom b/c I was thinking Sonic from Sonic '06 might be an Easter egg in this game after reading the article.

And part of the problem w/ PS and NL is all the staggered release dates for EU means we sometimes have to wait for reviews - SB is the 21st. Of course the worst part for me is waking up in the morning and feeling like I'm already a day behind.



rjejr commented on Here's How LittleBigPlanet 3 Is Being Marketed...:

Ad was kind of meh compared to that insane PS Experience one but I guess thats the point. Really glad this one got a PS3 release even if Im a little concerned like Goddire that mM didnt make it. But 16 layers and that rod, I just want to see what I can build.



rjejr commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leapfrogs Combi...:

@get2sammyb - Thanks. Wolfenstein topped the charts? Must've been a slow week. I remember that great promo non-gameplay trailer, which was then followed by lots of sub-standard gray FPS stuff. Good for it to be #1, just not something I thought would be worthy of mentioning for bragging rights.



rjejr commented on Telltale's Game of Thrones Will Stay Seated fo...:

I was just thinking today how much I hate the long wait between seasons of this show - 10 episodes then a 42 week wait is worse than the Sopranos. It doesnt help that I watchec the 1st 2 seasons just before the 3rd do I was kind of reafy for that 1st year break after 30 consecutive episodes, but now another year wait after only 10 uis killing me.

So, this didnt help. It could still be 5 or even 6 more months before its on again. Sigh.



rjejr commented on Batman: Arkham Knight Aiming for Visual Parity...:

June 2. Isn't that a little too specific for 7 months out? I ALWAYS give Nintendo a hard time for not giving dates but an actual day 7 months out looks weird.

If they are going for parity at 1080p and 60fps then I don't see a problem. :-)



rjejr commented on Call of Duty Named Gaming's Greatest Series by...:

12. Angry Birds
13. Final Fantasy

Don't really need to comment after that. Though if they only meant the 3 FF13 games as a series unto itself I'm ok w/ it being after Angry Birds ;-)

Where's Candy Crush?

OK 1 more

16. League of Legends
17. Borderlands
18. Metal Gear




rjejr commented on Square Enix Knows When Final Fantasy XV Will R...:

As hilariously epic as "probably never" was, the correct answer is - 1 month after it's done.

On the bright side, PS4 has only been out a year so it should still make that, even though vs didn't make the PS3. The Last Guardian will never make PS3. Maybe PS4. And I'm still waiting for BG&E2 as well. At least U4 should release late next year so I can get a bundle for Christmas. The first person spotted playing KH3 will be Elvis.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@sinalefa - Vanquish and Binary Domain need a comprehensive sequel.

Trying to finish up Sly Cooper 4 and Tomb Raider before my PS+ runs out BF. They havent had anything I want lately so I'm not renewing. Online reuriement on PS4 makes me think no $30 dal this year :-(



rjejr commented on Review: The Muppets Movie Adventures (PlayStat...:

That video actually looked like a pretty fun game for kids - WAAAYYY better than the dreck that was Dreamworks Dragons 2 - but no voices? For Muppets? The Muppets ARE their voices.

Sony just green lit this to shut up all the gamers who want Vita games. And it's an exclusive! Touch controls means no PS TV though.



rjejr commented on Ask Shuhei Yoshida Anything in Special PlaySta...:

Just got the email w/ this vid - which I'm sure has been linked here somewhere sometime but I went over the past 5 PS EXP articles and I couldn't find it :-( The vid gave me goosebumps. You'd expect them to unveil the PS5 watching that clip, not just a 1 year on the market anniversary for the PS4. I'm still not buying a PS4 this year, but they are making me want to buy 1. Maybe after this we can all read the words "greatness awaits" without giggling.



rjejr commented on Rumour: Sony Plotting 'Massive' PS4 Black Frid...:

Knack should be free on PS+, not bundled. 1TB should be saved for a bundle w the Order or some othrr big 1st party game in Feb or Marc, and if the live in the US and buy a PS4 the next 19 days you deserve what you get ;-)