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rjejr commented on PS4 Won Black Friday at Best Buy, Claims Resea...:

@3DSWiiUFanatic I hardly know anything about the iWatch. I just suspect if people wanted one they would get it directly from Apple either online or in 1 of their stores, not at Target. Though I was also surprised at the number of store ads today for the Amazon Echo, I thought that was an Amazon exclusive. Apparently I'm out of the loop these days.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy VII PS4 Trophies Unleash Their L...:

I can't imagine why I would want to play this now with the remake only a few years away. Well probably. Hopefully at least on PS4, I'm really not in the mood to start the PS5 watch yet. I'm guessing Sony thinks they can milk 4 for an extra year or two with the VR helmet. They should make a Spaceballs game with modified helmet to bundle with it.



rjejr commented on PS4 Won Black Friday at Best Buy, Claims Resea...:

Target said Wii U was 3rd after iPad and iWatch. Considering how few people would actually buy an iWatch at Target the number of Wii U sold may not be all that high. Though it was a pretty good deal for $249. Maybe Wii U will finally hit 11 million, seems like it's been stuck at 10 million all year. I can't even remember reading it at anything other than 10.

There are more Targets than Best Buys though, and that Uncharted bundle has been around for awhile now, so I wouldn't be surprised if Target sold more Wii U than Best Buy sold PS4. That's about as meaningless a number as you can get though.



rjejr commented on You Can Get 10 Per Cent Off PlayStation Store ...:

@sinalefa I can finally buy $50 Godzilla for $9. It's worth it just for the music. Godzilla music is the best.

Did you get the Platinum Transformers game? I've read it's good and I think ti's in the Flash sale. Maybe that was PS3 only, I filtered to only look at PS3 games. Though w/ the 10% maybe I shoul dbuy some PS4 games now, I will get a PS4 in 2016, I'm about 98% sure of that.



rjejr commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

@get2sammyb @Savino As a PS3 only owner I had PS+ the first 3 years it was out and got more than my money's worth. But I haven't had it the past few years b/c as a PS3 only owner it' sbne lackluster.

Has nobody broken the $ down by system yet - PS3, VIta, PS4? 56 comments and I coudln't find it.



rjejr commented on Would You Be Happy with Another Final Fantasy ...:

Maybe they could give one out after PSX?

If you are going to do your own press event in early Dec it better have something memorable.

Coming right after The Game Awards on Thursday and XCX on Friday kind of makes all of next weekend special.



rjejr commented on Sony Constructs a Custom PS4 for Dragon Quest ...:

If they keep making special plates it makes me wonder if they will ever make a PS4 "slim"? Won't be able to incorporate that horrible slide cover from my 12GB super slim, or is it super duper slim, and have it look good.



rjejr commented on Tune in with a PlayStation TV for $19.99 from ...:

@JaxonH "Save your money"

Coming from you, after spending $600 on 1 Nintendo Direct, that's not a ringing endorsement at all.

Was your brother on wireless? My living room and bedroom PS3s are both wired. I'll likely only buy 1 PS4 for the living room. Thought this would work for a little streaming when need be. Even I can do $20.

BTW everybody - I checked the link and it's not avaible for shipping and the nearest 1 is 100 miles away, and I have several stores much closer than that. I wonder if Target would match? Or Amazon?

$33 on Amazon, but all the reviews there are as bad as here.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Fallout 4 Has One of PS4's Best O...:

@MAntonioLimon Yeah, the fast travel was great from place to place, but those places were SO HUGE I could have really used a motorcycle in Gaur plain - or at least fix up that kids car, why does he have a car but I have to walk everywhere? - and a jetski on Eryth Sea - why do those people live above the sea but nobody has a yacht for fishing or a canoe for some exercise? - and a hoverboard for Makna Forest - do you know how many times I've run back to that Hode gate, that I still can't get past b/c it's locked?
I just want to get around faster within the areas, not just between them.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Fallout 4 Has One of PS4's Best O...:

@Boerewors Yes, after my 150 hours running around in Xenoblade - and I still have a few extra large creatures to go back and beat - I am really looking forward to the mechs in XCX. I know the story won't compare - XC had 1 of the best stories ever - but the graphics will be so much better I'm really looking forward to those. If people can replay The Last of Us or God of War 3 or GTAV on PS4 for slightly better graphics, I can play an entire new storyline for vastly improved graphics, even if the story is secondary to the beautiful exploration. XC looked beautiful, but it was still an SD Wii game on my 52" 1080p tv. So artistically it was beautiful, but it was still a pixelated mess. I'm looking forward to every HD nook and cranny, on foot and in mechs.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why Fallout 4 Has One of PS4's Best O...:

So how's the travel? At the time Dragon Quest 8 was the biggest open world game I had played. But after awhile it just got goo big, and too empty. There were a few random chests, but they were very few. When I got the lion to ride on it was so much fun I didn't care though.
More recently I had a similar experience with Xenon lade Chronicles. Probably the best open world I'd ever played on. And it had instant transmission for trsvel, so that was nice, but no method of fast travel. It always boggles my mind that those types of games have spaceships but not rollers skates or boats.



rjejr commented on This Dissidia Trailer Reminds Us That We Need ...:

Only if they remaster the storyline as well. Which I really don't remember in the slightest, just that it was a huge let down after X. It is one of my favorite games though, after getting the lame 40 hour storyline out of the way I played for another 100 hours dpi g all the hunting missions. I've always refereed to 12 as FF:MH. As such I don't think it needs a remaster, there are enough Monster Hunter type games out now. Back then I found it new and original.



rjejr commented on There Are a Lot of People Playing Star Wars Ba...:

@Utena-mobile Well you will spend a lot of money. I never wanted DI but only started b/c Nintendo gave it free on Wii U. Then I got a PS3 bundle for $180 w/ DI 2.0, so I kept the PS3 adn gave the game to my kids. Then my kid bought 3.0 for $20 - downloadable on either PS3 or Wii U, probably other systems as well. And I just keep buying and buying. Spent $22 yestrday on 5 used toys, another $32 last night on a playset and 3 characters. Spend spend spend. All for a game I didn't want but Nintnedo gave it to me for free, just like crack.

As for ow good it is I like SKylanders much better. Most of the game is based on build your own levels in "toy box" mode, but I don't enjoy that. Hub worlds have some mini missions to occupy yourself for a couple of hours. The playsets are all short - 6 - 8 hours I think. There is a $20 "Toybox Takever" set for 3.0 that is supposed to be a fun 6 hour campaign but I've read the top down view is annoying. We'll see.

So I have a hard time recomending it. My 11 year old enjoys it, and it's 1 o th efew games my wife will play with me, Pirates of th eCAribean looks great, Avengers was so boring. I'd say if you want 2 playr co-p pick up Skylanders, Trap Team was cool.

Sorry, that's the best I can do.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb I'm playing Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise of the Empire. Reme,ber a few weeks back when we were discussing the AT-AT Hotham level in ST:B and you said it was too hard? And I suggested it was meant to be that way b/c of the movie? Well my wife and I were having so much fun playing, until we had to take down those same walkers. I made my wife rage quit, it was insane heating her curse like that. I asked my kid this morning who told me it was really hard, and he's a really good gamer. Said his brother couldn't do it at all, "just distracted them". Must be something about those at-ats.

To put it in a context I know you can understand - rest of the game, Jak 1, At-Ats, Jak 2.



rjejr commented on Destiny's Big December Update Adds Exotics and...:

"How does all of this sound to you?"

Like I shouldn't bother playing any game ever again until 2 years after its come out. We'll single player games like U4 and R&C I can play at or near launch, but everything else - Witcher 3, Bloodebourne, Fallout 4 - I'm waiting for the GH Complete ed.

Splatoon is almost an entirely different game. Even Mario Kart 8 and NSMBU even come with DLC included now. Who ever thought we'd see that?



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Which PS2 Games Would You Play ...:

@Grawlog It's too bad Level-5 went all in on mobile, they replaced Squaresoft as my favorite developer. Now it's Monolith. Rogue Galaxy was highly underrated. The midway point in that game was better than the ending in most other games. That should get a real HD facelift. And I traded in my original Xenogear discs so I wouldn't mind an HD version of that either. Maybe skip the 5 hour long endless hallway.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Which PS2 Games Would You Play ...:

Not a PS2 game, a PS1 game, but I'd like a remake of Parasite Eve. Not 2, 2 sucked, it was just a lame Resident Evil wannabe, but I bought my PS1 for Parasite Eve and I can't recall a remake or reboot. Sure it had some clunky controls by todays standards, but so did Tomb Raider, and look at that now. Best thing about Parasite Eve was the story anyway, I think it could do well w/ the Lara Croft treatment.

Think I'm going to boot it up and see how time has treated it. Probably not well, but it was only about a 12-15 hour story mode, I'll spare it for the game that got me back into videogames after a 10 year hiatus.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Which PS2 Games Would You Play ...:

Isn't this what PS Now is for, to play old games on our current consoles?

I have about 2 dozen PS2 discs and no console, but if I wanted to pay for the same game again I would want an HD port. I'm not paying again for any games I already own and still have a functioning disc for, even if I don't own a PS2, making them not functioning I suppose.

Not sure what games I own that I woul dplay again, but if PS4 played them there are several I wouild have my kids play. Oh, I think I might still own Arc the Lad and never played it, so that would be first.

Has anybody mentioned in this or the original article that BC would make a really nice announcement at PSX in a couple of weeks?



rjejr commented on Feature: 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 In...:

@ricklongo That's kind of how I feel about Zelda games. First time I played Windwaker back on the Gamecube I played an hour then sent it back. Took me 2 playthrus to get thru Twilight Princess, 20 hours each about 6 months apart. It wasn't until I played Skyward Sword that I understood just how great TP was, b/c SS was a lullaby. A beautiful lullaby perhaps, but I didn't game for lullabys. Hyrule Warriors on the other hand I thought was fantastic.

It took me 30 hours (thats what my save file says) to get thru TLoU and I liked it all except for 1 very hard boss battle that took me way too many tries. So I think I've always been more story driven, less open world - I don't play FPS or western RPG at all. And Nintendo just kills me w/ its lack of voice acting but Monolith is it's own entity, so I'm really looking forward to XCX, even if it turns out to just be a cross between the story from Star Ocean: Last Hope and the moon from FFXIII. I can live with that.



rjejr commented on Feature: 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 In...:

@get2sammyb You asked me the other day about wanting to know my PS4 thoughts when I get one. Well that's still months away, but I just decided I'm not excited about getting one. I mean I still want it, b/c I have to play Uncharted 4, R&C and FFXV, but I'm still not excited about the console. I was excited for PS1 for Parasite Eve, and I hadn't owned a console since Atari 7800 - grad school was busy - so I wanted to own one. PS2 looked so much better than PS1, going from 2D to 3D, flat to full, I was excited for the graphical leap over PS1. PS3 offered HD and blu-ray and built in HDD storage, no more memory cards. I bought a 52" HD tv for my PS3 even though my 36" SD tube tv still worked flawlessly b/c I wanted games and movies in the HD that PS3 offered. PS4 has Share, touchpad controller and a nicer menu. And still only a 500GB HDD even though all games require a full install?

So yeah, it's a great list, and I'm really excited to be playing some of those games, but I'm still not impressed, and if U4 was in the U3 engine, R&C in the ACiT/ToD engine, and FFXV in the FFXIII engine, all on PS3, I still wouldn't be buying a PS4. I'm still not feeling it. Maybe VR? Or maybe that's why Dreams looks so good to me, looks truly spec intensive, like no way no how it could run on PS3. All the remasters - TLoU, GTAV - I'm still not impressed. Same for the dual gen - MGSV, COD. And I am a graphics whore, StarFox Zero and Twilight Princess HD look like PS2 games to me. But all the PS4's look like "slightly improved" PS3 games. Though Horizon Dawn looks like it may be special, but that's currently not on my list.

So I am very much looking forward to playing these games, and I will buy a PS4 to do so next year, but it's the first console I will buy b/c I "need" to, not b/c I "want" to. I will let you know how I feel after, but that's how I feel today. Great games, but PS3 is all I need from a console.



rjejr commented on Feature: 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 In...:

@ricklongo We have very similar tastes in games. Since you back Yooka-Laylee for Wii U are you looking forward to XCX, or is that too open or to story driven? I'm not sure how you can like JRPG and not like story driven, they are typically about the story. Well XC was all abut the story, and then some. XCX does look all about open world exploration w/ little story as far as I can tell. I'm looking forward to that b/c as great as XC was, Wii graphics, even output via Wii U and HDMI, still don't look great on a 52" 1080p TV. So I'm willing to sacrifice story for graphics for this 1. And I just finished the first about 2 months ago so I'm good story wise for awhile.



rjejr commented on Feature: 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 In...:

@get2sammyb "Yeah, doubt we'll be playing Final Fantasy VII next year,"

7? That's a non-starter. But will we be playing 15 in '16, that's what I want to know. And where's "Dreams". That HAS to be out next year, no?

FFXV got my vote, TLG had it for 3 or 4 years but I've moved on, sorry.

I tried to vote for 6 games on the list before realizing it was 1 per customer, so I don't care for most of them, but still, w/ 5-6 games I want it doesn't matter how many I don't. And I'll need Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 when their GH or Directors cuts come out.



rjejr commented on PS4 Exclusives Dominate The Game Awards' Most ...:

@BrizzoUK B/c it doesn't have a name or a console? How do you vote for a game that doens't have a name?

I'm planning on buying a PS4 for Uncharted so I suppose there's really no point in my even thinking about it. My hype for Ratchet & Clank is somwehat diminished by it's being a reboot, if it were an entirely new game it might be above U4.

So did anybody else read "PS4 Exclusives" and think, "exclusives, what exclusives?" thinking it was referring to the current 2015 games? Obviously next year looks great, and a great time to buy 1 - though I suppose this holiday might be better, but I just can't - but my brain was going into overdrive trying to think what "games" plural could be most wanted on PS4 this year. Bloodburne and... I drew a blank.

Oh, Dreams is my most wanted game, but it wasn't on the list. And if it's VR only I don't want it at all. I want nothing to do w/ that helmet on my head.



rjejr commented on UK Sales Charts: Fallout 4 Goes Nuclear on PS4:

Judging by all the SW:B ads I saw yesterday - front page, back page, middles pages - that will do better on PS4 as well. That giant AT-AT pic is everywhere, but it's hard to find an Xbox One symbol anywhere.




rjejr commented on EA's Cover Curse Continues with Ronda Rousey:

@Gamer83 "She may hear the talk now and want to prove the doubters wrong."

That would be my first thought. Plus, Playboy isn't doing nudes anymore so she can't make a lot of money that way. No disrespect to her or any other woman, that's just reality. If you are an attractive woman you can make money. And you don't have to be good at anything, it's called reality TV. To this day I still don't know why the Kardashians are famous. And the Anna Kournikova virus wasn't spread b/c she was a great tennis player.

I do think she fights again, maybe even a rematch, like in Rocky 3, or she could become an action star and keep her clothes on. Either way, her 15 minutes aren't up yet. At least I'm not telling her they are. "any other female fighter" you say? I don't want to volunteer to see if it could put this male out.



rjejr commented on EA's Cover Curse Continues with Ronda Rousey:

At the risk of getting the living daylights kicked out of me should I ever run into Rousey in person, sounds a lot like a real life Rocky 3 situation.
Rocky beats Creed, gets a bunch of hand picked fights, becomes super famous rich and the center of a media circus, Lang destroys him. Her face in that roundhouse kick photo looks like Rocky after Clubber clubbed him.

I don't know how much exposure she has had overseas but she has been literally EVERYWHERE in the US. I'd really hate to be her next opponent. Pity the fool.



rjejr commented on Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 All N...:

The only one I've played is SMM, but I'm betting on Witcher as its the 1 I want to play the most. Fallout 4 is 2nd, but I like fantasy more than post apocalyptic settings.

Edit: Actually, my game of the year is Splatoon. I don't like shooters, I don't like playing online, I don't like team based games, but Splatoon is addictive. And not only is it not a sequel - Bloodbourne isn't either, neither is SMM - but it is the most original game I've played in years. SMM and not Splatoon on that list just seems so wrong.



rjejr commented on Wow, Star Ocean 5 Has Come a Long Way in Just ...:

@eaglebob345 I'm guessing this is less Square and more Enix.

Square's been all downhill since it's Squaresoft days. Lost all focus making The Bouncer's 20 minutes of gameplay for PS2. From that game forward it was all about the graphics, with gameplay taking a back seat. (boy, I bet that turns into a bad pun often when FFXV reelases.)



rjejr commented on Is This the Most Glorious PS Vita Design Yet?:

I thought DQB was a PS4 game?

That photo makes me think Vita should be a pocket sized tablet screen/phone and the sides should be removable and fold in half to also fit in your picket. Besides all portable consoles having TV out all tablets should also have detachable buttons that can fit in your povket. I know it's been tried several times before and always seems to fail, but I just hope somebody manages it before Apple. Amazon is really pushing tablets, and it's home Fire has a vontroller, but after their severe crash and burn with their phone I'm not sure how many more big gambles they'll be taking.

Vita Phone should be a thing though.

Edit - actually the buttons on the end can be 2 separate clip on pieces, it doesn't need to be 1 long piece that folds in the middle. They could call it PS Triforce



rjejr commented on Star Wars Battlefront Won't Fill Too Much of Y...:

@FullbringIchigo Well there are lots of ways it could go, I just didn't feel like getting into them all yesterday b/c it would just be me running off spouting gibberish.

I do think swag could be involved. Not sure if you follow Nintneod but amiibo have been a big hit. Games like Yoshi's Wooly World and Chibi Robo shipped w/ amiibo in the box. I figure it wouldn't take much to stick memory of some type in the amiibo w/ a connector, mini-USB or something. And XCX has a collectors ed w/ a music USB thumbdrive. Might as well just stick the entire game on the thumbdrive then. W/ the 3 big toys-to-life games showing no signs of letting up - Lego Dimensions, Disney Infinity, Skylanders - just stick the game in a toy. Or since Skylanders has had a new plug-in USB portal every single year, just put the game in the portal.

I do realizie all of those ideas add cost, but since so many new games are killing us w/ the DLC cost anyway w/ season passes costing almost as much as the game - DBXV is now $30, but the DLC is $25, and I think Fallout 4 is $30 - the cost of the game is more like a pay-to-start model. Even $60 Super Smash Bros has about $60 in DLC, with more to be announced tomorrow night probably - so they might as well add the cost of an amiibo.

Or maybe a download card type system. I'm not sure how small a microSD chip can get, but they already sell DL cards in stores, new consoles could have a slot where you stick the card in like the new credit card chips. That's all US stuff BTW, sorry if I'm not explaining it very well.

This might help. That little silver square above the 5412 is the chip of which I speak. The keypad box would be the PS5.


So as much as I think Sony, MS and Nintedo would like to go all digital downloads, I don't think that will work, there will always be the need for games. Espacilly on pay-as-you-go internet plans. PS5 could bankrupt a family w/ 1 200GB game.



rjejr commented on Star Wars Battlefront Won't Fill Too Much of Y...:

@kyleforrester87 Stream baby, stream!

I think a 200GB download would take me 30 hours. There abouts.

Wouldn't it be easier at 4k just to film real people than to try to program the polygons? PS5 power would have to be real close to photorelaistic. Maybe not Fallout 5, but Uncharted 5.

At some point something has to give. Not sure what though. Either we all have Google Fiber to our homes, or all games are subscription episodic, or they all look like Rayman Origins. But 4k games will be big, real big, and really truly expensive to produce, not sure how many of those there will be. Something has to give. A few more years we'll find out. Or in Nintendo's case a few more months I think. We'll see what NX has for storage. Though it won't be 4k, but will it even be 1080p, or just handheld games w/ tv out at 720p?



rjejr commented on Star Wars Battlefront Won't Fill Too Much of Y...:

@kyleforrester87 "Good" wasn't really the word I was looking for. I was thinking more along the lines of AAA or big budget, some of the indies still release finished, but I've had a head cold for 5 days so I've given up being clever until the fog clears.

And yes, on average one would suspect PS4/X1 games to be bigger than Wii U games, just as on average men are taller than woman, yet there is an entire WNBA filled w/ women taller than I am. I don't think it's strange that most games are bigger, I think it's strange that the smallest game on PS4 is larger than the biggest game on Wii U. That's not averages, that's an extremely different game set.



rjejr commented on Star Wars Battlefront Won't Fill Too Much of Y...:

Funny how this is small at 23GB but my biggest game on Wii U will be XCX at 22.8GB.

Though as others have said, that's the starting point, not the ending point. Will probably be a 5-8GB patch day 1.

Nothing good releases finished anymore, it just doesnt. We all pay every game to be lab rats. No wonder demos have gone the way of the dodo. Can you imagine a demo of AC last year? How can you have a demo when the games ship half complete or half finished? Closest we get to demos are subscription based games where we can bail after paying for the 1st chapter. And online betas b/c their severs need to be tested. We should all get paid every time we take part in an online beta, we're actually doing their job.



rjejr commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

@sinalefa Ooh, I forgot all about 2nd Son, the first 2 games were great. And it's only $19.99 now seeing as how it's 18 months old.

Sony is getting serious about winning Christmas, that's for sure. All that talk about "no exclusives" - which is true, I can't think of any for the holidays, remastered trilogies don't count, of course Ratchet and Drake are coming - must be getting to them.

I'm really beginning to wonder if I'm missing out on some of the best deals and I'll regret waiting later. Which I might. But I'm still waiitng. I have Cereza and XCX. And I still want to play Skyrim which I own on PS3. Judging by all thse coments if I play Fallout 4 first I'll never appreciate Skyrim after.

Do you remember about 8 years ago when Amazon used to let you bid on things and they seemingly only had about 8 of each? If they did that again for PS4 I'd be hard pressed not to bid.

Have to say, even w/o current exclusives, $300 looks good BF. I may have to remain offline all BF weekend.



rjejr commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

Anybody still looking or a PS4 to play this on, $349 at Gamestop online in the US - Uncharted bundle and the game, so not under $300 like BF, but it does sort of make the game free.

Man, it's getting hard to resist.

I'm guessing it's ok to put sales on here after the article the other day, but feel free to delete this post if it isn't ok.

Edit- you can also get a charger at Best Buy for the same price, $349 PS4, Uchartered collection and Fallout 4.



rjejr commented on Final Fantasy VII Composer Not Returning for P...:

If they just changed it up a little bit doubt I'd notice it's been so long since I played the original. And I've watched Advent Children a few times since then. But really, 1 Winged Angel, don't mess it up.

And I've played a few dozen JRPG since then, and half the battle music sounds like FF battle music. And a quarter of those games have Cosmo Canyon as well. So as long as it's similar I'm good.



rjejr commented on Proof PS4 Will Go Below $300 on Black Friday M...:

If you live in the US and have a smartphone or tablet you can get 15% of w/ Cartwheel at Target, plus another 5% off w/ Redcard, so $282 plus tax.

Target Cartwheel

$349 PS4 Uncharted bundle at Target



rjejr commented on Sony Not Looking to Profit with PlayStation VR...:

@sinalefa "Not only they won't make money off this, they will lose money off this.
And ditch it soon after when it fails to catch on."

Sounds like something I would say. And you just bought a PS4 too.

Anyway, saw your name and just wanted to let you know I finally bought Bayonetta 2 today, so I'm going to be borrowing your girlfriend Cereza for awhile, hope you don't mind. Though I need to get over this cold first, no fun, just sleep.



rjejr commented on Uh Oh, GAME Is Cancelling Some Fallout 4 Pip-B...:

I don't live or shop in the UK but GAME sure does seem to be in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons.

It's good to be a monopoly I guess. Gamestop has it's share of knowledgeable employees and seemingly high prices, but they don't seem to have as many out and out screw-ups. I mean, it's not entirely their fault Ntinedo let them have XC as an exclusive, allowing them to charge $80 for new copies as used. That's on Nintendo.

Good luck for all the people who miss out. I have the XCX collectors edition coming next month, but I trust Amazon not to mess it up. And if Nintnedo messes it up Amazon is likely to give me a large discount on the regular edition, so I'll survive.