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Mon 23rd June, 2008

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rjejr commented on Ratchet & Clank PS4 Is Further Along Than You ...:

Just got home from seeing Jupiter Ascending and this movie will be much better.

Saw the trailer for Insurgent. I can't even come up w/ a joke fitting for how bad that looked.

As long as the R&C game isn't tower defense or multiplayer it will be fine.



rjejr commented on March PlayStation Plus Announcement Still Not ...:

@Punished_Boss_84 - Commenting on Sammy's TS obsession while you're sportin' that new (to me) animated Trunks avatar is pretty funny. :-)

@DualWielding - "its only problem are the annoying Murphy Levels"

Those levels were actually pretty fun multiplayer on the Wii U, as they were probably intended - Wii U Gamepad and multiplayer. I could barely even play the demo on PS3, can't imagine going thru the entire game on it.



rjejr commented on Weirdness: Sony Craftily Joins Dress Colour De...:

@get2sammyb - That BBC vid was great, straight out of The Daily Show. I wonder if they've covered it yet?

BTW - when I see it blue and brown it's pastel blue and kind of sandy beige, nowhere near that dark blue and black the Taylor Swift wannabe model was wearing. Though it does explain why you linked to that page ;-)

Oh, and I only see it white and gold on the BBC page, never blue and brown, so I guess I'll stop blaming your horrific white background now.



rjejr commented on Weirdness: Sony Craftily Joins Dress Colour De...:

Came back to see how my eyes were doing, and it's white and gold again - the brown and blue is so ugly.

Time to scroll back up, I'm expecting it to change. BRB

yep, brown and blue again

for those who are saying it's the angle, I'm sitting in a chair in my kitchen looking at 19" Acer monitor, neither I nor the monitor are moving. I'm pretty sure it's the bright white background on this page messing w/ my eye contrast.

I was recently at a science fair and saw something way cooler than this. A woman spun a plate in front of her face for a few minutes then removed it and her head swelled up to about 5x its normal size. She then spun the plate the opposite direction and her head shrunk done to nothing like Beetelgeuese.

Our eyes may see reality, but our brains have other ideas. ;-)



rjejr commented on Weirdness: Sony Craftily Joins Dress Colour De...:

@get2sammyb - Woke up this morning and this was on my local news (I'm 1 of those people who turn on the news before getting out of bed, can't let that 39" tv go to waste) and I agree w/ your "For those out of the loop, an image showing a white and gold dress" comment it's, white and gold.

BUT I scrolled up your ALL TOO WHITE page and the @@#%#& dress is brown and blue. M#$%^%# F#$%##

So for everybody else who sees it white and gold - which I'm sure it is - after reading all the comments way down to here on the way too white background (I'm using Chrome browser) scroll back up and it may just be blue and brown. Or black and blue. Who knows.

The white background on this page really has been killing my eyes for weeks now though.



rjejr commented on Get Great Deals on 8 Weeks of Upcoming PS4 Gam...:

@Boerewors - Really nice post, I'd like it or + it or something if I could.

While I agree w/ the overall feeling here that 10% off ain't much, I think this sale is more about Sony promoting a steady stream of new indie games than anything else. Sure you only save 10%, but Sony has you looking into 8 different games over the next 8 weeks, some of which you wouldn't have looked at otherwise. It's called marketing, and I think this is a very good promotion from Sony.

PS4 has games, PS4 has PS+, PS+ has discounts. Doesn't really help the consumers wallet out any, but it's not really supposed to, it's all about the marketing.



rjejr commented on The End Is in Sight for Final Fantasy XV's Dev...:

@JaxonH - Ouch.

I went to the dentist last week, need root canal on a front tooth. I'm old and married so probably just going to have it pulled. Still need to go see the orthodontist, I'm waiting for the ice to melt so I can get out of my driveway. Maybe next week.

Can you bring MH4 and hide in your car during lunch again? Might help alleviate the withdrawals. Though I realize MH4 isn't really a 15 minutes at a time type of game. Well try and cheer up, only 3 weeks until spring :-)



rjejr commented on By the Grace of the Goddess, Dragon Quest Hero...:

@sinalefa I think both time and money are equally detrimental to my video game playing these days. (I normally go to bed around midnight but crashed at 10:00 last night, the New York cold and snow have worn me out.) I've had a really good run of about 17 years though so I shouldn't complain even if I never played another videogame again. But I will :-) Not as many as Jax though, he needs to get himself a couple of kids. ;-)



rjejr commented on The Hunger Games' Lionsgate Makes a Large Inve...:

"four different episodic escapades"

Last Hunger Games movie is due out this Thanskgiving - my wife is a huge HG junkie - so probably 1 of those nameless 4 will be done by then and they'll have a HG game out after the holidays. Maybe they can time it w/ the blu-ray box set collectors edition release next spring?



rjejr commented on By the Grace of the Goddess, Dragon Quest Hero...:

"although PS3 users may be upset to hear that there's no word of a last-gen release"

Guess thats for me, I seem to be the last luddite holdout on here ;-)

On the bright side, Squeenix saying "later this year" means I'll probably have a PS4 by then. Uncharted 4 bundle for Christmas please Santa :-)



rjejr commented on Dynasty Warriors Will Be Dabbling with a Free-...:

I read the title to mean some type of match 3 spinoff. Guess Ive been playing too much Pokemon Shufgle lately :-)

Seriously though, Im surprised if this series doesnt have some type of free app in Japan, an endless runner fighter like Angry Birds Tranformers might work. Or a tower defense game. Though I guess if youre adicted to all the mosuo games you dont have enough free time left for apos.



rjejr commented on Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PlayStation 4):

@ShogunRok - Thanks. Yeah, we'll definitely get it. I think we got PSASBR about 2 years after it released for $5 on PSN :-)

Do you know if the PS3 version is mostly the same as far as storyline and multiplayer? I'm fine w/ PS3 graphics and no Share button but I may own a PS4 by the time we pick this up.



rjejr commented on Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PlayStation 4):

Very thorough review. I haven't played a DB game since DBZ: Sagas on Gamecube but all the stuff they rolled into this one has my attention. I don't play online so I can wait for a price drop or sale and just enjoy the 10 hour storyline and multiplayer w/ my kids. And we still need to watch season 5 of DB first.



rjejr commented on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition Still Bein...:

@Punished_Boss_84 - That reminds me, for Halloween 2007 I wore a white t-shirt w/ a picture of Mr Met on it that said "Have you seen me? If so please contact Major League Baseball." On the back it said - "Your season has come. And gone." It was a big hit at the party, lots of Mets fans there.



rjejr commented on Sony Suggests It Will Be Streamlining Its Day ...:

@Jaz007 - I used to be like that, but finally after a couple of years of it always happening I finally realized it ALWAYS happens. ;-) Seems like anything you DL needs to DL a patch before its first playthru, and after all these years it seems like something they should have been able to fix.



rjejr commented on Dragon Quest Heroes' Japanese Ad Campaign Is I...:

@ShogunRok - "Koei Tecmo ... Bandai Namco ... If it was either of them, we'd be getting a Western announcement soon, or we'd already have one."

Thanks for the clarification, makes sense. Doesn't make me happy, but it does make sense. I miss Squaresoft. Though maybe I just wasn't as aware back then of delays and what we were missing out on b/c we were getting so many games I liked. Though it can't be a coincidence the last game Square released before the merger was FF X-2, 1 of the worst JRPGs I've ever played.



rjejr commented on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition Still Bein...:

BTW - "Our guess is that the stripped down version that was originally due out last October"

Actually, it wasn't "originally" due out "last Oct", it was due out Oct 2013, 2 Octobers ago.

So said Sony President Shuhei Yoshida. Oh, and he also made "clear" that PS+ would get it:

"To be clear, DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition will still be part of the Instant Game Collection when it is released."

Presidents. blah



rjejr commented on Dragon Quest Heroes' Japanese Ad Campaign Is I...:

Nice idea for the campaign, but outweighed by it's not coming to the west.

I seriously don't get it. Were the bigwigs in Squeenix HQ really sitting around saying - "The US has had about 87 musou games the past 15 years, if we make it 88 that would be too many."?

Oh well, the Japan only Godzilla game got announced as coming to the west after it released, maybe the same will happen here. :-)



rjejr commented on Sony Suggests It Will Be Streamlining Its Day ...:

"You'd put in a disc, and then proceed to twiddle your thumbs while you waited for it to install."

Actually I find th emost annoyign thing i swhen you DL a game, or maybe a 2 year old demo, and then you have to DL an update immediately before playing. If a game or demo has been on the store for 2 years why can't they update the original? THAT makes absolutely no sense to me. Discs I can understand, they have to go gold and get to the retail stores, and in the meantime Sony has probably had a firmware update so the games need a day 1 patch just to function, but a DL should NEVER need to be updated, it should be patched on the server BEFORE it is DL.



rjejr commented on Prepare for Destruction as Godzilla Blasts ont...:

@KALofKRYPTON - "For now though, Final Wars is still the greatest Godzilla movie"

Sony must think so, it's the basis for Freedom Wars on Vita. And that Jesse "The Body" Ventura captain look-a-like is awesome.

But I gotta go old school, cause I'm old, and the ending makes me cry. Not Son of Kong break down in tears sobbing, just a few tears.




rjejr commented on Prepare for Destruction as Godzilla Blasts ont...:

@Gr3ggl3s - If you have access to a Japanese account PS3 had a demo about a month ago. It controls really weird, and plays differently from all the previous Godzilla games I own, but it has the sound and music and bad 70s special effects so Im in.

PS3 being digital only is a bit of an annoyance, but at least its getting it. Maybe Ill pick up the PS4 box someday cheap.

I turn 50 July 20th, Godzilla had his 50th 11 years ago, but still works for me. Maybe I should watch the new movie now.



rjejr commented on Feature: What Do You Mean You've Never Played....:

Made me replace Squeenix w/ Level 5 as my - if they make it, I will buy it -company. Hence the Wonder Flick avatar.

The ending was rushed and anitclimatic, but the middle cut scene was better than the end of almost every other game I've played, so it balances out. A sequel would be a Day 1 purchase. Or a PS3/4 HD remaster.

And I don't think it sold well due to it's being a new IP and releasing around the same time as several other JRPGs, possibly Xenosaga 2 and FF12? And I think PS3 may have already been announced and due out around the same time before it's year long delay? Xbox360 may have launched then as well.