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Mon 23rd Jun 2008

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rjejr commented on Dragon Quest Builders Digs Up PS4, Vita Demo:

I get excited every time I see a new demo article, then remember I don't have a PS4 yet.

I think this might be the game my kid gets for Christmas. Unless we can find a PS4 Slim Skylanders bundle, then I'm getting the PS4 Slim, he's getting Skylanders.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Too soon?



rjejr commented on UK Sales Charts: BioShock: The Collection Is S...:

@get2sammyb "They're going to really promote Watch Dogs 2"

My brain doesn't acknowledge WD2. I'm just sure why, I have nothing against it, I just keep forgetting it's a thing. Like Sony and The Last Guardian.

I know you dont care, but I wish Nintneod would get around to revealing NX so other companies can reveal their games, so I can see if games like Skylanders at least make it. Or if Lego Dimensions has last years game ported. Or Yooka-Laylee, which despite getting a PS4 port I'll still buy on Wii U just b/c. Unless Sony gets mean and gives it away w/ PS+, or offers some discount. Not that Wii U is a threat but NX might be going forward. If Nintendo unveiled it.



rjejr commented on Feature: PlayStation VR Has the Power to Elici...:

The more I read about it the more I like it, but it really isn't for me or my family. $400 for a headset for 1 person at a time, or I can get a 4k HDR TV for $800 for gaming, tv, sports, and movies.

If somebody gave it to me as a gift or I won the lottery, I'd play it occasionally, heck I've played Wonderbook games occasionally, but not right now, not for $400, not for occasional use. And I do know about theater mode, but again, family of 4, we want the big screen TV to watch together.

So I do think it has a great future, but I don't see it replacing tv just yet. But it probably will. I've watched Caprica, the future is virtual. Once phones get powerful enough, we'll all be walking around like Geordi LaGorge. Well not us, but our kids, certainly our grandkids. Will help cut down on congestion in the Louvre. Great for treadmill exercise too. "Reality is the Virtual" will be a scary marketing slogan some day.



rjejr commented on UK Sales Charts: BioShock: The Collection Is S...:

Do they count U4 bundled w/ the Slim, or did you guys not get that bundle over there?

I don't think they'll be pushing U4 at all since that game will probably stay in the Slim bundle all holiday and be used to sell the Slim. I suspect Tomb Raider and FFXV are the games Sony pretends are exclusive this holiday, with RotTR being bundled w/ the Pro since it's the game that seems to offer the most Pro options for both 1080p and 4k tvs.

I would if Skylanders will get a Slim bundle w/ the Crash figure, no point bundling that game with Pro, but it might be a good way to get families to buy a PS4 w/ Wii U dead and no NX in sight. Not sure what X1S will have but you can't beat an exclusive Crash bundle. Would make a nice under the tree present for the family, and they usually price those to sell, not like $449 FFXV Slim. We got DI2 PS3 for about $170, making the PS3 effectively only $100. A $299 Slim w/ a $80 Skylanders bundle would be pretty sweet.



rjejr commented on Ogle Rise of the Tomb Raider's Assets on PS4 Pro:

@JaxonH I really enjoyed the first game, much more than I thought I would as I like my RPG w/ parties and groups, which is why I'm not a big Zelda fan or Sky rim or anything like that (no first person view disqualifes a lot of those). But the 1st had enough interactive and dramatic cut scenes and set pieces and man was it gorgeous. If you say this one is better, I may have to pay for the Pro. Well if they decide to bundle it, gotta bundle something, can't launch a console in 2016 w/o a game. If Pro doesn't get a game bundle I'm getting Slim w/ U4. Do you think we'll know about NX before Black Friday?



rjejr commented on First Impressions: PS4 Pro Represents a Sizeab...:

@get2sammyb I think in the future if you want any of these Pro articles to be of any use you need to be a little more journalistic and not write things like "top-of-the-line" and write "4k with HDR" instead, or whatever the screen is you are watching it on.

I haven't purchased a PS4 for 2 years b/c I really didn't notice enough difference in graphics for all those remasters on PS4, PS3 games looked "good enough" to me, and I'm a self admitted graphics wore who won't play 8 bit retro looking games. So I would need to know what Pro does on my 1080p non-HDR TV to see if it's worth the extra $130. $399 Pro - $299 Slim bundled w/ Uncharted 4 which seems like a $30 game at this point. Though we'll have to see how they bundle Pro in November, I still need FFXV but I'm not paying extra for it. It looks to me like every X1S is bundled, would seem really odd to launch Pro w/o a game. I might buy Pro for $399 bundled w/ RotTR Definitive Ed or whatever they are calling it. They should bundle it, seems to come up a lot in relation to Pro, plus it was already on X1, so some people gave already played it so it's not automatically a lost sale.

But please, in the future, when you are talking about how great a game looks, can you say HDR or not, 1080p or 4K. I won't have either of those for years, kids braces are crazy expensive.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What October PlayStation Plus G...:

Any chance we could get a game like DQ Heroes? 2 will probably come west eventually, and DQ Builders is due Oct 11 so it could kind of be viewed as marketing for that, and Squenix owes us for the FFXV 2 month delay.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What October PlayStation Plus G...:

Just bought my 1 year card off of Newegg for $45 which I'm planning on holding onto for Christmas, but I'd redeem it in October for infamous 2nd Son. It's going for about $20 now on Amazon, better to give it away free now while it looks like it's worth something than waiting for BF when it's selling everywhere for a tenner.

And I'll say Knack, b/c I always say Knack. I wouldn't redeem my card for Knack though.

Here's the US list if anybody wants to see what has already been offered. PS3 list is certainly much better than PS4.



rjejr commented on Reminder: PlayStation Plus Prices Increase in ...:

@get2sammyb Not that anybody ever seemed to care but me, but it seems like the remainder of the physical cards will still be sold for $49.99 while they last, but Amazon is at $59.99 for digital, and in PSN it's $59.99 as well.!/en-us/subscriptions/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PS3AOSUBSCRIPTIO?emcid=ps-ga-871&utm_medium=Paid_Search&utm_campaign=Games&utm_source=Google&utm_term=ps-ga-871&utm_content=Brand

Guess I should finally go ahead and order it on Newegg while the getting is good. Just hate buying something I won't use for 3 months.



rjejr commented on Reminder: PlayStation Plus Prices Increase in ...:

@WanderingBullet I checked both Amazon and Newegg at 9:41AM eastern time and still $49.99. It might not take a affect until noon on the west coast or something. But really, how would a store sell a PS+ card that says $50 on it for $60? Who would buy that?


Amazon is a digital code so that could change sooner or later but I do think they are run on Pacific time. I wonder if Sony would be dumb enough to charge an upgrade online? If you got a card in July for $50 and try to redeem it tomorrow or next month? Surely not. So I'll guess cards in the wild will stay at that price for awhile, digital will increase later today.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Uncharted 4's Higher Difficulties Kil...:

Played 1 on easy, and even that was too hard at times. Played 2 on normal an dI think that was a little rough at times. Played 3 on normal and don't recall any problems. (That crazed psycho in the diner in Last of Us nearly killed me.) I'm planning on playing this on normal, but I'll drop to easy if need be. It's Uncharted, it's all about the characters and story, not the challenge. I like me some cannon fodder patsies and the occasional difficult boss fight, not bullet sponges.



rjejr commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Looks Super in New Eng...:

@FullbringIchigo Thanks, I missed it in the vid there at the end. Game releases in a month and they announce a season pass w/ no price. I know I'm gettng old and cynical, but really, gaming has taken a turn for the worse.

Does PS+ go up tomorrow? I need to go buy a card today if it does, almost forgot. That question isn't for you, it's rhetorical thinking out loud.



rjejr commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Looks Super in New Eng...:

Are you guys coordinating w/ NL today? You put up the Media Create #s at the same time, and they just had DB Fusions?

Any word of a Season Pass? My son got the first only after it dropped to $30 so he could spend $25 on the season pass. He's looking at this for Christmas this year b/c there really isn't much else he wants, which is crazy, b/c Christmas is usually jam packed w/ games he wants, but not this year. (A lot of that is probably Nintneod switching games we should be playing this holiday on Wii U onto NX next year.)



rjejr commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Numbers Skyrocket T...:

@BertoFlyingFox Funny you should ask, I was just wondering if Slim and Pro would be lumped together? If they add Pro and NX next March (call me, maybe) they could knock X1 off the list and save it the weekly embarrassment. Would really like to see PSVR on the list but it may be too peripherally.



rjejr commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Numbers Skyrocket T...:

Slim and 2DS launched in the same week? Lots of money spent in Japan last week. Anybody know if they launched the same day, b/c the country might have ground to a standstill. Oh wait, Lapras already had that covered.

So, any chance Slim and P5 were the same week on purpose, or just a happy coincidence for all involved? Even I might have to admit PS3 is gone following this holiday, the last hurrah clearance deal time. I bet if PS4 had BC it would have happened already.

I wonder if 2DS will be a PS Vita TV thing and quickly slink away? I can't even recall when PSTV came off the list, I know it was up three for awhile. Did 2DS knock it down to 11?



rjejr commented on Pre-Order Prices of PS4 Blockbusters Plunge on...:

@get2sammyb Do you have Amazon Prime over there? We save 20% off all pre-orders and up to 2 weeks after a game releases, plus Day 1 delivery which is nice. (well not if you order it 2 weeks after) I'm guessing this is your equivalent to that, though I'm not doing the math.

@Sir_JBizzle Nice pic, avatar worthy even, especially on here and NL where nobody knows what your current one is.



rjejr commented on Hardware Review: PS4 Slim - Size Matters:

Still on the fence waiting on BF deals, but if I had to choose today - $299 w/ U4 for $299 is a better deal than Pro for $399 and no game. No 4k HDR tv until PS5.

I still think Slim w/ FFXV for $449 is insane though. $299 console, $60 game, say $50 more for extra 500GB, $18 for bluray movie is $428, so $22 for the design. I guess that's good, but who's going to pay that for the Slim when the Pro is $399? Buy the game for $60, rent the movie from Redbox for $2. That's a better console for only $12 more. I'll take U4, play it, then pick up FFXV later.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: NieR: Automata Has an 'Auto Mode' th...:

@JaxonH I don't think I ever make it to that first pit, some flying thing always hits me. No wait, that's SMW.

Did I ever tell you after we took DKCTF out of the library my 11 year old beat that unbeatable level first try. After that we celebrated and took it back to the library, din't see any point in playing after that how he crushed it in 1 go but I could never beat it. Things were only going to get worse for me.

Beat another boss in Ni No Kuni last night, almost had to switch to Easy mode but I persevered. I really need to go shopping more before boss fights, I never have enough mana (MP is always mana to me) Game is really stingy w/ the mana.



rjejr commented on FIFA 17 Gets Some Great Graphical Upgrades Tha...:

@Ilovetrophies " More then 40 million PS4 owner consider upgrading to PS4pro "

I stand by my comment. I said "consider", and by consider I mean all PS4 owners will look at PS4 Pro to see what it offers at what price. Whether they scoff at the price and say "heck no" or whether they buy 1 doesn't matter, anybody who checks out what the Pro has to offer is "considering" it, even if 95% of them decide not to upgrade, they still had to "consider" it to decide to say no. Otherwise how could they say "no" to an upgrade w/o first considering it? Only people who don't know PS4 Pro exists wouldn't "consider" it, and I don't think there will that many of those this holiday.



rjejr commented on FIFA 17 Gets Some Great Graphical Upgrades Tha...:

@Boerewors The more I read on here, the less I want to spend the extra money to buy a Pro. PS5 will be out in a few years, which will be abut time to get a new tv probably. And my 2 kids braces should be off by then. I'm not a hi end kind of guy, I'm a low end on sale kind of guy. PS4 has been kicking butt for 2 years, so it can't be all bad, so a quieter less power hungry Slim should suit me just fine. We're never getting PSVR either.



rjejr commented on FIFA 17 Gets Some Great Graphical Upgrades Tha...:

@ShogunRok So how long before we have side by side by side by side comparison vids of PS4 Slim v PS4 Pro v X1S v Scorpio? No wait, that won't be side by side, that will be a 2x2 cube. For every single game. (Normally I'd make some NX comment here, but that either won't get much 3rd party support or it won't be a home console, so I'm not expecting any 5-ways.)



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: NieR: Automata Has an 'Auto Mode' th...:

This "sounds" like it's made for beating tough bosses to me if it can be turned on an off and it's only available in easy mode. Anybody playing on "Easy" mode can't play about things being added to the game to make it even easier.

I'm playing Ni No Kuni n PS3 now and you can switch between easy and normal at any time, and just knowing I have that option has let me play all out against a few of the bosses that might have otherwise just caused me to give up, like I did in Arc Rise Fantasia. So far I've only played on Easy against a boss once, I just didn't feel like traveling all the way back to town to buy a couple of feathers.

So if this is just "superguide" for people stuck playing on easy I say it's a good ting.



rjejr commented on FIFA 17 Gets Some Great Graphical Upgrades Tha...:

So is that on Pro or Slim? Can we take for granted old PS4 and Slim will play the same so we don't need 3 comparisons for every game?

Man every single game going forward, how does Pro improve it? Going to make for some long reading. Though I suppose once I buy 1 it won't matter, more for the 40 mil who already own PS4 and are considering the upgrade. Is it worth it? Over and over and over again.

On topic - difference looks obvious to me, 17 looks more like real life.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: PlayStation Japan's New Commercial M...:

@thedevilsjester " pushing the family angle"

Oh, I know, I really should have put a at the end of that comment, it really needed to be there, sorry.

I think MS is after the fan boys more than Sony and worry more abut "tainting their image" w/ family games. I think they pushed really hard w/ Kinect and that didn't get them anywhere, so NFL fans and FPS fans it is.

Sony has had a bunch of toys to life bundles. And Crash Bandicott in Skylanders will probably be advertised by them. I can't pictue MS pushing stuff like that. I could be wrong, but that's what I see, and don't see.



rjejr commented on Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro ...:

@Boerewors barely legal

As long as they're legal the barely don't matter.

Good call on the PS3 games. I thought the latest Star Ocean looked just like the previous PS3 game. I do think will matter some on Uncharted 4, and going forward the God of War crew will probably push it to the limit where the old PS4 is barely playable - in comparison. I'm sure w/o the comparison it will be just fine though. And my wife keeps saying no to a new TV, so I still sit on the fence. I wonder how many ports PS5 will get in 4k? Surely I can talk her into 1 by then.

The $100 difference is now up to a $130 difference b/c Slim comes w/ U4 - which I need to play, unlike any FPS - and Pro comes solo. And I think/feel like/my guy tells me retailers will be more likely to drop Slim to $249 BF than Pro to $349 b/c Pro releases Nov 10, so that's still early adopters and high rollers picking it up BF, Slim will already be out 2 months by then, so on sale it goes. I'm cheap, best value wins.



rjejr commented on Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Pl...:

It's possible Sony suspected there would be a backlash over this, which is why they announced Slim only weeks before launch but Pro months before launch, gives them time to show off what Pro does for games, and people will have forgotten about the lack of an ultra blu-ray drive, and the people complaining now will be defending Sony when MS tries to make their ultra drive a big selling point this holiday.

I wonder if all the Sony fans defending this now and who will come around to defend this eventually, saying streaming is where we are today, "physical doens't matter", will mock Nitnod if they leave disc drives out of NX and switch to cartridges? Not on here, pretty good crowd on here, I'm thinking on IGN.

On a personal note, as someone who is still on the fence about which PS4 model to purchase, the lack of ultra disc is a knock against Pro. There probably are few people like me still w/o a PS4 who are looking at the 2 new models, but an ultra drive would have been a significant plus for the Pro. Same for PS4 owners looking to upgrade. All PS4 get HDR, that might be enough for some people.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Takes Its Stup...:

@Frank90 I'm sure a bundle of the 2 PS3 titles will be announced for holiday 2017, before being delayed to Q1 2018. Then they'll announce a bundle of all 3 bundles, in true 4k, for the PS5.

So, is KH3 a PS5 launch title yet? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before games start getting pushed to PS5 b/c they can only be done justice in true 4k.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Ogle Some Off-Screen PS4 Pro Images:

No matter how good any of these Pro images may look, they don't really mean anything to me unless they are shown side by side on the same monitor and same calibration as the other 2 PS4 models. Any game is going to look better on a top of the line well calibrated HDTV than on a poorly calibrated HDTV that people may be playing on at home.

If I had a 4k TV my mind would be made up, but I need to see some side by side impressions -from independent 3rd parties - before I'm convinced it's worth the extra money on my tvs.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Hear Kat's Chorus in Gorgeous Gravit...:

@Kidfried I never paid any attention to the first game b/c I never had a Vita. And i haven't paid any attention to the PS4 port or this game b/c I figured it was a Vita game so it wasn't going to be my thing. I finally decided to watch this vid as my introduction to the game. And it was certainly different. Having watched the other 2 vids it makes sense now, but this is not a good starting place for anybody new to the series.

I do think this vid is ok for the Japanese marktet, they have their quirks, we have ours, but this wasn't going to generate a whole lot of sales in the west.

It's on my radar now, I like quirky.



rjejr commented on Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro ...:

So do we think that every one of those pre-orders is a lost PSVR sale or a guaranteed PSVR Sale?

I wonder if anybody is sly enough to pre-order the Pro just in case their PSVR doesn't work very well when they get it next month but if it works well enough then they can just cancel the pre-order or eBay it?

Are there any games bundled in those Pro pre-orders? Amazon US only has the console for $399, which seems excessive in light of the Uncharted 4 Slim bundle for $299.

So, in general, how many of those pre-orders do we expect to see on eBay?



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Japan Sure Knows Its Audience for Pl...:

@get2sammyb "literally the NES of VR"

That only makes sense to me as everybody keeps hoping the NES Classic Mini does well just so they can all get the SNES Classic Mini they all want. I honestly couldn't tell you which games appeared on which system unless there's a 1 or 2 after the title, but your analogy makes sense in that regard, PSVR is the tech demo, PSVR2 on PS5 will get the good games. Or it goes the way of Wonderbook 2. Does PS4 have any Wonderbook games?



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Japan Sure Knows Its Audience for Pl...:

@Ralizah Now this game, singing jazz girl would be right at home.

And there's nothing wrong w/ any game having it's own elements, but certain elements sell well, certain elements don't, and Sony isn't going to spend a lot of money promoting a game that probably isnt going to sell all that well in the west.

I never said anything was wrong w/ the jazz singing girl, I was only answering Sammy's question of why Sony isn't promoting this game very hard, and I think elements like that are why it's never going to see a huge promotional campaign like Uncharted does in the west.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Japan Sure Knows Its Audience for Pl...:

Come and knock on our door. We've been waiting for you.
Where the kisses are hers and hers and hers, three's company too.
Come and dance on our floor. Take a step that is new.
We've a lovable space that needs your face, three's company too.
You'll see that life is a ball again and laughter is calling for you.
Down at our rendezvous, three is company, too.



rjejr commented on TGS 2016: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Pus...:

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

It's the generation of delays and bad game titles.

"Playstation Heroes on the Move" being changed to "Playstation Move Heroes" was the beginning of the end last gen.