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rjejr commented on PS4, PS3, and Vita Games Being Flogged in NA F...:

No Sonic '06? Fail ;-)

There's actually 3 or 4 I'm thinking of getting -

DNF - $4
BGE HD - $2
One Piece Unlimited World Red - $12

Stupid question of the day: Does anybody know if

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

is the full game package or just the DLC? I don't own the original game.



rjejr commented on Mortal Kombat X Fights Its Forebears for Franc...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi - When I was an impressionable young teenager I saw a movie named "Short Eyes" on Wometco Home Theater. I'm sure OZ is a bazillion times better, but I learned all I needed to know about prison life from that movie. Another unheralded movie from that time period that's stuck w/ me was "The Boys in Company C" about the war in Vietnam. (not to be confused w/ Joe Namaths post Superbowl victory "CC and Company"). It's no Apocalypse Now (probably a good thing), but I'd take it over Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or any of the others.



rjejr commented on Oh Great, Bethesda Will Be Making Our E3 Even ...:

In New York that's GOT S05 E10* (season finale) time for anybody's who's wondering. :-)

It's either 9 or 10 depending on whether or not they skip Memorial Day Weekend Sunday,Google seach is giving me conflicitng info.



rjejr commented on Mortal Kombat X Fights Its Forebears for Franc...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi - Nice Ash head, better than all your previous ones (one of which was giving me nightmares)

@kupo - Is that G.L.O.W.? (80's wrasslin' was the best wrasslin')

MK isn't my thing, and I hardly watch any tv, but I've seen the commercial about a dozen times and every time I want to buy it, despite the serious cheesiness of the ad, it looks like the lottery ticket ads NY has been running for years. I'm sure the game would have sold just fine anyway, but the right marketing certainly has to help. A lesson sorely lost on Nintendo.



rjejr commented on Bad News For Us Writers as Dragon Quest Heroes...:


Even the abbreviation has too many letters. ;-)

Don't they always do this though? DQ8 on PS2 (the only one I've ever played) is Journey of the Cursed King. I always just call it DQ8 though.

BTW - I am aware this is a joke piece, but I'm also aware my reply makes it look like I'm taking this way too seriously also.



rjejr commented on Sparking! Dragon Ball XenoVerse Has Sold Over ...:

My kids restarted playing Dragonball Z Sagas on the Gamecube (though technically they are playing on a Wii) while they wait for this. Not sure what exactly we're waiting for - a birthday or sale or Christmas or PS4 purchase or "complete" edition - but they seem happy w/ DBZ Sagas. The game has anime footage from the show line thru Cell so it's kind of like a mini DBZ Kai. :-)

Yesterday my son decided he wants a Dragonball themed bar mitzvah. Not sure how that's going to pan out, but I think he got sick of his parents bugging him about a theme for the past 6 months and he just said the 1st thing that came into his head. 4 star Dragonball kippas for everyone. ;-)



rjejr commented on Feel the Hype: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Fin...:

I miss "gone gold" announcements. Of course nowawdsys w/ all the day 1 or later downloads and patches "gone gold" should probably be renamed "gone silver", or in Assasins Creeds case maybe "gone bronze" would be generous.

But I still miss "gone gold" articles popping up on a regular basis.



rjejr commented on Godzilla on PS4, PS3 Looks Like the Perfect Mo...:

Can't be the perfect monster game w/o multi player, I still can't believe they left that out. We still own the PS2, Gamecube and Wii Godzilla games and the best thing about all of them was vs and in at least 1 of them co-op play. The whole game doesn't need to be story co-op but no 2 player vs has me rethinking my day 1 purchase.

I know the PS3 version is only $40 and PS4 (w/ multiplayer) $60 but I'll still hold off until a sale. Or another PSN offline "thank you". ;-)



rjejr commented on PS4 Releases Reduced in Latest Round of EU Sales:

@darkswabber - "lego tolkien the complete story"

Well even if that is true - and I believe it is, already told my kids they would do something like they did when they combined both Lego Star Wars games into into 1 - why should anybody buy Lego Hobbit now knowing it's an incomplete game? Better just waiting for all 6 movies, no?



rjejr commented on Even Xbox's Boss Is Impressed by Bloodborne's ...:

I'm surprised he didn't end by saying - "But just wait until you see Scalebound!"

Something like that anyway.

I don't think it's sincere. If it's sincere he hashtaggs Blodbouenre. #Bloodbourne, not simply Bloodbourne. He knows better than to start it trending.



rjejr commented on PS4 Releases Reduced in Latest Round of EU Sales:

I honestly read that title 2 ways -

First, that there were going to be less new PS4 games coming out due to delays or cancellations than originally announced.
Second, that PS4 game sales had slowed in Japan/EU or someplace.

For some reason, even w/ the word "Sales" in the title, I ddin't think this was about games being on sale. Maybe sale being plural threw me off?

Anyway, nobody should buy Lego Hobbit w/o the 3rd movie coming.

But sales are good.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

"if you're a beginner, read every piece of material that you can get your hands on."

Sounds more like your studying for exams than just relaxing and having fun. :-)

I appreciate people like a challenge and want to succeed, nobody would ever be successful in life w/o that drive and determination, but trying to convince people who view videogames as an outlet for fun by telling them if they study hard and prepare themselves they might just make it thru it isn't going to change a lot of peoples minds.

There's a reason they're called videogames and not videoexams. ;-)



rjejr commented on The JRPG Galaxy Awaits With Star Ocean 5 on PS...:

Well this bit of info from Gematsu might be disappointing news to some. Heck, even to me even, the hour is getting late.

"Star Ocean 5 is being developed with the PlayStation 3 version as its base, and ported to PlayStation 4. Square Enix are also considering things to do with PlayStation 4’s Share functionality.

According to the producer, they’re not thinking about story downloadable content or a “full version” to be released later. “I sincerely don’t want to do anything with this game that’ll upset people even a little bit,” Kobayashi said.

The game is currently 30 percent complete."

It's being made for the PS3 but it's only 30% done? I'm really happy to be getting Godzilla, and a litte upset about not getting DQ Heros (less upset now that a sequel has been announced which maybe will have couch co-op), but at some point you have to let it go.

Read more at"



rjejr commented on The JRPG Galaxy Awaits With Star Ocean 5 on PS...:

Ive played several console SO games and Ive liked them all - though the ending of Till the end of Time was rushed, and the flying bugs in Last Hope were really annoying when the game 1st started - but Id welcome a new game in the series. PS3 was very lacking in the JRPG dept after previous gens so its good to know this is coming. Im playing Xenoblade Chronicles now, in preparation for XCX, and its been a good long while - FFXIII and its sequels just seemed wrong to me, and WKC was so long ago.

This will probably release after FFXV so theyll know it will need to be epic.



rjejr commented on Mass Effect 4's Character Models Are Out of Th...:

Started playing LoU the other night and was impressed how much better it looks than even Uncharted 2 and 3, and was thinking, "man, U4 is going to look unbelievable on PS4", so yes, PS4, is capable of great looking graphics, we know, you can stop telling us, we know.

Show us something if you have something to show, otherwise stop repeating the obvious.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb - First 90 minutes of LoU.

Almost had to turn it off during first 30 minutes b/c I thought the tension would give me a heart attack. (Being a parent changes only added to that, its imposdible to explain.)

Next 60 were good except for my dislike of context sensitive games. Never played Heavy Rain (my 2 sons were young when it released) and skipped Beyond b/c of it. When Tess needed a boost standing in the middle of that hallway I had no idea what to do. Overall though it reminded me of the TR reboot which I really liked.

But my biggest realization - which I cant recall having seen mentioned before - is what big Joss Whedon fans ND are. We all know Nathan Drake in Uncharted is Nathan Fillion from Firefly, smart aleck and all, but this game is practically "Serenity" on Earth.

Joel suffers a great loss (M. Reynolds war loss), hech his daughter Sarah even has a Kayley vibe, who had a sort of daughter roll. Infected are Reavers. Marlene - head of the Fireflies - looks like Zoe. Ellie is River, have to transport the cargo. (Do you yhink Ellie was in that open crate w/ the green pillows on the bottom?)

Not sure how the rest will play out but those are way too many similarities to all be coincidental after Naughty Dogs Nathan Drake (ND ND). Had I know there was a group called Fireflies I probably would have figured this all out before.



rjejr commented on Soapbox: Sony Really Needs to Give Us More Pla...:

Considering you need PS+ for online multiplayer on PS4 (yes, I know, there are ecceptions), and PS4 save files seem to be the issue, seems like a simple solution would be unlimited on PS4 (or maybe even 5 to start), keep PS3 and Vita at 1 each. Simple.



rjejr commented on LEGO Dimensions Brings Bricks to Life on PS4, PS3:

@sinalefa - The new Bowser seems to have his head facing forward more than the old one, rather than down, and his clay look seems to suit him more than the first, so I agree w/ you. Still, rather they just skipped all the new poses and made more Little Mac and villager instead.



rjejr commented on Mortal Kombat X Finished Off with 1.8GB PS4 Patch:

Put my PS3 version of Last of US in last night and only had a measly 252MB update.

"More!" I was screaming at the Patch gods, "Give me more!" I felt like I was getting ripped off, or only half a game. I felt cheated getting to start playing in a matter of only a few minutes.

Thats how far insane the world has become, huge updates are the norm, anything less and we'll all feel slighted, demanding our huge update patches on Day 1. (As long as their free, and not on disc DLC. But that time will come as well.)



rjejr commented on Godzilla on PS4 Lets You Rampage as Other Mons...:

Well I still have to get this game on my PS3 as it's Godzilla (and I don't own a PS4) but now I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the differences between the 2 to see if I double dip.

Not playing as other monsters never even occurred to me. A Godzilla game w/o a vs mode is a strange beast indeed, the Godzilla games on GameCube, PS2, Xbox and Wii were all about the vs. I knew this was story driven but assumed it would have a vs mode.



rjejr commented on Review: Run Sackboy! Run! (PlayStation Vita):

@get2sammyb - I'm not disagreeing w/ your score or your review, just saying people shouldn't go into these expecting much, and it seems like thats what we get, not much.

But it is still a game being released on the Vita and should be reviewed accordingly, as a Vita game.

Did you guys do full reviews when these launched on smart devices? I know I'v seen them covered (how else would I even know they exist?) but don't recall actual reviews. Maybe Sly but that released on PSN before iOS I think. Certainly not for the Knack match 3 game.



rjejr commented on Review: Run Sackboy! Run! (PlayStation Vita):

"and you'll be tired of the free-to-play experience long before you reach the finish line."

To me that's always been the point of games like this and the other offshoots of Knack, R&C and Sly Cooper, they aren't supposed to be good long lasting games, their supposed to be commercials for the real games. You look thru your phone while you'er on the metro, play them for 5 minutes, and think, "I should play the real game when I get home".

If you start making games that are good from your home and handheld console IP then nobody needs to buy your hand or home console. These are playable ads, nothing more.

It's not lost on me that this is for an actual Vita game and not a smart app, but it is just a port of a smart app, so my thinking still applies to the games make-up. And it's free, you get what you pay for.



rjejr commented on Next God of War to Set PS4 Apart from the Othe...:

I dont mind them leaving Ktatos behind fora new GoW, Im sure there are other gods of war, or war like, such as anubis, or the 4 horsemen (though theyve been done). Making Thor into a bad@ss could be fun. I know Marvel owns the chararter but they cant own the god mythology can they? Japanese mythology must have a death god, no? Im always good to go for a feudal Japan setting.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm playing find enough loose change to fill up the little plastic easter eggs then find a place to hide them where they haven't been hidden every year before. Followed by let the parents cook big ham holiday dinner. Mixed in w/ some Final 4 basketball. Last night was 5 hour Passover seder.

Tuesday I start Last of Us.



rjejr commented on Feature: 10 Great PS4 Games to Get Stuck into ...:

@Quorthon - Well it's all violent when you think about it, but I think I have a low tolerance for torture, pain and suffering all rolled into one. Give me a lightsaber and I'll wipe out a legion of StormTroopers. And I routinely destroy 1,500 bad guys at a time in Hyrule Warriors - not sure you can get more violent than that - but realistic blood splattering stuff doesn't do it for me. I'll watch comedic bloodletting like in Reservoir Dogs (or anything by Tarantino really) and there was plenty of blood in those old poorly dubbed 70' kung fu movies (bleeding from the mouth was a prerequisite of dieing) but it all changed w/ Se7en. Visceral evisceration might be the right words.



rjejr commented on Feature: 10 Great PS4 Games to Get Stuck into ...:

@get2sammyb - I'm probably going to think it's too scary and too difficult, but I'm playing it for the story anyway, and only b/c it's Naughty Dog. Needless to say I'll be playing it on Easy. Still undecided on the gore setting, I'll probably leave it on as watching all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy over the past 2 months has toughened me up a bit. :-)



rjejr commented on Feature: 10 Great PS4 Games to Get Stuck into ...:

Gosh darn it, I thought I might be w/ the in crowd this weekend as Gamefly just shipped me Last of Us. (PS3 version, but still.) Guess you've all already played it, huh?

I almost got GTAV instead but as thats 30 hours to LoU 12 I decided to wait and purchase GTAV when I do get a PS4, I like the new gravel graphics.



rjejr commented on Feature: What Are April 2015's Free PlayStatio...:

I think Im really spoiled from last year when just on my PS3 I had Bioshock Infinte, Tomb Raider, DMC, Batman Arkham City, Remember Me and several good PSN games like Two Brothers. I think it would take a few months like that just to pique my interest.

Some older games I dont recall ever msking it of that type - Asuras Wrath, Enslaved, Castlevania and on PSN Journey and Unfinished Swan. Probably many others, thats just top of my head.

Maybe theyll save those until I get a PS4.



rjejr commented on The Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle Unmasks a Sil...:

@Quorthon - "I bought my PS4 early (last October) in order to prepare for what is going to be a packed generation. I bought my X360 on year 3 and my PS3 on year 5,"

How much of that do you think was price related? Not the X360, don't know enough about that, but buying a PS4 on release b/c everybody thought was $400 was "cheap" both in relation to the PS3 $600/$500 launch price and the XboxOne $500 price? Everybody always says "It's about the games" but to me if PS3 had launched at $400 and then PS4 at $600 Xbox 1 would be winning this gen. To me price relationships is a big factor why PS4 has done so well. That and everybody knows the games will come eventually, but why wait to buy when $400 is "relatively" cheap?



rjejr commented on The Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle Unmasks a Sil...:

@Gamer83 - "lack of exclusives"

Yeah, that's a big reason I don't have 1. We have LBP3 on PS3. Just put Last of Us on my Gamefly list - figured it was about time, still waiting on Godzilla this summer, my kids are waiting for a sale on Dragonball XV. If I had gotten a PS4 for Christmas I'd gett he PS4 versions of those games, but the graphical upgrade isn't worth $400 for me.

I still think over the past year people have been saying "no games", but I suppose they meant exclusives. People always say Wii U doesn't have ANY 3rd party support, but it continues to get Disney Infinity, Skylanders, all the Lego games (minus DLC), Just Dance, really bad Sonic games, Pac Man shovelware. There's probably more 3rd party than 1st party really, but people keep saying "NO 3rd party games". I know what they mean, no AAA games, but they don't say that.



rjejr commented on The Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle Unmasks a Sil...:

@Sir_JBizzle - "exclusive content"

That, store exclusives, things seemingly available only on sale on eBay, timed exclusives. It's all getting to be really annoying. Why can't I just buy a game on a console, and a toy in the store? Why does there need to be research involved?

Sorry, still stinging over the 3rd Hobbit movie not making it into the game, and Lego Batman 3 season pass not coming to Wii U. I know Wii U doesn't get any 3rd party support, but for a Lego game? My kid wants Lego Jurassic Park and I told him he's on his own. I'm not dealing w/them any more.



rjejr commented on The Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle Unmasks a Sil...:

@Quorthon - MLB The Show is also on Vita and PS3 so it's a Sony exclusive, but not a "this gen" exclusive. And some people take offense to spending $400 on a new console to play games they could be playing on their old consoles.

I'm not 1 of those people, but somebody was going to comment on it (probably still will), might as well be me. :-)



rjejr commented on The Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle Unmasks a Sil...:

@Gamer83 - Guess Sony can sell PS4 w/o "exclusive" games if they keep treating games like Batman and MGS as IF they were exclusive by putting out special edition consoles.

And I was just thinking the other day that for a system w/o any games (are people still saying that, or has it been modified to w/o any "exclusive" games?) PS4 has just had a nice run w/ DB Xenoverse, FF Type 0 HD, Bloodborne and MLB The Show 15. W/ Batman and MGS on the distant horizon. I agree it still needs a big game for the holidays but for the winter it hasn't done too poorly. And PS4 exclusive DQ Heroes (no PS3 version in the west, damn them) would be a nice other game for the holidays if they could somehow get a big AAA alongside it.