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I'm the Associate Editor of Push Square. You may remember me from such articles as 'Why I'm The Real Commander Shepard' and 'I Can't Stop Killing Dragons'. Note: Articles mentioned may not actually exist. Yet.

Thu 2nd February, 2012

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ShogunRok commented on Star Wars Meets Dynasty Warriors? Koei Tecmo P...:

@Patinator Something like that, but rights to franchises can easily be shared out for certain projects. For example, Dragon Quest is owned by Square Enix, but it let Koei Tecmo and Omega Force use the license for Dragon Quest Heroes, and Square Enix's name is still on the box.



ShogunRok commented on Yep, Destiny Is Getting Microtransactions:

@milero91 Oh yeah, I agree. I love Destiny - especially after The Taken King - I'm just always careful around microtransactions. If the income from these items can help support the team at Bungie make more free content, then there's a good side to that. If they pump out another £100 worth of expansions in 2016, though? I'm not so sure.



ShogunRok commented on Yep, Destiny Is Getting Microtransactions:

@milero91 The difference with ESO, though, is that it is actually a fully fledged MMO that was built with a subscription fee in mind. The microtransactions in that are a necessary step after the game went with its current model. ESO also doesn't charge £20 and £40 for expansions, or release three of them in one year. I do see what you're saying, however.



ShogunRok commented on First Impressions: Just Cause 3 Grapples for G...:

@SteveButler2210 The big PC mod that got a lot of coverage was the multiplayer one. It allowed dozens of players to all inhabit the map at once, and it looked absolutely mental. With that in mind, it's a bit weird that Just Cause 3 won't feature any sort of multiplayer. You'd think with the positive reception of the aforementioned PC mod, Avalanche would have added in some co-op or something, but nope.



ShogunRok commented on Game of the Month: Top 4 PlayStation Games of ...:

@LieutenantFatman If it turns out to be one of the best games on PlayStation this month, then sure.

We've changed the rules a bit when it comes to which games can actually be nominated for GOTM. In the past, we used to disqualify any titles that were remasters, for example. But now we feel it's best to just include everything, as that gives us more choice, and it better represents the consoles in question.



ShogunRok commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

@RawShark No, everyone's been warned several times now to stay on topic, and now you're purposefully trying to goad a response from members of staff.

For starters, you told Sammy that he should "show some conviction to his own site", which, on a personal note, I find incredibly disrespectful, especially when Sammy, and all of us here, work as hard as he does on making Push Square successful.

Again, we're perfectly happy with criticism - any project needs it to help shape its future - but we're now on comment 158 of an article that is three days old, and you're asking me if you've "hit a nerve", and calling my prior warning "passive aggressive" when it's obviously quite clear.

If you've got anything more to say on this matter, please contact us via email, it's as simple as that.



ShogunRok commented on Review: FIFA 16 (PS4):

@rjejr Oh yeah, happens quite often, especially with big games. But I still like to think there's always people checking the review who haven't quite made their minds up. If it helps anyone like that, then it's fulfilled its purpose - even if the majority of readers have already decided.



ShogunRok commented on Fallout 4's Original Soundtrack Should Be Fant...:

@BigDaddyT0101 I actually tend to agree. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, fallout 3, and New Vegas (same composer) all had brilliant soundtracks that don't get enough credit. Skyrim's in particular was utterly superb.

And although the Fallout scores tend to play second fiddle to the radio stuff, I think they're perfect in the way that they convey the atmosphere of the wasteland. I reckon Bethesda nail it every time when it comes to music.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Destiny: The Taken King (PS4):

@SteveButler2210 Yeah, like I said in the review, I think it's now much easier to play Destiny casually thanks to the increased loot drops. You can now develop your character just by doing the story/free-roam without much consequence, although you'd obviously be missing out on some stuff.

Like @kyleforrester87 said, there will be a cap somewhere. For example, on my friends list, most people I know are beginning to really slow down around 285-295 light level, as better loot understandably becomes increasingly rare. The fact that you can, you know, actually get reliable loot drops is the game changer, though. I'm 293 at the minute and I still feel like I'm working towards something that's attainable.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Destiny: The Taken King (PS4):

@themcnoisy Nah, I'm still more than up for some Push Square community events - absolutely addicted to Destiny at the minute, and I can't see it being shelved for a while yet. It is quite nice to get the review out of the way though!



ShogunRok commented on UK Sales Charts: Destiny: The Taken King Takes...:

@kyleforrester87 I reckon TTK probably demands a bit more from consoles than vanilla Destiny. I mean, it's got loads of massive fights between two or three enemy factions at a time. I know a lot of what Destiny does is handled on the server side of things, but I can't imagine the PS3 version handling that much stuff - surely it's been stripped down to a degree? It'd be interesting to see PS4/PS3 side by side.



ShogunRok commented on Interview: Bandai Namco on Bringing Its Japane...:

@wakkawakka Not necessarily true at this point. Any game that's released on multiple platforms like J-Stars Victory VS+ and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 have all ended up on Vita in the West.

Again, the PS4 is the main reason all of these games are getting localised in the first place, though.