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I'm the Associate Editor of Push Square. You may remember me from such articles as 'Why I'm The Real Commander Shepard' and 'I Can't Stop Killing Dragons'. Note: Articles mentioned may not actually exist. Yet.

Thu 2nd February, 2012

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ShogunRok commented on Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4):

@TwoPiece Sadly, it's the same situation here. You can only play co-op on missions that you've both either completed or have unlocked. An absolute pain, as is the fact that it still separates you when a level is cleared. Madness.



ShogunRok commented on Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4):

@PepperMintRex If all goes to plan we should have a review of the Vita version soon, hopefully next week.

@shonenjump86 Definitely. Pirate Warriors 2 didn't feature any official story stuff, but this one goes through all of the main plot points from the manga and anime. Even if you don't know One Piece, it should be decent fun.



ShogunRok commented on First Impressions: Call of Duty: Black Ops III...:

Really good read @DrJoeystein. Didn't get a chance to play the beta myself but it sounds like it could be another solid multiplayer offering after Advanced Warfare, which I quite liked when I reviewed it. Liking the sound of some of these changes - hopefully it'll do enough to satiate most fans.



ShogunRok commented on Fallout 4 Definitely Has a Chance of Outsellin...:

@ztpayne7 I have my doubts as well, but when you consider the amount of excitement for it... I mean, it's going up against the likes of Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Star Wars Battlefront, and yet part of me thinks it has absolutely nothing to fear.

Bottom line is it's going to be big but to be bigger than Skyrim is going to be tough.



ShogunRok commented on Reaction: Destiny Has a Clear Plan, and It's t...:

@arnoldlayne83 @teknium_ I think Destiny's already heading in that direction with The Taken King. I mean, now that the level cap is based on experience, the endgame is going to become more and more about building characters. Finding the right gear, equipping the right skills, all to make your ideal build. I think, in a nutshell, that's going to be the main reason people will keep playing once they hit 40.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent ...:

@Splat I think BioWare's pretty hit and miss with DLC. Mass Effect 2's Shadow Broker was superb, but the one with the hammerhead was a slog (because of the hammerhead itself). I did think Mass Effect 3's DLC was pretty good overall, though. Leviathan was an interesting adventure, Omega was... okay with some cool battles, and The Citadel was brilliant.

As for Dragon Age... The only truly good expansion I think the series has ever had was Awakening, and that was mostly because it was pretty massive.



ShogunRok commented on Feature: The Best PS4 Games of the Year So Far:

There's only one winner here, stop kidding yourselves people.

The only thing that can beat The Witcher 3, as far as I'm concerned, is Fallout 4, but I have my doubts that it'll actually be playable at launch. Good old Bethesda!



ShogunRok commented on Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hak...:

I understand this review's (very) late, but I figured it was worth doing it together with a review of the second expansion, The Descent, which will hopefully be published later today.

Needless to say, we couldn't review this at launch for reasons outside of our control.



ShogunRok commented on The Taken King Is Looking More and More Like W...:

@hYdeks What @kyleforrester87 says is true in my opinion. It's great as you're levelling up, finding good gear on a consistent basis, and blasting through the main missions, but the grind soon kicks in - that's when people tend to get sick of the game.

But yeah, it's already a lot better than it used to be in terms of actual grinding, and with TTK, it promises to get even better.



ShogunRok commented on Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Will Conquer Vita ...:

@Matroska I wouldn't say they tend to run badly, but when compared to the console versions, it's clear that the latter is superior mostly because of the draw distance. Hundreds of enemies on screen is what Warriors games are all about, and without that, they do undoubtedly lose a chunk of their charm.



ShogunRok commented on Interview: Shining Some Light on PS Vita's Act...:

@get2sammyb Interesting point, and this is something I'd actually like to see bigger franchise try.

For example, I've always thought a more personal Mass Effect game would be really interesting. A story that's on a smaller scale rather than 'Earth is depending on us' or 'we need to save the galaxy'. Hell, just give me any RPG where the goal isn't to stop an ultimate power from consuming everything and I'll be happy.

Point is, it'd be refreshing to have more focussed narratives in games.



ShogunRok commented on The Witcher 3's PC Mods Could Come to PS4:

I think the worry with mods on consoles - especially for the developer - is working out how to implement them correctly. It can't possibly be like it is on PC, because on PC, there are tons of mods that are made poorly and can easily break your game if you're not too knowledgeable of the process.

Like, when Fallout 4 supposedly gets mods on PS4, how many people would end up destroying their save files? Waaaay too many, and they'd all run to Bethesda screaming about how their game is ruined.

The only logical way to do this, I imagine, is for the developer itself to have a dedicated mod team who pick and choose which mods are suitable for console players. Anything else would result in utter chaos and outrage.



ShogunRok commented on Interview: We Trade Strategies with the Produc...:

Just want to highlight this particular quote: "But we think that if we make a game that's good and is accepted and can be enjoyed by Japanese people, there will also be people in the West who will enjoy them and find them entertaining as well."

Refreshing to hear, especially when you have companies like Square Enix trying to Westernise some of its properties. I think one of the main reasons people like Japanese games is because, you know, they're Japanese. They tend to offer a different feel, a different tone, and that should always be welcome in gaming. .



ShogunRok commented on Review: Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (...:

@NeoTechni It may be intentional, but it's still questionable game design. On the plus side it adds a hint of tension. On the minus side, you can lose a chunk of progress when the AI decides to gang up on your ally and they do next to nothing to defend themselves.