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Fri 16th December, 2011

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Ginkgo commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

The timing on this is good. Just finished with Second Son (an easy and enjoyable platinum), so planning on playing this until Watch_Dogs releases.

I played the beta last month and really enjoyed it. It is shame SE seems to have deleted my account though. Pain to create a new one with a different ID.



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered En...:

@get2sammyb I can easily see TLOU selling over 1 million "lifetime" on PS4.

Yes, the summer is a little slow. However, isn't DriveClub rumoured for June?
BUT and it is a big BUT, there are quite a few games coming out later this month and in May.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Bound by Flame
Lego The Hobbit
MLB 14: The Show
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Watch Dogs
Wolfenstein: The New Order

So it is not like there is nothing between now and Sept.



Ginkgo commented on This Bound by Flame Trailer Heats Up the PS4 R...:

@3rdEyeMind Why gathering dust? With over 50 games already released, I struggle to believe there is nothing on the PS4 to play. I assume you are enjoying games on other devices more at the moment.

In any case, from May there is heaps of good looking new games come out. FFXIV will probably keep me going until then.



Ginkgo commented on The Last of Us PS4 Will Boast Enhanced Lightin...:

@rastamadeus Why so negative about more content? The more the better I say. Yes I want more new IP AAA too (no really I do) but happy that there is other content coming as well, indies, ports etc. Its all good.

Clearly decisions on which game to port are financial. With so many 360 players switching to PS4 this generation, there would be a large number of people excited about this who have not played the game. They do it, if they think it will sell. This will sell.

Personally, I know two 360 owners who have switched to PS4 this gen because of naughty dog and their exclusives, LTOU being chief among them. So for me, bring it on.



Ginkgo commented on Review: Mercenary Kings (PlayStation 4):

After getting it for free on PS+, I gave it a try. Completed the first mission and was bored to tears. Maybe it gets better, but what I saw was so uninteresting I will not bother to find out.

I do not understand the love people have for faux retro 2D platformers. We used to play them in the 80s because that is all there was, but times have moved on. The game is not even innovative in that space. It did nothing that hasn't been done (and better) 1000 times before.

How this game could get 78 on metacritic and a game like Killzone Shadowfall 73 is beyond me. I'm lost. What do people see in this game?



Ginkgo commented on Details on the Mysterious Assassin's Creed: Co...:

@thedevilsjester Personally I am thrilled that they are splitting the games across the gens, rather than making another cross-gen title. It should let them really try and ramp things up in Unity (not just graphics) in ways that are not possible on a cross-gen release.

As for Comet, it also makes sense to make a game for 160 million people who own a 7th gen console.

So, this is a great decision. I just hope the games are innovative, and not just the same thing. Time will tell.



Ginkgo commented on How Do Watch Dogs' Visuals Fare on Actual PS4 ...:

I think the game looks good. Not saying there was no backwards step from E3, but I do think that the "downgrade" cries going round the traps are highly overstated.

Certainly looks better than GTA V, maybe not quite as good as Infamous SS. Was always going to be the case with a cross-gen game. Some of the comparisons were just silly though, comparing night vs day and rain vs shine etc.

Personally I can't wait. Day one.



Ginkgo commented on What Does Facebook's Oculus Rift Acquisition M...:

Although I would love nothing more than VR to invade my life (Ready Player One anyone??) as I have said in previous threads, I am still far from convinced in the current level of technology.

I think the current crop of VR headsets coming out will have their day briefly as a novelty, but fade like 3D TV has. The downsides of the tech will outweigh the benefits for most people after the initial excitement wears off.

Having said that, there is certainly room for Morpheus and OR to co-exist. The competition etc will be useful in creating a new segment. So I think that the Facebook purchase is positive for both Facebook and Sony. I don't think either will make money off VR, but the tech will need backing to get off the ground. So its a good thing.



Ginkgo commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Be on Your Syste...:

Oh there are so many other things that I would prefer than this:
DLNA support
External Drive support
System standby and recover while "in game", like on the Vita (as promised)
Creating Folders
Play TV support (I know this is unlikely, but it is one of the main uses for the PS3 nowadays)
etc, etc, etc

Edit: Having said all that. What this update will do is allow endless youtube videos to be created which is essentially viral marketing for Sony and pushes their share features, so I can understand why it is Sony's priority.



Ginkgo commented on Assassin's Creed: Unity Drops a Heavy Blade on...:

@get2sammyb The graphics look gorgeous, so the possibility of roaming around in that city really excites me. But yeah, time will tell if the final cut maintains that level of detail. Still they are clearly planning to push things in a next-gen only title.

How could you not like the French revolution though as a setting? I think it will be fantastic to return to Europe. I do agree that its hard to imagine going back to an AC without the ship battles. They will need to add some new stuff.



Ginkgo commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

Start playing it last night. Looked up and it was 2am. Always a good sign!

it still feels and plays like an infamous game, but it has evolved tremendously. Story is engaging so far. It is so hard to not just go around blowing everything up. Seattle is brilliant with so much detail to explore..



Ginkgo commented on This Is Why You Should Play Watch Dogs on PS4:

Still can't wait for this game.

Yes it has probably suffered a little graphics wise since the E3 reveal, but I think some of the comparisons I've seen were just silly, comparing Day Vs Night and Fine Vs Rain. The whole things has been blown a little out of proportion.



Ginkgo commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Project Morpheus...:

I am excited by this, BUT, the OR really disappointed me and has left me thinking the whole VR idea is years away. Motion sickness, latency, poor head tracking, low resolution (though I assume that was just the dev kit), weight, sweat, fogged up lenses etc etc etc. I was not impressed at all.

I really hope that I am wrong, and this actually works.



Ginkgo commented on Aussie Gamers Will Have to Wait an Extra Week ...:

I should clarify my comments.

I believe censorship is a good and necessary part of a healthy society. I would love to say it is not necessary, but it is.
But I also believe that censorship should only be used sparingly, in extreme cases, where the content is truly abhorrent and just socially unacceptable. You can all think of examples.

Censorship, when overplayed denies free speech, which is a cornerstone of all modern, free democratic societies. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" – Hall on Voltaire

What gets my goat in Australia is that games are held to a much more stringent standard than any other medium. They have finally introduced an R18 category after “years” of debate and pressure, which is a huge step forward, but the classification guidelines still demonstrate that they don’t really accept games as a legitimate adult entertainment medium. They still feel the need to censor and sugar-coat content, even when the R18 classification is given.

Games, just like books and movies should be able to reflect the reality of the society we live in, the good the bad and the ugly. It is part of how society reflects and understands itself. Games can have a role to play in that process if they are allowed to.



Ginkgo commented on Aussie Gamers Will Have to Wait an Extra Week ...:

@knight_spg As a fellow Aussie I think that we do still have "draconian import and classification laws", so I found the line poignantly funny.

The ratings system is much improved, now there is an R18, but their classification guidelines are still stupid. Games are still held to ridiculous constraints that films and books are not, under the misguided belief that their interactivity somehow makes them more dangerous.

I stand by the idea that games are a legitimate form of adult entertainment, and don't understand why I need protecting form themes that film and books employ readily.

oops... back off my high-horse. Sorry.



Ginkgo commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset May Just Be Reve...:

I am a bit of a hardware whore and really like Move, they just stopped making good games for it. I don't think new ideas are gimmicks (even if they don't survive long) and we should just stick with the traditional controllers. Without new ideas the world would never progress. Without new ideas we would still be playing pong.

However, playing with the Oculus Rift left me feeling very "Meh", so this doesn't excite me that much. The idea of VR is brilliant, but I just don't believe the tech is there yet and the human brain doesn't like the idea of seeing motion without the inner ear physically sensing it. Can make you quite queezy. Not sure how any tech will get around that.