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Fri 16th December, 2011

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Ginkgo commented on Review: Minecraft: PS Vita Edition (PlayStatio...:

Minecraft is a fantastic game, completely addictive and as the article states on the Vita is a match made in heaven. The large OLED screen and dual stick controls make it a much better experience than on a phone. Not quite as nice as on the PS4, but I would argue the best handheld version going around. Could not recommend it enough. But I am an unabashed fan.



Ginkgo commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:

I don't understand all the comments about not wanting to buy or wasting money having bought a ps4. I find the logic backwards. The system in better in virtually every respect. The missing dlna etc will come soon. Owning a ps4, give me one reason to turn my ps3 on? Honestly I only use it now for play TV.



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

Have bought the odd bit of dlc, don't mind it as long as it is reasonably priced and not clearly ripped out of the game for a money grab. TLOU DLC is the best I have ever played. Blew me away. I refused to buy the omega dlc from ME3 because it was just a money grab. The main story even referred to the mission. Typical EA and I refused to play ball.

Have never bought a season pass because I typically move on to another game. So much to play. I would not get my money's worth.



Ginkgo commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:

@Godsire- Not necessarily. The vision for this game has some very unique qualities that have the potential for it to stand apart. The persistent world, the environment destruction and interactions, the blend of multiplayer/single player.

I was very hyped for this game, but am now a bit more "wait and see" basically because Watch Dogs disappointed me so much. Watch Dogs is a good game in so many respects, but somehow managed to be less than the sum of its parts.

It is exactly the sort of game I love, and I was enjoying it for a while, especially the hacking, but just got bored so haven't even finished the main story yet, which I never do. It is hard to put my finger on why. I think the side missions were its main failure. They are tedious and often not related to the game/story in any meaningful way at all. Just a grind to level up.

I am hoping this doesn't fall into the same trap. So I hear you. You may be right, but I hope not.

BTW - Great interview Sammy. Will they pull it off on the PS4 is a huge question. Still not 100% convinced despite the answer.



Ginkgo commented on Good News, PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Almost Work...:

It has been working for me since yesterday. No issue going online, accessing club features or joining multi-player races. Maybe I haven't tested everything, but nothing has failed for me in the last 24 hours. Fingers crossed it continues. At the very least it is a huge improvement.



Ginkgo commented on When Will DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release o...:

Interestingly, the online features have worked perfectly for me this afternoon for an extended period. I was able to join multi-player races etc. Not one dropout. Fingers crossed, they have finally fixed the server issues.



Ginkgo commented on When Will DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Release o...:

The whole situation is clearly a debacle. it is hard to imagine a launch going worse. However, considering what has happened, I do agree with Evolution's stance that they have to make the game work as promised for those who have paid for it, before giving the game away free to PS+ users, which would only make the online worse through more traffic.

I hope the issues are sorted soon, but not yet convinced. Nov PS+ update is the earliest I can imagine the free version coming out.



Ginkgo commented on Rumour: PS4 Simulation Racer Project CARS Park...:

I actually think this delay is a good thing. Nov is just crazy with games and there were too many car games in a short space. If it gived them more time to finish things off then all the better, and people will be looking for a new car game again. This will help project cars all round.

@SanderEvers I think the delay means the WiiU version releasing at the same time is at least a possibility , but honestly don't hold your breath.



Ginkgo commented on DriveClub Developer to Roll Out New Game Updat...:

From the bits I can play of the game it is great. Just amazing how broken the online is. Really hoping they get it sorted and soon, because the social features are the focus of the whole game. It is hard to understand what the root cause of the problem is. Whether they need more hardware/severs, coding fixes, both or just completely broken.



Ginkgo commented on September NPD: Sony Silences Analysts as PS4 S...:

Well colour me NOT surprised.

I am also not convinced that XBO's holiday line-up will stop the PS4 train either. Not because the XBO doesn't have a better holiday "exclusive" line-up, it does. BUT, big hitters during the coming holidays aren't exclusives (COD, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed, Far Cry etc) and most of them will be preferred to play (better res etc) on the PS4. The one exception is Halo, but not sure that a remaster will be enough to sell an XBO to 360 owners who have already played them, or lure PS3 owners when Destiny exists. I actually think it is smart not to release many big exclusives this holiday season, because it is already saturated. There is no room. As always, time will tell.

@WARDIE Agree, agree, agree. Loving the PS4, enjoying the games, but the server issues (Driveclub and PSN in general) need to get sorted. It is not spoiling it for me at this stage, but clearly it can't continue. Also looking forward to more OS updates, but Sony is correct in not making them core/priority.



Ginkgo commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

@get2sammyb I'm not very good at waiting. Bought the PS+ version last night. Offline is good so far, but online is broken as expected. Interested to have a multiplayer race. Even when I can connect to the server, it never makes it through matchmaking. Oh well .Waiting for updates. At least I knew what I was getting.



Ginkgo commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

Sick of waiting for the PS+ edition, which looks like it could be a month away. So, considering getting the retail version, which I always planned to do eventually anyway. Just struggling with buying a game I know is broken (hoping it will be fixed).

Is it worth buying in it current state?



Ginkgo commented on Store Update: 15th October 2014 (Europe):

Downloading minecraft Vita as I type. yay! Unfortunately it is only cross-buy with PS3 (where you can also share save files), not PS4, so I have bought it again. Still worth it.

Anyone know what hte deal is with Freedom Wars on the Vita. I thought it was already released, but I cannot see it in the store.



Ginkgo commented on There Was Almost a Saints Row Brawler for Play...:

I actually miss Move. It was a shame that all the content dried up. But I guess the whole motion controlled genre died. Morpheus will bring it all back and be just as short lived. Still, I will probably hop on that train too while it lasts.



Ginkgo commented on Pachter: PS4's American Winning Streak Ended i...:

Time will tell, but I find it hard to believe in the month Destiny launched. I recon he's very wrong.

For whatever it is worth, VGChartz has XBO at 250k and PS4 at 400k in NA for Sept. Doesn't prove anything, but it is usually indicative.
Also, on Amazon US the back PS4 has stayed in the top 10 bestseller all Sept and the white Destiny bundle was also in the top 10 for most most of the month only occationally dropping into the teens. The XBO by comparison was as in the 30s all month. Also proves nothing but does backup VGChartz in that the PS4 has with 2 top 10 skus well outsold the XBO with only 1 at around the 30 mark.

Would love to know where Pratcher is getting this idea from?



Ginkgo commented on Fencing Sim Nidhogg Strategically Shuffles ont...:

Ignoring the fact of whether it is fun or not, surely this should win an award for one of the ugliest looking games on record. Even allowing for the retro art style, they are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen. Luckily is sounds like it plays better than it looks.



Ginkgo commented on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Update Incoming 'Re...:

@WARDIE You still own a Atari 2600 ? Oh that's awesome. It was my first console too!
Have you really kept it that long? (is so, I'm not worthy), or did you track a second hand one down? I still play the odd Atari game on the PC, simulated using Stella.



Ginkgo commented on Evolution Studios: We're As Frustrated About D...:

There is no way this is a scam. It is an unmitigated disaster. No company would do that to themselves. It will be interesting to see if DC can recover from this, my guess is only partially. They have potentially halved their sales IMO.



Ginkgo commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Could Still Reach 1080p...:

People are not upset by the resolution itself per se, but at the idea of gimping and not allowing the game to be the best it can be on every platform. There is a solid belief that the PS4 can run this game at 1080p based on the success of other games to achieve that benchmark. People want the best version possible, not a scaled back one due to some marketing idea of equity. That whole concepts stinks of looking after MS as the XBO is less capable and they are sponsoring that game. Difficult for MS to get value for money when their sponsored game runs better on the competition.

That is what is clearly in play. The web community is not stupid and saw thought the comment in a heart beat. If Ubisoft doesn't change their mind and release a "best possible" PS4 version which I am 100% convinced would be 1080p on PS4, (60fps maybe/maybe not.) then they will lose PS4 sales. It will still sell well on PS4, but there will be a boycott to a degree. Sales will drop. So there is a money impact to their decision. Just a question of how much, which is hard to predict.



Ginkgo commented on Round Up: DriveClub PS4 Reviews Target Pole Po...:

@get2sammyb How can a site criticise a game for not being open world, when it is not trying to be? That makes no sense. Its not a gaming requirement...
The Last of Us was rubbish, because it wasn't open world?! I assume it is a FH comparison, but I am still lost.

This game's DNA is about social features. It should rise and fall on how it make them work as a racing game, not lack of open world which is a legitimate design decision.

There are only 6 reviews out so far, so way too early to tell. In any case, I will download my PS+ version tomorrow and decide for myself.



Ginkgo commented on Weirdness: This Is How Activision Should Have ...:

For all its flaws, it is personally the best gun-play I have ever experienced in a game. Despite all the criticism (some of which is warranted) I think that the reason everyone keeps playing is clear. The core game-play is awesome. That is what brings people back. If someone is looking for a shooter, I cannot think of one I would recommend over it.



Ginkgo commented on Round Up: Alien: Isolation PS4 Reviews Hold Th...:

I just want to feel like I am running around in an Alien movie. Will is do that for me?

i.e.Quiet times roaming dark corridors scared one is going to pop out from nowhere while I work towards some goal. Knowing a big battle awaits at any moment.

BTW, I have decided it is on my "wait" list for the moment. (something has to be). The fact that Polygon didn't like it inspires me to get it more though. There are a few more reviews out now, many positive. It is currently averaging 79, so they have to have pulled it off to a fair degree.



Ginkgo commented on PlayStation Home May Live on the PlayStation 4...:

I really liked PS Home, but it was just too damn slow. Made it unusable. I am just not that patient.

If they could bring it to PS4 and make it crisp and responsive, I don't know. I think there is a niche for this.