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Fri 16th December, 2011

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Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Christmas Offering Is...:

@sinalefa I take your point, but don't agree entirely.

First there are more PS4 exclusives than the ones your mentioned, Resogun, Knack and KZ Shadowfall to name just a few. In addition, there are 3rd party 8th Gen only games such as AC Unity and Outlast. There are also several PC MMOs that are exclusive to PS4 on consoles, such as WarThunder and PlanetSide etc. All just examples. So there are indeed a lot of games on the PS4 that are not available on the PS3. Whether they interest you or entice you to upgrade is personal preference, but the content is there, even if perhaps not overwhelming yet. Clearly 2015 will be a game changer for 8th Gen.

The other point that I think worth considering is that all of the content coming out on the PS4 that is also on the PS3 helps remove any barrier to not upgrading because of missing content. once you have the PS4, you buy that version, rather than the PS3. As more and more of the content that was PS3 is also on PS4 (I'm thinking of Singstar as a prime example), more and more it means you can upgrade and "potentially" no longer need the PS3.

Certainly the PS4 is not fully there yet in terms of content and not just with games, but PS3 apps on media functions not yet on PS4. But the holes are being filled in all the time. My PS3 is mainly used for PlayTV and other TV streaming services nowadays, with only the occasional PS3 game coming out. The PS4 has enough content to keep me busy.



Ginkgo commented on This Mass Effect 4 Panel Comes with Commander ...:

Love this series (ME3 annoyances aside). ME2 is still one of my favorite games of all time. Can't wait to hear more.

In fact I love most stuff from BioWare. I try very hard to forget that EA bought them and has started introducing some poor DLC decisions.



Ginkgo commented on Weirdness: Garrus, What Are You Doing in Docto...:

@get2sammyb " I like low-budget things. I just don't like Doctor Who." - cough, splutter...what?! could you not like Dr Who? My 10 year old would eat your alive for saying such things. Perhaps you missed it as a kid. Coming to it as an adult might not make the same impression.



Ginkgo commented on Will PS4 Win the Battle for China? Our Survey ...:

@Tasuki : Direct copies (fakes) are much harder to find these days in China. They still exist to be sure, but much more underground than they used to be. The Government seems to have started to care, probably bowing to international pressure.

Bad rip-offs that do "similar" things with different names are definitely still around, but I am not sure that will detract to much from the real market.

In any case, it is a big new world and it will be fascinating to see how it develops.



Ginkgo commented on There Ain't No Junk in Far Cry 4's Trunk Accor...:

I adored FC3, and will get this day one. But the footage looks and feels a little too similar to FC3 for my taste. I wish they would have pushed the boundaries a bit more.

Still day one. They just have to keep the flame thrower.



Ginkgo commented on Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer Seals Its Doo...:

Sad news indeed.

Murdered Soul Suspect is still on my list of games to play, just haven't got around to it yet. The review scored did impact my decision to not drop everything and run out and get it, but still intend to play this down the track.
The genre appeals to me greatly. I believe I will enjoy it.



Ginkgo commented on PS4's First Gran Turismo Game Will Be Stuck at...:

To be honest, I am somewhat concerned for this franchise. I love GT, and played the hell out of GT5, own a racing wheel etc. But, I get the impression that where GT was at the forefront for so long, it is resting on it laurels and being stagnant. GT6 didn't impress me (only played the demo I confess, but could see no reason to upgrade). Statements about them keeping standard cars etc, are another example.

Games like Project Cars and Drive Club etc are pushing boundaries (in different ways). GT needs to find another level, and my fear is that they will continue to put out more of the same and find themselves left behind.



Ginkgo commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

It is simply a lack of enough Japanese specific games. Wii U sold like a dog in Japan for a long while, and is only just now turning it around. PS4 can too with content. Whether the content is coming and when remains to be seen.



Ginkgo commented on Does This New Project Morpheus Trailer Sell Yo...:

@-CraZed- I would love to know what they have come up with to improve motion sickness, because it is a natural reaction of the human brain.

It is actually the reverse of motion sickness, where you feel the motion, but cannot see it (hence told to look out the window with car sickness). Here, you see the motion but the inner ear cannot feel it. Not sure how you stop that, except avoiding games with fast motion. Don't expect a racing Morpheus game any time soon.

From my Oculus trial I didn't suffer badly at all, but it is never complete "comfortable". It is probably something you get used to over time.



Ginkgo commented on July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and...:

This is better than I anticipated. Dead Space 3, Lego Batman and Doki Doki interest me. Just Strider and Towerfall that that aren't up my alley.

Luckily my 64GB Vita card arrived yesterday (sick of having to delete stuff to install something new), so I am in the process if filling it with juicy content as we speak. Should finally have enough space to have some music too etc, which will be great.



Ginkgo commented on July's PlayStation Plus PS4 Freebies May inclu...:

Another poor month for me (not that I am ever complaining about free games). Just not my sort of games (and nothing to do with them being indies). Played the Strider demo, and lost interest in 5 minutes. Just can't get into 2D platformers / side-scrollers. TFA just doesn't appeal.

I enjoyed both Pixel Junk Shooter & Trine from last month. Meandering my way through them both. Yes, I know Trine is a side-scroller, but somehow manages to rise above it.



Ginkgo commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why Metal Gear Solid V: ...:

Played ground zero and was pleasantly surprised. Not because I thought it would be bad, but because it just exceeded my expectations in many ways. It sold me on the full game. (not having played the previous entries in the series)



Ginkgo commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

Is it possible for them to release "fewer" AAA games? Maybe there was a translation error. /s

in any case, I just splurged on a 64GB card. Got sick of having to delete stuff to make room. Personally, I would love more "AAA" console style games for it, but understand that poor US sales have killed that idea.



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

@rastamadeus Saw this article today, and thought back to our conversation.

Although my %s were overstated (not surprised considering my highly scientific method) I think the article directly supports what I was trying to say. Which is that XBO gained no momentum from E3, hence Sony can walk away feeling like they did what they needed to do.

The Wii-U, which as mentioned I see as more complimentary rather than a direct competitor, had a good E3, and riding on the back of MK8 is sitting in the best place it has been since launch.



Ginkgo commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

Nintendo have had some good traction recently, with Mariokart 8 and a good E3. Time will tell if it is maintained. I think some of it will be. I feel like the Wii-U has finally found its feet, and can look forward to stronger sales continuing this year.



Ginkgo commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

@chazaroonie "It reminds me of a cross between far cry and mass effect but looks like it may be bigger than both". Wow. That's a big claim. 2 of my all-time favourite games. I have been planning to wait until Sept, but will have to check it out now on that comment.