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Fri 16th December, 2011

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Ginkgo commented on Got a 12GB PS3? Sorry, You Can't Play Grand Th...:

My PS3 has a 1TB disk (which I filled the other day). A large chuck from Play TV recording though, so easy to clean up. Still, can't imagine living with 12GB, it would gimp so much of what the machine can do.

Same with the Vita. Once I got a 64GB card, the whole system opened up. You can have movies, music, games etc all at the same time. Completely different system now.



Ginkgo commented on Feature: What Are September 2014's Free PlaySt...:

I have been wanting to try Johann Sebastian Joust for ages, so this update is really interesting for me. BUT I assume you need the PS4 eye, which I don't have, so that may make me take the plunge.

Interested to try Velocity 2X, but generally dont appreciate retro games (missed the nostalgia gene) so low expectations, even if it is a good game for its genre.

Hoard looks interesting, but haven't fired up the PS3 other than to download free games I don't play and record on PlayTV for about 6 months, so not sure I will get around to trying it.

Joe Danger may be fun for the kids on Vita.



Ginkgo commented on Sony: PS Move Was Ahead of Its Time, But There...:

Move was/is great! I actually came to this site via movemodo. My kids still use wonderbook occasionally.

Not just sports champions, but Killzone and Resistance 3 were great move titles, esp with sharpshooter. Heavy Rain and others besides. Unfortunately the games just stopped coming and many of the later ones were bad wii ports and/or just didn't make good use of the Move's accuracy.

Move wasn't perfect. I could give you a long list is "issues", but I also passed many a great gaming hour with it. Been a while though.



Ginkgo commented on Shu Yoshida Hopes Rise of the Tomb Raider Rele...:

@eLarkos How could he know. He can't know what is happening in Microsoft offices. I'm sure that the deal had an Non Disclosure Agreement, so SE couldn't say anything.

My interpretation of SE's comments on why, is to manage cash flow. They basically said they don't have the money to make the game they want to make. They needed this deal to complete it. Not agreeing with their decision, but that's how I interpreted their comments.



Ginkgo commented on Gamescom 2014: Microsoft All But Confirms That...:

No surprise here. But well done Sammy!

There was no way the exclusivity could not be timed. Not even MS would be willing to spend that cash. Just a question of when.

Kudos to Phil Spencer though. Such a breath of fresh air since he has taken over. At least he is honest and upfront. So much less BS then before.

Honestly, this is the best week XB has had since Titanfall was released.



Ginkgo commented on Gamescom 2014: The Witcher 3 Looks Bloody Bril...:

Playing Witcher 2 on my PC at the moment in preparation, and really looking forward to this. Sacrilege I know, but I do think the series could learn a few things from console releases. Better handling of animations and cut-scenes etc. but the lore is awesome, good story, the gameplay and combat is sublime (though I still suck at it). So much great stuff. I can't wait.



Ginkgo commented on Gamescom 2014: Wait, Rise of the Tomb Raider I...:

Well I guess Microsoft had to do something to try and compete. I honestly believe it will be timed. Can't imagine what cash MS would have to fork out for it never to come to PS4 or PC. The lost sales would be enormous.



Ginkgo commented on You Could Get a Sequel to Xbox One Exclusive R...:

My PC died recently (8 years old) and I decided to build myself a gaming PC to replace it. Its interesting being a position to play PCs games again after so long. I still prefer console gaming. I like the DS4, and so much less hassle, though some game styles just work better on PC.

So I am now in a position to play many of the XB exclusives not available on PS4, like Titanfall, Dead Rising and soon Ryse. So far, I haven't been inspired to buy any of them, which actually surprises me. Perhaps when I see them cheap. I'm curious about all 3.

From MS perspective, this has to be bad news. Other than Forza, what true exclusives are left? I'm sure Halo can't come soon enough.



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: Would You Pay for an EA Access ...:

I think this is a good deal that many people will take up and therefore a win to MS. Worse it is a bad look for Sony and its relationship with EA, which was already a little strained (as an outsider). To counter, Sony should do some exclusive deal with Activision.

That being said, I would be unlikely to take this up myself. I don't play many EA games, not much into sport games or multiplayer FPS, which counts out most of their stuff. Bioware stuff is my big exception with EA games which I generally love, and they weren't even mentioned.