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Fri 16th December, 2011

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Ginkgo commented on Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PlayStation 4):

Have been saying since September that This, FC4 and Assassins Creed will kill me this month and keep me gaming through the new year. Nothing has changed.

For me it has worked out like this. Now playing FC4 and loving it. Assasin Creed bought but parked in the hope that a coming patch will improve the collision detection, pop in issues etc that are really annoying. If not, I will enjoy the game anyway, just it may benefit from not being played first out of the 3.

DA:I pre-ordered (Cheaper to buy that way) I will pick it up today. Haven't decided to play it or Assassins creed first yet..

Just don't expect me to discuss anything but these 3 games for the next 3 months, or to come up for much air.

That's not even mentioning the games I have missed like Alien: Isolation, and still really want to play. Oh, where were the complainers that this has been such a bad gaming year again?



Ginkgo commented on What Does PS4 Racer DriveClub's v1.07 Patch Do?:

I am really less concerned by the remaining online issue with this game than I am with the aggressive AI. It was ok early in the campaign when it wasn't that hard, but as you progress it just kills the game. Just sick of being driven off the road, especially when I am hit from behind.

Glad to see they have made some tweaks to that here, and with some new tracks I will try it out again. but really think the whole AI needs an overhaul. Either that, or I just cannot drive. I guess that is a possibility, but never had these issues with Grand Tourismo.



Ginkgo commented on We'd Like to Fill the Whole Year with PS4 Excl...:

What has worked well for MS over the last month is bundling 3rd party games with some exclusive content at a great price, not their actual exclusives. Sunset Overdrive has sold ok, but nothing groundbreaking. It is COD and Assassins creed that have done it for them .Sony has not tried to match that same level of deal (price etc) with Far Cry and GTAV etc, which has been to their sale detriment.

There is a price war going on, and Sony seems to want rise above it. Not convinced they can rest on their laurels and do that. There are some signs of them moving price now, and they are not being killed in US sales like they were, but MS has got some good momentum coming into the holidays, which if I was Sony I would be worried about. They need "cheap" bundles. Too late to create/ship new bundles, but they can still change the prices of the ones they have!



Ginkgo commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

Started this yesterday,so early days, but so far everything about it is brilliant!

If this holds up it will be game of the year contender. Absolutely loving it!



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

It hasn't been the greatest year's gaming true, but there have been a lot of really good and enjoyable games (Infamous and Showdow of Mordor stand out to me) and two more really big hitters coming out this month. FC4 and DA (at least for me). I also struggle to see Destiny as a failure. Disappointed because it could have been so much more, sure, but certainly not a failure. I really don't see anything to complain about.. Overall I have had a great year with my PS4 and haven't been short of anything to play since March.

So was 2014 the best year in gaming in recent times. Absolutely not.
Was is the worst, terrible, a disaster, Absolutely not. I've had fun!



Ginkgo commented on Weirdness: This Sneaky Sony Engineer Hid His N...:

What is amazing about this story is not that the the engineer put his name in the code (though that's clever). What is amazing is that someone bothered to scroll through a hex dump of the code and found it!. I mean, surely there are better things to do with one's time.



Ginkgo commented on Round Up: Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4 Reviews ...:

Oh dear. Have already pre-ordered AC and FC4 (I save $10 pre-ordering). Will have to do this one too because it is guaranteed I will play it. I will be playing these 3 games well into Christmas time if not the new year. December releases are irrelevant.



Ginkgo commented on Review: Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PlayStation 4):

Been toying with getting this for a while. Still on the fence. I play in a band, so even though I'm not the greatest player in the world, it is not a question of skill level. Just can't decide if I will actually use the game or not. Not really interested in the mini games, tutorials etc. I know how to play. Just want it to be a fun way to learn the songs and rock along so to speak. Still can't decide if it will do that or not.



Ginkgo commented on Crikey, the PS4 Is the Fastest Selling Console...:

Well obviously I bought one of them!

I think the other big factor is Australia is that the PS3 had really good momentum in Australia since about 2010. the 360 killed it in early years, and overall sales of the two last gen consoles is probably very even in total, but the PS3 was a clear sales winner from about 2010 on, and I think the PS4 payed into that, especially with how the two launches went..

Having said that outselling the Wii is huge, because it was massive here too. I'm actually surprised it has sold better than the Wii did.



Ginkgo commented on Rumour: Is DriveClub's DLC Blazing a Trail to ...:

Honestly, after playing more and more of this game, my biggest frustration with it is not the server issues, it is the AI. They need to tweak it as a priority, because as it is, you cannot reasonably advance in the game. I cannot figure how you are supposed to drive against the AI and succeed. Other than random luck for a given race, it seems impossible at the mid/higher levels.

The AI, is just too aggressive, and when you are driving at high speed, hits you from behind, which regularly spins you out and make you crash. Race over. It ruins the game, because if means your race's success is largely random (not being hit by something else) rather than in control of your own driving.

If this was rare, it would be ok, but it happens in 80% of races. i.e. more often that not. Ruins the whole experience, and even when you are in front, with clear road, likely to be taken out by another car from behind at any moment and then finish last.

The server fixes will come, but the AI needs to be addressed. Especially in a racer that promotes clean driving, and penalises your for bumping. Pity the AI doesn't play by the same restrictions. I have largely lost patience with trying to advance in this game at the moment. Racing is just too frustrating. So disappointed.



Ginkgo commented on These Custom PS4 Hard Drive Covers Are Really ...:

@EyeDeeNO76 Yes! That's the one. The SNES does look good too, but the Atari was my first console. So it captures my nostalgia. I am generally not very nostalgic at all (virtually always forward looking), so it takes a lot to make me feel the tinge of "aww". This did it.



Ginkgo commented on Sony May Not Cede November PS4 Sales to Xbox O...:

They have to do something. So much is about momentum. It is not that they need to the sales etc, it is that they do not want to give MS a foot in the door. They need to be unrelenting to win, and therefore, they should price match. Why sit back and give MS a foothold, from where to start a rebuild. I wouldn't.



Ginkgo commented on Sony: We're Working to Resolve PS4 Rest Mode F...:

The PS4 is having the worst month since launch (This, driveclub, server issues, sales etc) on absolutely every front. Nothing is going right for them at the moment.

Obviously, everything/everyone has bumpy times, nothing new, or need to panic, but they do need to turn this around and start generating some good buzz again. They don't to try and drive end of year sales with all this going on.



Ginkgo commented on PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall Has Been a...:

So glad that it sold well, and good for Guerilla.

Personally I think it is a very good game, that deserved more than its reviews gave it. Its multi-player in particular was excellent. Doesn't mean it was perfect. Its biggest challenge (IMO) was just inconsistency. Some amazing levels, coupled with some atrocious ones. A good story premise, let down by some cardboard characters. Lack of enough set pieces that created that "buzz". Overall, I think the games biggest flaw was a lack of adrenaline. It just needed more places to kick you in the backside and push you alone more, rather than letting you drift through and find your way.

But having said all that, personally, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. Just maybe not the best of its kind available.



Ginkgo commented on Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Many...:

@glassmusic Asking me what MS benefits are? Hmm. Personally I would say none. Just noted that for the first time since probably Titanfall, they are actually selling well. Was hoping that Sony had something up their sleeve to counter. Would hate Sony to not win NPD in Nov. They will need to counter and not sit on their laurels. Competition is good for gaming. We win.



Ginkgo commented on Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Many...:

Tell me what happened when its over. I will see if I care. Sorry a bit tainted at this point. Low expectations of anything new I will care about. We'll see.

On a slight aside, the XBO is killing PS4 on Amazon at the moment with with COD and Assassins creed bundles! (Sunset Overdrive is selling "ok" as a game but completely overshadowed). First time I have seen MS clearly take the lead! It will be a great week for MS (Well done to them!) and interesting to see what Sony does (if anything) to counter. They do not want MS to re-gain momentum in the US. Sony will need some big bundles/sales of their own. I hope they have been planning.



Ginkgo commented on Have No Fear, The Order: 1886's Gameplay Demo ...:

Was never worried to begin with.

This is my second most anticipated game (yes I know anticipation) after Uncharted 4. I cannot wait for this, and am personally thrilled by all the cinematics, cut-scene integration, gameplay mechanics that "some" complain about. They should stick to their guns and make the game they envisaged. It looks different and special. I don't want this game to have gun-play like destiny, that is not its point.



Ginkgo commented on Sharpen That Blade, You're Going Hunting in Sh...:

I really enjoyed this but am now struggling to finish it, about 80% of the way through and trying to do all the side missions etc. But it just become very much "samey" unfortunately. Trying hard to resist just doing the final 3 story missions and calling it a day. It is still a good game (which I have recommended), but not sure I will rock up for DLC at this point as it has struggled to hold my interest to the very end.

"The DLC will be free to those who purchased the season pass" - Isn't that the definition of season pass?!



Ginkgo commented on Wookie Here! Star Wars: Battlefront Blasts ont...:

Would kill for a good Star Wars game that transported me into the world. Sadly none has ever been made (IMO). This shows some promise, but WAY too early to call.
Waiting, but certainly not holding my breath at this point.



Ginkgo commented on Ubisoft Reckons You Wouldn't Want to Play an A...:

I would, China even more, but based on the reception to AC3, I think that it would be a leap too far (get it) for a large part of the fan base. I think they are right. A few temples etc, but where is the architecture, high buildings etc.

I think the return to Europe with Unity will be a big win for the series. Everyone missed it.



Ginkgo commented on Are There Any Secret Features in PS4 Firmware ...:

Other than the lack of folders (I want to organise my own stuff damnit), I really like the PS4's UI, and it is just getting better. A few really good things here too.

I did notice there are now options to attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse etc. Not sure if that was there before. I wonder if it works with all, or if there will be specific hardware coming down the road. Not really interested in a mouse (not great on the couch) but a keyboard has its uses definitely.

Still waiting for dynamic themes in Aus. None available yet. Oh well, red is still a nice change.



Ginkgo commented on Guide: Can't Turn on Your PS4 from Rest Mode? ...:

Before re-installing, please try this trick. It worked for me!

I had this problem, but seem to have solved it more simply. When it was stuck not coming back from Rest mode (yellow flashing light) I switched to the Anywhere Net+ source for the PS4 on the TV and it actually showed me the PS4 screen so I could see what was happening. This system was stuck on a PSN registering screen. I couldn't get it to fix (had to reset again) but it gave me an idea.

Next time I booted, I checked all my PSN settings, and it said that I had to re validate my email address. Pressed the button under the PSN settings on the PS4 to send the validation email, validated the email that it sent me, pressed the done button on the PS4, and the issue has vanished. Working a treat now.

Definitely, worth checking your PSN setting for any (please fill out) sections before re installing. May save you lots of time.



Ginkgo commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

Honestly with so much to play at the moment and all of other free indies I'm already I am not touching, I really don't care about this month's releases. Too much to do. Escape plan is the only one I will probably even get around to. We'll see.



Ginkgo commented on These Are the Things You'll Be Able to Do in G...:

I am really tempted by this port (though not straight away, because too much other stuff to do). I played it on PS3, but never finished, and you can transfer your save game across (from what I understand). So very tempting to pick it up later on the PS4 (when the price has gone down) and continue. I find it so hard going back to the ps3 to play games now. The UI is soooo slow and I miss the DS4.



Ginkgo commented on Guide: How to Change Your PS4's Theme:

Red at the moment. Hoping some "free" themes come to the store soon to try out. No additional themes were available in Australia as of last night. Assume they will come, like everything else eventually.



Ginkgo commented on Review: Pix the Cat (PlayStation 4):

We are just not on the same stratosphere here. Played it for five minutes, thought "I got over Pacman 30 years ago" and went "whatever". Turned it off. I just have no interest in the genre. Oh well. Maybe as a Vita time-waster, but it will not be getting any PS4 time around here.



Ginkgo commented on Talking Point: How Does Sony Solve a Problem L...:

Oh course they have to price drop as well. if not match, at least reduce the distance. Even though they are selling well, PS4 preference will not cope with that parity and the biggest selling factor for the PS4 in the US is that it is the biggest selling console. Momentum. Losing that to MS for the holidays would be madness. They MUST compete on price! That was one of the PS4s winning factors in the beginning. They cannot give it up.



Ginkgo commented on You May Be Able to Get a Refund for Written Of...:

@Paranoimia I agree with you. There is no question they screwed up, and it is still not completely fixed, but I think that "some" of the dialog around this has got out of hand. I think to BF4 which took EA 6 months to largely make work. I think of SimCity. There are many other launch disasters. I am not making any excuses for Evolution. They should have a done true beta and will have learnt their lesson.

Buy buying new servers (even ordering them) takes time, set up etc. Things have improved and I believe will get there. It is overall a very good game and I believe will be a good part of PS4s stable moving forward (like BF4 and SimSity are good games!), albeit always tainted by its launch.

Cries of a refund are well premature. Though some free cars/DLC would go a long way to saying thanks for your patients.



Ginkgo commented on Ratchet & Clank's PS4 Remake Will Include All ...:

Unfortunately these aren't my sort of games. Just can't get into them. Same with most older style games/remakes. Glad it is being made and there is a market for them though. Clearly I am in the minority. I hope the movie is a big success.



Ginkgo commented on Review: Minecraft: PS Vita Edition (PlayStatio...:

Minecraft is a fantastic game, completely addictive and as the article states on the Vita is a match made in heaven. The large OLED screen and dual stick controls make it a much better experience than on a phone. Not quite as nice as on the PS4, but I would argue the best handheld version going around. Could not recommend it enough. But I am an unabashed fan.



Ginkgo commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:

I don't understand all the comments about not wanting to buy or wasting money having bought a ps4. I find the logic backwards. The system in better in virtually every respect. The missing dlna etc will come soon. Owning a ps4, give me one reason to turn my ps3 on? Honestly I only use it now for play TV.