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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! & Moe is life. Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th Dec 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on Hands On: Going Feral with Tom Clancy's Ghost ...:

I miss the glory days of Ghost Recon, back when the original & its Island Thunder expansion dropped. I'll keep my eye on this one but the series has been all over the place since Ghost Recon 2 so you never know how it's gonna turn out



MadchesterManc commented on Brexit Could Mean a More Expensive PS4K for UK...:

I've been seeing articles like this all day and its a humurous notion when one considers that the UK has lost a wealth of good studios these past few years whilst being in the EU anyway.The notion it somehow funds aspects of the industry here is another funny one. We pay the EU £12 Billion, they give us a £4 Billion rebate that they delegate on where its spent. We fund these endeavours with our own money in essence.

It's not even been one day yet. Give it a couple of months for everything to settle and it'll be business as usual. Everyone just needs to calm down



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: Sony's Building a Supercharged PS4 Con...:

Kotaku as a source lol anyway With Zen & Polaris heading our way from AMD in the not too distant future, A 4K capable console in a similar power envelope ain't too far fetched in a couple of years - if AMD's showcased power consumption for Polaris is at least legit



MadchesterManc commented on Your PlayStation Plus Games for March Have Bee...:

These Plus games seem to be getting eerily similar, which is hardly surprising when its indie after indie each month. Usually I don't mind one bit, but this is the first month I'm probably not even gonna bother trying them. Luckily I've done a lot of Share Play lately, so I've still had a good months worth of Plus



MadchesterManc commented on DOOM Blows Away PS4 in May:

There's only one word that can aptly describe the upcoming Doom - glorious. I've been hyped since the E3 footage last year. Can't wait for some old school fragging.



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Is PlayStation Right to Switch ...:

I just hope it doesn't mean less quirky Japanese games if the company is being westernised. The main reason I buy PlayStation is for the quirky niche goodness. It will be interesting to see how Japanese consumers react as they tend to prefer their own products. Worst case scenario would be if they see PlayStation as an American product, a La Xbox, going forward.

Wouldn't mind another exotic hardware fuelled PlayStation myself. It's all good having a mid range PC for £200, but I want my console to have a CPU that can launch missiles!



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Croixleur Sigma (PS4):

I reviewed the PC version when it launched a while back and came to the same conclusion. It's a really good game, just best enjoyed in small bursts. The upcoming Vita port would be an ideal platform for the game



MadchesterManc commented on Game of the Year: #4 - Fallout 4 (PS4):

@TheMightyPunram Come on you apes,You wanna live forever!

@sinalefa I'd just forego 3 & 4. New Vegas is the only modern Fallout worth playing due to it actually tyeing into Fallou 1 & 2 in numerous ways and has much better storytelling from Obsidian. For a company thats built a huge lore with Elder Scrolls, Bethesda don't half seem to lack respect for the original Fallout lore and just wanna stomp it into the dirt any chance they get. I hear 4 has at least fixed the shonky gunplay from previous releases, so if 3 & 4 are your only options then your best bet would be to just skip 3 entirely



MadchesterManc commented on Play Hundreds of PS3 Games on Your PS4, Vita i...:

£12.99 is a good price compared to other streaming services, Netflix charges £8.99 in the UK to access HD streaming & has an absolutely dire selection that gets worse every month

@DESS-M-8 ownership of digital media is an illusion and a myth. You don't own any of that content you've bought, you've just purchased the right to access the content. That's how it works. It's the distributor that owns the content



MadchesterManc commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

@hYdeks Its all I see every month. Personally I've still got a huge PS+ backlog to get through anyway from being a day one subscriber so I'm never too fussed. £40 for 72 games each year, a good percentage being ones I wouldn't have bought and tried otherwise, is good value to me.



MadchesterManc commented on Opinion: Sony's Not Solely to Blame for PS Vit...:

Careful now @get2sammyb. Not entirely blaming Sony for the demise of the Vita ain't gonna leave you in good standing with the fine folk of the interwebs. Good point on the Freedom Wars too. The monumental whining for physical to the point you'd expect hefty sales, yet it ended up a little lacklustre, makes it one of the lowest points of the Vita's lifespan. Shame as its one of the Vita's better titles too. It's kinda like the WiiU in a way. Plummeting 3rd party support & great 1st party stuff yet sales slowed too much due to the manufacturer focusing elsewhere (WiiU has picked up a little at least). Now it has neither except in Japan.

There's still a market for the handheld to those that love the Japanese market though. So much announced for Vita at TGS



MadchesterManc commented on Hardware: Rivals Brings a Hell of a Lot of Fir...:

I always thought of Hardware as a poor man's Twisted Metal, especially with also having Twisted Metal Black: Online to play as well at the time. Still, it was a freebie in Europe when you sent off for a network access disk. Considering vehicle combat seems to be dead these days, I'm sorta looking forward to this



MadchesterManc commented on EA Wants More Diversity in Game Development:

@Mega-Gazz how would you have a hard time arguing that If those 50 candidates were the most qualified for the job that needing doing? That's how a meritocracy works. Overlooking a persons ability to fill a quota based on race & gender is racist & sexist. That's discrimination.

It would be the same if all 50 most qualified candidates were black females. You would still hire them all, instead of overlooking a few to add some whites to the mix for dat diversity, simply because they are the most suitably skilled for the job you need completing.



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Editio...:

@SoulsBourne128 The 'Enhanced Edition' in the games title kinda gives it away. It's not even a remaster. Just an enhanced port.

Does this release feature any enhancements over the PC release? I was playing that not too long ago & it looked bobbins maxed. It's a shame the combat isn't too good as some other aspects of the game aren't too bad. An enhanced port should've been an opportunity to build on the original release. Missed opportunity.



MadchesterManc commented on Don't Hold Your Breath For Backwards Compatibi...:

After reading Digital Foundrys piece after E3 when testing the Xbox One backwards compatibility, the abysmal performance of some titles leaves me thinking it'll be as hit & miss as on X360 - so not really worth the time. I'm glad Sony has gone another route as trying to software simulate the CELL would be ridiculously difficult and a waste of resources



MadchesterManc commented on For Months, It Was 'Impossible' To Get Batman:...:

Doesn't surprise me. X86 may be a known quantity, but most developers still don't seem to have a grasp of parallelism across more than a few CPU cores fully yet, then there's hUMA & GPGPU to consider on Ps4 too. There's still more to consider as well, so not quite a cakewalk as some devs think.

@SeahorseLegs The likes of Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Nippon Ichi etc rarely have a patch for their games - let alone a day one patch. They tend to finish their games before releasing



MadchesterManc commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

It's amazing that people want Sony to keep pumping millions into developing AAA games that won't sell on a system that doesn't sell. Even during the Vita's first year when it was buried under first party exclusiveS it didn't sell, it's about time folk just moved on. For the past year the Vita has only been good for Niche third party localisations & indie releases, and that's all it'll ever have going forward.



MadchesterManc commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

I'm surprised people think it's so easy for the Ps4 to emulate the Ps3. Let's not forget how long it took for Sony to create a Ps2 emulator in software to run those PSN Ps2 releases. The Xbox One BC is apparently only launching with support for about 20 games, which sounds like it's gonna be similar to Xbox 360's lacklustre effort. The amount of buggy titles due to the emulation & Microsoft pulling support for it after a couple of years means it hasn't wooed me like with others.

Playstation Now could be a much better option once pricing is sorted & Ps1/Ps2 titles are eventually added to the service. There's always the option of using the service on other devices too...