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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! & Moe is life. Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th December, 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on Learn if Life Is Strange in January on PS4, PS3:

I'm interested just with it being from the same studio as Remember Me, which had decent storytelling & a great world to repetitively bash your way through. The fact its episodic puts me off a little though as I'm not really a fan of that kind of content delivery.



MadchesterManc commented on Review: The Crew (PlayStation 4):

@Scollurio Sounds about right, Ubisoft have had a ridiculously underwhelming year. It kinda makes one a little worried about other titles that sounded interesting when announced a la The Division :|

I'll pass on The Crew. I was lucky to get into the closed beta & it left a really bad impression on me then and returning for the open beta saw no change.



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: Will Borderlands: Remastered Edition L...:

I could complain about remasters, but then that'd be a little silly seen as the German USK rating board leaked a possible Hyperdimension Neptunia Hypercollection for Ps4 which obviously has one intrigued ;)

Although I wouldn't say this Borderlands malarkey would be a remaster, more of a port. Lets face it, they'll just port the PC versions over to Ps4. It won't have the work put in like TLoU & Metro Redux in rejigging code or remastering older games with new engines.

@rastamadeus I agree with you on that. There's already enough Borderlands content out there that has seen a far more recent release that Ps4 owners would appreciate over porting 1 & 2. 2K are probably hoping to make a swift buck on the port before bringing Pre-Sequel and Tales From over to Ps4 to make a little more wonga.



MadchesterManc commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

@sinalefa She was one of several new characters set for Tekken 7, which seems to have been lost on those complaining about her. As far as I've gathered, She was intended for all regions apparently. Now though - only EU, Asia etc will get Chloe & NA will get their own exclusive character. There's a story for it on IGN and you can probably catch some of Katsuhiro Harada's original tweets on Twitter regarding the backlash still.



MadchesterManc commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

I feel for developers these days, having to put up with all the entitled whining from cry babies on the internet that have no intention of even buying their games. Just look at whats happened with Tekken 7 & the producer there removing a new character (lucky Chloe) from the NA version of the game due to people whining on the internet. It makes a change seeing a developer flipping the bird at the haters. Plus, I've enjoyed a lot of Jaffe's work so theres a fat chance i'll be pouting over this video (I actually retweeted it when Jaffe posted it last night)



MadchesterManc commented on Preview: Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Re...:

If I wanted to read more gushing praise for that Uncharted 4 footage, I'd read an Uncharted article. I get it, you guys are big fans of the ol' Naughty Dog (must be to be bringing up TLoU which is one of the shonkiest AAA titles to ever be highly praised) but I was kinda looking forward to reading up on The Order without more Uncharted being shoe horned in like almost every other article featuring The Order.

I'm quite sure Ready at Dawn are capable of delivering the game they want without the mainstream press heaping extra pressure onto them by thrusting their darling Naughty Dogs work into a constant comparison with RAD's first console title for Sony.



MadchesterManc commented on The Order: 1886's Latest Trailers Prove That I...:

Considering the last cover shooter I played was Spec Ops, which had a better story than most games as it is, it's been a while with those type of shooters so I'm not fussed about how it seems to play compared to other games. It's setting etc seems a lot more interesting than almost everything coming to any system in the near future. A decent lore etc can help carry a game that may not be too appealing to play as it can immerse the player. It worked for Skyrim anyway.

Funnily enough I'm looking forward to this a lot more than Uncharted 4. The whole 'summer blockbuster' feel of the Uncharted series is about as enticing as a Micheal Bay Transformers movie these days



MadchesterManc commented on Get Those Trendy Specs On, Persona 5 Is Taking...:

Such a golf clap announcement. Atlus are gonna wanna get Persona shizz out fast in the west from now on with P4G hitting the mainstream, so it was obviously going to arrive in 2015. Hopefully when some details are actually announced we'll be getting an actual dungoen crawling RPG this time instead of a waifu simulator



MadchesterManc commented on Yakuza 5 Lays the Smackdown on PlayStation 3 N...:

@get2sammyb announcement of the year. I'd like to think my co-editors big localisation push these past few months on my site & social media with a few prominent folks in the Yakuza fanbase had a little something to do with it. Who knows though, maybe it was always on the cards from Sonys 3rd party initiative afterall



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

Looked like you'd expect am Uncharted to play, graphically quite good. Just as expected I guess so it wasn't mind blowing for me.

@get2sammyb you guys putting up the footage for David Jaffes new game soon? Thats the one I was looking forward to & my twitch stream crapped out during No Man's Sky :(



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pl...:

Yall got a screw loose. Wall to wall games set for 2015 & folk still ain't happy. The notion that an individual's unfulfilled expectations regarding the keynote are Sonys fault is an amusing one to say the least.

Yakuza 5 heading west via Sonys 3rd party initiative is the announcement of the year

@get2sammyb that list is pointless as da Ps4/Vita havz no gamez because [something] didn't get announced



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid (PSone):

Wow. I even thought MGS had cumbersome gameplay back in the day, so seeing a 10/10 for it now does tickle me a little. It wasn't until MGS3 that the series finally fulfilled its potential. But hey, that's just me.



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: The Next Assassin's Creed Will Brave t...:

"The team in our Quebec studio has been hard at work on the particular game in question for the past few years" Bull crap Ubisoft. They said the same thing about Watch Dogs & Unity and look how they turned out. I guess they've never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf...



MadchesterManc commented on Watch PlayStation's Iconic Controller Evolve i...:

You'll never beat the model-2 Sega Saturn controller (or the 6 button Mega Drive controller it closely resembles) but the Dualshock is a great design, testament to the fact its now being used in its fourth generation.

As for the DS4 battery life, Its never really bothered me. Since I realised that you can use your phone charger plugged into a wall socket, charging only takes an hour or 2 & it doesnt have to be tethered to the Ps4. Id recomend others give it a try.



MadchesterManc commented on Feature: What Are December 2014's Free PlaySta...:

Now that's a decent month, especially for the Ps3 as Deadly Premonition is a surprisingly brilliant inclusion. Ps4 has some interesting titles again (haven't played either) but the Vita's choices are looking a little to weak for my tastes though.



MadchesterManc commented on October NPD: PS4 Starts to Get Comfortable at ...:

@SuperCat Amusingly, Ive noticed it seems tied to framerates. Its simple to test on a game with a 30fps cap option as you can play it unlocked and hear the fan kick in after a while before locking to 30. Once locked at 30 the fan speed is reduced almost instantly. Ive tried it on TLoU, Killzone & Infamous and the Ps4 seems to run quieter needing less cooling from the fan when locked at 30fps.



MadchesterManc commented on Forget Assassin's Creed, Alien: Isolation's Re...:

@ivanmata Of course they do, but its impossible to account for every variable that could cause any issue when the patch is out in the wild. Social media these days means that even a small issue from a patch only suffered by a handful of people is now reported on as a Major issue with the game



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

There's been a few blunders, but I can't agree with the notion that its been the most disappointing year of gaming yet purely on the return to form of the ol' stalwart of Wolfenstein & the Alien franchise finally delivering a quality game. Seems a bit of a barmy thing to insinuate for me, unless your a AAA fiend I guess...



MadchesterManc commented on Review: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PlaySta...:

I think it controls a little bobbins tho, especially when using the right analogue to fire as it still only fires in 4 basic directions. Kinda flies in the face of the 'fast paced' notion when your having to shuffle around just so you can get into a firing line. Aside from that's not too bad, not had any decent power up yet though



MadchesterManc commented on First Impressions: How Well Does Assassin's Cr...:

@Mrskinner I remember Ubisoft saying the same thing about Watchdogs and that was pretty half baked even with the delay. I wouldn't be surprised if they are fibbing & Unity has only been in development for about 18 months.

Someone mentioned in an article earlier for Unity that it could be down to how poor previous entries have performed on PC and with these consoles being closer to PC than ever before, it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. I remember Black Flag only making use of 2 cores, regardless of the user having a quad core or higher, so it wouldn't surprise me if they've clearly borked the ports to console from PC by not multi-threading the code to fully make use of the extra cores. If there's parity between the consoles, then the Ps4 is being underutilised and shouldn't be performing this bad. Pure speculation, but I'd hazard a guess that Ubisofts previous track record with regards to CPU optimisation on PC has possibly eked it's way to the console release of Unity



MadchesterManc commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Ain't Sounding Especial...:

Aside from the decent port of Black Flag to Ps4, almost everything else Ubisoft has released to the console has been technically inept. Not the least bit surprised to hear of technical issues for Unity. Rogue sounds a lot more interesting anyway....



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Soon Be...:

Still got my copy on the shelf, and its been there since I bought a Ps4. If there was no release of PvZ on Ps4, then Shadowfall would still be my go-to multiplayer game on the console. Good to hear of something new being added to freshen things up a little as new maps can only do so much



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall Celebrates S...:

@glassmusic I've no idea myself unfortunately. For a few days it would do nothing but black screen when connecting to multiplayer matches & kick me at the end of Garden Ops games. Was working ok last night though, so I'm hoping EA have sorted out whatever was up. I was starting to go cold turkey from the lack of Garden Warfare...



MadchesterManc commented on Soapbox: Gaming's Greatest Fireworks Display S...:

There's been a few other firework games for me worthy of mention. Boom Boom Rocket on the 360 is probably my favourite, playing more like a rhythm title, and another would be the one that came with the original Eyetoy Play (played similar to Fantavision) Lets not forget the Vita's Fireworks AR game either thats not bad for a play here & there. Never really liked Fantavision much myself tho, but I'd still give a remaster a try if it was priced well.



MadchesterManc commented on Injustice, inFAMOUS: First Light, and More Com...:

Bought & finished First Light a few weeks ago & still not got around to playing Injustice yet. They'll do. I'd be happy enough if they'd just announced another batch of Indies anyway as I'm not fussed, but it's good to get something a little different on the IGC for a change



MadchesterManc commented on Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?:

I think I'm the only person in the world that thinks the Share Play feature is a wonderful feature, that actually works, and it barely ever gets mentioned in Ps4 system articles anywhere. Features that showcase the 'Share' ethos Sony spoke of pre launch should be championed, not brushed under the carpet



MadchesterManc commented on Evolve's Alpha Devolves on PS4 Due to Firmware...:

@get2sammyb I'm with you on this. To me it seems like a deflection as in "Hey its not our fault, it's theirs". It seems odd that they've had nearly a week of testing & on the eve of the alpha going live, there's suddenly a problem. PR gobbledegook isn't a useful means of trying to find the root of the issue unfortunately either. There's definitely more to it than 2k are letting on