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Male, 33, United States

First game was Mega Man 3 and all time fave is Metroid Prime 2. Also a huge fan of Monster Hunter, Pikmin, Xenoblade, F-Zero, DKC, Fire Emblem, Bioware, Dragon Quest, Sakaguchi JRPG's, Persona and VR. I own a Gaming PC, Wii U, PS4 Pro, PSVR, X1, New 3DS, Vita and GC.

Fri 15th Feb 2013

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JaxonH commented on Sony Gaffer Shuhei Yoshida Spotted Testing the...:

I've always liked this guy for having an open mind

That's what I'm saying. Switch is the sexiest console I've ever laid eyes on- they absolutely nailed it out of the park with Switch. This thing is my dream console, no kidding!

The Joycons are definitely the star of the show though. I am so sick and tired of stagnation- I was saying 10 years ago that the perfect controller would be one just like Wiimote and Nunchuk but with 1 dual analog 2 enough buttons 3 cordless 4 modern motion like HTC Vive 5 motion not forced for every game, but that uses regular controls and only allows motion where it fits natural (like Zelda, can use Joycon to aim crossbow, and as I learned from my STEAM controller and gyro, motion aiming is far superior and easier than analog"

Also gonna have
Zelda BotW (best looking game I've ever seen, bar freaking none)
Mario Odyssey (best looking Mario since 64, and open)
Splatoon 2 (sequel to funniest MP shooter I've ever played)
Xenoblade 2 (sequel to best JRPG of all time)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (finally battle mode and 48 tracks)
Fire Emblem Warriors (love Fire Emblem, should be better than DQ Heroes)
Arms (new motion punchout game looks dope, on a roll with new IP)
Bomberman R (who woulda thought lol?)
Dragon Quest XI (console version on the go? Shoot...)
DQ Heroes 1 & 2 (both games bundled together, man I love me some Dragon Quest)
Skyrim (I'd buy the system just for this and Zelda alone, to have on the go)

And the best part is all of these games will be playable on the go, and even in handheld mode the system is as powerful as Wii U (MK8 runs exactly the same undocked as it did on Wii U, docked it jumps from 720p 60fps to 1080p 60fps). Switch is going to be a dope handheld, even as a console it'll be competent (Zelda and Mario and other games look gorgeous).



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

No I totally get that. I'm more talking about when people just write it off entirely for... other reasons. Sounds like you actually play all types of games,

I held off getting an Xbox One (the only console I didn't buy at launch) because the library was so similar to the systems I already had. But once a few exclusives came out I was all over it



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

Oh I agree totally, it does (although I still play Wii games! And love them, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Other M... those get Jaxon's Stamp of Approval for sure!)

But I think once you reach the HD level that's where the biggest jump his and beyond that things look... good enough. We've reached a point where video games will never really look bad, ever again. Some will definitely impress more than others and I like a good graphically stunning game in 4K as much as anyone, but I still play my 3DS and that thing's in standard def. The Wii U had some good looking games though, and this is definitely a cut above Wii U. I think that despite being less powerful it's powerful enough, enough that the game still look great and they're still really enjoyable, and once you dive headfirst into Zelda you're not going to be thinking about the pixels not quite being is sharp as they could.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

Idk, I have a PS4 Pro, and Xbox One and Wii U, and 3DS, and Vita, and PC. And a 4K TV. I play games with 4K but it never once made me suddenly stop enjoying games that aren't in 4K. Particularly if you're playing on the go or on your back patio or at work or in the kitchen or wherever. I mean I'm all for good graphics but, there's so much out there to enjoy that you miss out on if you strictly adhere to 4K only, which to me isn't really sensible because a game can still be incredibly enjoyable in high definition, in fact most of Nintendo's games look about as good as they're going to get, if your TV does natural upscaling it's not really going to be that much of a difference particularly when a lot of the 4K games on offer aren't really native 4K anyways. Even if they were though, I still wouldn't let that stand between me and playing some of the best games ever just cause they're HD.

But, that's just my opinion



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

My thoughts exactly. I have an open mind because I do play everything. I know how fun Nintendo's games are because I've been playing all their top releases of the last 5 years.

I think alot of people (and you see this phenomenon across the board with all platforms) get attached to their one brand, and through confirmation bias they reinforce their beliefs that the only viable place to play is on the platform they always play on. They see a presentation, and they (whether consciously or subconsciously) ignore all the cool and exhilarating aspects of the console and focus only on a direct comparison to their own, and wherever the it falls short, they use that to reinforce their belief that it's not worth their time.

For example, power, as you mentioned. It seems now people do a direct comparison, and if it doesn't measure up to their platform they write it off as underpowered, and therefore it's worthless. Disregarding the fact games look brilliant, disregarding it's the most powerful portable gaming device ever (ironic given the obsession with power some have). If Switch was actually called Vita, would people feel the same way? I know most probably think they would. But they wouldn't. Especially if Vita had Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Arms, Fire Emblem Warriors, Ultra Street Fighter II, No More Heroes sequel and a long, long list of other games all coming year one. There were dozens of games announced after that presentation, but many probably made up their minds (their minds were made up beforehand) and never even bothered to get all the info. We still don't have all the info.

I do wish more people would open their minds rather than continuing to write off everything cool and awesome just because "it's less powerful" or "it doesn't have the exact same games I'm already playing" (as if anyone would ever want to buy another console for the same games you already have... no, you buy another console for different games you can't play, and in the case of Switch, games you can play portably). Where's all the Disgaea fans? Now you can play portably. Where's all the Skyrim fans? Now you can play portably. Where's all the gamers who got excited for new VR tech? Here's amazing new technology with the Joycons and seamless transition (and it'll actually get supported with great exclusives, rather than be forgotten after launch day)



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

Oh I don't think so. The GPD Win is the most comparable device, and it retails for $300 also

Untitledfree screen capture

And Switch, quite frankly, blows that thing away. And I love the GPD Win, it's a great gaming device, but not only is it not nearly as powerful, it has no dock for displaying on TV or controllers with all that tech jammed inside.

If Switch wasn't a hybrid and was strictly a console, I would agree. But being a hybrid changes the rules, and expectations of what you're getting for your money have to be adjusted.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

I was extremely hyped for Horizon, and don't get me wrong I'm still getting it. But Switch looks like the most amazing piece of gaming kit I've ever laid eyes upon. Sexy, thin, powerful as heck for a portable device (can run current gen games, and they look comparable too)... I was absolutely blown away by this new system. Launch is thin, but it's got Zelda, Dragon Quest Heroes, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, a few ports like Disgaea 5 and the following month Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with battle mode (thank goodness).

It'll be sitting on my backlog for quite some time. As soon as Switch releases I'm gonna be playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, and by the time I get done playing that Mario Kart and Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 will be out, and then Splatoon 2 which is basically going to be my entire summer, and Xenoblade 2 of course- that'll be hundreds of hours devoted to that game, and Fire Emblem Warriors, and I'll be picking up lots of other games along the way like Skyrim and Sonic Mania and that new Street Fighter II.

By which time that'll be the holidays and Mario Odyssey will release. And can I just say I am absolutely thrilled with those new controllers. I don't think I've ever been this excited to try a new controller as I am now with the Joycons. Possibly best controllers ever conceived? We'll see.

So ya. Push it back, don't push it back, makes no difference to me. I doubt I'll be playing it within the next year as it stands



JaxonH commented on Here's How Ex-Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Underc...:

Only LEGO game I can stomach lol

I wasn't gonna repurchase since the game was built for Wii U with dual screen gameplay and I already have that, but I may end up buying for Switch due to portability.

But I'll wait for a sale. No need to rush out and get it right away.



JaxonH commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Keeps a Healthy Lea...:

3DS and PS4 are neck and neck. Less than 2,000 away from each other, 3DS on top.

Those two platforms alone account for 5X as many sales as all the rest... combined

On the bright side, it shows consoles can still survive in Japan. Which is good for us because that means more console games from Japanese devs.



JaxonH commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone...:

I'm still lukewarm on Miku games (censor that line before Sinalefa reads it)

Ever since Persona 4 Dancing All Night, I just haven't been able to get into these other rhythm games. The music sucks, the button prompts aren't nearly as fun and the rhythm isn't as choppy with percussion (which is key for keeping rhythm).

I've tried several games in each of these series: Hatsune Miku, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Rhythm Heaven, and loads more smaller rhythm game releases. And still, none of them measure up.

Suppose wishing for a sequel would be too much.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:


  • Dragon Age Origins (Using STEAM Controller with an immaculate mouse/keyboard mapped control scheme)
  • Dragon's Dogma (you were right @rjejr this game is truly a classic)


  • Metroid Other M


  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance


  • Valkyria Chronicles II

Xbox One

  • Fable Anniversary


  • Final Fantasy XV


  • Robinson The Journey (Most amazing VR game I've ever played, why did people not tell me how good this is!!!)


Wii U




JaxonH commented on Feature: How PS4 Can Fend Off the Nintendo Swi...:

I don't think they need to do any "fending"

PlayStation has always been popular and that's not going to stop now.

Besides, there's really nothing they can do about the Switch. I mean, it's gonna have a separate library, portable play, etc. How well it does will be entirely dependent on Nintendo. Sony's influence over the situation is mitigated by the fact they're not offering a similar product, so if people want portable play or want Nintendo exclusives, then PS4 isn't going to factor into that equation much.

Scorpio will be a different story, but only as far as PS4 Pro goes. And judging by the numbers, that's a much smaller market than we initially thought. Maybe it will grow though, if more PC gamers get tired of dealing with the hassles of different controller support for different games, resolution incompatibilities, etc



JaxonH commented on Sony Music Pairs with Kygo for PlayStation VR ...:

Where are the VR game announcements though? That's fine it can be about more than games, but at this rate it's looking like it's not about games at all

Seriously, I can't think of one single VR game they have in the pipeline. Am I just misinformed?

I was playing Robinson The Journey last night and it's the most amazing VR game to date. Made me start wondering when all the games will start pouring in...



JaxonH commented on Hardware Review: Is the Razer Raiju the PS4's ...:

Eh, Idk.

I'll stick with the DS4 and X1 controller for consoles.

Just got a chatpad for my X1 PC controller, and oh, just got a STEAM controller too. It's pretty cool actually. Perfect for games like Civilizarion



JaxonH commented on Rhianna Pratchett Packs Up Her Pick Axe and Sa...:

I loved Rise of the Tomb Raider. Had no issues with story or writing.

I mean sure, Uncharted probably tops it in that category, but if we're using that as the standard by which to judge writing in games... everything is gonna suck.



JaxonH commented on Feature: The Promising PS4 Games of January 2017:

It's been a blessing having such a strong lineup on PS4 lately. I really appreciate that. I mean, I'm a multiconsole gamer, so that's the whole idea really.

Each console has their ups and downs, strong waves of games and little drought periods. And right now, Nintendo is transitioning to Switch so there hasn't been many games to play since Paper Mario Color Splash, and there won't be anything until Zelda and the Switch launch.

And 3DS is kind of in a phase of getting Wii U ports I already played. Good for others... just not so much for me. Nothing new until Pikmin 3D releases, which still doesn't have a date.

And Xbox One, although they have done very well with the BC releases, hasn't had much since Gears of War 4 and won't really have much until Halo Wars 2.

And PSVR and Vita have absolutely nothing on deck aside from RE7 which doesn't interest me at all (too creepy). Well, Farpoint VR is coming, but when is the question.

So it's been great timing. Perfect timing, really. A strong Q1 for Sony has filled the gaps perfectly. Looking forward to Gravity Rush 2, Tales of Berseria and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Remix, and Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and Nier, and a few others.



JaxonH commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

What!!?!! What's this nonsense????

WHEEERE is Valkyria Chronicles Remastered????

Ohhhhh the insult (yes I will vote for remasters, if the remaster is better than everything else that released then yes)

  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • XCOM 2 (but this should have been Valkyria Chronicles Remastered)


JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:


  • Tear Ring Saga (from the creator of Fire Emblem)


  • Xenosaga I (from Xenoblade developers Monolith Soft)
  • Final Fantasy XII (not sure if I should continue or wait for remake)
  • Valkyrie Profile 2 (really interesting game, I like it)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (shame when this PS2 game has better camera than The Last Guardian)


  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (from Xenoblade developers Monolith Soft)
  • F-Zero GX (gahhhh I love this game!!!)


  • Metroid Other M (I feel like I just got a brand new Metroid on Wii U the world doesn't know exists... gosh dang this game is good)
  • The Last Story (from legendary Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi)


  • Civilization 6 (no idea what I'm doing, this game is insanely complex lol)


JaxonH commented on Soapbox: Street Fighter V Is the Best Worst PS...:

"seems that the publisher only cares about pro players these days"

Why? Why would you only care about the minority at the expense of the majority?

Cater to the 1 million and ignore the 4 million. Makes perfect sense.



JaxonH commented on PS4 Quietly Crosses Four Million Units Milesto...:

Where's the JP numbers this week...

Bomb? No... it won't bomb. It might not be the next Wii but, it won't bomb. I mean, Switch is going to be the go-to system for Nintendo games. So all the 3DS gamers will upgrade since it will launch at same price 3DS launched at, only it offers way more than 3DS ever did. And 3DS hasn't bombed in the west. Then you add in the Wii U owners who are going to upgrade as well...

That alone is enough to ensure it outperforms 3DS, which is far from tanking. But if it catches on with PS4/X1 gamers who want an affordable option to play console quality games anywhere, then it could actually do Wii numbers. Just depends how many PS4/X1 gamers they can pull in, which if the price is $250 I think it will do considerably well.



JaxonH commented on Game of the Year 2016: #4 - Final Fantasy XV:

Turn on wait mode. It's the only way to play. Not only does it give you a breather during hectic combat, it makes the game more strategy oriented. In fact there's an entire nexus tree in the ascension grid just for wait mode skills.

Side quests, yes those aren't the best.
Camera, yes it has some issues.

But the combat? That's the best part. So good in fact it makes up for everything else. What truly elevates the game despite it's flaws though, is that it's got heart and soul. It's more than just the sum of its parts.



JaxonH commented on Hands On: Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV Is W...:

Alot of people complain about the story in XCX, but that's only relative to the original. Compared to other JRPG it had an incredible story. Far better than any Final Fantasy I've played (aside from XV). And the gameplay was mint. They could have had no story at all and it still would have been my GotY



JaxonH commented on Hands On: Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV Is W...:


I keep telling him it's as good as Xenoblade Chronicles X, and he did come watch me play for a few hours and was really liking it, but he hasn't bought it yet. He's still hung up on his new gaming PC he built and his GPD Win handheld.

I've been playing Last Story and F-Zero GX too. Games look great in HD. My TV also upscaled to 4K but not sure how much of an effect that has. I'm sure it helps



JaxonH commented on Hands On: Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV Is W...:

Platinum demo grants access to the Carbuncle summon, for use exclusively in EASY mode. Which, if I know you at all is probably the mode you'll choose, though I really have to caution you against it. The game is balanced perfectly in NORMAL difficulty. I haven't had any trouble at all, save for when I attempted a post-game dungeon and got my butt handed to me on a silver platter (can read about that experience a page or two back if you're curious). But ya, EASY mode kills it. If you choose EASY mode, you'll never even need Carbuncle summon in the first place. I don't even need it on NORMAL. Besides, like all summons in this game you have to meet specific criteria for the option to even activate... like fight monsters way above your level and have at least one person in Danger or something

Anyways, Platinum demo sucked aside from the boss. Thankfully I can assure you it is completely irrelevant to the main game and doesn't even remotely resemble it... aside from the final boss battle.



JaxonH commented on Sony: 2017 Will Be a Year for Amazing PS4 Soft...:

2017 Must-Haves

  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5
  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8
  • Nier Automata
  • Nioh
  • Valkyria Azure Revolution
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Persona 5
  • Gravity Rush 2
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
  • Farpoint (PSVR)

Future Must-Haves (2017 Release Possible)

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age
  • Spiderman
  • Detroit
  • Wipeout Collection
  • Crash Trilogy
  • God of War

My Imaginary 2017 Must-Haves

  • Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Remastered
  • Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered
  • Final Fantasy Anthology
  • Tales of Vesperia Remastered
  • Dragon Age Collection


JaxonH commented on Game of the Year 2016: Ken's Personal PlayStat...:

Decent list. Nice to see FFXV and Titanfall 2 get recognition.

Ha... Final Fantasy XV will be your RPG gateway drug. They lure you in with the nice modern open world and real time combat... then before you know it your open world becomes linear half way through, your dirty real time combat is purged and cleansed through wait mode, and by the time you're done you've transfigured into something else entirely....

Another Ramsey.



JaxonH commented on Apparently There's a Double Dragon 4 Coming to...:


I grew up on 8-bit but I really don't prefer the style. Very few games can get away with the 8-bit to me. Shovel Knight and Mega Man 9/10 are about the only games I can think of at the moment.

Why not 16-bit? Man this 8-bit fad needs to hurry up and pass.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What PlayStation Pressies Did Y...:

Well, after playing a normal Mario game like New Super Mario Bros U it is a tad odd going to the auto running. But it fits mobile well due to the lack of buttons. Not sure about auto jumping but Mario will automatically hurdle enemies. But the levels still manage to be challenging because of the design and need to bounce off enemies. The meat of the entertainment to me lies in collecting the 5 pink coins in each stage as you go (easy), which then unlock 5 purple coins (moderate difficulty) which then unlock 5 black coins (my addiction).

The first world is really easy, and each world after gets progressively harder. But there's also a mode called Toad Rally where you compete score-wise against others people (well, their ghost data so no matchmaking necessary) and this is where you have to collect as many coins as possible, defeat as many enemies as you can and do it in style (jumping while hurdling an enemy does a crazy acrobatic jump, and there's all kinds of other ways to do fancy moves and impress the Toad crowd).

It's got its own rhythm for sure... but I've always loved 2D Mario games and their flavor of platforming, and this game really impressed me with how close it felt to a real entry on consoles.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What PlayStation Pressies Did Y...:

Idk I think the whole launch fiasco turned him off and then never really needed to buy one after getting a PS4. But ever since ReCore and Quantum Break and Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 he's been wanting one. And at $200 this holiday season, if I didn't buy one for him I know he would have.

He's into that GPD Win device? It runs Windows 10 but is a clamshell portable (Think a cross between a PC and a 3DS). It actually runs a lot of games from 7th gen and later. Ori & the Blind Forest, Dark Souls 2, Tales of Symphonia HD, Valkyria Chronicles, Resident Evil 5 and 6... It maps the mouse to the right analog for pretty much every game... Its really awesome. No clickable analogs though, and there are a few other negatives.

I said if they release a remodeled version with clickable analogs and SD slot, I'll get one in a heartbeat. Just having Valkyria Chronicles and Ori on the go is worth it. Although, Switch is gonna be here in just 90 days, and that thing is gonna be way more powerful than the Win. If it gets some good 3rd party support I'll probably just stick with that for my portable gaming needs.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What PlayStation Pressies Did Y...:

Nothing PS related, but I actually got a gaming PC! Built ground up by my brother! And a STEAM controller, new Bluetooth X1 controller and chatpad to serve as a mini keyboard for PC gaming in my recliner. And Civilization 6 on PC as well.

Untitledimage free hosting

I loved Mario Run! Best mobile game I've ever played actually. Those black coins are super tough though.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

I'll let you know once it arrives. I literally got this rig just today, and didn't put the order in until a few hrs ago.

Even if a lot of games don't outright support it, some games (like Civilization 6) only support mouse and keyboard or STEAM controller in the options. It seems a more comfortable option for PC gaming in a recliner, console style, than KB+M.

I'm curious myself...



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Well not only do I like consoles and the ease of playing, my brother just got an X1 for Christmas I gave him, so we can play together. But... maybe PC can do that too, for free.

Idk, I still like consoles though. But ya, I bought those games physically so I don't have the Windows 10 version. I'm mostly stocking up on STEAM games ATM.

Just hope a lot of the games have full controller support or STEAM controller support.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Ok I have to update because...

I just got a gaming PC for Christmas! My brother built me one ground up 😃

Core i3 3.7GHz CPU
AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card
128gb Solid State HDD

That ain't too shabby at all for a Christmas gift. In fact it's probably the best I've ever got. And got me Civilization 6 as a cherry on top. Wow.

@rjejr I'm pulling out, I'm assimilating into the master race. Got me a wireless keyboard and mouse already, but also a STEAM controller and just for good measure, a new Xbox One Bluetooth controller with keyboard chatpad and Plug n Play charge kit. And a nifty recliner arm rest mouse pad that grips around your recliner armrest and provides a flat surface for a mouse.

STEAM sale going on right now. Picking up the Valve Collection (every Valve game to date), Undertale, Dragon's Dogma, Pillar of Eternity, and whatever else I can find on the following 327 pages of sales.

This sucker is running Civilization 6 in 4K resolution, and oh my goodness Xenoblade Chronicles looks just as good as Xenoblade X. It's insane how good games look. Granted the TV is upscaling 1080p to 4K but altogether it just looks amazing.



JaxonH commented on Game of the Year 2016: Sammy's Personal PlaySt...:

I loved Last Guardian but man, that camera is atrocious! It's bad enough that there's no way I could consider it number one.

If it had a camera as good as modern AAA games I'd maybe say number 2 (behind Final Fantasy XV) but with the camera issues Idk. Just makes it painful to play... I had to stop.

Inside is a good choice... I wouldn't say it's better than full retail releases but, it's one of the better indies (Stardew Valley and Hyper Light Drifter, Shantae Half Genie Hero all give it a run for its money though).

Rez was a great VR experience... but the game itself isn't that great. I'd never play it if it wasn't in VR. But I do gotta say, it's quite the experience in virtual reality. I bought the limited print run physical edition for it in fact.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Final Fantasy XV



Catherine (360 BC)

Wii U
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (NDS VC)

Super Mario Maker

He got one when there was this sale for like $212. He doesn't talk about it much because it's wrapped under the tree until Christmas. Speaking of which @rjejr you need to let me know what you think of Final Fantasy XV. And add me as a friend too. I know we're friends on Wii U, but add me to your PS4 as well... search "jaxonholden"



JaxonH commented on Game of the Year 2016: #9 - Ratchet & Clank:

Ratchet & Clank was good.

But it's definitely a different breed of platformer. More of a "Wario World" than a "Mario 3D World" And I always preferred the jump-focused platformers rather than the beat-em-ups.

But I will say this. It's definitely the best beat-em-up platformer I've played. I never was too fond of Wario World, but this I actually enjoyed quite a bit.



JaxonH commented on Hands On: NieR Automata Seems Like Yet Another...:


ehhhhhhhh.... Well I know it was a great game for anyone who grew up or is into Transformers, and the combat was still solid as ever... but speaking purely as a P* game it was more Korra than Bayonetta. As someone who's not big into Transformers, I lost interest half way through the game. The only 3 P* games that lost my interest before finishing them.



JaxonH commented on Game of the Year 2016: Stephen's Personal Play...:

Told myself I'd get The Witness, but not for $40. When it's $10 in a sale I'll get it though. Preferably on X1 where it won't eat up limited hard drive space, but Xbox doesn't usually have sales as good so, I'm not counting on that happening.