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I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and my all time favorite is MH4U. Also a HUGE fan of DKC and Fire Emblem. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th February, 2013

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JaxonH commented on Review: Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (PS4):


So I bought the DLC for $1.50 that unlocks all the modes, and it said they would be available on the main screen. But I see no other modes to choose on the main screen, just "Load Game" and "Options"

I haven't really started playing the game so I'm not sure if it's something I have to get to a certain point to unlock? But seeing as I paid to unlock it you would think it would be unlocked, right?



JaxonH commented on Yu Suzuki Wants Physical Shenmue III PS4 Discs:

I'm growing tired of backing Kickstarter projects only to find out later they're getting a physical release which I then have to buy separately.

Mighty No 9 cost me $30 to back it and another $30 to buy the disc. Bloodstained I paid $60 out the gate to get the physical copy, but most projects don't offer physical at first.

But even if they do offer physical it's cheaper for me to wait and buy it through gamers club unlocked at Best Buy for 20% off. Which means one of two things are going to happen- either they need to offer physical to backers for $40 or less, or I need to stop backing Kickstarter projects altogether.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

They DEFINITELY dropped the ball on no new Metroid Prime. Everyone wants that to happen. And the Zelda delay is a whammy for sure too.

But, I wouldn't go so far as to say they're completely out of touch because they've actually put out a lot of games that I've been wanting for a very long time- they brought back Pikmin on Wii U, Donkey Kong Country (I do love those games and was afraid I'd never see another one again), Splatoon is just off the charts (already broke 1 million sold which is pretty good for a brand-new IP from Nintendo- usually their new IP's don't sell well... Clearly this is what people have been looking for, I know it is for me anyways), they're bringing back StarFox, and judging by amiimo sales I'm not entirely sure I'd say it's not what fans want. I actually think fans love the Amiibo- there's a lot of long time fans who have a special place in their heart for Nintendo franchises and like to collect their faves.

So in some respects (still no new Metroid, still no new F-Zero) Nintendo hasn't answered the call of the fans. And I'm definitely crushed by not getting either of those two franchises this generation. On the other hand, they've done a lot right this gen and there's a lot of in-demand franchises that we have gotten. So it's give-and-take really. I definitely think they're getting better and are finally starting to listen (this generation has been so much better than the last, and Reggie actually acknowledged that they are aware we want Metroid Prime 4, so just the fact that they hear us is a good start)



JaxonH commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

This is not an "attack" on Playstation or its fans. I don't know why people are getting defensive about this.

It is more than true that Nintendo tends to (and there are always exceptions) but they generally speaking announce games several months before they release, just kind of spring it on us. They're known for that. Well of course some of their big titles they do give a heads up a couple years in advance, as does anyone.

But it is also true that there are many games announced on other platforms that don't come out for 5, 6, 7 years after the fact (Last Guardian, FF15, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mass Effect 4, etc).

Nintendo is doing its thing, just let em be. Not everyone might enjoy their games but I certainly do. And I actually think a lot of people would if they would actually give them a try and expand beyond just the Mario and Zelda brands (Splatoon, Pikmin, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, etc). Although, Mario and Zelda are so freakin fun Id probably buy a console just for those two franchises alone.

They're having some issues with their home console. Sony's having issues with their handheld. It happens. But life goes on. They pick up the pieces and try again. But one thing I can say is even though Wii U isn't selling well, it's got a dang fine library.



JaxonH commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge Belly Dances to PS4 N...:

Risky's Revenge? That's an odd one to choose to port. This is the DSi sequel. I bought it on my 3DS a few years ago. But they just released a new one on 3DS called Shantae and the Pirates Curse. Now THAT was a good game. They should've ported that one.

Oh well. They're all good games and I would still recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried the series before. Just bear in mind this one still looks a little retro.



JaxonH commented on Sony: PlayStation TV Is Hard to Explain:

Yeah this seems like the biggest waste of money I've ever seen. I tried streaming to my Vita and the lag is just enough to ruin it. I can't imagine this is any better. And with half the games not even compatible, not even a Netflix app, I really don't see how anyone was interested in this thing.

But I suppose if you have kids or something and they don't mind the lag, it's an easy way to play PS4 in another room. I suppose I can see the appeal in that. For some.



JaxonH commented on Feature: Push Square's E3 2015 Game of the Sho...:

Stole the show for me personally. This game took my breath away and sucked me in like very few games do anymore. And that was just from the preview gameplay!

The only concern I have, and I do mean only concern because I like everything else I've seen, is how addictive the combat will be. The reason Monster Hunter stands as my favorite franchise of all time is because the combat is euphoric. It's absolutely precise and strategic and challenging and every single frame counts. AI and monster move sets are simply amazing, and provide some of the absolute best boss fights video games can offer.

If this game can nail in that respect- if this game can create challenging boss fight-like combat similar to Monster Hunter, this very well could turn out to be my future favorite game of all time, or at least one of them anyways.



JaxonH commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

DeVita is definitely one of my least favorite platforms of all time. With that said, I'm a gamer. Not a fanboy. And even my least favorite platform still has plenty to offer me. Even though there hasn't been a game on the system and I've actually cared about in close to a year, and virtually nothing on the horizon, i'm still glad I bought it.

As for this statement, i'm curious to know how bad games on Vita actually sell? Wii U has an almost identical install base yet Nintendo is pumping out games left and right and making plenty money off them too. Even though Vita wasn't exactly a smashing success, there are still 10 million owners for them to sell to. If they actually invested the time to make some great games they could probably sell a few million copies. Still don't understand why that's not a good investment to make.

And concerning consumer expectations, I think the biggest expectation is that when you invest $250 in a new platform you expect them to actually make games for it



JaxonH commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

To be fair I really don't think he was trash talking. My guess is he was asked about virtual reality, since you know, Sony AND Microsoft are jumping in headfirst but they're not, and he gave a reasonable explanation for their stance on the matter.

And he very well may be proven right. Then again, he may be proven wrong. Either way, Nintendo gets to find out without investing a single dollar.



JaxonH commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

Problem- 3 HDMI inputs on TV. Even running cable box through Xbox One, that's still one for Xbox One, one for Wii U, and one for PS4. I don't see how spending an additional $250 and reaching behind the TV to pull out and swap cables every time you want to play is a legitimate answer. I mean sure, if you're absolutely desperate. But why do all that when you can just own a console that's backwards compatible?



JaxonH commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

Wait a second. It's not greatly used? It's used enough that they invested billions of dollars just to stream backwards compatibility and charge for it. And most people hate playing streaming games. And even despite THAT they deemed it a worthwhile investment.

If there's enough interest you can create a business around streaming it, I can't help but find their statement extremely ironic.



JaxonH commented on Feature: We Grade E3 2015's Press Conferences:

I know. But take comfort in the fact that we basically know for sure Retro has a new Metroid Prime in the works. There's too much evidence pointing in that direction. Fact they only work on two franchises in the last 15 years- Metroid and DKC, and their last two games were DKC, and last year they said they had something in development for Wii U... It's basically a given at this point.

I don't think this is meant to somehow satiate our desire for new Metroid. I think it's just a little extra they decided to do on the side, and once the REAL, proper mainline series entry is announced, I think people will be able to appreciate this one a little more



JaxonH commented on Feature: We Grade E3 2015's Press Conferences:

Well they've always done spinoffs using their franchises, even Metroid. Metroid Prime Pinball and Hunters comes to mind, and this seems to have more in common with the mainline game then either of those two did, well, barring Hunters maybe.

But the Blast game is just a little side mode, the main game is actually up to 4 player co-op missions, I watched some Treehouse footage it actually looks really fun. Taking down bosses and space pirates as a team, even has that classic puzzly styled gameplay mixed in (like lure the boss in a room, then shoot a button high above to close the gate and trap him).

Idk, i'm just judging the game based on its own merits. Obviously it's not meant to be taken as a mainline series entry



JaxonH commented on Feature: We Grade E3 2015's Press Conferences:

3) Nintendo DEFINITELY didn't do as well as last year (last year I thought they won hands down). I'd rate them last this year. With that said, 3DS got a ton of awesome announcements- Zelda and Metroid online co-op, Monster Hunter X, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, new Fire Emblem, Hyrule Warriors, new Chibi Robo... Wii U announcements sucked, period. And that's what upset people the most I think. In fairness they have so many previously announced games on the way in the coming months I think it left them with very little to announce. Mario Maker, Yoshi's Wooly World, Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, Fast Racing Neo, Xenoblade X, Star Fox Zero, SMT x Fire Emblem... healthy lineup on the way and right off the back of the amazing Splatoon.

2) Sony did fantastic, a HUGE step up from last year (I ranked them dead last in 2014). From Uncharted 4 gameplay to the collection, Horizon Zero Dawn looks AMAZING, Final Fantasy 7 remake is surreal despite being multiplat, and Last Guardian is hype! Of course they had the benefit of all the multiplats announced by 3rd parties- especially Ghost Recon and Dishonored 2. Shenmue 3 announcement was amazing even as a Kickstarter. And of course there were many others too.

1) Microsoft had the best conference, but not by much. The backwards compatibility was a BOMBSHELL, and really set the tone for the duration of the presentation. Rare Replay looks amazing, obviously, and ReCore couldn't have impressed me more. A new Gears of War 4, new Halo 5 out this year, new controllers, Dark Souls 3 despite being multiplat. Microsoft also had the benefit of all these multiplats announced. Honestly I would have rated Sony higher if not for the fact Microsoft is bringing backwards compatibility. That did it right there.

All in all though, and even in spite of lackluster Wii U announcements, there are a crap load of games coming to 3DS, Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One. The only platform that has absolutely nothing to be excited for is Vita.



JaxonH commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

I'm glad to hear others enjoyed it so much. I thought it was good, most certainly, and I'm very excited for Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn and FF7. But I still think Microsoft had a slightly better conference. And neither one of them were in the vicinity of greatest of all time. But I guess compared to last year they both blew it away



JaxonH commented on E3 2015: Ready at Dawn Ditching PS4 for Oculus...:

What's all this I hear about Oculus shipping with an X1 controller? Looks like they've got a competitor now. And while it may stream from Windows 10 at first, if they sink that puppy up with the Xbox One it could mean some serious competition.

Either way I'm excited to see what VR has to offer. And I'm definitely glad there's going to be competition between the two, which is exactly what pushes innovation.



JaxonH commented on Tearaway Unfolded Builds a Paper Bridge to PS4...:

I thought Tearaway was decent (certainly better than that sorry excuse for a platformer LBP), but it wasn't quite enough to hold my interest more than a few hours. I know I'll probably get this at some point and give it another go, since I am such a huge platforming fanatic, but I doubt it will be at launch.



JaxonH commented on Rumour: A Vanquish Sequel Will Be Sliding into...:

It's possible they're developing as Wii U exclusive, but I also think it's possible they're developing as a PS4 exclusive because they tend to make the rounds with all three platforms. Wii U got Wonderful 101, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, Xbox One is getting Scalebound, and if this was PS4 exclusive, all 3 platforms would have a Platinum exclusive to boast.

But right now I think it's a 50-50 coin toss. We'll find out soon enough though



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Role Will the PS Vita Play...:

I haven't played my Vita in a LONG time. There's literally nothing coming out for it worth a darn, and no hope on the horizon either. RE Revelations 2 will be nice, but the game will have already lost its hype and appeal by the time it ever releases, and when it does let's just hope that it doesn't have texture pop-in and frame rate issues like other ports (Borderlands 2 I'm looking at you).

I just don't care anymore. I'll snatch up any cross buy games from the PS4, and any other PSone/PSP games they decide to release (even that looks like it's come to a halt), and maybe one day in the distant future I'll play some of them. But I don't really hold out for much more than that. I used to be so excited for the system and, all that is gone now



JaxonH commented on The Mega Man Legacy Collection Brings the Blue...:

They all have 8 bosses and allow you to play them in any order you choose. Except for the first- that game only had 6.

Mega Man 3 was my first video game I ever played back in 1990. It was my absolute obsession as a child along with Sonic the Hedgehog. I will most definitely be grabbing the 3DS version assuming it has stereoscopic 3D. I might be persuaded to pick up the PS4 version as well, if the improvements are worth it. Shame they skipped the Wii U though- there's a lot of Mega Man fans on that console.