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Male, 32, United States

I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and my all time favorite is MH4U. Also a HUGE fan of DKC, Pikmin and Fire Emblem. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube, Wii and DS.

Fri 15th Feb 2013

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JaxonH commented on Soapbox: Uncharted 4's Higher Difficulties Kil...:

Um, I like trophies and all, but not enough to go out of my normal gaming routine for them. Whatever I get, I get. Aside from Persona 4: Dancing All Night, every trophy I have was naturally acquired without trying to obtain it. And even that game I only platinum'd it cause I was 5 trophies away anyways and never got a Plat before.

Default difficulty all the way. I enjoy hard games, but only those naturally demanding like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter or Donkey Kong Country.



JaxonH commented on Buckle Up with DriveClub VR on 13th October:

So, I don't wanna buy the disc version then, right?

This is a totally separate purchase, and digital only? What is with these people and making DC digital only? They did the same thing at launch of the normal game too.



JaxonH commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Looks Super in New Eng...:

Key word, "half". A lot of season passes now are the price of the game.

But I hear you. That's why I ignore season passes unless it's a game I really love. Or in the case of me switching all my multiplats to X1 I'm just buying the Complete Editions with all DLC and season pass included. A rare opportunity for a chronic day one purchaser.

This game looks... strangely appealing. Still hate the art style of the characters though.



JaxonH commented on Hardware Review: PS4 Slim - Size Matters:

Sounds neato. Would be nice to have a smaller unit but, meh, it's all good.

What I really need to be smaller is my Xbox One. That thing is gargantuan lol. I could fit 4 Wii U's inside of it I think. Was tempted by Xbox One S but, just like PS4 Pro, I'm not gonna bite. I have pretty much decided to get a Scorpio though. Sounds like even more of a leap than Pro and, plus I'm kind of invested in Xbox more now that I switched my entire collection over due to lack of space on PS4.

The only console that's ever earned the privilege of me buying multiples, has been New 3DS. And even that I've put an end to recently.



JaxonH commented on Store Update: 20th September 2016 (North America):

PS3- Shadow of the Colossus and Ni No Kuni. The two games I wish I could play but can't.

Vita- Rayman Origins and Legends, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (trust me it's better than Mario Kart), and all sorts of yummy JRPG's, too many to list. But start with Persona 4 Golden (and by gosh Persona 4 Dancing All Night- funnest rhythm game ever made, my first and only Platinum to this day)



JaxonH commented on Guide: How to Transfer PS4 Data to a New Console:

Not buyin one until VR and NX but, in a year or so when the time comes, I may. If the results warrant it. Really it comes down to how soon my existing HDTV lasts. It's 7 years old and probably has another 7 years in it.

In which case I'll just wait for the next generation.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: NieR: Automata Has an 'Auto Mode' th...:

I think if a person spends their hard earned money on the game, let them enjoy it how they see fit. No sweat off our backs. It's not how I play games, but it is useful for some, like my friend @rjejr here who struggles to jump over the first pit in Super Mario Bros without seeing a game over screen.



JaxonH commented on 'No Plans' For The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro Patch, Sa...:

Good. There's been more than enough time spent this gen on making older games more visually palletable. What with all the remasters and now, if devs start going back again to spruce up visuals even more... it's like come on, when does it stop? Release a game and be done with it. Half this generation has been existing games fluffed up visually and repackaged for sales- Lord knows the last thing they need is even more reason to keep dressing up the same old existing games. It'll be PS5 and still releasing PS3 remasters.



JaxonH commented on Sony's Latest Sizzle Trailer Spotlights Major ...:

Call of Duty... meh. Although I do want that Modern Warfare remaster.
Destiny... meh.

Watch Dogs 2... not a preorder but you have my attention.
Final Fantasy XV... preordered, but cautiously optimistic.

World of Final Fantasy... Looks great, hype!
Skyrim Remaster... Finally can play this game, hype!

Gravity Rush 2... Insta-buy, day one, PS4 2016 GotY. Hype!
Horizon Zero Dawn... Insta-buy, day one, PS4 2017 GotY. Hype!

Reports are indicating The Last Guardian is a bust. Time will tell, but it's not looking good. Glad I didn't order the collector's edition.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: Can New Hot Shots Golf Score a Hole ...:

I freaking love great golf games.

The best ones I ever played were Mario Golf World Tour (that game is crazy good, in fact best Mario sports game ever made maybe) and the Wii Sports Golf on Wii U where you hit the ball with a Wiimote off the gamepad screen into the TV. That one was almost like a SIM it felt so realistic. I liked Tiger Woods on Wii but never liked it without motion.

And now, I'm about ready for something new. I've heard nothing but good things about Hot Shots, and almost bought the one on Vita. But I think I'll get this one (provided it doesn't sink in reviews). This game seems to be more lighthearted, which is exactly how I like them.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm loving it. I keep hearing the end game sucks- all kinds of issues like fetch quest, difficulty spikes, etc, but all I can judge is what I've played so far. And 5 hours in- loving it.

I told myself even if the the game stops being fun toward the end, and even if I stop playing at that point, I won't regret my time spent. If I'm having this much fun along the way, screw it. Take what you like, leave the rest, right?



JaxonH commented on Feature: Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Wort...:

Yet this game was hyped and praised as the second coming.

Then later people come to their senses and say, "oh uh, ya, it was kinda meh"

It's like this for almost every hyped game nowadays though, provided it's not a massive disappointment. But every single time- Assassin's Creed Unity also comes to mind, which scored very well yet now is looked back on as pretty meh.



JaxonH commented on Review: BioShock: The Collection (PS4):

Hey, I'm all aboard the remake train, as log as they're games I want

This is great for me given I missed most of last gen- barely touched my PS3 or Wii. Think I played MGS4, Metroid Prime 3 and Zelda Twilight Princess, and that's it.

But if this happens next generation too (and with greedy publishers I can't see it not happening), I may have to start skipping every other generation. We'll see how it goes.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: Remember the Glory of Final Fantasy ...:

So glad I'm gonna have Final Fantasy VII, X, XII and XV (and World of Final Fantasy) all updated and modern on PS4.

That combined with FF 1-9, X and X-2, all 3 Dissidea releases on PSP and Tactics War of the Lions on Vita, and I'm in good shape.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: Tales of Berseria Lays Out Its Plot ...:

Always get excited for Tales. It pains me owning Vesperia yet not being able to play because no BC announced yet.

Got Tales of Hearts R on Vita and Abyss on 3DS, Zesteria on PS4 and Symphonia on GameCube. And that Symphonia sequel on Wii.

Seems like they make games for every system, or used to anyways.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: World of Final Fantasy Promises a Gr...:

Ya, thank goodness for this game. Vita scores yet another clutch win. Every time you think it's done, another gem comes rolling along.

And that's where I'll be playing this- on the Vita just like FFX. RPGs and handhelds go, well, hand in hand.



JaxonH commented on TGS 2016: Sony Hasn't Forgotten About the PS V...:

Killzone has always been a subpar franchise, CoD BO2 Declassified was one of the worst games in modern history and AC was also mediocre at best. Even Uncharted Golden Abyss is nothing compared to console entries.

You've got to make amazing games to sell systems. Not "decent to good" and "abominable". Unless Sony was just conceding they can't make amazing games? But we know that's not true. They just didn't make any for Vita, much less consistently support it with amazing games, and then they wonder why it fails.

Truth is, it was the "lots of decent but absolutely zero amazing games" combined with the $100 proprietary memory cards that really did it in. You can't treat handhelds like a second rate platform and expect successful results. You have to give games every bit as good as on consoles. Infamous Second Son, Ratchet & Clank, a Naughty Dog developed Uncharted or even a Last of Us port, get Street Fighter IV Ultimate on the system and Demon Souls or Bloodborne, work out a deal for Tomb Rauder port... this would have sold systems.

They didn't do it all wrong. Gravity Rush was an excellent example of a great Vita game, and Wipeout 2048 was closer to great than average, but these games are more niche and 2 games isn't enough. It has to be a consistent flood of excellent games.



JaxonH commented on PS4 Firmware Update 4.00 Adds New Features Tom...:

I knew we weren't getting external drive support, but far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to harp about it 😀

Truth is, it's not the end of the world. I've switched my collection to X1 where there's lots of space, and honestly it just makes sense that way. Sony gets far more exclusives than Xbox, so it was always a waste to have an X1 sitting there with only 8 games on it. This way, I utilize my space on Xbox and will still probably fill my 2TB PS4 with exclusives alone. So it works out perfectly. No sense wasting space with dozens of 50gb+ multiplats on a console brimming with exclusives that will max out even without multiplatform titles.

Still, I'd buy a PS4 Pro if it housed 15mm internal drives. My bank account would just have to deal with it.



JaxonH commented on Oh Dear, The Last Guardian Delayed into Decemb...:

It's not delaying the game to fix bugs that people are criticizing, it's the consistent lack of foresight when announcing release dates the first time around.

This is beyond ridiculous. If even we, the fans, fan predict that just about every game is going to get delayed 3-12 months, it's high time the developers start predicting it too, and factor that in to their schedule. And if it's far away enough they can't say for sure, then it's too early to be announcing a release date to begin with.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Also, looking at that chart it may seem there's no rush to jump from yellow to green sharpness, but what the chart doesn't tell you is yellow actually only does 1.0X damage when your hit lands in the center of the blade. If the tip or base of your weapon connects, it's 0.75 damage and it wears down the sharpness like you did 2 hits, so you'll wear down to orange twice as quickly. That's why the jump to green ASAP is crucial, and later on the jump to blue ASAP is also crucial.

There will be other things you'll want to keep in your item pouch down the line but, here's the basics that you'll want right now. A guide on what you should be aiming to take with you on every quest.

things to keep in your item pouch on every quest

  • BBQ Spit (to cook raw meat into Well Done Steaks)
  • Mega Potions x10 (or just Potions for now if it's all you can get)
  • Antidote x10 (for curing Poison status)
  • Well Done Steak x10 (for stamina)
  • Whetstone x20 (for sharpening)
  • Pickaxe x5 (for mining ore)
  • Bug Net x5 (for catching bugs)
  • Dung Bomb x10 (for driving off monsters when fighting 2 at once)
  • Shock Trap x1 (for trapping monsters)
  • Pitfall Trap x1 (for trapping monsters)
  • Tranq Bombs x8 (for capturing trapped monsters)

I also recommend choosing the "Adept" hunting style. It allows you to do this crazy bushido barrel roll dodge when timed perfectly. It basically gives you the equivalent of Evasion +2 skill, which is one of the most envied and coveted end-game skills there is, and you get it right out the gate with Adept. It's even better than Evasion skill because the Evasion +2 skill just gives you 0.4 seconds of invincibility, whereas the Adept dodge gives you 0.4 seconds invincibility to execute the bushido dodge and then total invincibility for the duration of the animation. It's crazy good, and I see no reason to ever use any other Hunting Style, though aerial style does have some good benefits also. Just practice rolling, all the time rolling. Attack, attack, roll. Etc. you'll probably inadvertently pull off the adept dodge just by rolling through attacks, and once you get the timing down you become insanely dangerous.

The name of the game is "don't get hit". A lot of new players just wanna go on a rampage attacking, rather than looking for openings, getting a few attacks in and rolling away. I'd really recommend watching a few videos of veteran hunters to get a feel for proper hunting techniques.

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube

Also, skills play a huge part of the game. Usually +10 points in a given skill activates it, and -10 points in a skill activates the negative skill. There are also tiers sometimes- like with Tetsucabra, a full armor set grants 10 points in health which activates the skill "Health +20". If you can then increase your points to 15 you'll activate the 2nd tier of the skill called "Health +50" which completely maxes your health bar. You can do this by crafting decorations at the smithy (like a +2 Health gem, 3 of which will take you from 10 points to 16, therefore activating the second tier of the skill). You need an open slot on your weapon, armor or talisman to equip a gem. More slots the better because more slots = more gems = more skill points = more skills/better skills. Likewise, if you have -10 points with a negative skill activates, just craft a +1 gem and equip it to take the points from -10 to -9, so the negative skill no longer activates. You'll want to craft full armor sets because each of the 5 pieces adds a few points in the same skills. Mix and match and you won't reach 10 points in anything and therefore won't have any activated skills.

Also, always eat before each quest. Always always always. It can increase your health bar, grant temporary skills (like more defense or insurance in case you cart- carting means dying by the way- referring to the "kitty cart" that carries you back to base- you're allowed 3 carts per hunt).



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Absolutely. So, the 1 star quests are just kind of there to teach you here's how to gather, here's how to carve, here's how to do this, do that. For each level of starred quests (1 star, 2 star, 3 star, etc) there are certain "Key Quests" required to do to unlock the Urgent Quest which is how you graduate to the next level. So basically, you don't have to do all the quests. Just the keys, which can be found here

Once you unlock the Urgent to fight the Great Maccao, you get your first taste of a real monster hunt. Granted it's easy and obviously not anywhere close to the insane monsters you'll be fighting in higher ranked quests. So, you'll want to find a weapon that suits your playstyle, and then learn it like the back of your hand. There are tutorial quests for each weapon, which let you fight a Great Maccao in the arena with that weapon so you can test out different ones. I recommend something easy to learn at first, probably nothing ranged or slow (ranged weapons require "gunner armor" which has half the defense as the normal armor counterparts).

Maybe Long Sword or Dual Blades- those are noob friendly. Switch Axe and Charge blade have dual forms, you use the lesser blade to charge up and then switch to a powerful axe, so those are fun too but a little trickier to learn. And Insect Glaive is great but you're constantly having to shoot out this insect at the monster to get buffs, which can be aggravating and frustrating for a new player. Ranged weapons are usually for more experienced hunters, and slow weapons aren't usually the best choice right away. Hammer and Hunting Horn are fantastic but, you've got to deal with slower animations and smaller window of timing to land hits as a result.

You'll want to farm an armor set right away. Pro Tip- don't ever buy armor sets- they suck. Same goes for weapons. You want to craft- everything you do you need to craft. So I recommend farming the Tetsucabra armor set. Tetsucabra is relatively easy to farm, and his armor set is perfect for low rank because it grants a skill which maxes your health bar (also grants tremor resistance). You'll hunt Tetsu as your 2-star Urgent into 3-Star rank. So just run through the 1 and 2 star Key quests, get to Tetsu and then farm him for his armor. Also be a good time to craft a new weapon as well.

So, download the DLC packs asap- talk to the housekeeper in your room or do it from main menu. Lots of potions and stuff for free. You'll wanna learn how to craft certain items- like potions (potion = blue mushroom + green herb) and you make it a Mega Potion by then combining honey (Mega Potion = Potion + Honey). You'll also want to carve raw meat from the big herbivore dinosaurs roaming the areas. Buy a BBQ Spit and keep it in your item pouch for quests. Then, once you have some raw meat carved, you use the BBQ Spit to cook it to well done steaks, which replenish your stamina. This is absolutely crucial to learn. Should be a quest that teaches you this.

Watch your weapon sharpness. It goes red > orange > yellow > green > blue > white. Right now you'll want to get a weapon with green sharpness ASAP. Probably won't happen til at least Tetsucabra but still, make it a priority. In the meantime, keep your yellow sharpness at all times. You see it drop to orange you should sharpen right away. Use whetstones to sharpen. You can gather whetstones out on quests, and they're a necessity to have.

Untitledimage hosting 10mb limit

I'd recommend watching Gaijin Hunter videos to learn whatever you need. Especially how to use whatever weapon you choose. Here's his YouTube videos for each weapon. Most every veteran hunter uses Gaijin Hunter as a vital information resource.

And Polygon put a nice guide together for new hunters, it's a little overload with information but, you can find some good info in there.



JaxonH commented on Will PS4 Pro Improve Games on Traditional 1080...:

I'm sure there's some level of benefits but, unless you wanna go full 4K setup there's really not enough to warrant a full console purchase again. If I had a 4K tv, then, maybe, it would appeal to me a little more.

I'm still waiting to hear if this Pro will have room for 15mm HDD instead of just 9.5. If that was the case I'd seriously reconsider.