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I play lots of video games, and I like to sing. If I'm not playing video games, I'm probably doing stuff at Church or school, and doing stuff revolving around those things.

Tue 27th October, 2009

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moomoo commented on Wait, So Sony Didn't Actually Tease Metal Gear...:

This is the same guy that worked with Kojima to pull off an elaborate ruse to announce The Phantom Pain as a non-MGS game back at the game awards with a completely unknown studio and all.

Geoff is lying.



moomoo commented on Now a Second Sony Exec Says That the Firm's No...:

@JaxonH I really doubt Sony will make portables after the Vita, so if they lose trust, it won't really affect them.

Still, this really disappoints me. I'd be fine if Sony only made smaller-scale games, like Patapon, LocoRoco, and the like. But they seem reluctant to do even that.

I hope at the very least that they can get more support from the bigger iOS games, like the GTA 3 Trilogy, Max Payne, Horn, Infinity Blade, and the like. Playing those with buttons (barring the last one) would be great.



moomoo commented on Review: Muramasa Rebirth (PlayStation Vita):

I loved this game. I played it to full completion on Wii, and decided to re-buy it for Vita because I loved it that much. It's wonderful fun.

I like how repetition is kept from sinking in due to constantly upgrading your swords. It's a nice way of keeping things simple while giving the player a constant sense of growth.

Also, the music and art in this game is stunning.



moomoo commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

What's the point of having such a high resolution? All resolution does is up the pixel density. If you can't see the individual pixels on your TV/Monitor/Screen (or if it doesn't look fuzzy) then there is absolutely no point in updating the resolution. You won't see a difference unless if you are dangerously close to the screen.



moomoo commented on Soapbox: How a Niche PS Vita Exclusive Made Me...:

This article reminded me of why I loved Persona 3 Portable so much. The option to play as a girl was really cool, mainly because what you were doing in the game wasn't gender-neutral; the game changed in big and unique ways based on the gender you played as, which gave me a great reason to play through it twice.



moomoo commented on Review: Dustforce (PlayStation Network - Vita):

@Bliquid Pretty much my thoughts. I'd put it in the 7 or low 8 range, mainly because the controls can get in the way of precision.

Definitely not in the same league as Super Meat Boy, but still a good game that I'm glad I bought. Even if it makes me want to break my Vita sometimes.



moomoo commented on Review: TxK (PlayStation Network - Vita):

I just got this, really enjoying it. There are some things that don't make sense, though. Why does it say, "THANK YOU COWS" when I'm saved by the droid? There's a bunch of other weird words and phrases too.



moomoo commented on Review: Adam's Venture Chronicles (PlayStation...:

I wish a good Christian game would come out. There's so much potential, especially in the Old Testament stuff.

@RyoHazuki As a devout Christian, I'd say that could work, at least from an adventure angle. Getting horror in there would be kind of tough. Maybe something along the lines of Elder Scrolls but taking place in Israel, right when all the tribes are splitting up?



moomoo commented on PS Vita Will Die a Slow and Painful Death, Say...:

@Savino I think you're misjudging his comments. When he describes poor sales, he's comparing it with what Nintendo wants. That's DS numbers, which the 3DS just won't be able to do. The people that bought DS systems just for Brain Age or Imagine games aren't going to buy a 3DS.

And from what I can tell, the XL really didn't spike up 3DS interest. The games did that. And even then, the west still hasn't bought into the 3DS at the levels Japan has, so he's still correct, at least where I stand.

As for his Vita comments... people don't seem to care about dedicated handhelds as much as they used to. It sucks, since I love portables, but most people seem content with their phones. I hope he's wrong, but I see little in the way of him being right.



moomoo commented on Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 ...:

@Dodoo Huh, that's weird. I just finished the Vita version of The Walking Dead less than a week ago and I didn't find any of those problems, at least not as much as you say they were there. I came across no save data glitch, and the delays weren't that long.

I must have been lucky. It sucks that it didn't turn out as well for you.



moomoo commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS Vita Keeps Plodding ...:

It's selling better because it has Nintendo franchises and Monster Hunter, has a cheaper initial price tag, and has more people using it.

It doesn't matter that the Vita is probably going to offer more value in the long run because of PS Plus and all of the sales associated with it. It just doesn't have the AAA exclusives.

It sucks, too, because I like using my Vita more than my 3DS too. I haven't sold my 3DS, though. I love Nintendo games.



moomoo commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Publish Its Games on ...:

Considering how big of a flop the Wii U is and is looking to be, it makes fiscal sense... in the short term. I don't know if it's a good idea for Nintendo to hurt its biggest fans by making its software line-up non-exclusive, even if it's just for a few years, though, especially considering how the games would probably be better on PS4 and Xbox One than the Wii U (better graphics, better online, and Nintendo's games still don't really use the gamepad in any fundamental way yet). I doubt many Nintendo fans would be willing to buy another Nintendo home console ever again.

I do think Nintendo should put some of its lineup on other platforms (like VC games on the app store. It'd only have to be NES and SNES. They're simply not a selling point to 3DS and Wii U owners, since there isn't enough coming out). But even if they'd make way more money putting their Wii U lineup on other systems, they'd hurt their biggest fans in the worst way possible.



moomoo commented on Poll: How Much Would You Pay for PlayStation Now?:

I think it all depends on what's on offer. If we're talking about the Wii U's VC library, then I wouldn't want to pay much. But if we're talking about access to dozens of PS3 games, both first and third party? I'd do that, even at $20 a month (although I'd also like a yearly option).



moomoo commented on Talking Point: Will Someone Please Frag Online...:

Why should this matter? They're just trophies...

It's not like they're hiding single player content behind multiplayer trophies. All it means is you won't get a platinum trophy if you don't touch online. Why should that matter when trophies really don't mean anything outside of bragging rights. All that should matter is that you had fun with the game...



moomoo commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation Vita Games ...:

As I live in North America, my list would be a bit different (although if P4G came out this year, then of course that would be #1). Mine would be:
3. Killzone: Mercenary
2. Ys: Memories of Celceta
1. Tearaway

Solid top 3 regardless.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Mirror Steam's Disc...:

I'm with @CanisWolfred on this one. This is a bad idea.

The AAA game market is currently an oligopoly, with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony basically being the only major participants, with some more minor players in the grand scheme of things that aren't really able to influence the market much (think PC storefronts, like Steam, Origin, etc.) Let's say that one of the major players starts doing PC-like sales. Yeah, there will be immense profit at first. Most people will either leave the console they own for a Sony one if these sales are prolonged (unlikely) or the other competitors will follow suit in order to still make some more money (more likely). Thing is, this basically makes the AAA game market akin to a perfectly competitive industry. This can be both good and bad. It can be good in that the market is more efficient; the deadweight loss associated with monopolies/oligopolies would basically disappear. However, this is bad in that the market also wouldn't be profitable at a base level. Yeah, consumer surplus will be very high, but producer surplus? Stuck at zero. Here's a graph to give you an idea.

A monopoly:

Meanwhile, a perfectly competitive industry looks the same, except all of the colored space is consumer surplus. Consumer surplus is when someone is buying something at a lower price than their maximum willingness to pay. So yes, consumers benefit, but at the price of the industry they are buying from losing profitability. This model works for systems that have tons of buyers and sellers that can't influence the market at all (the App Store is a perfect example). In theory, and presumably practice as well, the amount of hits and misses on the App store pretty much even out to make for a market that makes zero profit for those selling the products (not Apple, since they facilitate the market, a whole other story). Angry Birds does so well that it makes up for the insane amount of misses in the market as a whole.

Thing is, you don't want this model for something as high profile as the AAA gaming industry, since it's too risky a venue. We wouldn't have systems as high profile as the ones we have now if it weren't for the immense profit that could come way from the oligopoly system that's in place right now. It'd be too risky to justify the immense fixed costs.

So there's the mini economics lesson. ;)



moomoo commented on Talking Point: Is PlayStation Plus Helping or ...:

Tearaway didn't sell because people tend to want a solid wealth of content when they pay $40 for something. 6 hours with little to no replay value isn't enough for most people. If Tearaway wasn't so expensive, I would have gotten it with my brand new Vita, regardless of whether I thought it would come to PS Plus or not.

If PS Plus was not a part of the picture, I would not have gotten a Vita recently. I need a justification for those memory card prices, and that service counters what was pretty much Sony's dumbest move in using proprietary memory.

Yes, PS Plus is a lot of value. But people who buy games also tend to recognize good value either way. I just got Ys: Memories of Celceta for $60 (collector's edition) the other day. That's more than a years worth of Playstation Plus. And you know what? I don't regret it at all, since the game is:
1) Very high quality
2) Has a wealth of content

When games are 6 hours long and have no reason to come back, you don't just have a problem with initial sales numbers: you also have a problem with the formation of an early used game market, which won't help Tearway either.



moomoo commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS Vita TV's Audience S...:

Japan doesn't seem like the place that would have the biggest market for a device like Vita TV. Considering how portable-centric they are. Plus, the PS4 isn't out there yet, getting rid of a major selling point.

With the price point the same as a Roku box over here, I can see Vita TV doing well in the US if marketed correctly.



moomoo commented on PS4 Stock Sells Like Lightning at Amazon in No...:

@RisefromAshes Not a chance. With Japan going more and more portable every generation, they won't be boosting sales as much as in the past. That's without taking into account Sony's production capabilities within a span of time. The PS4 is going to start losing demand after around 6 years (unless if something weird happens with the industry. People like change. Just look at this launch). You'd need insane numbers within that time to get to the 200 million lifetime sales needed.



moomoo commented on Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 Stretching onto P...:

@Bliquid Inafune is a guy who has overseen dozens of projects of every variety throughout his career. If there's a guy who will know how much time and money it will take to get a game out, it's him. He does not want to go over budget. And frankly, things like ports are going to cost a lot of money.



moomoo commented on Sony Has No Plans To Release PS Vita TV In The...:

I think they'd be preparing for apps for the device right now. To compete with Roku and Apple TV, they're going to need as many as they can get. It's not as big of a scene in Japan (or so I've heard, correct me if I'm wrong) so they wouldn't need as much support over there to garner interest.

Also, yeah, we're getting this. "No plans right now" basically means "we can't tell you yet"



moomoo commented on Sony Enters the Micro-console Arena With PS Vi...:

This is genius. For people that want a Vita like me, but can't justify the $200+ (because memory cards) price tag due to a lack of top tier exclusives, this pretty much fixes that. Plus, if you live with a family that has multiple TVs, this basically allows you to get a second PS4 through remote play for $100 rather than $400.

I plan on picking one of these up. By the time I feel like playing a game that requires touch, they can just plop a patch for dualshock 4 support.



moomoo commented on Review: Killzone: Mercenary (PlayStation Vita):

@Fruitbat1919 Think of it this way:

Look at the game genres Nintendo has put focus on with the 3DS. They put out platformers, SRPGs with Fire Emblem, Adventure games with Professor Layton, Puzzle games with Pushmo and other downloadable games, and quirky games that are kind of hard to pin down in one genre (Kid Icarus Uprising is an onrails shooter combined with a fast-paced action game with 3rd person shooting and melee mechanics, Luigi's Mansion 2 is an adventure-fishing game, Animal Crossing, etc.) Then there's the bevy of support that the 3DS has gotten from JRPGs lately, with SMT 4, Etrian Oddysey IV, Bravely Default, and Mario & Luigi Dream Team.
These genres usually aren't on home consoles. They're usually on handhelds nowadays, so when they are judged against their contemporaries, they're mostly being compared to handheld games by default.

That's not always the case with the Vita, and it's not because it's marketed as "console games on the go." It's because the genres of games that are on the Vita have tons of examples on home consoles. FPS (Killzone, Resistance), third person shooter (Unit 13), action adventure (Uncharted, Assassin's Creed). So when they are reviewed, they're being compared to their contemporaries, which are mostly on home systems. Just look at how some games on the 3DS suffered from the same plight, like Resident Evil: Revelations. That game didn't exactly set Metacritic on fire.

And why shouldn't they? People only have so much time and money in the world. If they're choosing between buying Uncharted 2 or Golden Abyss, they should know which one is more worth their time. Yeah, one is portable and one isn't, but if portability factors into the equation, they'll probably get Golden Abyss anyway, since the scores indicate that it isn't a bad game.

I get where you're coming from. But I don't think Sony can fix this through messaging. The only way they can truly increase their Metacritic scores is by delivering some of the best games in the genres they are in. Fire Emblem Awakening is one of the best strategy games ever. If Sony wants a game like Killzone to rock metacritic, they have to make it one of the best FPS games ever. And even though Killzone: Mercenary is a very competent shooter (as indicated by the Metascore) it isn't one of the best FPS games ever. That's a score section where games like Persona 4: Golden should be.

For what it's worth, Monster Hunter and Soul Sacrifice have received about the same kind of critical reception, with very close Metascores. I think the biggest problem exists in brand-awareness, which you mentioned. It's hard to compete with the likes of juggernauts in Mario, Pokémon, and Monster Hunter.