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Video Editor & Staff Writer for Push Square, Voiceover for hire and weekly Video/ Podcast Producer for the award-nominated PlayStation Radio UK.

Thu 8th November, 2012

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Confused_Dude commented on Poll: What Did You Think of the Sony PlayStati...:

Bloodborne, Sammy, Bloodborne!

I though it was a strong conference bearing in mind the amount of titles shown, but the Vita's omission from these things is getting ridiculous now.

Plus, it's very obvious from reading the comments here that many PS4 owners aren't satisfied with Sony's 'Mum's the word' approach to their first party line up, and despite their assurances that they aren't being complacent, they're yet to do anything to put those consumer's minds at ease. A-hem, @gamer83.



Confused_Dude commented on Feature: What Are August 2014's Free PlayStati...:

I honestly don't know what people are expecting to be in the PS4 lineup each month. AAA games that were available at the PS4's launch are not going to appear until at least Christmas, it's as simple as that.

I know indie titles aren't everyone's favourite thing - I haven't played any in great depth since Resogun - but at least we're getting something. Chances are you'll own the AAA games that eventually get put on Plus due to the limited library. Sony have sort of shot themselves in the foot there.



Confused_Dude commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

Wow. That was... I feel sorry for the people behind this. It's obviously been in production for an absolute age and they're trying to shove it out there, but who is it for? Who would this have appealed to even in the wake of the game's release?



Confused_Dude commented on Video: Didn't Get in Destiny's PS4 Exclusive A...:

@jesterovking That certainly would make loading more interesting, although it's worth pointing out that before they switched off the servers, a number of new loading animations suddenly popped up on my end - including a really cool Doctor Who-esque time tunnel. Hopefully there'll be lots of alterations before it releases!



Confused_Dude commented on Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Shee...:

@RawShark Interesting. I think I was hoping that my choices would make Bigby act slightly more calm (which made his bull in a china shop approach to affairs seem a little out of place).

Having said that, the ending was pretty cool depending on your final choice. smokes cigarette