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FullbringIchigo commented on Of Course There's a Game Breaking Bug in Blood...:

ahh I remeber the days when you brought a game and it worked properly

sadly I think now that consoles can connect to the internet a patches can be downloaded to fix games, I think developers are getting a bit lazy you know a "Patch it later if it's broke it doesn't matter" mentality

games should be in full working order when it's released, if it can't be then they should delay it until it is



FullbringIchigo commented on Golden Frieza Will Soon Be Playable in Dragon ...:

@rjejr yeah I hated it at first but it soon grew on me to the point that I like the new Bulma and Frieza more than the orignal ones

it takes a little time to get used too after all the time we spent with the original cast but many of the new ones are just as good as the old ones at least I think so



FullbringIchigo commented on Golden Frieza Will Soon Be Playable in Dragon ...:

@rjejr did you ever think of watching Dragon Ball Z Kai (current release goes till the end of Cell saga Buu Saga isn't finished yet), yeah some of the voices are different but it cuts it down from 194 episodes to 99 episodes (as you were thinking of skiping the Buu saga this could let you finish what you want before the movie comes out)

plus the game uses the Z Kai cast anyway (some of the orignal Z cast no longer work in the industry hence most of the changes for Kai) so it could help you get used to them before you get the game

EDIT: also remember about the movies only Battle of Gods (and the upcoming Ressurection F) are canon to the series (although Coolers Revenge, Bojack Unbound and Wrath of the Dragon can all fit too) so they wont make much sense if you try to fit them in the story line, they are alternate storys, not part of the series itself

oh and avoid Evolution like the plauge



FullbringIchigo commented on Golden Frieza Will Soon Be Playable in Dragon ...:

@rjejr GT isn't as bad as people say it is, it's fun if a little silly at times

the argument most people bring up is "it's not a manga adaptation" but this doesn't matter as Toriyama was a character designer, came up with the title plus the concept of the Black Star and Baby sagas

and as for the whole "Gohan going Super Saiyan" never once in the manga did it say he couldn't plus not only does the official daizenshuu say he still can but he transforms in Battle of Gods and Ressurection F both films canon to the series and done by Toriyama

give it a go, yeah it doesn't reach the hights DBZ did but it's still fun plus has a much more fitting ending to the series then DBZ did



FullbringIchigo commented on An All-Male Party Makes Final Fantasy XV 'More...:

I liked the way they interact in the demo it's just like a group of friends on an adventure so I'm fine with an all male party

besides it's not like women are nowhere in the game just look at Stella/Luna she is a major character in the game

you don't have to be in the party to be a major character



FullbringIchigo commented on What a Load of Rubbish: BioWare Can't Say When...:

what is the point in timed exclusive DLC it's not like it's going to increase sales of the game on one console because the other system owners already have the game

besides exclusive DLC to one system timed or otherwise is a load of bull because it means that users on other systems can't get a complete game which means there is no point in getting the game if your going to get short changed, either make the entire game exclusive or release everything on all systems AT THE SAME TIME



FullbringIchigo commented on Soapbox: Has It Just Been a Bad Week for Games...:

the problem with AAA game development is that people want the game now, company's are pressured by publishers and consumers to get their game out asap because they are unwilling to wait.

let's look at FFXV for example that's a AAA game and has took years to make (still making infact) and people are moaning about it taking too long now on the flip side AC Unity (also a AAA game) took just a few years and was and still is a mess of a game.

in order to build a quality experiance it takes time, if people both consumers and publishers just let them get on with it we would probably get better games.

also peoples pre-ocupation with making the game look good is also a problem because you can make a piece of p** look as nice as you like but at the end of the day, it's still a piece of p**.

graphics don't make a game, they add to a game that's true but in the grand list of things are really not that important, the most important aspect of a game is the gameplay. some of the best games you can play are from the 8bit, 16bit and 32bit eras because they focused on every asspect of the game to make a fun experiance not just the bells and whistles unlike now-a-days it's all about the POWER! and I kind of feel the PC crowd is partialy to blame for this because when they talk about games all they ever go on about is how the version they are playing looks better than on console or how the console version has held the PC version back because the console isn't powerful enough (I'm not having a go at PC gamers I game on PC too but everywhere you go online it's always PC Master Race this and Dirty Console Peasants that and to be fair games on PC do look better but that's really all the difference the core experiance is still the same as the console version of the game because it's still the same game).

oh sorry about that this was only ment to be a short post but ended up being a wall of text and a bit of a rant, think I lost focus a bit there :-)



FullbringIchigo commented on Get Your First Look at Final Fantasy Type-0 HD...:

but Type-0 was only just released (well in the UK, it's been out in Japan a while now)

still I'm loving it so far so if a sequel was in the works I wouldn't mind

also loving Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae and if this anything to go by FFXV will be one of the best Final Fantasy's in a while



FullbringIchigo commented on DLC Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse's GT Pack Ha...:

@ShogunRok yeah and un nerf the super saiyan skill because people spam that to hell

it should work by just increasing your stats by say an extra 25%, skills should still use ki and if you run out of stamina say by quick dodging or gaurding too much you lose the transformation

it would be more balanced that way



FullbringIchigo commented on Store Update: 18th March 2015 (Europe):

that's part of the problem when publishers like EA decide the price of digital purchases, they will charge the maxium they can because they are a bunch of gready gits who don't really care about the people they are selling their products too



FullbringIchigo commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse's First DLC Pack Punches...:

@BladeRider thing is that was the point, Toriyama wanted toei to go back to the roots of the series the original Dragon Ball that's why he had Goku turn back into a kid (yes that was Toriyama so was the infamous Vegeta makeover)

he even named the show, did the character designs for the main characters, had final say on Super Saiyan 4, even helped a bit on that and even helped write the series up through the Baby Saga (where it was originaly ment to end by the way), he had a lot more to do with it than most people think (he said he didn't want to do any more manga for a while DB was a long one after all) in fact he did more on GT than he did on Battle of Gods

by the way my profile pic is Toriyamas Super Saiyan 4 drawing from the Japanese DBGT Dragon Box DVD set



FullbringIchigo commented on Square Enix Has a JRPG Surprise for Home Consoles:

please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest, please be Dragon Quest,

ps: please be Dragon Quest



FullbringIchigo commented on Dragon Ball XenoVerse's First DLC Pack Has Bee...:

@SirFluffyThePope that's the thing with a random drop system it's..well random, for some it might be easy for others not

still I unlocked everyone now so I'm no longer fussed about it but the Dragon Balls being such an important part of not only the series but the game too it should have been done another way perhaps a special parallel quest just for gathering Dragon Balls say 1 for each time you finnish the quest but perhaps make it so you get no money or exp, like a trade off either Dragon Balls or exp



FullbringIchigo commented on Titanfall 2 Mechs Its Way to PlayStation 4:

@Tulio517 a extra years sales doesn't matter because in terms of sales and in terms of new games it's the current number that counts to developers and publishers and as of Jan 2015 the WiiU is at 9 Million SOLD to consumers and the XB1 is at 5 Million with the PS4 at 20 Million no matter how you cut it compaired to the PS4 and even the WiiU the XB1 is a poor seller why do you think MS have been throwing so much money around trying to get exclusives like with Tomb Raider

like I said though it's a decent console apart from the OS it's clunky as hell but MS effed up big time when they annonced it and burnt a lot of gamers, many of who are still unwilling to trust them

yes in a few years time the XB1 could be a better seller than the WiiU but as of right now which is the most important time to developers when making new games, the XB1 is the worst selling of the three

and as for the lack of third party games on WiiU before it's brought up, that has nothing to do with sales and more down to Nintendos antiquated way of working with developers and the difficulty and extra cost in making games for the WiiU although apparently they are trying to improve that



FullbringIchigo commented on Titanfall 2 Mechs Its Way to PlayStation 4:

@Tulio517 the xb1 has sold less to consumers worldwide than the WiiU and everyone says the WiiU has poor sales so if using the WiiU as the definition of poor sales like many game websites do then the xb1 has poor sales

thing is it's not a bad console (OS is a little messy though) so it should have sold a lot more than it has but all that negative press from before release really hurt it's sales



FullbringIchigo commented on Titanfall 2 Mechs Its Way to PlayStation 4:

not suprising after all the first wasn't the run away success they thought it would be and it being console exclusive to xbox didn't help (same as if it was exclusive to PS4) it was a game that needed as much pressence as possible and being exclusive won't do that (Rise of the Tomb Raider will be the same)

the XB1 poor sales and lack of single player mode didn't help either