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I've been gaming since 1988 and I don't plan on stoping now

Fri 1st February, 2013

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FullbringIchigo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Minecraft (XB1, it only cost £3.59)
Tales of Xillia (need to finish it before I play Xillia 2)
One Piece Unlimited World Red (PSVita, doing the Colosseum mode)

and I might mess around on the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Demo as the game is out Friday, get some practise in :-)



FullbringIchigo commented on Minecraft is Finally Out on PS4, and You can G...:

sad to say I got minecraft on 360 so I'll have to pay full (because no way am I geting it on xb1 that console is just a pain to use, the UI is horrible, it's slower than the ps4 and everything is an app that I swear you have to update every week glad it only cost me £100)



FullbringIchigo commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

if they considered the feelings of PlayStation and PC gamers then they never would have made it a xbox timed exclusive in the first place

they cut off the 2 bigest markets of Tomb Raider fans and no matter what they do now they will never get the sales they want now and this game will fail even if it's a great game

of course this is one of the reasons I get all the consoles then I never miss out



FullbringIchigo commented on Gamescom 2014: Surprise! You Can Create Your O...:

@Alpha game play looks like Tenkaichi 3 mixed with a bit of Naruto Storm, there are some trailers on Bandai Namcos official youtube page that show a little bit

as for how it will play out after the kast few games I'm keeping a close eye on this one but I have to say with what iv'e sen i'm getting excited for it



FullbringIchigo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@kupo I have never encounterd thst problem but I have noticed that my ps4 fan goes into overdrive if I play The Last of Us for over 40 mins and it only does it when I play The Last of Us, no other game

good thing I have all the systems because if one breaks I have a back up of sorts



FullbringIchigo commented on Reaction: Why Lara Croft Will Still Raid PS4 i...:

I read CD artical when they said "not walking away from playstation" they are going on about the download games they are releasing

as for Rise of a Tomb Raider it is xb1 exclusive and sounds like MS actually had something to do with it's development and if that's true then the chances of it coming to ps4 are pretty slim