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I've been gaming since 1988 and I don't plan on stoping now

Fri 1st February, 2013

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FullbringIchigo commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

hey if the game is good I don't care what it looks like, if people (gamers) are abandoning a system just because the games don't look as pretty as the home systems then they don't understand what it means to play games

it's sad a developer has to stop producing games for a system all because they can't make games look as good as other systems

people put too much emphasis on pretty baubles and sparkels nowadays



FullbringIchigo commented on The Order: 1886 Maker Is Planning a Multiplatf...:

"another console we will soon hear about"

you mean the Nintendo NX, we already heard about that

still on topic I guess them going multiplatform wouldn't really hurt Sony after all Sony still own the IP's so if they had too they would just get another developer to make the games for them



FullbringIchigo commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Ditches...:

lack of 3D doesn't bother me as I'm blind in one eye so I could never see it anyway and as for UC 2 and 3's multiplayer being pulled well as the fact series main focus was always the single player story and the fact it comes with a beta for UC4 multiplayer AND also with UC4 on the way anyway, it's no big loss really

your still getting 3 great games to play, 3 games that are each just as long and just as fun as most games released today so even without multiplayer, it's a bargain for the price



FullbringIchigo commented on PS4 Nyko Databank Will Put Some Extra Fat on Y...:

space is an issue and that's why I think Sony should add a feature to the PS4 to allow us to use external Hard Drives, I know you can replace the internal one but external ones would allow us to increase our space by as much as we like without having to modify our consoles in any way