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I've been gaming since i was 4 years old and I don't plan on stopping now

Fri 1st Feb 2013

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FullbringIchigo commented on Only the First Half of Final Fantasy XV Is Ope...:

@3Above i know right, it's like some people can't enjoy anything that's different now-a-days

it's like unless it's the same as everything else then it's no good and where's the fun in that, i want games to be diverse and different not a copy of another game

what is this, a world where everyone only follows the masses like a bunch of sheep



FullbringIchigo commented on One UK Retailer Will Happily Sell You a PS4 Sl...:

you know i work in Retail and i can tell you it is actually ILLEGAL to sell a product like this before it's official release date, even if you got it via trade ins like CeX

if this is real and not just a bunch of modded standard PS4's someone has made and Sony could find what chain/company is selling it they could sue the pants of them



FullbringIchigo commented on Leaked PS4 Slim Console Confirmed to Be Legit:

well to be fair it still could be fake even though it turns on, what if it's a modded console IE; the PS4 internal structure in a new shell after all it's still almost as wide as the original, just not as tall

of course it could equally be just as real, i'm just waiting for official confirmation from Sony



FullbringIchigo commented on Gamescom 2016: Resident Evil 7 Really Is Going...:

i'll be honest, i'm not feeling this one, then again i'm not a big fan of 1st person games in general

i still think Resident Evil games should be 3rd person with fixed cameras, you feel a lot more trepidation when you can't see what's coming round the corner



FullbringIchigo commented on Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition Spotted...:

i had the original release, then sold it a few days later

as a game it was ok but it was NO Metal Gear

but if they have improved it i might pick this version up, then again this is Konami so they probably did nothing but remove all references to Kojima from it



FullbringIchigo commented on Final Fantasy XV Buckles Up Until 29th Novembe...:

@Grawlog apparently Square had some problems running the build of the game on XB1 at E3 (keep in mind Platinum Demo was just that a demo and apparently it has changed a little since then) but the PS4 build was running fine (and at a more stable framerate than the demo was)

i would say right now if you want it on console then you should stick with the PS4 version, not to mention if you cancel now you might not get some of the pre-order content ESPECIALLY if you ordered on amazon, they have a issue with the pre-order system where you become ineligible for the content if you cancel and then reorder the same product, even for a different system (that happened to me with Naruto Storm 4, had to spend hours proving i pre-ordered it in order to get the DLC)



FullbringIchigo commented on Final Fantasy XV Buckles Up Until 29th Novembe...:

@wiiware just because it doesn't sell as well on xbox doesn't mean they will release a sub standard product

Square are banking a lot on FFXV so they are going to throw the boat out on this one i reckon no matter what system it's on

also as someone else mentioned the extra VR mode may also have something to do with the delay



FullbringIchigo commented on Final Fantasy XV Buckles Up Until 29th Novembe...:

@3Above i reckon that they delayed it to make the xbox one version better because it played very badly on the XB1 at MS E3 conference (although apparently the PS4 version played fine)

and to honest i'm fine with that, i would rather they delay a game and make it the best they can then just throw it out in a buggy broken mess just to patch later (you know like EA and Ubisoft tend to do)



FullbringIchigo commented on Does PlayStation VR Require 60-Square-Feet of ...:

@get2sammyb yeah and while i probably would be able to play some games i'm sure, especially ones where you don't really have to move around much i'm still not sure i would be able to play safely, i really don't have much room, mainly because i have loads of games and DVD's ^_^

it really is a small flat