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I've been gaming since 1988 and I don't plan on stoping now

Fri 1st February, 2013

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FullbringIchigo commented on Gamescom 2014: Surprise! You Can Create Your O...:

@Alpha game play looks like Tenkaichi 3 mixed with a bit of Naruto Storm, there are some trailers on Bandai Namcos official youtube page that show a little bit

as for how it will play out after the kast few games I'm keeping a close eye on this one but I have to say with what iv'e sen i'm getting excited for it



FullbringIchigo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@kupo I have never encounterd thst problem but I have noticed that my ps4 fan goes into overdrive if I play The Last of Us for over 40 mins and it only does it when I play The Last of Us, no other game

good thing I have all the systems because if one breaks I have a back up of sorts



FullbringIchigo commented on Reaction: Why Lara Croft Will Still Raid PS4 i...:

I read CD artical when they said "not walking away from playstation" they are going on about the download games they are releasing

as for Rise of a Tomb Raider it is xb1 exclusive and sounds like MS actually had something to do with it's development and if that's true then the chances of it coming to ps4 are pretty slim



FullbringIchigo commented on You Won't Be Able to Transfer Your Destiny Bet...:

oh well after playing the beta I found I didn't like the game that much anyway so I cancelled my pre-order so no big deal for me but for those that are getting the game it must feel like all that work they did in the beta was for nothing

I never understood why company's don't let it carry over to the full game



FullbringIchigo commented on Rumour: Assassin's Creed: Rogue Will Clamber O...:

@mitcHELLspawn let's say you play AC for the story unlike ACIV which was cross gen these ain't so it's forcing people to buy a new system before they may want to but that not what I'm on about the fact is they are releasing 2 different AC games within a short space of each other in the same year not even activision or EA do that

imagine if EA released battlefield 5 then 2 months later battlefield 6 it's the same thing



FullbringIchigo commented on Naughty Dog Wants All of Its PS4 Titles to Run...:

@get2sammyb I'm down to about 120GB the Last of Us is going to take 50GB of that and I'm not messing about changing the HDD on my PS4 because I can't afford to replace it if anything goes wrong so I would rather have a nice safe option of a external HDD that also allows us to upgarde our HDD space without having to keep taking the console apart in order to do it

I have 2 1TB HDD's on my Wii U and it works like a charm and I'm getting one for my XONE too (hence why I have no money now I spent it all on a PS4, XONE and a Wii U ^_^ I had to save for ages)



FullbringIchigo commented on This Mass Effect 4 Panel Comes with Commander ...:

love the Mass Effect series, shame the PS3 version of ME2 was poor port all the sound problems and long loading times really spoilt it for me

still that's why I own all the consoles I can, that way I won't miss out or have to put up with shody ports