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I've been gaming since i was 4 years old and I don't plan on stopping now

Fri 1st Feb 2013

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FullbringIchigo commented on PS4 Pro Requires Very Little Investment from D...:

well to be honest what's the difference between putting in a PS4 Pro mode and doing multiple setting's for PC games

in essence all the Pro Mode is like is playing a PC game on a higher setting and they do that with any game coming out on PC anyway so it shouldn't really be much extra work for the developers



FullbringIchigo commented on Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection Charms P...:

@hadlee73 it's because the Ezio games are the only ones people actually like

they had the best story, the best game play of the series, the best setting and the best characters

AC1 was decent but VERY repetitive, ACIII was boring all round, ACIV while fun didn't have a interesting character or story (i mean really how did they mess up Pirates?), AC Unity was a broken boring mess and AC Syndicate while not bad was still a chore to get through



FullbringIchigo commented on Video: Set Phasers to Fun with Star Trek Onlin...:

well i'm a HUGE Trekker so i'm loving the game but yeah it does look dated but it still gives the look of Star Trek

BTW about the Borg being easier to fight don't forget this is the 25th Century and they have the advanced Borg fighting weapons that Voyager got from Future Janeway and that they brought back with them in the final episode



FullbringIchigo commented on There'll Be a Logo on PS4 Pro Enhanced Game Cases:

meh who cares how many logos are on the box, i play the games NOT sit looking at the box for hours on end and does it really matter what it looks like now a days, maybe in the 90's where the box sold you the game but now, with the internet you know what the game will look and play like MONTHS in advance

lets face it the box art is the LEAST important thing for a game now, hell with so many people going digital it's even LESS relevant now that what it used to be

besides when it's on your shelf you won't even be able to see them anyway



FullbringIchigo commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying a PS4 Pro?:

well without ANY 4K equipment the PS4 Pro isn't really worth me getting and with the original PS4 getting HDR via a firmware update that will improve the looks of games on HD TV's,

EDIT:i meant to put HDR TV NOT HD TV, bloody keyboard

i feel NO need to get one either or a PS4 Slim



FullbringIchigo commented on Talking Point: What Are Your PlayStation Meeti...:

I'm hoping the Slim is officially announced and we get some info on the Neo

and that they announce some upcoming features for future firmware updates such as External HDD Support

some more info on future VR games and features
that's about it i think



FullbringIchigo commented on So, Where Did Those Leaked PS4 Slims Actually ...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi oh to be sure, nothing will be done because the whole used market is a grey area, technically it's illegal to resell any console or game as you don't actually own any of the data stored on them (read the T&C's, all we do is lease them), all you own is the physical device/disc but they let it slide because it would severely damage the gaming market if they tried to stop them (hence why they come out with other means in order to entice you to bye new such as pre-order DLC, and Online Passes)



FullbringIchigo commented on So, Where Did Those Leaked PS4 Slims Actually ...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi hey i'm not saying Sony will do anything, they are more than likely to go after the people that actually first leaked them out of the UAE

but the thing is IN law even for a second hand shop registared with company house, it is still illegal to sell an Intellectual Property that has not officially been released but it's not illegal for them to buy it but officially they can't sell the PS4 Slim yet



FullbringIchigo commented on So, Where Did Those Leaked PS4 Slims Actually ...:

@LieutenantFatman yes because they are selling something that hasn't been officially released yet and even though it hasn't been released it's still Sony Intellectual Property, so they are still selling it without their permission

after it's official release would be a different story but as it stands right now, it is illegal



FullbringIchigo commented on Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection PS4 Mark...:

i can imagine how this collection came to be

Ubisoft CO: Quick the Assassins Creed series is going down the pan what can we do?"

Developer: "why not re-release Ezios games, the only AC games that people actually liked before we effed it up"

UCO: "THAT'S IT!, your a genius "