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Been playing games since I could hold a controller. I grew a love for RPG's and much of who I am is from what I picked up from my gaming.

Mon 17th June, 2013

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Cloud7794 commented on Soapbox: Why We Need More Grounded Games:

@get2sammyb Yeah with Persona 4 Golden, although the TV dungeons might not be the most grounded thing, the game's day-to-day model works in its favor. In a two week period (in-game of course), I always found myself dungeon-crawling for only about 2 days in that time frame, and even then you're still forced to go to school during those days.

Though a game I feel would hit just about every checkpoint in this soapbox would be Bully.



Cloud7794 commented on EA: Games Are Still Too Hard to Learn:

Persona 4 arena and Ultimax did it right. Both are amazing fighting games that are also pretty easy for any normal person to pick up and play a few rounds (since all they have to do is exactly this site's name). Not only does the square auto-combo let them pull off relatively safe, sufficient combos, it was given other mechanics to still be a viable use at higher level play. I can't really yet wrap my head around how a non-fighting game would do this.



Cloud7794 commented on Actually, PS4 Had the Most Great Games This Year:

Well I still feel the PS4 is more worth having than the Wii U at this point. The only games I'm sad to be missing out on at the moment are Smash, Monster Hunter, and... well nothing else comes to mind really. And Smash would set me back way too much money from the get-go (console + game + 4 "wii-u approved" gamecube controllers). Then the Wii U really has nothing I care for as far as 2015 is concerned.

Also I really hate Nintendo's tendencies to give statistics based on self-purposing timelines, then claiming it's just fact. I remember when 2 months after Wii U came out, they claimed to have more HD games than PS4 and X1. Obviously since they were out a year earlier, shouldn't they?



Cloud7794 commented on Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generatio...:

Ratchet & Clank
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
MLB 15: The Show"

Honestly those four alone could carry PS4 for most of next year even if every other title flopped. You're right about one thing though: undoubtedly some of the titles listed will be less than enjoyable.



Cloud7794 commented on Rumour: Mamma Mia! Sony May Be Making a Super ...:

I don't really consider Nintendo anyone's competitor. Sure they're in the same industry, but it seems Nintendo is just an industry constant at the moment. Eventually most people buy a Nintendo console, just what other console will they get as well?

Would be cool to see this made though.



Cloud7794 commented on Feature: The Ten Best PS4 Trailers at PlayStat...:

I feel like I'm one of the few people not completely angered over the Final Fantasy 7 announcement. I feel it's not a bad move, and it doesn't "confirm" that 7 won't be getting a remake. Nor does it mean we can't push a bit for them to add a bit more before releasing (don't feel it's necessary so much but if that's what people want).



Cloud7794 commented on Talking Point: What's Your Favourite PSone Game?:

Final Fantasy VII without a doubt (though VIII is a close second). It just did most everything very well. To me, Final Fantasy is about 3 things: the world, the story, and characters. Final Fantasy VII had a grand world with an equally grand story and a great cast to accompany it. VIII did an awesome story with an also awesome cast, but the world was so bland it left a lot wanting. If VIII had a world as intriguing as XII (which had neither interesting main characters nor story but probably one of the best worlds in the series), it may have been as good as VII.

Final Fantasy Tactics also hits my all-time list, but since I first experienced it on PSP I don't know if it counts. Up there with VII in my book.



Cloud7794 commented on Just What the Heck Is PS4's EMAGON?:

@Ginkgo @get2sammyb I translated this by ear: "20 years is a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you've obtained and done. You've ruled countless places. You've conquered and liberated. You've constructed and destroyed. You've been the light in the darkness. However, this time is different; this time, it's for real. For the first time your actions have real consequences. They need your help, and I know that you can hear them. The power to change everything is in your hands."

It seems to be talking about the birth of playstation by the "20 years" part, followed by the next few lines that talk about obvious video game objectives. "No Game" is probably right, most likely something else.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Tales of Hearts R (PlayStation Vita):

@get2sammyb About the plot, it can really be generic and seem stale if you take it on its own, but the characters have enough personality to make the experience fresh. The battle system really keeps me picking up the game though.

Also for anyone wondering why the translation can seem a bit off at times (like how Shing's name is now inexplicably Kor), you can probably blame Gamestop partially since they assisted in the translation in order to be the only retailer with a physical copy available.



Cloud7794 commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

@Enobmah_Shards I am part of one as well, but, though many Halloween activities are discouraged for multiple reasons, we still do something for the day (usually some sort of "Harvest Festival" with a bunch of activities for kids and adults). Christmas is celebrated largely the same as everyone else, though with events and plays that are more centered on the gospels. Rarely ever heard of anyone just not celebrating either of them.



Cloud7794 commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

Playing through Final Fantasy 7, there's a part in the Temple of Ancients where you're watching Sephiroth, but through a pool that lets you see the past. Then, out of nowhere, he looks straight at your party and fazes into the ephemeral plane your party is watching him from. When my fiancee reached that part of the game, she called me, audibly crying and completely distraught.

**Major Persona 3 Spoilers Follow**

For myself, I always found time to play Persona 3 at night back in high school, and at the end of the game your main character is constantly tired the final few days after the last boss and just falls asleep one day, but just dies in his sleep inexplicably one of those days. I don't know why but the really messed with my head, it seemed more real and traumatizing to see that happen than any other game I've played.



Cloud7794 commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

I bought the season pass for Resogun and actually just thought about it the other day. We haven't seen heads or tails of any new DLC, and with how long its taking to come out it almost seems like it won't be coming. I'm not too burned by it as it was only $8, but you know something's wrong when you start asking yourself if it was a ploy to make a few extra bucks.

I chose not to shell out for the Destiny Pass because it was only $4 less to pre-order it, and the pass doesn't provide any extra value as the expansions it gives cost the same price together as the pass anyways.



Cloud7794 commented on TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Gets a Brand New Ga...:

@rjejr The car may be driveable, but also used in cutscenes and whatnot. I can see them using it as the vehicle used to get around the open world in place of a chocobo (though obviously this game can't neglect the use of chocobos either).

As a side-note, this trailer seems to also be a look at the development of the game so far. As I watched it I kept drawing comparisons to the times when news about the game would finally come up. The beginning and ending are obvious in that regard though lol.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (Pla...:

Wow I heard of this one coming around but never thought it'd get such good reviews. I failed to borrow Victory from a friend before he went back to Virginia so I'll add this one to my "October List." Destiny and Persona 4 Ultimax are keeping it off September :P



Cloud7794 commented on Feature: 21 of the Most Awful PlayStation Netw...:

@Swiket I feel that there's a small difference. Most people attribute the term "gamer" to someone who spends above-average amounts of time gaming. Though I feel the term is a bit too broad to market to, there's no denying that many people fit the bill for such a description.

About your "tv watcher" point, I'd just like to point out that that's how companies look at people who watch television, but they go more specific. "Who's watching Cartoon Network at 10:30 in the morning? All right, commercials for snacks, cereals, and toys. Who watches Comedy Central at midnight? All right, commercials for rock cds and inappropriate phone-based services." They're not calling you a "late-night Sci-fi (isn't it Sy-fy now? I don't even really know) t.v watcher" outright, but they basically are.



Cloud7794 commented on Feature: We're All Going on a Sony Summer Holiday:

Ah Costa del Sol... lovely place to visit after a cruise. I particularly enjoyed playing soccer with the locals, and I noticed a quaint little condo for sale that I absolutely MUST get my hands on one day :) Overall 4.5/5, my only complaint being that the beach permitted only locals to swim: guests were restricted to wading.



Cloud7794 commented on Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed...:

@odd69 No, which is why it's niche. That fact seems to be lost on many people. I personally won't be picking up this game at all, but I'm glad it's coming overseas: we need more variety on the market, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make some people feel. It looks funny though, and doesn't seem to really take itself too seriously (how could it?).

The general gaming public wants their new CoD, AC, BF, GTA, and Candy Crush and Flappy Bird to keep them occupied in the meantime. Catering just to the general public kills ingenuity and creative branching of ideas.



Cloud7794 commented on Leaked PS4 Brawler Tekken 7 Gets a Tense New T...:

Tekken is just great. It's probably the ONE fighting game I never let myself get too technical in. I play it for quick, explosive matches with friends and that's probably why I absolutely loved Tekken 6. I'm hoping that Tekken 7 really brings the series back on top though. There's going to be the obvious advances in gameplay and mechanics, but as long as it's still at the point where it can be completely fun without needing to count frames and take into account every move in my opponent's move list: I'm golden.



Cloud7794 commented on Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Looks Bonkers a...:

I feel like Disgaea is best played portable. Could NOT get into Disgaea 3 on PS3, but sped through it on Vita. Glad to see this one ready to enter the Vita world as well.

As a side note, Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (love writing that out lol) has been confirmed region-free guys! :) It was pretty stupid how the first game was region-locked, and a look at this list makes it even weirder:



Cloud7794 commented on Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail ...:

I'll be getting it digitally (though I know that - for the moment - it seems we have a choice in NA) because I share an account with my younger bro. Since we both have a Vita, ad-hoc works great with downloaded games bought once.



Cloud7794 commented on July's PlayStation Plus PS4 Freebies May inclu...:

I already have Towerfall Ascension, and it's arguably the most often-played game on my PS4 (but not the game with the most playtime, that'd be either Killzone or Warframe). It's as Sammy said: by far the best local-multiplayer game on PS4. Calling it a strange mix of Super Smash Brothers and archery would be the best way for me to explain it in terms of gameplay. So happy others can enjoy it.

@Carl-G How'd you play Towerfall Ascension on PS3? o.o



Cloud7794 commented on Internet Singing Sensation Performs an Encore ...:

Getting it. The first was actually very fun, and helped me get over my slight-hatred of Vocaloid music and turning it into a "slight-like."

Let's face it: I can be made to like most anything I find annoying if a fun-enough game is made around it.