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Been playing games since I could hold a controller. I grew a love for RPG's and much of who I am is from what I picked up from my gaming.

Mon 17th June, 2013

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Cloud7794 commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

I bought the season pass for Resogun and actually just thought about it the other day. We haven't seen heads or tails of any new DLC, and with how long its taking to come out it almost seems like it won't be coming. I'm not too burned by it as it was only $8, but you know something's wrong when you start asking yourself if it was a ploy to make a few extra bucks.

I chose not to shell out for the Destiny Pass because it was only $4 less to pre-order it, and the pass doesn't provide any extra value as the expansions it gives cost the same price together as the pass anyways.



Cloud7794 commented on TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Gets a Brand New Ga...:

@rjejr The car may be driveable, but also used in cutscenes and whatnot. I can see them using it as the vehicle used to get around the open world in place of a chocobo (though obviously this game can't neglect the use of chocobos either).

As a side-note, this trailer seems to also be a look at the development of the game so far. As I watched it I kept drawing comparisons to the times when news about the game would finally come up. The beginning and ending are obvious in that regard though lol.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (Pla...:

Wow I heard of this one coming around but never thought it'd get such good reviews. I failed to borrow Victory from a friend before he went back to Virginia so I'll add this one to my "October List." Destiny and Persona 4 Ultimax are keeping it off September :P



Cloud7794 commented on Feature: 21 of the Most Awful PlayStation Netw...:

@Swiket I feel that there's a small difference. Most people attribute the term "gamer" to someone who spends above-average amounts of time gaming. Though I feel the term is a bit too broad to market to, there's no denying that many people fit the bill for such a description.

About your "tv watcher" point, I'd just like to point out that that's how companies look at people who watch television, but they go more specific. "Who's watching Cartoon Network at 10:30 in the morning? All right, commercials for snacks, cereals, and toys. Who watches Comedy Central at midnight? All right, commercials for rock cds and inappropriate phone-based services." They're not calling you a "late-night Sci-fi (isn't it Sy-fy now? I don't even really know) t.v watcher" outright, but they basically are.



Cloud7794 commented on Feature: We're All Going on a Sony Summer Holiday:

Ah Costa del Sol... lovely place to visit after a cruise. I particularly enjoyed playing soccer with the locals, and I noticed a quaint little condo for sale that I absolutely MUST get my hands on one day :) Overall 4.5/5, my only complaint being that the beach permitted only locals to swim: guests were restricted to wading.



Cloud7794 commented on Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed...:

@odd69 No, which is why it's niche. That fact seems to be lost on many people. I personally won't be picking up this game at all, but I'm glad it's coming overseas: we need more variety on the market, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make some people feel. It looks funny though, and doesn't seem to really take itself too seriously (how could it?).

The general gaming public wants their new CoD, AC, BF, GTA, and Candy Crush and Flappy Bird to keep them occupied in the meantime. Catering just to the general public kills ingenuity and creative branching of ideas.



Cloud7794 commented on Leaked PS4 Brawler Tekken 7 Gets a Tense New T...:

Tekken is just great. It's probably the ONE fighting game I never let myself get too technical in. I play it for quick, explosive matches with friends and that's probably why I absolutely loved Tekken 6. I'm hoping that Tekken 7 really brings the series back on top though. There's going to be the obvious advances in gameplay and mechanics, but as long as it's still at the point where it can be completely fun without needing to count frames and take into account every move in my opponent's move list: I'm golden.



Cloud7794 commented on Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Looks Bonkers a...:

I feel like Disgaea is best played portable. Could NOT get into Disgaea 3 on PS3, but sped through it on Vita. Glad to see this one ready to enter the Vita world as well.

As a side note, Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (love writing that out lol) has been confirmed region-free guys! :) It was pretty stupid how the first game was region-locked, and a look at this list makes it even weirder:



Cloud7794 commented on Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail ...:

I'll be getting it digitally (though I know that - for the moment - it seems we have a choice in NA) because I share an account with my younger bro. Since we both have a Vita, ad-hoc works great with downloaded games bought once.



Cloud7794 commented on July's PlayStation Plus PS4 Freebies May inclu...:

I already have Towerfall Ascension, and it's arguably the most often-played game on my PS4 (but not the game with the most playtime, that'd be either Killzone or Warframe). It's as Sammy said: by far the best local-multiplayer game on PS4. Calling it a strange mix of Super Smash Brothers and archery would be the best way for me to explain it in terms of gameplay. So happy others can enjoy it.

@Carl-G How'd you play Towerfall Ascension on PS3? o.o



Cloud7794 commented on Internet Singing Sensation Performs an Encore ...:

Getting it. The first was actually very fun, and helped me get over my slight-hatred of Vocaloid music and turning it into a "slight-like."

Let's face it: I can be made to like most anything I find annoying if a fun-enough game is made around it.



Cloud7794 commented on Sony: PS4 Is the Best Place to Play for Innova...:

@Sanquine As others said, it doesn't seem too arrogant really. As for who had a better E3 among the three, it's subjective but I liked Sony's better mainly for the 2 exclusive games I'm most looking forward to making an appearance (LBP 3 and BloodBorne).

Granted, who had a "better E3" isn't even a very good point to fight for, as most of the games I crave get announced/showed off at Gamescom and TGS, and E3 seems to have become more of an appetizer for Sony.

What aren't you happy with in particular though?



Cloud7794 commented on E3 2014: Our JRPG Heroes Duke it Out Once Agai...:

@Cowboysfan-22 Total announced characters (new) are:

Ken and Koromaru
Adachi (DLC)
Shadow versions of all characters

I wouldn't be surprised if one or two more were announced in the meantime, after all Sho doesn't really have a persona, so maybe we can get Nanako in on the action somehow too!



Cloud7794 commented on E3 2014: Surprise, LittleBigPlanet 3 Will Be L...:

@Gamer83 A code that gives us access to the Destiny Alpha, Hardline Beta, $5 in PS store, 30-day music unlimited, and at the end we were handed a nifty poster. We also got to watch some developer interviews and found out more in-depth about how that Far Cry 4 co-op will actually work.

@ztpayne7 We still had streaming issues :/



Cloud7794 commented on E3 2014: No Man's Sky Takes Flight in This Bre...:

Something a lot of people missed too was that in this game, everyone starts off ON THEIR OWN PLANET. That means there's at least one planet for every single individual who takes this game for a run.

Absolutely mind-blowing.



Cloud7794 commented on Jimmy Fallon Shows Off Project Morpheus' Poten...:

@Shaolin Maybe Sony will eventually do a power glove-esque add on? ;) or simply put wrist straps

@Gamer83 I think the demo is more proper than many, because it's just a guy doing as he likes in a video game. It's not E3 in perfect settings and it's not a Sony representative carefully dancing around bugs, glitches, and problems. Like many of us, he just lets himself have at it.



Cloud7794 commented on You'll Be Able to Watch Sony's E3 Press Confer...:

@get2sammyb I actually already have a group of about 10 signed up for this. The movie theater is about 5 minutes away from my house (there are 3 participating in my state; I really lucked out here). I can't wait to see what special things they do after the press conference, though I can't imagine it'd be anything TOO amazing as they gotta give their best stuff on stage. Those freebies will be cool though.



Cloud7794 commented on SWAT's This? Battlefield Hardline Unravels a R...:

@Dodoo Exactly right about the leaks. Sure, games and features get leaked all the time, but as we get closer to E3 these leaks do seem to get more accurate, don't they? Devs are also a bit too quick on confirming said leaks as well. Hmmmm.....

@Not-Another-Ad Honestly this looks a bit refreshing. So far the Battlefield spin-offs have been better by-far than the main series; Bad Company 2 is arguably the best shooter I've ever played. I love how more tame vehicles are in the mix now as well, as I would love to see someone driving around in a sports car with a friend shooting from the passenger seat, only to have their wheels blown out by a well-placed shot.

Only time will tell if this is more than just fantasy however.



Cloud7794 commented on Store Update: 27th May 2014 (North America):

Finally they put Terumi as DLC for Blazblue. I luckily picked up a pre-order so I got him, but anyone who didn't had to wait until NOW to use him? At the very least, he's a very interesting character to play as, so people won't be disappointed.



Cloud7794 commented on Blimey, Half of All PS4 Users Are Subscribed t...:

I love how Playstation Plus offers something for both multiplayer and single-player gamers on PS3. You get some great games to play on your own, then they throw in games to dominate your friends (or dominate with your friends) such as Skullgirls, Dungeon Defenders, etc. Can't wait until 2016 when the PS4 catalog of games allows for some more variety in PS+ pickings.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Mugen Souls Z (PlayStation 3):

@MatGrowcott To be honest, the over-sexualization is what pushes me away from this game. It's also what pushed me away from ever picking up the first game, as when I asked a friend if it was any good (he's one of the types of guy these kinds of games are marketed to after all; the ones with Hatsune Miku posters and Haruhi figurines), the first thing he said was "It's pretty fun, but I hate that they censored the bath scene." That told me what I needed to know, that the game wasn't bad, but wasn't for me. Not that I can't play games with sexual content - I even have Catherine in my top 10 games list of last gen - but when a game is so rooted in it I just can't enjoy playing it. Same reason I can't play Monster Monpiece; though I find the premise of a JRPG card-battle game extremely appealing, the presentation turns me off right away (pun intended?).

There's no doubt this game has a lot of meat to it, and is likely very fun as well. But I feel there's nothing wrong with someone turning away from the game based on its use of imagery. I also find nothing wrong with the game itself for containing it. I commend that they stuck to the formula and released such a niche game anyways, and I'm sure the fans are happy for it. This obviously doesn't help pull in new people, but the people who would buy this game likely already bought the first one and know what they're getting into. For newcomers though, this level of Moe would likely turn them away pretty quickly. Whether for cultural reasons, personal reasons, or both (like my case), this won't appeal to most people, but it's not supposed to.

@MadchesterManc A quick second review done by you wouldn't be bad. What aspect of the game sticks out best to you, and what score do you feel it deserved?



Cloud7794 commented on Free Shooter PlanetSide 2 Will Look the Busine...:

@MadchesterManc Haha yeah I figured it'd be fair to review a f2p at launch, then give it a "revisited" review once it's largely considered out of beta.

And that seems very great; if Planetside 2 will really be that large-scale on PS4 then I'll likely have trouble putting it down. You know what game would be amazing though? Fantasy Earth Zero reboot for PS4.



Cloud7794 commented on Free Shooter PlanetSide 2 Will Look the Busine...:

Another f2p is always welcome as long as its not pay to win. Planetside 2 was always one of my more anticipated releases though, as I can't wait to be part of a war as opposed to a deathmatch. Any word on the amount of players that can play each other at the same time on PS4?

Btw, will you guys ever re-review Warframe? Your original review was spot-on really, but the Warframe we're playing today seems much different than launch Warframe. It's a much more streamlined game now and some of the most fun on PS4 at the moment.