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Been playing games since I could hold a controller. I grew a love for RPG's and much of who I am is from what I picked up from my gaming.

Mon 17th June, 2013

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Cloud7794 commented on Opinion: Could SHAREfactory on PS4 Become a Bi...:

It's entirely possible. Personally, as long as functionality isn't locked behind payments, I'm fine. I don't mind shelling out a bit extra for things like new transitions and whatnot, but I wouldn't like for them to lock out whole features right from the get-go.



Cloud7794 commented on This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That Play...:

@rastamadeus To be fair with the Nintendo fanbase, I've noticed that many of them believe Nintendo to be the only company to ever innovate, sans MS in one or two areas. I've been told how Sony ripped off nintendo with analog sticks (really?) and that the PS Eye was a ripoff off Kinect. Where do they even get that last part?

That's really my only beef with that fanbase though, besides the occasional "Vita is dead; Wii U is just unrealized potential" troll.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PlayStatio...:

It may also be worth mentioning that this feels surprisingly different from previous Blazblue titles in its fighting. Previous Blazblues favored confirming into long combos with devastating results. While this one certainly still keeps some aspect of that, it seems to favor getting smaller combos in and bringing the opponents health down by degrees instead of all at once. It seems they wanted to go for a game that would likely not be decided by a well-placed combo at mid-health, but one where you need to adapt to your ever-diminishing health bar while remaining offensive.



Cloud7794 commented on PS4's Free PlayStation Plus Title Is Probably ...:

That'll be cool, as I was planning on picking it up anyways. Couch co-op with loot to tide me over until Diablo 3? Sign me up :D

Also @DoublezZ01 guess what came in the mail today~



Cloud7794 commented on Game of the Month: February 2014 - Danganronpa...:

Kinda sad Tales of Symphonia wasn't counted in with last month. Now it has to contend with Infamous: Second Son, and that game will be winning it almost obligatorily (not saying it won't deserve it if it does, obviously).

Oh well, it's well recognized enough; time to let another game in the spotlight I guess :)



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PlaySta...:

@AVahne I grew to appreciate it a tad more a LONG while after I played it. As I let it sit in my mind, I could at least appreciate the effort and extra look into the story and setting that it provides. Emil is obviously the low point, followed by the major lack of relevance the old main characters had. Nonetheless, it was alright for the story, though picking it up after Symphonia would severely confuse almost anyone expecting another masterpiece.



Cloud7794 commented on Review: Pac-Man Museum (PlayStation Network):

Reminds me of how DBZ: Budokai HD Collection included the first game anyways (which is vastly inferior to Budokai 3), but didn't include the second game (which had the quirky transformations like tiencha and gokule).



Cloud7794 commented on Soapbox: How a Niche PS Vita Exclusive Made Me...:

@BornOfEvil A game having "appealing" imagery doesn't denote a perverted target demographic, however some games are so obviously catered to a demographic that it's nearly sickening (take Girl Fight on our very own PSN).

I believe that game companies should target other demographics more often in just about every way. I was surprised to find that Zen Pinball had such a huge following, and Project Diva F did better than I'd have (I'd've?) thought as well. Then we have things like Farming Simulator, and the upcoming Goat Simulator. Then, some games have "strong female leads" but largely detract you from the fact that you are playing a female by just not pointing it out much, e.g, Final Fantasy 13 & 13-2. More female-oriented games may stop some of the eye-rolling when girls hear about killstreaks, dash-cancels, edge-hogging, +78 Onyx Swords, and Ray Spheres.

Incidentally, I watch "Kill la Kill", and while the show most obviously caters strongly to a male audience and is rife with fan service (which is more amusing than sexy anyways), it also throws in a good amount of female-oriented fan service. It's a strange feeling when the shoe is on the other foot.



Cloud7794 commented on Gaming's Flashiest Trailer Belongs to Mobile S...:

Almost looks like an anime trailer more than a game trailer.

I think this game has a shot at a Western release though. Dynasty Warriors Gundam did well enough after all, and devs seem more keen to bringing over niche PS3 titles than before.



Cloud7794 commented on Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Still Looks Absolutely...:

"Giant Eel Thing" is Leviathan, a summon that's in quite a few of the games.

The thing is, seeing Leviathan there really makes me excited for the use of summons in XV. Will they be obtained in fights like that and used at all? Will you be able to summon them to fight for you as a legitimate tactic (unlike in XII and XIII, where summons were largely useless, especially late-game)?

A large part of me hopes they won't be playable though. That they'll just be boss fights that are extremely huge and epic, and will basically wreak havoc like Final Fantasy lore says they can. I'm conflicted here.



Cloud7794 commented on Talking Point: Who's the Cutest Couple on Play...:

I'd say Squall and Rinoa.

I personally feel that Final Fantasy 8 had one of the best romances out of any Final Fantasies, if because it was a bit more realistic and turbulent. 9 and 10 were pretty good ones, but they really didn't do it much for me because of lack of conflicting interests. 8 didn't have all that many either, but just the sheer fact that it was more a slightly-hectic triangle than a from-the-start couple sells it a little more for me.

Thanks for reminding me I have to buy FF8 from the PS1 classics.



Cloud7794 commented on Round Up: Reviews Rain on Lightning Returns: F...:

@Gemuarto Sorry about that, but yeah the first sentence was a response to you and the rest was a general rant @_@ But honestly, the battle system wasn't so bad, but the XIII feels almost like just one large testing ground for Square Enix.

The only things about Vaan that get to me is the lack of development at all and his irrelevancy to the story. If he was going to be that kind of character, he really would have been better off as a silent protagonist like in Persona. On the flip side, the XII world is one of the best I've seen in a FF game, but the story was so low scale that it really wasn't anything but an excuse to throw you into a new area at times.

The only thing that makes XII stronger than XIII in my book was that XII had a better hunting system.



Cloud7794 commented on Round Up: Reviews Rain on Lightning Returns: F...:

@Gemuarto Why so? The plot may not have been too great, but the game has its high points like any other (well... except for some. Refer to "Ride to Hell: Retribution").

Glad to see it was at the very least halfway decent, though I never got much of the hate behind the first XIII. Sing praises about the FFX world all you want: the game is just as linear. Spit on Vanille/Hope all day, but give Vaan a pass? I do kinda wish they would have ended FFXIII at the first game, but that's because it has a very definite ending.

I'm not saying that XIII was a shining point in the Final Fantasy series, but it was solid enough game nonetheless. I would rate it nearly equal to XII, which in itself lost points for having the worst main character of any Final Fantasy I've played. Balthier as the main character may have made it one of the best.



Cloud7794 commented on Persona 4 Arena Sequel Delivers a Suplex to Im...:

@ShogunRok Took them only 2 weeks after Japan got the home console versions to bring it to the States, I wonder why it took so long for Europe :/

I'm eagerly awaiting this game though. The first was an amazing fighter that even I honestly thought I could go competitive with. One of the greatest (if not the best) fighters on PS3 currently.



Cloud7794 commented on Sony's Official Gold Wireless Stereo Headset S...:


It was my submission for the "Hit Rampage" First to Greatness spot, and I ended up getting it :)

Apparently the 64 people picked for First to Greatness get a special edition of the headset (from what the page said), and they said it should be here in about 2 months.