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PlayStation 3

  • US 14th Feb 2012
  • EU 16th Mar 2012
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  • Review Twisted Metal (PlayStation 3)

    Carnival of carnage

    Twisted Metal doesn’t care much for first impressions: the game’s overarching heavy metal motif is about as dislikeable as the psychotic characters at the centre of its gratuitous plotline. But to dismiss Eat Sleep Play’s car combat reboot on the basis of first appearances would be a grave error, because beyond the...

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Twisted Metal News

  • News Sweet Tooth Celebrates Birthday with Twisted Metal Bundle

    Squashed tomatoes and gloop

    Twisted Metal’s excellent PlayStation 3 reboot is officially a year old this week, and Sweet Tooth is planning to commemorate the event by washing his polka dot pants. Apparently, they’ve got a bit messy over the past 12 months – we’ve told him to be careful where he squirts the strawberry sauce. While the killer...

  • News Twisted Metal Explodes onto the PlayStation Store Next Week

    Sweet tooth

    Those of you gunning for some destruction this Hallowe'en may be excited to learn that Twisted Metal is coming to the PlayStation Store as a digital release. The top-notch reboot will launch on 30th October in North America for $39.99. If you’re still not sure whether heavy metal and exploding cars are quite your thing, check out our...

  • News Twisted Metal Derails Outside North America

    Unplayable online

    For a game that’s designed around multiplayer, Twisted Metal has some seriously problematic connectivity issues. But at least it was actually playable up until the weekend. Indeed, players outside of the US are now complaining that the game won’t even load into the main menu unless you sign out of the PlayStation Network. While...

  • News Axel Wheeled Out To All Twisted Metal Owners

    An Axel to grind

    Those of you still engaged in vehicular combat will be pleased to learn that Sony’s adding a new set of wheels to Twisted Metal’s garage today. Axel, the former pre-order bonus, will be available to everyone that updates the game to its latest version. The two-wheeled motorised menace – which has become a fond favourite of...

  • News Feast Your Eyes on Some of Twisted Metal's Cut Content

    Chase to Vegas

    It’s rare for those of us on the outside to get an inside peek into the game development process, but that’s what makes videos like this all the more fascinating. Twisted Metal co-director David Jaffe has uploaded a ten-minute “greenlight” video to his YouTube channel, which was originally produced to update Sony executives on...

  • News Pimp Your Ride with Twisted Metal

    No sign of Westwood

    It’s been a few days since Twisted Metal skidded onto US PlayStation 3s, and so you’re probably getting a little fed up with the standard liveries. Worry not though, because game director David Jaffe’s popped up on his YouTube channel to give you a tour of the car combat title’s user generated content features which are...

  • Rumour Twisted Metal Movie Deal Inked

    In blood, probably

    Looks like David Jaffe might be getting his wish after all: reports spewing out of Deadline suggest that Sony’s snapped up Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director, Brian Taylor, for a live-action adaptation of Twisted Metal. According to the report, Sony Pictur

  • News David Jaffe Curses Up a Storm for Amazing Twisted Metal Ad

    Take a shot

    Have you ever wanted to fire a real machine-gun? Well now’s your chance. In order to promote Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming car combat reboot, Twisted Metal, Sony’s pointed an M249-SAW at a real-life version of Sweet Tooth’s truck. All you’ve got to do fire it is visit ShootMyTruck.com and hit your space bar. Seriously. The...

  • News David Jaffe Committed To Twisted Metal for the Time Being

    Staying on the saddle

    Eat Sleep Play managed to rock the video game industry this week by announcing its transition to smart-phone development and the departure of co-founder David Jaffe. With Twisted Metal still a week away from sprinting onto store shelves, Game Informer caught up with the God of War creator to get an update on the outspoken...

  • First Impressions Twisted Metal


    Twisted Metal is an important brand for PlayStation veterans. Many will have fond memories of weekends spent with turbo-charged cars and homing missiles, settling disputes between friends and family. It’s a franchise that, like WipEout and Gran Turismo, is an important part of PlayStation’s iconography. And if a short hands-on with Eat...

About The Game

Twisted Metal returns with unhinged car combat destruction and action movie mayhem.

Unique weapons emerge from demonic vehicles as players unfold the demented tale of a cast of characters, led by Sweet Tooth, in story, co-op and online modes. Up to 16 players compete in a killer-take-all back and forth battle royale on wheels.

Car Combat Multiplayer – Fast, ferocious and fun competitive multiplayer that delivers the freedom to destroy, fly and demolish the world around you in an intense back and forth battle royale.

Calypso's Tournament – solo or with a friend in co-op, unfold the rich and demented tale of a cast of characters, led by Sweet Tooth, who will stop at nothing to have one Twisted wish fulfilled.

Twisted Arsenal - Choose from 17 vehicles, each outfitted with an arsenal of weapons that includes blood missiles, rat rockets and shockwave attacks.

Extreme Scale & Destruction - Unleash massive amounts of destruction on the world like an exploding Ferris wheel, decapitated Statue of Liberty, and destroyed rollercoaster.

Customization – Enter Sweet Tooth's Custom shop to create your own weapon of mass destruction to play with online. Thousands of custom options available Fall 2011 on Twisted Metal.com.