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Thu 12th Feb 2009

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odd69 commented on Push Rewind: PS4 Firmware Update 2.00, Grand T...:

the ability to finally play as a claptrap made my year. but no more ps3 games after this one. it will go out with a BANG atleast. once im done, i am focusing on ps4. its movin slow but i should be busy with ps3 for another 6 months. it will be hard to let go.



odd69 commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

But when i pay 400$ for a machine that always had mp3 support in the past i think it was a fair complaint, ever think maybe i dont want to dish out money from an over priced ipad,ipod. blah blah

the folders idea is great. Nintendo just updated with a folder type thing for the WiiU and it does neaten things up



odd69 commented on Soapbox: Why Are We Arguing Over Holiday Exclu...:

The only system i buy for the exclusives will always be Nintendo(mario,zelda metroid). As far as Sony, i love the controllers and the system itself not sure exactly why i choose to buy sony brands.



odd69 commented on Review: Alien: Isolation (PlayStation 4):

I love the movies i grew up on them, but this still doesn't seem to appeal to me. I think wayforward and gearbox did a game on the DS that was good. I skipped it but it seems like the only game thus far that i would want to own



odd69 commented on PlayStation Home May Live on the PlayStation 4...:

Well i wouldnt go that far, it would seem that the addition to cars , a bigger city to explore, Perhaps some quest and games along with the social aspect of HOME it could be promising atleast. Dont forget the visuals too, its ps4 era dammit i think its safe to say we need to be pleasured in our eyes sockets.