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Thu 12th February, 2009

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odd69 commented on Review: Mercenary Kings (PlayStation 4):

I read the blog so i knew it was free as long as i subscribed to plus. I think they announced it before the store update,. Now as it's free and i've been playing it, i honestly would like to purchase it to help the Devs and i dont need a PSplus subscription to play.I think they did a good enough job to get an "8" most definitely and if priced at 14.99 i wouldn't think twice about buying it on the spot. But i will buy this game at some point, you know Sony and all those crazy awesome sales



odd69 commented on Review: Earth Defense Force 2025 (PlayStation 3):

Omg I love LOVE love this game, Sammy said it best, its like a 80's band, but its a good cheesy one to me. I havent seen any glitches yet.

2025 feels different for some odd reason, The people running around screaming and getting mauled by ants and spiders is a nice touch, even if they get in your way of your rocket launcher shots. But you can always blast them out of your way which is nicer.