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Thu 12th February, 2009

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odd69 commented on Review: Mercenary Kings (PlayStation 4):

I read the blog so i knew it was free as long as i subscribed to plus. I think they announced it before the store update,. Now as it's free and i've been playing it, i honestly would like to purchase it to help the Devs and i dont need a PSplus subscription to play.I think they did a good enough job to get an "8" most definitely and if priced at 14.99 i wouldn't think twice about buying it on the spot. But i will buy this game at some point, you know Sony and all those crazy awesome sales



odd69 commented on Review: Earth Defense Force 2025 (PlayStation 3):

Omg I love LOVE love this game, Sammy said it best, its like a 80's band, but its a good cheesy one to me. I havent seen any glitches yet.

2025 feels different for some odd reason, The people running around screaming and getting mauled by ants and spiders is a nice touch, even if they get in your way of your rocket launcher shots. But you can always blast them out of your way which is nicer.



odd69 commented on Wow, the PlayStation 4 Has Sold Over 5 Million...:

Now all we need is more variety of games, the launch games are sub-par for me which is my fault really, i wanted to buy the ps4 dayone, But anywhoo, i hope it doesn't take long to build a nice selection.



odd69 commented on Push Rewind: Love Is in the Air, The Last of U...:

I dont think this should be selective, psblog did the same thing but only post the "popular" titles and post. I thought it was a step back, but i still like this idea for your site

What about the smaller post that go unnoticed that deserve attention?