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Thu 12th February, 2009

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odd69 commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Destiny Special:

right, i haven't been reading much of the articles cause ill know everything before it releases .i haven't played the beta , im just going to buy the game, jump into it, all surprises.

but id say the warlock



odd69 commented on Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed...:

i very much understand its niche, i love games that think outside the box and play them but not these. With games like conception, and this i still wonder what's next very much glad these types stay niche, and my original comment was pure grade A sarcasm. i agree though a good variety does a console great



odd69 commented on Review: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (PlayStation 4):

I sound like i may be against reviews but i find them extremely helpful, i just try to ignore the whole "numbers" rating system. I just wanted to throw that in. And everything sammy just stated IS politics



odd69 commented on The Swapper Will Be Invading All of Your Sony ...:

plus i just got Killer is Dead Deluxe Special Edition NEW for only 20 bucks (yay), it had the art book soundtrack which is amazing and a nice slip cover to go over your slightly different box art. so valiant hearts has to wait a while .I'll pick up these eventually though especially "the Swapper"



odd69 commented on Out This Week: EA Sports UFC, MotoGP 2014, Bat...:

Battle Princess of Arcadias for me, I love a high production sidescroller. Though i already have that scratch itched with Dragons Crown, this is on my radar. I'm not sure it will be as good. No reviews exist on the net that i can find as of yet so i'm waitin for more opinions, but game play videos on youtube look sweet.



odd69 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

This My favorite article im not sure why( this and polls), i love reading what everyone here plays every two weeks or so, just wish it was every week ;) Just wanted to throw that out there...

Anyway after completing Borderlands 2, a empty part of my soul is catching up on backlog , Starting with Dragon's Crown! Wind Waker HD, The minish cap, (zelda weekend)



odd69 commented on E3 2014: Destiny Will Be PS4's Biggest System ...:

I want it to be mindblowing, after all this hype I doubt it will be up to expectations though. It should look great to boot, its ps4, i will certainly be judging on that. My standards set on this will be if its really next gen or not, cause most games on ps4 look like polished ps3 games. I have yet to have my mind blown by graphics.....



odd69 commented on Review: Entwined (PlayStation 4):

Im not sold really, Its pretty but doesn't call to me. A demo at launch would have helped it. Im not into this type of indie "game" anyway.