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Mon 28th January, 2013

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divinelite commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

30 minutes of vita content is very appreciated, and my most favoirite is themes confirmation. I like most of the game shown, except otome games
Most favourite game shown is God eater 2 rage burst, hope it comes here

2015 ps4 will be king in Japan



divinelite commented on UK Sales Charts: Diablo III PS4 Sucks Out The ...:

I for one agree as i didnt have ps3. Last of us is masterpiece but of course diablo will crush it, its a different genre

I'm excited for destiny too, hope it's as good as it should be. Destiny and senran kagura will be my main games for september



divinelite commented on Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (Pla...:

I am surprised they can make it almost like 60fps when i play this it seems so fluid like a ps4 game, the resolution while not 1080p there is no notable jaggy lines too

Battles are quick and fun. Great game overall

And also i cant get enough of neptune english voice, her voice is one exception i usually use japanese voice, but for her voice i play this in English voice



divinelite commented on Review: The Last of Us Remastered (PlayStation 4):

Thanks for 30fps thing now i can simply tell my friend how 60fps change our whole gaming life. I didnt have ps3 so last of us is a great game even though i feel playing the walking dead over the whole game

This and diablo sometime this month, august is great month until Destiny comes