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Mon 28th January, 2013

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divinelite commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

This gamr truly give so much a great memory to relieve
I play this on vita and the quality is so much great, but really play this sometimes make me reminiscing great old days where jrpg was king... And its sad

Personally, ffx is far more memorable to ff13



divinelite commented on PS4's Free PlayStation Plus Title Is Probably ...:

I dont play dont dtarve but dead nation is quite good
Im cool with indie offering on ps4 because I domt usually buy them now that I have to split budget with ps4and vita
I think this month vita for us is dinasty which I had bought at launch...



divinelite commented on inFAMOUS: Second Son Prompts 106 Per Cent PS4 ...:

@JaxonH wow
I still have too little time to even finish my shin musou gundam (have to finish in today or 2moro). Fortunately I finish contrast already, but ffx and second son (and 2moro got project diva2nd) I barely have no time to play em all

How could you even start all your games amuse me lol