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Mon 28th Jan 2013

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divinelite commented on Review: Godzilla (PS4):

Well that's as good as a Gojila game can be I guess...
Might buy this if this goes lower than ten some years ahead



divinelite commented on Zero Escape 3 Flees to PS Vita in 2016:

Vlr is great but I understand that it needs a substantial time until it hooked. Just like many visual novels alike, it will be like a glue after the middle part of the story



divinelite commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Steins Gate for vita
My mind is blown for three days, really a great title, in which I will feel empty after finishing this game

Always a dilema for me to finish a very good story ridden game. I will feel karappo (empty) afterwards. Got the same experience after finishing VLR and Danganronpa 1 (unfortunately the second is not better than first)



divinelite commented on Soapbox: Was E3 2015 Just a Dream?:

I agree

Just kinda sad all my friends said hurrah to only FF7R, but for me Shenmue 3 is the thing I could shed the tears. In the past days of dreamcast I had no money to buy it, so there is no way for me to play the only game that I can only read in gamezine. Now we can finally play it together with FF7R in 2017 (hopefully)

For last guardian, Ico was great game but both Ico and sequel I cannot play till the end, so for this title I guess it's only a curiosity, like most people with Half Life 3