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Mon 28th January, 2013

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divinelite commented on Everyone's Entitled to 10 Per Cent Off the Pla...:

for me the last push for clicking "Buy" button of Atelier Ayesha with Bonus.
and this comes from me who day one +platz Totori (but buy Meruru with discount and no playing it)

and of course anything that's worthy for this week's update.



divinelite commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb thanks, yeah that platinum is faaaaaaaaaaarrrr too many things to do to compare with my Infamous Second Son platinum, haven't been able to platinum either of Assassin Creed games in the past too.

Overally, it's a good game, I never like the story wrapping of Assassin Creed games for the endings, but Unity after numerous patches is quite fun to play.



divinelite commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I finished call of Duty advance warfare this week, a great game which is farrrrrr more enjoyable than last year Ghost

Also about to finish Freedom cry. Play Unity too but last year black flag is still the best ac ever

On vita, still playing multiple game of senran kagura shinovi versus /bon apetit, tales of Hearts, samurai warrior and freedom wars



divinelite commented on Soapbox: Destiny's Progression System Is Destr...:

Isn't equipment leveling is the thing we always progress in any games similar with Monster Hunter? At least in Freedom Wars I've done a lot leveling my equipment and whenever I have a new better rarer weapon I have to grind it all over again

It's just the nature of the game itself, the character level never progress from the start



divinelite commented on Store Update: 22nd October 2014 (Europe):

Samurai warrior on vita is a solid port. Really worth for that price. At first I kinda afraid it will be lazy port but it's a great deal. No lag at all, high detail characters and full experience included