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Wed 25th April, 2012

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artemisthemp commented on God Eater 2: Rage Burst Will, Er, Burst onto T...:

Soul Sacrifice must have done well enough for Sony since, they decided to localized Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Tecmo Koei released Toukiden which, I don't know how well it did and let's not forget Freedom Wars coming this October?

God Eater have been asked for a lot so, I would be very surprised not to see God Eater 2 make it to West. (Bamco just put your F2P/Mobil game money into localization)



artemisthemp commented on Surprise! Persona 5 is Coming to PS4 After All:

@johnny30 It may be released for Xbox One if, the console manage to sell insanely huge numbers in Japan (Not very likely)

@Punished_Boss It took 4 years for Golden to release, so 2019 maybe the
y you see a Golden version.

@ShogunRok Persona 4 Golden sold very well on PS Vita and all I have talk with say that, they love Persona 4 Golden, so it's very unlikely that Atlus US won't localized the game.



artemisthemp commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

The issue with PS+ for PS4 is that, people have gotten use to getting Triple A titles on PS3 and PS Vita, so they expect at less 1 Triple A title each month on the PS4 but, the issue is that Sony/Publisher can't effort to be giving AC4, Tomb Raider or BF4 away for "free".

This is Basically PS+ coming to PS Vita all over again except PS Vita PS+ got great games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush ad launch, which was up for 6 months.