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Male, 25, Denmark

Wed 25th April, 2012

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artemisthemp commented on This PS4 Game Will Allow You to Expose the Und...:

This is both a good and bad news.

Good because people now have the option to wait for PS4 version but, it's also bad because the low sales nr. on PS3 and Vita version may cause Xseed to believe people doesn't want the game AKA no PS4 version in the West



artemisthemp commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Add New Sharing ...:

Looks like I won't have to upload to Facebook - Download in HD and then do the editing on PC before uploading anymore.

Now I just need 0. Record the content 1. Edit the content in SHAREfactory and 2. Export to USB HDD 3. Upload to Youtube.



artemisthemp commented on Plans for Drakengard 3's European Release Get ...:

I am dispointed by 1. EU possible doesn't getting the April 9 pre order bonus that US does. 2. No Psychical disc

I currently have a order on both EU and US CE but, I will cancelled my EU if, the April 9 Pre order bonus is very nice.