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Male, 27, Denmark

Wed 25th Apr 2012

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artemisthemp commented on Ubisoft Locks Assassin's Creed Unity's PS4 Res...:

We know that the PS4 can run AC 4 Black Flag ad 1080p ad 30 FPS (Not sure about FPS part) so, AC Unity should be able to also run 1080p ad 30 fps also.

Now I don't recall PS4 or Xbone GPU but, I am pretty sure it's better or at less on par with Nvidia Geforce GTX 560/AMD Radeon HD 6870 which is PC recommend GPU

Ubisoft attempt on hiding the fact that, Microsoft still pulling the same dirty trick as they did with 360 is resulting in less sales or at less it will if, people in the comment stick with their decision.