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Sun 7th November, 2010

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Squiggle55 commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying Rise of the Tomb Raid...:

I will own it eventually. Not at full price though. Like others have mentioned it's going to have been deeply discounted already on other platforms. I feel bad even thinking this because I don't want Tomb Raider to fail, but hopefully they lose money on the deal and steer clear of such decisions in the future.



Squiggle55 commented on So, This Is How Sony Took the Marketing Rights...:

I understand exclusives made by 1st party developers, obviously, and I understand exclusives because the dev is indie and can't afford to publish on multiple consoles, and I understand exclusives that are developed for something with a gimmick like the Wii U. All other reasons for exclusive anything need to go away.



Squiggle55 commented on Game of the Year: Best PS Vita Games of 2014:

I voted for Luftrausers. I agree, the vita is at it's best with pick up and play titles which demand just one more go. I might have voted for Danganronpa but I haven't played it yet. I'm pretty sure I'd love it though.