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Sun 7th November, 2010

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Squiggle55 commented on Game of the Year: Best PS Vita Games of 2014:

I voted for Luftrausers. I agree, the vita is at it's best with pick up and play titles which demand just one more go. I might have voted for Danganronpa but I haven't played it yet. I'm pretty sure I'd love it though.



Squiggle55 commented on Review: Defense Grid 2 (PlayStation 4):

I've been thinking about this one. I love tower defense. I think I prefer it to be cartoony though like plants vs zombies or pixeljunk monsters. So the only thing holding me back is the general atmosphere if that makes sense. I'll have to watch some videos.



Squiggle55 commented on Review: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Pl...:

This is a great game. Gardens and Graveyards is by far the most addictive mode. I hope they keep adding maps in the future.

My biggest gripe BY FAR is that the splitscreen option is limited to a local only survival mode. I don't understand at all why you can't jump into Garden Ops or multiplayer with local splitscreen. I even bought a second controller for this game and that was very disappointing.



Squiggle55 commented on Feature: What Went Wrong with PlayStation Mobile?:

I still highly recommend downloading Rymdkapsel. That game is fantastic.

The biggest problem with Playstation Mobile is just like you said, they failed to incorporate it into the playstation ecosystem. If those games had trophies and leaderboards it would have been a gigantic success, absolutely no doubt in my mind.