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Sun 7th Nov 2010

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Squiggle55 commented on Sony Forecasting 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Pl...:

@JaxonH That's an interesting point. I sincerely hope it succeeds because it is amazing. It is only talking about launch though. Hundreds of thousands is pretty good for launch isn't it? Hopefully the hype and scarcity makes sales continue to go up. I'll certainly be buying as many good experiences as I can to support the devs.



Squiggle55 commented on Talking Point: What's Your PlayStation VR Laun...:

I had an incredible first night with it. Batman is certainly the best thing I bought for showing off the technology's potential. But holy smokes I LOVED watching Allumette. The head tracking and leaning in to get get a closer look is just amazing. I can't wait to watch more movies this way I am blown away.



Squiggle55 commented on Talking Point: Did Sony PlayStation's E3 2016 ...:

Those big budget games don't excite me. I watch the trailers thinking that's beautiful but know I'll probably never play them. The scary stuff for VR, that was awesome. Last year had the amazing FF7 announcement, so for me this year was missing something like that. Nintendo has a chance to pull it off tomorrow by saying Mother 3 available now.



Squiggle55 commented on Talking Point: Did Sony PlayStation's E3 2016 ...:

Pacing fantastic except for the strange anti-climactic "now we're going to end with a game we've already shown you."
Content meh. Uncharted/last of us/tomb raider style games a-plenty. I missed the indie love. And my investment in VR is what I want to know more about.



Squiggle55 commented on Tune in with a PlayStation TV for $19.99 from ...:

Streaming PS4 works well for me, but a wired connection is a must. $20 is a steal now even if it's just to experiment with a new toy and try your vita games on the big tv, but if you plug it into a wired connection then you get your ps4 games on new tv too. Great deal.



Squiggle55 commented on Yoshida: PlayStation VR Is Not Another PS Move...:

I will buy one no matter what, and I will use it in theater mode if they stop making games specifically designed for it.

I'm nervous about the "success" of it though, because the numbers studios expect for "success" are humongous. If you want games made for it, this is in essence a new console, and games won't be made for it unless it sells successful console numbers. Even the Wii U wasn't successful enough for big developers to make games for it. So this peripheral that will cost as much as a console has to sell more than the Wii U. Right?



Squiggle55 commented on Review: Until Dawn (PS4):

Thanks, Sammy. Like I said before I'm definitely getting it as long as it wasn't broken or something. I love scary movies like this so I was pretty confident I would love it as long as it ran correctly. Preordered 1 day in advance!



Squiggle55 commented on The Vote for Your Next PS4 PlayStation Plus Fr...:

I really want Armello to win. Not only does it look like the most fun and obviously the most replay potential, but it also looks like it is the game that depends most vitally on being a free playstation plus game for its success. If one of the other games doesn't win I can buy it and play it. But a board game obviously needs other players and I can't buy the game for other people.



Squiggle55 commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying Rise of the Tomb Raid...:

I will own it eventually. Not at full price though. Like others have mentioned it's going to have been deeply discounted already on other platforms. I feel bad even thinking this because I don't want Tomb Raider to fail, but hopefully they lose money on the deal and steer clear of such decisions in the future.



Squiggle55 commented on So, This Is How Sony Took the Marketing Rights...:

I understand exclusives made by 1st party developers, obviously, and I understand exclusives because the dev is indie and can't afford to publish on multiple consoles, and I understand exclusives that are developed for something with a gimmick like the Wii U. All other reasons for exclusive anything need to go away.



Squiggle55 commented on Review: Nom Nom Galaxy (PlayStation 4):

this is the type of company and game I feel compelled to pay full price for. We've really been enjoying this for co-op. you're right that combat feels lacking so far though.