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Old&new way to play!

Male, 26, Brazil

Old School plataformer gamer since Mario Bros, but like new good plataformer games too!

Wed 5th June, 2013

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ferrers405 commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

Generally I don't like open worlds game, but I like Infamous, Gravity Rush and Batman Arkham, so there's always an exception.

@get2sammyb why you keep hitting on Jak II when you have a opportunity? There's a personal situation? it's becoming kinda annoying for me, the game it's the best of series, by the way try replay the game on HD, it's better than ever.



ferrers405 commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

Really? I sometimes use Youtube on Vita...

It's a shame because Vita is a well consistent platform for me, I have like 15 games that will release this year which I want to buy on Vita without mentioning some games from last year.



ferrers405 commented on Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Write Off PS4 Racer...:

@get2sammyb I'm sure too, but the momentum is gone, there's too much games releasing every month and except for a few people, not too many will try out this, what move Sony can do it's maybe release the full game free for Plus at the end of this or next year and give it some breath and late sales.



ferrers405 commented on Review: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PlaySt...:

I played the original, so much good memories, but it's all nostalgia, the graphics in this version are so outdated and the gameplay so old, I can't play beyond the second level and wouldn't recommend to someone new to the series.



ferrers405 commented on These PlayStation Experience Attendees Are Hyp...:

PS fanboys, of course they are gonna like, if you mention driveclub they are gonna say it worked perfectly in the launch. :P

But seriously this game looks beautiful, not the best looking game (if you play PC you will understand), but rather a good entry by ready at dawn for the PS4 until Uncharted 4 launch this year.



ferrers405 commented on This Is What a Remake of the Worst Jak & Daxte...:

No way Jak II is the worst, Jak I is all about platforming and Jak III put a lot of focus on the racing, Jak II is the most difficult but also has the most balanced gameplay of the 3 games.

The visuals are very good, I just don't like the engine, for me Crytek is generic and that's why I don't like Crysis series.



ferrers405 commented on Review: Fat Princess: Piece of Cake (PlayStati...:

I refuse to pay one cent for that, I got after one week at the level 54, heroes level 8, but to get to level 55 because of the difficult spike I have to get to 12 (max) and it takes too much time to gather diamonds without paying. :/



ferrers405 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Most Memorable Pl...:

I don't play too much multiplayer, but co-op Outland, LBP2 and Journey are my best on-line experiences on the PS3

Aside that I have very found memories of playing all afternoons Crash Team Racing with friends on the PS1 times.



ferrers405 commented on Life Is Strange Plays Telltale At Its Own Game:

Sorry, but I don't see no relation to Telltale here, like the article says it didn't invented the episodic series, the article unnecessarily punches the company for nothing, why mentioning it in other's company title?

@get2sammyb if you don't like Telltale you should left it alone, did you played Tales from Borderlands at least? It's in my opinion the best episode from all Telltales series until now.



ferrers405 commented on Feature: What Are the Stories That Will Shape ...:

@get2sammyb I don't know a oficial price drop of $100 doesn't make any sense in the actual situation, a add value bundle for $350 I can see or if maybe, maybe they loose too much market share for Xbox, which I don't think will happen because they up they value to $400 again...