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Old&new way to play!

Male, 25, Brazil

Old School plataformer gamer since Mario Bros, but like new good plataformer games too!

Wed 5th June, 2013

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ferrers405 commented on Uncharted Collection a 'Good Candidate' for PS...:

@get2sammyb yeah but backward compatibility makes more sense to me, i had to bought a lot of PS2 games in the PS3 again because i couldn't play them again and I'm tired of this situation, i won't buy more remakes on PS4. I understand people who are new to PS buying them, but again i don't think that's enough to justify this wave of remakes.



ferrers405 commented on First Impressions: Is the PS Vita Dragging Mur...:

Controls (gameplay) always are important to me, for example i bought Escape Plan and couldn't play more than a couple of levels because the controls are very bad, i was excited to play Dustforce but after the demo i gave up because of the controls. It's a shame i really liked the game art and sounds in the trailer from last E3.



ferrers405 commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

I'm very satisfied i have so many games that i just installed and played for like one hour and never got back because others games (that i payed and was expecting) came, so i don't know why people complain about instant collection, on the other hand the discounts are very scarce today and it's bothering me a little.