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Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on These Are Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Title...:

It's free games. People complain. I paid years for Xbox live and got nothing free ever. If you already have the game, so what. I personally don't get each and every game so I have a good chance picking up games via ps+. Still, nothing for me in dec and January as I'm busy with gta and lbp anyways!



Scollurio commented on Video: How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Fari...:

I've to say that I lost all my faith in Ubisoft, Im curious to hear your impressions but my impressions from the Beta on PC back then and also from watching guys stream the PS4 beta on twitch is, that it is a bland, generic game with bad physics and really bad destruction engine. But that's just me! Wish it was better!



Scollurio commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Ain't Sounding Especial...:

Enough of this stuff. I got a gut feeling Ubisoft cannot be trusted and I was right. Not going to buy anymore games, especially not as a pre-order from EA, Activision or Ubi. Lessons learned once and for all. Going to hit them across the teeth with my wallet-vote.

This is your second warning please watch the language. Next time I won't just be asking.-Tasuki-



Scollurio commented on Surprise! Sony Studio Sucker Punch Is Staffing...:

There's still the thing that Delsin shook every conduit's hand in the end when freeing them, possibly absorbing all powers, I'd love to see where they go from there. Infamous wasn't my favourite game ever, but it was a rock solid 7 for me, so I'd be up for further installments.



Scollurio commented on Why Is Share Play Blocked in Call of Duty: Adv...:

Sounds like bull. To me it's like they actively have to block it, not have to "figure it out how to use it or how it will impact the experience". Defense Grid 2 - little towerdefense, for example does just work fine with it, I doubt they had more hands-on-time with the feature than activision.

please watch the language -Tasuki-



Scollurio commented on Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?:

Reading through the comments I'm once again staggered by the weird perceptions and skyhigh expections people seem to have. I really wonder, in a perfect world, what your perfect first year in a new console might be like. All that complaining and whining... I'm a console gamer since the NES days and this year has been one of the best in gaming, for me personally, and it's only to get better.

Preferring the ONE over the PS4 for its games is something I (as former XBOX 360 gamer) can't comprehend.



Scollurio commented on Destiny's First Expansion Will Cost You £19.9...:

Look what we all thought Destiny would be, now look what it turned out to be. It hurts my heart to see how this all became just another high value disappointment. Still, in a flash of craziness I got the season pass, so I'll give it a whirl nonetheless.



Scollurio commented on DLC Locations Are Already Being Discovered in ...:

I believe that roughly 50 percent of the original game and almost all its story has been cut prior to release for undisclosed reasons! Go google "destiny cut content" and investigate. Even if half of that is true, it's a total sucker punch. Also check out the vidoc of 2013 - lots of scenes and modes (for example faction wars) that have been cut out. Planets are missing too. You'll also notice that their lead writer left sometime during 2013 and the ugly abomination that is the grimoire has been hastily put together shortly before launch... Go read up on it!



Scollurio commented on Game of the Month: September 2014 - Destiny:

@get2sammyb Concerning money per hour of fun wise I can't complain. But considering what Destiny supposed to be, what was teased and especially after reading about the leaks, the cut story, the development problems etc...

Also, Destiny wasn't supposed to be a 65 hour romp, it was supposed to establish a franchise fans will love and invest in the coming decade. In that regard, I fear, it failed miserably. I had really high hopes, enjoyed the time I played, but now... I only see bleakness...



Scollurio commented on Game of the Month: September 2014 - Destiny:

@Demi_God Apparently LOTS of stuff went wrong with Destiny and the original vision of the game and the Story was much more ambitious than what we have now. There are posts all over the internet detailling all the content that has been cut. Im gutted about all that because I really love the world they created, but without a cohesive story and background info to all tie it together neatly, what value does it all have really hm? After 75 strikes and about 65 hours of gameplay Im pretty much burned out.



Scollurio commented on Don't Crash Your Car in DriveClub on PlayStati...:

@Itachi Only in a real crash all windows would be shattered, the roof dented in and probably all airbags deployed... I thought it looked rather static, but I don't play a racing game to crash, but to race. And I'm curious how it will hold up in that department!