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I play to relax not to compete, flame or be flamed.

Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on Destiny: The Taken King's Cinematic Trailer At...:

Wow looks a lot like THIS is what Destiny should have been before it was gutted pre-release into small chunks the moment Activision realized it will sell on hype alone, now even people like me that bought it the first time around will dig in again because we want to get our broken promises fulfilled, for a prime...



Scollurio commented on Review: Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (PS4):

The moment this hits the PSN for a reduced price I'll get it. Not because I'm greedy but because I'm desperately looking for a reason to not get it NOW as I'm swamped in work, side projects, real life crap and LOTS of great games on my backlog!!



Scollurio commented on You Won't Be Able to Pick Your PS4 PlayStation...:

Still I don't get the hate people spew towards PS+. It's free games, I NEVER expect it to be any AAA titles. Im happy with the Service, xbox live users paid for the service for years without getting anything for free. And spare me the "their service is better" balooza. Yeah maybe it was back in the day but nowadays I'm pretty happy with PSN, when it's out and down I suspect it's due to another DDOS attack which is out of Sony's hand. And yes live is down here and there as well.

Still. Im happy with whats on offer and don't like all the negativity.



Scollurio commented on The Terminator Raises Hell in WWE 2K16 on PS4,...:

Last game sucked but generally wrestling games make for fun coop/couch and party bouts - really love them. Create your own wrestler and let loose, who cares what the name is of that little prick you just squished under your boots?!

Besides sammy, no offense man, but JOURNEY SUCKS. I'd play any mediocre wrestling game over Journey any day! See... opinions!



Scollurio commented on Here's the Difference Between God of War III o...:

I never played any GOW games until recently, I started to romp through 1 and 2 on my Vita and I bloody love it, so I'm sure I'll get III on the PS4 and whatever "remaster" or brand new game comes my way I'll gobble up. It's a nice silly, cinematic, violent action romp - just what I need (in short bursts) after a day of stupid customers...



Scollurio commented on Rumour: Future PS4 Firmware Update Adding Cale...:

If anyone cares to remember, that's what I suggested about a year ago on the forums, if used as I proposed they'd be clever to mark all releases during a calendar year, even for unannounced titles, but just leave the info box on that day blank, that way they could create anticipation for their releases without us even knowing any kind of detail about what it would be and WE on the other hand would know that we're always and constantly served food for our hungry gamer hearts. Not that PS4 doesn't have enough games - I can't keep up with playing - just saying!



Scollurio commented on Review: Godzilla (PS4):

Now, who would have thought that a movie-tie-in-game for a terrible movie is anything other than mediocre at best. Ha!



Scollurio commented on Daybreak CEO Says He's Taking Legal Action Aga...:

The moment you threaten a person's family and make their life miserable you cross a line, no matter if he's a CEO or not. And you know what, SOME CEO's just worked their ass off to get where they are just like the average joe, being a CEO doesn't automatically make you evil. Greedy perhaps.



Scollurio commented on E3 2015: Ready at Dawn Ditching PS4 for Oculus...:

@ToddlerNaruto Whenever the experience is wholesome. As long as youre doing different things with your hands/body in the real world than you do in the virtual one, it will be odd. The brain will be confused. I can imagine this for racing games as you are actually doing the same things in both worlds, but a shooter? You get the sensation of running or falling with your whole vision being enveloped in this world, you'll feel dizzy, definitely. It will be exhausting. I say skip VR and wait for the holodeck. Seriously.



Scollurio commented on Austrian Retailer Reckons Project Morpheus Wil...:

@themcnoisy What kind of quality do you expect to get from a VR headset at 100 bucks? Of course I'm all for "the cheaper it is, the better" but it's a new product, developed from ground up and if reports are true it's highly competable with the Oculus, if not better tech alltogether. Of course it doesn't come cheap.

This is KINECT all over again. The original Kinect had that stunning Milo demo, that creepy kid Molyneux invented to interact with (in whatever ways...) and back then the prototype of Kinect had it's own processor. The retail version though skipped the processor and put some extra load for processing on the Xbxo360 itself, thus limiting the use and quality of the Kinect-Experience significantly. BUT it drove down the price. Lots of people had it and chalked it off as "fancy gimick that doesn't work too well" - I don't think thats the road Morpheus should take, right? Price may be a sensible matter, but if the quality isn't there, there is NO future for VR as it is - as many of you already pointed out - a niche market to begin with.



Scollurio commented on Austrian Retailer Reckons Project Morpheus Wil...:

Seriously what were you expecting? It's a perfectly fine price btw. It's about an average gaming TV, a good pair of headphones and about the price of a racing wheel - it's delusional to think it would come any cheaper. And VR is not going to be for the masses anyways regardless of price. I'd get it for project cars alone, so I hope they don't sacrifice on tech to lower the price for the masses!



Scollurio commented on Sony: E3 2015 Is Where PS4 Will Really Deliver...:

Again it baffles me that some people are so negative about seemingly everything. There's plenty to play, plenty to come in the shorty life of the PS4 I already have some serious backlog and Im really picky when it comes to purchasing a new game. Still "stuck" to GTA5, Diablo 3, Minecraft, Bloodborne, Dying Light AND Project Cars.



Scollurio commented on Sony Admits PS4 First-Party Lineup Is Looking ...:

Oh the negativity is spreading again. Every platformholder has a "light on first party exclusives" year now and then. Some even multiple years in a row or they crap out sub-par exclusives. Sometimes I'm really wondering what the heck is wrong with people being unhappy with everything all the time. There is PLENTY to play, like @Tasuki said, who cares if it is first-party or not, if it's on the system I own and I enjoy playing it, so what? I still have a massive backlog of games to finish/plat on PS4 as IS. And honestly there is no single exclusive on another platform I'd want to have. Call me fanboy, call me easy to please, I don't mind.



Scollurio commented on E3 2015 Will Be Super Crazy Good, Says Sony:

I'm perfectly happy with my ps4 and its games. 2015 is a truly stellar gaming year for me so ill watch it with lots of interest but honestly everything from this point on is just a bonus for me!



Scollurio commented on Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PlayStation 4):

Nice review, awesome score. My friends all love it, unfortunately I'm on a tight TIME schedule and may have to skip this until later, it being a singleplayer game. I rather spend my time playing with friends, except maybe later in the year when there may be some gaming-drought!



Scollurio commented on This Is What You'll Be Doing in Destiny's Hous...:

@Davros79 I definitely see where you're coming from, and I DO have a copy of Destiny (digitally) and I hold the season pass and still I'll not touch it anymore, because the kind of content H.O.W. offers to me is still basicly the same flawed gameplay treadmill than the rest of the game. Even though it might bring in new experiences, the overall concept of Destiny, what it is, is what I've grown tired of. It's like this, imagine you had a girlfriend for a decade, and before you dated she was trying to impress you, wearing makeup and all, working out, looking good. Now a decade later nothing of what you expected your relationship to be held true, you just get along, nothing more. Suddenly she puts on some makeup again. I don't think you'd stick around and "play" her would you? Kinda awkward comparison, sorry. But when I've lost interest in something it's just gone, no matter the 19 bucks I've still invested in the expansion that I'll never play, the time I save by not playing Destiny and being reminded that despite the mechanics, graphics and settings are really top notch, the game will never be what I wanted it, expected it to be, holds far more value to me than those 19 bucks, especially since I got plenty other things to play and just seemingly found the girl of my life! So... I probably will just invest my time there!

And again: no offense for all of you that still enjoy it. It's just not for me.



Scollurio commented on This Is What You'll Be Doing in Destiny's Hous...:

@Davros79 That's the point. Those people - me included - ARE disappointed, I'd love Destiny to be what it promised to be in early trailers and PR material. All of Destiny's issues could be easily fixed. I don't mind repetition (heck I love racing games, Helldivers and Diablo 3) but it wouldn't have hurt - for example - in all the strikes, to have some random elements like enemy placement, enemy strength, a better loot system maybe with one-time-consumable special items that randomly drop through each mission just to spice things up. I got my season pass long ago before I realized that Destiny is not what I was hoping for. I hold no real grudge though, got 100+ hours of good fun out of it but yes, I am - as many others - done with Destiny and sometimes we feel the urge to voice our opinion because deep down we feel like Destiny is the game we wanted to love indefintely but couldn't. No offense to you guys still enjoying it, it's just that if I've done the exactly same thing 30+ times, I can't be bothered anymore - of course my opinion is purely personal and has no (and shouldn't have) effect on your enjoyment of the game.