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Power is nothing without control.

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I play to relax not to compete, flame or be flamed.

Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

Childcare is the responsibility of the parents. They should care. More often than not they don't though, still - some entitled "let's save the world" teachers shouldn't be allowed to mess with a child's private life over what games they play. Seriously?



Scollurio commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@AFCC You need the small resonant bell if you want to JOIN someone, you can buy it in the dreamworld once you have 10 insight (acquired by finding madman skulls or seeing/killing/helping kill bosses). If you want to CALL someone in your game, it's enough having seen the first boss, going back to the dreamworld and get the beckoning bell. Careful though, when you're done with a boss in an area you can no longer CALL someone to join your game, still can join someone else's game though, which btw is a great way to farm echoes or just generally practice your skills, as you don't lose your echoes when dying in another players game. Hope that helped. It's an awkward system at first, but everything in bloodboren is awkward at first, stick around long enough and you'll be rewarded! :) Best tip though: play all sections of the game multiple times, talk to everyone, explore, if you're afraid, do so in someone else's game until you know the area. Then you'll grow "into" the game and things aren't that harsh anymore but only WILDLY entertaining.



Scollurio commented on Rainbow Six Siege Beta to Infiltrate PS4 Later...:

I lost my interest in Ubisoft last year. I'm afraid this will also end up in typical mediocracy. Hopefully The Division will be different. I doub't it though. It appears to me that FarCry is the only good IP left for Ubisoft.



Scollurio commented on Review: Battlefield Hardline (PlayStation 4):

This shouldn't be called "Battlefield". Dice spent a good load of time and effort tacking a certain expectation onto their brand, i.e. large scale battles on a battlefield and for that very reason this interests me the least bit.



Scollurio commented on God of War III Remastered's PS4 Price May Make...:

Can anyone please stop crapping their pants? I never played God of War III, as many others never played The Last of Us. There is a place and a purpose for remasters. As long as they're done well and not are simple sloppy ports with higher resolution, why complain? Not everyone has played everyone, it will be a "new" game for me, I'm used paying 59 Euro for a new game, so I'm actually "saving" 20 when picking this up.

People love to complain.



Scollurio commented on Helldivers Deploys Its First Batch of DLC Today:

@Timvp2120 No it doesn't make me think that. This game is so brilliant I'd have easily paid 60 bucks for it. Now considering the difference between the 16 I paid and whats missing to the 60 I would have paid, Im going for EACH and EVERY DLC. All the things games nowadays are accused of doing wrong, this game does not. It's like a blast from the past with a coating of brains and attention to detail. Worth. Every. Single. Penny. Tenfold.



Scollurio commented on Video: Watch As We Recap February 2015's Best ...:

Apotheon and Dying Light also were really really good, better than expected and one more time, I loved the Order, played through it 3 times, enjoyed every little detail of the world, the atmosphere. Also I got all themes for the PS4 and the Soundtrack on iTunes just to support Ready at Dawn a little bit more, as I fear with all that bad press and "0-score" reviews on metacritics a sequel might be in danger, which would be a tremendous shame. Also, Helldivers, a BADLY overlooked game getting so much hatred. 20 Dollars too much for a game with replayability amped to 11?! People these days...



Scollurio commented on Review: Helldivers (PlayStation 4):

I'm glad the game seems to fare well. Yep it's like Diablo, it's coop, cross buy save and play too, deep metagame and tough as nails, friendly fire too. Many "big" games fail to offer half of those premiums so I'll gladly get it, if there would be a donate button I'd even press it because I think devs like this need to be supported.



Scollurio commented on Sony Still Schtum on March's PlayStation Plus ...:

@get2sammyb and @BLPs ... I hear you, I hear you and yeah I read about that announcement about the upcoming announcement last week! Im with you, totally. Just personally, I really don't mind. And about the financial planning aspect - those games are up a month, I don't think knowing in advance a few days makes much of a difference.



Scollurio commented on Sony Still Schtum on March's PlayStation Plus ...:

Honestly I see where you're coming from but I personally take the "I'll see it when it's there" approach with news, psplus lineups and games as a whole alike. I don't need to know in advance whats coming, when I'll see it when its there...



Scollurio commented on Actually, Helldivers Isn't One of Your Free PS...:

I think this is one of those games, if you have general interest in it, that will keep you occupied and entertained longer than most 60 € titles, no one seems to want to spend money anymore on anything. I like to draw my "cinema comparison" here. For that price I can barely go and see two 90 minute movies in the cinema and I am sure for that price I'll be entertained longer than 3 hours! :D