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Sun 1st Jul 2012

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Scollurio commented on Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4):

I like it a lot. Only thing that struck me is the "watered down progression system". Not much to unlock. But back in the day, we were playin' the games for the fun of it, not for instant-gratification unlocks. And that's exactly what I'll be doing here!



Scollurio commented on Reaction: Nintendo Switch Knocks the Final Nai...:

I saw the Switch video with anticipation but came away unimpressed. It's another gimicky trick Nintendo is pulling. I can only imagine with this formfactor and this kind of controls it will be stupendously uncomfortable to hold and operate. Don't get me started on the battery life, powering that big screen with allegedly similar power of a PS4 you won't see much in that department I suspect.

If Nintendo just would build a new, modern Gameboy I'd be all over it.

And about the Vita. The Vita's problems were lack of PR and exposure, stupidly expensive memory and the rise of smartphones. Besides that, it's an awesome handheld indeed.

I tell you, Nintendo Switch AND VR as a whole, will be dead and buried by 2018!



Scollurio commented on Review: Shu (PS4):

@get2sammyb I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but why o why do you sport this avatar-pic like a pro? I mean. Why Mars attacks?



Scollurio commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation VR - The Future o...:

Great review. Not for me though. I'd never trade the comfort of a comfy couch, controller in my hand and a huge nice flatscreen for sub-par pixelquality and "virtual" reality. My real reality is immersive enough, when I'm in my sparetime I wanna "chill"



Scollurio commented on Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Pl...:

I get all the pro and con arguments. Still. If this is Sony's ultimate 4K box of this generation, it should also have a 4K player. Especially since the Xbone slim DOES HAVE one. It's so weird. Online I read somewhere adding a 4K player would have only added around 14 bucks to the production cost.

Also I think they should have made their lineup as:

standard but quieter and cooler PS4 with Bluray drive, 1TB 299,-
SLIM superquiet PS4 without any bluray drive, download only, 2 TB 299,-
and PS4 4K PRO WITH 4K bluray drive, 2TB, 399,- that'd be PERFECT.



Scollurio commented on Review: Inside (PS4):

This is the most underwhelming, boring game I've played in a long while. I'm gonna sit through it to see the ending and then "rejudge" it but so far I've to fight myself through the tedious trial'n error puzzles. Meh. Nowhere near a perfect game.



Scollurio commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

It's always the same. People are stupid. I waited with my purchase, watched a few livestreams and commentary and then got it. I knew what I was getting. I was informed. I don't mind the crashing, as it's obvious that it will be (and actually for me seems to BE already at the time of writing) PATCHED. I bet it's all those thin-skinned social-justice-indoctrinees that now whine because someone did something UNJUST to them instead mature up, shut up and inform yourself before ANY purchase like rational thinking beings do. LAWL.



Scollurio commented on Gamescom 2016: Would You Kindly Watch This Bio...:

Loved BS1, BS2 was good. Just got BSInfinite on Steam for 7 bucks just to play it through. Once this collection is down to 30 bucks it's awesome value. For people who have never played it, it should be an insta-buy!



Scollurio commented on There Are Some Interesting The Last of Us 2 Th...:

The Last Of Us was what brought me over from Camp Xbox. Never looked back. I loved the Last of Us but I'd rather have something completely new and let The Last of Us stand as the one sole beacon of success it was.

Also: Besides wearing that gas mask I still think it's Ellie. Same haircolor and basically same shirt-color as her default shirt in the game. I don't think it's that exact color by mistake or coincidence.



Scollurio commented on Round Up: Overwatch PS4 Reviews Are Ridiculous...:

It's oversimplified, not varied enough and the only catch for you to level up is boxes with animations, voice samples and costumes? Really? Also this is a full price title. The presentation is awesome but compared to games like GTA V, Diablo, The Witcher - I know different genres - the content gameplaywise on offer here is disappearingly little. Not much meat on the bone. 5/10 after playing the beta extensively.



Scollurio commented on EA Boss: I Absolutely Rejected Battlefield 1:

@Neolit This.
It was about time we focus on another war than "modern warfare" - I live in central europe and everyone with a half brain can see that we will soon have plenty of "modern warfare" on our soils... so... enough of that. For now.



Scollurio commented on Evidence for Supercharged PS4.5 Console Mounts:

I'm so sick of 4K mumbo jumbo. Devs struggle to deliver the 60fps/1080p and seriously for a TV set in a living room, that's plenty sharp to game on. As already stated even if the "PS4K" will output 4K it's likely limited to Bluray functionality and upscaling to maybe reduce ugly artifacts. Although it's pretty useless anyways since all 4K TVs have an more than adequate upscaler built in.



Scollurio commented on Daybreak Has Officially Cancelled Everquest Next:

EverQuest was my favourite MMO franchise. It's sad to see it go, been waiting for it for years. I enjoy MMOs but today it all boils down to "amassing damage output". I liked the oldschool MMOs where your distinct role actually made a difference. Using snares and crowd control to tilt a difficult situation to your favour when encountering mobs, single pulling or fear kiting mobs way too high of level for you with your necromancer... good times in EQ, the most tactical of all MMOs in my opinion. Now it's all bell and whistles and no substance.




Scollurio commented on You Won't Be Reading Any The Division Reviews ...:

and another one bites the dust.
Seriously, if they were confident about their game they could switch on the servers prior to release and give reviewers and the public a chance to see what kind of garbage they stirred up this time.