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Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on Evil Dead's Sam Raimi to Produce Movie Adaptat...:

Hmm I really love Chloe Moretz but I think she's a bit "too bulky" for fragile Ellie. But hey if they can make hobbits look small I'm sure they could do the same to Miss Moretz. Otherwise just let her wear a purple wig and it will tick all the inappropiate boxes in a mind as old as mine... :D



Scollurio commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Would Be Impossi...:

Victorian times, besides the long gone ancient eras of this planet my favourite time really. So many great writers and inventions and I love the double-morality of the typical victorian society. Filthy bunch them were. :D



Scollurio commented on Review: Another World (PlayStation 4):

I'd also give it a 7 or 8, I was too impatient back in the day, but seeing how IGN scored it a 4.0 it makes me sour. IGN are so full of themselves, I'm glad I can come HERE for overall more "down to earth" reviews. Thanks! ;)



Scollurio commented on God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Gets a Les...:

Thing about change is that it's mostly, even if it's only in the individual's perception, for the worse. Taxes always raise, not lower, your body changes as you grow older and not for the better, things of value and meaning become replaced buy cheap replicas of its old glory to thrive the industry (talking about cars here), etc... but one day, a distant day, things might change for the better. One of the billions of idiots might open their minds and realize: hey, I was wrong, and others might follow... oh god that was too dramatic. Sorry. Well everything will turn to chaos, it's an universal law, so better prepare for the worst! :D



Scollurio commented on Failing to Consider The Last of Us 2 Would Be ...:

I agree with my forespeakers, even though, probably, the setting itself is fair ground to bear fruitition to another installment. Like... what is 50 years later. What happens. But yes, it will be indefinitely hard to match the chemistry of Joel and Ellie or even surpass it!



Scollurio commented on The Last of Us Remastered Will Gobble Up 50GB ...:

Seriously, people shouldn't complain. You get fast loading times, high res textures and sounds and while it can be a pain for some to download 50GB, the actual storage space is dirt cheap and even a blindfolded monkey can exchange the hard disk, I really see no issues there. Also I don't think I, personally, would ever have ALL of my games installed at once. Going fully digital this gen too.



Scollurio commented on Could Bikes Be Roaring Their Way into PS4's Fi...:

Bikes in GT?! NO thank you. How are you supposed to "faithfully" control them? Steering wheel? Controller? Pff... Better stick to the simulation, deliver on your promises and don't overstretch yourself on lofty goals you a) will not meet and b) only a fraction of your customers care about.



Scollurio commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

I ran into a similar problem with Watch_Dogs preorder_preload. It wouldn't preload or even after release as my pre-order was not billed immediately, I think it has something to do with this. Skeeve provided a code for me so I could start the download, which then stopped because PSN is down again. Frustrating.



Scollurio commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

Honestly, I preordered Destiny on PSN the second I was able to. I don't even have a code yet. Im a MS-convert with all my love for Sony, but sometimes, this gets annoying as hell. Now that PSN is a paid service, I think they should provide enough steam (get it?) to their system so it doesn't buckle every once in a while just because some bigger game launches.



Scollurio commented on Already Own The Last of Us? You Won't Be Getti...:

I played the hell out of this on PS3 and will do so again on PS4, pre-ordered it digitally on the PSN store for 44,90 Euro and I am gladly paying twice for an awesome game, rather than pay half of that for a crap game!



Scollurio commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

Hmm. I don't know your problem, yes it's not high end graphics, but seriously, we all (most of us do) play pixelated retro games, why not watch something that has it's own (underwhelming) art style and enjoy it for what it is? I don't know anything about the series but I could imagine that fans of it will enjoy watching this.

I know I might sound some Nintendonerd, but... "it's not always about the graphics" folks. Books. No graphics at all. Awesome!



Scollurio commented on Sony: PS4's Christmas Lineup Compares 'Very, V...:

@Gamer83 See I really appreciate your contributions to this forum and your postings, as I think that you're opinion oftentimes is contrary to what the masses are going for. I really enjoy reading your side of things all the time and thanks for the interest in my writings. Still, I can understand your bitterness about Sunset Overdrive, but you know, as tastes differ I - in my case - have plenty to play on PS4 and therefore cannot really appreciate the bitterness Sony is getting from so many sides. To me it appears like people tend to condemn the company that did SO MANY things right, and now, probably - depending on your point of view - might be slow with some first party titles and praise the company that basicly did everything WRONG and now does ONE thing right. It just doesn't add up to me. I hope I don't appear as a fanboy to you, I'm not. Im very critical about things in general and my hobby as well. It's just that I personally see no point in Sunset Overdrive but got plenty to play on my PS4 (Watch_Dogs, Killzone, Resogun, Destiny, Diablo III, The Last of Us Remastered (again), ... - just to quickly name the bigger ones). I hate that (not you but the general public) is all boiling it down to first party titles. I hate it. I have my system, it's the PS4 and a good game is a good game and I don't give a flying rat's ass if that game also is on another system. Also I don't care for timed exclusives or pre-order boni. I just enjoy a good game for what it is and I think if all people would view it like that, the general public's opinion would be way more balanced. No offense against you and your tastes mate. Just criticizing the media.



Scollurio commented on Talking Point: Should More Games Try to Teach ...:

I think it's a highly underused concept. See, I'm self employed and always on a time-budget. I like to do several things at once, while I work, I watch documentaries on my Vita, so I learn something while I work.

Now imagine doing a questionaire in Mortal Kombat about History to finish off your opponent, look at Rocksmith that actually teaches you playing the guitar. If the Xbox and Kinect wouldn't suck, it could be used to take a dancing course. A real one, not that "flapping around with your arms, wiggle wiggle" thing. Or learning how to play Tennis or Golf correctly.... etc... the possibilities are endless. I'd love to learn something while doing my favorite hobby.

Bring us deep and rich tactical turn based strategy games, littered with historical information, again, so much possibilities, so much underutilized... :(



Scollurio commented on This Mortal Kombat X Fatality Is the Grossest ...:

@ThreadShadow You do know that there is MUCH MUCH MUCH worse based on real life even on the internet right? You're a mature person (I assume for your benefit) and you're free to avoid stuff you don't find entertaining or even find it disgusting, no one is going to switch off the internet because there's a small percentage of gross content. What I am saying is this: People have a brain and a free will. Use both to avoid content you don't like, it's not like someone forces you to play MK so quit the criticism.



Scollurio commented on This Mortal Kombat X Fatality Is the Grossest ...:

@Gemuarto lol sorry but if you're disgusted by it, you're not the target audience and NO ONE should EVER pray for ANY kind of censorship. Ever. This game is going to be as good and better as MK9, fighting-gameplay wise, the violence is just Mortal Kombat's trademark. It's a game easily to be avoided, no need to censor it for everyone just because of the opinion of a few.



Scollurio commented on UK Sales Charts: PS4 Testicle Remover Sniper E...:

@Jazzer94 I really like Nintendo seeing some success finally, but still, don't forget that they had a really sour first year and when all the first party titles of this year are out, then what? ;(

I wish Nintendo would have built a "more traditional" console, scrapped the gamepad and just went with the vibe of Xbox One and PS4, that way they'd have more third party support and STILL their awesome first party titles. But... yeah.



Scollurio commented on We're Not Saying Its Doomed, but These DOOM Co...:

While DOOM is a classic and has it's place in the olymp of gaming, I don't think this reboot will do much nor that it is needed. There are more shooters out there than you can shake a stick at and basicly DEAD SPACE is what Doom should have been. Just call it quits and make something original...



Scollurio commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

dont make it appear like im the elitist sony a-hole. im not. i loved nintendo back in th daxly and am always eager to return to them. as of now there just isn enough to make me go buy a wii u and considering their headstart their lineup IS weak. also the last thing i got on 3ds was zelda which left me unimpressed. im not dismissing nintendo but saying ps4 got no games is plain wrong.



Scollurio commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

@get2samm2b @rastamadeus

Im so sick of people making it seem like there is nothing to play. Seriously?

playing right now:
KILLZONE (awesome new DLC)
RESOGUN (awesome new DLC)
Watch_Dogs (going for Plat)
Gran Turismo 6 (new DLC, already platted, getting the new trophies)

coming soon:
DIABLO 3 (huge timesink)
Destiny (even bigger timesink)
Project Cars
Planetside 2 (also huge timesink, due out this year still, people seem to froget about it)
The Last Of Us remastered (going to buy it again, people who say zero replayability have no idea)
GTA V (same as with TLOU)
Shadow of Mordor
Hotline Miami 2
WWE 2K15
The Crew
Farcry 4
Little Big Planet 3
Lords of The Fallen (probably 2015 though)

And that's just the ones off the top of my head, just the ones I am interested in, there's plenty more. Anyone who thinks there are no games, is out of their mind, really. Sorry but that's how I see it.

So there are not that many exclusives? So what? What do I care who else plays a certain game on another platform. I got my PS4 and it got the games I want, that's all that matters. I really don't WANT a GT7 or an Uncharted 4 to come out anytime soon, as I wouldn't have the time to spend on those games because I'm still busy with all the other stuff.

People are weird. Always complain. Always moan. Back in the day we were content to play some crappy 320x200 VGA game on Amiga and it was awesome. Nowadays: EVERYTHING. NOW. And once it's there the complaining continues. Meh. Be positive people! Oh and please stop bringing up Nintendo as ANY source of reference, they had a (terrible) head start and are late with all their first party games, which - besides shovelware and soso-indies - is all they have. Also... their whole virtual console is re-releases of old games. Just sayin'.



Scollurio commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:

I hope its some life-injection for the Vita, I doubt it will do much though. And for those that are annoyed by Sony's treatment of the Vita. Yeah I am annoyed too, but seriously, if its not selling, why waste anymore money on it. Sony has to slim down its business in so many sectors to stay relevant and in business. I rather have them somewhat abandon the Vita than running their business (including PS4) into a wall.

And again, as my final sentence, I wish the Vita was more successfull!



Scollurio commented on Review: GRID Autosport (PlayStation 3):

Whatever direction they might got, after the ASTOUNDING Toca (DTM, V8 Supercars in other regions) series of racing games, GRID was a letdown to begin with. GRID 2 was abysmal and this... well. Even Toca Racedriver 2 on PSP is far and beyond better than this game. That is, if you like things like pitstops, event creator, fuel consumption and tyrewear.



Scollurio commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

@N711 Lovely. Exactly my thoughts, exactly what I'm doing.
It's not like any other competing console (at around the same time in its lifecycle) had/has any more AAA titles right? I'm perfectly happy with PLAYSTATION, the brand as a whole, enjoying games on PSP, PSV, PS3, PS4! Love it.