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I play to relax not to compete, flame or be flamed.

Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on Would You Resist a New Resistance Game on PS4?:

Played all 3 Resistance Games in my "all the games that I have missed"-blitz when I switched from MS to Sony. I liked them. Sure the first one was a bit archaic, but I liked them. Definitely would get it!



Scollurio commented on Will Free-to-Play PS4 Shooter PlanetSide 2 Be ...:

I quit Destiny long ago not looking back, waiting for this since I played it on PC and as golden_dolphin said, this is the closest you can get to the Battlefield games of yore (42, vietnam, 2042). Can't friggin wait!



Scollurio commented on Rumour: Could The Elder Scrolls Online Be Adve...:

FINALLY! People don't listen to those who say this game is crap. It is not. Give it a chance, watch some let's plays or find a friend who has it. It's the better Elder Scrolls game to me and holds its own really well compared to recent MMOs. If you're into roleplaying and like a dark medieval world, this is for you. I'll get it in an instant (and hopefully can bring my PC-characters over just as promised).



Scollurio commented on Can't Connect to PSN? This Trick Is Working fo...:

@AreniMeiraZani thats the most retarded thing I've read today, and I just came from 4chan...

Seriously, read it up, the internet is FULL of wannabe hackers that have no life and just disturb others peace for the heck of it, no need for MS and Sony scheming things. If you thought it through fully before making that post, think about the MILLIONS of cash Sony and MS are losing due to their online stores not being online after christmas, when so many people got monetary gifts. There is absolutely no benefit for either MS or Sony out of this mess.



Scollurio commented on Review: The Crew (PlayStation 4):

Review sounds about right to me, same impressions I had after Beta on PC and spending some time with it at a friends house. A classic Ubisoft, overpromising and under-delivering. It's time to rename "pulling a Molyneux" to "pulling an Ubisoft" :D



Scollurio commented on Feature: The Ten Best PS4 Trailers at PlayStat...:

It's quite meaningless to be honest, of course if one of two manufactures goes down the "dumping price" route (I saw Xbox One - without kinect though - with an android tablet and a free game for 399 euros here...) it's not really comparable data in my book. The One has moved SO FAR away from its initial vision for only one reason: to be able to compete. The only valid point for getting the One - in my book - is if you take a huge interest in their exclusive games but otherwise, meh.



Scollurio commented on These Are Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Title...:

It's free games. People complain. I paid years for Xbox live and got nothing free ever. If you already have the game, so what. I personally don't get each and every game so I have a good chance picking up games via ps+. Still, nothing for me in dec and January as I'm busy with gta and lbp anyways!



Scollurio commented on Video: How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Fari...:

I've to say that I lost all my faith in Ubisoft, Im curious to hear your impressions but my impressions from the Beta on PC back then and also from watching guys stream the PS4 beta on twitch is, that it is a bland, generic game with bad physics and really bad destruction engine. But that's just me! Wish it was better!



Scollurio commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Ain't Sounding Especial...:

Enough of this stuff. I got a gut feeling Ubisoft cannot be trusted and I was right. Not going to buy anymore games, especially not as a pre-order from EA, Activision or Ubi. Lessons learned once and for all. Going to hit them across the teeth with my wallet-vote.

This is your second warning please watch the language. Next time I won't just be asking.-Tasuki-



Scollurio commented on Surprise! Sony Studio Sucker Punch Is Staffing...:

There's still the thing that Delsin shook every conduit's hand in the end when freeing them, possibly absorbing all powers, I'd love to see where they go from there. Infamous wasn't my favourite game ever, but it was a rock solid 7 for me, so I'd be up for further installments.



Scollurio commented on Why Is Share Play Blocked in Call of Duty: Adv...:

Sounds like bull. To me it's like they actively have to block it, not have to "figure it out how to use it or how it will impact the experience". Defense Grid 2 - little towerdefense, for example does just work fine with it, I doubt they had more hands-on-time with the feature than activision.

please watch the language -Tasuki-