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Sun 1st Jul 2012

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Scollurio commented on Round Up: Overwatch PS4 Reviews Are Ridiculous...:

It's oversimplified, not varied enough and the only catch for you to level up is boxes with animations, voice samples and costumes? Really? Also this is a full price title. The presentation is awesome but compared to games like GTA V, Diablo, The Witcher - I know different genres - the content gameplaywise on offer here is disappearingly little. Not much meat on the bone. 5/10 after playing the beta extensively.



Scollurio commented on EA Boss: I Absolutely Rejected Battlefield 1:

@Neolit This.
It was about time we focus on another war than "modern warfare" - I live in central europe and everyone with a half brain can see that we will soon have plenty of "modern warfare" on our soils... so... enough of that. For now.



Scollurio commented on Evidence for Supercharged PS4.5 Console Mounts:

I'm so sick of 4K mumbo jumbo. Devs struggle to deliver the 60fps/1080p and seriously for a TV set in a living room, that's plenty sharp to game on. As already stated even if the "PS4K" will output 4K it's likely limited to Bluray functionality and upscaling to maybe reduce ugly artifacts. Although it's pretty useless anyways since all 4K TVs have an more than adequate upscaler built in.



Scollurio commented on Daybreak Has Officially Cancelled Everquest Next:

EverQuest was my favourite MMO franchise. It's sad to see it go, been waiting for it for years. I enjoy MMOs but today it all boils down to "amassing damage output". I liked the oldschool MMOs where your distinct role actually made a difference. Using snares and crowd control to tilt a difficult situation to your favour when encountering mobs, single pulling or fear kiting mobs way too high of level for you with your necromancer... good times in EQ, the most tactical of all MMOs in my opinion. Now it's all bell and whistles and no substance.




Scollurio commented on You Won't Be Reading Any The Division Reviews ...:

and another one bites the dust.
Seriously, if they were confident about their game they could switch on the servers prior to release and give reviewers and the public a chance to see what kind of garbage they stirred up this time.



Scollurio commented on Review: Street Fighter V (PS4):

While I can see the brilliance of execution in this game I also see the lack of content and fighting through any fighting game with every character is the "bread and butter for me" so considering this a game lacking content is still a game lacking content, no matter how polished it might look or how smooth it plays.



Scollurio commented on Here's What You Need to Know About Far Cry Primal:

I'm interested in the era and all the new mechanics it brings to the table, but knowing Ubisoft being Ubisoft I'll wait for reviews or even a pricedrop before eventually delving in. I just really hope there isn't all too much of "filler content".



Scollurio commented on A Portion of The Division's Open World Has Bee...:

@Phillendon The Best "Clancy" game to my knowledge and taste is the first Rainbow Six Vegas. This was extra-ordinary. And what made the Clancy games awesome for me is the realism they convey. At least Vegas does. Weapons, Modes, AI - everything top notch. I'm also not a fan of what I'm seeing about The Division...



Scollurio commented on Reaction: Oculus Rift's $599 Price Is Positive...:

I said it all the time and I keep saying it, that's about the price that was to be expected, people who thought this would fall into the "sub 200,-" range were delusional. And you know what, I think this is a fair price, if it delivers. It's the kind of money you'd spend on a TV to experience your games on and this peripheral falls into the same category for me, it's a device to experience your games on, it's a new and daring way. If it's possible to play ANY game on it (obviously in 2D just very close up to the screen if it's not a VR game) I see nothing wrong with this price.