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Sun 1st July, 2012

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Scollurio commented on DLC Locations Are Already Being Discovered in ...:

I believe that roughly 50 percent of the original game and almost all its story has been cut prior to release for undisclosed reasons! Go google "destiny cut content" and investigate. Even if half of that is true, it's a total sucker punch. Also check out the vidoc of 2013 - lots of scenes and modes (for example faction wars) that have been cut out. Planets are missing too. You'll also notice that their lead writer left sometime during 2013 and the ugly abomination that is the grimoire has been hastily put together shortly before launch... Go read up on it!



Scollurio commented on Game of the Month: September 2014 - Destiny:

@get2sammyb Concerning money per hour of fun wise I can't complain. But considering what Destiny supposed to be, what was teased and especially after reading about the leaks, the cut story, the development problems etc...

Also, Destiny wasn't supposed to be a 65 hour romp, it was supposed to establish a franchise fans will love and invest in the coming decade. In that regard, I fear, it failed miserably. I had really high hopes, enjoyed the time I played, but now... I only see bleakness...



Scollurio commented on Game of the Month: September 2014 - Destiny:

@Demi_God Apparently LOTS of stuff went wrong with Destiny and the original vision of the game and the Story was much more ambitious than what we have now. There are posts all over the internet detailling all the content that has been cut. Im gutted about all that because I really love the world they created, but without a cohesive story and background info to all tie it together neatly, what value does it all have really hm? After 75 strikes and about 65 hours of gameplay Im pretty much burned out.



Scollurio commented on Don't Crash Your Car in DriveClub on PlayStati...:

@Itachi Only in a real crash all windows would be shattered, the roof dented in and probably all airbags deployed... I thought it looked rather static, but I don't play a racing game to crash, but to race. And I'm curious how it will hold up in that department!



Scollurio commented on Review: FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4):

Not interested in soccer or fifa games at all, but it's astounding I'm reading about so many online and other problems AGAIN about EA. I stopped supporting EA with my money after Battlefield 3 and this only further strengthens my opinion.



Scollurio commented on Loot Will Be More Likeable in Destiny's 1.02 P...:

Yes it needs improvements but its all about the Story. The story is EPIC only hidden away, read the grimoire, listen closely to the few hints we have. Bungie said (paraphrasing) "Don't judge too quick, stay for the long trip!". That's what I'm doing as I'm seeing something of an epic scale on the horizon. Mindblowingly amazing. I have my own theory but just to get your brain cells working, here's some hints: Who are the awoken and why are the called like that? What about Rasputin the warmind AI? Why are the remains of the cities on Venus and earth alls cattered with technology that looks like from OUR (real life, 2014) time and not much further advanced when the traveller supposedly brought us the golden age, hundreds of years to explore and expand into the solar system, then came the collapse and war waged for another hundreds of years. Really? Priuses on venus? Think about it. It's obvious after a while and yet it's going to be an awesome twist. Anyone ever walked down into the second stranded ship in old russia. Try it. Discover.



Scollurio commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

Seriously, the rewards at the end of some tedious long strikes should be better, and I wonder what the actual testing and the alpha and beta were for, if they NOW need to balance so many things. Oh yeah wait... marketing. :)
That said I love Destiny and hope they will unveil the "true" story behind everything soon, in tiny bits, one by one! ;)



Scollurio commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

Best and fair review. I hate the many ZERO user reviews this game gets on metacritic on launchday by some fools who just want to ruin the game's reputation. On my on personal scale I'd give 8.5 in general and if I'd only have to rate the fun, it'd be a 10 easily. I can't remember I had that much fun with my friends online.



Scollurio commented on Feature: Man on the Moon - Our Early Intergala...:

I have to say I was skeptical at first too, but after reaching Level 19 yesterday together with a bunch of friends I have to say that I already the the best bossfights I ever had in any game and that the multiplayer is awesomely fast paced yet nicely balanced. I'm loving it so far. Repetition or "lack" of story presentation is of no concern to me, I also love Diablo... Monster Hunter, so I actually like the "grind". This is what I was expecting to get, as I always was well informed and kept expectations in check. Head over to metacritic and read the comments there to realize what a crappy breed of dung we people are!



Scollurio commented on Put This PS4 Footage of Project Cars into Gear:

Guys don't compare this to driveclub or the crew. I think it looks fabulous, I've been playing it for a while on PC now, since Alpha, looks stunning on PS4 and don't forget it's a FULL SIM (although can be tailored to every player's needs and level of skill) so that means that they not only need to worry about eyecandy but also about physics calculation, grip levels, tire deformation, mechanical failures, airflow, heat dissipation of brakes, damage modeling (it actually HAS a pretty robust damage model compared to GT6 and even Forza) etc... LOTS of stuff going on "under the hood" literally. And just wait until you get the full scope on the multiplayer/career options they're going for. One of my TOP WANT games definitely.



Scollurio commented on Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate...:

Been waiting for this really really long time. Thanks for year-long beta testing this, our PC Master-Race-Friends! :D Fully enjoying it, the only "complaint" I have is indeed the repetition, but since it's genre-defining, I'll let it slip! :D



Scollurio commented on Reaction: PS4's Variety Shines at Gamescom 201...:

@get2sammyb I agree to that. Overall I was really impressed. But there'll always be people that complain about each and every press conference leaving me wondering, WHAT exactly are those people even expecting, what games are they playing, is there sitll SOMEthing in the gaming industry they can enjoy? Not pointing at anyone in specific, I just get tired by the overall negativity of the gamer-crowd, be it here after a conference, on after an update was announced for Gran Turismo (which of course never is good enough) and the like. I enjoy to enjoy the positives!



Scollurio commented on Plenty of PS4 Discounts Coming to Europe Next ...:

Sony should make a special promotion, for three days ONLY each NEW PSN account (created within 7 days before the promotion end) can download 2 games of their choice (no matter what) for FREE.

Ha, that surely would make plenty more pople convert, more than already did! :D