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Thu 13th Dec 2012

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charlesnarles commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

I'm dozens of hours in at 40% completion and it's excellent so far. I've played them all since mgs1, and 5 is one of my favorites. I can see people not understanding it's majesty without playing ALL of the previous MGS titles, tho



charlesnarles commented on DLC Review: Making Settlements a Little More F...:

I feel like these little function additions are a field test for implementation into their next big title, much like New Vegas was for Skyrim. Not trying to be a fanboy, but its easy to see Bethesda has intentionally kept the same heading for years now (which has been great imho). Their next big release features conveyer belts or I'll eat my hat



charlesnarles commented on E3 2016: Bethesda Admits Fallout 4's Dialogue ...:

I just don't like not knowing exactly what my character will actually say. There's no substitute for meeting your first ghoul and reading "Gah! F***! What are you?!" as the first response, laughing, then moving on to the other responses. 4 gives a faster pace to the convos, which I don't necessarily like, but it does fit in with the "convos don't pause the world" feature slightly better than in Skyrim



charlesnarles commented on E3 2016: We Won't Dictate the Future of PS4 to...:

Any word on the operating temperature or average fan speeds during full render? Or would the extra processing require even louder fans? Lol... Right now I can't use remote play at night cause my fan gets crazy loud, and it gets pretty hot even just using Netflix. No 4K tv yet, so I'd love to see solid 60 fps at 1080p on the neo without so much noise



charlesnarles commented on E3 2016: Skyrim: Special Edition Is No Simple ...:

Sounds like it's worth re-buying. This will make only my third purchase of the game, as opposed to Oblivion's 5 (vanilla pc, vanilla PS3, goty pc, goty PS3, 5th anniversary PS3). This should have preceded Fallout 4 imho, but it'll be fun to replay



charlesnarles commented on Soapbox: Why I Don't Think PS4K Is Okay:

I'd buy one if:
1) I happened to somehow acquire a 4K tv (lol)
2) it had full b/c with PS brand discs
3) it could play blurays on repeat (still not a feature!!!)
4) I could somehow save the PT demo on my day-one's 1TB hdd
5) Sony offered a trade-in bundle to reduce costs I don't think I'll be getting one lol



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

Isn't that just PS5? Especially considering 4's first year being saturated with remasters, as well as 3's final years? I bought a new 3ds for the c stick and eye-tracker; unless there's a game-changing aspect they've upgraded/dated that substantially improves the experience, I'd rather not pay another $400+ for a PS4.5



charlesnarles commented on Want Fallout 4's Season Pass? We Suggest Getti...:

I'm all about supporting devs whose content I've thuroughly enjoyed in the past. My money spent on FO4 (let's see, $150 so far) is going towards TES6 if they keep to their formula, so I don't mind one bit. Not to mention getting more DLC for 4 than I'd anticipated.



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4's Season Pass Is About to Get Pricie...:

Bugs are part of the craAaAaziness of the experience. A big 🖕 to every other dev, IMHO, they make games so grand in scope that they can barely run on the standard consoles. Then they fix specific problems, but some stay like the infamous PS3 TES4 GOTY vampire glitch lol. I loved playing knowing that vampirism was incurable, it added a lot. They're not lacking in technical proficiency; it's just inherently glitchy because there is so much off-screen to keep track of at once, even with 8gb of ddr5



charlesnarles commented on Star Wars Games May Have Made Too Much Money i...:

I bought Battlefront. I bought the deluxe edition. I bought the season pass. I bought the strategy guide. I bought the action figure.
It's not a good game, but the selection on PS4 has been far worse so far, not to mention much less iconic. Intentional bubble economy at its finest