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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on That Ridiculous Killzone: Shadow Fall Lawsuit ...:

Lawsuits make you whole again. Hasn't got a leg to stand on. Should have gone for class action, then everyone who owns it woulda gotten a little check or like $5 Sony bucks. Now HE has to prove how it affected HIM instead of them having to survey us all and let true data affect real change. Missed opportunity to be a hero



charlesnarles commented on Weirdness: Sony Yanks The Interview Amid Inten...:

North Korea isn't a joke right now. Neither is a political assassination carried out there by an opposing nat'l gov't. Gotta remember the countless successfully carried-out threats that were ignored. Nobody wants to deal with the real-life reaction, especially if it's just the plot of some dumb movie that caused it.
...Did anybody even wanna see this movie anyways? Who cares, good riddance



charlesnarles commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

In all fairness, I bought the Arkham trilogy on disc before it was free, so they do offer games I'd buy otherwise. Tomb Raider and Metro too, I bought it on PS4, but still... to me personally, in NA, it's a good deal (frustratingly, I just happened to buy those games foolishly early, apparently)
Ps. Ps4 multiplayer!!!!



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: What's Your Favourite PSone Game?:

Silent Hill, The Lost World Jurassic Park special edition (t-rex!), Driver 2, Crash Warped and Team Racing, Soul Reaver, MGS, Harvest Moon BTN, FF7-9...
Then there's the Disney/Nick games like A Bugs Life and Rugrats...
Not to mention Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles, Episode 1, Demolition, Masters of Terรคs Kรคsi, Dark Forces....... what a gen!



charlesnarles commented on Maisie Williams: Hell Yeah! I'd Love to Play E...:

Raimi is a good director, just look at his career. The Evil Dead series itself is full of black humor and slapstick comedy to the point of not being strictly horror. TLOU has some comedic relief, so I can see it working if he's more tacit about it than in Drag Me To Hell (lol). And his Spider-man trilogy was just weird, but The Quick And The Dead was pretty serious in tone. The movie is years away, though!



charlesnarles commented on Review: Driver (PSone):

@AlexStinton I own it, but felt more compelled to play GT4 when it was new. It is fun to be able to set up crashes via his weird power, and the 1st person driving was ahead of it's time



charlesnarles commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid (PSone):

  • "We're not tools of the government. Or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing I was good at, but at least I always fought for what I believed in."
  • "I'm going to send you a love letter, my dear. Do you know what it is? It's a bullet... straight from my gun to your heart."
  • "Snakes don't belong in Alaska!"
  • "So YOU'RE the one the Boss keeps talking about."
    Etc ๐Ÿ˜ now I gotta play it again for the millionth time


charlesnarles commented on Rumour: Sony's About to Get Really Aggressive ...:

@3Above that's a good point, lots of new people to pitch ideas means influx of content. China's always boasted tons of history and cultural influence; it'll be interesting to see them turn from a homebrew gamer culture into mainstream and how that will affect the industry worldwide. Can't wait for "CRPGs" from Studio Shanghai etc. (I love my Dingoo A-320 btw, and we'll all be driving Chinese cars in 5 years๐Ÿ˜œ)



charlesnarles commented on Watch PlayStation's Iconic Controller Evolve i...:

I don't mind ds3 at all after using ds4. I like how the ds4 has longer handles with the grey texture while the black of the controller is similar to ds3 in length. I do miss the raised Start and Select buttons, but they're just trying to have continuity between ds4 and Vita so I forgive that tiny irk. Tekken 3 on an og ps1 controller, good times



charlesnarles commented on You'll Be Seeing the New Metal Gear Online for...:

@DerMeister MGS4's was unbelievable. It played completely differently from COD/BF, more similar to TLOU's online with all the sneaking and CQC. There were great modes like stealth camo deathmatches where you'd only see guns floating around, and a good variety of levels from the story plus new ones. Matchmaking was the best/worst part tho, cause it took forever but was always a challenge to survive. I couldn't be more excited



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I got inspired to play Skyrim (shock, I know) and GTA5 is pretty rad in 1st person. Sometimes. Other times it's impossible. I also realized I hadn't played Pkmn Y for a year so I'm trying to beat that with my crappy team (until they're all over lv.50, then they'll rule)



charlesnarles commented on Wait, There's a New PlayStation 3 Firmware Upd...:

I haven't played ps3 for a week which is a record. I have more games left to play than I have room for so I've been buying ps4 games digitally (same install size, so no boxes etc. doesn't bother me). My old fatty 60 gig will be used for another gen for sure, I'm glad they're supporting it