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Thu 13th Dec 2012

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charlesnarles commented on Soapbox: Why I Don't Think PS4K Is Okay:

I'd buy one if:
1) I happened to somehow acquire a 4K tv (lol)
2) it had full b/c with PS brand discs
3) it could play blurays on repeat (still not a feature!!!)
4) I could somehow save the PT demo on my day-one's 1TB hdd
5) Sony offered a trade-in bundle to reduce costs I don't think I'll be getting one lol



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

Isn't that just PS5? Especially considering 4's first year being saturated with remasters, as well as 3's final years? I bought a new 3ds for the c stick and eye-tracker; unless there's a game-changing aspect they've upgraded/dated that substantially improves the experience, I'd rather not pay another $400+ for a PS4.5



charlesnarles commented on Want Fallout 4's Season Pass? We Suggest Getti...:

I'm all about supporting devs whose content I've thuroughly enjoyed in the past. My money spent on FO4 (let's see, $150 so far) is going towards TES6 if they keep to their formula, so I don't mind one bit. Not to mention getting more DLC for 4 than I'd anticipated.



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4's Season Pass Is About to Get Pricie...:

Bugs are part of the craAaAaziness of the experience. A big 🖕 to every other dev, IMHO, they make games so grand in scope that they can barely run on the standard consoles. Then they fix specific problems, but some stay like the infamous PS3 TES4 GOTY vampire glitch lol. I loved playing knowing that vampirism was incurable, it added a lot. They're not lacking in technical proficiency; it's just inherently glitchy because there is so much off-screen to keep track of at once, even with 8gb of ddr5



charlesnarles commented on Star Wars Games May Have Made Too Much Money i...:

I bought Battlefront. I bought the deluxe edition. I bought the season pass. I bought the strategy guide. I bought the action figure.
It's not a good game, but the selection on PS4 has been far worse so far, not to mention much less iconic. Intentional bubble economy at its finest



charlesnarles commented on Looks Like Star Wars 1313 May Happen After All:

At this point, I'd buy and play any AAA SW game on PS4. BF is what it is, but it really didn't scratch the SP action/adventure itch I've had for years now, like all my favorite LucasArts games as a kid. Give me my Dark Forces reboot, or finish 1313, or make something new I can really sink my teeth into, because now I'd genuinely rather play Force Commander, Jedi Knight 1 or KotOR2 than BF. [chanting] What do we want? Substance! When do we want it? ...Every time!



charlesnarles commented on No, Your PS2 Discs and PS2 Classics Won't Work...:

My PS2's 10 year anniversary of death is coming up fast 😢 while my GF's is in pristine condition. Dust = death, it's not like they just break for no reason. We play SH2-4 often and I don't see a DS4 improving anything. Not to mention they already remastered every "good" PS2 game on PS3 with trophies.



charlesnarles commented on Backlash Fears Have Stopped Dead or Alive Xtre...:

It's called the First Amendment (in the USA, at least). I can decide for myself why not to buy this game, which happens to be that DoA volleyball isn't as fun as Virtua Tennis or Hot Shots Tennis/Golf imho. Tekken Bowling worked so much better, somehow!



charlesnarles commented on Review: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4):

Building stormtrooper armor and weaponry for the 501st made me put this particular game on a pedestal. This was a disastrous error to make. Taking the game solely for what it is, I like it decently enough. But I was really hoping for a much more involved experience.
Stormtroopers see out of their buckets via 3D holodisplays which could have created a tangible difference to the two "teams." Imagine if choosing the Empire meant that in 1st person you'd have an almost claustrophobic, red-tinted, "computer-assisted" display full of Aurebesh characters, with a rebel criminal profiler identifying the names of your targets based on whether you knew their real names (their usernames could be called illegal "aliases"). This would make up for the camo the rebels sport which makes them practically invisible most of the time. Then the rebel team would feel extremely open, colorful and beautiful, instead of the only difference being which weapon each side starts with.



charlesnarles commented on Which December PlayStation Plus Games Do You D...:

Yeah, KZ or a similar AAA launch title would be realistic. $50 for Plus is way more than say BF4 costs now ($30 on Amazon), so they'd not be losing money. I'd also vote for TR if they hadn't already given us the PS3 version. Maybe Watch_Dogs?



charlesnarles commented on Valkyria Chronicles Looks Real Tasty on PS4:

A bright comet streaking across an otherwise darkened sky. Been my WAYPTW response for ever. Pretty please localize VK like you did originally!
@Neolit it's just 780p like most PS3 titles. Excellent-looking game, but magine it without any aliasing.. and with trophies!



charlesnarles commented on Round Up: Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Reviews Fe...:

I love SW. I'm in the 501st. I hated playing this game:
SP AI is in all seriousness the worst I've seen in years, decades maybe. They just stand there.
MP is set up so the rich get richer while the newcomers get creamed. So fun to get killed by T-21Ds and imploding grenades for a few hours straight........ Not.
The Rebels get extremely effective camouflage while the Imperials are always in white......
Everything is the ROTJ version which is plain lazy.
The TK helmet's tears and traps are blue instead of grey.
I got stuck in a rock but was still somehow able to kill the AT-ST in front of me with only an E11. Jump didn't work, so lucky I had a jump pack or I would have had to reset.
1st person is boring (no iron sights at all??) but 3rd is impossible to use with their control setup (ever played MGS4??)
The musical score is a shoddy rendition of the extremely iconic and known-by-heart themes.
The voice acting is jarringly inaccurate in terms of accents etc.
The aircraft turn as opposed to rolling, so there's auto-leveling only sometimes which makes dogfighting impossible.
There's no "take cover" mechanism or even crawling, which are pretty vital to a shooter.
The maps are TINY.
Kill tickets in SP have transformed into coins you must collect for your kills to count. I lost my first try with a better score than when I "won."
That's a total score of unlucky 13 legitimate frowny faces out of 10, which far outweighs any enjoyment I experienced. Pretty... pretty... pretty disappointed.



charlesnarles commented on EA Is Already Talking About Star Wars Battlefr...:

@Utena-mobile kidding or not, I genuinely like the SW HM concept. Or maybe closer to Rune Factory so there could be some iconic weapons and creatures. I'd buy that so fast!

My favorite SW games as a kid were Dark Forces (still outstanding), Rogue Squadron, Jedi Power Battles (still trying to beat), The Gungan Frontier (so underrated), and Force Commander (best of the bunch). As a bigger kid I loved the KotORs, the Battlefronts, and Bounty Hunter. Now I just want something that will evoke a similar fondness after a decade or more passes (too much to ask? Nah).



charlesnarles commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

Waited in line at midnight at a GameStop that is now an ATT store. I remember the night before I went to Target and got AC4, KZSF and BF4 all for $120. I've shown mine nothing but love while it sprouted and could mostly just upgrade last-gen titles, and now my patience is rewarded with it being a strong enough sapling to support MGS5, FO4 and SWBF. I've had zero hardware issues with the system or accessories, only recently finally opting for a second controller (in white only to match my TK armor) to find the quality has slipped a little since launch; the new sticks feel looser and the rubber now has molding tags. As a whole, an extremely worthwhile investment, especially if you already had a Vita. I upgraded to a 1TB hdd and got a 50 ft Ethernet cable and it seems very happy. Be sure to vacuum dust rather than blow it into the console when cleaning them!



charlesnarles commented on What Do You Get in Star Wars Battlefront's Sea...:

No point in complaining about gaming being an expensive hobby. This gen has season passes as optional add-ons. If you can't justify a purchase, then congrats on your frugality (sincerely!). To me, $50 isn't chump change, but also isn't unachievable with a day's work for example, so I'm not going to deny myself lol