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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on The Last of Us Originally Had an Epilogue That...:

I would still love a direct continuation of the game's plot in novel form. Or another game either set during the original or before/after, with a Venn diagram overlap of characters. Or a movie picking up right as [SPOILER] Sarah dies, as in not "20 years later." Or anything to give more context to this alternate reality to which we all reacted so well!



charlesnarles commented on Round Up: The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Review...:

@mitcHELLspawn oh, I'm just still on the fence about the totality of the experience, not the plot/gameplay which I enjoyably endured a few times already on ps3 (being survival horror and all). I meant that the sp had รผber input lagz0r and my mp experience was hindered by my fatty's wifi card from 2006 (even at "28mb/s"DL) and I'm expecting great things from both on ps4. For the record, I've consciously denied myself from playing the sp (or mp really) for about 6 months in anticipation. We always remember experiences through emotional lenses, so I'll try playing it like a classic SH/RE more than an action game like Downpour or Uncharted. We'll see tomorrow!



charlesnarles commented on How Is the PS4 Controller Used in The Last of ...:

@Paranoimia I set mine to dim (for the sake of my poor cat's vision). there's no way I'd notice unless I use a tv by a mirror. Even at night it's bright enough to see, but not enough to see by.
They don't mean there's no on-screen health bar, do they? (I'd play without a HUD i.e. ranger mode)



charlesnarles commented on PS4 Edition of Sniper Elite III Puts a Bullet ...:

@RudysaurusRex I'm surprised too. I could tell the ps4 framerate was high, but that XB tearing is ridonkykongulous. I don't care how slowed down the video is.
@get2sammyb isn't it still proportional if they're both slowed down the same amount, though? Not hating on MS, but I was even disappointed by it's graphics on ps4, so good thing I bought Sony ๐Ÿ˜•



charlesnarles commented on Not Excited for Destiny's PS4 Beta? This Trail...:

@JaxonH oh, I agree whole-heartedly. I just assumed this game in particular was being marketed to the Halo folks, who in my experience are more mature (even if they were teenage) and into the darker undertones of that series. I'm absolutely desensitized after Silent Hill etc., but that shouldn't be held against me :) I get that they want a wider target market but apparently it's alienating me



charlesnarles commented on Not Excited for Destiny's PS4 Beta? This Trail...:

"Rated T for teen" ...........
No offense, but it's gonna turn a lot of folks off to this game to have an literally immature story and characters. Not that you have to swear and show digital boob, but the tone seems so happy-go-lucky to me.
Beta opens on my b-day, tho! Might have to preorder just for that coincidence



charlesnarles commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

I could care less how long I have to wait for Battlefront and MGS5. It's been years already, so one more just gives me time to focus on other areas of my life before I return to hermit status. I'm very happy to wait for some stellar new gaming experiences while continuing to (re)play ps4 ports of some really solid titles coming out in a matter of days (TLOU, D3, etc.)



charlesnarles commented on Weirdness: What Is BioShock Infinite's Logo Do...:

@SimonAdebisi Fox News is nightmarishly reminiscent of other older fear-mongering racist propoganda machines, only their target has shifted from one middle-eastern culture to another. Honestly, the things they report may have once been news, but their bias slant is so huge that they come off as uninterested in reporting the true facts of a matter.



charlesnarles commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

I honestly didn't enjoy Resogun or any ps4 freebies yet. If I'm gonna waste my time, it's gonna be on something more "worthwhile" (read: interesting) than Escape Plan or Contrast. My time is simply more valuable than that, to me at least. Also, plot is important to me, so I'd rather read a book (!) than play an indie if I'm trying to relax and escape, which is the whole trip; indie games are less fun than a huge RPG. Sorry :)



charlesnarles commented on PS4's First Gran Turismo Game Will Be Stuck at...:

@Ginkgo oh, GT6 is much better than 5 in terms of handing. 6 is perfectly designed for ps3: steady framerate and responsive controls. I always say that 5 renders cars and calculates drafting/drifting, where 6 renders cars with big invisible rectangles of "air" to legitimately recreate aerodynamics which realistically affects the cars' handling etc. If 5 was FO3, then 6 is New Vegas. I still play 6 a lot, all I miss from 5 is B-spec mode!
I'd absolutely LOVE to see a detailed interior for my favorite car: '98 AUDI S4



charlesnarles commented on Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That N...:

As Silly Westerners, our concepts of beauty/shame/privacy/etc. override what else the game offers. Lots of cultures don't employ the concept of "personal space" that we're all used to receiving (Idk if you'd be able to play/watch anything on a Japanese train without folks next to you watching). We all just have to be wary of any ethnocentrism when it comes to creepy video games. As a democrat, though, the sexism argument, to me, falls flat because of course men and women were never treated equally by any culture, and still aren't. Humanity is still "sexist" today due to our understanding of bio/psychology, and not only toward women. I think the game is trying to show how easily some exaggeration of mere physical features can change our interpretation of other unrelated aspects.