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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams Apparently Thin...:

No video? ...OH, I remember this. Even for 2009, I would not call this one "the best." All you do is climb yellow bars in ND games! Certainly gets beaten by any MGS intro IMO. Heck, I was blown away by GT6's intro. As for interactive intros, I liked Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Some of my all time fav intros are to Dark Forces and Rebel Assault II because they set up the games perfectly WITHOUT ANY GIMMICKS like the character having no inner ear and not realizing which way Gravity is pulling on his body! What is that about?
This is more bad news regarding Star Wars 7... J.J. The Jetplane has the exact wrong aesthetic preferences for this project 😐 The force does not flow through him



charlesnarles commented on Kiefer Sutherland 'Knocked It Out of the Park'...:

...I could deal with no Hayter.
But now it's freaking Baker instead of Patric Zimmerman OR Josh Keaton? 😀
Boo. Boo to this. How can......? Boo.
Not trying to troll, but damn if every voice in MGS isn't super iconic! It's like that dumb old video with the super-deep voiced Pikachu, IMO. Not to mention the fact that I generally don't care for Baker's brand of acting, and so cannot trust his opinion regarding Southerland's performance. Boo.



charlesnarles commented on Imagine Buying and Dumping a New PS4 Every Tim...:

I wouldn't do that just to avoid entering my sign in info every trip... I guess they don't care about their digital trophy counts if they earn real ones. You know the PS4s go straight home with the help, I can't imagine the hotel owners needing/wanting their kids' consoles to be "second-hand"

Sony needs to walk on the tips of her carbon toes instead of stomping around China and the Internet with her huge carbon feet. They have a 35 year plan (LOL) to reduce their footprint, but apparently digital distribution is environmentally worse than discs now that file sizes are so big. So all their streaming services are really not helping reduce anything, are they? πŸ˜•



charlesnarles commented on PS4 Players Are Demanding a Better PSN:

Mine works fine. I get close to my ISP's DL speed and up isn't bad either. Stable for mp too. I bet people complaining are using wifi instead of EthernetπŸ˜‰
I'd love a more contemporary search method, but that's all I can think of



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Bethesda Says Graphics Were Sacrifice...:

@banacheck "new" engine as in another half upgrade from TES4 to Fallout 3 to NV to TES5... PS3 was a poor platform regardless of dev.
"Pretty" games like ME, TLOU, FC, BF, even GTA have substantially smaller save files than BethSoft titles. Says it all. 256mb memory running 2gb saves could never be effective, especially considering PS3's game disc and hard drive disc read speed restrictions.
I'm playing Skyrim on PC right now and it's perfect. Not an exception to AAA titles sporting top-not graphics in any sense, you'd just probably need around 8gb of like DDR5 or something crazy like that to play one of their games comfortably with AAA graphics. πŸ˜‰



charlesnarles commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

After "upgrading" my YLOD original fatty PS3 to a super slim directly thru Sony for $90 mere months before the price halved (wasted $100 while losing my PS2 hardware!), I was hoping for finally getting PS2 titles w/out streaming on Vita. Now it's a ghost town, a derelict fraction of it's obvious potential. 😭
Nintendo thrust a long sword thru Vita's heart by keeping Monster Hunter from it. Could have been saved by some direct sequels and/or exclusives (my only real expectation!). I still love Hot Shots Golf and Virtua Tennis (got both very early on), but I'm still appalled with SH:BoM being the sole entry in that franchise. Not to mention the complete omission of a Gran Turismo, Ace Combat, etc. etc. ...
Please, at the very least, as your very last Vita supporting move, give us the Fallout Shelter app for Vita! (PvZ worked fine)



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Bethesda Says Graphics Were Sacrifice...:

@StaffyDog I'm not sure, but I took it as meaning that they had already lowered the polygon count in favor of frame-rate and stability, not that the video shows better graphics than will ship with the game. The dog fur for example didn't have a million hairs (like Sully from Monsters, Inc.) but looked kinda "jelled-back" and spiky



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Bethesda Says Graphics Were Sacrifice...:

@banacheck what's your favorite game, then, COD? Uncharted?
Who has the best in-house dev, then, Ubi? EA?

No, Bethesda worked hard on getting a long-established PC series' engine to run on a crappy 256mb machine designed in like 2002 (remember the PS3 launch titles?). 8 years later, I was very glad to wait a bit to get the Skyrim DLC for half price, that way I didn't have to buy Legendary edition on PS3 (stellar on a fast PC). Not fanboy-ism either, I genuinely respect their artwork as a production studio and that's why they've earned so much of my money over the years. Just sayin!😎



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V's Incredible 40 Mi...:

@Knuckles I noticed the metal piece, but didn't make the connection, thanks bud

Wow, so he's legitimately out of his mind.. I keep forgetting how cerebral the character development is with Hideo. Obviously his ego and body get hurt in the attack, but the effects of brain trauma are subjective and unpredictable, especially for one under as much stress as Boss. I wonder what/who else he's totally forgotten😭 So sad! I love that the mysterious bad guy from MGS1's booklet is starting down his terrible path, yet we understand his POV and forgive him for not knowing any better, like a child. Only Kojima.



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V's Incredible 40 Mi...:

Wait... Why did Big Boss forget how to speak Russian?
Sokolove: "Your Russian is superb... Where did you learn to speak it?"
Naked Snake[Big Boss]: "From my mentor."
Every time he interacts with a Russian character they're both supposed to be speaking in Russian. Oversight? Not what gives?



charlesnarles commented on E3 2015: Bethesda Says Graphics Were Sacrifice...:

Another BethSoft fan glad to hear they went for stability. So much invisible math happening behind the scenes (physics, dice rolls, moved items, etc.) taking up all the resources other devs usually apply to graphical fidelity. People break their TES/FO save files by having too many active (unfinished) quests; just focus on completing as many as possible before finding more, and your frame rate will thank youπŸ˜‰. I'm stoked for the better lighting engine, it'll make a big difference. I trust my PS4 to run it well. (I got a Pip-Boy Edition!) πŸ˜†



charlesnarles commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

Sony: "who needs bc when we remake every game in HD or let you buy another license to stream?"
Me: SILENT HILL! We will never forget what you did to SH2 (ntm omitting 4!). THATS why we need old discs to run. We understand its 5-20 year old software, but it's YOUR PROPRIETARY coding. Maybe it's all CELL's fault, but that was your decision too. 😐 Get with the emulation conflagration if you'll acknowledge the high volume of bc-related requests. Or if you're sticking with Now, then every title (at least regionally) needs to be available for purchase in the regular store first. Work cut out.



charlesnarles commented on Round Up: What Did Sony Announce During Its E3...:

Is it okay to like Bethesda's more than Sony's? FF7 remake is amazing, but I never beat the PS1 FFs (buying the guides to rectify this!) so it's not the same as others' reactions. Uncharted, Batman, etc don't hold a candle to a pseudo-literal a-bomb like FO4 imhoπŸ˜‰



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4 Would 'Never Work' on the PS3, Says ...:

@KALofKRYPTON I'd love if it were the same engine! PS3 hardware being ridiculous has nothing to do with the FO3 engine being poor. Ever play it or NV on a good PC?

No game/system is bad for being old, so no need to have a last-gen version of 4 when there are already 3 and NV. Play those. On a good PC tho πŸ˜‰



charlesnarles commented on Retrospective: Returning to the Wastelands of ...:

3 has no post-game!😠 I was surprised to have to start a new game, which isn't the worst thing ever but I expected to actually see the wasteland turn a little greener...
I loved NV immediately. No complaints whatsoever.
Idk if the shooting is as poor as people think; it's way pickier than most FPS games in terms of hits/misses cause there's a series of dice rolls for every single bullet depending on 100 different things. There's an RPG underneath, so think of it as analogous to BioWare's animation style and the reasons for it. I think it's an amazing utilization of the engine and can't wait for 4



charlesnarles commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is a Legacy Platform:

I guess I'm the proud owner of a genuine Legacy Edition Vita. Who knew?
What an in-between-er of a system. I loved the first couple months, but then MH3P never came so I bought a 3DS. So I took Vita for what it was, but then MH4 never came. So I bought a New3DS. At least there's still MGS3hd oh wait it's so much better on 3DS!
There has to be one game that's a system seller! Think hard you guys! It's late (it's late, it's late), but not too late



charlesnarles commented on Rockstar Games Is Suing the BBC Over a TV Dram...:

I'd love to read the entire complaint/answer. Sounds like BBC didn't believe they were serious? We're as litigious as you get here in CA, gotta trust us about that.
They're protecting their rights. If you don't sue for infringement then you lose your right to later. Hands were tied



charlesnarles commented on So, Looks Like Sony's Already Working on the PS5:

I have a good PC and a ps4 for very different reasons. There are distinct and obvious advantages and disadvantages to each, so I prefer certain games/functions on one over the other. I have multi-format copies of several games. Room for all (if you can afford that sort of crap).
PS4 hasn't even received all the initial updates activating all the hardware features, like the Fallout NV Securitrons (fwahaha!)



charlesnarles commented on Guillermo del Toro Says Silent Hills on PS4 Wo...:

I'm not convinced that the PT incarnation of SH is in the trash just yet. It had too strong of a positive reaction from fans, IMHO. Silent Hill 5 will be on ps4, we just have to wait for the stars to align. And now Kojima and del Toro can focus on mgs5 and new ideas respectively.



charlesnarles commented on First Impressions: How Brutal Is The Elder Sc...:

I thought I had signed up for the ps4 beta... Guess not. Sounds like it's worth the one-time purchase to me. I'm more interested in learning the ancient lore than fighting baddies, I wonder how many books and things like that will end up in it



charlesnarles commented on Metal Gear Online Has a Decent Player Count, S...:

Ahh not the cardboard box glitch! I still have rage-quit flashbacks.
8 on a team is more than enough, especially when they're working together to all shoot the same guy lol. 8 is also makes for a very boast-able (recordable!) ace.
Oh I can't wait for MGO to come back to us! I remember '09 like it was yesterday...



charlesnarles commented on Metro Redux Shows a Thirst for the Apocalypse ...:

Yeah, I got it digital day one on PS4 because I liked the first game on PS3 after getting it free from Plus. I'm horrible at it, but it's really interesting and fun. I'd love a fancy hardcover strategy guide for both games (Please? Reward for us all buying it?)