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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on Konami: Metal Gear Solid Can Continue without ...:

Should have used Silent Hill as an example. There, the setting is the/a main character, so it worked when Team Silent was less (and then completely not) involved. Tones were all over the place, but 4, Homecoming and Downpour were good entries.
MGS however is about Solid Snake and everything about how he came to exist. You'd literally have to know every single detail by heart and spend years analyzing how relationships could [have] evolve[d] in order to make something that even makes any sense. From there, you can start writing a new story that must blow socks off a fanbase wishing for the moon but expecting garbage.



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4's Original Soundtrack Should Be Fant...:

Music can make or break a game and Beth haven't made any errors IMO. The contextual SFX are great, while the iconic soundtracks are beautiful in any setting. I'm saving my sensory organs for day one but his compositions are top-notch so far



charlesnarles commented on Bethesda Promises Free Content Updates and Con...:

lol ditto on the sentiment that Bethesda content is worth pre-ordering, since the wait and value are usually reasonable. Finally, a season pass I can feel good about buying. They're saving this whole year, imho (along with MGS5 and Battlefront)



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: What Is a Video Game?:

I'd reluctantly group video games, puzzles and novels together as equally valuable/stimulating, but in different ways.
VGs show us a specific vision distinct from our subconscious, like someone else's dream. Very ethereal.
Novels inherently rely on our imaginations to call upon our subconscious for content, making reading one a highly subjective experience, like a dream of our own. Also ethereal.
Puzzles are pure conflict/resolution, but without any real context for application, like the part of a dream "outside your knowledge." Very zen, and qually ethereal.
Then you snap back to reality and it's like you've been on Mars.
My favorite thing is a video game with books and puzzles in it, like The Elder Scrolls and Silent Hill.



charlesnarles commented on Gran Turismo 6 Sales Linger at the Back of the...:

Leave my 1998 AUDI S4 alone! Who cares if it's SD, it's the freaking PS2 model. But my point is every car still has unique handling etc which makes the PS2 cars just as viable as any other. Yes I love the pretty interiors, but I usually race 3rd person so that's moot to me. I'm sure 7 will be everything we expect, but 6 is one K.A. game. 2 mil is an injustice.



charlesnarles commented on Round Up: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain...:

I expect(ed?) the radio dialogue to be extensive based on how much of GZ I spent listening to Paz etc. while sneaking around. But the radio in PW wasn't a separate screen, and 4 might as well not have had a radio at all. Codec calls and long cut-scenes are my favorite part of MGS, so it'd be a real pity to underutilize them in 5 just to give a few more lines of code to dusty wind or lens flare. Big Boss has never been Solid Snake so I can stomach the voice change (see MGS4 finale) especially considering they did simultaneous facial motion capture on Kiefer. This is the crazy "betrayed wolf" Big Boss too, not Naked Snake from 3 anymore. Way less confounding than Liquid Ocelot if you ask me



charlesnarles commented on Feature: Meet the Man with 40,000 PlayStation ...:

Still 0, count them, 0 platinum trophies. I swear I should have the MGS4 plat cause I did literally everything in that game before it had trophies.
I'm genuinely proud of myself for still having about half of the BethSoft trophies to go. I love that I played Fallout 3 a lot (for me) and still get to go back after playing 4 some and experience new things. Not utterly superfluous and obsolete like annuals. I'm never playing AC3 again for example lol no matter how many trophies I missed



charlesnarles commented on PS Vita Prototype Looked a Lot Like the PSPgo:

I've never played a game that felt designed for Vita, either ergonomically or graphically. MGS3HD was almost playable, but idk why they didn't make games that felt at home on that machine. MHFU and Peace Walker felt better on Vita than KZ or even LBP, imho. Memory is always expensive, so just wait and problem solved. It wasn't PSP2 like we wanted, so hurry up and just make the Vita 2 with full L/R 1, 2 and 3s, with better resolution and the aforementioned hdmi out and sd memory. We've proven that we'll at least try it.



charlesnarles commented on The Force Is with This Limited Edition Star Wa...:

I pour over SW props kind of a lot, and I fail to see how this exemplifies Vader's aesthetic. It's not like his armor, and it's not like (any of) his sabers. It's not like his vehicles or bases, and it's not a representation of his character arch. Idk what this is lol. They didn't even make the console's light bar into a lightsaber which could change color from blue to.. red. ๐Ÿ˜
Does Circle light up? Do all the face buttons blink multiple colors?
I agree, I would have gone crazy for a Stormtrooper edition. Wink hint nudge



charlesnarles commented on You Won't Be Able to Take Metal Gear Solid V O...:

Do not say such things, @JesWood13! Say not so! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

I think I genuinely liked 4's MGO better than any other interactive gaming experience I've ever had. More than GoldenEye64, CS, MarioKart, any game co-op, and even StarCraft over dial-up. I cried when they patched MGS4 (you mean I have to 100% this game YET AGAIN??) and can only just barely wait for 5's now lol



charlesnarles commented on Soapbox: Why I Love Strategy Guides:

I started collecting them relatively recently, after getting the Skyrim legendary hardcover and loving every page. Then came other BethSoft games and now I'm trying to get one for all my favorite titles from over the years, which is only getting tougher. I had fun slowly finding every Silent Hill title's guides in pretty good conditions. I've bought a few artbooks too, if said art warrants (Valkyria Chronicles' is astounding). Right now my library is in stacks, but my future house's man cave will have bookcases full of them next to their game cases.
Here's one of many stacks ๐Ÿ˜…:



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4 Will Take You Over 400 Hours to Full...:

I've put 100+ hours into multiple save files in TES4&5 and FO3&NV, only to get a YLOD etc. and have to start all over! So I'm still around halfway thru their trophies and DLC in particular, without ever intentionally hunting for them, which kinda ruins the role-playing aspect imho. Still trying to reach lv50 with 3 characters.๐Ÿ˜Ž
400 hours to not even see everything per playthu sounds like ANOTHER fantastic epic able to be replayed for decades. I'm pre-ordering every scrap of merch I can find for this one! To quote Michael Scott, " 'I's gonna be meh'aw!' ...'it's going to be mental.' "



charlesnarles commented on Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Collector's Edition Has Be...:

@mitcHELLspawn BUT TROPHIES๐Ÿ˜ฑ lol. I went PS4 because I need to use my fancy console for something other than video streaming. I actually do like to get BethSoft trophies, somehow I find myself caring. And I will be streaming my gameplay after all (or at least saving it) cause that'll be hilarious. A new breed of let's plays.
OT: hell yes I watched E3 and ordered one asap, same with QuakeCon and the Anthology. ๐ŸŽถYa gotta be bad, ya gotta be bold, ya gotta be wiser..๐ŸŽถ



charlesnarles commented on This Licensed PS4 Controller Is for the PC Mas...:

I've only had to replace thermal paste on a PS3 fatty, never any PCs which speaks for itself. But a mouse and (half? quarter?) keyboard does not a PC make. Does it include a Task Manager, graphics options, etc.? Does it let you upgrade your hardware or firm/software at your discretion? Does it let you downgrade if an update sucks? Does it work for PC?