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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on Dragon Age: Inquisition Marches Ahead as BioWa...:

@sonicmeerkat I like that it retained what others have noted as that unmistakable BioWare awkwardness that originally stemmed from KotOR's use of D&D's d-20 system for battle, meaning that the animations were merely representations in which clipping errors were common and still represented a hit if your saber didn't necessarily reach it's target. The DA series has less representative graphics, where ME is "literal" because the animation missing is always a miss (duh it's a "shooter" right?πŸ˜‹). My point is that it's not because they took the multiplayer out of an mmo, that's all.



charlesnarles commented on Dragon Age: Inquisition Marches Ahead as BioWa...:

Only 30 hours in, but I like it a lot. Fun to replay Origins along with it especially with the excellent guides for both (why is DA2 so expensive?) I guess we like the most recent entry of every franchise cause they're usually the prettiest.



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

I SOAKED UP EVERY... but seriously, no I do not fast travel in TES/Fallout games! Speaking of which, TES:Arena was giant and Daggerfall was bigger and completely randomly generated. Morrowind was smaller with tons more to do, oblivion was big and a good mix, and Skyrim is the same size but with more topography and "filler" for lack of a better term. That being said, who didn't love Shadow Moses or The Big Shell? Small can be great, but gimme dat Black Sabbath while I explore mountaintops, too.



charlesnarles commented on Can You Relate to Any of These PlayStation Mem...:

@Baron_Von_Aaron HEEERE'S TO YOOOOU always gets stuck in my head now lol, and I have the MGS1 soundtrack on my phone so I always tear up when that end song plays ("The Best Is Yet To Come").

My first system was the GT3 PS2 bundle. Got it in the morning and played it all night! That first race blew my ayuss off. And the MGS2 demo at Target always stuck with me. Lots of ps1 memories at friends' houses tho! I walked in on the hang-off-the-side-of-a-blimp-or-something part of FF8 and wanted one so badly...



charlesnarles commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

After my second YLOD fiasco, I finally got a big brown box in the mail today with my brand new PS3 super slim and hopefully my copy of Skyrim Legendary Edition that I sent to Sony in it too. And that'll be my life for the next thousand hours.



charlesnarles commented on Ubisoft Developer Reckons Watch Dogs Has "a Lo...:

They push it back for months and then say they could have done even more? Did the world really need WD the way it is or could we have waited even longer for them to make a game they liked?... I think they shoulda waited. I didn't get an AC vibe at all, even if they did call his moves "parkour"



charlesnarles commented on You Can Almost Taste the Testosterone in These...:

Nice article title... I didn't get that he was supposed to be a pretty boy, and I've played them all. Maybe that's why I dislike him as a protag a la Second Son. Glad the series exists to push graphical benchmarks, tho. I always felt like TLOU used the same or similar engine as 3, so bring on a sequel that looks like this.



charlesnarles commented on Feature: Why the PS4 Is Selling So Extraordina...:

Stop teasing me with GT allusions! My 60 gb got YLOD #2 and it'll be weeks before I can play any of them! ($90 for a new 250 gb super slim isn't a bad trade-in, considering my 80gb still works although it's not at home right now)...
PS as a brand will survive and be what people in the future call every console, like Coke and Kleenex. I always think of that "PS9" commercial from 2001 or whenever it was, and feel better about what the world's future has to hold.



charlesnarles commented on Nyko's Nifty PS4 Data Bank Will Solve Your Sto...:

Turns out my ps4 originally wasn't showing my used space accurately, but I upgraded to 1T (and put the 500gb in my ps3), and it's less than half full with all my content downloaded. I predict needing this after fallout and TES come to ps4😁



charlesnarles commented on The PS4 Has Surpassed a Staggering 18.5 Millio...:

@ToddlerNaruto but some of that 10 mil don't have ps4s yet. Could even be some folks with just a PSP and a Plus sub, technically.
Lots of hate for ps4, lol. Kind of an unsubstantiated argument, but nobody says you have to like PlayStation. However, every smart person I know happens to like PS. πŸ˜™



charlesnarles commented on Feature: 10 PS4 Firmware Update Features That ...:

@WARDIE my DS4 charges fine regardless of being on or in rest mode. It's that I used to be able to set it in rest, then plug in a DS3 and have it charge. Now it won't charge DS3s unless I turn my PS4 on and to rest again with them plugged in. Just annoying that it used to work fine 😐