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Thu 13th December, 2012

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charlesnarles commented on You May Get a Discount on The Last of Us PS4 i...:

I'd only 100% wanna buy it again if it's discounted. I went digital too, so please of course offer the same upgrade promo as ps4's launch titles. They could restrict the price reduction to any Season Pass holder to sell passes and also get around the disc owner upgrade problem. I'd love to pay under $40 for Remastered after shelling out $80 already.



charlesnarles commented on You'll Never Earn The Last of Us' Latest Singl...:

Well I can't imagine how it could get harder, so I (you?) must (not?) be playing it right, @kupo ! Listen mode always felt like cheating, but Survivor is impossible to me cause of the instant death factor. It's like Silver Surfer: "Go too fast, ya die. Go too slow, ya die. Touch the ceiling, ya die. Touch the floor, ya die. Ya die, ya die, ya die, ya die, ya die." I also find myself quoting Trainspotting, yelling out "One hit! One ****ing hit!" when a clicker eats my face off :)



charlesnarles commented on Whoa, Sony Is Selling All of Its 9,520,000 Sha...:

SE could have wanted it's stocks back for tons of reasons. It's weird to sell nigh a billion shares overnight, but that's capitalism, baby. I'd get rid of my SE stock too, it's been steadily tanking since a spike in Jan, but rose slightly after the sale



charlesnarles commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

@moomoo idk, you have a point but the jump from 720 to 1080 is 50% better, where 1080 to 4K is 200% better. If they're designed to be watched from 6ft+ away, then 4k's pixels will be absolutely imperceptible. My 1080p LCD has C-shaped pixels to help our eyes see a blur as opposed to a square at closer ranges. I'm sure they'll have tons of amazing tricks to make it worthwhile



charlesnarles commented on Drinkbox: People Don't Understand the Purchasi...:

I "waste" lots of money on Vita games that end up being free through Plus, which is obnoxious, but I'm all for supporting the artists. The Vita store's design makes it almost too easy to spend money; it's an instant gratification device you take with you everywhere. If we get some solid sequels to PSP blockbusters, then I'll be in heaven. (Remember the rumors of Oblivion Vita ports? Lawl)



charlesnarles commented on Uncharted PS4 Star Todd Stashwick Teams Up wit...:

So it'll look/play like U, and not so much TLOU/DS, I assume. A SW survival horror would be cool for kids (like how the Galaxy of Fear books were essentially SW Goosebumps) but the evil in SW is much more real and sinister in that it's all somebody's manipulative plan as opposed to a mindless alien/zombie attack. I hope it's more like Rebel Assault or Dark Forces than Uncharted, that's all. P.S. Please reboot RA and DF!!!!!!



charlesnarles commented on Trials Fusion Runs at a Higher Resolution on P...:

@KALofKRYPTON "cloud computing" has been around for a bit, but it's crazy to think it'll ever be reliable enough to supplement hardware throughput. Cloud servers are good because they have different jobs at day and night. But this inevitably means that players in different time zones will be competing for the same "resources." I think MS likes to b.s.



charlesnarles commented on Here's How Kojima Made Metal Gear Solid V: Gro...:

@Big-Boss I almost forgot about that! Hopefully no cardboard box trick this time... I wish it'd be stand-alone like they had in Japan for MGS4's so that matchmaking wouldn't take so darn long. Some of the best avatars I've seen were on MGO, from "Gimme Dat Blood" to "Bernie Mac" :)



charlesnarles commented on PS4 Will Help Dial The Last of Us Remastered's...:

Clipping needs to be overhauled, I think. Maybe now Joel's hands can actually touch the walls etc. that he hides behind. I was also getting annoyed by Bill coming over and hiding in the same exact spot as me, like a weird mirror image, tho, not normally like with Ellie/Tess.



charlesnarles commented on Watch Dogs' Futuristic Tech Won't Extend to a ...:

"We hope that you like getting stuck on the wrong surfaces." Heh, dafuq is wrong with those games? My hdd is full of captures of me getting stuck in ridiculous loops of running up walls, dropping down, and running up the same exact spot over and over. I also keep getting stuck for tens of seconds hanging off ledges before he decides to climb up. I'm scared now.
@rjejr jump is always Square in GTAs. It's necessary in order to do flips off skyscrapers



charlesnarles commented on Can You Believe That Sony Still Makes PlayStat...:

One of the first episodes of The Office (US) shows a PSP on Jim's desk, I noticed after watching it for the hundredth time. I really wish we could get an enhanced MG Ac!d collection for Vita. Maybe even PO which is real hard to control on PSP.



charlesnarles commented on Assassin's Creed: Unity Is the One PS4 Title T...:

To answer the question, AC games have fun/interesting features, but after (let's see; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, now 8 and) 9 titles without any substantial improvements (many are worse) I don't really wanna buy or play another one. I've been advocating an end/break since III came out