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Videogame loving, homeschooled teenager. I'm a big anime fan, my favorite animes are Vampire Knight and Death Note. My favorite games are Uncharted (main favorite), Batman: Arkham, and inFamous. I'm also a redhead and if you think I don't have a soul I will fix the problem by stealing yours.

Sat 17th November, 2012

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Jaz007 commented on PS4 Indie Road Not Taken Follows a Free Path i...:

For a moment when I saw Spry Fox, I thought I was about to get a notalgia trip with Spy Fox lol.
Sweet. This is a good line-up. Not a fan of half of the PS3/Vita line-up, but good overall. I'm liking getting indies on PS4 (and PS3), I've had the best experiments with Plus regarding indies, only retail title I've really played is Gravity Rush. What are they gonna give retail wise anyway? Only ones I'd like I can think of are Knack and The Amzing Spider-Man 2. This article also have lack of mentioning about how Fez is supposed to be CHARMIIINNGGG. :P



Jaz007 commented on Naughty Dog: An Uncharted Collection Would Be ...:

I would love to see this. I just started replaying the first uncharted today and it's still a good game. Imagine if they updated the mechenics too, that would be pretty sweet. I would like to see it sooner that later though.



Jaz007 commented on Yes, Dark Souls II Is Getting DLC, and Yes, Yo...:

Interesting. I still haven't played the main game yet. It doesn't help that there is a new rumor that it will come to PS4 though. I think it's really just a matter of it being time to buy another game after I play the backlog a bit. I really can only wait so long for improbable DS2 rumors to come about. I'll probably get the DLC at some point too though.



Jaz007 commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

I wonder if the middle ground could come back if they made the games with a budget in mind, and priced at $40. From what I know, it worked for Sly Cooper, so why not try it out with other games? I think pricing at a lower point could help. I would like to see the return of Dark Voids, and perhaps even a sequel to it as I quite liked the first one.



Jaz007 commented on Sony: There Are 'Many, Many' First-Party PS Vi...:

@JaxonH If it sells Vitas, that means a larger userbase. A larger user base means more people to buy games on the Vita. More people like that means more support. More support means more games that satisfy our gamer needs. It indirectly helps satisfy our needs.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: Should More Games Emulate PS4 E...:

I've taken way too many pictures on inFamous, it's just so pretty, espcially at night. I've got some nice pictures from that game, and some if the stuff people have done with it is amazing. I would love to see this in more games, espcially Uncharted 4. Not only does it allow for good pictures, sometimes it just lets you soak in the graphical beauty of the scene.



Jaz007 commented on Review: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (...:

@RaymanFan2 Yeah, I haven't read any reviews yet, but I have no idea why the game is being panned by critics, it's a pretty good game. I think it's better than this, but if I were to try and look at the game negatively as possible, I could give it a 6/10 (Think game informer score guide) at the worst. The reaction this game is getting is genuinely surprising me, I can't see anything in the game that would make a 3/10. I'll admit I've only gotten few hours into, but usually a game has problems surface before your 3 1/2- 4 hours in if a 3/10.



Jaz007 commented on Rainbow Six Siege Aiming For Gender Equality W...:

Oh my gosh, can we stop already. Why are we trying to find problems where there are none. They show a woman in the demo so they think there won't any male hostages. Of course they're will be, it doesn't take much to figure the entire game will.



Jaz007 commented on Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That N...:

The thing is, as you pointed out. It still objectifys You can try to parody, but you still objectify. They can try justify all they want, but they make something which they still enjoy from a sexual standpoint, which throws away all the parody justification. There is also a point of just where you're laughing at something, but still objectifying all the same, just with sense img humor.



Jaz007 commented on You'll Play as This Trendy Man in PS4 Shooter ...:

interesting, I don't really have an interest in the series, so I actually though that Vaas was the protagonist of FC3 for long time until I read something about the guy on the cover art being antagonist and not the protagonist lol.



Jaz007 commented on July's PlayStation Plus PS4 Freebies May inclu...:

Sweet, I liked the Strider demo. This is a great line-up for PS4 if you ask me.
@Tasuki No, if you've bought it you don't get your money back. Once you buy a game that's it. On the bright side though, you can still it play it if your not subscribed to Plus.



Jaz007 commented on Video: What Were the Five Best PS4 Games at E3...:

My most anticipated game in Uncharted 4. No Man's Sky looks interesting, but unless I can ban everyone that's not a my friend list (which sadly has no one with a PS4, and I have no idea when any of my friends will get one, the crazy people), I probably won't be getting it.
And fantastic video, we need more of these, why are they so rare? They're hilarious.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

@jjmesa16 They announced Mario Party 8 and Devil's Third (well, this one we IGN). They also announced a new 3DS IP called Steam. They announced a bunch of 3DS third-party games too. All of which, should have been in the direct where it would look more impressive and when people are in hype mode.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

I'm surprised no one has said this, but I think Ninrendo completely botched presentation and pacing. Their digital direct was their stage show equivalent, and they were doing okay in that. I think where they really messed up, is announcing all the games for 3DS and Wii U in the treehouse. That was an after show, and shoulnt have had so many. Nintendo could have had a lot more thunder and hype by announcing all the rest of the first-party and third-party games for both systems (mostly 3Ds here) at the direct. They lacked impact and felt less important because Nintendo practically swept them under the rug.



Jaz007 commented on E3 2014: Suda 51's New PS4 Exclusive Let It Di...:

@LDXD Yeah on parents being more responsible, whenever some controversy about some kid being influenced by a game happens, people sue and bash the people who made them, but no one says anything about the parents who let their child play game, when it's really them who are at fault, espcially when it's blatantly obvious about what it is. Let's see now, it's called Manhunt, the cover has a serial killer on it that looks horrific, and it's rated M. What could possibly be suspicious about it and wrong with my child playing it.