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Videogame loving, homeschooled teenager. I'm an anime fan, my favorite animes are Vampire Knight, FMA:B, and Death Note. My favorite games are Uncharted (main favorite), Batman: Arkham , and inFamous. I'm also a redhead and if you think I don't have a soul I will fix the problem by stealing yours.

Sat 17th November, 2012

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Jaz007 commented on Poll: What Will You Be Spending Your 10 Per Ce...:

I'm not even gonna think about a game since I have too much to play already. I will, however, be getting the Destiny expansion pass. I might also get some Atelier: Escha and Logy DLC too. I'm not sure about it though.



Jaz007 commented on How Does Toukiden: Kiwami on PS4 Look Compared...:

I like the details of the PS4 version, but the faces. The Vita faces look right, but the PS4 faces need more detail. The look they're just up-ressed and nothing else. Espcially the first one. They just need a little more work and they'll be better, instead of weird.



Jaz007 commented on Apologetic PlayStation Plus Extensions Being R...:

That's good. And speaking this stopping, did you hear they finally caught they guy. He's being charged with more than DDOS attacks too. He's also been charged with "swatting" I believe. It's giving the police false information that caues them to have an armed response. He's 18 too. Just in time to charged as an adult. :D



Jaz007 commented on Everyone's Entitled to 10 Per Cent Off the Pla...:

I've been waiting for this to get the Destiny Expansion pass. I might pick up another game if one so convinces me to, and maybe another piece of DLC for another game. I wish it was 20% off though. It's not good enough of a "sorry" program as is.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'll be playing Atelier: Esha and Logy and Destiny. I'm hooked on both of them. Atelier will probably take more of my time though. Today it took all of it, and now it's posed to take most of it again tomorrow. It's just addictive. I'm playing as Logy, and I just finished my second assignment. Anyone else a fan of Escha and Logy round here?
@XFsWorld If I may ask, what did you get if for on sale? I'm just curious since it's already dirt cheap used. You're in for a treat though. It's a truely great game. Make sure you pick 3 after you play it. It's even better.



Jaz007 commented on Poll: Is It Now Time for Sony to Consider a $3...:

@Gamer83 Agreed, I think at most they should expand the bundle to maybe include inFamous, and Knack and Killzone (I assume they don't sell that much anymore), or at least do the later. I'm sure seeing three games will look impressive enough to sway some consumers to get the PS4.



Jaz007 commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation TV - Turn Off:

Dang, this is sad. Not being able to do Netflix or play Uncharted: GA with a DS4. That's pathetic, truely pathetic. Since Vita was already getting so many great games that'll be compatable and AAA, why would someone ever want to acess previous AAA games like U:GA? I'm not getting this. I already have a Vita, and this would be a dissapointing gift. I mean, not even the PS4 streaming works very well. Who let this thing out of the door? When something goes gold, it shouldn't be bronze at best.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Destiny and Atlier: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky-Escha and Logy for me. The latter of which I just started today am quite liking it. I plan to keep playing both of these games too, so it'll be interesting to see how that pans out as the one thing they both have in common is that they're very time consuming.



Jaz007 commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Remember though, the people who visit the blog aren't going to be your average consumer. They're going to be more of a hardcore gamer. I think about 400,000 voted in the poll. I doubt most of the people are like the ones you mentioned who are casual and just play Destiny and Fifa.



Jaz007 commented on Shaheen Shows Off His Glorious Shoes in Tekken...:

Sweet character design. I don't really understand the Lucky Chloe controversy. I think she could have a little bit more clothes on, but she's definitally better than what a number of Tekken games already do with females. Much better.



Jaz007 commented on Limbo Will Play Dead on PS4 Very Soon:

I hope this is cross-buy with PS3. I got this a long time ago on PS3, but never actually played it. This would give a good reason to finally get around to it.



Jaz007 commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

Second Son all the way for me. Fantastic game.
I'm also gonna give out a few trophies.

Platinum: inFamous: Second Son - A great open-wolrd game that did not is dissapoint. Almost everything about it was great.

Gold: Destiny -I got this at Christmas and I've been addicted ever since. The gunplay is extremely satisfying and the multiplayer is great. Has a few problems, but the good definitally outshines the bad.

Silver: Samurai Warriors 4 -A great warriors game. I've played this one a lot. It really benefits from the PS4's power. Very little pop-in, and very polished mechanics and gameplay. The conversations in Chronilces mode are also great.



Jaz007 commented on Game of the Year: Gold Trophy - inFAMOUS: Seco...:

Great game. Definitally worthy of it's spot, if not the platinum trophy. The game feels wonderful to control. I've spent countless hours running around the city because of it. Definitally my GOTY. It has amazon graphics, the side-missions were all fun. The story was great and almost made me cry, the set-pieces were great when they happened, and the paper trail was very creative and well-done, even if the ending was dissapointing and anti-climatic. It does have a few problems though: it should be longer as others have stated, it doesn't have enough to do in the wolrd, once you do everything the world drys up too much and it runs out if activities outside of drugs and akira, and it doesn't have a new game plus.



Jaz007 commented on Game of the Year: Silver Trophy - P.T.:

Dang... I'm kinda with other readers on this one. This getting a silver trophy is a bit weird. "Hey guys, how was gaming this year?" "A demo was the third best game of the year man" "okay..." Makes it sound like an underwhelming year. I mean, it's not even the bronze trophy.



Jaz007 commented on Paparazzi for PS4 Has Nothing to Do with That ...:

I don't know, it looks too frantic for it's own good, and so simple it'll wear out fast. Unless if course there's more to it than the trailer makes it looks there is, and admittedly, I was confused during the whole trailer.



Jaz007 commented on Sony Suggests a PS4 Reboot if You Still Can't ...:

Ever since yesterday evening I've been able to use PSN fine. No problems at all. A bit surprised people are still having trouble. Especially since I wasn't a lucky one before yesterday evening, not even in the mornings.



Jaz007 commented on Sony Engineers Investigating as PS4 Goes Offli...:

This is rediculous. I have been waiting for 2 1/2 days to play Destiny. Practically been twidiling my thumbs, and just biding my time while I wait. This better not last to the end of the day. Sony is just embarressing itself now. I understand that the DDoS attacks were out of their control, but unless the Lizard Squad has started up again, even though they were bribed, this is just becoming unacceptable. Sony needs to get PSN back online. They also better compensate us since this is a paid service now. I'm a very unhappy man right now.