TodayFri, 27th Nov 2020

  • News Sony Banning PS5 Owners for Exploiting PS Plus Collection

    Don't sell access to your system

    If you own a PlayStation 5 and have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, then you can redeem and play 20 or so excellent PlayStation 4 games as part of the PS Plus Collection. It’s a great sweetener for next-gen early adopters, and you can actually enjoy all of the games on the company’s previous console once...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Reveal Now Planned for After Release

    Multiplayer news coming Q1 2021

    CD Projekt Red has decided to scrap its plans of revealing DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 before the game's 10th December 2020 launch, instead opting to wait until everyone has the title in their hands. This is because of the surprise delay the hotly anticipated RPG was hit with, pushing it back a couple more weeks. The...

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Wednesday25th Nov 2020

  • Poll Is the PS5 DualSense Sony's Best Controller Yet?

    It's time to Dual

    The PS5 has been out for at least a week now (depending on where you live), and we want to know what you think of the DualSense — the console's high-tech controller. Featuring advanced haptic feedback functionality, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone, it's a premium piece of kit, and a key PS5 selling point. Here at...

  • News Watch Dogs Legion Delays Online Mode to Early 2021

    To focus on single player fixes

    Ubisoft has delayed the online mode planned for Watch Dogs Legion to early 2021 so that it can "focus on fixing issues with single player". The multiplayer offering, which plans to offer four-player co-op and the classic Invasion mode from the first game, was planned to arrive next week. There's no word on whether...

  • News Metro Exodus Gets PS5 Version, New Entry in Development

    Free upgrade for PS4 owners

    Developer 4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus will be coming to PlayStation 5 next year as a free upgrade to existing owners of the game, packing enhancements to both its resolution, frame rate, and more. Separately, the Ukrainian team also confirms it is hard at work on the next entry in the Metro franchise. This...

  • News PS Plus December 2020 PS5, PS4 Games Announced

    Merry Christmas?

    December 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been announced. As has been the case since the PS5's launch, three titles are up for grabs — one of which is tied to Sony's new console. The PS5 game in question is Worms Rumble — the latest entry in the long running series, which will also be playable on the PS4. Meanwhile, on PS4,...

  • Talking Point Was 2020 PlayStation's Best Ever Year?

    Not-so hot take, really

    We awarded Sony three 10/10s this year. Three of ‘em. Before anyone attempts to play the fanboy (Activity) Card, we also gave the company a 4/10 – for Predator: Hunting Grounds, if you’d forgotten about that game’s existence – so it’s not like we purposefully inflated our ratings. In fact, the three titles we’re...

  • Mini Review Rocket Arena - Competent Shooter May Be Fun for Free

    Quake live

    Republished on Wednesday 25th November, 2020: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of December 2020's PS Plus lineup. The original text follows. Electronic Arts put out a new PlayStation 4 game earlier this week and there's a pretty good chance you never even knew it existed. Rocket Arena is a 3v3...

  • Review Just Cause 4 - An Explosive Open World Romp

    Just bores

    Republished on Wednesday 25th November, 2020: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of December 2020's PS Plus lineup. The original text follows. There's moments playing Just Cause 4 when you'll almost certainly find yourself grinning from ear to ear in much the same way that you might watching a...

  • News PSVR's Blood & Truth Receives Mouth-Watering Improvements on PS5

    Cor, blimey

    Blood & Truth is one of the best PlayStation VR games, and it’s been given some mouth-watering enhancements on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. In this tech analysis, NX Gamer showcases the sharper resolution, better assets, and boosted framerate, all of which help to make this must-play even better on Sony’s next-gen...