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  • News Free PS4 Title Let It Die Is Very Much Alive

    Downloads top one million

    To be honest, we're still a little bitter that the promising Lily Bergamo got cancelled in favour of free-to-play foray Let It Die – but all credit to Grasshopper Manufacture, the game turned out alright. And it's actually doing quite well for itself, with the critical response being decent, and downloads now topping one...

  • PSX 2016 Download Bizarre PS4 Exclusive Let It Die for Free Right Now

    Speaking words of wisdom

    Free-to-play action game Let It Die from the always bonkers Grasshopper Manufacture is available to play on PlayStation 4 right this very second, it was announced at Sony's PlayStation Experience press conference today. The title sees you running around, beating people up, and trying to find some clothes in a futuristic and...

  • News Suda 51 Probs Should Have Let His Free PS4 Exclusive Die

    Lily Bergamo, where art thou?

    Remember when Grasshopper Manufacture announced the absolutely awesome looking Lily Bergamo, only for it to get scrapped in favour of the distinctly less awesome Let It Die? The game's been in hiding for years now, but director Suda 51 has appeared in a new video, confirming the game's inclusion in the PAX East 2016...

  • Video We Point a CCTV Camera at the PS4 Port of Republique

    Hope springs eternal

    One time Kickstarter success story Republique has infiltrated the PlayStation 4, leaving Push Square Towers divided over one key question: how do you say the game's name? Ree-pub-lic? Ree-pub-leek? Ray-pub-leek? Ray-pub-lic? No idea.

  • News Magnifique! République Sneaks onto PS4 Next Year

    Don't be a Hayter

    OMG! Here's a bit of a Push Square poll for you on this fine Thursday morning: how many of you remember République? None of you – well, that was to be expected. A bit of background for you, then: this was one of those early Kickstarter success stories that promised the Earth and then rapidly fell off the radar. A stealth game...

  • News Could Lily Bergamo Be Baffling Western PS4 Consoles?

    Question time

    Prepare yourself for more puzzling plots and suggestive cut-scenes, as Suda51’s first PlayStation 4 project Lily Bergamo could be heading overseas. The title – which was announced with a stylish video earlier in the year – has been trademarked by parent company GungHo in North America, making an international releas

  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Is Venturing onto PS3 and Vita

    We hope that you liked the original

    A complete remake of last year’s likeable PlayStation Vita demon slayer Ragnarok Odyssey is heading to Japan this summer. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace promises a comprehensive reworking of the original title for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, with a brand new episode and a compilation of all of the downloadable quests from...

  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Warms European Vitas This Winter

    It's getting hot in here

    Game Arts’ decent PlayStation Vita role-playing game Ragnarok Odyssey will attack European consoles this winter, according to publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America. The title will be available as a digital exclusive, alongside undead puzzle platformer Dokuro. Both titles are already available in North America,...

  • News GungHo Resurrects Forgotten PlayStation Classics for PSN

    Weird and wonderful

    The holiday period may be perfect for big retail releases, but sometimes you need something a little more niche. Thankfully, newcomer GungHo Online Entertainment America has stepped up to the plate – bringing a bevy of bizarre PSone classics to the North American PSN. The six new arrivals include shoot ‘em up compilation...