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  • E3 2019 FIFA 20's Volta Custom Character Mode Will Not Have Microtransactions 'At Launch'

    This better not be a dummy

    'Volta' is a new style of play in FIFA 20. It's got a lot in common with the old FIFA Street games, focusing on small, urban matches that highlight tricks, flicks, and tasty trainers. And in the game's Volta World mode, you're free to make your own custom character. Naturally, as you play through the mode, you accumulate...

  • News FIFA 20 Doesn't Look Like It'll Kick Off on the PS3

    Full-time for last-gen Legacy Edition

    You may not believe it, but FIFA 19 launched on the PlayStation 3. The soccer simulation released in cash-grabbing Legacy Edition form, of course, but it was still available on Sony’s last-gen console. However, it looks like EA Sports may finally be done with the ancient console, as there’s no word of older...

  • E3 2019 FIFA 20 Reveal Goes All-In on Street-Based Volta Mode

    The return of FIFA Street, kind of

    FIFA 20 has just got its official reveal trailer, and it's clear that this year, there's going to be a heavy emphasis on its FIFA Street-esque 'Volta' modes. 'Volta' is what EA Sports is calling smaller, urban football matches, and they seem to make up a big part of 2019's package. To some extent, Volta is going...

  • E3 2019 FIFA 20 Release Date Set for Late September

    Kick off

    And just like that, FIFA 20 has been officially announced alongside a release date. This year's instalment will be fully unveiled tomorrow (that's the 8th June) at 3:00pm UK time. And yes, that's a couple of hours before EA's EA Play livestream begins. FIFA 20 is set for release on the 27th September, but are you ready to hit the pitch?...

  • News FIFA Devs Detail Key Gameplay Changes for This Year's Game

    An early glimpse of FIFA 20?

    The game that we assume will be called FIFA 20 hasn't even been announced yet, but the development team is already talking openly about the key gameplay changes that it wants to bring to this year's instalment. Detailed in a lengthy dev blog over on EA's official site, the post covers improved AI and manual defending as...


  • News FIFA 19 Rebranded for Champions League, And CR7's Gone

    Ronaldo removed from cover

    Europe’s premier club competition the Champions League resumes next week, and FIFA 19 has been given a facelift to celebrate. However, the soccer simulation will move forward without Cristiano Ronaldo on its cover, as the Juventus striker’s been replaced by an image of Brazilian forward Neymar, who’s flanked by Kevin...



  • News Usain Bolt Could End Up in FIFA 19

    An especially pacey winger

    Usain Bolt, the world record holding sprinter who, in his prime, was pretty much the fastest human on the planet, may soon end up in FIFA 19. The former athlete, now 32 years old, has been pursuing a career as a professional footballer over the last few years, and recently, he scored two goals in a pre-season friendly for...

  • News EA Sports Closely Monitoring Cristiano Ronaldo Allegations

    Portuguese forward under-fire

    Juventus forward and global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is embroiled in a scandal, and it’s reached the point where some of his principal sponsors have been forced to come out and comment. Alongside sportswear giant Nike, publisher EA Sports has said that it’s “closely monitoring the situation” after rape...


  • Round Up FIFA 19 PS4 Reviews Aim for the Top Corner

    What a hit

    FIFA 19's out next week on PlayStation 4, and so the reviews have started filling the stands. All in all it's looking like another in-form year for EA Sports' wildly popular football sim, with high scores across most of the board. As for our own review of FIFA 19, we should have one for you in the near future. Twinfinite - 4.5/5:...

  • Hands On FIFA 19 Demo - Five Things We Learned

    Pep talk

    The FIFA 19 demo has been out since last week to give fans of the FIFA franchise a chance to have a feel of the game before its 29th September release date. It’s worth noting that the demo is an old build and the full version of FIFA 19 will feel more fluid according to the EA Game Changers who were present at the game’s final capture...

  • News PlayStation Store Down on PS4, Could Be to Do with FIFA 19 Demo's Launch

    Kick off

    Well, the PlayStation Store seems to be down for many on PS4. At first it seemed like a random issue, but then we realised that the playable demo FIFA 19 just launched. Coincidence? Possibly not. It's difficult to really pinpoint the problem, but it seems feasible to us. The annual arrival of the FIFA demo is always a big deal, and you can...

  • News Top 100 FIFA 19 Players Revealed in Full, Arguments Erupt as Expected

    Salah 88?!

    EA Sports has finished revealing the top 100 players in FIFA 19 based on overall ratings, and needless to say, fans of just about every football club in the world have something to say about the rankings. The top ten looks like this: 10. Toni Kroos 9. David De Gea 8. Luis Suarez 7. Sergio Ramos 6. Eden Hazard 5. Kevin De Brunye 4. Luka...

  • News FIFA 19 Demo Will Feature Kick-Off, The Champions League, and The Journey

    The big game

    EA Sports has spilled the beans on what's in the upcoming FIFA 19 demo, which is due to launch on PlayStation 4 later this week. It'll let players try out the overhauled Kick-Off mode as well as the final chapter in The Journey, FIFA's story mode. We imagine that you won't be able to play much of The Journey, but it should give you...

  • News FIFA Ultimate Team Card Packs May Have EA in Trouble with the Law

    Belgium launches investigation

    As you may or may not have heard, Belgium declared loot boxes in video games a form of gambling earlier this year. Basically, if a game allows players to spend real money on randomised in-game items, then it has to be categorised as gambling and highlighted as such. However, unlike other publishers, EA apparently...

  • News FIFA 19 Demo Kicks Off Next Week on PS4

    Back of the net

    As is yearly tradition, a playable FIFA demo will be added to the PlayStation Store before the latest game is released. The FIFA 19 demo is set to take to the pitch in just under a week from now, on the 13th September. If previous years are anything to go by, it'll offer up a handful of teams picked from Europe's top leagues, and...



  • News Leaked FIFA 19 Gameplay Looks a Lot Like FIFA

    Who'd have thunk

    Around ten minutes of FIFA 19 gameplay has hit the 'net via Reddit, showcasing a Europa League match between Manchester City and Manchester United. They must have been booted out of the Champions League early? Unsurprisingly the gameplay looks very... FIFA. There are some of those new animations on display, though, an

  • News FIFA 19's New Player Animations Sound Like a Real Step Up

    Pass and move

    A bunch of FIFA 19 previews have just hit the 'net, and there seems to be one main talking point: EA Sports has really taken the game's animations to the next level. Indeed, everyone who's played the latest build of the upcoming release reckons the way that players move and animate has been improved rather dramatically. Hopefully this...



  • News Dutch Commentator Says Champions League Will Be in FIFA 19

    They are the champions

    Our immediate thought when Konami announced that it had lost the UEFA Champions League license is how EA will almost certainly play the famous club competition’s anthem at some point during its E3 2018 press conference – and Dutch commentator Evert ten Napel has just put the odds of that happening sky high. Speaking as...


  • News FIFA 18 World Cup Update Launches in May for Free, Adds New Game Modes

    Back of the net

    As last week's leak suggested, FIFA 18 will be getting an official World Cup update next month. EA spills the beans in a new blog post, which reveals that the update will add new World Cup-flavoured modes while also revamping existing components. So, what's in store? For starters, we're getting an official World Cup mode, which sees...

  • Rumour FIFA 18 World Cup Update Is About to Kick Off

    Scouted on the PlayStation Store

    It looks like FIFA 18 is getting a World Cup update in the near future, if a North American PlayStation Store leak is anything to go by. The store listing was soon removed, but not before screenshots were passed around social media. Said screenshots show the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo in his...


  • News Around 35% of FIFA Players Spend Real Money in Ultimate Team

    That's a lot of moolah

    With all the recent fuss over microtransactions in retail games, it's easy to forget why in-game purchases exist to begin with: it's because when they work, they can work incredibly well. The FIFA series has been peddling microtransactions for years now through its Ultimate Team mode, a game mode where you're tasked with...

  • Interview FIFA 18's Tom Holkenborg on Scoring Soccer

    A little more conversation

    Recently we got the chance to chat with composer Tom Holkenborg about his work on the soundtrack for the narrative portion of FIFA 18, as well as his extensive history working with EA, his love of soccer, and how to capture the appropriate sound for a given sequence. Tom has contributed to numerous EA titles, dating back a...



  • Deals PS4 FIFA 18 Bundles Are Outrageously Cheap in the UK

    You can get a PS4 for £150 now

    We’ve posted about the PlayStation 4’s various FIFA 18 bundles in the past, but this topic deserves revisiting: you can currently buy a 500GB console alongside a copy of EA Sports’ latest soccer sim for £199.99 on Amazon UK. Considering the game’s going for £49.99 alone, it means you’re practically getting...

  • News This Is the Greatest Squad You Can Assemble in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

    Squad goals

    With an average rating of 90 and a chemistry of 100, this is the best possible squad you can build in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode. The squad – number crunched by bookmakers bwin – has a perilous La Liga-led front three, including Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and ol’ plastic chops Cristiano Ronaldo. They’re backed by a midfield...

  • Deals Buy a PS4 with FIFA 18 for £200 from Amazon UK

    Or get up to £25 off any gaming goods

    We suspect it’s going to be one of the hottest bundles of the holidays in Europe, but Amazon UK is giving you a little extra incentive to nab a PlayStation 4 Slim with FIFA 18 right now. The retailer has launched a series of discount vouchers for video games which work in the following ways: £5 off a £40...

  • News The FIFA 18 Demo Kicks Off on PS4 Later Today

    Get in

    Get your laces tied and your legs stretched, the FIFA 18 demo is smashing one off the PlayStation 4 later today. It'll feature 12 playable teams: Manchester City, Manchester United, Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, LA Galaxy, Toronto FC, Boca Juniors, C.D. Guadalajara, and Vissel Kobe...

  • News No Prizes for Guessing Who the Highest Rated Player in FIFA 18 Is

    Never heard of him

    EA Sports has revealed the ten highest rated players in FIFA 18, and you won't be winning any of our precious custard creams for guessing who's sitting pretty at number one. Yep, it's none other than old Ronny himself, with an overall rating of 94. We suppose having his face on the game's box wasn't enough, eh? Here's the full...

  • News FIFA 18's Overhauled Career Mode Has Cutscenes and Dialogue Options

    Putting the man in manager

    We've always been fans of FIFA's career mode -- taking Liverpool to the top of the league and keeping them there because they can't bloody do it in real life -- so we're happy to hear that the simulation's getting some significant overhauls in this year's edition. Indeed, FIFA 18's career will actually incorporate...


  • Gamescom 2017 Fresh FIFA 18 Trailer Is Surprisingly Stylish

    All flair

    EA's pushed out a new trailer for FIFA 18. Cut to the beat of Blue Monday by New Order - yeah, it's a little weird - the video's surprisingly stylish. At least, as far as the annual footie sim is concerned. It's also got plenty of Ronaldo, as you'd expect. Are you looking forward to kicking off in FIFA 18 next month? Aim for the...

  • News Brazilian Ronaldo's Weird Wedge Haircut Will Be in FIFA 18

    Reverse receding hairline

    There are few things that this author remembers as a 13-year-old, but Ronaldo’s ridiculous haircut at the 2002 World Cup is one of them. Even non-football fans will be familiar with the wedge that he waltzed into the tournament sporting – it’s arguably one of the most iconic hairstyles in the sport, along with the...


  • E3 2017 Alex Hunter Returns in FIFA 18 Story Mode

    Fittingly called The Journey: Hunter Returns

    EA today announced the return of Alex Hunter to this year's FIFA 18 story mode. Last year's 'The Journey' was a surprisingly excellent mode, following Hunter's rise from the youth ranks to the first-team of your chosen Premier League club, capturing the imagination FIFA fans around the world.  In...

  • News FIFA 18 Partners with PlayStation, Scores Its First Trailer

    We hope you like Ronaldo

    It's true, then: EA Sports is partnering with Sony and PlayStation for FIFA 18. The footy sim's first real trailer confirms as much, featuring PlayStation branding at the start and end of the video. Oh, and it's got loads of Ronaldo as well. Probably a good job that he ended up winning the Champions League the other night,...

  • News You Can Download and Play FIFA 17 for Free This Weekend on PS4

    Get in

    If you feel like you need some football in your life now that the season's over, you may be interested in FIFA 17's free weekend. Indeed, you can head over to the PlayStation Store right now and give it a shot without spending a penny. The free period will come to an end on the 5th June. We suppose it's a pretty strategic move as far as EA's...


  • Rumour Sony May Have Scored FIFA Marketing Rights from Xbox

    Back of the net

    Football is fudging huge here in Europe, and do you know what else is massive on these shores? PlayStation. It always made sense for Microsoft to be marketing partners of the FIFA franchise, then, because between Champions League sponsorship and general dominance in Europe, soccer games are already associated with Sony’s system...


  • News FIFA 17 Was the World's Best Selling Console Game in 2016, Says EA

    Champione! Champione!

    Football – the version played with the feet rather than the hands – is the most popular sport in the world, so it's no surprise to see FIFA 17 utterly dominate the sales charts around the globe. EA announced as part of an earnings call overnight that the latest iteration of its soccer simulation was the best-selling console...

  • News FIFA's Story Mode Will Return for a Second Season This Year

    Don't stop believin'

    Who would have thought that FIFA 17's story mode The Journey would actually turn out to be a success? The single player option which saw players assume the role of budding star Alex Hunter played a big part in the soccer simulation's marketing, and was warmly received by critics and consumers alike. Unsurprisingly, then, the...


  • News FIFA 17 Will Be Free-to-Play on PS4 This Weekend Only

    Back of the net

    Footy fans rejoice: FIFA 17 will be completely free-to-play on the PlayStation 4 this weekend – though there will be a catch. While you'll be able to gain access to the entire game, a portion of The Journey campaign mode will be blocked off, preventing you from seeing the story through. You'll obviously need to cough up if you...

  • News Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 Both Shine Brightly on PS4 Pro


    Marketing deals appear to have prevented EA Games from shouting too loudly about the PlayStation 4 Pro patches for its two flagship games, but Digital Foundry has determined that both FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 are at their gob-stopping best on Sony's new system. The former soccer sim runs at an uncompromised native 4K resolution, while...


  • News FIFA 17 PS4 Patch Makes the Computer a Little Less Defensive

    Get off the bus

    We've seen complaints floating around the web for a few weeks now with regards to the defensive capabilities of FIFA 17's artificial intelligence. Supposedly, computer controlled players are pretty bloody good at winning the ball back, and in some cases, they're almost a little too good. As such, the highlight of the game's first...




  • News Marco Reus Makes a Run for the Front Cover of FIFA 17

    German efficiency

    FIFA 17's cover star has been revealed, no doubt prompting a cheer from Borussia Dortmund fans. After a long public voting process, you can look forward to seeing Marco Reus' mug on the upcoming footy sim's box. He beat Chelsea's Eden Hazard, Real Madrid's James Rodriguez, and Manchester United's Anthony Martial to the punch...

  • News Players Are Apparently Smarter Than Ever in FIFA 17

    Space ace

    Your computer controlled teammates will supposedly be smarter than ever before in FIFA 17 - a statement that comes as no real surprise since EA Sports seems to say it almost every year. According to the footy sim's latest trailer, the artificial intelligence can manage and use space on the pitch impressively well, darting into the open...

  • News Make Sure That Anthony Martial Is FIFA 17's Cover Star

    He came from France

    As is the case almost every year, you can vote for the face of FIFA 17 right now. Fortunately, Liverpool's bargain bin Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, is not in the running this year – with Real Madrid's James Rodriguez, Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus, Chelsea's Eden Hazard, and Manchester United's Anthony Martial in the...



  • News Football Teams Are Signing Pro FIFA Players Now

    But the transfer window's closed?

    Are you any good at FIFA? You may be getting a call from Pep Guardiola, Louis Van Gaal, or Jurgen Klopp any minute, because it looks like football teams are starting to sign up top gamers. BBC Newsbeat reports that Wolverhampton-based PlayStation pro David Bytheway – that ain't a real name, surely? – has been...



  • Round Up FIFA 16 PS4 Reviews Attack the Last Man

    On target

    The battle for soccer supremacy is back on, with PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer wowing critics earlier in the month. FIFA 16 will, of course, outpace Konami's classic in the sales department, but can it beat it in the reviews, too? The answer, it would appear, is not quite – but this is an AGUERRRO-esque to-the-wire race. We've included...

  • News FIFA 16's Commercial Features Some Fancy Footwork

    Play beautiful

    You may want to turn your speakers down for this FIFA 16 commercial as the operatic theme is a little, shall we say, noisy. Still, this is a pretty nifty trailer featuring a vast array of famous faces, from Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero right the way through to Kobe Bryant. United States forward Alex Morgan also puts in an appearance...

  • News FIFA 16 Soundtrack Is as Varied as Ever, Featuring Artists We've Never Heard Of

    How many do you know?

    We're not ashamed to admit that we've discovered many an enjoyable musician thanks to the varied licensed soundtracks that FIFA titles tend to employ. This year's edition, FIFA 16, boasts a total of 42 artists hailing from 15 different countries, and as always, we don't have a clue who most of them are. Still, at least Steve...

  • News The FIFA 16 Demo Is Ready for Kick Off on PS4 Right Now

    12 teams, Ultimate Team Draft, 4.6GB

    Ready to get into training for this year's FIFA, are you? Well you're in luck if so, because FIFA 16's playable demo is now available on the PlayStation 4. Weighing in at a hefty 4.6GB, you probably won't be taking the new model out for a spin straight after work, but at least you'll be sorted for an evening of...




  • News German Football Star Takes Amazing Action After FIFA Player Smashes PS3 Controller

    Sehr gut

    German international Mario Götze may have scored the winning goal for his country in the 2014 world cup final, but his luck wasn't so great on the pitch of one gamer's PlayStation 3 copy of FIFA. Mario Thissen was enraged when Götze missed a 90th minute penalty in his game - so much so that he smashed his DualShock 3 into pieces. Not...

  • News FIFA Is Skipping a Season on PS Vita


    FIFA 16 may be keeping the ball rolling on last-gen consoles, but it'll be taking a season off as far as handhelds are concerned. The upcoming sports simulator won't be appearing on the PlayStation Vita this year, although we're not entirely sure what difference that'll actually make. Indeed, each portable iteration of the mega franchise has...


  • News FIFA 16 Makes History by Adding Women's National Teams

    She shoots, she scores

    In what's arguably the biggest addition to the FIFA franchise in years, FIFA 16 will boast 12 women's national teams, which are Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, and Mexico. The sides will be playable in kick off mode, offline tournaments, and online friendlies. The...


  • 10


    Review FIFA 15

    Straight down the middle

    Reviewing FIFA tends to get harder as the years pass, especially when there are no new gameplay innovations or drastic blueprint alterations to shout about. Last year's entry felt like a step up purely because of the graphical and technical improvements that came courtesy of new hardware, but FIFA 15 is obviously unable to...


  • Round Up FIFA 15 PS4 Reviews On Target Yet Again

    No Hazard here

    Much like one of a handful of Premier League teams from several years ago, EA Sports’ scarily popular FIFA franchise is no stranger to the final stages of the Champion’s League – after all, the soccer series has been dominating European sales charts for some time now. And it looks like FIFA 15 will not buck that trend, with this...


  • Gamescom 2014 FIFA 15 Demo Kicking Off on PS4 and PS3 Soon

    Load of old dribble

    One of the few highlights in EA Games’ dreadfully drab Gamescom 2014 press conference today – which should illustrate just how bad the showing was – is that FIFA 15 is getting a demo on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 ahead of its release next month. Why is this news? Well, because the upcoming Madden NFL 15 is not...



  • 10


    Review FIFA 14

    Through on goal

    EA Sports' annual football franchise has enjoyed a good run of late, maintaining steady form over the past few years. The PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 was another solid step in the right direction, even if it was more about evolution rather than revolution, as we described in our review. Now, the game makes the jump to Sony's new...

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