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  • Guide Days Gone - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    Hints for surviving a deadly open world

    Days Gone features a harsh apocalyptic open world, and you’re going to need help if you hope to stay alive. In this guide, we’re going to share some tips and tricks which should prevent you from becoming Freaker food. Whether it’s managing your bike or scavenging the right resources, here’s everything...

  • Guide Days Gone - Where to Find Scrap, Ammo, Fuel, and Med Kits

    Locations for all essential resources

    Where can you find scrap, ammo, fuel, med kits, and other essential resources in Days Gone? As an apocalyptic open worlder, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the Oregon outback hunting for supplies. Fail to adequately prepare for each encounter, and Deacon St. John will find himself Freaker fodder fairly...

  • Guide Days Gone - How to Knock Down 12 Anarchist Cairns

    Go kick rocks

    How do you knock down 12 anarchist cairns in Days Gone? One of the collectible types in Days Gone will see you knocking down 12 anarchist cairns, which are represented in the open world as small bundles of stones. To knock them down, you must simply push the square button to trigger an animation. Kicking them all down unlocks the...

  • Guide Days Gone FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    Days Gone is the ambitious action game from Sony Bend, and it's heading to PS4 very soon. As preparation is key to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, we've put together this FAQ in order to answer any lingering questions you may have about this upcoming title. While the game is still a few months away, plenty of...

Nioh 2 (PS4) Guides

  • Guide Nioh 2 - When to Use High, Mid, and Low Stances

    Which stance should you use in Nioh 2?

    When should you use high, mid, and low stances in Nioh 2? Which stance is best in Nioh 2? Team Ninja offers so many options in combat to utilise that it can become a little bit overwhelming at times. Three main stances govern the sort of attacks you'll incorporate into combos and how much stamina they take to...

  • Guide Nioh 2 - How to Beat Yatsu-no-Kami

    The Viper's Sanctum boss guide

    How do you beat Yatsu-no-Kami in Nioh 2? How do you kill the boss in The Viper's Sanctum mission? You've reached the end of the third main mission and this serpent-like demon is probably the most extravaganet enemy you've faced yet. It looks rather cool, but we're here to kill it. Here's how you beat Yatsu-no-Kami in...

  • Guide Nioh 2 - How to Beat Mezuki

    The Village of Cursed Blossoms boss guide

    How do you beat Mezuki in Nioh 2? How do you kill the boss in The Village of Cursed Blossoms mission? Mezuki is Nioh 2's first main boss fight, so unless you've managed to fully master all of the game's mechanics and systems in the space of just a few hours, it's going to present you with a couple of...

  • Guide Nioh 2 Beginner's Guide - Hints and Tips to Get You Started

    Useful advice for rookie Yokai users

    In the same vein as its predecessor and other Souls-like titles, Nioh 2 is an incredibly difficult game. Packed full of menacing enemies and mechanics to wrap your head around, it's quite the undertaking should you wish to see the experience through to its conclusion. That's an exciting 50 hours of gameplay to...

  • Guide Nioh 2 - How to Beat Enenra

    The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames boss guide

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Fall Guys (PS4) Guides

  • Guide Fall Guys: All Rounds and How to Win Every Game Type

    How to qualify in every Fall Guys minigame

    How do you win every round in Fall Guys on PS4? What are some strategies for each Fall Guys minigame? To win those crowns in Fall Guys, you'll need to know how to succeed in every round type. There are lots of rounds to play, and some are easier than others. With this Fall Guys guide, we'll tell you about...

  • Guide Fall Guys: FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your Fall Guys questions answered

    Fall Guys is the smash hit game that's taken the gaming world by storm. This viral indie title has exploded since its launch, and for good reason -- it's a great game, having earned an 8/10 in our review. The game might be popular, but there are still plenty of common questions. In this guide, we're going to...

Watch Dogs Legion (PS4) Guides

  • Guide Watch Dogs Legion: All Drinks Locations

    Bottom's Up Trophy guide

    Where are all Drinks locations in Watch Dogs Legion? How do you unlock the Bottom's Up Trophy in Watch Dogs Legion? As you explore Ubisoft's latest open world, you'll come across pubs where your chosen Operative can have a quick pint before getting back to taking over London. In this Watch Dogs Legion guide, we're going to...

  • Guide Watch Dogs Legion: All Darts Locations

    Bullseye Trophy guide

    Where are all Darts locations in Watch Dogs Legion? How do you unlock the Bullseye Trophy in Watch Dogs Legion? As you explore Ubisoft's latest open world, you'll encounter pubs where your chosen character can forget about taking back London for a moment and relax with a round of Darts. In this Watch Dogs Legion guide, we're...

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DOOM Eternal (PS4) Guides

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - What Difficulty Level Should I Start With?

    Which is the best starting difficulty?

    What difficulty level should I start with in DOOM Eternal? Which is the best starting difficulty mode in DOOM Eternal? Picking the right difficulty level for you in what amounts to id Software's best PlayStation 4 game yet is quite important as it'll influence the sort of experience you'll have. While it can be...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - Best Praetor Suit Upgrades

    What are the best upgrades?

    What are the best Praetor Suit upgrades in DOOM Eternal? Where should you be allocating your ability points first? DOOM Eternal allows you to upgrade your suit with various perks across its campaign, unlocked by ability points dotted throughout levels. However, which ones are the most useful and which should you focus on...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - Best Runes to Get First

    What are the best Runes?

    What are the best Runes to get first in DOOM Eternal? What are the best Runes to equip in DOOM Eternal? Runes are small bonuses you can equip after finding secrets throughout the game's various levels, but which three are the best for your loadout? What ones are the best and should be unlocked first? This quick guide will...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - All Cheat Codes

    Tricking hell

    What cheat codes are there in DOOM Eternal? Cheat codes are a collectible in id Software's return to hell, activated via mission select back at your home base in the Fortress of Doom. They enable fun, interesting tweaks on the experience which either make the game harder or add a comical twist to certain mechanics. You can't activate...

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