Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles Guide 1

Life Is Strange: True Colors is the third mainline entry in the adventure series from publisher Square Enix. We rated the game a 6/10 in our Life Is Strange: True Colors PS5 review, describing it as a game that "falls short despite everything it has going for it". The developer at the helm this time around is Deck Nine Games, which previously made Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.

In this Life Is Strange: True Colors guide, we're going to share our beginner's tips and tricks to help you get used to life in the quiet town of Haven. We're also going to reveal the locations of all collectibles, including Memory Collectibles.

This page will also include some Trophy guides, revealing how to help the Hoodie Guy find his dog and how to find and play the Student's lost song. Please note that, despite our best efforts to preserve the plot, you may encounter minor Life Is Strange: True Colors spoilers throughout this page and linked articles. Therefore, please browse with caution if you wish to avoid learning anything about the game's story.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: All Collectibles

Life Is Strange: True Colors has just 25 collectibles spread across 5 chapters for you to find. You can view which ones you've collected by pressing the touchpad button to access the journal.

There's just one type of collectible you need to look out for: Memory Collectibles. They will always take the form of an object you can interact with in the environment, first holding L2 to activate Alex's power and then pressing the X button. Some are very easy to spot while others will require you to search a little bit more. Upon activation, they will trigger a memory based around either Alex or a supporting character.

All Life Is Strange: True Colors collectibles are linked in the guides below in the order you will encounter them in the game. However, if you happen to miss one, be sure to utilise the Chapter Select feature on the main menu to easily return to certain sections of each chapter to clean up any collectibles you passed on.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: Trophies

In the next part of our Life Is Strange: True Colors guide, we'll be revealing how to unlock every Trophy in the game that's not tied to the Memory Collectibles we've already covered.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Life Is Strange: True Colors Guide: Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles Guide 2

To conclude our Life Is Strange: True Colors guide, we shall share some tips and tricks we would recommend all players take on board. Read through these to ensure you're properly prepared and discover things you may not know.

Use Chapter Select to Clean Up Collectibles

If you follow our All Memory Collectibles Locations guide as you play the game, you'll find every single one before finishing it. However, if you happen to miss one or you want to wrap the collectibles up in a second playthrough, the Chapter Select option on the main menu should be your first destination. Split up into individual scenes across the five chapters, the game tells you which areas the collectibles you're missing are located in. It's a super handy feature that means you don't have to aimlessly replay the chapter over again.

Interact with Townsfolk and Follow Side Stories

You'll be able to freely explore Haven at certain points in the game, granting you access to all of the side stories part of the game. To access these, you'll need to read certain residents using Alex's power. These short tales are consistent across the whole experience, building on the story as you progress. If you read someone's story in chapter 2, you'll get the next part in chapter 3 and so forth. The same goes for everyone else you can interact with. Return to NPCs as you progress to learn more about their situation and struggles.

Explore Other Dialogue Options

We recommend making your first playthrough all about you: select the dialogue options you would choose in real life for a more authentic and genuine experience. However, if you plan to do a second playthrough, select different ones the next time so you can encounter different types of conversations and other endings. There are six different endings, just in case you're interested.

Change Outfits at the Apartment

Alex dons some lovely outfits throughout the game (particularly in chapter 3), but if you want to change things up even more, head back to the apartment and interact with the dresser next to the bed. You'll then be able to choose from a few other threads to wear as you explore Haven.

That brings our Life Is Strange: True Colors guide to an end. Hopefully, this has helped you in some way. Nevertheless, thank you for clicking through to our guides and if you have any further tips and tricks to share, feel free to pop them down in the comments below.