Do you need a Nothing Left walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in Nothing Left. There is 1 Souvenir, 1 Feather, and 1 Secret Chest to find in Nothing Left.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Nothing Left Walkthrough

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Right, let's actually try and get off the island this time. With Hugo and Lucas at your side, follow the cave network until you find an opening. Look to your right, through the chains to shoot the lock on the door, then go through it. Pull the cart in the tight corridor towards you, then return to the main area to access the doorway you've just uncovered by moving the cart. After hopping the fence, you can find a Souvenir.

Souvenir #1: A Mess

In the puzzle room just after where Lucas puts Amicia's shoulder back into place, you'll need to pull a cart down from the floor above using your Crossbow. In the corridor connecting you to the contraption, there's a shelf you can move to the side, revealing a crawlspace. On the other side is a table to interact with, unlocking the final Souvenir. If you've found all the others, it's at this point you'll unlock the Immortal Memories Trophy.

After picking up the last Souvenir, go to the Anchor Point ahead and pull the cart from the level above down. Return to the main area and push it forward some more in a cutscene. The party will discover a huge rat's nest — the biggest one yet — which presents quite a large challenge. Grab the lit torch from its brazier to your left and begin pressing forward deeper into the nest.

What you need to do here is avoid stepping on the white substance on the ground. This will extinguish the torch and sentence you to certain death. It's not too difficult, but watch out for signs of it all around you.

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When you're back in the cave network, take a right. A cutscene will then have you sprinting out of the rat's nest as a chase sequence quickens the pace dramatically. Just hold R2 down, though, and you'll make it outside again.

You'll return to the surface to find the village in ruins and soldiers on the hunt for you. You can now freely kill them, which is nice. Hugo will clear the way below with his power, so you can drop down and get on the move again. Cross the area in front of you, either killing or avoiding the enemies as you go. The path will naturally lead you to the village entrance, but you'll need a cart to climb up there. Turn around to find one chained up; you can set it free by shooting the lock behind it. Just beware of the fully armoured enemy nearby.

A cutscene will point out a boat the gang can escape from, but they'll need to navigate another set of enemies to get there first. Quite a few of the guards are holding torches you can extinguish for easy kills. The only one you really need to look out for is the fully armoured guard at the end of the path, but then there's tall grass to help you get by anyway. Don't forget you can control the rats through Hugo to either kill an enemy or temporarily clear a path forward.

The next, smaller area will contain a church and more patrolling enemies. We recommend taking at least one of them out with your Crossbow to make life easier, using the path on your immediate right to access some tall grass for cover. The main route is just to your right, through the belfry tower you saw collapse earlier in the chapter. Climb under the wooden beams, access the Workbench, and then climb up. Dropping down into the next area gives you access to the final Feather and a Secret Chest.

Feather #1: Greylag Goose

Once you spot Arnaud at the gallows, there'll be a cart to push. Place it by the wall opposite instead of to your left (this is the main path) and climb up. Here you'll find the Feather of a Greylag Goose. If you found all the other Feathers, you'll unlock the Ornithologist Trophy at this point.

Secret Chest #1

Just to the right of Feather #1: Greylag Goose is a door you can push open. On the other side is a Secret Chest.

Return to the cart and this time push it to the left. Follow the path to the courtyard where Arnaud is placed on the gallows. Kill all the enemies at once by targeting the jar of tar placed next to them. Then clean up the rest. Many more enemies will spawn, but once they're dead, approach Arnaud to try and remove the noose around his neck. More guards will appear behind you, but Hugo deals with them. Interact with him after the attack, then free Arnaud to finish the chapter.

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