Do you need a Leaving All Behind walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in Leaving All Behind. There are 2 Souvenirs, 1 Feather, and 1 Secret Chest to find in Leaving All Behind.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Leaving All Behind Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Leaving All Behind Walkthrough 1
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Now on the run and without their mother or Lucas, Amicia and Hugo contemplate their next move. Follow the path to a beautiful, open valley, where you'll find Feather #1: Jay.

Feather #1: Jay

Amicia will challenge Hugo to a race in the field full of flowers at the very start of the chapter, finishing under the big tree at the centre. This is part of the main story, and once you get under it, Hugo will find a Jay there.

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Continue following the river downstream and you'll stumble upon a religious camp. The inhabitants will greet you and let you have a look around. When you reach the first main area, with tables laid out surrounding a big tree, it's time to grab Souvenir #1: Imagine You're Flying!

Souvenir #1: Imagine You're Flying!

Once you reach the settlement and are standing in the main area with all the tables, walk around the left-hand side and you should spot a man in white overalls leaning against a tree. There's a path you can take behind the tents here to a swing. Interact with it to unlock the Souvenir.

Return to the square and follow the path until you encounter the prayer session at the church. Enemies will turn up, and their leader will lead you safely out of the camp. Do exactly as he says, hiding under the cart when he tells you to. You'll be spotted as you escape the settlement, falling down into a cavern.

Follow the path and go into the caves to find a good amount of supplies on your right, and then the objective on your left. Hugo will now reveal a new ability, allowing you to see the outlines of enemies. This will help you greatly during stealth, revealing where enemies are and where they're headed. Use it to sneak through the upcoming section.

Reach the door at the end and you'll have to do it all over again with another set of enemies. The soldier guarding the door here never moves, so you'll need to approach from the right to get behind him. Use the trapdoor to escape.

You'll drop down into a large, open valley, which can present quite a tough challenge to traverse. Filled with enemies searching for you, take this area nice and slow and pick your opportunities carefully. Only kill an enemy if you know it won't alert anyone else, and stick to the tall grass to stay out of sight. The good thing is this area is large enough that if you're spotted, it's possible to get away and hide again.

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The main objective is to reach the church at the back and proceed through the metal door. An alternative to stealth is to just sprint for the door and hope you have enough time to close it before a guard catches you. Either way, make sure to grab Secret Chest #1 when you reach the church.

Secret Chest #1

After making it through the quarry and into the church, you'll close the door behind you and be in a new area. As soon as you enter the room, search the storage shelves in the back-right corner. You'll find a crawl space, and on the other side is a Secret Chest.

Return to the entrance and take the other path through the door in the church. On the other side is a puzzle room, which the rats invite themselves to join. First, though, Hugo reveals another one of his abilities: you can control the rat horde directly and guide them into killing enemies. Kill the three that appear at the end of the hallway. Then do it again for the next two.

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Now it's time to make it to the other side of the room yourself. Light the first firepit and then throw an Ignfier Pot just below you so you can safely cross after climbing down. Then light the brazier to your right, throw down more Ignifer Pots so you can reach it and take it with you. Use it to reach the staircase, and then move towards the back of the area to find a door to progress through. Before you exit the building entirely, though, be sure to collect Souvenir #2: Which Colour Do You Want?

Souvenir #2: Which Colour Do You Want?

Later on in the church, Hugo will learn how to directly control rats and send them to kill enemies. In this same room, once you're on the other side and in the forge, you'll find a metal door to progress through and a Workbench. Before going through, take the ladder up and follow the path through a hole in the wall to find an area full of fabric. Hugo will offer to change Amicia's bandage, unlocking this Souvenir.

Return to the forge and exit through the other door. Another open area awaits, packed full of enemies. The good thing this time, though, is you can control the rats and have them kill enemies for you. We recommend doing so to weaken their numbers, making it much easier to cross the valley. Kill as many guards as you like, including those on the other side of the river. The door you need o go through is just by the tower at the top of the hill.

You'll suddenly encounter a boss battle with The Beast, who is decked out in armour all over his body. To weaken him, shoot one of the explosive barrels while he's stood next to it. This will stun him, allowing you to get around to his back and shoot the lock holding his armour together. This will kill him.

After the next cutscene, you'll need to command the rats to kill enemies once more. There'll be a lot of them, so simply go from one to the other to make sure they don't get close to Amicia and Hugo. After the encounter, carry Hugo to safety up the staircase to your right. This concludes the chapter.

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