How do you get Maestro's Collection in Resident Evil Village? After reaching a certain point in the story, Resident Evil Village gives you the illusion that it is opening up and allowing you to go wherever you like. One way it does this is by marking golden treasure chests on your map, telling you where some of the best items and Treasures are in the game. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to get Maestro's Collection.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Maestro's Collection

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Maestro's Collection Guide 1

The house Maestro's Collection is inside can be reached fairly early on in the story, but you won't be able to actually head inside until you have completed House Beneviento and gotten the Legs Flask. Therefore, if you haven't reached that point just yet, simply keep playing.

If you have beaten the doll and its owner, Luthier's Key will unlock the door. This key can be found in the northern house in the Garden area next to the save point. You may well bump into it on your way back from House Beneviento. With this key in hand, return to the house that contains Maestro's Collection.

Enter and after collecting a couple of items, you'll have to work out the padlock code (See Also: Resident Evil Village: All Padlock Combinations). A nearby note tells us: "I'll never forget her fifth birthday." In the other room is a child's painting with the date 27.09.17 on it, and that's our code. The padlock code is 270917. Enter it and your reward will be waiting inside a briefcase.

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